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New Girl Same-Sex Scoop: Megan Fox's Character Has a History With [Spoiler]

When Megan Fox first boarded New Girl‘s upcoming fifth season, it was said that her character would “shake things up” upon arriving in the loft.

And Hannah Simone (aka Cece) wants you to know that description is very accurate.

See, when Fox’s Reagan — a gorgeous, straight-shooting pharmaceutical sales rep — shows up in Los Angeles, viewers will quickly learn that she once had a fling with Schmidt’s new fiancée.

“The first episode that they wrote for Megan revealed that my character and her character had a bit of a romantic past,” Simone tells TVLine. “By the end of that first episode, they’re in the shower together. So yes, her character definitely shakes things up.”

And according to Fox, Schmidt won’t respond well to news of  Cece’s girl-on-girl backstory.

“Schmidt has a very difficult time dealing with that because he’s so insecure and possessive of her,” Fox teases. “I have to break him out of the rut.”

Rest easy, Schmidt: From what we’ve heard, Reagan will have her eye on Nick, not Cece, when she moves in.

New Girl‘s fifth season bows Tuesday, Jan. 5, at 8/7c on Fox. Are you looking forward to Fox’s debut?

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  1. Mr. Tran K says:

    Does anyone know how many episodes New Girl will run for its upcoming season?

  2. peterwdawson says:

    Well, if anyone could take the premise and actually get solid comedy out of it with minimal eye-rolling, it’s the crew at New Girl.

  3. Belle says:

    The addition of Megan Fox to show is not a welcome one for me…I love guest stars and all that jazz, but the show is about the core characters and this shakeup might ruin what they’ve been doing for 4 years. Poor Schmidt, can’t he just be happy and get over his insecurities?!! Zooey please come back SOON :)

  4. Gemma says:

    Taking bets now on whether they’ll actually speak the Forbidden B Word (bisexual) out loud or not.

  5. Wordsmith says:

    I’m betting it’ll be something like, “Oh, we were a bunch of models living together in one big house. Every once in a while, things got a little weird…”

  6. Megan says:

    Why does every guest star of new girl has to get romantically/sexually involved with the main characters? And Cece dated a girl? You want me to believe that after 4 seasons of no mention of it? Okay. But Nick getting involved with the new new girl across the hall? Please don’t be that ridiculous writers, I’m begging you. Don’t ruin Nick and Jess or the show even more. I hope this all have a purpose in the end.

    • David4 says:

      Yeah… this seems weird to me. Cece has never even hinted at it and just seems really oddly forced. I could almost get away with ‘it’s college’ but they shower together i the present?! That makes no sense to me at all.

      • Megan says:

        I can believe it if they say it was just a hook up in college, but if they say Cece actually had a relationship with a girl and this was never mentioned or never hinted, then it’s just kinda forced to me. Maybe they’re trying really hard to make people to watch.

  7. Siqueira says:

    The way I see it is: they’re trying to bring horny boys…ops, new viewers, to watch New Girl. The whole thing would be really interested if Cece had been presented as a bisexual character since the beginning. In fact it would’ve given the writers much more possibilities to write for her and I bet she’d be a richer character by now, and not only Jess’ best friend and Schmidt’s pair. Doing it right now though, on season 5, and having her take a shower with Megan Fox’s Reagan just looks like a desperate way of trying to make people to watch the show. Or it looks like some 40 year old horny weirdo wrote the episode based on the sexual fantasy he wishes he could act on. Sorry, I don’t think this will play out nice. I hope I’m wrong and everything is funny, fresh and surprising though.

  8. Jeri says:

    The show really needs some shaking up. Rehashing all the old plots over & over is not enough. I hope they can breathe some new life into it, I had really high hopes for it. Cece is one of the best characters.

  9. Sheila says:

    Sounds hilarious. Can’t wait to see Schmidt’s face!

  10. Andrea says:

    I would’ve loved if Cece was bisexual since the beginning. Think about how many story lines she could’ve gotten, and she’d be a much more interesting character. I think she’s kind of too one-dimensional sometimes, there’s tons and tons of episodes that she seems to be there only as Jess best friend or Schmidt’s girl. I remember multiple episodes in all the seasons that she wasn’t even in, or had one line. She never got the best story lines, so being a bisexual could’ve changed that, but presenting us this information on season 5 seems too random for me. I don’t know, it doesn’t click. Unless it was just a kiss or a one time thing, but still feels like a plot a little too forced.