The Originals Cami Dies

The Originals Recap: Another Mikaelson Christmas Ends in Tragedy

The Originals giveth, and The Originals taketh away.

Thursday’s fall finale gave fans the Klaus/Cami kiss for which they’ve been waiting oh-so patiently, but because no one in New Orleans is allowed to stay happy for long, the romantic twosome quickly became a deadly threesome. “Here’s to an even better tomorrow,” Aurora sneered from her piano as Klaus woke up from a post-makeout nap, only to discover that Cami had gotten her throat slashed (!!!) in her sleep.

Suddenly, my latest talk with Leah Pipes — in which she compared kissing Klaus to her life being over, then confirmed that Aurora was “definitely not done with Cami” — feels more like a prophecy than an interview.

But could this really be it for the ‘ship (formerly) known as #Klamille? I’m not blind, so I’m aware she lost quite a bit of blood, but I also can’t imagine Klaus just burying Cami and moving on with his life. Might he go to Vincent for a quickie revival spell? Or could she have died with vampire blood in her system? (I don’t know, I’m not a doctor.)

RABID-BEKAH | Speaking of prophecies, Rebekah (sort of) fell by family shortly after returning to the Big Easy. It turns out Aya’s dagger was cursed, and it left Bex with an ever-expanding mark on her arm that would eventually drive her completely insane. Hayley got the brunt of Rebekah’s madness, though Cami — good Lord, I can’t even type out her name without hearing Klaus’ screams of agony — also suffered a verbal (and somewhat physical) bashing. And although Freya thought she successfully cured her dear sister, the mark returned, at which point Rebekah asked Elijah to re-dagger her without telling anyone else. You know, because family secrets never lead to anything bad on this show.

OUT OF THE WOODS | In slightly more uplifting news, it seems that Hayley and Jackson are going to be all right. “My feelings for Elijah are complicated,” she admitted at the top of the hour, “but that doesn’t mean that I love you any less, Jack. I chose you, and I choose you again every single day. Can’t that be enough?” It wasn’t enough initially, but after seeing firsthand that it’s futile to ignore the Mikaelsons’ constant need for supernatural assistance, Jackson was able to find some common ground with his wife. After all, as he says, “I was born to love you.”

WITCH, PLEASE | Lastly, Vincent made good on his threat/promise to become the city’s new regent, though he probably wouldn’t have applied for the job if he knew what kind of (somewhat literal) strings would come with it. Tristan, with the Finn necklace in hand, crashed the coronation to inform Vincent that he’s basically his new servant.

Originals fans, I know you’ve got some thoughts about what went down tonight, so drop a comment and let me hear it: Do you think Cami’s gone for good? And did Rebekah’s fall count as “one by family”?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Pamela says:

    Cami better come back! I waited three seasons for her and Klaus and then she dies!? I would start watching Grey’s anatomy again if I liked that kinda letdown.

    • Lala says:

      Hahaha! I love this comment so much. I agree. The doom and gloom is just not fun.

    • Nicole says:

      I agree. That was bs.

    • Dior says:

      I KNOW RIGHT!!!!! When they kissed I literally said out “FINALLY… took long enough!!!!”
      And then that!! WTFFFFFF… I can’t believe on a show where there’s werewolves, vampires, and witches… Oh my..!!! That Cami is dead…. That would be a total let down and disappointment & I seriously may not even bother to watch it again! IF that’s the case. But I find that hard to believe on a show where anything can come back to life… Or take over another’s body… Etc. so I say NO!! She’s not dead… It’ll be a dream, or a vision.. Or maybe she will be a vampire. Who knows. But to kill her off… Would be stupid and leave a lot of angry fans!

    • They better bring Cami back.. I love the way Klaus adores her….

      • Jo says:

        She is Aurora warranty no one hurts her. They r connected. What happens to one happens to second. Hate it. I thought Klaus will be finally happy. Dam u Aurora

    • Mak says:

      Cami better return and preferably as a human..God forbid Klaus be happy for 2 seconds…

      • D says:

        i hope she comes back as a human too! Just when things was getting kind of good! it would be so annoying if she comes back as a vampire!

      • Okay…what everyone doesn’t realize is the “true” reason Klause loved Cami! It is because she human, smart, and beautiful. He feel in love with her because she isn’t like everyone else…”a vampire” but rather a innocent beautiful women! If she someone did come back, and I really hope so, it won’t be the same for her and Klause. It would be like Klause and Aurora. It will never be the same love between them two if she comes back as a vampire…and that is the exact reason why Aurora did it. Think about it! Cami wouldn’t be an innocent angel anymore but rather like them all. So even though I really want her to come back….I say “no” keep it as is and let Klause go and get his revenge. I hope he kills them all and destroys everything dear to them as they have done to him! •It would never be the same love that he had for her prior & now if she becomes a vampire•

        • Lizzie says:

          Exactly !!! I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who realized this. It would be the perfect revenge for Aurora. Although I hope Camino comes back

        • Mak says:

          It’s obvious that Klaus’ adoration for Cami is because she is human and pure & innocent. This is why she needs to return as a human. I’d rather she returns as a witch than a vampire. This is like the Stefan & Elena plot all over again. If Cami comes back as a vampire, he’ll try to fix her and we know how that ended up; Cami might end up in Elijah’s bed for all we know lol.

          • Dhahiro says:

            oMG thank you somebody else’s feels the same why I do p.s. the 1 time the 1 time klause actually love someone for real she dies so she better not come back as a vampire but a human I swear if she’s dead i am done with the original done it’s like Stefan and Elena all over again

        • S says:

          That’s not completely true, he loved, LOVED, LOVED Caroline in Vampire Diaries, almost the same way he loves Cami, and Caroline was a vampire, not a human. Cami being human and “innocent” isn’t exactly what attracts him to her, and Aurora becoming a vampire isn’t what tore them apart. If she comes back as a vampire I still think he will love her all the same, it would just add a twist to their relationship.

          • Dhahiro says:

            yeah yeah come on guys this is klause were talking about of course he’ll still love her but would she still love him that’s the real question?

          • Jennifer says:

            So true i believe every word you said he did live caroline in the same way!!! And she does have klaus’s blood in her system i just wonder what that box was that tristan brought auroa??

          • I agree completely. Plus, I would actually love to see what the actress could do with Vampire Camille, as it would be interesting to see her with a dark side.

      • Dhahiro says:

        Yes I totally agree withyou should better return as a human or else I’m done with the originals

    • Jenny says:

      Does anyone, other than yours truly, get the sensation that Jackson and Freya have a connection…..i wish that those two would get together so tjat Haley and Elijah can continue their romance….besides Freya and Jackson would make a hot couple….that way Jackson could stop sweating Haley….its just not right! Hes a good guy too and deserves a good woman…one that will love him as much as he would love her..i love this show….but they better not get rid of Cami!

      • Betty says:

        I am so happy Cami is finally dead. I have been waiting for so long for her to get…honestly die. She really doesn’t serve and purpose to the show at all. I am gonna be really disappoint if by season 4 Klaus and Hayley are not together.

        • Hannah says:

          As a hardcore #Klamille shipper i am seriously offended how many times will we say this Hayley and Klaus will never love each other in that way not in the same way as she loves Elijah and Cami does have a purpose. It’s kinda of funny you feel the same way i felt about Elena in TVD, but if you truly loved Klaus you would see that Cami makes him and happy and yes you might not like it but my god it will happen KLAUS&CAMI4EVER

        • Yara says:

          What?!?! Cami’s existence is INCREDIBLE AND IMPORTANT! She is the only reason Klaus, the most evil guy in the world, has some goodness in him and is actually showing it! I completely disagree

        • Jane says:

          Not sure what your experience of love is when you think a drunken one night stand is better than a slow burn beautiful relationship where they actually love each other. Klaus and Hayley need to get on for the sake of their magical by product of said one night stand – but that’s it. Hayley loves Elijah (and Jackson).

        • Amélie says:

          No…. I’m so sad Cami died… Ir’s been so long I wanted her with Klaus, they are so cute :'( It would have so nice that he could turn her into a vampire but I guess irt’s too late :(

    • Dem says:

      You could try How I met your mother too.

    • I am a fan of TO not just one character. No worries if your precious Cami is really dead(we all know she is not) it really doesn’t matter because the jump to Fridays does not look good for another season. A Friday time slot is the beginning of the end for TO and TVD. Very few shows last long after getting that dreaded Friday slot. I am going to tune in because I love the show not Cami. I will support the show until the end. I hope the writers and producers were smart and planned for a possible cancellation since they’ve been on that bubble since last season and prepared not leaving faithful fans with a cliffhanger but a wrap up of sorts . This hopefully would would include a montage the future that shows a human Cami and Jackson dying of old age. Rebecca reunited with her family and Marcel. Cole reunited with his family and Devina, Haley and Elijah finally a couple. Freya enjoying being a true part of her family that she always dreamed about. Hope a beautiful kind hybrid with powers that rival her fathers a true immortal that can’t be killed. The final scene Klaus answering a knock at his door from a certain blonde vampire from Mystic Falls no longer with a boyfriend fulfilling a certain promise that Klaus made to her that he would be her last love. He meant it and I believe him when he told this to Caroline.

      • Kel Bell says:

        I didn’t care for Cami much the first season but she has really grown on me and Ihave come to like her character a lot. If I were writing this, I would bring Cami back as Vampire with Aurora as her sire. Klaus will not be able to kill Aurora because Cami would also die.

        • Miranda says:

          Doesn’t work that way, only originals with sire lines who die can cause the death of their entire sire line. Aurora isn’t an original, so her death doesn’t effect anyone else (unless a witch casted some spell to link Aurora and Cami’s lives together.) I personally don’t want to see Cami go, my heart broke a little at the end of the episode.

        • Lauren Kelley says:

          That’s not true. Arora can die without her sired dying. It’s only the Original vampires, that if one of them dies, their whole sire line is killed too. Doesn’t work that way with Arora.

      • Ash2205 says:

        This sounds like the perfect ending. I do like Cami, but Klaus found his soulmate in Caroline, the chemistry between them is unmatched by any. I hope Caroline finds her way to New Orleans…

    • teri says:

      I am never a fan of cami but seeing KLAuS without her and in agony is like killing me softly.

  2. Miss Criss says:

    Cami better be back as a human or a vampire! Her character has really grown on me this season. The Finn things is really annoying.

    • Shanice says:

      I completely agree. I love Cami. Klause’s love for her is so beautiful to me. This man will kill anyone to keep her safe and fix anything to make her happy.

  3. Shanice says:

    Please bring Cami back. Klause deserves it. I’ve been waiting two seasons for this to end too soon. Also I hope they kill the wanna be originals. What makes them think they can beat Klause, Elijah and Rebekah? I know they will come together to end Tristan, Aurora and the other one lol.

  4. Rece says:

    I think Cami is dead. But I want her back. Cami and Klaus make a cute couple. I love them two together!

  5. Teresa says:

    I hope they let Cami live. I can’t wait to see Klaus go off on Aurora. They’ve had some real evil characters, but she’s easily in the top 5. Klaus needs Cami – she is the one being that brings out the truly loving & caring heart that Klaus works oh so hard to hide. She’s great for him & their kids made me cry. :-)

  6. Teresa says:

    Klaus & Cami’s kiss made me cry…

    • Wess says:

      Yah and he didn’t even sleep with her just napped because he really does love her. He just wanted to enjoying her

      • Betty says:

        Okay, if you really love some one and you have waited for god know how long to finally be with them you take that chance, you don’t just fall asleep because you love them so much or because you are so exhausted as Leah said. I think after Cami on the show for so long, her end game is finally being reveled. I think most people understood that he was never really going to end up with Cami. I mean, yes she is human and a psychologist, but other than that what purpose does she serve for this show. She is useless. I for am happy at the possibly that she might be dead.

    • sandra says:

      me too it was so sweet bring her back any way please for Klaus

    • Dena says:

      Me too! It was so beautiful. Then to follow it up so soon with her slit throat. Who the F writes this and thinks it’s OK to do that? I’m done wih this show if she doesn’t come back, and I’ve watched it from Day 1.

  7. Cathie says:

    I hope Cami isn’t dead. Klaus and Cami are beautiful together and I think she’d make a wonder Queen to Klaus’ King of the vampires. He is ruled by emotion and she is ruled by brains. Perfect match and the sparks…

  8. Haymun says:

    They better bring cami back.. 2 seasons without missing a single episode, don’t disappoint me know.

  9. Robin Helton says:

    Bring Kami back. Plz

  10. Maryann says:

    I haven’t seen the episode yet, but if Cami is gone for good, I may have to rethink my interest in the show. She wa absolutely my favorite character.

    • Mine too!!! But she is coming back as a vampire I think! But who gave her blood? I didn’t see anyone give her blood expect perhaps when she was rescued form Aurora but that was days ago.

      • shutuprob says:

        The theft of Freya’s pendant that contained Finn holds a possible clue — either Tristan stole the pendant himself and killed Cami (I don’t see him as being interested in the second half of that) or Aurora snuck in and stole the pendant and killed Cami (I would think that the scene at the piano would have gone a bit differently if that were the case). Or, most likely, they both snuck into the Mikkaelson compound, independently of each other.
        In any case, it seems to me that either Aurora fed Cami some blood before killing her (perhaps she snuck in early enough to hear Rebekah’s curse-induced outburst at Klaus and Elijah about their turning all the women they fall for into toxic beings and she decided right there and then that turning Cami would be funnier and therefore better than killing her) or else Klaus was sufficiently and reasonably paranoid enough to have been slipping Cami his blood once a day since he rescued her.

        • Phoenix5634 says:

          Awesome episode! I absolutely cannot wait for the show to come back after winter break!
          Tristan is going to be soo angry with Aurora when he finds out what she did to Cammy. That was definitely not part of his plans, and now they’ve crossed a line and brought the full wraith of the Mikaelsons brothers down on them. Even if Cammy had vampire blood in her system, and she is alive as a vampire, there is absolutely no way Klaus would stand for that kind of assault on someone he loves.. He’s going to be out for blood an vengeance. And Elijah will stand by his brother for the greater good of their family, and becuz Rebecca told them to stand together before Elijah daggered her. Excited to see Elijah in action, love his personality, and he kills with style lol. I really want to see Klaus’s full hybrid form ( not the wolf, but where he controls the shift but remains mostly human form ).

          Also what was Hope playing with? Did Hope take something off the table Freya was using ?

        • Pearl says:

          Nah. I’m betting that Aurora compelled Cami to take her own life if she ever was to be in Klaus’ bed. So when Cami woke up and saw herself beside Klaus in his bed, the compelling kicked in and she killed herself. I have to say, to have Klaus wake up to see that Cami killed herself in his arms would be just the perfect revenge in Aurora’s mind.

          That said… The momento I saw Cami was dead I was like: Finally!!! #SrryNotSrry

  11. Wooster182 says:

    I can’t even right now. Between Felicity and Cami my week kind of sucks. Let’s just make it a hat trick and televise shooting Santa in the face.

  12. Jack says:

    Ok, so after thinking, Cami isn’t dead. To all of you who have watched since day one, what’s the name of the game in New Orleans? (Drumroll please), leverage. If you’ll notice, Tristen, Aurora, and the Stricts are fresh out of it with Rebekka retrieved from the bottom of the gulf. So, why kill Cami, and with no leverage have the wrath of Klaus come crashing down on you? You don’t. Aurora didn’t kill Cami, she sired her, ensuring her own survival.

    • Josh says:

      That doesn’t ensure her survival. Cami would only die if the original tht sired aurora dies not if aurora dies. So there isn’t much leverage there.

      • Nika says:

        Ahhh but you see the Originals is a spin off of TVD, in which anyone can recap, when Elena turned she was sired to Damon. Therefore we do not know if Aurora was killed Cami would die. Js. #bringbackCami!! #Klamillefansunite!!

        • Nia says:

          But Elena was sired to Damon only because she loved him as a human before dying. Cami on the other hand did not love Aurora. So she cannot be sired to Aurora. Also, if Cami does come back as a vampire (which I hope she does, I mean three seasons, one kiss and then sudden death! NO!) she would die only if Rebekah is really killed since she was the one who sired the crazy ex.

        • Klaroline says:

          Elena was sired to Damon in a way that made her do whatever makes him happy. Same happened to Tyler and Klaus. There was nothing in TVD that said if Damon died Elena would.

          Originals are different in that if they die, all their sires die as shown with Finn and Kol. If Aurora does it would have no impact on her sires.

          • Cj says:

            I believe the point you two are trying to point out is that D did control E because he sired her and she wanted to make him happy. I believe they were arguing and he wanted her to listen to him, when he accidentally compelled her. It would have had no effect if she didn’t love him and if he didn’t sire her, she did resist but his will was too strong. Only originals can compell other vampires with no resistance. When it comes to C and K I hope she’s okay. I see they scene playing out a few different ways. 1) she died with vamp blood on her system and wakes up the next morning. K acts his revenge for take his swt Angel and turning her to live a life like his… Lalala.. 2)she was compelled
            by either T or A and she killed herself. (They were there to grab F necklace) 4) Rebekah did it because of her curse twist everything. She hurt C to hurt K. Got E to take her by down. ( we have to remember C was scared when she woke up and looked that K. Either someone she knew was there, someone she was scared of or she was compelled to know she had to take her own life and couldn’t stop.) a lot to think about.

          • kristin says:

            maybe aurora gave cami her blood before killing her and with this klaus wont kill her cause he’ll kill cami as well

          • Klaroline says:

            Aurora dying would have no impact on Camille!!!

            Only an original dying impacts on their sires.

      • Jack says:

        Then what was that huge problem with killing Marcell last season or season one? Somewhere they wanted to kill a minor vampire but couldn’t because it would kill of there whole sub branch of aired vampires

        • Phoenix5634 says:

          Marcel and Davina were trying to find a way to disconnect Marcel and Josh from Klaus’s sireline so they wouldn’t be at risk anymore.

          Only when an Original dies, will the rest of their sireline die. If Aurora did give Cammy her blood it would mean Cammy is linked to Rebekah’s sireline.

    • Dajour says:

      So Aurora compelled Cami to kill herself and make it seem Klaus did it,i cant wait to see what happens next

    • shutuprob says:

      The Sire Line Death Catch only applies to the Death of the Sire killing every vampire in his/her line. The death of any non-Original in a line does not produce the death of everyone further down the line from said dead non-Original. Thus, Katherine Pierce dying did not cause the death of Damon, Stefan, Elena or Caroline, all of whom are in Klaus’s Sire Line.

  13. Josh says:

    Three Bloody seasons and they kill her off, I will drop the show if she’s dead forever.

  14. Alexis says:

    I’m not even kidding, when I saw Cami’s throat slit I actually started to sob. I love this show so much along with TVD, and I’ve been waiting for Cami and Klaus to happen for two seasons and when it does, SHE DIES? I started crying and I’m so sad it’s the mid season finale. How could they finally make it happen then just kill her off?

  15. D says:

    TOP teasing Claire Holt and just bring her back permanently

  16. Eric ouma says:

    The show is realy great with cami and klaus love triangle…she needs to be there to see the demise of Aurora..PLEASE LET HER LIVE

  17. Bwhit says:

    I’m hoping whoever did that to Cami (my money is on Aurora) somehow gave Cami her blood before they slashed her throat. They revealed some of Cami’s darkness and what if she is turned and becomes a ripper? She has been painted as Klaus’s light these last couple episodes, that would make psycho Aurora happy… Klaus’s new lover whom he views as pure, turning out to be a ripper. This is the first episode I liked Jackson and it is because of his scenes with Freya. I’m glad that Hayley couldn’t deny her love for Elijah to Jackson or Rebekah (I know she didn’t admit it but Jackson knows, he just hasn’t accepted it yet)… I’m having patience! I’ll be following the Mikaelsons to Friday for sure.

  18. Court says:

    Cami is at least still alive as a vampire, IMDB has her as being in 66 episodes which means she will be in the rest of the season and I doubt they are going to do flash backs for the next like 12 episodes so she is present

  19. Chloe says:

    Klammy and camille can’t die! Plus she’d make an awesome vampire.

  20. Julie Pope says:

    I do not think this is it for Cami, at least I hope not. Krause has evolved over the seasons, I believe and has continued to show more compassion and conscious all because of his relationship with Cami, with his family, his relationship with his daughter and
    the connections he has with some of the witches, vampires and werewolves. It is a slow process but definitely there. It is refreshing to see this transformation as he is the centre character that has the most demonic traits to overcome. Weekly he demonstrates his changing personality. It is too soon to take Cami away from him.
    Rebecca is a favorite of mine and I always enjoy those episodes.
    She and Elijah always reinforce the power of a family and the importance of members supporting each other no matter their differences.
    I love this show. Lots of lessons to be learned. Keep up the good work and Happy Holiday to all those involved in the production of ‘The Originals’.

  21. Katie says:

    My guess is that Cami DID die with vampire blood in her (no thanks to psycho vamp Aurora I’d bet). If you stuck around for the sneak preview of the aftermath when it returns on Jan. 29th (can’t wait that long! ), Klaus is very naturally pissed off and says “These attacks have got to stop!” He said nothing about anyone dying. Having Cami turned would be a twisted way for Aurora to get revenge on Klaus for rejecting her. If so, Cami would no longer be pure, perfect and most importantly, human. I had hope after Vincent became regent and made those threats The Strix might get a taste of their own medicine. Then the Finn card-I wish Freya would have just let him go. He really is a “boar.” Poor Beks! Can a girl get a break? And Elijah having to dagger her!! Tristian, Aurora, Lucien and the Strix have really done a “good” (despicable) job of setting up the Mikealsons to fall into the prophesy. Although on a lighter note, good to see Jackson man up in the end. I have a feeling the family will fall in the season finale, be left with a cliffhanger and sadly, left like that. I think the CW will do a “stupid” and cancel it. I hope not (knocking on wood) because I love this show and tonight’s episode was great!

  22. sassy2217 says:

    I hope she is dead, they have zero chemistry. Please just let her die off the show and be done with her. She is bland and Klaus would never stay with such a bland girl for long. They need to pair him with someone good but with some edge to her. Obviously, the earlier posters have never watched Klaus with Caroline, that was chemistry, even Klaus and Aurora had more chemistry in the flashbacks then he has with Cami. I have waited for this character evolve as many have under Plec, but this one has not. She started out boring and has remained a major snooze. They need to cut their losses and move on and use her salary to get a new character, maybe her little sister or something, one that is not so drab.

    • monta267 says:

      Totally agree with you, she’s so bland and boring. Klaus needs someone better, he needs a queen, a goodness…personally I always shipped Forwood and did not think Klaus was good for Caroline…but Hayley and Klaus are so freaking hot together😍

    • Amanda says:

      THANK YOU! Have never been able to warm to the character of Cami, even in the backdoor pilot I instantly knew I wouldn’t like the character and over the course of the show she hasn’t managed to win me over (no offense to the actress) but please be dead and be done with it. Bring in a more compelling human character please.

    • kim martin says:

      What Klause had with Aurora was and obsessive love. What he has with Cami is a true love. Cami is always able to tell him things straight up without being afraid of who he was or what he could do to her, she always called him out on his feelings and he would always listen to what she had to say and that brought him close to her. Someone (likely Aurora) snapped his neck while he slept so that he would not hear what was happening to Cami. My hope is that she died with vamp blood in her system. The adoring look on his face just showed how much he loves her & to see him at the chance of truly being in love was wonderful. Klause in love can bring a whole new person & I would love to see where their relationship will go even if it is with Cami as a Vampire,

    • Kristen says:

      I’d love for her character to be gone for good because Cami is so boring. My favorite episode this season was #4 because she wasn’t in it. Unfortunately, I’m sure she just turns into a vampire. The writers always said she was the Matt Donovan of TO and they would keep her human, but they must have finally gave up and realized they could never make her relevant or interesting without turning her. It never made sense to me to keep her on the show since she was human. Maybe this will finally make Cami have a reason to still be on the show apart from being a love interest for Klaus.

  23. Anaya says:

    I hope Cami’s not gone for good, that would be so sad. Almost everyone Klaus loves DIES!!!!

  24. Kevin Blanco says:

    I can’t believe and certainly hope not, that Cami is dead-dead. Klaus and Cami just really have chemistry and make to good a couple for the writers to just write her off. I mean while yes it is possible, this is the Originals we’re talking about. Hayley died during childbirth only to come back, three selected girls died during the Harvest ritual only for one of them to come back (Monique I believe?). And if you want to include the Vampire Diaries, then Elena’s died only to come back and so has Caroline.

    If it were to save Cami’s life, then Klaus would turn her in a second. So if she’s lingering near death then Klaus may still have an opportunity. Lest also not forget that Aurora had bit her. So it is possibly possible that she died with some remains of vampire blood in her system.

    We can only hope as I enjoy Cami and adore Leah Pipes!

  25. Julie says:

    I hope she is dead. Or if she comes back, they’ll put some darkness into her. This is a character that only began to evolve in these last few episodes, and she is sweet and all, but she has no chemistry with Klaus. I think it should be someone that challenged him, like Caroline did in TVD.

    • monta267 says:

      I love Leah Pipes, and I really wanted to like her character but I just can’t force it. Its like Olicity all over again, zero chemistry😣

  26. Nika says:

    So not okay!! My heart can’t take that kind of whiplash, writers! First I’m so happy and content, I knew someone was going to infiltrate the evening’s happiness, but not the death of ours and Niklaus’ beloved Camille!! Possible kidnappings or theft of Freya’s spelled knife (had it worked on Bex). This sux I’m not happy…. Dammit Vincent better do something about it, because last he knew of Cami, she was doing him a favor with that detective! Loyalty is demanded Mr. New regent witch, will you act?

  27. Wess says:

    I don’t think cami is gone, she can’t be. They always say people who died on the show never stay dead. so if someone survives it should be cami she is a powerful character and maybe this needed to happen so she can turn to a vampire. I really hope they don’t kill her off. I would just die.

  28. Cece says:

    Cami can’t be dead!
    Klaus was devasted! After their kiss and cuddle in bed he wakes up to her corpse. I need Klamille to be ok! I love them. It was beautiful yet tragic! Maybe Cami is gonna be a vamp! I hope!

  29. TaraB says:

    I think Finn is the family member one of them will fall by. And Cami is definitely not dead. She’s been turned for sure.

  30. nuwa says:

    cami have to return no second thoughts about that,

  31. Sonnie says:

    #BRINGCAMMIEBACK ……pliz dont do this to Klaus

  32. sandra says:

    Please come back Cami just when Klaus is happy this happens. NOOOOOO bring her back to be with Klaus.

  33. Kaydee says:

    I think cami will come back. The writers probably had to make it seem like that to make sure that we are going to watch the show when it comes back. Or at least I hope. Please don’t kill cami!!!!!!

  34. kaydee says:

    I think Aurora compelled cami to stay quite feed her her blood then killed her. Not only would that make cami not pure to klaus so she thinks, but Aurora seems to not be the type to kill her and that be enough she wants to see klaus sufer the lost of human cami. But that’s just my opinion, not like cami being a vampire wolud Change his feelings right?

  35. J says:

    Did no one else get any feels between Frey and Jackson?

  36. Valeria says:

    Klamille! !

  37. Dont give us 3 seasons of build up only to kill her off in 1 episode. Fix Klamille

  38. monta267 says:

    When I saw the finale, I couldn’t believe my eyes🙌 I’m really hoping Camille doesn’t come back! She is bland, I don’t understand Klaus fascination for such her😪 I NEED KLAYLEE to happen ASAP👌😍

  39. Peace says:

    Please bring cami back!!!! Niklaus & Cami really make a good one i waited for two seasons only to find out dat camille would die just like dat she z klaus mind!!!! dont let her leave that way.

  40. D'Angelo says:

    Bruhhhhhh, I’m mad lol They have to bring her back. Why do Klaus like that? Smh, she has to comeback..

  41. Pam says:

    Bring Camille back!!!!!!!!!!

    I didn’t wait all this time to see them kiss just to see Cami killed off.

    I don’t think she is gone completely. Klaus will find a way to revive her.

  42. Miss A says:

    Poor many times does she get daggered in this show?? I wish she could stay!! Cami was kinda lame in my opinion..but I like that Klaus has turned over a new leaf for keeps it interesting.. I loved him with caroline on TVD soo im rooting for Cami now.. Bring her back!!! Great episode though! Love the originals and hope it stays on air for many more seasons!!!

  43. April says:

    I really can’t handle camille being dead, if she really is dead. I soberly l sincerely hope she’ll still be on the show. Alive or vampire. We’ve all been waiting for Klaus to be with someone. It has to be Cami!

  44. Callie says:

    No no no! I will not accept that Cami is dead. Two seasons waiting for a kiss then this happens. Bring her back Julie Plec!

  45. chris says:

    Cami isn’t dead at least I hope not! I cried when I saw that I waited to long to see them kiss. Ugh the struggle . But ad for Vincent I think he is going to be taken over by Finn. Because finn can’t stand them and want them all dead.

  46. Tina Bowers says:

    PLEASE BRING CAMILLE BACK !#!!! And I want the Michaelson’s to beat this prophecy or curse I love the show. Vampire Diaries and the originals are my top two favorite shows.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      Same! The Originals and TVD are my favourite CW shows! I hope they continue for a long time yet! They’re both awesome shows!

  47. zed says:

    What’s up with you people?!? Noone ever really dies on this show or TVD for that matter- except for Jenna, Katherine, Kai, Lily-to name but a few…- anyway- I don’t Klamille just to be clear- but I believe she is very much undead! I hope they make her into a bloodthirsty vampire- and make Vincent fall for her so we have some conflict going on!

    Yay for Jayley!!! If I can’t have Klayley- then Jayley is just fine with me!!! ;)

  48. Raivion says:

    Why did they kill Cami! Is Klaus not allowed to be happy!!! 😢

    • zed says:

      Well, Klaus doesn’t really deserve to be happy!- ahm, was that song Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas used again – the same one in S4 TVD when Klaus killed Tyler’s mum?!

  49. Essie says:

    This episode was very good, Claire Holt proved to me again why she is my favorite actress on the show, she’s amazing. Finally Klaus and Cami and then she dies? noooo. I hope she’s not really dead, Klaus deserves her. And I love Cami, her character really grew on me. When they kissed I screamed YES!!

  50. Cassie says:

    Klamille is the lamest couple I’ve ever seen. Leave her dead

    • Akesh says:

      yes, hope she stays dead cuz she is really lame and i want Klaus to go on a rampage and kill everyone

    • autumnd23 says:

      I think their relationship is very inspired by classic literature so not lame. Definitely one of the strongest on television right now because it isn’t lust based. Her death just made the romance stronger. I don’t think that will be the end of her, though. Thankfully. She’ll either return as a vampire or a ghost. New Orleans has a lot of ghost folklore so I can see them going down this route (like haunting Klaus in a Wuthering Heights kind of way) if they don’t do the vampire thing. We’ll just wait and see. I’m enjoying the strong storytelling of this show.