The Voice Top 4 iTunes Rankings: Who's Going to Win Season 9?

On paper, tonight’s Season 9 finale of The Voice is a four horse race — but the week’s iTunes rankings tell a tale of two ponies pulling away from the pack, and the photo-finish cameras bracing for a head-bob at the finish line.

All season long, Jordan Smith has shown Secretariat-like dominance in the downloads department — a trend that held true this week, with the Kentucky native’s solo efforts landing at Nos. 1 and 3 on the iTunes Top 200 singles chart. (Duets with coaches are eligible for download, but do not count as votes, according to NBC.) When you factor in the fact that all of the Top 4’s eligible downloads since Nov. 9 will count toward their finale vote totals, it’s hard to fathom the producers’ clear favorite getting beat.

That said, Emily Ann Roberts had a stellar finale, too, with her tunes winding up at Nos. 2 and 13 at the close of voting. (Her duet with Blake Shelton landed at No. 6.) As evidenced by Barrett Baber sneaking into last week’s Top 3 despite ranking eighth out of nine contestants on iTunes, the force is strong with Team Blake — apparently/especially with online and Voice app voters. If the Tennessee teenager ekes out a win, it would hardly be the strangest thing to happen on NBC’s reality singing competition this year (remember when Adam went bald?).

As for Jeffery Austin and Barrett Baber… let’s just say it’s an excellent consolation prize that they managed to perform for 12 million viewers every single week of the live performance telecasts. I know, I know… I’ve been Team Jeffery since #SheFani (ugh) wasn’t even a hashtag, but the numbers don’t lie.

Jeffery may have a slight edge in the battle for third place, seeing how he’s still got two tracks from prior weeks — “Believe” and “Jealous” — on the Top 200 (at Nos. 53 and 104 respectively), outperforming a similar number Barrett (“I’d Love to Lay You Down” and “Ghost” at Nos. 103 and 199).

The Voice - Season 9As for Jordan and Emily Ann’s recordings from prior weeks, the edge goes to Jordan, who’s got seven older tunes — “Chandelier,” “Great Is Thy Faithfulness,” “Hallelujah,” “Halo,” “Set Fire to the Rain,” “Somebody to Love” and “Who You Are” — ranked between No. 10 and No. 76 at the close of voting. Emily Ann has the same number of oldies in the Top 200 — “Blame It on Your Heart,” “Cowboy Take Me Away,” “I Hope You Dance,” “In the Garden,” “She’s Got You,” “Why Not Me,” and “9 to 5” — but none rank higher than No. 61.

Factoring in the Cumulative iTunes Vote Total and the iTunes Multiplier (which rewards artists with a 10x bonus in votes for cracking the Top 10), we’re predicting the following order of finish:

Winner: Jordan Smith
Runner-Up: Emily Ann Roberts
Third Place: Jeffery Austin
Fourth Place: Barrett Baber

Ranking on iTunes Singles Chart at Close of Voting (Tuesday, Noon ET)
1. Jordan Smith, “Mary Did You Know”
2. Emily Ann Roberts, “Burning House”
3. Jordan Smith, “Climb Ev’ry Mountain”
5. Jordan Smith (duet with Adam Levine), “God Only Knows” (ineligible for voting)
6. Emily Ann Roberts (duet with Blake Shelton), “Islands in the Stream” (ineligible for voting)
7. Barrett Baber, “Die a Happy Man”
9. Jeffery Austin, Sugarland’s “Stay”
13. Emily Ann Roberts, “Blue Christmas”
15. Jeffery Austin (duet with Gwen Stefani), “Leather and Lace” (ineligible for voting)
18. Barrett Baber (duet with Blake Shelton), “Rhinestone Cowboy” (ineligible for voting)
20. Barrett Baber, “Silent Night”
21. Jeffery Austin, “O Holy Night”

Older Season 9 Singles Still in the Top 200 at the Close of Voting (Tuesday, Noon ET)
10. Jordan Smith, “Somebody to Love”
17. Jordan Smith, “Hallelujah”
34. Jordan Smith, “Great Is Thy Faithfulness”
42. Jordan Smith, “Halo”
45. Jordan Smith, “Chandelier”
50. Jordan Smith, “Set Fire to the Rain”
53. Jeffery Austin, Believe”
61. Emily Ann Roberts, “9 to 5”
74. Emily Ann Roberts, “She’s Got You”
76. Jordan Smith, “Who You Are”
80. Emily Ann Roberts, “I Hope You Dance”
82. Emily Ann Roberts, “Why Not Me”
90. Emily Ann Roberts, “Cowboy Take Me Away”
103. Barrett Baber, “I’d Love to Lay You Down”
104. Jeffery Austin, “Jealous”
106. Emily Ann Roberts, “In the Garden”
166. Emily Ann Roberts, “Blame It on Your Heart”
199. Barrett Baber, “Ghost”

Who do you think will win Season 9? And who should? Take our polls below, then hit the comments!

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  1. Michael Lahoud says:

    The show is called the voice. Pharrell nailed it when he said God must have signed off on Jordans voice. Need we say more?

    • Timmah says:

      I think it says something that four coaches from four very different music backgrounds are all blown away by Jordan’s talent.

      • Jon says:

        Exactly. I think even Blake might be a little embarrassed if Emily Ann wins (although she just might, because she’s talented, cute and incredibly marketable, Blake has 15 million Twitter followers, AND she had the pimp slot last night). But IMO Jordan has earned this win.

        Slezak didn’t mention that Jordan’s compilation album is currently at #24 on iTunes — WAY ahead of any of the others. It says something that people are willing to pay $10 for songs they could hear on YouTube. And has ANYONE else in iTunes history ever had 10 songs in the Top 76 at the same time?

        • Linda says:

          Jordan’s voice is like an angel singing from Heaven. I could listen to him all night. HE IS THE BEST SINGER THAT HAS BEEN ON THE SHOW. I love the Voice !!! I loved when he sang Queen.

          • Mary says:

            I agree the best and purest voice I ever heard on the voice and to be honest better than some who have already made it I listen to him sing over and over he is truly fantastic and so very humble

    • No we don’t need to go any further. Jordan is the one.

    • Kim Moores says:

      No because I don’t feel like arguing.
      Good day, smh

    • Richard says:

      I wish Blake did not make the comment at the end about an upset. Please Blake Jordan blows your little blonde away. Please enough with the country music. I dont care what Jordan looks like he has got talent from God.

    • Yes he’s got a great voice but he’s boring and doesn’t connect with me emotionally. I don’t see myself buying his music or going to his concert.

      • tony says:

        Wow…..I guess you should not leave the barn and keep your head in the hay stack and certainly do not go to his concert or buy his music.After all how would you play it ? Do they have mudical devices in your little sand pit.

  2. Josh says:

    Jordan also has Somebody to Love AND Hallelujah still in the top 20 on iTunes. Those votes will factor in to the final total. Emily has no chance, despite the fact she had the best performance of the night last night. If Emily Ann does somehow win, that will be the end of the voice, period

    • Wanda says:

      Come on now it won’t b the end..really?

    • Tyler says:

      I thought Mary Did You Know was the best performance of the night.

    • RedInDenver says:

      Emily Ann had the best performance of the night??? Really??? And I have a hard time understanding the comparison to Carrie Underwood, who can belt with the best of them.

      Emily Ann does have a nice tone; but Jordan has it ALL, voice-wise. Whether he’s actually arrogant rather than humble, he has the best voice in this competition.

      However, if past winners are any indication, Emily Ann may just steal THE VOICE title.

      • Angel says:

        Thank you! I also have a hard time seeing her compared to Carrie Underwood. She has a pretty tone and quality when she is spot on, but she is not as consistent as Jordan overall. She we make music, people will buy her record whether she wins or not. Jordan has a gift and should be the winner, if they are truly looking for a unique voice on this show.

    • Brian Baker says:

      Don’t think so that is a lie Emily will win watch me make Emily win I forbid Jordan he is gone

      • tony says:

        Wow, I guess your comments speak for themselves. It sad to see little weaked minded in bred rats to poke their heads out of the barn.Do you know what , and . ‘ s are ? Its obvious you do not know how to use them…..

      • D Rosser says:

        Figures you’re a guy saying that It’s not her voice it’s her looks for you it should be about only the voice

    • Mark says:

      Josh you are just STUPID PERIOD

  3. Tom22 says:

    I loved all 3 of Emily Ann’s performances. Oddly enough I enjoyed Blue Christmas most of all and really it was one of my top 50 performances on the show over the years. I’m not a country fan either really, but I’m fond of certain sounds and a certain firm stance on the world etc … I like her personality I like yodels too! (her’s were subtle but enjoyable.. is there anything more pure to a stretching human spirit than a yodel ((don’t answer that lol I’m in the minority thinking it I guess)) )

  4. Marilyn Thomas says:

    Jordan is the best,Amy and Shelby should be on the final.Emily is very mediocre.

    • jakis says:

      Agreed, except I would’ve preferred Madi in the final before Amy or Shelby, although anyone from that bunch before Emily. She gets very nasal when she hits certain ranges. I thought the duet with Blake was pretty awful — like 9 to 5, Islands in the Stream sung just like the plastic 80s versions is nothing I need to hear ever again — and her final song didn’t work for me, either. She is very pretty, though, and I suppose that will carry her.

    • david says:

      lol omg seriously vote for the singers note the coaches lol omg

    • Palpatine2 says:

      If this were not a popularity contest Jordan would win in a landslide. Because of bias, looks and sneaky tactics by the producers of the it is clear that the producers of the “Voice” favorite artists are always team Blake and in this case Emily Ann Roberts, is their golden child. I agree wholeheartedly that Emily Ann Roberts is a very mediocre singer when it comes to actual voice talent and singing. She was very exposed on Islands in the stream on how weak her voice is, doesn’t carry clearly and has a lot of flaws, Blake even had to pull away from the microphone to overpower her.
      Didn’t stop the producers from giving her all of the prime spots on the broadcasts to try and pimp her as the winner.
      The reality is the producers of the “Voice” think Emily Ann Roberts has broad commercial appeal because of her looks (blonde, blue eyes, white and from the South) personality and the demographics of country music being the only music genre that hardly makes any money these days for the record labels.
      Say what you will about Jordan’s great voice and all of the great comments he got all season from the coaches but the dude doesn’t have the looks (Size and Weight), or the sex appeal that the producers of the show think will sell to the mass market of consumers. I don’t care I think Jordan’s voice is just to damn unique, powerful with a good sound and technically the one that is flawless. It is clear that he has had a ton of vocal coaching over the years to be able to be that spot on with pitch and dynamics.

      Pharell did what the producers wanted from a coach “saying that her Roberts” last performance was flawless, even though she was very lethargic and slow in performing that current song with a real lack of energy or stage presence. You could tell she was nervous and scared about going on after Jordan. Sorry producers but your wonderkind and choice doesn’t have the chops to win it all.

      • Jill R says:

        TOTALLY AGREE ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. see my comments about Jordan’s lack of commercial viability (hey, I LOVE the guy, but it is what it is) and the fact that Emily Ann is a caricature, a perfect little country Barbie doll right down to her sparkly color-coordinated cowgirl boots.
        I have no doubt the producers are trying to set her up for the win, because this is Season 9, and who (really?) can name any of the previous winners of this show? Let’s face it, they NEED a Carrie Underwood!
        I say give Jordan his due and let him have the title to do with what he will. Emily Ann is going on to great fame and fortune because she IS what the masses want. But she does NOT deserve the title.

        • glen says:

          They had their chance at having their own Carrie Underwood with Danielle Bradbury and it didn’t happen. So why would an inferior verison of Danielle be more likely to work for them? Until the Voice starts trying to promote the artist’s post-show careers as hard as they work at getting the show’s social media presence out there, no artist from the Voice will ever amount to much.

        • Zenaida says:

          Yes, but when I turn my radio, I want to hear Jordan’s voice… Pavarotti was not handsome as well but this did not prevent him to be the BIGGEST!

      • Mark says:

        Paulpatine 2 you have lost you’re ever loving mind! The voters would love a homosexual over pure talent……smh and just like Season 8 THE WRONG ONE WON IT……..

  5. Diane says:

    I think Jordan needs to get some r&b songs in. I also think that Emily Ann will go far!!

  6. Arlene fields says:

    Jordan is a woder boy with flawless vocals , chills, goosebumps, tears, amazing gift.

  7. Woody says:

    Blake the young guy would have been a better 4th

  8. Sally says:

    I think Emily still has a chance to beat Jordan if she gets more votes on the Internet or the app. Sometimes the other votes trump the I Tunes rankings. Craig Wayne Boyd won over Matthew McAndrew although Matt was higher on I Tunes. Although Emily was at number 6 on I Tunes out of 24 contestants, Barrett at 20 and Zach at 21 had more votes than she did and she had to be saved by Blake to even make the top 12. Barrett beat out Jeffrey for the third spot in the top four even thought Jeffrey was number two and Barrett nine on the I Tunes charts.

    • Sally says:

      And Amy even beat Jordan one week on I Tunes and she didn’t even get in the top 6.

      • Gilbert S. says:

        I there it is!!! While Jordan can sing, I venture that he is being voted forward NOT for his singing, but as a “cause”! Yes, you all know e-x-a-c-t-l-y what I mean. That is the downside to the Voice’s voting process, it can be skewed by a group of people who “champion” their own projected shortcomings. They see a chance to use him as a “surrogate” for their own shortcomings in life and will use his possible “victory” to make them feel better.
        Again, he can sing….but he does not deserve to win.

        • Jill R says:

          hey, Clay Aiken made a pretty decent career outta just that…and he didn’t even win! (American Idol)

          • Speaking of Clay, I’ve always thought that Jordan was a mix of Clay and Ruben. He has Ruben’s body style with Clay’s voice and mannerisms. His upper body is stiff and when he turns his head his shoulders move, too. Clay did that.

        • Jenks says:

          There it is! The homophobe among us who feels compelled to “champion” his own shortcomings.

          • Jill R says:

            hold up there, buddy. Nobody said anything about THAT. As a matter of fact, the only openly gay contestant I’m aware of is Jeffery, and nobody’s talking about him here.
            The cause that Jordan (and in my reference, Clay Aiken) furthers is one of being the underdog, someone with not-so-classic looks, who was likely teased as a kid for being “different”, “weird” or “geeky”…and who rises above the criticism and meanness to shine for what they are and the talents they have.

          • Jenks says:

            My reply was intended for Gilbert S, for the record.

        • willy harms says:

          Clearly YOU have a “cause” because you should judge with your eyes closed and your ears wide open.
          Maybe you should try to apply that in your life philosophy and you will probably find yourself appreciating the real qualities of people.

        • Palpatine2 says:

          That’s ridiculous saying Jordan is being voted forward not for his singing but only because people are voting for him because he is a “surrogate” or “champion” for there own shortcomings. That is an outright lie and your only projecting that on all of the voters because your favored one or golden “girl” doesn’t have the chops and sings like Alvin and Chimpmunks. Jordan deserves to win because he has had the best song selections, arrangements, and yes actual best performance based moments based on singing. If you believe otherwise your tone deaf and blinded by your own cynic sim and hatred of somebody who won because of his singing talent not looks or producer and Blake pushed staging and simple weak to easy to sing songs.

          • Linda says:

            Who made you God and gave you the right to judge Jordan or anyone else? Jordan is an exceptional singer. Is he different from the others…yes. But that is not a bad thing…and saying he will win because he is different and not talented and deserving of the win is wrong.

        • gg says:

          His cause is that he is different…hat could mean many things. Homophobes are so cruel.

          • gigi says:

            Jordan’s differences as stated by him::

            .“Obviously, my voice is different,” Smith said. “I’ve had to learn that being different is actually what makes me special. It’s my gift. This is an amazing opportunity to share that it’s OK to be different, and it’s OK to be yourself. Because you’re made that way, and that’s how God intended you to be.”

            Jorden’s differences are about his faith-based life and his choices of Christian music.

        • Lmc says:

          This is ludicrous. He’s being voted forward for his talent. There has been no mention of his sexual orientation and besides the name of the show is the voice nothing else.

        • Dolletta says:

          Unbelievable! !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shame on you!!!

        • M&R says:

          👍 well said!! My thoughts exactly!!!

    • Sheila says:

      i get sick every time I think about the Matt McAndrew deal. I am a faithful VOICE watcher but I was so disappointed at the results of season 7 and I honestly question the validity of the final outcome. I enjoy all kinds of music but most of all I enjoy someone different , someone with their own unique sound and I’m sorry but all these male country crooners sound alike It almost seems like Blake has such a following that regardless of who is the most unique and talented, his fan club will vote through the same old worn out country artist. I don’t blame Blake, he has figured out what it takes to push his team through, I question the actual voting methods and wonder if there is not a better system that could be put in place to eliminate the possibility of another travisty like the one that occurred with the outcome of Season 7

      • Sherry says:

        So agree, if Jordan hadn’t been so exceptional he prob wouldn’t have won this year. I like watching till the voting starts then a lot of the best singers don’t get thru. I thought Jeffery had an amazing voice too, far better than the other two, and all of Pharrells team had more talent than any on Blakes team, that being said there was exceptional talent all around this year. Agree season 7 was the worst

  9. Mary says:

    I really like Emily she’s the upcoming Carrie Underwood and I think more current. But Jordan is remarkable but don’t know where he’ll fit in the market.

    • Timmah says:

      I think Jordan can do whatever kind of music he wants. He’s shown he has no weaknesses.

    • Tyler says:

      I would like to hear Jordan sing more songs like Mary Did You Know–just a guitar and maybe a piano. Jazz would be nice. He should stay away from songs like Somebody to Love and all those other overblown songs.

      • Jill R says:

        “somebody to love” was a brilliant tactical move. it showed that Jordan is way more than a one-trick pony in terms of the type of music he can sing, but it also is technically crushingly difficult to sing. he ran up and down those registers like it was nothing, and when he got to the end (loved that mischievous smile right before he went into it) that boy showed that he can out-Aguilera Christina Aguilera, who has THEE most amazing set of pipes on the planet.

        • mirrorone says:

          Agreed! It was a brilliant tactical move. It was a performance that everyone is still talking about and downloading. I hope it pays off for Jordan tonight! I really think he deserves to win. He has “The Voice”.

  10. Cyndee says:

    Michael, in your opinion, is this the strongest all around Final Four ever? If not, which season surpassed this one?

  11. Cynthis says:

    Jordan can sing from Queen “Somebody to Love” to “Mary Did You Know”. His opportunities will be endless!!!!

  12. Julie Hamilton says:

    Jordan is an amazing singer and deserves to win!

  13. dj says:

    I still wish it would’ve been Maddi in 4th place, but I am ok with any of them winning except Barrett, who I really feel isn’t in the same league as the others vocally. I hope if it’s Jordan, they take care of him like Pharrell said. I wonder how Sawyer’s EP is doing. I wonder if Sawyer’s treatment by the label had anything to do with Pharrell’s gutsy declaration last night.

  14. Ilka says:

    Jordan and Emily are excellent and probably both will have recording contracts. I just wish that people who do not have a computer or a smart phone can vote. Some of my friends have watched the Voice since day one and they can’t vote. NOT good for your fans of many seasons. What’s up with that anyway?????

  15. Maelene Watson says:

    Today, so much of music involves live performances, and because of that it’s my opinion that Emily Ann has it all over Jordan. With that being said, Jordan has a very nice voice; however I personally think his song choices were very similar while Emily Ann’s were more diverse. My vote goes to Emily Ann, especially because of her age and the maturity she demonstrated.

  16. Bradd says:

    Jordan is perhaps the very best singer that I have seen in my 62 years. No doubt that he should win, hands down. Truly, voice to voice, personality to personality, he’s MUCH better than Adele!!!!

  17. Jill R says:

    It’s been an interesting run, and here’s how I see it shaking out: Jordan will win, and deserves to win. He’s been the most consistently flawless through all his performances. BUT he is the least commercial of the four. I’m trying hard to imagine his music career, but I’m just not seeing The Jordan Smith “Hallelujah” Tour…you know? Emily Ann, on the other hand, without a win will still go on to stellar success in her somewhat-talented-but-oh-so-east-Tennessee-cookie-cutter way. Blake was right, this girl will make someone (he’s clearly hoping it’ll be him) a lot of money because the masses down there in the hollers who still actually listen to the radio just eat her kinda goo up.

    • Jenks says:

      Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but is it really necessary to belittle an entire region and its inhabitants? It will no doubt surprise you that many of us down here in the hollers have actually been to town, wear shoes, and even have indoor plumbing. Oh, and my first choice was Jeffery.

      • Jill R says:

        Relax. I lived in West Virginia myself. I’m talking about a genre of music and the fact that it’s documented fact that country music logs exponentially more spins every week than any other genre. No need to be defensive.

  18. Tracey says:

    Jordan is probably the best voice that has ever won “The Voice,” however, America missed the mark cutting out Madi Davis. I would buy her CD in a second! She is an amazing talent!

  19. david says:

    Emily showed why she should win last night her music is magic I assume the voice show is for the best all around that would clearly be her!!!!!!!

    • Cindi says:

      I’m tired of Jordan always the same, I wouldn’t go see him nor buy his music. He may be good but not marketable! Done with his screaming already !

  20. shida says:

    Jordar Smith ia awesome…He’s a powerful singer…

  21. Well it’s definitely Jordan. “Climb every mountain” was not his best, but he redeemed himself with an excellent version of “Mary, did you know?” – that is going to be at the top of my holiday mix, no question.

    As for runner up, I think it should be Jeffery. His “Stay” was excellent, and so was his version of “O Holy Night” – wow, what a voice! I felt that he was a bit boring earlier in the season, but I feel that he peaked just at the right time. And Emily Ann was passable last night, in my opinion. “Blue Christmas” was pedestrian, and “Burning Bed” or whatever it’s called was good, but not onl the level of Jeffery and Jordan’s performances.

    I won’t say anything about Barret other than to say he is not on the same level of the other three.

  22. marilyn says:

    Jordan will win and get the recording contract, but he will just fade out and never be heard of again just like most of the others that won. Tessann for instance. Emily Ann and Jeffrey will be the ones that will go far they have the kind of talent that will lead them into a career in music.

    • Kathiee Turnbull says:

      absolutely agree. I would buy Jeffery’s record in a heartbeat. I love the quality/tone of his voice. Needs to work on stage presence. I think Emily Ann has the potential to be very successful with the right guidance (but she’s NOT the next Carrie Underwood!)

  23. Caitlyn says:

    Emily Ann is my favorite, but I’m a big country music fan. I’m fine if Jordan wins though. He is super talented and he probably needs that contract they are offering a lot more. Someone will sign Emily Ann to a big deal and she will have a great career. She is the total package.

  24. Lisa says:

    Jordan…By far, the greatest talent at 21. Humble and what I like the most…doesn’t “look” like what the public would choose as “the Voice”. Emily Ann only 16…needs a bit more time to develop and mature a stronger vocal. Interesting, spitting image to American Idol Carrie Underwood. Emily Ann looks like a perfect image of a young idol. Bright career ahead for ALL of them no doubt. Barrett already seems like he’s there…being so comfortable on stage. Mr. Austin has rediscovered his passion. No worries. The world loves a soulful voice…anytime.

  25. Suzi Schweir says:

    All four should get contracts! Their talent is ridiculous…all of them. Jordan’s voice is freakishly amazing and I will look for him to have Adele-like concerts or travel with huge philharmonics in coming years. Emily Ann is simply adorable and has the voice to match…the new Dolly. And Jefferey and Barrett would be winners in any other season. Can’t they all get just contracts? And, really, whose to say they all won’t. Not like the bigwigs who sign artists aren’t looking for new talent to make money for them and any of these artists can do that! Not to mention Amy Vaschal and the others that left recently. Such amazing talent!

  26. Michael Duncan says:

    Jordan Smith’s talent crosses over so many different types of music. He has an incredible range along with power to deliver! Truly the epitome of what “The Voice” is about!

  27. marilyn says:

    Not a Jordan fan. Let him enjoy his 15 minutes of fame by winning the voice because we’ll never hear another thing about him afterwards. Jeffrey can out sing him in a heartbeat. Jeffrey and Emily Ann sing the kind of music that people will listen to and buy.

    • Roy says:

      Just curious Marilyn. Why not a fan of Jordan? I have nothing against Emily Ann and Jeffery, in fact like them both a lot. When you say, “sing the kind of music people will listen to and buy” not sure what that means. People are “buying” Jordan’s songs on iTunes at a historic rate. All contestants are singing someone else’s songs. Maybe you mean you like the sound of their voice better?

    • gg says:

      Jordan will be in demand by symphonies, opera companies and Broadway. Hw will perform with the likes of Andres Bocelli.

      • Jakay says:

        When was the last time you saw Andrea Bocelli in a Broadway show? I must’ve missed him as the Phantom or Hamilton or leading the cast of Book of Mormon. I’m sure Jordan will do fine on the concert circuit or playing the Mormon Tabernacle or even Carnegie Hall. But that is NOT the same as Broadway, where Sutton Foster can sing and dance AND act. Ditto Christian Borle and Nathan Lane and real Broadway stars.

  28. Courtney lay says:

    Emily Ann Roberts. also has. Burning house and blue Christmas top 4 on iTunes those votes will factor in to the final total Emily will win season 9 the voice she will face to face Jordan smith iam country fan. iam so happy Emily Ann Roberts is the voice tonight the voice winner Emily Ann Roberts runner up Jordan smith third Jeffery Austin fourth Barrett baber that’s is the voice finale believe that

    • Kris says:

      Yuck. I don’t think Emily ann should be the voice. She had no range and is very pedestrian sounding. I favor Barrett but I know Jordan will win this unfortunately. Jeffery doesn’t seem to good my attention these last two days.

  29. Tammy Reader says:

    A voice from heaven. A gift from God. A sound of peace and reason.
    Thank you Jordan

    • gg says:

      I am amazed that some posters are saying that Jordan does not have the looks or the stage presence to be successful. This is the Voice not the Appearance. Jordan will be in demand everywhere with classical programs across the country and with,Broadway, Symphony and Opera companies. The lack of intellectual quality of posters is embarassing

  30. Kady says:

    Just enjoy it. There were entire seasons of the Voice that didn’t have anyone as good as the top 6 this season.

  31. gg says:

    Jordan will win and shall win. He was the ONLY credible voice all season (except Victor) The remaining voices were pure amateur and uninteresting.

  32. Roy says:

    Of the four finalists, Jordan should win. He is the best singer the show has had. He has sung songs from Sia’, Beyounce’, Adele, Queen, Musicals, Christian, etc. That list seems pretty diverse. People are moved by his voice. As Pharrell said, it will be critical for Jordan to partner with the correct label, to produce the right songs. I would go see him in concert before anyone else.

  33. Tee says:

    I think they are all so talented. I like Jordan but feel like they are steering the program towards him and that makes me feel like it’s rigged. Let’s face it the people previously that you hear on the radio from the Voice are mostly all from Blake’s team such as The Swan Brothers, Cassidy Pope, etc.

  34. HeyEugene says:

    I agree that the finish will be Jordan, Emily, Jeffrey and Barrett in that order, although my personal favorite has always been Jeffrey. Barrett did not deserve a final four placement in any case. As with Joshua last season, who was a better singer than Barrett, voters again showed a soft spot for the attractive family man, his attractive family, and his heart-felt desire to allow a career in music to support that family. But I digress. The main comment I wanted to make is directed at intellectually-challenged Gwen who, even given her limited brainpower, should have known that Julie Andrews did not sing “Climb Every Mountain” in The Sound of Music. It was sung by the Mother Superior character, who was advising the young Maria (yes, Julie Andrews) to follow her real heart by leaving the convent and accepting the love of Captain Von Trapp. That bonehead comment exposed Gwen’s clear incompetence to sit in that coach’s chair any longer. Gwen has made me miss Christina, something I never thought possible. Even Christina would never have made that mistake.

  35. Joan says:

    I love Blake. Solo much. But Jordan sings so beautiful .Not only that he seems so humble and has such a angelic feel to him. He is somebody special and God has given him a special gift with his voice. I still love Blake….

  36. Cindi says:

    Emily Ann is a superstar I compare her to a Carrie Underwood!

  37. Bjorn says:

    What was Jordan’s original Christmas song choice for the final?

    • Roy says:

      Adam’s original choice, was not revealed. Adam went with Jordan’s choice, which I think was said his favorite Christmas song. Adam had never heard of it before. If I’m understanding your question. The song was Mary Did You Know.

    • Jenks says:

      I would be interested to know what Adam’s choice was, too. Good for Jordan for sticking to his guns and singing what he wanted to sing. Adam does not have a good track record in choosing songs for his finalists.

  38. Cindi says:

    Emily Ann is a superstar, I compare her to a younger Carrie Underwood. She’s marketable. Simply Gorgeous and Amazing!

  39. Susan Zehler says:

    I think “The Voice” should have co-winners this year. Emily and Jordan! Emily is still my favorite due to her unique voice and on stage performances. She is just a natural! I love watching her sing will follow her in the future.

  40. Renate Hagerman says:

    I don’t understand how Emily Ann beat out the the other two country gals. She’s ok, but really?

    • glen says:

      The two reasons I think Emily Ann made it to the finals over Shelby are 1) she’s thinner and prettier than Shelby, and 2) she is on team Blake while Shelby was on team Adam. Because if you are going purely by vocal skills, Shelby had much more range and polish than Emily Ann at this point. But sadly, for a show called “the Voice” vocal talent is often the least important reason people vote for who they vote for.

  41. Kristine says:

    Jeffery Austin deserves to win the voice! Open your eyes people! Not only has he gave emotion in every one of his performances but he also has a unique voice and deserves this thing. Come on people! Not only does he deserve to win but Gwen Stefani would be the first female coach to have one. Adam Levine has had two artists win and Blake Shelton has had four artists win. Jeffery Austin all the way. His voice is everything!!!

  42. Carolyn says:

    Jordan deserves to win he is the best singer on the show

  43. Neida soden says:

    Jordan all the way! Never has the Voice had such an amazing performer all thru the season! Perfection all the way!!!!

  44. Angel Thomas says:

    Jordan’s phrasing and how he changes the songs for himself is genious. I was so moved with Mary Did You Know. What a wonderful Christmas present for all of us who love and watch the Voice. Thank you Jordan and thank you Adam for allowing him to make our Christmas so special.

  45. Rick Casselberry says:

    Emily is a solid, very talented performer who came on the scene at the wrong time. She could win most of these contests but not against Mr Smith. This guy is so darn entertaining in everything he does, and he flat out owns the stage. His performance in the semis is one of the best I have ever seen. I am 62 years old and in my life time there are a handful of performers that just had that “it factor”. What the “it factor” is I cannot explain but you know it when you experience it. Elvis had it, Michael Jackson had it, Freddie Mrrcury had it. Now Mr Jordan Smith can be added to that list, at least in my house.

  46. June Willinda says:

    So wrong to slant the votes based on paid for ITunes downloads, especially back to November. If that is the case all votes in same timeframe should be counted. Can’t see anyway anyone other than Jordon winning using this criteria so why watch.

  47. Debbie O says:

    I would buy Jordan’s songs in a heartbeat! I already have all the ones he has done downloaded on itunes. I think he is amazing and I like his looks–he is genuine, humble and so pleasant. Are all 4 talented–you bet they are–that is why they are there–just like we all like various genres, we all like various artists and criticize the others. I just hope that producers don’t try to change who Jordan is–he is fine just the way he is. All 4 will do just fine if they have the desire to persevere. As to who will win, makes no difference even though I am pulling for Jordan. He has it made already!

  48. Ray Evans says:

    Jordan has a great voice…Emily is a bankable star. She has it all, looks, stage presence and a pure “country” voice…think Carrie Underwood. Jordan may win the battle, but Emily wins the war.

  49. JD says:

    With what’s out right now Jordan is the overwhelming winner, he has perfection at all ranges in his voice. But will go the way of Jim neighbors and the like.
    He won’t make it in popular music.
    Gospel, Choir and maybe Opra is his niche and that’s a small market.
    Emily has the look and sound to go far in country and it won’t matter weather she wins or not.
    She has what Nashville likes in country and I’m sure you will hear more from her.
    I won’t, Because I am not a country fan.

  50. Carlee Shelton says:

    Everybody vote Emily ann!! She is the best!