Chicago Fire Herrmann Dies

Chicago Fire Fall Finale Recap: Is Firehouse 51's [Spoiler] a Goner?

It’s not a Chicago Fire fall finale cliffhanger if someone’s life isn’t hanging in the balance.

Tuesday night’s episode is no exception, with one firefighter in a bloody situation at the close of the hour. However, the potential death doesn’t happen on the job, but rather at beloved hangout Molly’s!

After Cruz’ pal Freddie is ousted by Patterson from hanging around the firehouse, Otis and Herrmann take pity and offer him a job at the bar as a busboy. But Herrmann’s repeated ribbing about Freddie’s appearance does not sit well with the temperamental kid, who finally loses it after Herrmann jokes about him looking for short and fat glasses – just like he’s short and fat. Freddie wants his new boss to take it back, but Herrmann thinks he needs to lighten up. So Freddie stabs Herrmann with a steak knife and leaves him in a pool of his own blood as everyone in the bar remains unaware of the horrific scene in the stock room.

One person who’s also on his way out? Patterson. While Boden awaits the case against him, the controversial captain gets promoted to chief, much to everybody’s dismay. But maybe the tide is turning? After a heroic rescue, Patterson talks to a reporter – that guy really loves a camera, doesn’t he? – and unexpectedly showers the team and Boden with praise.

Then when the chief is exonerated, Patterson tells Riddle he’s requested a transfer because “this is Boden’s house.” He also makes it clear he’s not a fan of Riddle’s methods anymore.

“You’ve messed with the wrong guy,” Riddle exclaims. Patterson warns Boden that guys like Riddle tend to have nine lives, so keep an eye open.

Elsewhere in the episode:

* With Boden back in charge, Severide is reinstated.

Chicago Fire Steven R. McQueen Shirtless* Casey advises Jimmy to cool it with Chili to keep things smooth sailing in the firehouse. After Patterson catches the twosome in the shower and gives them a stern warning, Jimmy tries to cut things off with Chili. She is not a fan of that idea, to put it mildly.

* A string of suspicious incidents that would discredit Firehouse 51’s finest tie back to Rodger Maddox, and everything leads to Serena, the troublemaker currently wrecking Boden’s life. So Severide takes it upon himself to find her, with an assist from Chicago P.D.’s Atwater and Ruzek and, shockingly, a helpful tip from ex Jamie.

* Being sweet on Sylvie himself, Otis goes digging into Austin’s past to try to find something to discourage the paramedic from dating the smooth operator. He discovers that Austin was charged for breaking and entering —but it was just a case of pool hoping, Austin confesses to Sylvie on their date. (Sorry, Otis.)

* Dawson loses her cool during a rescue when some onlookers make sexist comments. Unfortunately for her, it gets captured on camera and is broadcast on the local news. And the guys who made the lewd remarks? They were hired by Maddox to harass Dawson.

Chicago Fire fans, what did you think of the episode? Grade it via the poll below, then weigh in on Herrmann’s fate in the comments!

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  1. Daya says:

    I started to flip out, but then remembered this is a holiday finale. (faint)

  2. legalbeagle says:

    The stabbing wasn’t down in the basement – it was in the storage room right outside the main bar area. I’m assuming when CF starts again they will discover him because someone will try opening the door and Herrmann will be blocking it.

    • Lorna says:

      Um first of all, Hermman is not the kind of guy to be that insensitive. Normally he would have apologized for hurting someones feelings. Secondly, Chili did a 360 from last season.

  3. HF says:

    When is the next Chicago Fire? With Chicago Med & PD airs when? Thanks

  4. Betsy says:

    Med is on next week according to promo after tonight’s ep. The three way starts Jan 5

  5. Cassie says:

    There have been a lot of great characters on ambo but Chili is definitely not one of them. She is far too annoying to be even the least bit interesting.

    • Sam says:

      I disagree. Chili makes a good character on ambo 61.

    • Chloe says:

      She seems to feel that rules are silly and that they don’t apply to her. Too bad Patterson didn’t stick around long enough to give her the boot.

    • Even before tonight’s episode Chili was annoying me. She’s just immature and self-centered and bratty. All she does is giggle like a little girl and grab Jimmy’s belt even when he has said no. (When a guy says no it should be respected just as much as when a girl says it. And even though he has given in after she has jumped his bones despite his protests, as they have taught us on SVU : “arousal does not equal consent.”) Tonight it got even worse, and she clearly demonstrated how unprofessional she is. When your job entails saving people’s lives, you have to take it seriously–and she could not be taking it less seriously.

      I’m hoping they are deliberately writing her this way because they plan on her being an antagonist rather than a protagonist–i.e. an adversary who creates problems for Jimmy and other protagonist characters. And that like Patterson, once they have resolved the problems she will be written off the show. Because if they expect me to accept her as a protagonist, that is never going to happen. In fact, it will only piss me off all the more that they wrote off my beloved Peter Mills (who cared about everyone else) to replace him with Chili (who cares only about herself.)

      Meanwhile, until they get rid of her, I hope at least that Jimmy learns to stand firm against her.

    • Jeri says:

      Somethings going on with Chili and I hope it gets resolved and she straightens her act out. I think she could be an interesting character once this drinking/acting out is resolved. If it & she doesn’t go too far for it to be fixed.

      • Sarah says:

        I was thinking along those lines, that they are setting her up to have some storyline where she’s going off the rails. She was late to shift, then the meeting, dating a candidate, having sex in the house and drinking a lot. Laughing after being yelled at isn’t normal behavior. Who knows what’s next but I’m guessing this is all leading to some big emotional reveal, or they need to get rid of her cause it’s getting old super fast!

    • Erin B says:

      I didn’t care either way about her last season, but Chili has been really annoying this season. I’m sure it isn’t the actress, but I found her character on “Friday Night Lights” to be awful too. I am thinking this will go back to her having a drinking problem or something. When Jimmy went to see her at her apartment after she seemed “off” at work, she was drinking. I thought maybe they were planting a seed. I am glad they wrapped up Boden’s legal issues. I didn’t want it to drag out.

    • Thank you why Sadie shay have to die I liked it better with shay and gabby

  6. Fare thee well, Rachel Nichols. It was a fun 4 episodes (with a bonus 2 added which gave unexpected happy!) .

  7. wrstlgirl says:

    Herrmann better be alright, that’s all I have to say!!!

  8. mikey says:

    Why is the address “chicago-fire-herrmann-dies-season-4-recap”? Herman didn’t die, just stabbed.

  9. James D says:

    dang this show loves to put the hurt on its characters poor Hermann got shanked. I really like Brian White so I’ll miss Patterson hopefully he shows up again down the line, I doubt Riddle is done. Am I the only one who thinks Chili has to go, that girl be crazy and dangerous. great fall finale can’t wait for it to come back.

  10. Jimmy Booth says:

    I really enjoy watching Chicago fire..every year they are on..I always get into the show til the end of the show..Chicago fire is the best show ever but I don’t like how herrman got stabbed in the back..all cuz of a little joke..come on now!!!

  11. JosiahBartlet4President says:

    I don’t watch ‘Chicago Fire’ for its brilliant writing. The rescue scenes are interesting, and the camaraderie between the characters is nice.

    But c’mon! Stop recycling plots. Bowden is threatened with being ousted again; magically all is resolved by the help of CPD. Another firefighter is critically injured. Enough already.

    The only interesting thing about this season is Chili. She seems unhinged. Something is clearly going on in her personal life.

    • Sally McLinn says:

      I agree the storylines are getting recycled. But how much storyline can you give a fire house?
      Maybe if it didn’t take place so much INSIDE the fire house the storylines would be less recycled.

      • JosiahBartlet4President says:

        That’s why they’re doing crossovers ad nauseam with CPD and Chicago Med. It’s too hard to come up with 22 interesting plots about firehouses a year, I guess.

        Dick Wolf will keep churning out mediocre television, and NBC has 4 hours of TV a week taken care of (I’m including SVU in that 4 hours). It won’t bring good ratings, but it seems NBC has given up hope on being a strong network these days.

  12. Jim says:

    The final scene created some potency while at the same time brought emotion to the end of the show last night. Herman is the old vet on the show , second in command on the truck. He has had close calls before but this is up close and intense. He will most likely survive but time will tell on Jan 5th. As for Patterson, he finally saw how things really are at 51. Chilli needs to be shown the door. Reminds of high school crushes. Jimmy is being the serious one with a concentration on the job. Glad Boden is back and Severide is back in charge of Squad

  13. LucyD says:

    It was shocking because I never expected a knife. I thought that maybe Freddie would push him around and get fired but the stabbing was truly shocking. I hope he survives. As for Chili, there is definitely something wrong with her, she wasn’t that crazy before and I think her and Jimmy are a good couple, even though the firehouse is pretty incestuous now(!!) I think he’ll figure out that she needs help. Lastly, I love Otis and think he needs a good woman.
    I think Sylvie is a good match for him.

  14. Sally McLinn says:

    This is one of my MUST see TV shows. And the ending was a shocker. I knew that guy Freddie was a nut-case and angry young man but didn’t see that last one coming.

  15. Lena says:

    not even remotely worried for hermann, they’d have a hard time championing the new Chicago Med team if they can’t save a “beloved” character from Chicago Fire.

  16. Bwhit says:

    Chili really bugged me last night. Jimmy is just starting out and yes he is responsible for his own choices but giggling about them getting caught like it was no big deal annoyed me. She should respect that he is trying to make it as a firefighter. Loved that PD crew helped 51! Hermann better be okay but this show has pulled the rug out from us before.

  17. Bella says:

    I’m glad they wrapped up the Boden and Maddox storyline rather than leaving that all hanging in the balance. I was way past ready for that to be done anyway. Herrmann is my favorite, and I’m sure he’ll make it in the end. With all that went on, they still managed to squeeze in the mad dash to get rid of the liquid hydrogen! My heroes. And what’s the deal with Chili? What’s happened all of a sudden to change this character? Is the going to stalk Jimmy now, or what? She’s gone bananas.

  18. amurp says:

    The article didn’t include that part about Connie making the Christmas ornaments. And I still hate Chili.

  19. tp says:

    Otis is so annoying it’s bordering on ridiculous. I will have to watch this again because I missed the part where Serveride was reinstated. Maybe I dozed off.

  20. eric says:

    As usual, Chicago Fire just can’t bring itself to let a story close, and start a new one after the break… gotta have one of those stupid cliffhangers, even one that has nothing to do with the closing storyline. These shows need to grow some confidence in themselves as good shows that people will return to just because they’re good… as things are now, they have so little confidence in themselves they have to invent some stupid cliffhanger just to try to get people to come back.

  21. Maria says:

    Bring them all back Chicago PD, Fire, Med!!

  22. Paul says:

    Somebody went into an old forgotten ER! closet and dug out the Hermann stabbing script. Sub “demented patient” for “gangbanger” and “Dr. Carter and Lucy” for “Hermann” and you have last nights winter cliffhanger. We know that Hermann makes it to Chicago med alive because the showed us that he did in the previews for a month from now.
    Now the rich guy copping a plea to avoid a trial. Lets face it, all these dirty tricks would have come from a “dirty trick squad”, there would never be a direct link between the rich guy and his street operatives. The guy on the street provoking Dawson would never know who he was actually working for. Seeing as the rich guy was willing to kill people in the house, do you really think that he would hesitate to kill a girl that could directly tie him to a conspiracy to discredit a distinguished fire chief? What really would have happened is that her decaying body would be found in an area known to Chief Boden. Just for good measure she’d have his business card on her corpse and Boden would be on his way to prison. All the rich guy would have done is put more lawyers on the case and start discrediting/trying to kill the new witnesses.
    I’d love to see a full on fire episode where they start with the equipment rolling out of 51, staying on the scene of a major fire in an abandoned warehouse (just for fun throw in some illegally disposed of nuclear waste requiring people and equipment decontamination) for the whole episode and returning to 51 as the episode ends. Show them with their tools and fire hoses actually pumping water! Something to remind us that they are actually portraying firefighters, not soap opera stars.

  23. selena says:

    Herman got stabbed nooooo

  24. PJ says:

    Simple let him live ” he’s the heart of 51 “

    • as much as i love Hermann he kinda had it coming…you simply don’t joke about someone’s appearance right in their face and expect a laugh (especially when it comes to weight which is a pretty sensitive matter for a lot of people) , on top of it Herm barely knew the guy and it was his 1st day on the job …..bottom line i really didn’t like Herm’s behavior but it doesn’t excuse Freddie stabbing him he overreacted way too much

  25. Tami says:

    Herrmann is so important to Chicago Fire he shows true ff qualities and if the show loses such an important character if the show won’t be the same

  26. Tina says:

    Did anyone watch Chicago PD? At the end Herman serves the engaged couple at the bar! Last I knew he was still in hospital fighting for his life. Very confused.

  27. Tammy Garman says:

    Don’t want to lose Hermann!!!!
    Don’t want to lose Hermann!!!!
    He’s on of the reasons we watch!!!

  28. Sharon Whittaker says:

    My 82 year old mum (now 83) got me into Chicago Fire and I love it completely. She adores Severity and tbh so do I. Mind u I am 50 so little bit different on age. I look forward to the show every week and just wish it was on every day. My heart goes out to Hermann and his family at home and at the fire house. Hope he pulls thru he has 5 children. Xo best series on TV.