Supernatural Season 11 Recap

Supernatural Fall Finale Recap: Are You There, God? It's Me, Your Sister

Sam and Amara both prayed to God in Wednesday’s Supernatural fall finale, but only one of them got a response.

The hour begins with Amara on a quest to get a one-on-one with her brother the almighty, but her methods are a little unconventional. She strikes down a bunch of bible-thumpers — “Well?” she declares, looking up — and then visits a church to set up a meeting with the big man. The priest instructs her to pray. When she gets no response, she’s dumbfounded to learn that only the dead get to see God.

“And this makes sense, to billions of you?” she wonders in disbelief. “You only believe what he wants you to believe.”

She kills the churchgoers, once again challenging God to appear. He’s still a no-show. But Dean finds himself drawn to her presence while investigating the murders and ends up going from a crowded city street to an empty field in the blink of an eye. Now that they’re alone, Amara explains that her issues are with her brother, not with his creation. So what is the big spat about with The Darkness and God? According to her, he was fearful that she would make a more perfect creation, so he exiled her. Meanwhile, God “went all Donald Trump, tooting his own horn,” Dean finishes. (Bet you didn’t ever think you’d hear God compared to Donald Trump!)

While God’s rule is all about “his way or the highway,” Amara offers up a world of no pain, just bliss. In return, she wants everything, no biggie. “I was the beginning,” she says. “And I will be the end. I will be all that there is.”

Good pitch, but Dean isn’t buying what she’s selling. He stabs her, to no avail. “I can’t be resisted,” she tells him. At first, it appears like she’s going to consume his soul, but then she kisses him instead. Because they both have The Mark, their meeting “was destiny,” she continues. “You and I will be together. It’s so simple, Dean. We will become one. Why wouldn’t you want that?” (Um, I can think of a few reasons.)

The moment is interrupted as the angels come calling for Amara, threatening to smite her. She takes them out easily and welcomes the light from above as it envelopes her.

Supernatural Season 11 RecapMeanwhile, Sam is convinced Lucifer has the answer to stopping The Darkness. He was there when God ended her, so he must know what to do. Sam enlists Crowley and Rowena to help in getting to Hell. The witch uses the Book of the Damned to ward the cage and protect Sam from Lucifer’s powers.

Lucifer is surprised to discover that God sent Sam visions of him. “Get out of town! Seriously?!” he exclaims.

He goes on to name his price for his help, and it’s a hefty one: he wants a vessel out of Hell. Sam refuses – oh my God, progress! – and declares that there has to be another way, even as Lucifer argues that what the hunter’s done already just to get to Hell is certifiable. Then the warding fails and Sam finds himself suddenly trapped in the cage with Lucifer, who reveals it was him, not God, inside Sam’s head all this time. Aww, bummer! Seriously, God, where you at?

Supernatural fans, what did you think of the episode? Grade it via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your pick!

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  1. NM says:

    So if Lucifer is in hell and Sam’s in hell, does that mean we might also see John Winchester or perhaps you know, Adam, the half-brother that was sucked down to hell that has never been mentioned for about 7 years now?

    • Drew says:

      Adam was mentioned last season… briefly, by a one-off guest character, and with nobody seeming to care.

      • rowan77 says:

        Adam made his choice.

        • Dallas says:

          But he didn’t really, he was trapped in the “beautiful room” trying to get out when Michael came down to take a vessel. And before that he was tricked/deceived by the angels. .

          • True, but Michael needed consent–actual, not coerced.

          • percysowner says:

            Considering Zack tried to get Dean to consent by giving him stage 4 cancer and removing Sam’s lungs, I don’t think ACTUAL consent was a requirement for Michael. Michael backed off and decided to play “I won’t force you”, but I don’t think it was necessary and if Zach had gotten that “yes” by coercion, I think Michael would have looked the other way.

          • rowan77 says:

            Michael couldn’t just “take” Adam as his vessel. Adam had to give his permission – and he did so AFTER being told by Sam and Dean about what the Angels were up to.

    • Chol H Yoon says:

      Also what happened to Michael that’s bonded to Adam, Dean and Sam’s half brother who should be in the cage with Lucifer?

    • percysowner says:

      John Winchester escaped Hell and went up in a beam of light, so I think he’s a no go. I have no idea why Michael was forgotten about. When Rowena asked what was in the Cage, Sam could have said Michael and Lucifer, but apparently not. Considering the writers this was better than I expected.

    • ? says:

      John Winchester isn’t in hell. The angels made a comment a few seasons ago saying “no one knows where John and Mary Winchester are.” God almost never acts on this show, but he did a few things in season 5 like bringing Castiel back from the dead, so it can be assumed he put them somewhere no one can get at them because he didn’t want them getting involved in his biblical brother vs brother apocalypse thing from season 5. Adam should still be in the cage with Lucifer and Michael and no one seems to care, which is absolutely terrible and the show really needs to address that because they’ve left him to that unimaginable fate for way too long. Although, we know Death can get into the cage (he retrieved Sam’s soul) and even Castiel was able to get Sam’s body out (it wasn’t designed to hold humans), so maybe Death took pity on him and grabbed him too while he was there. At least I choose to believe that . . .

    • Tash says:

      John Winchester escaped hell when the boys opened the gates the first time at the end of season 2. Adam is the one I am curious about, or Michael more specifically. He fell into the cage with Lucifer at the end of season 5 so why isn’t he there now?

    • It was heavily implied that John made a break for it when the gate was open and got to Heaven. It was one of the reasons Dean got a year before hell and was broken by Alistair.

    • Yuki Nomura says:

      John Winchester went to heaven when the hell gate was opened and they killed the Yellow Eyed Demon. At least that is implied since John walks out of the hell gate, talks Sam and Dean for a minute, and disappears.

  2. THAT WAS AWESOME. It’s going to be really tough waiting for Jan 20th. But most importantly, I want Funko to make a Christmas PJ Crowley! And a Red Nose Rowena! Please!!!!

  3. Dj says:

    Where was Adam. You would think they would have mentioned him or something.It being Lucifer sending Sam the vision was no surprise. We all know that god has been mia ever since he went to New Jersey to play skee ball.

  4. Drew says:

    I thought it was a weak episode. This tends to be the problem with the big arc stories these days, because they are so scattered and can’t hold the amount of weight that the writers are putting on them. There’s this notion that you have to go bigger and bigger and bigger if you want to keep a show going, but if this season has taught me anything, it’s that Supernatural is still great when they’re doing the smaller, more human stories. They don’t have to keep introducing some massively huge big bad each year. Just give us something human-level to deal with.
    So far, the Amara storyline has boiled down to a lot of exposition about how big and powerful she is an how she an Dean are connected. Angels in suits doing blah-blah-blah. Crowley and Rowena treading evil water.
    Sam talking to Lucifer could have been really compelling, just because it’s such a trauma for him personally. I think that it should have been handled as a dream or vision, rather than actually going to Hell (when did people forget that it’s supposed to be a prison for everyone, including Crowley? He’s essentially the tough guy in prison, but he’s still just a prisoner. Also, it was hard to get into an out of, once upon a time). The problem with doing it the way they did was that I spent the whole time wondering why Lucifer looked like his old meat suit, and where Michael an Adam were (seriously, you’d think Michael would be the more obvious go-to for help. He wasn’t fun, but he wasn’t Lucifer). I also kept asking why the Winchesters keep thinking that it’s a good idea to walk into these situations which have literally never worked out well for them.
    Then I asked myself where Castiel was.
    Supernatural is still a great series. I’d say that at least 6 of this season’s 9 episodes were strong. It’s just that the arc isn’t isn’t sticking the landing. It’s so big and vague and the whole “God’s sister” thing is so odd that I really don’t feel much toward the main arc of the season. The classic hunting episodes are great though.

    • brasheda1 says:

      To me, I feel the complete opposite. I think that the random monster huntings take away from the central plot in some ways, even though they are good for showing the effects Amara is having on humanity. I agree that her character is kind of vague, but to me that’s what draws me in and wants to know more about her. She’s playing the sympathetic villain, much like Lucifer did and whether her intentions are true has yet to be seen, but I feel like this episode made her intentions a bit more clear. I did find it weird that Michael/Adam was not in the cage as well, but didn’t the spell have Lucifer summoned into the cage? It didn’t look like the same cage that Sam saw in his visions. This just looked like a regular cage. Either that or maybe they couldn’t get the actor playing Adam to reprise his role.I did atleast expect a mention of Castiel, but with all they had going on, I can see where they had issues fitting him into the plot.

      • alistaircrane says:

        Random monster huntings? THe whole show is built around them travelling the country fighting monsters. THAT’s Supernatural, not the angel mythology.

        • rowan77 says:

          I think it’s safe to say that after 7 1/2 seasons of Angel/God mythology Supernatural is very much about both the urban legend monster hunts AND the mythology. To deny either is to deny what the show is truly about.

          • natashacleary92 says:

            My favourite episodes are always the filler episodes which have little to do with the overall plot. Mystery Spot, Careful What You Wish For, Just My Imagination etc. I still love the show but trying to come up with bigger and badder baddies is making the show feel a little repetitive. For example Amera feels A LOT like the Mother or whatever she was called for a few seasons back. I still love the show and don’t want it to end but I still think that the show hit its peek at the end of season 5 where it was originally intended to finish.

        • brasheda1 says:

          I’ve always viewed Supernatural in the opposite way. The random huntings serve to provide insight into glimpses of Sam and Dean’s family and personal issues within themselves or with each other. If you think about it, the first season started around mythology with their hunt for the Yellow Eyed Demon and finding their dad being the main points. The other stuff, albeit entertaining, is filler to the true point of the season.

          Honestly, I think I would get bored with the show if they didn’t keep things escalating. That’s why it’s my favorite show. I love seeing the development of characters, and each main character (Sam, Dean, Castiel and Crowley) have had a ton of growth since they have first been introduced. I look at it like hunting monsters is their profession, but their real endgame is to save the world on a larger scale, although they lose sight of that when one or the other is in trouble.

      • Drew says:

        The problem is that the show has changed over the years. In the early seasons, we saw things from the Winchester’s point of view. When villains showed up, they could be vague because the guys didn’t know about them and it was all about finding a way to stop them.
        Now, we see the villains in their lairs, going on about how evil they are and whining about mundane things. We see a lot of completely useless scenes with them.
        I would love to get back to just the human point of view. Add more hunters if Jared and Jensen need time off, but keep it human. No angel or demon POV, unless it is the attack that brings us into the story.

      • ahamadegr8 says:

        have you forget that Castiel is still sick… ?

    • Same thing happened to X Files….

  5. Morgan says:

    Liked the episode, but really, I just want to talk about that promo. “I got a Sam!”

  6. ninamags says:

    That was fantastic!!

    Again with the missed phone calls!! Didn’t they learn their lessen the last time the world was in peril?

    Poor Sammy. He wanted so much to believe that God was actually helping him. 😢

    • Drew says:

      The funny thing is, God has helped them so much. They just expect Him to show up with a ton of fireworks and snap his fingers and make everything okay. They don’t stop to think about all of the things that have actually happened because of God, like Castiel being resurrected. They don’t even know that Chuck was God and he was helping them face to face for quite a while.
      The show keeps talking about how God isn’t there, while showing that God has been there for years. It’s an interesting way to handle that story element.

  7. Ash says:

    Really enjoyed the episode. This is the first time in a while that I noticed myself feeling uneasy and nervous while watching. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought Amara was going to suck out Dean’s soul at first. Did anyone else thing she looked confused? Like she was trying to suck his soul, but it wasn’t working, so she kissed him instead? Also, I’m not sure what to make of Rowena, telling Crowley to come along or whatever her last line was. I feel like she said it like she knew it was going to happen, or she knew what was going to happen right afterwards.

    • DJ says:

      I felt the same way about the Dean and Amara issue. It’s like she paused and then decided to kiss him, Not sure if that could mean she couldn’t suck his soul out or she decided against it. She did say they would always save each other so that could have something to do with it.

      The Rowena-Crowley part had me a bit confused as well. I think she set it up that way because she seemed really calm about it when the whole trap failed.

      • Unknown says:

        Actually I think it’s cause dean doesn’t have a soul to suck and it took her by surprise

        • Skittles&Bits says:

          I agree. Dean has been behaving rather odd (read: soulless) this season, which makes me wonder if Amara went in for his soul so they could literally be one, realized she couldn’t and in order not to tip her hand, tried to seduce him. This, of course, raises the question of where is Dean’s soul???

  8. DJ says:

    I thought this episode was great from start to finish. It’s nice to see them getting back to the main story after diverting from it the past few episodes. So happy to see Lucifer returning! I think the actor that plays him is amazing. The end scene kind of brought me flashbacks of Season 7 where Lucifer first showed back up and was in Sam’s head. I’m really looking forward to how Dean will react and what depths he will end up going to to get Sam out of the cage.

    I can’t help but feel that the initial visions of Sam’s were God (the cure for the darkness coming to Sam in a vision) or maybe Lucifer was just that crafty. Even so, I am looking forward to seeing what comes of all this. I wish January 20th didn’t seem so far away.

  9. D Stokel says:

    I don’t think Adam had a big of an impact on anything. Lucifer steals every scene he is in. I am so happy Mark Pellegrino is playing him again.

  10. Jon says:

    People commenting on Michael. Lucifer wasn’t in the cage when they were talking to him, he was teleported to a halfway point, which was warded so he couldn’t do anything. They didn’t mention Michael because they didn’t have any intention of dealing with with him. Trying to deal with Lucifer was borderline suicidal enough, bringing Michael into the picture would just get them all killed, plus the visions only showed Lucifer, and Sam believed it was God talking to him (poor Sam, but he should have known the moment the ‘I could never fool you’ line showed up).

  11. Charissa29 says:

    Lucifer is such a sh*thead but I love the way the actor plays him! Poor Sam!

  12. ? says:

    This story arc has so much myth-making potential and I was really happy to see them finally delve into some of that tonight. Amara may not even be “evil.” She doesn’t understand the universe she finds herself in and as a consequence she’s been destructive but when she’s learned enough about it and it comes time for her to make decisions about how she’s going to fit into it, they might not be harmful or even disruptive decisions. We can’t honestly say that the way God is represented on this show has shown him to be someone who is infallible, and anyway, she could have changed over the eons since the dawn of time with nothing to do but think. Of course this is Supernatural and they’ll probably have to fight and kill eventually, but I like how the show is at least flirting with the idea right now. And why does Amara like Dean? Well, he had the mark of Cain, and also he’s a favored of God because he was born to be Michael’s true vessel, and that means he just might be watching whenever she’s around him. Clever.

  13. RichonnaB says:

    Just WOW!!!! I’m totally at a lost for words, but I kind of figured it was Lucifer sending visions to Sam! Can’t wait for the fall break to be over with!

  14. Carrie says:

    Dang, I foresee this battle between God and Lucifer, in the bodies of Sam and Dean. If please get more creative then that. It’s to primitive. It will be to weak for the end of the story line. Pts I have some interesting ideas if your interested. With hugs and honesty.

  15. Derek Szwed says:

    Sam will say yes it will happen

    • Jasker says:

      Actually it looks like Cas might be the one to say yes. If you can go by some of the spoilers.

      • percysowner says:

        Well if he does I can “enjoy” hearing why Cas is good, faithful, true and smart to say yes, while Sam would have been arrogant, evil, traitorous and stupid to have done it.

  16. Natasja says:

    I loved the episode! All I really missed was Michael. They kept talking about the fact that Lucifer was there when God vanquished the Darkness, but Michael was there too. So was Gabriel. So I don’t know why they picked the most dangerous one of them all. Though I must admit, seeing Mark as Lucifer again was amazing:)

    • lordofluck says:

      3 reasons why they picked Lucifer 1) They think Gabriel is dead and 2) Sam thought the visions were from God and 3) Lucifer is arguably the most powerful and he was God’s favourite so he could know more then the others.

  17. Pat says:

    Poor Sam, once again being duped by Lucifer. All this time he thought it was God sending him those visions and Dean warned him that he could be getting tricked. Amara, says she has no interest with her brother’s creations but yet she is killing people left and right just to get his attention. Wow, nice sibling. It almost feels like she is having temper tantrums and decides to keep breaking her brothers toys until she can get a response out of him. I loved when Dean asked her about this and he also mentioned to her if this had to do with their Father and she said there was no Father. I missed seeing Castiel on this epidode. Overall, it was a very good season finale. I am just glad that January is coming up in a couple of weeks.

  18. Vedant says:

    How can Mark play Lucifer again , that vessel was weared off I think. This episode was awesome!

  19. Seems to me that Sam was the only one who didn’t see the big plot twist coming. Of course it was Lucifer sending him the visions. I LOL’d at the burning bush (that should’ve been Sam’s biggest clue. Luci does have a wicked sense of humor). The Dean/Amara connection is by far the most interesting part of this arc – I wish they’d focus more on that. Maybe in S11, part deux. When she moved in on Dean it sure looks like she was intent on ‘making them one’ and taking his soul. That split-second look of confusion/doubt before she kissed him – did she decide not to take it? Or did she realize she couldn’t? Or is the bigger question is Dean’s soul still intact after Hell/MoC/dying/becoming a demon/resurrecting. Was Len’s speech about ‘remembering the right thing to do’ foreshadowing? Has Dean been operating without his soul all this time, only able to hold back from going full-on dark because he is, at heart, a hero? Or am I giving the writers/showrunners too much credit? *sigh* I’m afraid I know the answer to that. If it doesn’t fit the Sam=smart, wise, good; Dean=dumb, reckless, bad trope, they don’t seem to know how to write it. Eh. Maybe they’ll just let Dean hit a dog and be done with it.

  20. chadcronin says:

    When The Darkness sent Dean back to by the Hot Dog Stand the guy should have said, “Your Hot Dog is ready” since he was making it for him when he was taken away. I would have liked that. Instead he is as helping others

  21. Chris Robertson says:

    Time to draw the curtain on Supernatural a once great series but now well past it’s use by date! Bored, bored, bored. I actually found myself playing solitaire during the recent offering with rehashed story lines. Come on the Darkness and put this series out of it’s misery!

  22. Scott says:

    Obvious plot hole: why didn’t they summon Michael to the halfway point rather than Lucifer? Since he’s at least in theory a good guy and was also there when the Darkness was locked up, it would seem to make more sense to ask him what to do.

  23. I am not actually convinced it was Lucifer sending the signals to Sam but more of Lucifer taking credit for something God is doing just to play with Sam’s mind. I am also suspicious that Rowena planned it to fail.

    • Kune says:

      I don’t buy it was all solely Lucy’s plan either! God was always percieved in the series as someone who has bigger plans or has a bigger image in mind. For all we know God knew the minute he puts a hole in that cage which he can do in a snap, God knew Lucifer was gonna find a sly sneaky way to get out of that cage. GOD NEEDS LUCIFER &MICHAEL for that big war, and he needs them in their destined vessels in tip top shape! He would probably revive Raphael and Gabriel, for all we know Gabriel mustve cheated his death all over again. End point is God needs his 2 bickering kids to take the darkness down. For that to happen they need to fulfill the prophecy, which sam & dean needs to agree on becoming the vessels.

  24. AnnieM says:

    BUT, if Lucifer is able to send visions to people from inside the Cage, what is even the point of having him in one? Couldn’t he then just give lots of people the idea to create mayhem for him?Maybe *Lucifer* was lying to Sam?

    • vanderdecker says:

      Assuming it was him as he claimed, he also said that it was the release of the Darkness that caused Hell to shake and the box to crack, and only then could he reach out to Sam.
      I don’t think Lucifer particularly cares about causing mayhem; his goal (first one, at least) is to get a hold of Sam and force/trick him into being his vessel.

  25. Shay says:

    I loved the Dean-Amara scenes, the actors were great and portrayed a lot of silent intensity, especially Jensen. Jensen tells a whole story with his facial expressions. I like that Dean tried to kill her, he’s fighting her and the bond. I really do like how the show is portraying Amara and I think the actress is really good. I thought it was interesting that Amara appeared to attempt to suck out Dean’s soul, but then she kissed him. To me it seemed that she couldn’t take his soul. I think this storyline is very interesting and there are a number of possibilities where they could take it, and I don’t think it will be romantic or love interest at all.

    But, Dean did not free Amara, that was the others who were using the Book of the Damned.

    The “twist” wasn’t really a twist, I think almost everyone knew it was going to be Lucifer sending Sam those visions.

    I don’t get how neither Michael or Adam were mentioned at all when the Lucifer and the cage were talked about. I also don’t understand why Castiel wasn’t in the episode or even mentioned, it just seems weird.

  26. Keri says:

    Dean compared God to Kanye, not Donald Trump

  27. ashleyv says:

    Supernatural was AwESOME as always but the cliffhanger is such a bummer….wish I didn’t have to wait so long but it keeps me hanging on to the show😃

  28. vanderdecker says:

    Anyone else think that in the picture above it looks like Amara’s head is on backwards?

  29. Viv says:

    Mark Pellegrino was breathtaking.
    Simultaneously magnetic and terrifying — the absolute definition of temptation. ( I get it, Rowena!)

    Everyone was simply outstanding in this episode — Sam’s terror, Amara’s confusion, Rowena’s witchy lust and secretiveness, and Crowley”s frightened acknowledgement of TRUE power.
    Smartest ep since seasons 4 & 5!
    Wow. Just wow…

  30. Where was Adam/Michael? One assumes that was not “the cage” so just Lucifer was summoned, but if Sam is [SPOILER] back in the cage, they should meet up, right? Maybe that is the plan . . .

  31. liza says:

    Why didn’t we see Michael in the cage with Lucifer since they are both supposed to be in there?

  32. Myst says:

    as others have said, why didn’t they think of Michael. i know Sam believe God tell him to go to lucifer, but maybe Dean could have said, how about we talk to Michael too? so when they summon Lucifer, they could summon if as well.
    Also, they have said he was more powerful than Lucifer(they did say if they fought Michael was going to win)and if power was what they needed, he may be the better choice.
    Michael always follow God’s will. so even if God is not around, God did fought Darkness with the archangels(i assume all of them) before, so Michael would likely to do it again.

  33. rods tore says:

    I thought that Michael would be trapped there too with Lucifer…

  34. Jamie says:

    Alot of people must not remember that lucifer means light and that he was the original carrier of mark which he gave to kane and it became mark of kane and he was also gods main angel at one point so it makes sense.

  35. Jamie says:

    As for michael and adam they wanted lucifer back in the cage so god probably released them from cage cuz lucifer is suppose to be there as for god not helping sam he does everything for a reason so he probebly knows sam has to go through everything like being in cage to help whatever gonna happen next

  36. Simone says:

    It wasn’t Trump, it was Kanye, an equally as cuckoo horn tooter :D

    Also, I can’t believe they still let Rowena out on day trips, she’s only out to help herself. I mean, she’s the reason the cage spell failed. Yeah, the second Sammy turned his back Rowena suddenly has the spell to make the meeting happen and then giggles and flirts her way through the whole damn Hell scene and the only person to comment is Crowley, and all he says is something like -Oh, mommy… have a cold shower- WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE? Rowena is a THREAT. They need to take her out, like seasons ago.

    But I adore Mark as Lucifer, always have. He elevated a rather boring episode.
    As did, the fully grown Amara. She’s SO intriguing! :)

  37. Luisinho says:

    I really enjoyed this episode, it felt like season 4-5 all over again. I mainly enjoyed seeing Lucy back! That really made my day. I see many of you are wondering where in hell(literally) is Adam/Mike, well the answer to that is on a scrap sheet of paper as a back up… Anyway, i think that sam will end up being helped by amara since Dean is her dream boy. I believe Amara will f-up my lucy and kill him off for good since that’s what these new writers do with all the great characters. Moreover, god will continue to play Charlie Sheen and ignore the threat before him… Or perhaps sam will take on the mark (that is after she is lured by Dean to posses him and later trapping her)he will then pass it onto sam who would be willing to do a repeat jump and then perhaps god could interfere and somehow divide sam’s soul from his body leaving only lucifer to keep the mark and then lock them away for good (sam dies in this process btw. Dean will then come up with the tablet that locks hell forever!!! The series ends and I can carry on with my life. But nah, more than likely the show will be ruined for outliving it’s wonderful core.

  38. Blake says:

    Why isnt michael in the cage with lucifer when sam gets there??????

  39. Jackie L Vester says:

    I loved the episode. I think that Pelligrino and Padalecki were brilliant. Pelligrino was terrifying as Lucifer and Padalecki was just on point as Sam. When Lucifer trapped him in the cage the look of pure terror was perfect. Then the 1 tear was heartbreaking.I loved the thing with Dean and super pissed Amara but the thing in the cage had me on the edge of my seat. This mid season finale was so much better than last years. It didn’t even feel like the same show. I mean last season we had the Cas/Claire fiasco. I love Cas but I can’t stand Claire. Gee a teenager with an attitude. Imagine that. Thank God the writers figured things out.

  40. Liz says:

    There’s a misquote. Just watched this episode and Dean compares God to Kanye West. Not Donald Trump.