Grimm Video Season 5 Trubel

Grimm Video: What Kind of Trouble Has Trubel Gotten Herself Into?

Here comes Trubel… again.

Grimm‘s youngest Wesen fighter is back in Portland, but — as you’ll see in this exclusive sneak peek at Friday’s episode (NBC, 9/8c) — her reappearance begs more questions than it answers. 

The baby Grimm is in a bad way, so Nick, Hank and Wu have to piece together what little info they can find about where she’s been and why she’s in town. Immediately, they run into a stumper: Why does Trubel have a fake license with a false name? And who bought her that sweet motorcycle?

Press PLAY on the video below to see if they get any answers.

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  1. GraceM says:

    “Not available in my area”. Of course not. Why would anyone outside the US want to watch a preview for an American show? Especially viewers north of the border who get US channels and can watch it the same time as Americans………

  2. Sandra says:

    Find a way to bring back Juliet… She didn’t deserve that ending…. Juliet and Nick were awesome together.

    • Cal says:

      No. There’s so very much that I could write, but just no.

    • not way . adalin and nick all the way!

    • Jo Ann M says:

      The producers at ComicCon said that she will not be back. It seemed very definitive.

    • Jo Ann M says:

      The producers at ComicCon said that she will not be back. It seemed very definitive. Of course I guess they can always change their minds. Personally, I thought that she did not ad much to the show. She and Nick had little chemistry to me so bringing her back to be with him serves little purpose. Now if they are bringing her back to explore her hexenbiest powers, then okay. However they kind of rushed through that before she left so, not sure what bringing back would show.

      Now I would not mind them bring the mother back because I think she and Nick have a bit more ground to cover. She can help him with the Wesen rinsing and meet her new grandchild. Now can you just imagine those family get-togethers?

  3. diya says:

    Slightly off topic, but can anyone tell me why GRIMM is airing only 6 episodes b4 its winter break…i know it started airing pretty late into fall season…was this on purpose?

    • AJ says:

      The past couple of years they’ve debuted the season around Halloween so I think it’s going to be their new tradition. And since all the shows take a hiatus around the winter holidays, they could only get in a few before the break. Ratings typically dip during the holidays which is why most shows don’t air anything new. November and February are prime sweeps months.

  4. luke says:

    Ok, so the resistance kidnaps and trains Trouble for this upcoming fight and I am guessing she was told by the resistance but some reason she can’t reveal that to Nick and we have this mystery on our hands. C’mon.

  5. SK says:

    How about how did Trubel know where Nick lives?

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      That was the WTF moment…..how did she get there and how did she/”they” know. I think the people who took her are using her to lure Nick out of hiding.

    • luke says:

      The guy from resistance told Nick to keep the phone the dead lady had on her… He (the guys from the resistance) tracked the phone and sent Trouble there…

    • Amber says:

      Definitely they tracked that phone – Nick even said last episode how the guy told him to keep it and why doesn’t he call if he wanted him to keep the phone. How could Nick nott realize, as a cop, that he could also be tracked through the phone.