Jane the Virgin Season 2 Recap

Jane the Virgin Fall Finale Recap: Keep Calm and Christmas On

Mateo’s first Christmas on Jane the Virgin was nearly Jane’s worst Christmas, as her anger at Rafael threatened to consume her. (So much for a very merry holiday.)

Following up on the reveal that Rafael’s been lying to her for six months, Monday’s fall finale finds Jane on the verge of a tantrum like the ones she had as a kid. She employs her childhood strategy for keeping calm: thinking of the things that bring her happiness, like cheese, Alba, lists and Mister Monkey, who eventually becomes Michael and then Mateo with the passage of time. (For what it’s worth, when I get upset, I just look at this inspirational “Keep Calm” poster.) But all the positive thoughts in the world can’t prevent an IM war between Jane and Rafael after he announces that he wants to have Mateo with him on Christmas day. It gets so bad that soon, they’re talking about involving lawyers.

It’s not until Jane discovers Rafael’s other dirty secret —  he’s donating money to a domestic abuse shelter — that she recognizes an intrusive lady in the Meet Santa line was right about therapy. And although their therapist (played The Secret Life of the American Teenager‘s Megan Park) looks super young, the session does the trick: Rafael admits that he’s hurt because Sin Rostro and Nadine were also responsible for his father’s death, and Jane realizes lying is a trigger for her because of all the years she lost with her own dad. Meanwhile, Rogelio confesses to Xo that he’d hate to see history repeat itself with Rafael and Mateo.

So Jane and her baby daddy make peace (for now), but her heart is still with Michael, especially after he fixes the Villanueva family’s cherished Christmas topper.

Elsewhere in the episode:

* Petra is so haunted by Ivan’s death that her blood pressure is too high, which is unhealthy for the babies. At Rafael’s urging, she comes clean to him about everything that’s happened, and much to her surprise, he doesn’t hate her. “If anything, I think I finally understand you,” he replies. “Let’s get your mother out of your life.” But just as they’re plotting how to accomplish that, the police arrive to arrest Petra: It seems Magda beat them to the punch.

* Luisa learns that her criminal mother, Mutter/Mia, is still alive and has swapped identities with someone in a special care facility.

* Rogelio is having major Michael withdrawals. After stalking the detective to his favorite coffee place, Rogelio tells him, “I miss you. We were in a pretty serious bromance.” He wants to know if they can hang if Jane gives the OK. Michael, however, thinks it would be better if they both just moved on.

* Jane discovers her scholarship was actually funded by Rogelio, who can’t even afford pizza toppings anymore. So now she needs to go about finding a new way to pay for school. Luckily, there’s a T.A. position open since traitorous Wesley is dropping out, but that’s hardly going to cover all of her tuition.

* Alba gets her green card.

Jane the Virgin fans, what did you think of the episode? Grade it via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your pick!

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  1. Court says:

    Absolutely loved this episode. I’ve missed this show and I hate that we have to wait more than a month for the next one.

    • Jeri says:

      Agree with you Court. I can watch this show over & over again. There’s so much happening it’s easy to miss something. Hurry back & please play the reruns.

  2. May says:

    Loved the episode but, really, why are they shoving the whole Jane is in love with Michael down our throats so hard? She certainly wasn’t in love with Michael last season so all of this “he’s always been the one” crap is annoying and poor writing.

    • annie says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Ugh. Even if she’s not with Raf, she should be done with Michael!

    • Carrie says:

      I totally agree. It’s really getting on my nerves. She gets upset at Rafael for lying, but not at Michael for what he did? I also hate it when she accuses him of thinking he can get away with anything because of his money, when she likes to use him for his money/connections whenever it suits her.

    • Kay says:

      Exactly! It’s almost like she needs to back pedal and find a reason to mistrust Rafael so she can run back to Michael? Is it because he accepted her rejection this time? Whatever the reason, it’s childish. And the snooping is pitiful considering her issues with lying. A lie by omission is still a lie. I also don’t care for her suddenly using their child as a bargaining chip/spoils of war. You have him over for Thanksgiving, have him over for his son’s first Christmas. Selfish! I loved the retort to her religious taunt. Pay attention to it, Jane and don’t just use it sparingly.

    • Bigdede says:

      Thank you! One of the reasonsI’m finding it hard to watch. Michael wasn’t the one last season

    • redjane12 says:

      100% agree – and they also seemed to indicate that Rafael is going to be Petra’s knight now that her mother betrayed her… I hope the show doesn’t get cancelled too soon (ratings are pretty poor) and they need to rush some quick ending that leaves Jane with Michael and Petra with Rafael

    • Lindy says:

      Yes…really dragging on. I’m super disappointed in how they’re painting Jane this season. Doesn’t seem realistic and I find myself disliking the LOVABLE JANE! I have a 1 year old and if anyone I loved was even remotely involved in the kidnapping of my child, I don’t think I could come close to being in the same room for them. Wondering if the writers have the perspective of any mothers.

  3. Avidone says:

    I’m so over Michael he needs to move on. I will be really annoyed if they have her end up with him. #TeamRapael

    • Laura says:

      Michael actually IS trying to move on. He’s obviously still in love with Jane but he’s making a conscious effort to attempt to get over her: he’s keeping his distance by returning the Christmas ornament with a note instead of dropping it off in person & refusing to engage in pointless small talk with Jane in Target, and he’s trying to limit contact with the entire Villueneva clan in order to make things easier on everyone, even severing ties with Rogelio to speed up the healing process. It’s Jane who is still hung up on Michael, and there’s nothing he can do about that. It’s not like he knows she’s fantasising about him while writing romantic fiction. I know you specifically didn’t exactly say this in your comment, but I have noticed that there seems to be a lot of people on Team Rafael still blaming Michael for Jane not being with Rafael, as if he’s still in the way and actively intervening. But he’s not. The reason Jane isn’t with Rafael is because she’s still evidently in love with Michael. And Michael has nothing to do with that. He’s keeping his distance, and Jane still wants to be with him. That’s all her. I don’t mind anybody shipping Jafael, whatever floats your boat, I guess. But I just wish people would lay off Michael. He’s not pursuing Jane anymore. It’s her who needs to move on if you want her with Rafael.

  4. Good episode. I might have Jane’s liar issues, because I’m still annoyed with Rafael. I mean, between his father and Mateo, I totally get why he turned Michael in. I’m fine with that part. But I still am not on board with him thinking that lying about it is okay. Yes, Jane would get mad, but that’s her emotion to feel. He doesn’t get to make that decision for her because he doesn’t like it. That mess needs to stop. I also don’t feel the hypocrisy of him declaring Michael “shady” when he paid a guy to lie to the police and ended the episode with him about to help cover up Petra’s various misdeeds. Not that I think it’s bad, exactly, especially since I love Petra, but how is he in any position to declare Michael shady given his own history?

    I did like the rest a lot, though. Great insights into her own thought process for Jane, awesome Petra B story, and I miss Rogelio and Michael, too! I can live without Jane and Michael if need be, but Rogelio and Michael need to bromance it up again. The end with Michael and the angel was sweet. I think Michael has his own stuff to sort out before he can be with Jane, if he’s even going to be with Jane again, but moments like this are still nice.

    • LADY_in_MD says:

      Rafael was handing Petra a phone at the end of the episode encouraging her to call the cops and turn her mother in not helping her cover up Ivan’s murder

    • Completely agreed. Rafael is shady — lying for 6 months and manipulating Jane? Not cool. And also threatening to take away Mateo for Christmas and getting lawyers involved. That’s not ok. It’s petty and entitled. I want Rafael to realize what he did was wrong. Yes, I understand his POV but it was also coming from a place of extreme jealousy and pettiness and that is not ok. He needs to look at other people’s POVs for once.

      • Kay says:

        How has he been manipulating and lying to her for 6 months? The man lost his father due to Sin Rostro so yeah, let’s stop with the projections. If anyone was shady, it was Michael and thankfully, he grew up and realized that he needs to work on his career right now. He didn’t oust Michael himself, sure, but what was said was true and if the guy was a simply henchman, why was he at the funeral?!? He did NOT threaten to take Mateo, if anyone was doing that, it was Jane! A decent human would have compromised or offered to have the child spend time with the other parent, at least for a little while, on a holiday, given that they spent Thanksgiving together so she is the super petty one. He even stated that he was a little jealous but that was NOT the reason for him doing what he did.

        • He lied to Jane multiple times about the issue…when Jane confronted Rafael, he was like “How could you doubt me? You don’t trust me” when in fact he was at fault and did hire someone to turn Michael in. So yes, that is lying…he manipulated her for 6 months. She felt horrible about it, so guilty, and he let her feel guilty. That is not healthy. And no one is buying he did this because of his father. I think it had something to do with it, but Rafael is so overly jealous, it’s bad. He needs to look into other people’s perspectives instead of focusing on his own.

          And yes, he did threaten to take Mateo away for Christmas even though they had previously agreed it was Jane’s holiday. Now that’s petty and wrong. If he knew it meant a lot to Jane, he should have respected that.

    • Kay says:

      See, I’m still struggling about the whole lying bit. Did he have someone else tell the truth, yes. And that part was crappy, considering why he DIDN’T do it. Otherwise, I don’t feel as though what he did was terrible per se, especially because it only caused Michael to be demoted. And can the writers PLEASE EXPLAIN how this guy was supposedly paid to reveal Michael’s deception but was at the funeral? The water is still pretty murky when it comes to that. Also, Jane was about to keep the truth from EVERYONE, including Rafael, so I still don’t get her self-righteous POV. They weren’t dating for 6 months, simply co-parenting. Completely different from her then boyfriend/fiancé boldfaced lying to her about the affair he helped to cover so that he could be rid of what he viewed to be a problem. And the whole angel repair thing just seemed….trite. If he didn’t want to speak to her at Black Friday, what would have been the point of repairing a family ornament? The agenda to have her with Michael is far too strong and choppy. Remember, they have 22 episodes (minus the 8) so IDK why the writing is so rushed to push this Jane gets married agenda.

      • Maddy says:

        He didn’t want to speak to her on Black Friday because he was trying to move on and pointless small-talk would just be awkward and painful for everyone, but repairing the Angel is different. It’s important to the entire family and was part of a vital family tradition. When Michael took it to repair it, he and Jane were still on good terms and he probably would have returned it in person had things transpired differently. However, when this whole mess happened with Rafael, the fight, his demotion, undercover assignment etc., things got complicated on that front. But he was still in possession of the ornament and he’s not just not going to return it. Michael’s a good guy and it’s important to the family. Maybe he fixed it before things turned sour with Jane and just didn’t get around to returning it straight away or maybe he fixed it right before leaving it on the porch because to return it still broken would be pointless when that’s why he took it in the first place. It’s the decent thing to do. Either way, he still kept his distance by not delivering it in person so it’s not like he’s reneging on his vow to stay away. The point of repairing the ornament is just that it would be pretty crappy not to. Also, I think it ‘would’ have been trite to have Michael turn up with the Angel as a big, grand, sweeping, romantic gesture, but for me this was just a nice, subtle hint of the Jane & Michael connection despite their recent troubles. I just saw it as a lovely little show of good will for the holiday. They didn’t even share screentime this episode and were quite frosty last time they met so I don’t think they ‘are’ pushing or rushing it necessarily. If Jane does get married to Michael at the end of this season, they’re gonna need a lot more development to find their way back to that place. These are baby steps if that’s their intention and I personally think the pace is perfect. It’s quite a slow burn, which is realistic, really. They’re not just going to jump straight back into it. Their troubles need to be dealt with and sorted. And that will take time and work. But I just don’t see how something can be rushed when Jane and Michael haven’t really had any significant interaction since episode 5. Michael is trying to move on and Jane thinks he doesn’t want anything to do with her. They’re about as far from marriage right now as they can get.

  5. QuarShauuna Reddic says:

    I am happy that Rafael got to express his point of view and how he was feeling. However, I am extremely annoyed that Jane is still mooning over Michael. She was willing to keep his secret that endangered her child no less yet she is mad at Rafeal for “lying” to her for six months while protecting their child like any parent should. I don’t think he was wrong and had it been anyone but Micheal, Jane would have turned them in herself. When it comes to Micheal nothing matters though even recklessly endangering her son while attacking Rafeal. On top of that, it turns out the whole “fired” issue was a cover and he is only on probation so what right did Micheal have to attack Rafeal? Especially while holding the baby? He only needed an excuse to act on his feelings and the baby was hurt in the process yet Jane was more mad at Rafael than she was at Micheal. Regardless of love I just don’t understand that. It made me lose a little respect for her character. I know it’s just a show and certain things are done for ratings but for the type of person Jane’s character is I was disappointed. Just my opinion. I still love the show and hope to continue watching next season.

    • Shelly says:

      Agree with everything you said. Jane was just as wrong for keeping Michael’s secret about Nadine but Rafael can’t have someone go to the police and turn him in?? How does she not see that?

    • Kay says:

      Agreed with you 120% and this is why people are unhappy. At least if there were some logic to her flip flopping, we as viewers could live with stuff but it’s pointless. She was gung ho about letting things progress with Rafael and now she only sees Michael? Ridiculous. Loved his portrayal of her.

  6. Regina says:

    Am I the only one getting sick of Michael always doing these big sweet gestures? He just happened to have taken the angel to fix it, really? And they went through that whole last episode showing her getting over Michael just to have her start pining after him again? Michael is kind of awful. He hurt Mateo! It’s like the show is going out of its way to make Michael look so sweet and wonderful and make Rafael look bad. He was protecting his family and Jane completely forgot about Sin Rostro killing his father! Jane has been pretty terrible lately too. I can’t believe she considered ruining Rafael to go after full custody. I’m glad Rogelio spoke up about how poorly Jane and Xo were treating Rafael trying to cut him out of Mateo’s life. Someone had to!

    • Kay says:

      I’m totally with you. It’s trite and embarrassing to think we won’t be paying attention. I am still waiting for their explanation of the Eric Wu guy. Why have the henchman go to the funeral if he had no idea who Nadine was? I call BS and think that he was paid to maybe help her or her family? The whole “I lied for you” thing needs to be fixed asap. And Raf would help her with her tuition but then he would be a bad guy for doing that because he has money. *smh*

      • Avidone says:

        I so agree. I just want to see Jane move on from Michael, and the issues she has with money is so annoying. If Jane is to be marry at the end of the season I really hope it’s to Rafael & gets there after having a relationship with her professor first and she needs to break from both the guys.

  7. Carmen says:

    I don’t get the hole Michael thing the writers don’t see that the chemistry between Jane and Rafael is awesome. They. Should have them together more romantic scene’s together. Michael is to boring for me no chemistry at all. I’ll watch a few more episodes if she continues to have those stupid feeling for Michael I’m done .

  8. Victoria says:

    I don’t get Jane why didn’t she turn in Michael her self Rafael was doing the right thing Jane forgives Michael for everything that he has done how could she . Rafael truly is a good father and he really loves then like a family. Last season was the best this season is to over the top. There giving more Jane and michael and I don’t like it at all!! I feel that the people that team Michael really didn’t see season 1 it was a better Jane this season she’s not so nice don’t like it at all. I have never seen a telenovela that the two main characters don’t fall in love and stay together because I see the way the writers are going just because there team Michael. Which I don’t understand what kind of writers theses are. I guess beginners. Team Rafael!!! All the way. They should make Jane so jealous that smoke should come out of her ears lol. Find a new love interest for rafael that should be fun to watch. She’s a pretty good comic.

  9. Bonnie W says:

    I laughed out loud at Rogelio’s CALM icons. He’s such a great character.

  10. Amanda says:

    I don’t see all this “chemistry” between Rafael and Jane…don’t care who did what because they ALL did something “shady” no use in pointing fingers. You all can sit and debate, but if Jane had just stayed away from Raf, Mateo wouldn’t have been in half the situations he’s in now. Sin Rostro only can after Jane because of Raf’s feelings, so he put them in danger by association. If Michael would PLEASE stop wearing his heart on his sleeves, he would’ve moved on after Jane broke his heart the first time. It isn’t fair that he has to keep cleaning all her messes! Michael should’ve moved on a long time ago and there’s no way in Christmas someone like Rafael would be doing all this stuff for someone who isn’t giving up the Christmas gifts, so he would’ve moved on as well! Jane can’t get happy no matter what she gets, so don’t give her anything! I was #teamMichael because he just wanted to marry the girl he loved and there wasn’t anything wrong with that. But now I’m #teamPleaseLetMichaelandRafMoveOn and leave Jane to stop whining all the time!

  11. Maddy says:

    I don’t really see how anyone can say Jane’s feelings for Michael are ‘sudden’ or ‘forced’. To me, what’s happened with the triangle is the whole point of Jane’s romantic storyline. It’s not poor writing, it’s actually pretty great evolution of character. I think it’s even the whole point of the show, in a way. As Jennie said: it’s about what Jane wants vs. what she ‘thinks’ she wants. That’s like the overarching narrative of the show, and one of the main themes. It’s all about fantasy: what it is, how to identify it, whether it’s real etc. Jane has matured a lot since she first got with Rafael. Her views on things have changed, especially in regards to romance, love and fantasy. Her character has grown and evolved and learnt the value of what she had when she was pretty impulsive and reckless beforehand. It’s a really sweet arc and journey for her to go on to be honest and I think the execution of it has been pretty stellar so far. She obviously never stopped loving Michael. Those feelings didn’t go away. But her skewed, and pretty unrealistic, ideas of ‘fantasy’ made her impulsive when this whole thing with Rafael happened. Once the fantasy started to crack and lose it’s sheen, things got complicated and Jane started to realise the value of what she had been so willing to dismiss before in favour of what she saw as telenovela-like fantasy in the form of Raf. I’m not saying she didn’t really connect with him, love him even, but the way it was rushed in season 1 makes it feel like Jane was attracted to the ‘idea’ of Rafael, just like it sometimes feels as though he is attracted to the idea of her because she represents family. It’s kind of sad really. But it seems like the whole point of the show is to challenge the idea of fantasy, the shape it comes in and to explore what it really is. Jane’s arc personifies this exploration. To me, Jane and Rafael felt forced and rushed and actually a little without foundation. Plus, the whole fantasy vs. reality thing was staring us in the face from day 1 as a major theme, so the minute she got with Raf I just knew the whole point of this was for Jane’s ideas and views on fantasy to evolve and for her to come back round to Michael once this took place. Once she understood more about true love and what true fantasy is. That’s why it makes sense to me when she says it was Michael all along, because it kind of always was. It’s like the evolution is complete. She just needed to go on this journey of self-discovery to realise it. I just always expected that. It felt like a major theme of the show and now we’re seeing the fruits of it. So, I don’t think Jane’s feelings for Michael are sudden. They were always there, I just think they were consciously repressed and now she’s allowing herself to fully feel the force of her feelings for Michael because her views of fantasy have shifted. I mean, her feelings for Michael were never just going to be erased: they were together for three years before she broke up with him and so she obviously didn’t just stop loving him. It’s like a renewal of those feelings. I don’t think they’re forced or sudden. That’s actually the way I felt about Jane and Rafael in season 1. I was perfectly happy to watch their relationship play out because it was important for Jane’s evolution of character but I never even considered shipping it because it didn’t feel genuine to me that she would so quickly and easily fall for him. It felt more like infatuation. Feelings did develop, I know. But I still think Michael was always the one for Jane. And it was just a matter of time before they found their way back together. Now that it’s happened (sort of: she’s realised her feelings but there are still obstacles) it just feels…right. Like it was meant to be this way from the start. It was just a question of ‘when.’ And so the argument about them feeling forced or sudden just feels a little baffling idk…To me, this whole thing was always about Jane and Michael.

  12. vickyisat says:

    1. While I really enjoyed the first season, Jane in the second season is immature -her tantrums, rants about honesty when she is just as culpable, whiny and selfish keeping Raf from spending time with Mateo on Christmas- almost turned off.
    2. While her association with Raf put her in danger, I had secretly hoped they would find a way to get away from the dysfunctional and dangerous family… but then there’d be no story.
    3. The tension between Michael vs. Raf is interesting because it pits “the good guy” vs the “passionate guy.” I saw the flame between Raf and Jane, which worked in my mind, and Michael was like the big brother. It was a good story, but now she’s going with “the good guy,” but he really isn’t. Sure, he’s done some nice things, but he also didn’t mind putting her baby in several dangerous situations, bonked his coworker, and let the connection to Rostro go.
    4. Please don’t let Petra and Raf get together… I will for sure stop watching. She is pure evil- not just her mom. Just my two cents.

  13. Kiki says:

    Well after last night I have finally accepted that Jane and Rafael is not the love story. Rafael deserves a women who loves him and chooses him and that ain’t Jane. It is also not the women that married him for his money, cheated on him with his best friend, had him arrested for domestic violence and STOLE his sperm twice. I guess I am supposed to be okay with this because she is blond, blue eyed and cute..because she has absolutely nothing else going for her… I don’t like Michael..he comes off as entitled judgmental, and arrogant. I don’t think it’s cute or sweet that he is willing to break the law for the people HE deems worthy of special treatment yet demand that the people he deems himself better than and unworthy pay for their crimes. I don’t consider someone who gets pleasure in another person’s misfortune a good person. So I have decided that since I have nothing to root for and I actually FF a lot of last nights episode it is time for me to move on. I have Season one on I tunes and will watch that when I feel nostalgic. Wishing Jane the Virgin, and their cast much success. Don’t feel like it was a waste because I found Justin and think he is amazing and I am sure I will see him again. :)

  14. Golgitha says:

    OK! Can please be fast with d rest episodes! Am done with this and looks like I can’t wait a month to see the rest.I have my exams coming up.thanks lot of lovelove.

  15. Emmanuella says:

    For me this show has always been about expectations vs reality ideal romance edition*. My friend showed me the couple (rafael and jane) and to be honest I started watching the show from the first minute “knowing I would ship team rafael” but well… It did not turn like that surprisingly. Maybe if I was a 4-5 years younger girl(I am 20) I would have understand the appeal of rafael but he does not seem to do much to me. Michael feels like a nice realistic boyfriend material while rafael is more like that unrealistic rich ex-badboy fantasy prince boyfriend; telenovelas, k-dramas and young adult chick flicks so commonly include as the main romance material. I honestly do not see a trace of chemistry between them and to me this show always showed the indication that michael is her true love. For example the time narrator said “michael did not react like this” when jane revealed her choice to remain a virgin and rafael reacted badly. I honestly would have expected jane to realize how much of a mistake it was way earlier, leaving mike like this but it does not matter since she did eventually. Plus I don’t think it was shoved to anyone’s throat as some people claim. Team rafael seems to forged and unnatural to me. Plus jane dumping her fiance like that 2 weeks later after meeting a guy she shared a kiss with and covering up the real reason of the break up as other things was pretty mean also. I tbh feel like rafael has been pushed to our throats a lot. I don’t know maybe I am growing too old for CW shows or this regular girl-rich hot super badboy god-like boyfriend concepts. I may just wanted to see two good and attractive people who try to climb to the top with their bare hands getting on a stable relationship in which we learn the value of when we get older. For me this show always gave the message of reality over pure fantasy with every single episode and her falling in love so dreamily to rafael in such short notice makes me think this is all a huge message also. In my opinion if she does not end up with michael than show failed the give the message it was insisting on so hard. Btw I don’t think michael is actually a bad person for what he did or stuff but I think people who support team rafael wants to demonize him since he is the biggest block between rafael and jane. Michael sacrificed a lot for Jane and did not stop loving her even for a second even after that humiliating break off. I believe even her own family knows she prefered a mere fantasy over real love. Why does it always have to be the “rich hot kid”. Why not the “nice guy” (I to be honest find Michael hotter as a latina but you got the point. )

  16. Jenna says:

    Ggcc$>#<|€¥•!??,|\\_<$••••••••$*^%#,% sighn