Grimm Ratings Low

Ratings: Grimm Dips to Series Low

NBC’s Grimm this Friday drew 3.7 million total viewers and a 0.8 rating, adding a handful of eyeballs but down a tenth in the demo to a new series low.

Opening the Peacock’s night, Undateable (2.9 mil/0.8) and Truth Be Told (2.3 mil/0.6) were steady in the demo while drawing their largest audiences since Oct. 16.

Elsewhere in the ratings:

THE CW | Reign (1.1 mil/0.3) was steady with its fall finale. America’s Next Top Model‘s series ender did 1.14 mil and a 0.3, steady week-to-week but delivering series lows for a finale.

ABC | Last Man Standing (6.6 mil/1.3) inched up to match its season high, Dr. Ken (5.3 mil/1.2) was steady and Shark Tank (6.1 mil/1.6) ticked down.

CBS | The Amazing Race (5.7 mil/1.1) inched up a bit in both measures.

FOX | MasterChef Junior (3.5 mil/1.0) was up a tenth, World’s Funniest (2 mil/0.6) was flat.

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  1. Nicole says:

    That’s a shame about Grimm. Last night’s episode was really good. I like the way this season has been going.

  2. Television says:

    Grimm is better than ever now that they got rid of Juliet. Plus I just think this show is super entertaining the more it continues.

    • Callie says:

      I agree, I think that the show is the best that it’s been in a LONG time. But it’s also become more serialized and that unfortunately might have cost some viewers. I hope that ratings stop dropping, I’m not at all ready for the show to end!

      • Patrick says:

        It may be “better” without Juliet, but a lot of people liked her. Plus, it sort of negates a lot of the earlier storylines about Juliet, which means a lot of earlier episodes and plots no longer matter. A lot of fans invested in that relationship, only to have it all wiped out.
        First that dumb-arsed plot about Nick losing his Grimm-ness, then they ruined Juliet, then the killed her. There was no movement on the “keys” plot line, the Royals have never been explained or fleshed out, and its just a mess. And the producers are in love with Adalind’s character. For some reason. Just because a little is good, it doesn’t mean that more will be better. This pregnancy, and ultimate ‘ship, is the dumbest thing, by a huge margin, that the show has ever done. Rehabbing Juliet would have been far smarter.
        Further, I don’t think Grimm is doing that well in syndication. That means that there isn’t a lot of extra money in continuing in the show. Its done after this year.

        • MizFit says:

          I agree. I was not a fan of Juliet. But I thought making her a hexenbiest was brilliant. They finally gave her something to do. Having one on the “side of good” could have been a great move. But then they go and shoot themselves in the foot making her over -the-top evil.

          Now they shoot themselves in the other foot trying to redeem Adalind. They shot themselves in one hand giving her yet another kid. Heck, she’s sleeping her way through the male cast. Lastly, they shot themselves in the other hand trying to ‘ship her with Nick.

          Just one bullet left. The one for the head.

          I loved Grimm. It was probably my one must see show. Now, I have the last two eps on DVR and haven’t watched yet. The writers clearly had no plan beyond the first season.

        • David says:

          Is Grimm in syndication yet? Not in my area anyway.

        • Ben says:

          +1. The worst of the poor writting for me was that plot with the “rape baby”+ happy parents. It’s so wrong how the they deal with that issue (if Nick were a woman they couldn’t/wouldn’t do what they did). The love of the writters for Adalind’s character make them write forced and senseless plot lines… what is a waste considering that the main cast have always been pretty good in comparison to other shows.

        • Sarah says:

          I completely agree. I could have dealt with Juliet being a Hexenbiest or her being evil or her dying. But all of it happening at once was way too much and then on top of that completely changing Adalind so we were supposed to forget every terrible thing she did. Plus another baby. Babies are a drain on most shows but a rape baby that forces an instant relationship without any build up is horrific. All that and no continuation of any really interesting plots like the keys or the Royals ruined the show for me. I stopped watching at the end of last season. I was hoping to hear it might have improved but apparently not.

  3. BCsDave says:

    Need not worry about Grimm yet. It gains a fair bit in DVR playback. Went from a 0.9 to a 1.6 in L+7 last week. Itll for sure get one last season because NBC has nothing to replace it. Doubtful after that though as it passes 100 episodes this year.

    • David4 says:

      Yeah I wouldn’t worry. At the very least there will be a final 13 episodes to wrap the show up next year. Besides SVU/Chicago shows NBC doesn’t have a ton. Plus I think Grimm is a Universal show so that would help.

  4. Nick Lasley says:

    I don’t know about other parts of the country, but here in Denver Grimm was recording at like two in the morning for some reason. If other people experienced that, that would explain the drop last night.

    • M. says:

      Denver NBC station was showing the “Parade of Lights” live, so they bumped Grimm to 1 or 2 in the morning. It baffles me why they don’t show it on channel 20 when there are new things on.

  5. Jim J. says:

    About The CW, both “Reign” and “America’s Next Top Model” were pre-empted in my area by a high school football game on my local CW affiliate (KASN). As a result, “Reign” was bumped to 1:00 AM (I forgot, it was somewhere around midnight), and the last episode of “ANTM” is going to air this Sunday at 8:00 PM (on KASN, anyway).

  6. diane says:

    Loved Grimm last night. The Meisner and Adalind reunion made me happy.

  7. kamiamaya says:

    Gee, I wonder why. It’s like badly written fanfiction at this point. A rapist and her vic raising a baby together? FFS.

    • Lianne says:

      Yep. Agreed.

    • Britt says:

      Thank you!!!
      Those Stockholm Syndrome family scenes are truly flinch-worthy.
      It’s like a 13 year-old writes it who thinks the best and most normal way to keep a man is to have his baby against his will. And then she says she wants to be independent but next scene, she’s whining that she doesn’t have a job and can’t do this alone and wants a father for her baby. WTF, seriously.

    • Patrick says:

      Why do the producers love Adalind’s character so much? She was fantastic in very, very small doses. A little bit went a long way. More is not better. I loved Juliet. I loved Nick and Juliet’s relationship. At least, prior to they ruined her last year.
      Poorly written fan-fic is right. It seems like more and more shows listen to the most vocal fans, which tend to be a tiny, if vociferous, minority. Don’t overthink it. I loved that we had a show who’s main lead was in a relationship. I think they did a good job with the ups and downs of that relationship. Now, without Juliet, it completely negates almost all of the first plot lines from the first 3 years. I mean, what was the point if she was going to die eventually?
      My favorite book series did this recently. It killed off a main character in the final book, mainly because a large portion of the readership had turned on her. It ruined the series for me, to the point where I’ll now never pick up a series I had planned to share with my kids. Killing main characters for the sake of doing it ruins shows. I hate it.

      • Troy says:

        Juliette was bothering Grimm while 4 years….come on! we deserve a break up and Nick have as major love interest a woman cute with great chemistry really. David Giuntoli and Claire Coffee are the ship in Grimm, their little fights in the past always were the best , much better that all the juliette and nick bed boring scenes ever.

        • Patrick says:

          Nick and Adalind were great as adversaries. Nick always wanted to kill her, and rightfully so. She raped him, and now she’s the female lead. I’m not the only one who doesn’t like the new direction. If the numbers continue to trend down, and they will, this show will get canceled this year. Its bad when we are hoping that a show gets a 13 ep wrap up.

    • Ben says:

      +1. Finally some sense in the comments!. It’s sick how they deal with the rape of a male character.. that forced family scenes would be disgusting if Nick were a woman and i don’t see why some people can’t see that… or why they are fine with it.

      • tvjunkie says:

        Adalind is also the reason Juliette is dead. If she hadn’t raped Nick to take away his powers Juliette never would have become a Hexenbeast and ended up dead. So she raped Nick AND destroyed Juliette and Nick for ok with it all only because of the baby? That is seriously messed up.

        • troy says:

          Haha Now that Juliette Frankenstein is back you are happy? Surely that Nick will kneel on her foot and will ask marriage to her. Are you thinking that/ nickette shipper? Lol

    • kamiamaya says:

      I’m very pleased to see others agreeing with my previous post. We need to be more vocal though! As far as “David Giuntoli and Claire Coffee are the ship in Grimm”… No, no they’re not. And before I get accused of being a Juliette fan, let me say that isn’t the case either. But at least Nick/Juliette made sense. Nick/Adalind requires the watcher to completely forget about the first four seasons, where Adalind was, you know, a b!tch and evil.

  8. James D says:

    Wow that’s a shame. I personally think Grimm has never been better. Hope it bounces back.

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      That sucks. Last night’s ep. was really good. I hope this doesn’t mean the show will get canceled anytime soon…….LOVE GRIMM FRIDAYS!!!

  9. Susan says:

    Loving Grimm this season. Hope it bounces back.

  10. janice Bunyard says:

    Our family loves Grimm. We have a large family and lots of friends that watch it. Can’t NBC be loyal to a tv show? It is an interesting show to watch and is exciting and new every week. Quite frankly most of us are sick of these reality shows, news shows, game shows. DO NOT CANCEL GRIMM

  11. Charicy says:

    My opinion Nick and Adalind”s relationship is not doing it for me but who cares is just one fans opinion, writers love her character but I just cannot jump from her being a monster to now being a wonderful person and let’s all the characters love her because she’s the cat’s meow, no Grimm your about to loose me, let Adalind be the monster she was, Nick be Grimm he should be and let us have more plots evolved like the Royals what the heck happened, now the Captain is going to dark side It looks that way.

  12. ninergrl6 says:

    I love Reign & Grimm. I wish more people watched both, but even as a die-hard-from-day-one fan, being home to watch live tv on Fridays is a struggle.

  13. Jaybird says:

    Wow. Glad to finally see some comments that I agree with. I’ve completely lost interest in this show and it’s all due to the whole incredibly uncomfortable Adelind/Nick ship thing. It’s a shame. I use to love this show and never miss an episode. Now I don’t care anything about watching it.