Once Upon a Time Dark Hook

Once Upon a Time Recap: Dread Pirate — Hook's Very Dark Plan Is Revealed

For all the loopiness of last episode’s Double Dark Ones (Extra Dark Ones?) twist, this Sunday’s Once Upon a Time mined the fallout — as well as the Camelot events leading up to the latest curse — for some choice confrontations.

IN CAMELOT…. | We saw “Rumple” tempt newly Dark Hook with the chance to “finally do what you never could do before — kill me, of course.” To do that back in Storybrooke, a Dark Curse would be required, and “Rumple” has a heart-crushing loophole in mind. But then newly Dark Emma shows up, only to be met by an angry Hook, who lambastes her for undoing his centuries spent quelling a bloodlust. Emma speaks of the future they were heading toward, together, which forces “Rumple” out of Hook’s mind. But later the apparition resurfaces to taunt Hook with the notion that Emma is hiding Excalibur  — which, it turns out, she is. Eventually, Emma hands over the sword to Hook, saying, “I do believe in you, I do trust you to control your own fight” with the Darkness. “I love you, and I will never try to control you again,” she adds, prompting Hook to echo the ILY and pull her into a kiss.

They return to Granny’s to see Merlin (who’s busy recording his “voice message” warning) — except that once there, it becomes clear that Hook was puling a fast one on Emma, because once she lied about hiding Excalibur, “all bets were off.” Hook plucks out Merlin’s heart, then magics Excalibur back into the stone whence it came. But how will crushing Merlin’s heart enact the curse? Because “Rumple” transforms into “Nimue,” and since “all the Dark Ones” are inside Hook, his crushing the pumper is as good as Merlin’s ex-love doing it herself. Emma warns Hook that in doing so he’ll be crushing his happy ending with her, but he laughs off the sentiment as the musings of her “lovesick puppy dog.” When Hook crushes Merlin’s heart and triggers the curse, Emma acts quickly to erase Hook’s memory of being a Dark One and casting the curse, and then memory-wipes the others, so that back in Storybrooke she can make the best of a very bad situation — albeit on her own, without help.

In related news, the dwarfs proved to be integral to this Camelot adventure. Grumpy’s gotta be glad he tagged along.

IN STORYBROOKE… | Regina and the Charmings find Emma in the wake of her confrontation with Hook and Zelena, who slapped the magic-sapping cuff on her. Regina and Snow chastise Emma for  not thinking of the consequences of turning Hook dark, even to save his life, as well as for the idea of killing Zelena as part of the grand plan. Snow then gets the idea to retrieve their memories to piece together Hook’s endgame — except the dreamcatchers are missing.

After Dark Hook challenges Rumplestiltskin to a duel at noon aboard the Jolly Roger, Rumple, Belle and the others convene to speculate about the pirate’s possible plan. Emma wants to help as well, but no one will remove the cuff for her — not even Henry, who sees through her desire to use dark magic to get things done all by her lonesome and not as part of a team, as in the old days.

Before heading off to the duel, Rumple acknowledges to Belle that “not wanting [him] to die” is not the same as wanting to be with him, so if he manages to survive, it is his vow to do “better by you, to love you the way I never could before,” to “be the man you deserve.” To that end, he invites her to meet him at the well, should he survive.

Hook meanwhile meets up with Emma, where he admits, “Of course I still have feelings for you: Anger. Hatred. Disappointment.” He says he now sees her for what she really is — “an anchor, nothing more than a pretty distraction.” When Emma warns that the Darkness is using him for its own purpose, he shrugs it off — as long as he gets what he wants in the end. For nasty measure, he chides Emma for pushing away the ones she loves, saying “that’s why you’ll always be an orphan,” destroying her happiness as she does quite well on her own.

Meanwhile, Regina reunites Zelena with Baby Hood, explaining that she and Robin have agreed — despite their better instincts — to let her be a part of the little one’s life, that maybe the unconditional love of a child can turn things around for her, as Henry did for Regina…. And Emma intercepts Henry at the library (where everyone has their noses buried in The Dark One Chronicles), beseeching him to help her with “Operation Cobra, Part II” — and he agrees, going so far as to remove the cuff for her when they find the dreacatchers protected by magic.

At the Jolly Roger, before the duel gets underway, Hook kindly first “fixes” Rumple’s limp, and then the longtime adversaries get to swashbuckling. Rumple manages to run Hook through with his plain ol’ sword, to little effect. Hook then slashes Rumple and pins him down, but gloats just long enough for Rumple to (literally) sandbag him. Rumple grabs Excalibur, but rather than finish Hook off, he lets his foe live with the knowledge that he was in fact bested.

Alas, Rumple would lose one this day, too, for upon reuniting with Belle at the well, she says that while “some part” of her will always love him, her heart has been broken too many times. When Rumple points out, “My heart is pure now, we have a chance to make this work,” she counters that she isn’t sure she wants to, that after so long a time mending his heart, it’s time to protect hers.

Meanwhile at the mayor’s office, when Emma restores everyone’s memories with the dreamcatchers, immediately realizes what Hook’s dark plan is. We then see Hook and “Rumple” at the pond where the Fury tried to drag Robin away. The apparition explains that with a drop of the blood of a man who died and came back — e.g. Rumplestiltskin, whose blood is on Hook’s… hook — they can open a portal to the Underworld. A boat then appears, and off it and across the water steps Nimue, who has all of the other Dark Ones with her, to do what they do best: Snuff out the light.

What did you think of this Season 5A’s penultimate episode?

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  1. HeatherM says:

    I cannot wait for what I now see is the ultimate plan for next week! (Which I’ll keep to myself) Needless to say, I think Killian Jones will have a FANTASTIC hero arc.

    • Lisa says:

      Personally, I have a strong belief that things are NOT as they appear. I may be completely wrong, but something that was said stuck with me.

      • spp138 says:

        Please share! I’m curious what quote is sticking with you

        • Lisa says:

          That the only way to remove the darkness was through Nimue. I believe they had to draw her out and that Hook is more able to draw her out than Emma. I think this had to take place in order to get rid of the Dark One altogether. Nimue had to be brought back. So, it’s possible it was planned to draw her out.

          • roy says:

            I agree it’s probably something along these lines. Merlin died way to easy to be the oldest, wisest, and most powerful character in the entire series…. It’s almost as if it had to be consensual.

    • Mary says:

      I think I know where you are going with this. I hope you are right

  2. laurelnev says:

    Glad this arc is coming to an end, as it’s been kind of boring. Don’t like the fact it was so easy to kill the oldest and most powerful sorcerer though, and I especially hate Belle not wating Rumple now he’s no longer so powerful. Kind of reverting to that fake Lacey personality in a way. And Hook is a kind of whiny Dark one. (Why he’s still Hook, when as a Dark One, he could easily magic up a brand new hand. Maube that old hand that Rumple has in his shop will come into play when it comes to “saving” Hook, something you know is coming.)

    • laurelnev says:

      Why he’s still Hook, when as a Dark One, he could easily magic up a brand new hand. Maube

      Should read Why he’s still Hook, when as a Dark One, he could easily magic up a brand new hand, is beyone me. Maybe…

    • abz says:

      I thought about the hand thing too, but I think since he’s been with it for hundreds of years that he has some sort of attachment to it. The hook also is a symbol I think of his darkness because that’s when his thirst for revenge started when Milah was murdered and Rumple cut off his hand. On the other hand though, it is a bit confusing considering he did want to have his hand back last season when he went on the date with Emma.
      Maybe its because I’ve never been a fan of Rumbelle, but I was happy when that happened. I’ve just always found them to be more interesting individually. Belle’s shining moment of the show for me was when she pushed Rumple over the town line last season. It kind of makes sense to me though. She still loves him, but he’s put her through so much. His new pure heart doesn’t erase anything right away. She needs to time away from him to grow as a character herself and not have everything about her revolve around Rumple (absence makes the heart grow fonder I guess).

      • DJ says:

        At first I was really really PO’ed at Belle for her reaction especially after how Rumple has changed and that this is how she always wanted him to be. That being said I absolutely understand that Belle would want to have some distance to reassess the whole situation now that he is really changed. After watching it again tonight I feel like she left the door open for them to get back together–it wasn’t a complete shutdown. I still strongly believe that Rumbelle is endgame. #Rumbellebeliever

    • Lia says:

      It isn’t that Belle doesn’t want Rumple because he isn’t powerful anymore, it’s because she has been in such an abusive relationship where everything was about him and she was always second fiddle for his love of power that, wow, now because she’s thinking about what she should do for her own sake she’s the bad person?! Not Rumple when he lied many times to her? I still think they’ll end up together (personally, I wish they weren’t, but wth), but Rumple did all the things he did while he was the Dark One because he wanted – we have spent the last episodes watching Emma fighting the Darkness and Rumple, right from the start, embraced it, losing Baefire and mistreating Belle for years. His heart is pure now not because of his choice – he wanted power more than anything and that everyone else just let him have whatever (and whoever) he wanted. At least for now, she’s doing the right thing – if they are supposed to be a couple, they should be equals, not doing it as a favor to him.

    • Josh says:

      What show are you watching? In what way does Belle not want Rumple back because he’s no longer powerful?

    • You Again??? says:

      I just KNEW you’d be one of the first ones here. Yet again saying how you didn’t like this episode or this season for that matter. Why do yiu come back evert Sunday if you have such huge problems with it. It perplexes me to the fullest.

  3. Jose says:

    WTH Belle & Once!!!!! Rumple turns into a Hero and now you dump him? That makes NO SENSE!!!!

    Hook must have taken her heart!!!

    • laurelnev says:

      You know, I was thinking it was Zelena. masquerading as Belle or something. See my comment about acting like Lacey. That is SO out of character for Belle…unless she really DOES only want a bad boy.

    • StephonJS says:

      technically they never got back together.

    • Mo says:

      I think it’s cause the actress is pregnant so they need to send her off, but yeah it was a bit weird. There probably could have been another way to do it.

  4. abz says:

    Okay that episode was really fun. Pre-Dark One Hook was still one of my favourite characters on the show, but I love Dark Hook. He’s definitely entertaining to watch. Also Dark Hook is way better than Dark Swan. Kind of makes me wish that they just abandoned the Dark Swan arc altogether and swapped it with Dark Hook from the beginning. As much as I like JMo, she has struggled with this arc acting-wise I think and she is better as just Savior Emma. Colin and Robert make for much better Dark Ones.
    Anyway, the episode was way better than the Mulan/Ruby/Merida snoozefest two weeks ago. Also, excited for the Underworld. The promo said that the finale is next week, but I remember there was scoop on this site a while back about a Regina/Hook adventure and an episode with Hook’s father. Anyone know when those episodes will air?

  5. StephonJS says:

    So what was the Regina and Hook connection that predates Queen of Hearts flashback?

  6. karakk says:

    You know, I had actually completely forgotten about the dwarves! Where have they been this whole time? They were even MIA from the diner. Some fanfic writer has really got to get on top of that. Maybe they had a fun little side adventure that didn’t involve so much murder and shouting.

    As for the episode, I really enjoyed it (as painful as it was). I’m still not sure I’m sold on the whiplash writing for Dark!Hook…and I’m still confused about how erasing memories somehow erases the darkness? But this is OUAT, where logic and follow-through often go to die. Still, all in all, it was entertainingly tragic. I’m curious to see how it all unfolds next week. I assume Hook dies, as everyone has speculated, but I’m interested if it’s a result of Emma killing him or him choosing to die (I vote for the latter).

    • abz says:

      I don’t think it erases the darkness, probably just suppresses it. If you have no recollection of becoming a Dark One, how are you supposed to act on it?

    • BM says:

      I’d say, erasing memories doesn’t erase the darkness. It just means Hook doesn’t know he has darkness in him. Emma wasn’t dark until she *decided* to give in to the darkness. She fought it. Hook doesn’t know there’s something he needs to fight against, there’s nothing tempting him because he doesn’t know it’s in him. If he doesn’t know, he can’t use it.
      If you look at Regina, she was pretty dark and she was never possessed, so it’s not all about the possession; it’s more about knowing about the darkness and using it to its power/being tempted into using its power. And when you don’t know something you can’t be tempted.

    • Jerry says:

      You mean the dwarves who demanded to come along this time because they always get left behind on adventures? Once has always managed it’s large cast very poorly, it’s sad.

    • DJ says:

      I think the theory about Hook sacrificing himself is very plausible and is in keeping with how they usually end the first part of the season. There’s always some big action that leads up to a conclusion of the current storyline and then they dive right into the cliffhanger. Can’t wait till next Sunday to see how this all pans out.

      • Lisa says:

        I keep thinking about what Merlin said. He told them that the only way to remove the darkness now is through Nimue. We know that Emma is fighting the darkness. Is it possible they both are putting on a ruse of sorts; to draw out Nimue?

        • John NYC says:

          Their exchanges in private seem to make that unlikely.

          • ninergrl6 says:

            Yeah if it was an act, would he be THAT cruel to her in private? I guess it’s possible maybe if he was going rogue & had his own plan apart from her. Still, he was BRUTAL in their one-on-one conversations. There’s no way they’re in on this alleged “get rid the darkness” plan together.

        • Elle says:

          I’m thinking that may be Hooks plan but that Emma probably isn’t in on it. Especially after reading comments about speculations by other viewers that seem to make sense.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      “Entertainingly tragic” — great way to describe the episode! As for Hook sacrificing himself, I definitely got that vibe during his duel with Rumple, like in the end he wanted to be put out of his misery. Maybe there is more to Dark Hook than meets the eye.

    • Pat says:

      I gave up wondering where the dwarves are. As for the actors who play the part, I can just hear them in my head singing “Hi Ho, Hi Ho it’s off the show we go, again” as they exited their last scene.

  7. DucksSayQuack says:

    I don’t understand why Hook didn’t look different.
    Emma got a new outfit and new hair.
    All the other dark ones got (ew) new skin
    So then why does Hook look the same

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Technically he did get a new outfit, but he quickly got rid of the “monk” robe. And I feel like Rumple explained the skin thing many seasons ago…?

      • Jerry says:

        What was the skin explanation? Because it’s really bothering me that everyone except the two newbies have makeup on

      • Eric7740 says:

        He also parted his hair to the opposite side!!! I don’t know about you all, but when I do that, a totally different person comes out of me!!! 😄

    • Stephen Lee says:

      Actually at first, Emma still looked like Emma even after she had the darkness in her and only looked different after she “saved” Hook. So maybe doing a certain something that makes full use of the darkness will then change the physical appearance? And maybe by both having and using the darkness for a long time will change the appearance even more(probably the skin), like how Zelena turned green due to her use of magic and jealousy.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      Maybe he’s not DARK dark yet? Emma’s physical transformation didn’t happen immediately. It was only after she (selfishly?) turned Hook into the Dark One against his dying wishes that her appearance changed. Maybe he hasn’t gone full Dark One yet, though I don’t know how literally crushing Merlin’s heart and verbally crushing Emma’s wouldn’t qualify as evil enough.

  8. S.uddenly says:

    I really like “dark” Hook better – always like the bad boy and Colin plays him well. I too think Hook will help “save the day” but not convinced he’ll survive it. Wasn’t there a blind item a few weeks ago about a drama killing off a male lead in the winter finale? The Bell/Rumple story is a complete bore at this point as this at some point will all end with him returning to his role as the dark one. Zelena and Robin need to go away together – she’s a one note character and I shutter at the thought of her being redeemed and defanged like all the other good villains on the show – i love the actor that plays Robin he’s little more than scenery at this point. Yay- for the GALAVANT promo!

  9. Devin says:

    Huh, for once I go on this site and 70% of the comments aren’t hating on Hook. I loved the episode,can’t wait for the midseason finale!

  10. Jimmy says:

    Wow, nice way to make the whole Camelot story meaningless. The greatest sorcerer in history gone in puff of smoke. Really? I will admit the arrival of all the Dark Ones was a nice twist, but they could have accomplished this without the entire Camelot storyline.

  11. I can’t wait to see Hades come into this. Nice segway into the Hercules storyline.

    • Stephen Lee says:

      To be honest, I’m more excited to see how he’ll LOOK in this. OUAT tends to be true to how the characters look to their cartoon counterparts(Frozen, Brave etc.) Which makes me excited for the blue fire hair XD

  12. Lani says:

    Dark Hook’s look reminds me of Tobey Maguire’s Dark strut from Spider-man 3.

  13. Hodan says:

    I am just sad Merlin is gone.

    Also, I realize if you are not a shipper, it is very hard to watch this show just for characters.

  14. Chris says:

    Emma’s plan to get rid of the darkness was great. She’s just surrounded by haters. Killing Zelena was a fantastic plan. I know they didn’t want Emma to go dark side by murder, but she is the dark one. Plus, Regina has done way way worse, and so has Snow. What she and David did to Maleficent’s daughter was awful.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      HA I agree about Emna’s plan! Get rid of the Darkness AND Zelena — two birds with one stone, right? Sure, it IS murder like Snow said, but other “heroes” on the show have done things that are equally bad if not worse. I think Emma’s plan was pretty brilliant.

  15. ninergrl6 says:

    First, I hope the Hook haters and/or people who refer to the show as Once Upon A Hook were somewhat pacified by the poignant moments our recently underused characters had in this ep. There were great scenes for Regina, Snow and Charming, Rumple and Belle, Henry, and even Zelena. That’s what an ensemble show is all about. Everyone gets their moments.

    Second and more importantly for me, seeing the evolution of Dark Hook is as fascinating as it is heartbreaking. The Camelot scenes were particularly moving in good and bad ways. I REALLY like the idea of two Dark Ones working together, but the nature of the DO doesn’t lend itself to partnership so I knew it was just a matter of time before that blew up. But for a few moments it was GREAT. I loved Emma getting Hook to focus on their future and (temporarily) banish the Rumple DO guide. But then when he realized she had Excalibur all along and apparently didn’t trust him or believe in him? OUCH. His line about encouraging her overcome her darkness by not crushing Merida’s heart, that HE was the one who never doubted HER, was spot on. He had some great in-your-face moments in Storybrooke too. When he called Emma an orphan, I felt like I’d been punched in the stomach. His whole speech about being a puppy dog to a pretty blonde was great too — it’s what many viewers have criticized about Hook in recent seasons. I hope those viewers are satisfied now! Colin O’Donoghue is doing s bang up job with this Dark Hook angle. The way he spits out his lines is absolutely venomous. I believe every malicious word! I bet he’s having fun being SO MEAN. Even though he’s only been menacing for one episode, I have a hard time envisioning redemption for Dark Hook, or at the very least repairing his relationship with Emma. He said some REALLY hurtful things to her. Even if they manage to rid him of the darkness, those wounds are gonna sting for a long time, especially since Emma took FOREVER to let him into her heart the first time. I don’t know how she’ll ever get over this, which breaks my CaptainSwan-loving heart. I’m still 110% invested in them and hang on their every word though.

    Finally, this is just being nitpicky, but I really wish they wouldn’t use the terms Hell and Underworld interchangeably. The Judeo-Christian concept of Hell is quite different from the ancient notion of the Underworld, and I have a hard enough time explaining that to my students when we study mythology without OUAT muddling everything!

  16. VJ says:

    Hm, I don´t know what it was about the episode. I liked most of it, I think Dark Hook is fun, but somehow I was annoyed. It is just… erratic/disjointed. It doesn´t feel coherent.
    Am I the only one who thinks this season is kind of a mess? I feel like the show spend way to much time on the whole Arthur thing (btw.: is the Camelot storyline gonna be resolved? I feel like this story isn´t finished but somehow I can´t pinpoint what exactly it is I´m missing). Same with the Merida thing. I didn´t care for her story at all and for me, it felt very out of place (of course that all comes down to personal preference). And they have to manage their cast better. SHIELD really managed it well this season. They have a huge main cast too and they got everyone screen time and something useful to do. Anyway: I´m looking forward to the midseason finale and to the second half of the season.

  17. KM says:

    Fantastic episode, albeit painful and intense. All is not as it appears. I don’t believe Killian hates Emma.

  18. Pat says:

    Hook still looks sexy, playing a good or bad boy. Next week looks exciting with a boatload of darkness that will be creeping into Storybrooke. I was upset that Hook killed Merlin but after sleeping on it, I was wandering if Merlin told him in advance to do this in order for the plan to conquer the darkness is to be put in place. I can only hope this is what is happening and yes, Emma is in on it because she knew what to do with his heart and the dream catcher, back in Camelot.

    • John NYC says:

      They had some private conversations that were meaningless if they were just play acting at being at odds. It’s not like they KNOW there’s a televiison camera pointed at them….

  19. JDH says:

    The Dwarves are going to have to do something notable next week right??? It seems odd to have had Grumpy point out their lack of spotlight, to not pay it off at all. I mean Grumpy hasn’t really been actively involved in a main story, or a flashback story since like, early Season 3… And he was one of the key supporting characters in the first 2 seasons. I was actually surprised they didn’t promote HIM to regular…

  20. Katie says:

    I thought the episode was pretty interesting and entertaining, but I was so upset that they killed Merlin. I mean, some of the stuff that Hook said Emma was BEYOND cruel, but killing an innocent man? I can barely believe that Emma would so easily forgive him! She fought the darkness the whole way, and managed to avoid murdering anyone, but that’s Hook’s first reaction! I can only assume that they’re setting up CS for a permanent break up, because if that’s not where this is going, I’m done with the show. Emma used to be the hero, and now she’s exceptionally selfish things, making her character unrecognizable.

  21. Denny says:

    Man, this was so rush. I kinda understand that they want to give us a big surprise with Dark Hook and Colin has done an amazing job, but it’s so…messy, I think? Too fast and too bipolar, jeez, the man wanted revenge but he didn’t kill Rumple at the chance, now what is it that he wants? Snuff the light?
    Hero Rumple still rub me the wrong way, too much to soon, and al usual the sister Mills bang their heads with who has done worse in the realm.
    Loved Belle, though. Loving herself is the right thing to do now.

  22. Mary says:

    So is Emma completely “dark” now or not? I thought that in Camelot she wore the ivory cape to signify she had not completely turned dark. I thought once she used Excalibur and her clothing changed, she turned completely dark. I get that she wanted to get rid of her darkness, and did dark things to accomplish that, but I feel like her acting dark in Storybrooke was just an act. A dark one crying? Did dark rumple ever cry? We know they can love (Belle, and his love for Neal) but she just seems to be not that dark! Yet Hook is totally dark now. He couldn’t give a crap about Emma now. Is it due to her becoming dark on purpose to save Regina and others? And hook did not have a choice?

    • John NYC says:

      Hook had a pretty big history of very bad: that “centuries” of pirating thing, Emma had been a savior. Odds were she’d be a tougher “get” for Darkness….

  23. Sam B says:

    So, you need the blood of someone who died and came back to call up the Dark Ones from the Underworld. Wouldn’t Hook have save time using his own blood or was the dread pirate only mostly dead when Emma tethered him last episode? Oh, and for a vengeance driven Dark One who’s technically all dark ones, couldn’t he have killed two birds by using Belle’s heart instead of Merlin’s for the spell? And – last question – Rumple took centuries prepping the circumstances that would allow the Dark Curse to be cast…but in the last two years it’s been cast THREE times; was Rumple just really bad at this?

    • Cory says:

      Hook had not died yet before Emma turned him into a Dark One, just on the verge of… she just acted fast enough to stop it.

      As for Belle’s heart, The only part of Rumple that Hook embodies is the Dark One Rumble, because that is the only part of him that is dead. The rest of the dark ones were still dark ones when they died, but Rumple The Man is still alive. So, at least in my opinion, Hook could not have used Belle’s heart, because the part of Rumple in him did not love her.

      For the Dark Curse question, It took him centuries to put all the pieces in order and create the curse yes, but after that, it is just like a recipe for baking… Once you yourself create the recipe and write it all down, it takes the person coming in after you a fraction of the time to complete the same thing you did. Not to mention, Rumple had spend years prepping Regina so she would be willing to sacrifice the heart of the thing she loved most… in Pan’s case, he had no morality to squish out and he already had the backup plan in place…For Snow and Charming they had Regina’s help who had already done said curse, and the strength to sacrifice themselves. For Hooks, he had Dark One Rumple himself whispering in his ear of exactly what to do and what steps to take…

      So while it all seems rushed, it is logical.

  24. The scene that killed the episode for me was the scene between Rumple and Belle at the well. It felt strange and completely off. If there isn’t more to it all then it just didn’t do Belle any favors, IMO. She can forgive Hook and Regina but not give Rumple a chance when he’s finally free of the darkness. They like to frame it as an addiction or magic and power, but he was cursed the same way Emma and Hook are, and he was fighting that for centuries. Why is that not taken into consideration by Belle who is supposed to be smart, and perceptive, and compassionate? She only shows compassion to Regina and Hook? Yes, Rumple hurt her, but they hurt her in such horrible ways, yet she’s cool with them. They weren’t cursed with dark magic. The scene at the well just didn’t feel right. It felt like a final good bye, and it felt cold. It shouldn’t have felt that way if they wanted people to keep rooting for them and for Belle, IMO. I had higher hopes for this season, but it’s started to really disappoint me again.

    • Just a fan says:

      What does the dark curse actually do this time? Why was Emma so eager to stop this one? Is it some how related to ‘happy ending’ like ‘broken hearts’? That the heroes can’t get their happy ending but instead the dark ones could. Is it what the curse is all about? Is that why rumple /belle scene was significant?

    • Brigid says:

      I’m sorry, when was Rumple cursed with dark magic? He killed the dark one to get the magic, he willingly wanted to be dark for revenge. The scene at the well was awesome! She had every right to ditch a man who only changed because in order to save his life they had to take the darkness out to make his heart pure again. Rumple never changed, it is completely forced upon him. I can’t stand Belle, I think the actress is terrible, but this was the one time I had the utmost respect for her.

  25. Megan says:

    This was actually a really fast paced episode and I actually really enjoyed it.I like Dark Hook. I thought that’s exactly what Hook would be as the dark one considering he wasn’t like Emma or even Rumple. Hook had killed before and started off as a pretty bad guy. One thing that threw me off- while Henry was right not to trust Emma (given his limited memory at the time) why did he include Rumple as someone who he could trust? That made no sense. Rumple fought a bear- that’s literally the extent of his “good” deeds. The thought that he’s a “hero” remains really perplexing when it took years for Regina to redeem herself. I was also glad Belle put her foot down because that’s years of him screwing her around. I’m also not sure about Regina and Robin just handing the baby to Zelena. She’s the most unstable character on the show and (while I enjoy Rebeca Mader) this is not someone who I’d trust with any child.

  26. Emor says:

    At this point in time, thinking the show is going to change its ways is the definition of insanity. It is what it is, faults and all. I agree this story line has collapsed, and NO MORE memory wipes OR cloud curses!!! And now that were are leaving fairy tales and going into mythology, to me, is the sign it’s time to end this. Especially with Ginnifer (Snow) and Emilie (Belle) going to be sidelined with their pregnancies, let’s just wrap this up with a final season six, and call it good.

  27. kath says:

    I’m sad the ratings are so low because I’ve really been enjoying this season with the Dark Emma arc. it’s so different for the character and yet consistent because her Flaw has always been that she needed to do it alone because she didn’t have anyone else to trust. I’m also really liking the relationship between Hook and Emma and how they keep dancing around each other and not yet able to be together.
    My only cavil is that they keep trying to say how evil Emma is now. Everything she’s done has been to try to keep other people from getting hurt (the Darkness entering Regina) and keep her relationship with Hook possible.

    Henry’s line that he trusts Regina and Rumple now but not Emma was especially ridiculous. Regina did far worse (killing whole villages) when there was no Dark One in her and Rumple went with the Darkness rather than trying to get rid of it. If it would have been Regina holding Violet’s heart, she would have crushed it after she had no more use for her.

    • Just a fan says:

      It was said in a context where Henry dint have his memory, Emma dint believe in her family . No one knew her actual motive ( possible dark) on why she did for what she did.

  28. N says:

    i didnt really understand the scene with Belle breaking up with Rumple. She spent how long trying to save him? now just breaking it off out of nowhere i dont understand. I didnt think it was her at first

    • Just a fan says:

      I think it’s something to do with the dark curse, where their happy endings are forced to be heart breaking and hence the name of this episode? Probably?

    • abz says:

      I don’t think it’s really out of nowhere. It was a long time coming. And I didn’t see it as a full-on breakup. The door was left open for them to get back together. Belle just needs time to herself. She needs to make her life not revolve around Rumple for once. Her whole life has been revolved around him. Trying to protect his heart. Defending his wrong-doings. She’s happy he’s changing and that he’s safe, but that doesn’t mean things can go back to the way things were right away. She probably wants time to figure things out mentally/emotionally. He’s put her through a lot. She needs to step away from everything.
      Plus this separation is probably a good way to limit Belle’s screen time if they don’t plan on introducing Emilie de Ravin’s pregnancy into the show.

      • ninergrl6 says:

        I agree. I was proud of Belle in that scene. It’s in her best interest to take time for herself. She didn’t reject Rumple 100% (which I would have if I were in her place). It was a strong Belle moment.

  29. Just a fan says:

    What does the dark curse actually do this time? Why was Emma so eager to stop this one? Is it some how related to ‘happy ending’ like ‘broken hearts’? That the heroes can’t get their happy ending but instead the dark ones could. Is it what the curse is all about? Is that why rumple /belle scene was significant?

  30. robandco says:

    GREAT episode.
    Colin is a far more convincing Dark One than JM. He was fantastic in the episode.
    Rumble is a mess, as usual. I am not fond of the pairing.
    Jared Gilmore is turning into a very fine young man, they were lucky with him because I wouldn’t have bet my money on that one! Even his acting is better.
    I am pumped for next week because it will finally be OVER (fingers crossed).
    I was bothered by the number of Dark Ones on that tiny boat… I thought there had been way more Dark Ones over the ages.

  31. Brittany says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Hook could be being so mean to Emma because he knows he is gonna die? I hope he doesn’t if be lost with out him and Emma, but reading everyone’s comments have left me to think this!

    • Just a fan says:

      How could Merlin be killed of really easy, when it is known that he can’t be defeated and was trapped in a tree for a very long time 😱
      Doesn’t killing Merlin , transport his power to someone who killed him, like if a dark one dies another is reborn!

      • Scarlet says:

        I don’t understand how mr gold became the dark one again…he didn’t kill hook emma does should all of the darkness not gone to her… and how does he have another dagger that emma hears calling her when it was destroyed when emma killed hook??