Supergirl Full Season

Supergirl Picked Up for Full Season

Supergirl will remain airborne through (at least) Spring 2016.

CBS on Monday ordered an additional seven episodes of Greg Berlanti’s super-fun DC drama, bringing its Season 1 total to 20 episodes. Although that’s technically two episodes shy of a traditional full-season order, CBS is calling it a “full season” pickup.

Supergirl premiered in October with 13 million viewers and a 3.1 rating, tying NBC’s Blindspot as this fall’s biggest freshman launch. The show’s numbers have since fallen to Earth, with its most recent episode drawing a series-low 7.2 million/1.5 rating.

CBS notes that Supergirl has improved the year ago time period by 46 percent in viewers and 40 percent in adults 18-49.

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  1. U. says:

    Should have been CW?

  2. Emmy says:

    i sense trouble…

    • D says:

      After watching Jessica Jones, this show seems like such a joke

      • DavidJ says:

        It’s Supergirl. How dark and serious do you really expect a show like this to get? The Raimi Spider-Man movies probably seem just as cheesy and cornball compared to something like Daredevil and Jessica Jones, but that doesn’t mean you suddenly can’t enjoy them anymore (well, at least the first two).

        • “It’s Supergirl” is not an excuse. Peter David’s version was also Supergirl and he managed to make it compelling without making it cheap, and that one was D A R K. It had demons, it had sex, it had S&M. This idea people have of Supergirl colored by the 60’s is outdated.

        • I actually hope this new version of Super-girl makes it. I actually can enjoy it with my 11 year old daughter. I’m glad to see something out their that has flying caped super hero’s in it without a lot of cursing, cussing, sex, blood and gore. I mean come on. Look at all the disappointed children that wanted to see Dare Devil and couldn’t because it was too grown up. When I was a little girl, we had Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman, Adam West and Dick York as Batman and Robin, Lee Majors and Lindsay Wagner as the Six Million Man and Bionic Woman. Kids had fun with these shows. What do we really have now? I applaud CBS for such a fun clean show that brings back the idea of what Super Hero’s should be like in my youth. Don’t give in to low ratings or pressure and jerk it. I’m looking forward to the Flash, Green Arrow cross over team up. The fact that they brought in Helen Slater who was the original Super-Girl from the 80’s and Dean Cain from Lois and Clark to play her adoptive parents was a smart move. I also am loving all these villains. Hank Henshaw as the Martian Man-hunter? How cool is that. Laura Vandervoort is putting her Bitten also aka Super-Girl in Small-ville aside and playing a villain in next weeks episode as Indigo. This show has the makings to be something great as long as CBS doesn’t get cold feet. I will be watching every Monday night along with my 11 year old to watch our newest heroin as she fights the bad guys. :)

      • tvjunkie says:

        Not every superhero needs to be dark and broody.

        • sccates says:

          I quite agree – on it’s own terms SUPERGIRL is great light entertainment and a nice distraction from all of the dark shows on air right now.
          I’m definitely hooked!

      • Z says:

        I like both shows… different styles and characters but both enjoyable

      • Vince says:

        That hoe ain’t a good role model

  3. retsim says:

    Whether it gets a second season will depend on how this season develops .Hope it does well.

  4. David says:

    Wonder if the rumors this weekend going around that if the show was picked up they would do a crossover with The Flash in the spring had something to do with this?

  5. Its ratings versus what the timeslot did a year ago = pick up.

    • herman1959 says:

      You said it – ratings – that’s all they care about.

      • It’s comparative ratings, really. If the show is doing better than what the timeslot did a year ago, of course they’re going to keep it — at least until the ratings get so low that the improvement is lost, at which point they’ll try to get them back up, i.e. a crossover with Flash, an appearance by Superman, etc.

        • herman1959 says:

          Yes, I realize we are dealing with comparatives, but the point seemed so obvious I didn’t feel I had to mention it. I always give other people that amount of credit.

        • canadian ninja says:

          It’s not what the timeslot did a year ago. It’s what the other shows on the network are doing. Networks generally keep their top performing shows in the 18-45 (or whatever) demo and dump the ones with the lowest rating in the demo. Overall viewship counts, probably more at CBS than other networks but the main thing they’re looking at is demo numbers among the shows they air.

          • Well, the story cites, and I quote, “”CBS notes that Supergirl has improved the year ago time period by 46 percent in viewers and 40 percent in adults 18-49.”” so it is the time period/slot.

  6. Daniel says:

    They’d be airing shows awfully late/in March, maybe in summer with 22 since they debuted so late. Maybe by doing the math… CBS figured they only needed 20 episodes.

  7. Vince says:

    20 only? It’s dead. Come May it’ll get axed.

  8. Joey Padron says:

    Glad the show got a full season pickup. It’s been good so far.

  9. Phun says:

    Great news! Made my Monday morning. Totally understand the 20 episodes vs the normal 22 episodes because it is expensive to make because of the SFX.

  10. Dean says:

    Christmas came early!

  11. Colleen says:

    Yea for this! I’m also curious to see if this season we start to see the tide turn on what a full season pick up is from the networks (not that it will stop the internet mob and cancellation bears from making comments)

  12. KC says:

    Big mistake

  13. Susan says:

    Don’t like this show and don’t understand why they cancel good shows and keep trash!

  14. Ray says:

    Anyone remember Stalker on CBS? Another high profile, off-brand drama that was granted 20 episodes, only to be cancelled because of declining ratings. Supergirl is this year’s Stalker.

    • tvjunkie says:

      Yeah critics panned that show from the beginning. It had no support in the press and no good buzz. No buzz and poor ratings will get you cancelled. The majority bad buzz for Supergirl are coming from the nerdy fanboys and people who wanted yet another stereotypical broody superhero.

    • Kevin says:

      Its not stalker This started over a month later than all their other shows. It also takes way longer to make because of special effects. They Are only at ep 12-13 now in production while most shows is on ep 16. It makes perfect sense for 20 ep. For season 1

  15. DavidJ says:

    Awesome news. I won’t deny the writing could get a bit sharper (and maybe a bit less cheesy and cornball), but it’s still a really fun and entertaining show and a nice change from all the other dark and gritty stuff on TV these days.

  16. TiredofTripe says:

    Apparently, the “Supergirl” casting of a teenage Superman causes a continuity error within the show’s own mythology.

    Soon CBS will announce crossovers of some of the superheroes of CW’s shows. 

  17. Mr. Tran K says:

    Having 20 episodes of Supergirl is a good idea even though the series’ numbers haven’t been setting the place on fire. I’m enjoying much of the story lines so far this season and it’s too early to tell if Supergirl is going to survive the rookie season and I hope that it won’t get canceled (fingers crossed).

    • John NYC says:

      AND here’s hoping they don’t just run out of gas like many shows with promise far beyond this one (Dark Angel? sniff) have done heading into their second year. This is far more traditional than DA but evenso, always a danger as I see it. They get that first year running out the clever string that they sold with the pilot and pitch and then all of a sudden… ANOTHER year? More likely Blindspot and Quantico could fall victim to that I suspect.

  18. Clandestine Green says:

    I hope the “back 7” episodes are better than what we have seen. The show is pretty bad. The writing…the casting…the characters and the acting are all sub-par.

  19. John NYC says:

    Nice to see, fun show.

  20. Eoin says:

    I predict that The Flash crossover will be announced in January, by May The CW will announce their picking up the show. To cut the budget Calista Flockhart and David Harewood get fired, the show reboots and focuses more on her superhero duties and does not include a fake job.

  21. Drew says:

    Not psyched by this news, and a definitely don’t want any crossovers with better shows (if those rumors are true). I’ve been giving this show some time to improve, but it just hasn’t. It is like a bad 1980’s superhero show, and we have come so far since then that it is painful to watch. If this were airing on Saturday morning, I think that my expectations would be different, but it’s not. This show is supposed to be in the same market as The Flash, Arrow, Gotham, Daredevil and Jessica Jones. At the moment, it’s not even up to Agents of SHIELD’s level… which is bad.
    I get that Superman/Supergirl is supposed to be brighter and more fun, but that doesn’t automatically mean that it’s supposed to be bad.
    The approach was all wrong. They went back to Donner’s Superman and ripped everything off from there. We have come such a long way since then, it sucks to see them copy an approach that was so far off base.

    • Z says:

      Well I like it more than you… Its a fun enjoyable show… I would probably make some changes in the supporting cast and ditch the DEO stuff but I do like the actress and her character a lot.

      • Drew says:

        The DEO stuff is the CBS element. They don’t know how to have a series without a poorly lit room that’s filled with computer monitors. Honestly, people… that’s just not good for your eyes.
        The supporting cast is odd, I agree. They have Jimmy Olsen, but they call him Winn (based on Toy Man). Then they have a new character that they call Jimmy Olsen. I don’t get the thinking behind any of this. Calista was miscast as Cat. She just doesn’t pull off that type of character as well as some like Emma Caulfield could.
        The actors themselves are fine, but the roles they were cast in and the writing of the scenes that they act in are not very good.

        • Z says:

          The DEO stuff actually reminds me of the old “Superboy” tv show from the 80s where in the third season he went to work for a similar sort of organization.. I’m actually fine with Calista in her role… but neither of the two guys has any chemistry with Melissa, which might be why they are adding her real life husband to the show.

    • John NYC says:

      I like it, not “bad” at all and that it’s lighter is exactly what I find most appealing, if I want to watch doomed lovers have noisy sex against a moldy wall there’s Jessica Jones, for balance there’s Supergirl.

      • John NYC says:

        Perhaps I’m assisted by having no idea who “Donner” might be and even less interest in finding out.

      • Drew says:

        Again, I don’t need it to be dark and gritty. The Flash is fun, brightly colored and still manages to be interesting. Supergirl could be all of these things, if it were written well and if the characters were remotely appealing. The more enjoyable character on the show is Winn, but even he doesn’t come across as natural and fun. He comes across as the cliche character that he really is.
        The show is lacking it’s Chloe Sullivan, it’s Felicity Smoak (classic, not season 3 and 4), it’s Cisco Ramon… It’s also lacking it’s Lois Lane, it’s John Diggle… oh, hell, it’s lacking everyone interesting. :-)
        If you can enjoy it, more power to you. I just can’t. It gives off too many Lois & Clark vibes.

  22. Azerty says:

    I will keep watching but if they really want to secure the show they should do the crossover with The Flash.

    • John NYC says:

      CBS and CW might be a difficult matchup.

      • LT says:

        You know CBS owns half of The CW, right? Thus the “C”…with the “W” being their other owner Warner Bros.

        • John NYC says:

          Even internal segments can be competitors right?

          • herman1959 says:

            I discounted the crossover rumors at first because I figured that by the time The Flash writers had time to work in the story line (the later half of 2B), Supergirl could be cancelled. But now that CBS has guaranteed 20 episodes, it could work.

        • John NYC says:

          But let’s say okay (both being Berlanti after all so the show people would have communication): have there been any precedents of crossover between these two corporate segments?

          • Drew says:

            Buffy and Angel crossed over, even after Buffy moved to UPN. I know that others shows crossed over between networks too, but can’t remember. It’s rare, but it happens.
            I just hope that it doesn’t happen here. The Flash is crossing over with/setting up enough shows already.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      King Shark being in the Flash I think is a hint at a possible crossover. Plus the hinted at Atlantis storyline on Flash. With both networks an finances working together they could really make an awesome crossover, they should also consider the Grodd, Gorilla city storyline for this crossover as well if they do it.

  23. Jeri says:

    Good show & cast. They do a really good job with the story and get you invested in the outcome for everyone.

  24. Luis says:

    Hard to imagine the show wouldn’t get a full season, given the amount of advertising CBS invested.

  25. I have been enjoying the new Supergirl show and it is improving. I would have to say that episode 6 (red faced) really kicked it up several notches! It was an impressive episode. I especially liked the scene where Supergirl brought out her anger, or even rage, to fight Red Tornado. A very powerful scene! Nicely done CBS!

  26. Jin Jin says:

    This show is pure garbage, poorly written, and cheap humour.

  27. Brian L says:

    ah the disenchanted geeks on here are upset Supergirl is not all dark and violent! After all, in mommy’s basement, they long for murder, mayhem and all that stuff!! Too bad folks!! If you want monsters and mayhem watch Gotham— even Flash is far more upbeat than Arrow.

  28. Brian L says:

    ah the disenchanted geeks on here are upset Supergirl is not all dark and violent! After all, in mommy’s basement, they long for murder, mayhem and all that stuff!! Too bad folks!! If you want monsters and mayhem watch Gotham— even Flash is far more upbeat than Arrow of course the geeks on here, mostly teenboys can’t stomach the idea of female superheroes on their own.

  29. Phoenix5634 says:

    Supergirl should do a Flash/Arrow crossover next year, with the Flash’s Gorilla City ( Grodd/ Solovar ) or King Shark an the hinted at, Atlantis storyline. It’d be pretty awesome a 3 part crossover, but writers and show runners better get planning soon.

  30. Sheila Alene says:

    Supergirl is awesome! Oh yea!!

  31. Tim Fox says:

    What is with the strange episode numbering of Supergirl? I ask because I can’t seem to find episode 2 and it looks like there’s really no episode 3.