Limitless Ratings

Ratings: NCIS: New Orleans, Limitless Hold Steady vs. Voice Season Finale

The strong fall finale of CBS’ Limitless on Tuesday night drew 6.6 million total viewers and a 1.3 rating, holding rock steady versus the back end of The Voice‘s season finale and the closing half hour of the GOP debate.

Opening the Eye’s night, NCIS (15.5 mil/2.1) dipped a tenth, while NCIS: New Orleans (12 mil/1.6) was steady.

NBC’s aforementioned Voice coronation ceremony drew 12.6 mil and a 2.9, on par with its previous finale (11.6 mil/2.9, in May) but down from its year-ago closer (12.9 mil/3.3).

Ratings for the debate, airing on cable as it did, will trickle in later and as warranted be reported under separate cover.


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  1. Coach Taylor says:

    I understand why the voice is on TV; its a show built on the coaches versus the contestants. Don’t get me wrong, I watch, I enjoy it, and there are very good singers. With that being said they spend way too much time on taped portions of the show. They need an extended live round of this show to make it matter. 5 weeks is not enough. It probably has to do with what the coaches can and cannot do schedule wise, but something should change.

    Also, Jordan deserved to win, dont get me wrong, but what a predictable outcome since this season came on the air. Emily is actually better of not winning and being tied to a contract.

  2. Fido says:

    Kinda grown tired of NCIS, DiNozzo should have left years ago to head his own team, but Limitless remains a show that has not left me disappointed… and long may that last.

    • Patrick says:

      Tony D isn’t going anywhere. Perhaps he should have lead a spinoff, but I get why CBS is reluctant to kill the golden goose. I think the actor may be holding on for the rapidly approaching time when Gibbs (or rather the actor who plays him) starts to reduce his presence in the show. I don’t know if you watched stargate-sg1, but the series lead Richard Dean Anderson spent his last 1.5 years on the show only being on screen for 5ish minutes, spread throughout the ep, as the actor wanted more time away. Mark Harmon will eventually go down this road, especially if the spinoff he produces (New Orleans) makes it to syndication, which will be generational wealth for the Harmon clan. IMO, Weatherly is waiting for this, with the thought that he can be “the lead” for at least 2-3 years before the show is allowed to end. Further, Weatherly is in a very difficult age/gender for getting new work. There is a lot of comp for roles in his age group, and another gig might mean a lot more work than the huge ensemble of which he is a member. Right now, he works a respectable amount of time compared to the guys at Castle, Bones, or any number of comedies. For which he makes millions of dollars a year. Yeah, I’d do that job until it dies, use the yearlong final season to put together a new vehicle on CBS, and then retire after that hopefully makes it to 100 eps.

      • Fido says:

        :) – I can understand why he wouldn’t want to leave and why the studio doesn’t want to risk replacing one of the series main stars, but personally, for a number of seasons now I’ve found the episodes very samey. Bishop joining was good at mixing things up, I’d just like more of a change in the team to make the show a must-see one once again – not Gibbs, Abbey, Ducky, Palmer or McGee though.

        • mary says:

          Harmon has the new show about SEALS coming out. So I think he may be headed out soon. From what I hear he wants less stress, because he doesn’t want to end up like his dad who passed away from a heart attack.

  3. Bryce says:

    I guess I don’t really understand CBS or ratings or something. Are shows like Limitless, Supergirl, and even The Good Wife doing well? They all hover in that 1.0-1.5 share zone, but NCIS trounces them. And people always joke that NCIS is a show for old people, but it has a higher share amongst young people than CBS’s “younger” shows do.

    • Patrick says:

      NCIS’s overall rating is 15+ million people compared to 6.5 mill for Limitless. That is almost 3 times the overall viewership. Yet, its share of young people is less than twice what Limitless’s is. BTW, I love limitless. The only real misstep was the casting of the female lead. She’s gotten way better, but any sort of romantic relationship can’t work. They don’t have the chemistry for that. I hope they really play up the great platonic vibe between them. Frankly, its kind of fun to watch the girl struggle with her personal life while the genius helps her out

    • mary says:

      It also has to do with the day a show is on(Sundays are considered to get away with lower ratings), & advertisers. Advertisers think it’s the young folk who purchase product. But I think some are starting to realize, not so much.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Once again… it isn’t that “young folk purchase product.” It’s that younger people are less set in their purchasing habits and brand loyalty, and are more prone to persuasion via advertising. Plus, younger viewers are harder to target, so doing better with that demo is a valuable thing.

  4. Katie says:

    I watched the Thanksgiving episode of NCIS and last night’s “The Spinning Wheel.” Before these two episodes I hadn’t watched the show in a very long time. I liked the Thanksgiving one but last night’s was just excellent. The writing, the plot and it’s focus on Ducky, plus David [McCallum’s] acting was outstanding. *SPOILERS* I loved that Bishop told her (soon to be ex) husband that they were through, the “mystery” of how Gibbs is able to hear what they say (“screeching monkey”–too funny Tony!), Abby’s “Whack-a-Jake” computer game and the team, in the end, helping Ducky find his little half-brother in a home because he has the onset of early Alzheimer’s. I was so afraid Nicholas wouldn’t recognize Ducky even after he gave his little brother the locomotive that he was forced to leave behind forty years before when his mother Lorraine (one of the worst mothers and stepmothers ever) snatched Nic away from Ducky and their father. Sure it was sad but it was joyful at the same time. It took everything I had not to go full out ugly cry! I think I might start watching it again. Oh, Jordan’s win (The Voice), though very deserving, was so obvious. They wasted 2 hours on stupid musical performances-though Missy Elliot/Pharell’s was the best of the night, Jordan’s plus friends performance of Journey’s “Anyway You Want It” was pleasantly pleasing and one other-not to mention little segments. “The “Country” Godfather”, was funny, I admit but still, they could have done without it and the same for Adam Levine, etc. They could have just made it an hour special. Jeez Louise.