Arrow Felicity Shot

Arrow Fall Finale Recap: Darhk Intentions — Plus: Who Got Shot?

Damien Darhk’s master plan came to light in Wednesday’s Arrow fall finale, and it was disturbing as hell.

The episode starts off peacefully enough with a “clean up the bay” event, but things quickly go south when a drone starts shooting at all the volunteers. “There were kids there,” Oliver sighs to Felicity. (I see those fatherly instincts are already starting to kick in.)

Oliver, with the support of the team, publicly outs Damien Darhk’s identity at a press conference, knowing that the baddie will retaliate (and he does at the Queen for Mayor holiday party). Damien sends Oliver flying across the room with a flick of his hand and then takes Felicity, Thea and Dig captive. (Laurel is off fielding hotline calls and gets spared.)

Arrow Season 4 RecapBeating up the ghosts fails to get Oliver any answers about his loved ones’ whereabouts, so he decides to turn himself in in exchange for their safety – with some backup from Laurel, Lance and a concerned-for-Thea Malcolm, who obtains a secure phone belonging to Darhk’s operation. Oliver gets a meeting and then a horrifying demonstration of Damien’s messed up plan, dubbed Genesis. Thanks to the bay clean-up project, Damien reveals that he was able to get a certain type of algae for his gas chamber. He even references Nazis, explaining that sometimes humanity needs a reset.

He gives Oliver and Felicity a moment to talk and then has his men drag her into the gas chamber, alongside Dig and Thea. As long as they’re alive, Oliver has something to fight for, and that’s a problem for Damien. The future looks dire for the trio as gas starts to fill the space. Laurel’s shrieking Canary cry comes to the rescue (with a Green Arrow-disguised Malcolm in tow), shattering the glass container. Much to their own surprise, I think, Malcolm and Oliver end up saving each other’s lives. The building, along with Damien, is blown up, but he survives the explosion (he’s like a cockroach, that one). Even worse, Phase 4 of his plan is ready to begin now that the air (in what appears to be an underground bunker) is breathable. His superiors(?), however, worry that Oliver will get in the way of Genesis.

How to solve that problem? By shooting at newly engaged Oliver and Felicity as they share a happy moment in a limo. Ollie manages to maneuver the vehicle away from the ghosts, but it’s too little too late. A bullet-ridden Felicity lies bleeding in his arms.

Elsewhere in the episode:

* Earlier in the hour, Donna discovers Oliver’s engagement ring in a box of holiday decorations – that boy must have sucked at hide-and-seek – and shrieks so loudly, she startles Felicity. After realizing that Oliver planned to propose three months ago, Felicity starts to worry why he has yet to pop the question. “Everything changed,” he confesses when she confronts him. “I just needed some time to rethink things. Because what we’re doing is dangerous.” But as far as Felicity’s concerned, that’s what marriage is – powering through the hard times together. She tells him she would have said yes – and she gets the chance to at the end of the episode when Oliver proposes during a Christmas tree lighting. “She is the one who lights my way,” he coos. “Felicity Smoak, would you make me the happiest man on the face of the Earth?” It’s sweet, but I couldn’t quite enjoy it knowing that Oliver made such a monumental step in their relationship, fully aware that he was keeping a huge secret from Felicity.

* Damien goes home to his family for Christmas?!

* Dig’s brother? Still in that cage. And no more willing to help out than before.

Arrow Donna Lance* Donna calls Lance her “boyfriend,” and Felicity’s disturbed reaction is priceless.

* In flashback land, Oliver uses Taiana for diving lessons so he can get to the ship and retrieve a map to uncover what Reiter wants. Conklin catches up to them just as Oliver comes back up for air with the paper.

* Anyone else surprised to learn that Laurel didn’t know Lance was working for Damien and then Oliver as their inside man? Hopefully, this doesn’t mean Oliver and Laurel’s secret-keeping issues are going to resurface.

Arrow fans, what did you think of the fall finale? Grade it via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your pick!

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  1. STP says:

    Yeah Felicity isn’t in the grave. a)it hasn’t been six months since the beginning of the season and b)the producers already said that the whole secret baby thing is gonna become an issue for olicity in the middle of the season. It’s a total misdirect.

    • MichSeb says:

      Thank you!!!!!!!!!! I’m glad someone agrees with me!!! I felt like I was crazy…

    • amb1973 says:

      You and your ability to use logic are going to confound people. Additionally, all of the primary actors are still filming, and in fact they were all filming TODAY.

      • amb1973 says:

        This comment board is so weird with the comments it doesn’t let show up.

        • amb1973 says:

          Every time I say I don’t like Oliver and Felicity scenes because he is not telling her the truth it won’t show up. She’s going to give the ring back when she finds out.

          • tyranthraxus says:

            I doubt it. I think the show has actually (and this is a rarity) tried to show a semi stable relationship. Sure we are gonna get the tropes but in every so often but there could of been a lot more drama there and there has not. Not saying we wont get such ‘drama’ down the line but I think its gonna be tempered by the shooting.

            I actually think its Lyla, Diggles wife. She is integral enough to Oliver to be like family , and Diggle will not be consumed with making sure his Daughter is safer.

          • Liz says:

            I thought they would break up but after her commitment to him about getting through the dark times together, I feel like they’re gonna stay together through thick and thin now. The writers did say they were gonna throw every challenge at them.

          • amb1973 says:

            Oh, they’ll get back together, but they’re definitely going to break up. This is not a little lie he’s telling, and after all the lies he told in S3, no way she’s not going to dump him.

          • amb1973 says:

            Also, the dark times she was thinking about was people attacking them, etc., not Oliver lying to her face about something huge that affects her, too. PLUS, in the first half of the crossover he was blathering on about how he’s found his peace in her, etc., and in the second half of the same crossover he was lying to her face. Consistency bw episodes is not these writers’ strong suit.

        • The process of writing the comments is more simple than most sites, but the posting part is so damn confusing!

      • tvjunkie says:

        problem is the logic is flawed as i posted in my own reply to STP

    • Guest123 says:

      Agree. And Barry would have been more upset at the grave if it was Felicity. Plus, He would have attended the funeral – Zoom or no Zoom.
      Still think it’s Felicity’s mom.

      • Barry’s inclusion makes me think that Oliver wants to pull out all the stops on bringing down Damien Darhk so maybe there will be a Legends cast member as well!

        • Mihai says:

          I’d say Ray, because he was once Felicity’s boyfriend so, he would be really affected about this and it would be logical to include him in the episode. But Brandon Routh doesn’t appear on the cast list on imdb, but instead Emily Bett Rickards is credited for episodes from 10 on, so she is definitely not dead(unless producers want to keep spoilers from leaking). It isn’t Lance either, because Paul Blackthorne is also credited for the next few episodes. So there is someone else, like Lyla, for example.

          • Sasha says:

            And also Ray is a lead on the LOT show…so no

          • Mila says:

            That could also just be because IMDB is wrong a lot of the time on the casting of current seasons. Which is great against spoilers

          • John NYC says:

            Cast lists would include actors simply appearing in flashbacks. So characters dead today could still need to be portrayed by their actors for flashback scenes.

            I don’t believe that’s the case with Felicity (or rather I hope not), but it is a flaw in that logic that someone on a future cast list means that character is alive for that episode….

          • tvjunkie says:

            As Mila said using IMDB for a source of info for TV episodes or movies that hasn’t aired is like calling up Ms Cleo and asking her to tell you about your future. The accuracy is similar.

      • Scougs says:

        Part of me thinks that it might be the mother of his son. In a way it kind of makes sense. Barry knows about the son thing, and you’re right about the grieving thing. This is almost like it’s not someone that close, yet still has a bit of meaning to Oliver’s life.

      • Curly Girly says:

        I don’t think Oliver would be that upset about Donna’s death. He looked really upset at that grave. Still think it’s Lance or Thea.

      • Bill says:

        There is also the possibility that Oliver wants Damien to THINK Felicity is dead, as that is the only way he can keep her TRULY safe, until he is able to defeat Darhk.

      • M. Mowen says:

        ahh I was wondering..where’s Barry!

    • Pearlie Benson says:

      If so, then a big HALLELUJAH !!!! i am literally wiping the remainder of sweat from my brow.

    • Joe says:

      So Felicity is not only going to survive the shooting, obviously, but it guarantees she is not in the grave at seasons end either…throw on the engagement and it was a great night for olicity fans…I think she will be temporarily paralyzed and likely will be given the code name Oracle given they mentioned earlier this season she needed a code name…I am beginning to think Laurel maybe in grave after tonight, though lance and baby mama are 1 and 2…Laurel nowxrlaces thea at 3…

      • Alexis says:

        Baby mama, not even close. Its either Lance or Diggle I am sorry to say because I am a huge fan of Diggle. I was even hoping Merlin wouldnt be the one in there. I want the series finale to end with them dooking it out.

      • Jules says:

        I think she will become Oracle also. That would actually make alot of sense. It was a great Fall Final.

      • JC1 says:

        Yeah, I still have a hard time believing they’d really kill Laurel off, but there was some foreshadowing in that scene with her and her father.
        I don’t think Felicity’s going to be Oracle (I don’t think DC will let them have that), but maybe Proxy? I know Proxy is a different character in the comics, but Proxy is Calculator’s daughter, and a lot of people believe that the Calculator that’s coming on the show in episodes 12 & 13 is going to end up being Felicity’s father.

    • Linda says:

      Maybe they fake her death. and no one is actually dead.

      • rtrombi says:

        That would be pretty cool, but they’ve done that/ killed people and brought people back to life way too many times

        • Alexis says:

          I wonder now with league of legends, with the whole time travel, if they will be able to go back and save whoever is in there.

          • Dj says:

            I don’t think they can. The writers pretty much said that they got rid of the Pit on Arrow so it wouldnt be used to bring a dead character back and that on LoT they would address why you can’t use time travel to undo a death.

      • Mike says:

        That was my first thought, let Darhk think that Felicity died so that she can be safe

    • ? says:

      I like how TVLine isn’t even pretending Felicity is dead because everyone knows there’s no chance Felicity is dead.

    • Chris2015 says:

      Agreed. Felicity lives. The people in the grave are Oliver’s wife and son, after Darhk finds out about them.

      • amb1973 says:

        Oliver’s only “wife” is Nyssa. Baby Mama was pretty much a one-nighter.

        • Datya says:

          I don’t think the baby-mama was a one-nighter, I think they dated for a while, till she got pregnant and Mama Queen got rid of her…

          • A says:

            Well, maybe it was more than a one nighter but they weren’t dating. He was dating Laurel at the time and if it was a dating thing with baby mama, laurel would have found out

          • amb1973 says:

            There’s no evidence whatsoever that they dated at all, much less for awhile. He was dating Laurel when he found out Baby Mama was pregnant. Regardless, the statement I was disagreeing with is that Baby Mama is Oliver’s “wife.” That is obviously not correct.

          • John NYC says:

            No as I recall she pretty much outright said it was a one nighter.

            Oliver was a real slut back then….

          • Dj says:

            Well she didn’t say anything like that. The closest thing was Oliver saying he made one mistake, which could mean a one night stand, but at the same time telling his mom about her character and what a good person she was which hints at him knowing enough about her where it was more then just a one night stand.

          • John NYC says:

            I was referring to the more recent episode where she explained to Oliver why she hadn’t wanted him around, not anything from Oliver.

          • Dj says:

            She said he gets young girls pregnant nothing about a one night stand. But Oliver did mention they had a thing.

          • John NYC says:

            Which if accurate is actually worse as he then would have been screwing a side piece while in his relationship with Laurel rather than a simply single one night error in judgement.

            Doesn’t really shift my disdain for that “Oliver”.

          • amb1973 says:

            I loved how Baby Mama was so nasty to him about him being a trainwreck and knocking her up. Uh, hey lady, you were the idiot sleeping with the trainwreck without birth control. She’s THE WORST.

          • amb1973 says:

            Ollie saying Baby Mama was a nice person is meaningless. He had exceptionally bad judgment in all things, and if she’d brought him a sandwich after sleeping with him he would have said she was a nice person. Plus, we know she’s NOT a nice person. She lied to him and kept his son’s existence from him for years. She’s an absolutely awful person.

    • rtrombi says:

      exactly what I was going to comment, the whole three-six month thing!

    • ekill says:

      Is it just me that thinks the baby issue for Olicity is what happened in the timeline that Barry erased?

      • Curly Girly says:

        Oliver still has a son and talked with the baby-mama, with her telling him that he couldn’t tell anyone. The part that was erased in the timeline was that Felicity found out about the DNA test and they had a big blow up. So, in the new timeline, Felicity is still in the dark about Oliver’s son. And I don’t know why he just doesn’t tell her and tell her to keep it quiet. Geez!! You know its going to come back to bite him in the butt!

      • amb1973 says:

        If only. Such a moronic storyline. It makes Oliver look dumb as a doorknob again, and it’s going to break them up once she finds out.

    • Davey Elmer says:

      The 6 months thing does not correspond to real-time. This was explicitly stated by the producers after the season premiere ended.

      • JC1 says:

        In this episode, Felicity says “Oliver was going to propose three months ago”, referring to his attempt to propose with the soufflé in the season premiere. So…not six months.

    • The drama could still happen if the grave scene was all a ploy to throw Damien Darhk off Felicity’s trace and let Oliver go full force!

    • Andy says:

      It’s definitely a misdirect, but your reason b happened in the prior episode.

      • JC1 says:

        Except that they said that after the most recent episode aired. Oliver’s lie will come back to bite him in a few episodes. Probably just in time for February sweeps.

        • amb1973 says:

          It’s so unbelievably stupid and melodramatic. Every category of fans hates it, from Olicity lovers (bc it’s going to break them up), to dudebros (bc it’s melodramatic and stupid), to Oliver lovers (bc it makes him into a moron and a liar again). I just hope they don’t set it up so that Felicity is made out to be the bad guy for expecting a man who’s asked her to be his WIFE to tell her he has a kid, which would make her a stepmother. And this idea that he’s between a rock and a hard place is such horse poo, bc Felicity would keep the secret forever. Instead he’s choosing to lie to the woman he has asked to MARRY him to keep his word to a horrible, terrible, awful woman who didn’t tell him he had a child for ten years. It’s grotesque.

          • Sil says:

            This entire melodramatic story arc is absurd. I hate it. But, the kiD needs to be introduced. Arrow needs to delay Oliver and Felicity at least until May sweeps. All the Darkh stuff is great. Equating Darkh to Hitler was very disturbing. Using gas chambers. It just makes him more than evil. Great fight sequences. Oliver got a shark bite in the flashbacks. I believe the one in the grave is a Lance.

          • amb1973 says:

            The kid could have delayed them without all the idiotic lying. Just bringing a kid into a relationship like that requires time and effort to work out. Plus, why did they need a delay…they just got engaged, so have them have a normal length engagement of a year, and boom, you’re at the 100th episode/5.08 of Arrow/3.08 of Flash. It’s just totally stupid and Oliver screwing up, lying to Felicity about it, getting caught, and being forgiven is waaaaay too close to Ollie and Laurel for me. All he ever did was lie to Laurel (I don’t care for Laurel, but pre-island Oliver was terrible to her).

          • Sil says:

            I agree with every word. This story arc is absurd. Arrow has great things about it, but, it has shown that it sometimes creates some of the strangest, stupidest, illogical, contrived stories that we have to endure. This is one of the worst. However, Damian Darkh is the bad guy of all seasons. I loved to hate Malcolm and Slade. But, they don’t hold a candle to DD. I don’t even include Ras al Guhl, he was a teddy bear. The fight scenes are great. The special effects are great. So I’ll give thanks and praise to Arrow on other well done aspects. But, I’ll still reserve the right to grimace when the lie changes everything.

    • Gerald says:

      Really, after last night I figure this grave thing is actually all a ruse. Damien doesn’t want Oliver to have loved ones so they will fake Felicity’s death and funeral to make Damien think he has won and keep her safe.
      Would that be a cop out by the producers? Have they said for sure there is actually someone in the grave?

    • tvjunkie says:

      Because TV show time always follows real life time? LOL. And we already saw the baby thing be an issue in the middle of the season, then they had the timeline reset. Point being neither of your points offers conclusive proof. Now I dont think she’s dead but its just a gut feeling.

    • Alex Jones says:

      i’ve known producers to lie before.

    • Victoria says:

      Oh definitely. They show the preview of her being rushed to the hospital combing with Oliver at the grave. If she was in the grave why not officially kill her in this episode. It’s too obvious.

    • I thought it was weird those two riding down road with police escort. The car has no body armor or bullet proof tires.

    • Okay dude says:

      Why is nobody here considering the possibility that felicity may remain in a vegetative state or a coma for three months, before Oliver or her mom pull the plug? It could be why Barry wasn’t that devastated at the post-funeral, because he already knew that she was dying.

      • A says:

        Probably because a simple search on twitter/tumblr/instagram will show you Emily Bett Rickards on set, in the ‘Arrow Lair’. We got a photo, including her wearing the engagement ring, on Wednesday and they are filming episode 13 right now.

    • Arrow fan says:

      Ok I almost cryed when falicily got shot , but six months haven’t passed but I think it’s lance because he’s been helping out or Thea his little sis 😵 she doesn’t have the best fighting but she was in the fountain of youth … this leaves us in a BIG mystery about to be unleashed in 8 days

    • Arrow fan says:

      In case you didn’t know 3 + 1=4 so falcitly isn’t dead … Oliver said that he was going to propose 3 months ago not 6 months ago … Unless she was in a comma and randomly died in 2 months . Now that’s hard to believe .at the location she was shot at she has a chance to live she was at her rid cage her last one or a little below ppl have survived shots like that . Now about falicitly being a Jew … She was put in a gas chamber and dark mentioned the nazi … But the holo cost was way worse it killed over 40,000,000 Jews including Anne frank … Not to go over board ,this show is great and romantic I like how Oliver or Stephen is not as dark any more . That’s a true hero . And don’t worry it’s of a comic . Falicity will live , I’m thinking that it is diggle,Malcolm , Thea or MR lance .

    • Katherine says:

      I was going crazy when i thought felicity was dead i would have stop watching arrow is she did die i cant wait to see the new episode i love olicity

  2. Mike says:

    Hey at least we got to see the 100 season 3 promo

  3. chaouad says:

    Meh .. i miss S1/S2 Arrow :(

  4. Ray says:

    Malcolm got the best lines in the entire episode. And I certainly wasn’t expecting him to show up as Green Arrow to kick ass, although I should have with Oliver in Darhk’s lair.

  5. I loved the show but after tonight I am done. The entire cast are fantastic actors, but sorry I’m done. Worst jump the shark episode ever! She was the heart and soul of the show! The glue that held everyone together! Worst writing decision if they don’t find a way to reverse this they have killed the show! I am heartbroken and furious! They don’t care about their fans! We invest in characters with everything that we have and then to do this! IT Is unforgivable! There is no coming back from this! #ArrowFelicityDiesIAmDone!

  6. Dj says:

    Well this episode told me a lot.First Felicity feeling the need to question Qliver about the ring. Why why why. I know it was a set for the end, but still I didn’t care for it. This is a nice red herring, but even if the url says differently I’m 100% sure now that Felicity isn’t in the grave(dead). Right now I’m leaning toward Diggle. This brother story line has to lead some where so maybe Digs dies and his death frees his brother from Darhk control.

  7. kath says:

    That was such perfection, I’m speechless. They really made up for the bad drama of last week.
    Bonus: Malcolm and Laurel were both awesomen. I’ve never liked Laurel as much as I liked her here.

  8. Bob says:

    So I guess people are pissed cause they put felicity who is Jewish in a gas chamber

    • Liz says:

      It was kind of disturbing. And not just that but the way all the HIVE members were dressed like they were in a concentration camp. Especially at this time of year too. Just wrong.

      • EricF says:

        It even went a step further than that. The scene’s drab colors contrasted by Felicity’s bright-red dress is a technique straight out of “Schindler’s List”.

    • Yet the same Jew has sex b4 marriage which is 100% against their faith no1 complains

      • amb1973 says:

        Um, no? That’d be Orthodox Jews, which is not the majority of Jewish people. But keep spreading that Felicity hate.

      • fanta says:

        Are you really comparing pre-marital sex to he murder of 6 million Jews during the Holocaust? How people choose to practice their faith has nothing to do with the Nazis making the decision to eradicate these people based solely on their religion. I couldn’t watch the gas chamber scene. The fact that the Arrow Writers used the Holocaust for dramatic effect is extremely disturbing and disgusting–that they put a canon Jewish character in a gas chamber and specifically brought up the philosophy of the Nazis was insensitive. But what’s even worse is basically saying that “well she has sex before marriage, no one complained about that” like this is about fans nitpicking instead of people having legitimate issue with this plot point. There were 9 million Jewish people living in Europe at the time. The Holocaust killed 2/3 of them. Really think about that for a minute before you discount everyone who is upset about this, and THEN try telling me again that we should be AS upset about a Jewish character who chooses to have pre-marital sex as we should about the senseless murder of 6 million people.

        • eforhan says:

          They made her faith an in-your-face plot point, presumably to make the gas chamber stick out more (or cynical me thinks they wanted controversy-buzz). I’m surprised you’re chastising some random Internet user when one of “Arrow’s” stand-in concentration camp Jews ~willingly~ and happily stepped into the gas chamber, sacrificing himself for the betterment of Dahrk Hitler. So, yeah.. questioning her faith portrayal is definitely the far worse crime here.

      • Kira says:

        I thought that sex before marriage was against most religions. It certainly not smiled upon or encouraged in the Catholic faith. I’m just saying…

    • tvjunkie says:

      Those people need to grow a pair

  9. Rachel says:

    Welp 😥

  10. A says:

    while i think we all know it isn’t Felicity in the grave, i can’t wait to see the aftermath of her getting shot! this episode was excellent – such a welcome comeback after the crossover episode.

  11. Janine says:

    Even though we all know Felicity survives (despite the cheesy CW promo), that was a crazy good episode.

  12. hello says:

    I am going to be so disappointed when it turns out she isn’t dead. So goddamn tired of her

  13. Whimsical says:

    If Felicity dies, we riot. Just saying.

  14. Lulu says:

    A pretty great episode. Weirdly, I feel the Flash and Arrow had pretty anticlimactic ‘cliffhangers’. We now know for sure that Felicity isn’t in the grave, stated above, it hasn’t been 6 months. Soo…yay for drama we all know will end up with her surviving? Also they ride off alone, really? And Oliver’s bullet shield is seriously amazing, his handsome face aura could have prevented their driver from getting cheddar cheese’d.

    Also, pls get rid of the flashbacks! I know they will tie into the story in relevant way in the end, but as it stands now they’re just so pointless…it’s exposition in a story with no direction – its putting the destination before the journey and so far I’m not liking the ride.

    The Olicity moments were sweet, kind of weird there was no traction gained on the Diggle brother front and the grave crosshairs seem to be ever so subtly(not really) moving over Laurel. Hopefully, they’ll end Laurel’s story in a respectful manner.

  15. CBK says:

    Felicity gets shot and then dies in a coma 3 months later.. yeah, no. She’s alive. After throwing Sara and Ollie off of buildings/cliffs to their respective deaths, I doubt that they’d have Felicity go out this way, unless they do some prolonged thing about Ollie pulling the life support plug.

    • amb1973 says:

      No way they’d have him contemplating pulling the plug for months. Plus, they’re not married. It wouldn’t be up to him, it would be up to her mom.

      • CBK says:

        I meant to put his mom (AHS is on so I’m drinking), but you know the writers would write it so her mother would leave the decision to Oliver. Hopefully, not though. I like Felicity, but I’d rather she be gone then having to sit through a month’s long “Should we pull the plug?” story on Arrow.

        • amb1973 says:

          That’d be booooooring. (I mean this show is often dumb and repetitive, but I don’t think they’ll go there.) I think she’ll be in the hospital for like an episode, then maybe in a wheelchair.

  16. ndixit says:

    I rolled my eyes at the cliffhanger. Are we really supposed to take that seriously? The producers themselves have talked publicly about Felicity’s involvement in future episodes. I thought the ep was just lame and boring. A lot of Olicity nonsense per usual. Oliver really doesn’t seem to give a damn about Thea or Diggle all that much. Laurel and Malcolm were actually pretty cool. And they really need to get a move on and reveal Darkh’s plans. Even in the Flash, which has had Zoom onscreen for only two eps finally revealed Zoom’s plan in the mid-season finale.

  17. Kevin says:

    Very impressed with Thea’s fighting skills tonight!

  18. John NYC says:


    An Unarmored limo? Really Oliver? REALLY? And backup security escort?


  19. One eye Bastard says:


  20. Ws says:

    I hate saying this cause i like the character but I wish they would let Felicity die… Arrow has become so tedious since she and Oliver got together.. I hate what they have done to Oliver, making him a happy domestic… he needs to be dark and brooding…. Let him get angry again.

    • ChrisGa says:

      I do agree partly with what you said. If we were talking about Felicity circa seasons one and two I’d be upset to see her go. But Olicity has eaten a good part of the show over this last season and a half and I’m kinda over it.

    • Bob says:

      Yes feels like they made him so soft he seems to get beat by everybody nowadays

    • Eria says:

      Well I love Felicity and Oliver together so sorry but I do not like that they do take up too much screen time like I want to see him happy but I want action this is Arrow you know so I wish they would give him his edge back but he could still like be with her just not as ohhhh big deal if that makes sense.

    • elena says:

      are you blaming olicity for that? i agree with Oliver needs to be better in fighting now but why you blame them? for me they are the best this season, i like the action but every show has romance in it

  21. Fire says:

    Are they pulling out Oracle?
    They had originally wanted to make the season 3, episode 4 or 5, called “Oracle” and then later changed it to “the Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak.”

    I wasn’t sure… Maybe?

  22. Man Flash and Arrow mid season finale’s were pretty average

  23. Kelby Jackson says:

    I don’t think Felicity is dead at all. I hope not. I did really like that version of Little Drummer Boy though. Anyone know who it was?

  24. James D says:

    Well that episode happened. All I can say is thank God for Neal McDonough and John Barrowman because at this point they’re the only ones keeping this show interesting for me. sorry. The last scene was predictable

  25. elijahmom says:

    So I agree that Felicity is not dead… but I’m thinking that getting shot multiple times may prevent her from having children. So when Oliver’s secret does come out it, it will have even more devastating effects for her and their relationship.

  26. Rob says:

    Was the grave shot 6 or 9 months from the beginning of the season? If it’s 6 then we’re there.

  27. Liz says:

    I think it could be William’s mom. It’s just Oliver at the grave. Barry right now is the only one that knows about all of that. Definitely adds another possibility to the death list.

  28. rahulrambhat says:

    Is it just me or does this feel like moira queen all over again!! At least take some security for gods sake!!! I didn’t like felicity at first but I’m finally used to her now! I don’t think she’ll die though

  29. itachi uchiha says:

    The limo scene was so pathetic

    • John NYC says:

      Hey the armored package would have upped the rental fee maybe 15 bucks per hour and busted the budget! I’m assuming that’s also why there was no security team with Darhk still out there with the Ghosts threatening everyone, kudos to Felicity for being cost conscious at last: though in hindsight; “Penny wise and Pound foolish” as they say. That emergency surgery co-pay, deductible for the ICU stay etc. will more than wipe out all the savings. Not to mention if she skipped the armored package you just know she didn’t opt for the extended coverage and that vehicle was pretty well toasted…. ouch.


  30. Drew says:

    I thought the episode had it’s moments, but ultimately it was pretty weak.
    The Andy stuff doesn’t work for me. He should have stayed dead. Diggle could have learned stuff about his dead brother, but actually bringing him back was a mistake.
    Felicity’s reaction to the ring was maddening. She finds a ring that Oliver obviously didn’t feel ready to use, so she practically forces him to propose to her. And her “death” is just more of the same bad storytelling that we got in last year’s midseason finale. She will magically recover overnight and it will be like nothing happened. Yawn. I still think that she should be in the grave, but this pretty much guarantees that she won’t be. We’ll get her fake-out death here and then someone who doesn’t really matter at all will die later.
    The gas chamber… Why does it kill one guy in a few seconds, but anyone with a contract to be on the show is immune to its deadly effects?
    And we know that Thea is the only one to actually weaken Damien. So why isn’t she involved in fighting him when they finally have the chance?
    The episode wasn’t without it’s moments though. Oddly enough, taking three team members out of the picture gave Oliver and Laurel a chance to interact. No, I’m not shipping, but they’ve known each other since they were kids. They should be pretty close, but they barely talk to each other. It was nice seeing that.

  31. Jordan says:

    Remember when Oliver died in last year’s midseason finale. Hopefully, they can brew up some more of that penicillin tea…

  32. Longmire4ever says:

    Been a fan of Arrow since the premiere. I love the core cast Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity. Of course, I am a Olicity fan. If Felicity dies, I will be deleting this show off by DVR just like I did with Greys Anatomy when they killed McDreamy. You kill a main core character what is the point of watching the show.

  33. Cari says:

    I think the real question is that Damian HAS a family?!

    • Jules says:

      I was surprised that he was a family man also. Kinda of a twist to the Evil Bad Guys. Even Malcolm wasn’t to much of a family man when Tommy was younger.

      • John NYC says:

        The ironic thing is he played exactly that sort of situation on Justified: sociopath with a loving family back home. And he delivered it just as chillingly there.

        • kath says:

          Neal McD is really killing it as the season’s Big Bad. I think he’s the best one they’ve had. I like John Barrowman but his Malcolm Merlyn works best as he did in this episode, determined, somewhat sociopathic and working with Team Arrow.
          For the true sociopath, Damian Darhk gets my vote.

  34. niloofar22 says:

    BIG BIG mistake, good luck with Katie Cassidy

  35. Ronnie says:

    I hope felicity is really dead! I’m sick of Olicity!! They ruined Felicity and the show!

  36. Julian says:

    I would love that the writers had the guts to kill Felicity. This whole story between her and Oliver is what has made the show came to less. All that flirting between them during the first two seasons was good and fun to watch, the odd and awkward Felicity is the one we all fell in love, not this woman who forces her boyfriend to give her a commitment ring in a time when he doesn’t feel it was right one to do it. I guess the biggest mistake any show can make is letting shippers tell them what to do with the story.

  37. datdudemurphy says:

    There’s always hope….maybe Darhk can show up to the hospital to finish the job!

  38. Trish says:

    Stellar episode. Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards get onscreen together and do great things. I can’t wait to see what comes next, my thinking is that arrow may have just kicked off Felicity’s season four story arc. And I can’t wait. I’ve waited four seasons to finally get a full Felicity arc. It’s her time now. She’s EARNED it. Malcolm Merlyn really surprised me tonight. I feel he’s been wasted by being consumed with all things Thea in season four. Tonight, him and Damien Darhk…that was some good TV. Damien Darhk is a fantastic villain. It was great to see the whole family gathered at the party. I loved those scenes. Looking forward to Arrow’s return. I feel bad for fans that remain spoiler free and think they lost Felicity tonight. But I never believed for a second she was in that grave.

    • Jules says:

      I loved Malcolm Merlyn scene

    • Liz says:

      This. SA and EBR crackle on screen but this season and this episode especially has become something much deeper. I love how they portray their love. I’m 100% sold on Felicity being the love of Oliver’s life. If she died, he would never come back from that.

      I’m so ready for Felicity to meet her father now and whatever comes next with her injury. I just hope she’s not stuck in a wheelchair permanently.

    • elena says:

      They’re amazing! their chemistry is insane

  39. Jules says:

    I can’t see them killing Felicity off. I personally think that she will be severely injured and be paralyzed permanently or temporary. I personally am an Olicity fan and I loved the ending very sadistic. Plus, Arrow said Felicity and Oliver is headed to a bumpy ride due to Oliver keeping the secret of his son. They can’t have issues due to that if she is in fact dead. I know people hate them together, but I personally like them together. Remember they are not going by the Comics. I noticed that alot of Arrow is based on Batman Comics. Specially the villians.

  40. ChrisGa says:

    Wow, just noticed the URL/spoiler line says “arrow-felicity-dies”—really TVLine? Pretty lazy considering NOT EVERYONE THAT GETS SHOT DIES and also, and more importantly, does anybody REALLY think this show is gonna kill off an actress who is now basically the show’s female lead(sorry Katie). Uh, no.

  41. Alex says:

    The only thing that will bring this show back to what it used to be during S1/S2 is a permanent death for Felicity. Ever since the writers started pandering to the Olicity shippers on social media everything went downhill for Arrow. Arrow used to be one of the few shows I looked forward to every week and would make an effort to watch live. Now I feel that way about Flash and Shield while I record Arrow so I can fast forward all the nauseating Felicity scenes.

    • Luvsumtv says:

      You obviously don’t watch TV for a story…Relationships are what drive story plots. Look at all your and you are complaining about The Flash and Shield. You will never find a TV show without relationships unless you watch the WWE.

  42. Jules says:

    I also loved Malcolm Merlyn scene. It was great, but I figured he was saving Thea and Oliver. He really doesn’t care about anyone other than them and he also wants Damian Darhk to be out of the way, because no one else should be better or more bad than Malcolm Merlyn

  43. Felicity is going to become crippled and become the Oracle. Later this season we’ll learn her father is James Gordon

    • Gale says:

      I think DC took away the possibility of the Oracle name being used for Felicity. Remember they changed the title of the Felicity-centric episode in Season 3 from Oracle to Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak. Maybe they have other plans for it. As for her father, methinks its The Calculator, who will be introduced in episode 12. He’s in a two-parter and episode 13 is called “Sins of the Father,” which could apply to both him and Oliver.

      • amb1973 says:

        I don’t think they’ll call her Oracle, for the reasons you’ve stated, but I do think they’re going to put her in a wheelchair, temporarily. I think the big breakthrough that will save the company will also get her out of the wheelchair. Also, yeah, The Calculator is definitely her father, and I’d put down money that he tells Felicity about Oliver’s other family in 4.13 and she dumps him at the end of the episode. Oliver is such a moron.

        • kath says:

          Yes to all that.
          Maybe they’ll call her Overlord since that’s the name she used for herself over the PA system.

          After all their talk about Oliver wanting to protect her from his vigilante life, I like that Felicity was hurt because of her association with Oliver Queen and not the Green Arrow. Good twist.

  44. Datya says:

    Including the grave scene in the “previously”seemed like working very hard to convince us its Felicity, but really just ended up reminding us of the three/six month reason it isn’t (at least not from this shooting incident).
    Anyone else think for a second that Roy was the one in the Green Arrow costume?! I knew from Tvline he’s coming back for an episode, and briefly thought this was it. Then realized it was Merlin (” Is that my dad?!?”)…
    Speaking of Merlin, the scene with Thea was actually sweet. As were Lance’s scenes with Laurel (my vote is still on Lance in the grave…)
    Merlin’s comment to Laurel about her “bondage suit” was tasteless, but hilarious!
    Also, I loved Lance’s reaction to seeing Merlin. It was a good reminder that there are a lot of moving parts in this show, and not everyone knows everything (like Thea not knowing they knew the Flash).
    Speaking of the Flash – loving the Hannukah shoutouts on both shows (Donna’s chain of Star of Davids).
    I’m annoyed we didn’t get more of Curtis, maybe he could have helped somehow. His only purpose seemed to be to introduce his husband, so Felicity could figure out that Oliver had planned to propose three months earlier.(Souffle!!)
    Oy the flashbacks: I think they are mostly disappointing because S1-2 flashbacks were so good! Its a vicious cycle – I’m not enjoying them so I’m glad they are brief, but if they were longer, I might enjoy them more…
    And finally – A SHARK?!? Really?!? (Do those cuts match known Oliver scars??)

  45. Sp says:

    Don’t be Felicity , she and Oliver are good team I don’t think I will watch this if she is dead

  46. Melanie says:

    Why did they kill Felicity off the show it’s not going to be the same anymore it fun to watch her and Oliver find there way in life

  47. JC1 says:

    That was a really good episode, much better than last week’s. I don’t believe for a second that Felicity is going to die, so I’m not stressed on that point. It’s always fun to have Donna Smoak in town, and Malcolm! I hated the Malcolm plot last season, but having him around like this in small doses is fun. Laurel was actually enjoyable (I’m in shock), but I think she needs to get Cisco to tune up that collar. Yeah, it cracked the glass, but it barely had an affect on the ghosts.
    Biggest problem – those flashbacks. This year’s flashbacks are the most boring waste of time.

    • Speedy says:

      The flashbacks are getting worse and worse. I don’t even know what’s going on–the only flashback scenes I watched were the ones with Constantine. When people talk about the flashbacks, my reaction is always “really, that happened? He was attacked by a shark?” Because, yeah, I don’t bother watching them anymore, and I don’t feel it helps me understand the present-day story any less. I can’t wait until there are no more flashbacks on this show.

  48. Have the showrunners outright deny the possibility of the grave being a witness protection deal because I can seriously picture hiding a conscious or unconscious Felicity while he deals with Darhk!

  49. Zeus says:

    I think the one in the grave is Oliver from Earth-2/Earth-1, with all the 52-earths stuff going on in The Flash….

    • Zeus says:

      Or maybe some Oliver knew but from different earth…

    • Shunda1177 says:

      Not possible. Can’t remember the specific Flash episode, but in one of the Earth 2/Dr Wells scenes, there was a news report that cofirmed Oliver went down with the yacht and his father survived to become the Arrow.

  50. Aubrey hennessy says:

    Laurel won’t die cos at the end of all things she ended up wit oliver.the grave in the flash forward is for 1 person not 2 so it can’t be oliver’s ex and son bt one of them if it not lance either cos oliver knew the dangerous game he ws playin bin in league wit damien darkh,his death won’t upset oliver to the point of the flash forward barry said he was fighting zoom meaning he has defeated zoom and damien dark is gone so its thea in the grave and its malcom oliver wil kill cos he ws responsible for her death.oliver said it wasn’t his fault.

    • John NYC says:

      “at the end of all things” In The Comics. Not necessarily in the scripts written for THIS show.

      Or, in the same universe: is “Joe” really named Rudolph since he’s Wally West’s father?