Big Bang Theory Recap: Love Actually

Sheldon and Amy are reunited (and it feels so good).

After months of Will They/Won’t They Inevitably get back together because there’s no one else good enough for either of them, Thursday’s Big Bang Theory found “Shamy” reconciling after 10 long episodes.

Before we get to any specifics, let’s discuss the events that led up to the highly anticipated re-coupling:

THE DINNER DATE INSINUATION | After an outright rejection from Sheldon upon her request to give things another go, Amy decides to get back in touch with Dave (recurring guest star Stephen Merchant). Though Bernadette warns her that dinner at her apartment might be expected to culminate in a trip to the boudoir, Amy proceeds, and the date that follows is no less uncomfortable than her last encounter with the Dr. Cooper enthusiast. Once again, Dave finds himself fixated on Amy’s ex once she inadvertently brings him up during a conversation about her apartment. Later, when their date moves to the couch, his attempt at a kiss is nearly declined. Thankfully, that’s when Sheldon comes a-knockin’, eliminating the chance for a redo.

THE AUDIBLE ENTRAPMENT | Sheldon wasn’t kidding when he told Amy that getting over her was the hardest thing he ever had to do. In fact, he’s still not over her, and spends the majority of “The Earworm Reverberation” attempting to identify the Beach Boys’ “Darlin,” a song he has stuck in his head that he believes perfectly describes his relationship with the neurobiologist; over the course of five years, she’s made him a softer, more compassionate man, and Sheldon comes to the conclusion that he must have her back. It’s then that he goes on to interrupt the world’s worst dinner date to tell her how much he needs her, and with an assist by Dave, she agrees to take him back. What follows is their most passionate kiss yet (as seen in the clip above).

THE FANDOM DISSIPATION While the world’s least concrete love triangle was fizzling out, Howard and Raj busied themselves by obsessing over/stalking the one person who “likes” their band’s Facebook page. When they eventually track him down to a coffee shop and watch him from afar, they’re quickly thrown off by his nose-picking habit and leave immediately.

What did you think of this week’s Big Bang Theory? Was “Shamy 2.0” earned? And can we puh-lease put an end to Howard and Raj’s non-supergroup? Grade the reunion in our poll, then sound off in the comments. (Next week: [Spoiler]!)


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  1. Lyn says:

    Haven’t seen it yet due to a football pre-emption. Will have to catch it tomorrow A.M. But thanks for the recap.

  2. laurelnev says:

    I hope they keep Dave around as a Sheldon acolyte, and as the kind of new Stuart. :)

  3. Stephen merchant really isn’t that funny without Karl pilkington.

  4. Nfld Viewer says:

    Re: the ear worm subplot, all I kept thinking was “Have none of these characters (or writers) heard of Sound Hound? !?” I understand the point of that plot device, just found it distracting.

  5. zagsfan says:

    Amy didn’t decline Dave’s kiss, she was surprised by it and then moved in for another one, but then Sheldon showed up. And I’m so happy Amy and Sheldon are back together again! This was sweetly done. I wish they’d left the whole Howard-Raj storyline out, it was boring, then just gross, and killed any momentum on the episode dead.

  6. Ellinaras78 says:

    This show has become less of a comedy and more of a soap opera. Trying to copy Friends but at least that remained funny until the end.

    • canadian ninja says:

      Saying Friends remained funny until the end is a violation of a troll’s responsibility to not obviously reveal themseves as a troll.

      • Ed says:

        I completely agree. I can only watch the reruns up until Emma is born after that it was all down hill with the Rachel/Joey storyline. The funniest episode after Emma’s birth is probably the series finale. IMO anyway

      • robandco says:

        Agreed. Friends stopped being really funny in the end.
        Every multi-cam sitcom does that when they walk into the 6+ seasons. They start some heavy character development with some deeper storyline in order to revamp the show. It happened with Friends, it happened with HIMYM and it’s happening with TBBT.

  7. Simone says:

    Wait, isn’t next weeks episode when they head to the boudoir themselves? I can’t tell if that’s too quickly(after being apart for so long) or prefect timing, because they’ve danced around it for years. Glad those two crazy kids are back together :D

  8. Pat says:

    I thought it was wonderful, to actually hear Sheldon profess his love to Amy in his human words and not his usual robotic ones. I loved how he used the metaphor about Amy being his dryer sheet and she is stuck to his heart. It turned out to be one of the most loving thoughts that I have ever heard. I am thinking about giving my husband a box of dryer sheets for Christmas but I am sure that it will go right over his head. Also, is it just me, that Sheldon seems to be getting buffed in his upper arms?

  9. Kritz says:

    OMG the feels….

  10. BillyBobSmith says:

    Next week – the dirty deed gets done…

  11. Ann says:

    Are we sure Amy is a virgin? I thought she said (in previous seasons) she was with some men, not many.

    • NJMark says:

      I think we are. When she was introduced, she went on an occasional date only to please her mother. And it seems like she never really even thought about anything sexual until she looked at what I think was an old boyfriend of Penny bending over. And if she weren’t a virgin, she’d probably have tried to push Sheldon for more than an occasional cuddle and one spanking.

  12. Kim R says:

    I think the writers are doing such a great job with these 2 characters and all their wonderful quirks. Sweetly done and so great to see Sheldon have another crack open in his heart that he expresses is just great. Well done!

  13. Liz says:

    I really hope to see Dave again! He is highly entertaining. That said, Sheldon and Amy are so cute, and I’m glad they got back together. And I’d just like to say that I have Howard and Raj’s band. I was singing Thor and Dr Jones for weeks! (In a good way, not the ear worm way). Can’t wait for next week!

  14. Claudia says:

    I am guessing there will be a Shamy-Baby!

  15. Television says:

    I loved when Amy kicked the door shut on that creepy dude.

  16. Awesome!!! Totally worth the wait. Hope they keep Dave around, though. He is hysterical!

  17. Luis says:

    “TBBT” writers have nothing better over the course of this series than the development of “Shamy’s” relationship. From the beginning, the writers and these two brilliant performers have given us a window into the psyches and hearts of these two wonderful oddballs and shown us how amazing when, against all odds and common sense, they fell in love

  18. At last! says:

    Best reunion kiss EVER!!!

  19. BD Smith says:

    Glad Sheldon and Amy have reunited. Hope their first encounter is well tempered, not disappointing, but not wildly over the top. It’s the first time for both of them, so they have to learn each other, but it should be an enjoyable learning experience, but not all consuming.

  20. Viv says:

    I ABSOLUTELY HATE Sheldon & Amy.
    For one, it is so contrary to Sheldon’s character to fall in love.
    And, for two, he is such a %!$&# of a boyfriend, no woman who respects herself should accept to be his girlfriend. It is a real pity that a show that is watched by so many validates the horrendous treatment of women Sheldon exhibits. He should end up alone.
    The way Bernadette accepts to do all the chores is painful enough!
    And why do the writers feel the need to pair each of the boys (by the way, whatever happenned to Emily?). Being alone is perfectly acceptable and finding a significant other shouldn’t be and end game. Why can’t Sheldon just be alone.
    That kiss was really yucky!
    And lastly, I agree that that TBBT has really become not funny at all…