The Voice Top 10 Results Recap: Now We Sia, Now We Don't

Dear Carson “Babyface” Daly,

Now that your Great Annual Movember Beard Experiment is over, can we talk?

I get that The Voice‘s results telecast can be tricky. You’ve got to fill a full hour of airtime with an announcement/sing-off that needn’t last more than 10-15 minutes.

Still, there’s got to be a better strategy than asking freaked-out contestants the kinds of banal questions that would make a county dairy-queen contestant wince with incredulity. C’mon — ask these kids about the first record they ever bought or their willingness to switch up their musical styles or the types of albums they’d like to make in a post-Voice world!

Just nothing along the lines of “What does your hometown support mean?” or “What do your teammates mean to you?” ever again. K? K!

And hey, when you have freakin’ Sia in the house — and you’re coming in at under an hour — let her grab the mic for a second song. Or better still, invite back a show alumni with a killer new tune — hi, Sugar Joans! — who could probably use the national exposure.


OK, now that we’ve got that out of the way… shall we get to said results right quick?

Saved By America (in order of announcement)
Emily Ann Roberts (Team Blake)
Jordan Smith (Team Adam)
Jeffery Austin (Team Gwen)
Barrett Baber (Team Blake)
Madi Davis (Team Pharrell)
Amy Vachal (Team Adam)
Zach Seabaugh (Team Blake)
Shelby Brown (Team Adam)

Bottom 2 and Their “Save Me” Songs
Korin Bukowski (Team Gwen) — Colbie Caillat’s “Try” — Grade: D- | Ohhhhhhh nooooooooo… Korin forgot her lyrics. Not just a few of ’em, but like, 60 percent of ’em. “You don’t have to try, try, try, try, try, try” she muttered, like the world’s saddest malfunctioning robot. Even Korin’s greatest fans probably questioned whether the former med student wanted to be saved, or if rallying behind Braiden might be an act of mercy.

Braiden Sunshine (Team Gwen) — Maroon 5’s “Harder to Breathe” — Grade: F | Oh heavens, no! Braiden’s best performances — “True,” “Feeling Good” — have painted him as a Buble-esque crooner type. When he tackles aggressive rock jams, he’s as unbelievable as Kylie Jenner snagging the role of Lady Macbeth in a Royal Shakespeare Company production. Add gaspy breath control, dozens of flat notes and the ickiness of a 15-year-old delivering sexually charged lyrics, and… I repeat… oh heavens, no!

This was really a case of six backhands to the face or a half-dozen batons to the shin, but I took to Twitter and made my case anyhow:

Once again, my efforts proved totally in vain:

Saved by America


OK, your turn. What did you think of Top 10 results? Did America get it right with the Bottom 2? Was the right artist saved? And who are you most worried about for next week’s “5 go home” elimination? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Adake says:

    Thank God America got it right. If the instant save is based on performance as it should be, then Braiden deserved to move on. Korin’s performance was bad. What I found surprising is that Gwen tried to throw Braiden under the bus twice at the end to try to save her favorite Korin. A coach shouldn’t do that. Next week is going to be a bloodbath. I think Jordan and Emily Ann are close to shoeins based on votes earned to date for the final with the other two spots up for grabs.

    • Gabe says:

      The thing is, Korin gave a good performance last night and was high on iTunes today. They should have dropped the save and gone with the actual votes.

      I saw nothing good about Braiden’s singing last night or tonight.

      • Trinidad Chavez says:

        I agree with Gabe. Korin was 29 on ITunes at the end of voting. Braiden was 113 I think :(. Why is he there over her?

        • Lizzie says:

          Because he didn’t forget 3/4 of his lyrics during a live performance.

          • Rimalaw says:

            Don’t make crass loser like arguments. She is the only one who had to sing 3 times. So get over yourself. Singing try try try and feeling it (as you obviously don’t have a heart, so you cannot understand) is too trying after all she has been through. Braden BARELY breaks top 100 on iTunes and always sneaks in. Korin has repeatedly broken Top 100, and one night doesn’t change all that!!!!!!!

      • Adake says:

        The instant save isn’t about who did good all season or the night before. Otherwise, why bother to have anyone sing. Just make it a popularity contest. Just my opinion and I think Braiden deserved to be in the bottom two several earlier times this year. But he gave the better performance by default.

      • Temperance says:

        Korin’s song yesterday was really good… and Braiden’s was not (as usual) Still don’t get it.

    • JM1 says:

      I think the judges should do MORE, not less, to steer voters in the right direction as far as who to pick. To me, Korin’s been decent. Not amazing, but better than the kid. Braiden’s been just . . .really not good. So as far as I’m concerned, Gwen OWES it to us to throw him under the bus as penance for sticking him on us to begin with. :-p

    • analythinker says:

      If I put myself on the coaches’ shoes, I would probably have done what Gwen had, which is trying to save an artist (I use this term loosely) that has more potential. In terms of stage presence, Braiden is way more advanced than Korin, but that’s because he’s been performing for years. However, in terms of vocals, Korin has better chance to be in today’s music industry, just because of the genre. If Korin didn’t butcher the song, she would have been saved for the third time, I am 100% sure of it.

      • Adake says:

        I agree that her butchering the song probably prevented her from being saved. But performance should matter. Braiden deserved to move on.

      • Anita Dees says:

        Braiden is a local kid who has showed up for events to benefit the homeless in my church which seats about 100 people.. He is no professional musician but an ordinary kid who is pretty good at something he really loves.

        • analythinker says:

          Well, you said it yourself. “He is no professional musician but an ordinary kid who’s pretty good at something he really loves” is not enough for today’s music industry. I’m sure he’s lovely in person, but I was referring more on his type of voice compared to Korin’s.

      • Rimalaw says:

        Basically, the votes were supposedly very close even with forgetting the lines, and him going last. Clearly, She is the better singer. Without the HUMAN error, (I mean how much can one endure), she would easily have been saved.

    • Lizzie says:

      Gwen is overall, a crappy coach. With Korin, if she had let her hair and style alone, just let her be, and COACHED her on her vocals instead of all the Gwen-ifying nonsense she spouts, Korin would have done better in the live show performances. Dying people’s hair doesn’t make them better singers, or even better performers. Giving them terrible songs to sing doesn’t help either. We get that you wanted Korin to stay and Braiden to go, but he sang better than she did in the save-me moment.

      • stephanie reaves says:

        Gwen Stefani CANNOT sing! Her entire career has been based on her unusual hair, outfits, moves etc. She HAS to do all that so everyone will focus on those things rather than her voice and horrific lyrics of her songs…never did get how she and No Doubt became successful…she does the same thing with ALL her contestants….ALWAYS telling them about hair, fashion, moves, looks etc. that they should do so as to win the crowd over…it’s all she has

  2. Davey says:

    Braiden should have been sent home. He hasn’t given a decent performance in weeks.

  3. Angie_Overrated says:

    What is with Gwen’s hair makeovers this season, and why did she think making Braiden look like Rachel Maddow was a good idea?

  4. Trinidad Chavez says:

    Either way neither of the bottom two would survive next week. :'(…..

    Now I wish we can send Adam Levine home after that wretched vocal. Just Saying.

    #VoiceSaveKorin because at least she sounded pretty when she wasn’t muttering :(.

  5. dj says:

    I think it was time for Korin to go. Some contestants can handle being the least favorite week after week (such as Sanjaya, whose real life was probably a good dress-rehearsal for the vitriolic hatred American Idol manufactured on his behalf), and some can’t. It needed to end.

  6. Trinidad Chavez says:

    Sidenote: #VoiceSaveKorin is Trending on twitter and Braiden’s is not. So uhm. Something is kinda fishy about this whole ordeal… Just Saying…

    • analythinker says:

      Actually, not really. I saw the numbers at the last second and it’s like what you saw on screen: Braiden 51%, Korin 49%. Why Korin was trending and Braiden was not? Twitter has an algorithm to measure trending topics. If it happens organically, it will stay on top. If it’s encouraged by some people just for the sole purpose to trend, the algorithm won’t work (I know this from experience). This probably means that more people encouraged others to save Braiden, while for Korin it happened more organically.

      • Timmah says:

        That’s probably a reasonable explanation. I still find it fishy though that they never release any vote totals, Twitter or otherwise, on this show.

    • Anita Dees says:

      Nothing is fishy. Korin drew lots of sympathy with her meltdown, But sympathy doesn’t always mean votes. Now that it is too late, lots of drams queens are using the situation to wax vitriolic.

      • Rimalaw says:

        She didn’t just draw sympathy. She is loved. If she didn’t mess up, she would have won. And you are wrong about the Twitter trending. Her Tweets are over his by 200k! So don’t tell us like we are stupid lambs to the slaughter. Crap happens and it happened!

  7. Adake says:

    Giving Braiden a worse grade for this performance is ridiculous. That is not being objective it’s being partisan. The voters got this right.

  8. Lindsey says:

    I spent my Twitter save on korin not because she out sang braiden on her save me song but because braiden hasn’t out sung anyone for the entire live episodes. But it doesn’t matter anyway because braiden won’t make it past next week’s bloodbath elimination. He just isn’t ready yet and if he doesn’t find someone who can help him with pitch, breath control and song dynamics he’ll never be ready. Gwen may be a great mother figure to her team but she’s not a great coach, it’s not all about the exterior package. HAIR ISNT WHAT MAKES YOU AN ARTIST!

    • TTorvo says:

      But for a mediocre pop singer like Gwen hair and costuming are what do make her stand out. That and overdubbing and lots of background vocalist help. To get cut this week like Korin did might be a blessing since she wouldn’t have made past next week anyway. Now she can maybe focus on getting back to school to pursue a more lofty profession than singer of songs.

    • dlraetz says:

      1000% agree

  9. MyTake says:

    Korin forgot 50% of her lyrics so I only heard half the song. Braiden was so god awful singing I fast forwarded after 10% of his song so i only heard 10%. Therefore, Korin won IMO.

  10. Conner says:

    Watching Korin’s performance was heartbreaking for me. You could see how disappointed and scared she was when she forgot the words. And, to be fair, what she did sing, she sang better than she has since the Live Shows started. Plus her and Carson’s hug at the end of her song. Besides, her emotion from forgetting the words contributed to the emotion of the song – something she’s been lacking sometimes before. And the usual smiling, sometimes giggling Korin was gone during the judges’ critiques. She was on the verge of tears the whole time. That was somehow harder to watch than Braiden’s performance.

    • Sally says:

      I think they should eliminate the instant save because it is unfair to the contestants on the bottom who have to sing to stay in the competition after feeling like a loser and worried about going home and the West Coast viewers and people who do not tweet. The one who gets the least votes should go home period. Korin should not have been humiliated and tortured like that three weeks in a row. I bet she was relieved to go home, I doubt if she could have competed another week only to be sent home with the other four losers.

  11. MoDo322 says:

    Am I the only one who thought Gwen tried to look like Effie tonight?

    • Jenja says:

      Yes!!! Thank you for echoing my observation!! From The Capitol!

    • Lizzie says:

      I am still trying to figure out what the hell Gwen was trying to look like last night. The electric-shock hairstyle, and those massive puffed shoulders, and the lowcut top showing she has no cleavage – what on earth was that?

  12. davmon says:

    I just don’t understand how we got here. None of the five talented black artists made the top 11. My view has been that Blake has had no one since the 24 that deserves to be top 10 or 12–at least until Emily Ann showed up last week. And yet, he has all three still in it. Adam’s three are all good, although Shelby has faded some the last two weeks. Gwen really has only had Jeffery since the 12; the final two tonight was proof of that. Pharrell? Well, his team started as strong as Adam’s but somehow has been devastated by bad matchups and a bad 24 to 12 vote. Really only 5 or 6 of the top 10 are deserving to be there: Jeffery, Madi, Amy, Jordan–for sure! And Shelby and Emily Ann–sometimes; they are inconsistent. The other four are just too inconsistent and flat vocally. Considering that we only have four solid candidates out of the nine remaining; I feel the final 9 is a poor representation of the overall talent we began with this season.

    • Caitlyn says:

      Maybe you need affirmative action for The Voice, or a group. “Black Singers Matter.”

    • Betsy says:

      Emily Ann didn’t sing that patsy cline song with any of the angst and heartache that cline had. It was void of real emotion. But she’s pretty and young and has a cute ass.

      • Caitlyn says:

        Patsy had a very matter-of-fact delivery for that song. I think one of the things country music fans like about Emily is that she doesn’t have to manufacture drama when she sings, much like the amazing country singers of years gone buy.

        • Timmah says:

          That’s a really good point. Patsy had that stark, simple delivery that was so effective. She was sort of the female version of Roy Orbison.

      • Anita Dees says:

        Oh so true, While she was singing the memory of Patsy Cline was running in my head. Pretty little Emily was committing sacrilege with every sugary note.

        • Kbella says:

          Emily Ann was just doing an Emily Ann version of the song. That’s her style of singing. If you don’t like it, fine. But it was hardly “sacrilege.”

        • Anna says:

          You obviously don’t recognize “pretty little” (insulting) Emily’s amazing vocal gift. She sounds a little like Linda Ronstadt, has some of that bell-like quality. She should do Ronstadt’s “River” or the Eagles/Ronstadt-covered “Desperado.” Listen to those on You Tube or itunes and try to be open-minded enough to see what I mean about the qualities in both singers’ voices. Emily Ann is just 17. The others leading the way this season are, in my opinion, just not that great or, in some cases, flawed in some way that makes me not want to listen to them much. Jordan is being pushed for wrong reasons and screeches sometimes on his high notes; Amy is a one-trick pony who has a nice voice, but only nice, nothing near the wonderful Norah Jones, whose quality/tone Amy’s being compared with; Jeffrey has a decent voice but a tone that sort of annoys me at times, and Madi is inconsistent though also talented, just not that appealing to me. I’m fussy. The material they sing is SO very important. Danielle Bradbery, for instance, has a really good voice but sang much better songs on the show itself than she has resince recorded since she won. And Cassidee (sp?) Pope is doing well with some pretty mediocre songs but doesn’t really have that special a voice either. It’s HARD to be a truly talented vocalist!! I think that, at 17 and developing by the week, Emily Ann has a great chance at a brilliant career.

          • I dont know how she got to me so it must have been the tone.I never vote country on this show & I have watched every single episode since day one.TBH I did vote for Cassadee & Dannielle.Cassadee was pop at first but mixed it up & Danielle was just too good to ignore.Since then no friggin way but EAR got to me (Her initials) & I did it despite my protests so there must be something other than looks to this girl.

    • I agree with you, davmon, 1000%! Preach the truth!

    • EmilyAnnFan says:

      The BLACK guy who WOULD have won ‘TV’ last time KILLED HIMSELF before the FINALS so don’t go blaming HOLLYWOOD for HIS weaknesses.

  13. DarkDefender says:


  14. Andres says:

    Gwen should dump braiden next week that way all of the Gwen fans vote for Jeffery.

  15. Lynda says:

    Sorry, but I think America got it right tonight. I’m done with Korin’s drama. All of her songs sound the same–I just don’t see any growth happening there, and I can’t take another week of her long, sad face and the pity party Gwen keeps trying to drum up for her. I don’t think Braiden has been well served by his coach. Whenever she picks his songs, they are always the wrong ones for him and I don’t see her doing anything to really help him improve. But I do think he has talent and could be really good with the right coaching. I love his personality and I’m amazed at how well such a young kid can handle the kind of pressure they put these contestants through. So I say, give the kid one more chance!

    • pooki says:

      I 100% agree with you. Braiden is getting the short stick here. He has alot of talent. He just needed the right coach to help him grow as a performer. Gwen was not the one. She is way too concerned about her team members’ hair and clothing, and not enough concerned about vocals and song choices. Braiden is used to performing in his bands….not so much as a solo artist. So, he is still learning. Lighten up folks. Amy, Shelby, and even Jordan are one trick ponies….would you want to sit in a concert listening to them sing the same song over and over but with different words? Enough said.

      • Adake says:

        I completely agree with your comment about Braiden but couldn’t disagree more with your thoughts on Amy, Shelby and Jordan. They are completely different and far from one trick ponies. I’d listen to any of them in concert, especially Jordan. Now Blake’s country team, that’s another matter.

      • kevstar says:

        Sorry. Just because you decree, Enough said, doesn’t end the discussion. Are you actually suggesting that Braiden is a better singer than Jordan, Amy or Shelby?
        Some people accuse Adele of singing the same song over and over, but with different lyrics.Well, she didn’t completely changed what she did, and LOOK HOW THAT TURNED OUT! By the way, Sia showed them all how to sing live! Incredible.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Was Sia lipsynching? I can never tell with her specifically. She’s either the most amazing singer ever because her live performances are flawless, or she lipsynchs like a champion.

          • analythinker says:

            Get outta my head! That’s exactly what I was thinking! I even paid close attention to her throat and she didn’t seem to pull any muscle, heh.

          • Timmah says:

            I would think it’d be hard to sync up with those natural breaks she has in her voice that seem to occur spontaneously, but who knows. Either way she is amazing.

        • pooki says:

          Enough said was on my part, not a decree. I am definitely not saying that Braiden is a better singer than Amy, Shelby, and Jordan. But I personally like to hear different genres from singers…some upbeat, some rock, some jazz, some ballad. Mix it up. But so far, I don’t hear variety from them. I love their voices; song choices not do much.

      • pdamico says:

        Wasn’t Gwen the only one who turned around for Braiden? Or am I misremembering?

      • Anita Dees says:

        Hallelujah is a musically great but emotionally complex song. Jordan hit the notes perfectly, added a few of his own flourishes and missed the point entirely. There is a ferocity at the core of that song. It is about betrayal, a tragic fall and redemption. Jordan never got close. Yet, i’m afraid there are people who will praise him now, regardless of how badly her performs, especially when the song refers to God in some way.

    • Thank you, Lynda. You are so right. Your post was a refreshing change from all the people spewing hate towards a 15 year old boy.

    • Lynda says:

      Can I just say, I was right about Braiden! His rendition of Amazing Grace was spot on and showed his heart as well as his wonderful voice. America was right in saving him and giving him another chance. Well done, Braiden – you have my votes!

  16. Raleigh says:

    I love Korin for who she is. Felt sorry for her to have to go out that way. She deserved better. Her singing is good but she wouldn’t have made it past next week’s bloodbath-to-be. Nor should Braiden, Zach, Shelby, Emily Ann, or Barrett IMHO. Give me Amy, Jeffery, Jordan, and Madi as the final 4 and I’ll be happy.

    My favorite is Amy probably just because I’m into that smooth jazz thing. And her being drop dead gorgeous doesn’t hurt… But they’ve been polishing the crown for Jordan from the blinds so just enjoy the next two weeks and don’t worry about it…

  17. Lindsey says:

    As far as next week goes I’m not sure it’s going to be all that great to watch.
    1. Jordan- in
    -but in my opinion he isn’t as wonderful as everyone has made him out to be. He is often flat, his high notes make me cringe and he hasn’t shown any real connection to the lyrics. An entire album of what he has done thus far would be BORING
    2. Emily Ann-in
    -She’s inconsistent but when she’s practiced and seems comfortable she does a pretty job.
    3. Madi or Amy
    I personally really like Madi but I’m also a sucker for singer songwriters. I love a good story teller. And Madi may have a few issues with runs but she’s only gotten and will continue to get better
    Amy is good and has a nice breezy sound but she gets swallowed up by the instruments.
    4. Barrett or Jeffery
    Barretts personality is off putting and his pronunciation is awful. Its hard to know what he’s saying.
    Jeffery seems to put his heart in what he’s singing but he’s often flat.

    And for good measure.
    Shelby needs more time.
    Zach can’t sing and move. Maybe he just can’t sing. I stopped listening week’s ago.
    Braiden do I even need to go there..

    All in all this is a lack luster season and won’t produce that elusive superstar people seem to be asking for..

    • Russ N says:

      I think Jordan is in
      Jeffery is in
      Blake will have one in, giving it to Emily Ann for now
      that leaves Amy, Madi, and Barrett fighting it out for the fourth spot.
      Shelby at this point seems to only have the slimmest of hope to make it.
      Zach and Braiden are gone.

  18. Dave Wilson says:

    Braiden got this far because he’s the cute little kid. A country singer always wins because the country crowd is the the biggest voting block. The last two male black singers to be eliminated were outstanding but I guess people think they need a distinctive style because sounding like another in a long line of outstanding black singers isn’t enough.

  19. Jim Dorsey says:

    Ugh. You called it exactly.
    Can’t even watch.

  20. Angel says:

    Am I the only one who noticed that Zachary messed up the lyrics a bit last night? Carson and the coaches didn’t call him out for it. I felt bad for Korin, she knew she messed up, but they didn’t need to harp on her over and over again about it. She pretty much gave up, and I can’t blame her. Braiden needs to go, and so does Zach, they need more experience to make it in the industry. The top 3 should be Jeffery, Jordan, Madi for sure. The rest of them minus the two I said should go, are ok but no one is steller.

  21. kevstar says:

    I’m with Slezak. Stop with the pageant contestant questions! PUH-LEEZE!

  22. pdamico says:

    Clearly, all of the pimping for Jordan Smith is working, because his performance of Hallelujah was so, so uninspired. The fact they gave Jeffery the opening spot cements not a little contestant favoritism on their part. There’s no other explanation for why Jeffery didn’t close the show with his scintillating performance. I really want him to win.

    I have not been a big Zack fan throughout this process. I still don’t like his song choices, but he’s a natural onstage. There was not one iota of self-consciousness in his performance, and I just love it when I see that.

    Two big disagreements with Michael this week: i loved the sax in Madi’s otherwise above average rendition of GJWHF, and I’m on record as being fully supportive of no post performance coaching critiques at any stage when America does the voting. We’ve all seen how that can be used for evil manipulation and voter influence. It’s one of the many things The Voice does differently and wisely.

    The way Korin handled her failed Twitter Save performance was beyond admirable. I can’t say this enough: 99.9 out of every 100 people would have either broken down during the song or afterwards. She did neither. Her incredibly deceptive strength just convinces me that young woman is destined for a higher purpose than any pop career could fulfill.

    • Lucie says:

      Agree with you about Jordan. He has a beautiful voice, but all he does is sing the song. I love Hallelujah but I ff’d through his rendition.

    • TTorvo says:

      Excellent comment, especially about Korin and her higher purpose. I agree and hope she pursues a profession where she can make a significant contribution. Go Korin!

    • Anita Dees says:

      You are so right about Jordan’s version of Hallelujah! It was hollow.

      • Lizzie says:

        I think Jordan wouldn’t mind going home, he seems to have had his fill of the process of the Voice – he doesn’t love it, and it shows in his performances. I like his voice, but I don’t know that I would pay for any of his music. I get that others will.

  23. Betsy says:

    Braiden should’ve been the one to go weeks ago. He’s sweet and has some talent but he’s way way waaaaayyyyyy outta his league. It’s ridiculous that he’s still there and some other contestants aren’t.

  24. Scott Frankel says:

    This twitter save is ridiculous. Being on the west coast I cant even watch and then vote. With that said this week makes no difference. whoever made it through will be gone in next weeks bloodbath.

  25. Allie says:

    I felt terrible for Korin. She really blew it but after 3 weeks at the bottom the stress must have really gotten to her. I used to enjoy Gwen but sadly, I think the situation with her personal life has really done her in this season. Every comment to her team was about her – even all of Jeffrey’s songs (her best contestant by far) are about jealousy, betrayal and romance gone bad. Korin was made into her clone which was a dang shame because the girl can actually sing. and she looked a lot better with her glasses and brown hair. Even Sunshine was made into her kid rather than the best he could be individually. Gwen needs to pull it together before she tries to coach anyone else – I say this with love and understanding because it is tough to NOT be narcissistic when your life is falling apart but this type of show isn’t about her and she is doing these people a disservice.

    • pooki says:

      Agree. Gwen makes it all about her. Very poor coaching. I think Rihanna would be an amazing coach. She really knows a great deal about music and gave excellent advice. Gwen wouldn’t know a vibrato from a falsetto.

      • davmon says:

        Very likely Gwen AND Blake have been very distracted this season–the divorces and their rebound relationship. They put together mediocre teams from the Blinds (only Jeffery was great!) and after stealing Ellie [Her] and Nadjah [Him], dropped them the next week in favor of mediocrity. She is vamping it up as if lounging in her boudoir; and He is watching her more than the stage. I do not mean to be mean; they are both likeable. But she DOES come off as too much about the surface presentation. With her team and with herself. She comes off as a live-action dress-up doll. And is constantly dressing up her team….I am aware, though, that the current fixation on celebrity-over-talent means that anything-to-get-attention may be a useful prescription to achieving your “15 minutes” but real talent is necessary for staying power.

        • pdamico says:

          SMH. I think that despite making some obvious mistakes, they’ve both done an amazing, professional job considering the dual nightmares they’ve been dealing with.

        • Sally says:

          I agree completely with your comment that Gwen comes off as a live-action dress up doll and is vamping it up like she is lounging in her boudoir. Gwen and Blake have turned the Voice into the Gwen Stefani fashion show. Instead of a 46 year old woman with three kids, she dresses and acts like a teenager. It was creepy how she went on and on about how she connected with 17 year old Korin and when she gave a Korin a makeover, Korin looked and acted eerily just like Gwen’s clone. Gwen even tweets pictures of herself in her Marilyn Monroe hairdos, blood red lipstick and false eyelashes and ridiculous gaudy costumes that no one could wear out in public without being laughed at and says if you want to look like her to go to her website. And she dressed up 15 year old Braiden to look like a 40 year old crooner. And you’re right about Blake too. All he does is look at and talk about Gwen. She’s into herself and he is into her.

  26. Barbara Tyler says:

    Each coach has a ace in the hole.
    Adam, Jordan
    Gwen, Jeffrey
    Pharrel, Madi
    Blake, Emilyann
    Those are the final 4 absolutely and if not they should be.

    • Allie says:

      I hope you are right! I suspect Barrett and Zach will knock 2 of those out….maybe even Shelby. But I agree with you.

      • Sally says:

        I also hope Jordan, Jeffrey, Madi and Emily Ann make it to the finals but with nine singers, it will come down to song choice and how many people download their songs. Jordan, Emily Ann and Amy have been in the top 10 multiple times and Amy was the only singer who placed higher than Jordan. Jeffrey has only cracked the top 10 twice and Barrett and Madi once. If they come in high on the I Tunes charts, Barrett or Amy could very well knock out Madi and Jeffrey but I doubt if Shelby or Zach would. They have consistently fallen below the other singers on the I Tunes. Even though Shelby was number 10 and Zach 20, they ranked seventh and eighth out of the ten. Last week Shelby only made it to 99 and Zach has never been higher than 20.

  27. Andres says:

    Anyone else find it funny that braiden had a hard time breathing in harder to breath

  28. palmergalkat says:

    The bottom two were correct by the Itunes charting. But it should have been Braiden that went home. Everyone else including Korin hit in the top 50 and he didn’t even chart with Raioactive…..ugh…. well knew she’d go sooner or later but…really people??? What are you thinking????

  29. Jessi says:

    i’m happy that braiden was saved. because you are an asshole.

  30. Nhoney says:

    Korin had a good performance on Monday. Braiden, on the other hand, had a poor song choice for his style of singing. He is not a rock star. I thought Korin should have been saved.

  31. Lani says:

    It was Braiden’s time to go! He’s the weakest of the top ten and was lucky to have made it this far. BTW, Korin has been lucky too. If she had completed the song there is no doubt Braiden would’ve been a goner. However, it all fairness, I was at the lives last night and his performance sounded astronomically better live. I actually liked it okay. However, Braiden’s maintained with the mercy-cute vote, that’s all. If he steered away from the rock, it may have been palatable. Either way, they were both my bottom two. I am sad for Korin. It was painful to watch. However Braiden sounded like a wounded farm animal and was worse than a lack of lyrics. Sorry Braiden. Don’t want to crush your dreams. You just need 5 more years.

  32. The vote was really close America loves an underdog and Korin really fit that slot tonight. Does it really matter who went home tonight. I don’t want to use the word blank bath, so overused here tonight lol. My fave is Madi, second fave, Jeffrey

  33. Laura says:

    I’m disappointed that Korin will not be in semifinals. She is more unique than Sunshine and much better singer. Sunshine has seemed to me to be completely created for each week whereas Korin has a touching, honest delivery. America got it wrong.

  34. Jisun says:

    Sure, Korin forgot 60 percent of the lyrics. However, I must say the song suits her voice. I don’t know, I liked how vulnerable she was throughout the whole song. I’d say, this is her second best performance next to “Samson”.

  35. Linda Coffey says:

    I would love to have Jordan Smith sing the Christmas song “Oh Holy Night” it’s a very difficult powerful song and I believe he could do it justice and give us all chills once again! Please record this song Jordan. I will buy it! My favorite Christmas song ever!!

  36. Lucie says:

    Aren’t Amy, Jeffrey and Barrett the only contestants over 18? Emily Ann seems like the only young contestant who knows what type of artist she wants to be, not that there is anything wrong with the others finding their way, it just means they are too inexperienced to be in this competition. I really wish they would rework this format. So much time is spent up front that the end seems really rushed.

    • Sally says:

      Jordan is in his 20s so there are only four out of nine contestants who aren’t teenagers. I’d like to see a separate show for teens and one for adults. And any person who has had a recording career should not qualify for the show. That would even the playing field.

    • CMC says:

      I disagree. Madi is very clear on the type of artist she wants to be and she’s darn good at it

  37. Gail says:

    They both were awful and need to go. Star Jones new track seems pretty generic like many other R&B singers out there, sorry never got her appeal.

  38. Gail says:

    is it me or is Gwen seemingly a little in different/jealous of Amy. Maybe because in addition to being stunningly beautiful her voice is exceptional. her earlier Pocahontas, it was ridiculous.

    • pdamico says:

      I don’t know whatever has given you that impression, but Gwen doesn’t strike me as the jealous type. At all. Quite the opposite. She comes off as kind and compassionate and giving. I also don’t get these narcissist accusations. I agree she made some major missteps with Korin, but she seems to have genuinely bonded with her contestants. She’s just sharing, not “making it all about her.”

    • Lizzie says:

      Amy caught Blake’s eye early on, and I thought maybe that was the kind of girl he’s interested in after Miranda, but she hasn’t responded to any of the earlier flirt efforts that Blake offered up. That may irritate Gwen some. And anyone who can actually sing may irritate Gwen, because she’s not much in the vocals department, she’s all about what she wears, how much makeup she can pile on, and doing a lame pose on the stage during her singing attempts. Maybe if Dolly Parton does a good job with mentoring next week, give her a try in the Coach’s chair. Or any woman who has had an actual career in singing and performance, not whatever Gwen is. I would like to see an anti-Christina, because she too has that desire to create mini-me contestants, not make them into the best they can be as themselves.

      • Sally says:

        I agree that Amy is a beautiful singer where Gwen just shouts her songs looking like a made up, fashionable wind-up doll. She even makes arm and leg movements like a robot. I disagree that Dolly Parton would be a good coach. Just like Gwen and Christina, she is all about herself and looking good. Dolly Parton wears wigs, had breast implants, never goes anywhere without her makeup and has had so much Botox and plastic surgery that in her 60s she looks like she is wearing a mask. Parton admits everything about her is fake. She even wrote a song in which she calls herself a Backwoods Barbie. Reba McIntire would be a better coach because she was a good mentor when she was on the show.

  39. Alisa says:

    I would like to see Madi sing Amy Lee – Evanescence ‘s song “Good Enough” next week while playing the piano and Leona Lewis’ version of “Run” the week after. Madi’s voice is so good and she’s so talented. She needs to explore her vocal to show the viewers how good she is. And these two songs will make her shine.

  40. Cyndee says:

    I thought I was one of few who winced at Braiden’s song choice. Guess not. Must be why you’re my favorite review journalist … you nail it 99% of the time. Voters only see missed lyrics though … no surprise there. Of all the songs Korin could have chosen to sing, why do one that risky unless it was solid?? Dear Gwen: These are a mentor issues, I think. Hope there are better choices next week or you’ll be down to one. :(

  41. katina says:

    Amy’s voice always sounds the same, you can barley hear her, she has never done any high notes in her song choices and could never hold a high not for any length of time, she is just a Boring singer.

  42. Anita Dees says:

    I have noticed that older viewers have a tough time with Braiden’s age.and youthful appearance. He has power, range and (according to the sheet music and my piano) good pitch control. Whether we like it or not, musical talent often manifests early. Though Braiden is even physically young for his actual age,.his understanding and interpretation of songs is advanced for his age and life experience. He had a hard time with “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons. Who among the contestants could have handled it easily?

  43. Oh No says:

    Gwen was the cause of Korin going downhill through the show rather than performing stronger. Gwen tried to change her looks so she was a Mini-Me of Gwen and allowing or suggesting Korin sing the most downbeat songs. Korin needs to show she had some excitement in her not to sing one dreary song after another. I think Korin has an amazing voice but Gwen was absolutely not the right coach for her. Gwen ws Korin’s downfall. I’ll miss watching you Korin and I was voting for you. How sad.

  44. These young artists are ALL WINNERS! Korin’s performance was actually “artistic” as in the “Art Imitates Life” moment for us all to see and experience through her. Did you ever “Falter…Doesn’t Matter.. Adia?” If we listen to all the songs she performed on The Voice she shared with us many of the things that make us human. Connect the dots. She is Adia as are we all! Let’s move past the superficial and illusory state of this planet and get real.We all need to walk a mile in her shoes. Kudos to this fine young woman. I think since The Voice can and does change the rules they should be creative in some way to acknowledge this fine performer – it was a first for a two time save and three time elimination round for her. She can be and is an inspiration to us all as she continues to grow in beauty and grace – especially under pressure and hot lights! and right before our eyes!

  45. MrTemecula says:

    I thought Korin was singing the Mmmm, Mmmmm, Mmmmm song.

    How does Braiden’s hair go from straight to curly so quickly?

    I keep expecting Lady Gaga to return to her wacky-pop-dance roots. But nobody needs Gaga when Sia fills that void admirably.

  46. kevin rocque says:

    I was (messmerrized!) as I saw DEJAVU hit Korin in the face! I am really grateful for the absolute honesty of live performance. No dodging that bullet. Korin was facing horror before she opened her mouth. And it was on her face. What a lesson for us all, having the face our greatest fears. Nothing to fear but fear itself. She could have walked away the victor again had she rallied her faith. They both are amazing singers!

  47. JMay says:

    I really like(d) Korin but it was clear that the process had become too much for her. I was sad for her, actually, and my wife was bawling for her.