Year in Review

TVLine's 10 Best Comedy Series of 2015

If laughter really is the best medicine, then TVLine’s countdown of the 10 Best Comedy Series of 2015 is your prescription for the best doctor’s checkup ever.

Built around characters as diverse as the world’s worst politician, the planet’s craziest ex-girlfriend and (quite literally) the last man on earth, our list of brilliant series represents a pretty diverse lineup — if we do say so ourselves.

Our staff reflected on the last 12 months of small-screen fare — everything from network TV to cable to streaming services — and then went through the painful process of whittling it down to the most innovative, most thought-provoking and most guffaw-inducing of the bunch.

Check out the gallery below for our picks — or click here for direct access — then tell us where you think we got it right, which shows we egregiously snubbed and what drama you’d put at No. 1 for 2015!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kristina says:

    Two glaring omissions:
    1. Mom
    2. Parks and Recreation

    • Lauren says:

      My God, I was about to correct you about Parks and Rec but you’re right, it was on this spring! The final season as a whole was not my favorite but that finale was beautiful! And Nick Offerman and Amy Poheler in that episode where they spend the night in the office should have won all the awards. How soon we forget once they’re off the air. Yeah, it should be on the list.

    • rarefied says:

      I was coming here to say that Mom is missing!

  2. Columbus says:

    No Jane the Virgin???

  3. Undateable should be on this top 10

  4. Diz says:

    I watch absolutely none of these shows. The Goldberg’s is my #1 all day everyday for current comedies.

    • Simon Jester says:

      You should seriously give Crazy Ex-Girlfriend a try, and not be put off by the title (or musical numbers). It’s the most original thing on the air right now.

  5. abz says:

    Mom, Jane the Virgin, and Scream Queens. How could not one of these end up on the list?
    And is it just me, or did anyone else find Transparent to just be a terrible show. Jeffrey Tambor was the only decent part but even he won’t make me tune in for a second season. Most of the characters are unlikeable and I wouldn’t even consider it a comedy. I don’t get how it’s on this list over shows like the ones I mentioned above.

  6. GeoDiva says:

    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is the best! I also think Fresh Off The Boat should be on the list, for their buying the new car episode alone!

  7. Heather says:

    I mean, Master of None was good, but not #1 worthy.

  8. militantgod says:

    I guess TVLine has already forgotten about Parks and Rec.

  9. Chris Kern says:

    Not having Silicon Valley or You’re The Worst on this list makes it a travesty

  10. dkwilley says:

    first you skip Orphan Black and Blacklist on drama, and now forget about Mindy…..oh, TVLine, you are SO disappointing me these days…..

  11. BillC says:

    What an awful list. Shows how bad comedy has become in this day and age. All the best shows on TV are dramas. I would have thought Life In Pieces might have made the list. It’s clearly the best network comedy on right now.

  12. Karen119 says:

    The only one of the shows on the list that I watched was Black-ish. I lasted maybe fifteen minutes. Not only was it not funny but I was embarrassed for Anthony Anderson. And the title comes across to me as racist. (I know Brooklyn 9-9-9 wasn’t on the list but that was another so called comedy I was looking forward to seeing. Unfortunately Adam Sandler isn’t funny and in this show I was embarrassed for Andre Braugher, an actor I have liked and admired in the past.).

    • the girl says:

      I really wish you could explain how the title “black-ish” comes across as racist. It surprises me zero percent that you found no humor in the show.

      black-ish is amazing this season. I love the show and I am happy it, along with Playing House and Veep, are on the list. But I must agree with others who asked about Mom. That show is a gem and Anna Faris is amazing on it.

      • BillC says:

        Let me ask you…. If the show was called “white-ish” would you think that was racist? Of course you would. Then why wouldn’t you think this title is a bit racist?

        • Simon Jester says:

          Huh? Why the heck would you think “White-ish” was racist? Adding “-ish” does not turn either black *or* white into a racial epithet.

        • Joe M says:

          Calm down people…….it’s COMEDY…….so, lighten up Francis! Or is that racist too?

      • Wendy says:

        Blackish is a great show. It’s funny and the writing this season has been awesome.

    • Stacy says:

      I’m assuming you meant Andy Samberg, not Adam Sandler. B99 isn’t as funny as I was hoping, either. It has moments, but its not a reliably laugh out loud show. I’ve backburnered it for when there’s nothing else to watch.

  13. Erin says:

    Seriously, no Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

  14. Steven says:

    10. You’re the Worst
    9. The Goldbergs
    8. Jane the Virgin
    7. Broad City
    6. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
    5. Vicious
    4. Faking It
    3. Crazy Ex Girlfriend
    2. Younger
    1. Parks and Rec (For that finale alone!)

  15. Guy says:

    So we’re pretending Parks and Rec’s great final season didn’t happen? Okay then.
    Blackish is good but it’s a tad too high. It’s definitely not better than Veep. Also, You’re The Worst should’ve made the list.

  16. spindae2 says:

    CrExGf is so adorable. Rebecca is so nuts, but Paula and that drug head are even better. Only Josh is lacking the entertainment factor.
    Fresh off the Boat and Grandfathered are so amazing. Think they deserve a spot here.

  17. Mak says:

    I do not watch any of the shows except for Black-ish. I’m not sure how Transparent qualifies as a comedy, I’ve checked it out once of twice.
    1. Black-ish
    2. Brooklyn Nine Nine
    3. Episodes
    4. Life in Pieces
    5. The Middle
    6. You’re the worst (but it’s been so depressing of late)

  18. Babybop728 says:

    I don’t consider some of these to be comedies at all. Parks and Rec, Brooklyn 99, Kimmy Schmidt, and The Middle are tops for me. I liked Master of None. I didn’t love it. I didn’t really find myself laughing very much (and I LOVE Aziz – his stand up is amazing) and to be honest, felt a little depressed after watching it.

  19. Mr. Tran K says:

    In my opinion, Fresh Off the Boat should have made the list and Life in Pieces was like Modern Family gone terribly wrong.

  20. ck says:

    For me, it was Blunt Talk. And, maybe the Goldbergs

    • Simon Jester says:

      I liked Blunt Talk, but it doesn’t make my top 10, either. I think it *might* make it next year if they sharpened the scripts (and if it gets renewed).

      • ck says:

        It’s my type of comedy, I guess. I’m not a fan of comedies in general. The show was picked up for two seasons, so it already has a 2nd season on the way.

  21. Timmah says:

    Some of these are truly terrible, like Last Man on Earth. And how did The Grinder not make the list?

    • the girl says:

      The Grinder is surprisingly funny. I’m not sure it deserves to be on this top ten, but it is better than I expected.

    • Anna says:

      I’m putting The Grinder in my top surprises this year. Kinda went in thinking it might be decent, and it has become one of my favorite shows. That courtroom death scene from the fall finale had me on the floor.

  22. TA says:

    In spite of it producing one of the most raw and honest portrayals of mental illness on television and yet still finding the space to still be funny, ‘You’re The Worst’ somehow missed this list? Someone has been falling behind in their TV watching because I have a hard time imagining anyone seeing this season of the show and snubbing it for a list such as this one.

    • blue says:

      Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is just as good at depicting mental illness and is arguably even funnier. I like You’re The Worst, but I think that they went a little overboard with the depression angle. Yes, it was honest and accurate, but in its middle episodes the show forgot about being comedy… it didn’t work for me. Thankfully, the most recent episode was very, very funny and it looks like it’s a step in the right direction.

      I definitely agree that the show deserves the spot on this list. It’s still very, very good.

  23. PGP says:

    Uhm….. Mom? Undateable?

  24. SherryB says:

    Have never watched a single show on your list, most of them I have not even heard of..

  25. Mary says:

    Would one really consider transparent a comedy?

    Also no Mindy or Brooklyn 99.

    With you on Blackish and Veep get comedies.

  26. Natalie says:

    You all should watch Please Like Me. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it mentioned on this site (which I am an avid reader of) but it is AMAZING. Hilarious, smart, full of heart, and talks about some serious stuff really well at the same time. I’ve really never been disappointed.

  27. KayCeeCee says:

    black-ish is hilarious!

  28. matty says:

    No Modern Family? no Silicon Valley? and Playing House is hardly one of the best comedies on TV. Also, no Inside Amy Schumer? Perhaps the best comedy on TV right now.

  29. rebecca says:

    I love Catastrophe.. but only 6 episodes per season is annoying.

  30. opus says:

    Thank you for including Catastrophe in your list. A true comic gem! Please everyone, go to Amazon and watch this show – it is great and I want to see more!!!

  31. Amber says:

    I get it, The Big Bang Theory is too popular to be on your list. There is not enough mean in the snark, and no one spews profanities while showing us their unattractive butts. But TBBT doesn’t just cause laughs: it creates loud guffaw. No episode has left me depressed at what is called a “dark comedy”.

    Don’t get me wrong; you have listed some wonderful comedies. Most are worth their praise. But a list without The Big Bang Theory just isn’t funny. Now I’m off to soothe myself with the singing of “Soft Kitty”.

  32. murley says:

    Parks and Rec, Brooklyn 99 and Bobs Burgers are missing from this list in my opinion.

  33. Winchester says:

    Ummm. Community Season 6 aired in 2015. How soon we forget.

  34. peterwdawson says:

    Eh, Master of None at #1? I mean it was/is really good (so hard to talk about shows tense-wise when they come out all at once), but dunno about that good.

  35. Dude says:

    This list lost all credibility the moment I saw that Jane the Virgin was left off. One of the consistently best shows on television. Also Master of None number one? A show that while it has its moments, is wholly uneven and overhyped is the best comedy of the year? This list is trying way too hard to be cool and isn’t focusing enough on quality.

    • Mike M says:

      Totally agree on Master of None. Once the critics bandwagon gets rolling they all have to get on board so as not to look stupid that they don’t “get it”. It has some funny moments for sure, but is the most over hyped show of the year. The voice overs in Jane alone are some of the funniest moments on TV. “Mom’s” omission was my personal “this list is a joke” moment.

  36. Dude says:

    Also, for the love of God, Transparent is NOT a comedy.

  37. Hipper says:

    While I don’t agree with most of the list’s entries, it’s a decent list with less than conventional choices. Always nice to see imports on American’s top 10 list, though I’d put Australia’s ‘Please Like Me’ in there… too bad it airs on Pivot in the US.

  38. Spence says:

    Offended that the glorious final season of Parks and Rec is missing from this list!! But overall, I don’t watch many comedies, but all the ones I do are on this list: Black-ish, Veep, Kimmy Schmidt, Playing House.

  39. Stacy says:

    How dare you leave out Mom?! And even though The Middle may be predictable, it still truly makes me laugh.

  40. Tony says:

    Y’all seem to have put up the wrong pictures and misspelled ‘Brooklyn 99.’ go ahead and rectify your mistake. I’ll wait.

  41. Erin says:

    It’s been a long time since I’ve loved a comedy series as much as ‘You’re the Worst’. I can’t believe it’s not on your list.

  42. Ally Oop says:

    I don’t watch a single one if these although My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is sitting on my Dvr due for a binge-watch and I would like to check out Catastrophe which I haven’t had access to. I currently watch 5 comedies The Goldbergs, Mohawk Girls, Fresh off the Boat Big Bang Theory and Grandfathered.

  43. Dude says:

    Jane the Virgin, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Inside Amy Schumer, Veep, Parks and Recreation, Fresh Off the Boat, The Mindy Project, You’re the Worst, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Mom

  44. laura says:

    I really love Crazy ex gf, hope it would get S2

  45. Eoin says:

    Mine would be:
    7. Inside Amy Schumer
    6. You’re The Worst
    5. Parks & Recreation
    4. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
    3. Jane The Virgin
    2. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
    1. Broad City

  46. Marissa says:


    That is all. Thank you for your time.

  47. Jason says:

    Two words: Bojack Horseman.

  48. Wendy says:

    Yay! Blackish, great show.