Shadowhunters: New Trailer Reveals Clary's Demon-Hunting Destiny

Shadowhunters‘ Clary Fray (Katherine McNamara) has a new mantra to live by: “Kill the demons, protect the humans.” Sounds simple enough, right?

ABC Family on Sunday released a new trailer for the upcoming supernatural drama (Jan. 12, 9/8c) based on Cassandra Clare’s best-selling Mortal Instruments books, and it looks like our half-angel heroine will need a little convincing before she’s ready to take on her new opponents.

Fortunately, Clary — who discovers on her 18th birthday that she’s a human-angel hybrid destined to battle some very literal demons — has more than one good-looking guide to help her navigate the strange new world, including Jace (Dominic Sherwood) and Isabelle (Emeraude Toubia).

Hit PLAY on the new trailer above, then drop a comment with your thoughts below: Are you pumped for Shadowhunters?

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  1. SayCheese says:

    Austin Butler should have been Jace

  2. Ray says:

    Clary’s hair color is so jarring. I don’t know how on earth I will be able to focus on the plot when all I will be thinking about is the preternatural flame orange hue of her follicles.

  3. gina says:

    I can’t wait for this series! It looks so much better than the movie. :)

  4. Shaun says:

    The Demons look terrible,and the show in general is fluff and a cheap look.

  5. Alice says:

    It all looks so fake. Maybe it this were ten years ago. But production values have gotten higher on supernatural shows. The fake hair (seriously it’s coil perfect and flame orange- I am supposed to believe this girl does anything other than sit around in a makeup chair all day?) Every costume they have her in is impractical black leather that is cut to her navel. Why? It’s so bad it’s insulting. Pass.

    • Macy says:

      You do realize that they are STILL editing and adding effects and everything. Why do you think each trailer they have released has looked slightly better than the one before it. Making a tv show is a process with lots of editing. As for the hair, the color is how it was described in the book. She was a tomboy in the books, but that doesn’t mean she can’t make her hair look good? I have plenty of friends that are tomboys and look great! If it’s still that way during fights and stuff, then I see your point, but otherwise, not really. Clothing I agree with you on, but not like it’s going to change anything. I am just going to enjoy it for what it is.

  6. Alyssa says:

    Please stop complaining about her hair color, it’s perfect and how it’s described in the books! I think Shadowhunters will be a very good series, I can’t wait til the premiere!!

  7. M says:

    I really loved the cast in the Movie, thought they were on point and REAL, like not fully perfect looking-being but realistically interesting and neatly portrayed. What shade Lily’s hair is is irrelevant because it doesn’t feel that important, at least not to me. The cast did a wonderful job at giving an honest identity to each of their characters. It wasn’t perhaps perfect in every scene but the movie was rushed and I hated that the script had many of its great lines that for example Jace or Valentine had, were misplaced in different scenes than the book originally had them intended to be in. Although the first book had so many stories that i can see why it turned the way it did, thus it’s a shame that a second movie didn’t happen to balance out the first one. I kind liked that the movie went dark and there was some really cinematic scenes to enjoy.

    This show feels however worse than the movie. I mean, they changed too much, it looks so generic looking as does the cast. The only interesting characters in the new cast seem to be Alec and Magnus (and primary because their story wasn’t featured much in the movie) while the rest are just bland-looking-some-good-looking stereotypes. They should’ve let Kat have her natural red hair than having her dye it more stronger, and Dom looks like any buff guy there is out there, not at all jacely beautiful or mysterious to me, and he looks like he’s older than Alec, a lot older. I feel Dom would’ve been perfect for playing Sebastien, that would’ve been perfect! Especially since dark hair suites him so much better than this yellowish shade! Clary in the book isn’t supposed to be looking like this beautiful or sexy club-chick, but kind of normally beautiful but mostly cute girl but Jace is supposed to be the beautiful, looking like a sculpture one. Jace is also not supposed to be too buff, though have muscles, as he is actually only 16 years old which people keep forgetting. Anyways, I can understand why they had to change their ages in the show in order to make Clary to be a sexy chick and Dom, the buff boy though so far their previews look messy and cheap. Awful script. The actor’s chemistry may though save them, so we’ll see.

    Overall, it has a complete Buffy vs An awful remake of Star Wars, to it so far, making it feel outdated. It doesn’t feel like mortal instruments as per se. I feel most fans will tune it because you are a fan and you take what you can get from this, I guess , I know I will give a try. I bet though that Malec will be the story-arc carrying this show.

  8. Gpat says:

    Just my opinion but I don’t know what was wrong with ABC family – with the breakdown of families today it was nice that there was something – even if it was in name only that appeal to a family. I can only speak for my family we love ABC family during Christmas time especially