Vampire Diaries Season 7

Vampire Diaries Recap: Drag Me to Hell

Ho-ho-holy crap! Thursday’s Christmas-themed Vampire Diaries brought neither glad tidings nor great joy to the people of Mystic Falls. Just a lot of festive stabbing.

Let’s start with the big cliffhanger, shall we? Following a series of nasty encounters with Julian and Nora — and that sword, which I admit to knowing nothing about until it was plainly explained to us this week — Stefan and Damon are now trapped in their own personal hells. And since this whole season has basically been one big Elena-less hell for Damon anyway, he’s pretty much being bumped right down to the tenth circle, where you’re always out of toilet paper and Time Warner is the only cable provider in town.

The only upside to Damon’s little journey is that, as Julian pointed out, we might get to see Lily — albeit a twisted, haunt-y hell version of Lily — one last time. Unless he’s cool leaving things as they were said (“You were a terrible mother when you were alive, and you were a terrible mother when you were dead”). I’m thinking Damon, ever the emotional garbage disposal, might want to at least attempt to mend some fences.

Elsewhere this week…

SCARE-O-LINE | Who’d have thought that a pregnant vampire would turn out to be a total nightmare? … Oh, everyone? Well, that theory was proven 10 times over this week, as Caroline’s hormones caused everything from weird cravings — she’s got a killer recipe for blood and marshmallow fluff — to full-on fits of rage. Not even Alaric, her future fiancé, was safe from her wrath. But at least we got a nice scene between Caroline and her mom(‘s grave) to cleanse our Forbes palate. On a related note, if you didn’t well up when she said, “I just realized this is going to be my first Christmas without you,” you’re even more of an emotional ostrich than Damon. (But don’t worry, I know a good therapist.)

#BONORA? | Before Nora decided to go all stab-y on Stefan, the newly single heretic was busy working her magic on a reluctant Bonnie Bennett. Though she’s only been living the single life for about 24 hours, it suits her, and she’s finally ready to spread her glorious heretic wings. Sadly, the ladies’ newfound friendship — spurred by Bonnie’s spiked hot chocolate, mostly — was cut short the second Nora suspected that her “beautiful” new pal was merely distracting her while the others kidnapped Mary Louise. Also, can someone else please reassure me that I’m not imagining the chemistry between Bonnie and Nora? Even if their hypothetical romance would merely be a pit stop on Bonnie’s road to Enzo Town, I fully support something happening between them. Everybody experiments in college, right?

VALERIE, CHERISHED | What is it with Stefan and romancing British blondes in Chicago? This week’s flash-forward took us back to the Windy City — the site of Stefan’s once-hot love affair with Rebekah Mikaelson — only this time, he was in the company of a certain heretic. As a lover of love, I was encouraged when Stefan referred to Caroline as someone he still cares about, as it (briefly) renewed my hope that the couple might still have a shot… but my mood did an about-face when he followed up that sentiment by leaning in for some Valerie sugar. Maybe they’ve both moved on?

Vampire Diaries fans, your thoughts on this week’s developments? Grade the fall finale below, then drop a comment with your full review.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jes says:

    Wow, I think I finally have to give up on this show. It’s jumped the shark too much!

  2. Unknown says:

    I normally don’t complain about this show but am I the only one sick of Julian …. They took down klaus or at least put up a better fight and he is an orginal can we just move onto someone else Julian needs to go

    • Jason says:

      Well this time they are way more reckless and clearly not thinking straight. They are thinking just like you; “can we just get him out of the way already?” and it is making them unfocused. When they encountered Nick, they had Elena on the line.
      Though I do agree with you to some extent, they were talking about packing power under their jackets Jullian still managed to escape the first time he confronted Damon about the kidnapping and when Stefan interfered he could have easily dumped enough vervain into him so that they could stake him!

    • Fran says:

      It’s not just Julian it’s all the heretics, they don’t compare to villains such as Katherine, Klaus and even Kai , the heretics are just annoying more than anything. Also I’m not feeling the reasoning behind Stefan wanting to kill Julian. As Jason said it was different with Klaus because Elena was on the line and we as a viewer knew Elena and knew what she meant to the brothers. Is this about Stefan’s baby still or about his mother or both? Which ever way I as a viewer am not invested because the writers didn’t let us get to know Lily, there has only been rushed and manufactured scenes for Stefan/Lily and none for Damon. As far as the baby, I can see it but this Valerie/baby s/l came out of no where so not really invested. That’s part of why this season hasn’t been working.

  3. gail says:

    Why does Kat graham stay on this show.

    • **** says:

      really. why?

    • Tina says:

      Very good question! Why don’t they allow Bonnie to be the Bennett witch she’s suppose to be? If Bonnie doesn’t get better story lines after this break I’m out. She’s about the only reason I watch anymore. They also took the best dynamic Bamon scenes away so there’s nothing to look forward to.

    • Syd says:

      Right? With Elena gone I thought Bonnie would get more story lines but nope lets just keep up with the same boring crap that doesn’t work.

  4. Maddy says:

    First thing I wanna say is that what the hell was with Nora turning on Bonnie in a matter of 3 seconds ( by the way thought they were about to make out with the bedroom eyes they were give each other ) she call her beautiful then sucks her dry like a slurpie! I guess it’s kinky in a sort of way but Bonnie first easily let things go so I’m excited to see her play a little dirty.

    Caroline is just driving me crazy but I’m used to it, I’ve never liked her character i swear I tune out the scenes that are just about her😂 Poor Alrick has to put up with her controlling crazy ass hopefully she chills out or just snaps already, but I had a little theory what if the twin girls came out as heretics since there witch already but living off the support of a vampire but that’s just a theory.

    I WAS SO MAD AT STEPHEN!! Mainly because I love Damon more and stephen couldn’t let the shat go and got them both sent to their own personal hells! Bravo stephen bravo😒

    Bummed out we didn’t see anything about what happen to Enzo and who wanted him in the first place I guess that will remain a mystery but I can’t think of anyone who dislikes him enough to do that cause none of the main characters seem behind it guess I’ll just have to wait for answers on that one…

    Okay I’m done last thing also mad at caroline for being no help should’ve grab that sword out the second it went in Stephens heart instead of looking like a deer in headlights!

    • unknown says:

      you’re right about the final comment. Care should have done something to help Stefan but Caroline character is really just a bubbly free spirited teenager. Being a vampire just heightens her natural behavior.

    • Tina says:

      I agree about your comments about Caroline and wished it would’ve been her Nora staked. I’m hoping that it’s really the end for steroline.

  5. Essie says:

    I don’t like Stefan being with Valerie in the future. I just don’t see chemistry between them.

  6. Lucia says:

    Caroline is the only reason I still watch TVD and I practically hate Stefan now cause he’s just neglecting her. it couldn’t be clearer he’s not over Valerie. I think its cool seeing her pregnant with Alaric taking pregnancy classes with her. and its not poor Alaric, Its lucky Alaric.

    • joseline says:

      I agree.Plus people need to stop hating if they were true fans they would stick to it and accept it, and not just keep saying that they’re over with the show and that it went downhill.

    • Anna says:

      I hate Caroline and her whiny baby voice and insecure ways. Please let her die when Damon stakes her. Please let this be real!

  7. Janet Mennell says:

    Boring pretty much everything is Stefan’s fault forever and why are all these characters still in Mystic Falls? makes no sense and why is it that the only supernatural creatures we see are vampires and witches are there really no others and lastly i predict this show will get cancelled and season 7 will be its last because no Nina and bad storytelling = no show think about it why would the cw move the show to Fridays answer the ratings there not going to get better and the cw knows

    • Tina says:

      They only know one formula make everything Stefan’s fault and make Stefan suffer. That’s it, that’s all these writer know.

  8. Vampie says:

    Once again Matt is being underused. He has not been given a good story since this season began. Where is the posible love interest he was going to meet? So far nothing. Matt is the only character not well used on this show. In previous seasons he mingle more with his vampire friends now he is side lined. Not good and not fair

  9. Gerald says:

    Where are the stakes? OH NO Stephan and Damon are stabbed by the fancy sword….. We know they are alive 3 years from now. Takes away the tension.
    I don’t care about the heretics and their love lives. I am less interested more and more.
    And I have to say the brotherly conversations just pale in comparison to the Winchesters.

  10. Jess says:

    Terrible, terrible finale. It was good in places (the funeral, Caroline talking to her mom), but just ugly and predictable for the most part. Why did we decide to do Steroline again? He’s the worst boyfriend ever and I’m really hoping that the show does something brave for the first time in forever and ends them because the relationship can’t work, despite the two of them being in love. I’m also completely underwhelmed by the stone twist. We’ve seen this before. If we can’t make things fresh and interesting (and it’s been a long time since TVD was fresh and interesting), maybe that’s a sign that it’s time to call the cows in.

    • SV says:

      Why is Stefan a bad bf? If you’re talking about the ff, they aren’t real they are Stefan’s dreams in the stone. Not to mention Caroline’s ENGAGED to Alaric in those dreams so again why is Stefan a bad bf? I’m so sick of seeing ppl saying this especially since they practically forced Stefan with being with Caroline when he thought of her as his best friend. They should have never been put together they were much better as friends.

  11. Actually I liked it a lot !
    And I know they both wll be ok in the future.. but they won’t be the same.. – look at Stefan is with V-card Valerie…
    I fell that is gonna be much worse for Stefan than for Damon..

  12. Sophistiratchet says:

    Let’s us begin by acknowledging the fact that the heretics are stupid, the very idea of their existence is stupid and always will be. Just a huge contradiction to the lore previously established by the writers. With that being said, it’s no wonder that they come off as a bunch of childish brats rather than real a threat. However, out of all of them, it’s Mary Louise that truly makes my ass burn. Her need to control Nora all while being basically obsessed with her is nauseating. Not to mention she’s clearly jealous that Nora has somewhat easily adapted to today’s world. She HATES the fact that Nora wants to live a better life after being trapped in a prison world and quite frankly, who in the hell wouldn’t? She blames their breakup on Valerie but it was her BS that pushed Nora away long before Valerie dropped her baby bomb. It was nice to see Nora think for herself and decided to side with Lily and Valerie rather than blindly following the train wreck that is Julian. Nora is better off without Mary Louise and her obsessive nature. I understand why she wanted to rescue her, she obviously still loves her, but she needs to let her go.

    Stefan danced on my nerves. If a situation was so bad that Damon decided to walk away and regroup, it’s best to leave it alone and find another way. Damon doesn’t walk away from a fight so the fact that he was like “see you later” should’ve spoke volumes to Stefan. I blame him for them being trapped in the Phoenix stone. Had he left well enough alone it wouldn’t have happened. He was so busy lecturing Damon about their mother that he failed to see the errors in his own plan, or lack there of. Julian is twice their age and Stefan went in there thinking he could muscle him. It was foolish & now their only hope is a pregnant emotionally unstable vampire, a witch who’s never allowed to use her full potential, a useless human police officer, a former vampire now human and a lonely heretic to save them.


    And clearly Damon could use the additional torture….not. As if dealing with Elena’s predicament everyday isn’t hard enough, his personal hell is him being sent back to war. WHAT THE HELL. I’m interested in what Stefan’s hell is. I feel like it’s worse and I wouldn’t surprised if the both of them flipped their humanity switch when they get back.

    Can’t lie and say I didn’t scream when they were stabbed though. That actually caught me off guard. I figure they would come close but I never thought one of them would actually be stabbed let alone both of them.

    Oh and Julian can die now. Like right now and take Mary Louise with him. And when are they going to explain why Bo doesn’t talk? And what the hell is happening to Enzo and why does Bonnie keep letting her guard down against creatures that can siphon her magic? Why is Matt still on the show, what is his purpose? We haven’t needed a resident human for a while now so I’m confused as to why he’s still there.

    And what’s up with the flashes to the future? Why is Caroline engaged to Alaric and Stefan with Valerie. All of this Steroline buildup and they don’t even end up together in the future? What a waste.

    • Anna says:

      Agree with most except: “Damon could use the additional torture…” you should’ve stopped there, for some of us that’s our sentiments. lol
      I can only hope the end of Steroline is real, they have no romantic chemistry and need to be with other people.

      • Sophistiratchet says:

        I’m over the “sh-t on Damon” song & dance, it’s getting old. The man has had a pretty torturous life even before he became a vampire. His childhood wasn’t all that grand either. His first heartbreak was at the hands of his mother and his father was physically and verbally abusive towards him. With the exception of his relationship with Elena, his relationships with women have always been unsuccessful and despite being the oldest, he has lived in the shadow of Stefan – the golden child who’s wrongdoings are always looked over and forgiven while everyone wants to crucify Damon for his. Torturing him continuously isn’t going to change the past and it doesn’t help his character development. At this point they should just let him be happy and leave him alone.

        • Syd says:

          I’m with Anna, they can torture Damon until he dies for all I care. He’s had no character development and it’s been 7 frickin seasons and all he’s good for is boozing and whining about dopplegangers.

  13. Why did damon get stabed by the sword and then stefan got stabed 2 mins later? Why did that happen?

  14. Yeah, I just kept waiting for Nora and Bonnie to lock lips! That was pretty hot.

  15. haquilar raymond says:

    My favourite film ever is vampire diaries

  16. Erica says:

    Im surprised Caroline didnt attact. As far as the sword goes there’s nothing she could’ve done. You need a witch to perform the ritual to release their souls back to their bodies. Bonnie was knocked out and the others wouldn’t have helped. It drives me nuts going back and forth in time. It throws me off.