Bones Video: Aubrey Wants In on Booth and Brennan's Undercover Mission

Uh-oh! Is Aubrey taking Brennan’s place alongside Booth on Bones‘ undercover trip to an Old West-style shooting competition?

Per TVLine’s exclusive video from Thursday’s fall finale (Fox, 8/7c), the doc can’t go because she doesn’t have an intern this week, which leads Aubrey to ask the couple, “Is that something you guys do? Split up like that?”

Before you start to fret about that being some kind of weird foreshadowing, rest assured Wanda does show up for duty, as you can see in the below photo gallery.

Press PLAY above to hear Aubrey’s argument for why he might be helpful on the case, then hit the comments with your thoughts.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. anon says:

    Shut up Aubrey

    Booth & Brennan solved case for many years without you

    Why doesn’t he get his own cases?! Go. Away.

    • charlotte says:

      so predictable with the Aubrey hate anon

      • July Lark says:

        Only because B & B cant do anything without Aubrey tagging along. They did just fine and dandy solving cases for 10 years without him. Just an excuse to give him screen time, his character is no longer needed.

        • LIly says:

          a) Aubrey doesn’t know how B&B do it when going undercover is necessary, so the argument B&B can do it without him makes no sense in his case, b) if you think his character is no longer needed than you either don’t know or do not that care about the fact that Emily had a second baby just months ago, so she works fewer hours, and David went through some serious health issues during the summer, so he might still be working fewer hours as well, so Aubrey is in fact needed.

          • heather says:

            Except for the fact Brennan is going undercover, Emily is onset shooting these scenes…the same for David, they are working… So Aubrey isn’t needed to be apart of this undercover mission..the writers are just forcing him into the situation…he isn’t needed.

          • Frankie707 says:

            Yeah, it’s just the same old hate that was always spewed at Sweets now pointed at Aubrey. You’d think people would figure out that the show will never be all B&B all the time. They have it set up this way for a reason…they don’t want to kill their leads by overworking them.

          • LIly says:

            of course in the end they both go, but without Aubrey their work load would increase, I’m sure he’ll have his own separate scenes that otherwise would have to be done by either just Booth/David or both Booth and Brennan. This way, there’s a little less work for the two of them. Why is that so hard for people to understand?

          • heather says:

            The point is that Booth & Brennan ARE going undercover together, David & Emily’s workload hasn’t been reduced because they forced Aubrey into the situation

            Even Sweets didn’t go undercover with them, Aubrey really doesn’t need to be there

          • LIly says:

            Heather, well not this scene, obviously, but clearly they have to introduce the idea that Aubrey will be there with them as well, he can’t just appear out of the blue. You’ll see but I guess you just have to share your daily hate of Aubrey. What would life be like without judging things first before seeing the whole picture.

          • heather says:

            My daily hate for Aubrey?! Are you for real?! Why are you taking this so personally?
            The article asked for a opinion. I give it.
            You need to be more “tolerant” of people having an opinion that is not yours, we don’t live in a dictatorship last time I looked…

        • anon says:

          I am sick to death of Aubrey

          He is beyond overused

          Booth can’t breath without Aubrey butting in, throwing shade, stuffing his face, taking over.

          Even B&B going undercover, which is THEIR thing, there he is trying to weasel in

  2. charlotte says:

    this episode is going to be so much fun! Aww Aubrey wants to go too, they are all such kids sometimes, i love these people, can’t wait!

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  4. kmw says:

    This sounds like a fun episode, Aubry interfering or not. Brennan is going to end up joining them which is what I am looking forward to. I agree he isn’t really necessary but he hasn’t monopolized Booth and Brennan’s airtime together nearly like he did last season so I wouldn’t worry too much about his presence in this episode. And as other commentators have mentioned Emily having another baby and David’s illness has been the reason he has been around more than we think he should. From what little I have seen so far it looks like an awesome episode and fun. Also there could be an actual story reason he wants to be at this scene besides what you think. This could lead into the second episode and what goes on with Aubry in that one. The show runners have stated the second episode is about Aubry as well as Angela and Hodgins

  5. KB says:

    Are we all just going to ignore the fact that Bones is ripping off Castle’s honeymoon episode last year, or…

    • LIly says:

      oh please, it’s almost 2016, stop this already. If not, then Castle ripped of SPN or whatever show that had done that before, and then that show had ripped of other shows etc etc. How many times has Castle done the same stuff Bones has? Like their “murder on a plane” last year. It’s time to let this go. Similar themes will keep coming back within many many shows. You just can’t let go of the Castle vs Bones. Move on already.

    • anon says:

      Only if we agree that Castle ripped off Bones Xmas ep when they killed off Santa clause, lol

      Srly, we haven’t watched the ep, hold of your calls of foul until then

  6. heather says:

    My daily hate for Aubrey?! Are you for real?! Why are you taking this so personally?

    The article asked for a opinion. I give it.

    You need to be more “tolerant” of people having an opinion that is not yours, we don’t live in a dictatorship last time I looked.

  7. Boiler says:

    Unlike a few haters I have grown to really enjoy Aubrey. Sweets is gone. There are other characters on this show.

  8. Nancy says:

    I’m very much looking forward to this episode!! Looks good for sure!

  9. Laura C says:

    Sorry, I still miss Sweets and never liked Aubrey. I figure if I haven’t warmed up to him YET, I’m not bound to. I don’t recall Sweets going undercover WITH B & B, and don’t use argument he’s not FBI. The shrink/profiler would have been more apt than another FBI. Booth is fine on his own. He & Brennan work together and every one else is back at the lab doing THEIR part.

  10. kmw says:

    It doesn’t matter why Aubry is there( or for that matter it doesn’t matter that this is ripping off a Castle episode) all I want to see is what fun the first episode will bring and what big stunning twist we wont see coming in the second episode and enjoy these shows. Unless one of FOX’S new shows tank we will not be seeing a new episode to at least March 31st( or more likely even later than that) While in reality it would not be necessary for Aubry to be there, I still think there is a story reason that will be played out in second half. And to keep on comparing Castle and Bones is just silly. Almost every television show at one point has taken something from somebody else, this is no different. Cannot wait till tomorrow!!!

  11. suzl says:

    I hated that they got rid of Dr Goodman (from the first season), and it took me a while to warm up to Cam–but she’s a true part of the show now. HATED that they killed off Sweets (when the actor wanted to return after the time off he needed), couldn’t understand his why replacement was seemingly a Sweets-clone, but Aubrey has grown on me. He’s an eager agent, loving the idea of a cowboy-cover …don’t understand the hate.
    I am amused by those accusing Bones of ripping off Castle—Castle has been a Bones-rip-off since it’s inception, IMO of course.

  12. Castlefan says:

    Looks like great fun and I’m really glad to have a double bill before the long break. Nice to see them go undercover again, too (although I like that they don’t over-use those stories). I think season 11 so far has been superb, I’m enjoying it much more than season 10, and I just wish Fox wasn’t having such a long mid-season hiatus.

    The Castle-copying comments are amusing: having watched Castle from the start and only seen Bones for the first time about 6 months ago, I was amazed at how many Castle storylines had been done on Bones first – but as long as an episode is enjoyable I really don’t think it matters. Hate to say it as a long time Castle viewer, but so far this year Bones has been by far the better show.