The Flash Season 2 Spoilers

The Flash Fall Finale First Look: Why Is Iris in Tears? Plus: Wally West's Debut!

Christmas promises to be a difficult time for The Flash, what with Barry’s girlfriend Patty getting closer to his secret speedster identity and a trio of troublemaker Rogues causing havoc.

But it’s Iris who’s crying in these new photos from the Dec. 8 fall finale, which also feature Keiynan Lonsdale’s debut as Wally West. Has her new secret brother upset her? Or could it be something Barry said during a heart-to-heart? (He does have a knack for eliciting waterworks.)

Elsewhere, romance seems to be in the air for Caitlin and Jay — what’s he handing her? — and Captain Cold makes himself at home in Barry’s abode.

Click through the gallery below to preview what the holidays have in store for The Flash.

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  1. ndixit says:

    Looks like there will be an emotional WestAllen scene. I wish I was more excited about Wally but the truth is that this Wally is unlikely to be anything like the Wally I loved from the comics. The little kid who idolized his uncle and wanted to be like him.

    • Wally W says:

      I think Wally will start out rough around the edges, hating Iris, Joe, and Barry but eventually we’ll see more of his classic comic persona.

      • ndixit says:

        Problem is, the age differences as its set make it impossible to replicate the comic book dynamics I loved before the new 52. The new 52 Wally West is probably they will be going for and I don’t really consider that character Wally West.

  2. Elle says:

    Honestly. I am not a dedicated Flash comic fan but others in the Flash fandom got me fixed on Wally. I can’t wait to see him in action. Hopefully the writers don’t disappoint (still reeling about Iris’ one line in the crossover…)

    • Mik says:

      I am fully prepared to be disappointed, but until that happens, I’ll be happy with the stills and my headcanons for what will happen.

  3. star says:

    The writers of flash need to stop treating iris like trash, I have never seen a show where a lead female character is treated like this,why can’t they write for more than one female character? Last night’s episode she had only one line, how on earth is that acceptable? Same thing happens on arrow with laurel, they need to step up and start writing interesting, complex female characters or hire new writers. I hope this wally /iris storyline will be good,

    • ndixit says:

      People need to stop with this ‘lead female’ nonsense. Just being second on the casting list does not make her a ‘lead female’. She is no more so than Caitlin. The only person who is any sort of lead is Barry and that’s it.

      • Emily says:

        How about this: “The writers need to stop treating one of their regular characters like trash.” Because Iris is the only one being cut left and right, the only one who doesn’t get to voice her feelings and doesn’t exist when Barry’s not looking at her. She is the only one who hasn’t gotten more than 6 minutes of screentime in any episode this season. Does that help?

        • ndixit says:

          Well, unfortunately Iris is in the position where she isn’t a natural fit in Barry’s day to day superheroics. It’s pretty pointless to complain about her only having one line in the crossover ep. Even most of Cisco and Caitlin’s screen time is directly or indirectly because of Barry’s storyline.

          • ana says:

            Well if it’s easier to integrate a cop into the story line than a reporter then TPTB should have made Iris a cop. They were willing to change professions for Patty so why not Iris?. and you can spin it however you want, Candice Patton is the lead female on this show end of story.

          • Mo says:

            @ Ana

            Iris isn’t a cop in the comics. Patty was working in the PD even though not as a cop. Love interest as the female lead leads to nowhere on a show like this. They brought her in too soon, that’s the problem.

          • ndixit says:

            And you can spin it however way you want but there is no lead female on this show. She is the lead love interest perhaps but she’s no more a lead than Caitlin or Cisco or anyone else in the cast barring Barry.

          • ana says:

            @ndixit. you should have told me you work with the casting agency,.I had no idea. So basically all those articles saying Candice Patton was the female lead were obviously incorrect and some random fan is correct? Whatever Dude… stay delusional.

          • AdM says:

            Candice Patton is brilliant but she’s not the lead actress…Iris and Caitlin are both at par as lead supporting actresses (if ever there’s anything like that). Because Iris is not yet in the role she was cast for -love interest-, the writers simply have no idea what to do with her.

          • ana says:

            @adm..just because you guys say it doesn’t make it so….look it up. Caitlin/Danielle is the supporting actress. Iris/ Candice is lead. That’s why personally I’m so disgusted that at her treatment.

          • ndixit says:

            @ana: you are stuck with the whole casting department isn’t it. I don’t give a damn what the casting department says, in terms of the show’s dynamics, there is only one lead who is the Flash. The others are all supporting players.

          • tvjunkie says:

            ana, being labeled “lead” somewhere doesn’t make it so. Do you know how many characters labeled “regulars” on shows don’t appear in ever episode or even a majority of them? That happened with at least 2 characters on Gotham this season. They do that for money or availability reasons. She’s probably labeled as a lead somewhere for some similar sort of technicality, but The Flash only has 1 lead character and that’s Barry.

      • Mik says:

        When Candice was cast, the announcement LITERALLY called her the “lead” actress. We didn’t just pull this out of our behinds.

        • ndixit says:

          Who cares? Anybody watching the show would know there is no such thing as a lead female on this show.

        • John NYC says:

          The challenge is her character isn’t a lead character: as a reporter she’s barely integral to anything going on especially after serially rejecting barry and now have suffered the loss of Eddie. Patty’s a cop and Joe’s partner, Caitlin is the biomed goto, Cisco is the tech guy and so on.

          The “why” for her in a scene is a tough one.

          • Emily says:

            It’s really not. They can choose to write the story in a way that incorporates her. For example: Tina McGee could’ve told more people that she saw Harrison Wells still alive, and someone else could realize the Atom Smasher is a doppleganger. This leads to Iris’ newspaper wanting to cover the story of mysterious doubles and Iris being in a position of having to expose the truth herself with Barry doesn’t want her to, of refusing the story and letting someone else potentially expose it, or of compromising her own ethics and covering the story up.
            Both Supergirl and Daredevil incorporated their journalist characters very well, and Iris was much more prominent last season. But that’s not important, the real issue is that the show doesn’t care about Iris unless Barry wants her. So until Patty leaves, Iris wil get scraps.

          • Mo says:

            @ Emily

            “the real issue is that the show doesn’t care about Iris unless Barry wants her. ” That is the heart of the role of love interests. Without another character, they’re completely pointless. All the excitement over Wally is because her fans hope he will give her what Barry hasn’t: more attention, more screen time. But her situation is still the same: completely dependent on another character.

          • Justin says:

            The problem with Iris from the get go was that she was written solely as a love interest instead of a fleshed out character. They could’ve easily made her the Chloe Sullivan of the Flash, but no, they just wanted her to provide romantic conflict and angst for Barry. Now that that’s over and done with, the writers don’t seem to have a clue of how to incorporate her into the main plot and don’t appear to be interested in giving her an interesting B-plot. It’s season 2 Laurel Lance all over again. The stuff with her mom and lead up to Wally could’ve been interesting and should’ve been given more screen time to develop, but these lazy writers chose the “long lost son/brother shows up at the door” trope. Pathetic.

          • Justin says:

            @Mo Every character on The Flash is completely dependent on Barry, not just Iris. That’s the problem with this show. They are all just satellite characters. The only way supporting characters on this show get screen time and character development is when they have a defined relationship to Barry. Iris no longer has that, so she gets the shaft. Shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Smallville worked so well because they kept the main focus on the main character but still allowed the supporting ones proper screentime/development away from the main character. The fact that Wally is Iris’s brother and not her love interest will HOPEFULLY give her the opportunity to develop as a more fleshed out character trying to form a relationship with her sibling.

          • Mo says:

            @ Justin

            “Every character on The Flash is completely dependent on Barry, not just Iris.”
            Not true. All other characters have a professional relationship with Barry, most have a personal one as well. Iris is the only one who has personal one with him. And on a show like this, the professional will trump the personal in terms of screen time & storylines. Even Barry isn’t immune to this. When the title character is depowered, he’s boring. After his beating by Zoom, people were worried how long he’ll be out of commission because they have no interest watching a speedless guy.
            “The fact that Wally is Iris’s brother and not her love interest will HOPEFULLY give her the opportunity to develop as a more fleshed out character trying to form a relationship with her sibling.”
            Wally is a Flash in his own right in his own comic book, the fans of which are excited to see him live. For her fans, though, he’s just a means to more Iris scenes. Doesn’t that tell you all you need to know about how limited her role is?

          • Justin says:

            Regardless of whether the supporting characters have a personal and/or professional relationship with Barry/The Flash, pretty much everything they do has to be directly or indirectly related to Barry/The Flash. My point was that it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way, but that’s how TPTB have set it up. “Wally is a Flash in his own right in his own comic book, the fans of which are excited to see him live. For her fans, though, he’s just a means to more Iris scenes.” It’s not as if Wally is going to become a speedster in his first few episodes. I doubt it will even happen this season. As of now, he’s just a regular guy being thrown into this already established family unit. The Wally/Iris/Joe family dynamic could be a great way to develop all three characters and I’m sure Wally will have an important relationship with Barry at some point. A great way for characters to develop is through their interpersonal relationships with other characters. You keep singling out Iris as if she’s the only character who has to resort to this. Iris can get development and screentime through her relationship with Wally and vice versa. There’s a reason they chose to make Wally her brother and not her cousin. IMO, it’s going to be tricky having Wally and Barry on the same show seeing as Wally is the more popular version of the Flash in the comics. They’re going to have to be careful of Barry being overshadowed by Wally which is why I think Wally’s road to superherodom will take longer than people were hoping for.

          • Mo says:

            @ Justin

            The show is about heroics first & relationships second. Good for Iris if she and or the West family gets screen time to develop their relationships. But again, how is that different from her dating Eddie last season? How did Iris & Eddie tie back into plot A which is always going to be about heroics? Unless they are prepping for Wally to replace Barry, I don’t see that happening in an unforced way. It’s almost the same as last season with Iris & Wally doing their thing, and Barry doing his thing with everyone else.

          • Justin says:

            I don’t have a problem with Iris not really being involved in the A plot. It’s pretty clear the writers don’t know to incorporate her investigative skills into the main narrative (or they just don’t care to), but they haven’t really given her much of a B-plot either. The difference between the Iris/Eddie situation and Iris/Wally is that Barry got heavily involved in the awkward love triangle. Iris’s relationship with Wally could and should initially be more about her and her brother and less about Barry’s feelings on their relationship.

    • Jake says:

      … because this is the Flash, and she isn’t that important. But if you read comics you rotor probably know she’s just a… nosey reporter.

  4. Lily says:

    Yay for Wally West! Boo for Patty being in the West house- she doesn’t belong there. Not welcome in my book. I wish I could get excited about the WestAllen scene, but it’s probably no more meaningful than any other scene they’ve shared this season. Nothing will happen until Patty leaves (I do think it’s odd they haven’t even been dropping hints, like last season never happened or something).

  5. Mik says:

    IRIS!!! WALLY!!!! IRIS AND WALLY!!!! I’m so excited for this ep. I hope Wally doesn’t just show up in the after credits or some mess.

  6. Emily says:

    I really, really hope they give Iris time to process what’s going on and that Barry is there for her even for just a scene. The Westallen still looks beautiful, but most of the stills we’ve gotten of them this season have either ended up being cut or five seconds long. Fingers crossed this is different!

    And I am SO EXCITED for Keiynan as Wally. Even if the show riddles him with stereotypes – which is likely given how they handled Iris’ mother – I am confident he will shine.

  7. Cyn says:

    Hope this WestAllen scene doesn’t get cut, very curious about it. I’m excited for Wally West! I’ve been waiting for him to come for awhile now.

  8. Hailey says:

    Finally an intense looking westallen scene with them in the same frame… oh wait that happened in episode 3 as well and it got cut so not going to be fooled by those released still trickery…but a big hell yeah to Wally hopefully that translates to Iris getting an arc and some stella scenes between joe iris and Wally….. One can hope right

  9. Ingrid says:

    FINALLY a westallen scene !! It’s been FAR too long. I wonder why Iris is close to tears though, hopefully Barry is there for her for once this season.
    Also excited for Wally’s debut, and here’s to lots of Wally/Iris in the 2nd half !

  10. Tarra says:

    I am excited to see Wally West. The West family scenes are going to be so emotional. The first half of this season has been very disappointing with the sidelining of Iris and the near erasure of Westallen’s friendship. The writers have gone out of their way to not have Barry and Iris interact for more than a minute because of Patty. Westallen as a romantic pairing does not have to happen right now but their friendship is/was special and the writers have done a disservice to their friendship. We can speculate on the reasons Iris is crying but I do hope that Barry is there for her as a friend as she has been for him because during this season so many things have happened and we have yet gotten a Westallen heart to heart. These days Barry goes to Joe to check-in with how his best friend Iris is doing.

  11. Aliah Berry says:

    Really excited for this episode and it’s focus on Iris West as well as Wally West! Also looking forward to more Barry and Iris scenes! Hopefully this episode will restore my faith in this show.

  12. clint says:

    does this ep lead right into legends of tomorrow cus captain cold could turn goodish at the end

  13. Diana says:

    Wally is finally here! So curious what his dynamic with Iris, Joe and Barry will be like. Especially Iris. He’s a regular right? I hope he’ll get a good storyline (Iris too). Nice to see Iris and Barry in a still together, a one on one scene between them is long overdue. I think there was only one ep last season without interaction between Barry and Iris. Wonder what it’s about, though. Iris is in tears. It looks like he’s holding her hands. Maybe Wally came to find them because Francine West is in the hospital and finally told him the truth. (I do hope we’ll get to see Francine again). I just wish we’d actually gotten to see Iris’ thought process for not telling Joe (apart from that one comment). She could have confided in someone (Barry?), for instance.

    • Mik says:

      Yep, he’s joining the cast as a regular! I think we will get Francine again, and I have a feeling that the next time we see her she will be dying. Maybe that’s what Iris is crying about? Maybe Wally came to town to tell them that Francine was on her deathbed?

      I’d love to see Iris’ POV on something before the first half of this season ends. So far everything she’s done has been based on someone else’s wants/needs and not her own, and it’s very much a stereotype for Black women characters to be these pillars of strength that support everyone else while no one supports them. I need the show to nip that in the bud now and let Iris be vulnerable and lean on someone else for once this season.

  14. Lily says:

    I would find Patty more interesting if she was dating Joe. And I’m not kidding about that- I think that would have been an unexpected and original twist, if she came in, we think she’s going to jump on Barry, but she turns out to be into Joe instead. And then he doesn’t know what he should do, worries she’s too young (although she’s 30 and he’s 46, so believe it or not, that happens)- it would have been a great arc for him!

  15. Alexis says:

    Not getting fooled again with the westallen stills as it’s likely to be cut. Also they need better writers because their treatment of Iris is uninspiring. Wish we will get to see Wally/Iris bond but given the awful writing so far this season, Wally will be all about Joe and Barry. Joe doesn’t remember he has a daughter nor will Wally remember he has a sister either.

  16. Cilla says:

    Looking forward to Wally hopefully we get great emotional Wests family scenes. A westallen scene that looks emotional, again I hope its good.

  17. ladida says:

    AAAAAA!!! I’m so excited this for this Christmas episode–nothing makes me as excited as really good West family stuff, and good Westallen scenes. I hope Iris gets a lot of screentime, and that the holiday feels are strong!

  18. ana says:

    Why is what was finally suppose to be Iris’s arc now all about Barry. Isn’t he off with Spivot not giving a crap about his BF. Can’t Iris now have her brother? Man these writers suck.

    • Mo says:

      It is Iris’ arc but it doesn’t mean Barry disappears from his own show. Or is that an excuse to say what a horrible person Barry is for not being there for Iris? And of course Wally is there to prop up Iris. He’s nothing without her, right? If you’re lucky, he might even replace Barry as Flash, and then you’ll have your matriarch and the Flash just like how you want it.

      • ana says:

        Since you are stalking my comments and begging for a response here you go…

        You got all of that from 2 lines? ‘these crazy Iris haters…smh

        • Tilly says:

          I find it weird when people stalk Iris fans comments and hound them like dogs over their OPINION, do they have nothing better to do? Why do they care so much what we think?

          To quote Candice Patton, “why do you need so much attention?” Lol!

          Just comment about what you like/are interested in and move on.

          • Phoenix5634 says:

            Most the time, Iris fan theory is based on nothing more than the whimes and wishes of her fans just wanting to see more of their precious Iris, even when it has very little to do with the storyline going on. Just be patient, you’ll get your Barry/ Iris eventually. And we comment on your posts like this because for 1, your not using logic to build your theories, and trying to rush storylines just for the “ship” you want. And 2, we don’t want the show runners by some unfortunate chance actually listening only to Iris fans, and ruining The Flash show that we enjoy so much as it is now. This is The Flashs’ show. Not a Westallen soap opera…

      • Phoenix5634 says:

        If Wally ends up replacing Barry as the Flash, that’ll be a series finale for me.

  19. Can’t wait to see Wally West and some good Westallen scenes.

  20. Jooshua says:

    I love Thea Queen’s style. She knows how to put an outfit together.

  21. AdM says:

    THEA needs to have her own show! She’s awesome

  22. April says:

    That’s not the real Wally West

  23. SayNay says:

    I want to like Patty, but the whole let’s keep her in the dark while we tell everyone else under the sun is contrived. It makes her actions seem clumsy and puts her at odds with everyone else on team Flash. I almost want her to be a kickass super villain at this point.

    • Mik says:

      I was in the fantalk chat yesterday and someone suggested that maybe she’s a Thawne from Earth 2 and that would just be so awesome. Which means there’s no way that’s who she is. But it’s an awesome thought. I want her to be more than she appears, but she’s probably just gonna be another Eddie.

      • Phoenix5634 says:

        Instead of Patty being a Thawne, maybe she was/ is the girl Eddie would have ended up with after Iris. So basically the future mrs thawne ( before Eddie died and erased Eobard )the relationship that could have gave origin to Eobard/Reverse Flash. This relationship between Barry/ Patty could be a Reverse Flash origin. I’ve suspected there’d be something like this with the Reverse Flash storyline. The way they killed Eobard is worse than messing with time, we’re definitely to see a twist from that still yet.

  24. J says:

    I LOVE Wentworth Miller on The Flash. These photos of him are cracking me up! So happy he’s getting his own show..somewhat.

  25. Wally W says:

    Wally West!!! He is the easily the biggest thing I’m excited about. Realistically I know Wally will probably show up in the last 30 seconds but I don’t care. I can’t wait for him to arrive and watch his relationships with Iris, Barry, and Joe unfold. Hopefully this gets Iris off the sidelines.

    The chemistry between WA in that still *sigh* I hope they don’t cut this Westallen scene. I miss their friendship scenes.

    I can care less about Patty or Captain Cold. I’m meh on both of them.

    But hey Trickster and Weather Wizard are back!

    Did I mention Wally West is finally here?!

  26. prish says:

    The husband said about Iris, “I thought he was supposed to be in love with her, but that’s isn’t it now, is it? She moved in with that guy. She kind of disappeared from the show, didn’t she?” fyi…in case the writers want some feedback

    • Mo says:

      Exactly. You don’t realize Iris wasn’t there until someone prods you to think about her. And when she was there, you don’t remember it. So yeah, let’s hope the writers are getting this.

      • Emily says:

        It doesn’t sound like he didn’t remember when she was there? It would’ve been hard to forget in season one, considering she and Henry were the tentpoles of Barry’s emotion and angst…

        • Mo says:

          I was talking about viewers like Prish’s husband, not Barry. And the tentpoles of Barry’s emotion and angst were his mom and dad, followed by Joe and then Iris.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      Does ur husband know the guy she moved in with ( I’m assuming ur talking about Eddie ) died in the season 1 finale ?… Lol feedback, from people who don’t even seem to know the show very well, that’s alway useful … lol.

      • prish says:

        Yes, he knows Eddie the cop who was the descendant of the evil future guy who took over Dr. Wells’ body and gave his life to save Iris (and the gang). He’s become “the guy” because it was an odd choice to have Barry in love with her, yet she moves in with that guy, instead. Now, her character seems on the outskirts, not very needed to the plotting, so one forgets what she says and does. It is odd because they end up married in the canon, and one really did want them to get together the first year. My husband hasn’t gotten over the shock of her living with “that other guy” instead.

        • Phoenix5634 says:

          Yeah, I’m still expecting Barry an Iris to end up together, maybe near the end of the season or next season. Patty came into Barry’s life not long after Iris told Barry he should move on and be happy.
          I’m starting to wonder if Patty isn’t the girl that Eddie would have ended up marrying…the relationship that would have gave birth to Eobards family ( reverse flash ), and if this isn’t the universe correcting itself for them killing Reverse Flash by erasing him from existence, like similarly to the way the universe tries to correct itself when they time travel. By putting Barry and Patty together…. New reverse flash origin maybe…Just a theory.

          • prish says:

            Well, they’d better not put things off and make things too complicated. Cancellation is always hanging over us fans. We’ve become very sensitive, after so many heartbreaking whacking of shows midstream. FAN RIGHTS!!!

        • Tilly says:

          Why is “Mo” so obsessed with comments by Iris fans? LOL!

  27. Phoenix5634 says:

    If Flash and Supergirl ever did a crossover they could make a great storyline ( king shark/Atlantis, or Grodd/ Gorilla city), likely King Shark for a few reasons, if he doesn’t appear on Supergirl sooner…and it’d make the Iris fans happy… They could make a connection between Supergirl being the assistant to Kat which covers all News about Supergirl, and Iris who covers all the News on the Flash.

  28. The Carpooler says:

    We need a Deathstroke crossover into CC. Putting Manu and Liam together again (after their run on Spartacus) would be fantastic.

  29. Chris says:

    Wally should be a kid. Not pleased.

  30. Tilly says:

    The wait is over! Wally’s here. I can hardly wait. And to top of this beautiful treat we’ve got WestAllen sharing a meaningful moment. Do my eyes deceive me? FINALLY! Barry and Iris belong together, they look so perfect even in a still. I can’t wait till they get together…literally I can’t wait! Make it happen yesterday!

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      Depending on what direction they take Wallys’ character, it could make the show even better, or totally ruin the series. I just hope Wally does not replace Barry as the Flash.

  31. parstl says:

    All this talk about Iris. Candace Patton was one of the reasons when I was channel surfing one day I stoped and gave the show a look. She’s been excellent with what has been written for her. Should be easy to develop an episode here and there where an investigative reporter would be involved with major plot arcs. I don’t mind the Patti story because Barry needs some love interest and I think it’s too early in the series to develop the Barry Iris romance. Would be nice to see more written for Iris. She’s just one of those actresses who keeps you glued for her personal and screen presence.