Once Upon a Time Video: Regina and Snow Throw Shade at Emma's Plan

This Sunday on Once Upon a Time (ABC, 8/7c), Regina and Snow White get wind of the Dark Hook situation Emma created, and their reaction is… well, understandable (and full of eye rolls), as seen in this exclusive sneak peek.

As revealed two weeks ago, Emma tethered Hook to Excalibur in order to save his life back in Camelot, after he had been mortally wounded by the enchanted blade. But in doing so, she sealed both their fates as Dark Ones, creating a “bigger problem,” Regina notes, than they thought they had with just the Savior gone bad.

How will they possibly clean up this “mess”? Snow has an idea — press play above to hear it.

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  1. LADY_in_MD says:

    Even though I don’t want the weekend to end can’t wait for Sunday!

    • CbinJ says:

      Completely agree. So glad yours is the first post because there is no need to scroll any further through the wild wood of “fandom” infighting and ignorant social commentary debates. Finally, after a pretty meandering season, the drama, action, magic, mystery, and romance is all coming to head. Finally, all the characters seem to be talking to each other and actually doing something, rather than talking around each, sitting around planning to plan, venturing on fruitless side quests, and randomly emoting/ not emoting. It’s a fantasy drama run on personas, emotions, askew morality, and convoluted, sometimes soapy, plotlines and only now are things finally starting to get interesting. I cannot wait for these next two episodes.

  2. Of course they throw shade at the plan, it’s a stupid plan.

    They’ve already written that through Regina’s actions, asking Emma to Save Hood, she did the wrong thing. That the right thing would have been to let him die.

    Now, we’re seeing that it would have been better for everyone to let Hook die.

    If the wrong thing was saving them, and the right thing was letting them die, I ask for everyone who’s been watching this show since the pilot, how exactly is #SwanQueen not end game?

    Honestly. You’ve introduced a character who to this day, still gets referred to as Capt Rapist. Who has committed more violence towards female characters then any other character. Who’s ‘redemption arc’, never actually happened.

    And another who is nothing more then a glorified extra. Who’s only purpose on the show is a tattoo. Who’s story line is so badly developed that it was mocked by a Mexican Soup Opera.

    If the toxic ship of CS doesn’t end soon, will their even be anyone left to watch?

    If SwanQueen isn’t endgame, what exactly is the point of this show? That as long as you stalk and manipulate the main character into a relationship, it doesn’t matter that your a skeevy sociopath?

    ): )

    • Kat says:

      Hook gets referred to as Captain Rapist almost exclusively by Swan Queen shippers who support Regina, who is an actual rapist. Logic at its finest. At least Hook has shown remorse for his actions, unlike Regina who literally said she doesn’t regret anything, and who is still emotionally abusive to Emma in the present day. I desperate want more LGBTQA representation in media, but we can do better than the toxic drivel that is Swan Queen.

      • Hook gets referred to as Capt Rapist, because he made canon threats and alluded more then once to sexual assault. Regina’s crimes have been pointed out, SQ shippers don’t say, oh no she didn’t do this or that.

        They point out the fact that the producers wrote a scene that was obviously sexual assault, then jokingly said, “no its not rape. We were just joking.” We know rape jokes aren’t funny. We know that scene was obscene.

        We also know that heart magic isn’t real. But people like Hook raping women happen all the time.

        CS is toxic. Insanely so.

        • Emma Swan says:

          Omg stop this nonsense! He didn’t rape anyone.

        • Lisa says:

          lmao you are making things up..you know it right?Hook is NOT a rapist!!!!It’s CANON!Captain Swan is CANON!!!Deal with it,don’t make things up!

          • Rebecca says:

            Just because something’s canon…. Doesn’t mean it’s well written. Besides…. Hook wants to destroy Emma now…. Pretty sure your ship’s not canon right now at least.

      • DRush76 says:

        Gee, isn’t Emma now a rapist herself? After what she had done to Hook because of her own selfishness? Only sex wasn’t involved.

      • Tiffany says:

        I’m sorry, when exactly did Regina say she didn’t regret anything? LOL They spent two seasons, and an entire story arc on her redemption story…. She’s pretty much owned up to all of the horrible things she did, and how much she was trying to change, and very well did… She was evil, that’s what evil people do .. Sick of people hating on Regina

        • Destiny says:

          The would be in Neverland she said it. She regrets nothing because ut got her Henry. So she ruined everyone live and it’s ok because she has Henry now. She has not been redeemed at all. She is still the most selfish person on the show.

    • Abby says:

      Admittedly I don’t watch this show religiously but who did Hook rape? I’ve never heard anything about that before!

      • Lynyrd says:

        No one. There are shippers that dislike Emma/Hook and want their favorite Emma couple to be together instead, so they call him Captain Rapist and then act as though it’s canon and a fandom wide belief.

        Neither of those things are true.

      • Kat says:

        He hasn’t. Certain people, most of them Swan Queen shippers though not all, feel that the characterization of Hook supports rape culture. Their arguments are usually based on a handful of debatably iffy innuendo laced jokes and a few out of context scenes. They also complain about the show perpetuating rape culture through Hook while ignoring the two characters who actually have raped people in the show, because those rapists are both women, and one of them is the pet favorite character of most of these fans. Apparently actual rape doesn’t count if you’re a woman.

        • Lily says:

          Sorry…. but rape can be committed by a woman. A lot of people do not realize, that Hook was actually disturbed by what Zelena did to Robin.

          • Kat says:

            That was my point, the sarcasm apparently didn’t translate. The people decrying Hook as perpetuating rape culture say nothing about Regina raping Graham or Zelena raping Robin because they don’t actually care about rape or rape culture. It’s a shipper argument they dress up as being about a very real social problem because they think it makes them sound objectively right when it actually just makes them look like opportunistic hypocrites.

        • Shawn says:

          Actually Hook is himself a misogynist cliche trope, and by his own admission a rapist. He’s also a violent misogynist who beat women.

          The fact that Hookers ignore all of season two as well as anything that makes him look bad, like his admission to being a serial killer, doesn’t make other people who don’t Regina fans or Swan Queen shippers.

          • Ash says:

            Agreed. Hook is an awful character but let’s be honest, most people that like him ignore the actual story & all the evil things he has done because they find him attractive. Case and point: I have seen someone say season 1 Hook is their favourite. …?!?!

            Colin is a decent enough actor and I enjoy the scenes he is in were he is able to embrace the ‘real’ Captain Hook. I hope he stays that way.

          • Lily says:

            Hook may have murdered people, but he not a serial killer.

          • liza says:

            An innuendo laden statement or joke or using a double entendre is not an “admission” of, or proof of guilt. If it were, most people who’ve joked around in a low-brow fashion would be considered guilty of all kinds of heinous cromes. No court in the world would convict Hook of Rape on the so called “evidence”. This whole “Hook is a rapist” thing is nonsensical – combat shipping at its worst.

          • Mark says:

            Um, he never admitted he’s a rapist (newsflash: the “getting me drunk, which is usually my tactic” does not in any way, shape or form equate to rape within the context he said it), and he beat ONE woman one time, because she was siding with his mortal enemy, not because she was a woman.

            Hookers don’t ignore Season 2. They just evolve with the show and the character, unlike people like you who apparently are still watching Season 2 on loop.

          • Denny says:

            Proofs. Simple.
            Regina raped. Hook didn’t.
            Regina is all for actions. Hook is all talks. That’s what IS CANON in the show.

    • Ash says:

      This is best comment I have ever seen on anything to do with OUAT. Hook is better as a villain. The “love” story between him & Emma is weak, as is the rubbish that has Regina & Hood coupled.

      Hook has never shown any genuine remorse for any of his actions, is awful to everyone except Emma, yet still ‘got the girl’ by stalking / pestering her & is considered a ‘hero’ just because they are together?? WEAK.

      I would be disgusted if my husband or brothers behaved the way he does. I don’t get it.

      I hope he stays as a villain and Emma gets to finally see what a vile person he is.

      • Lily says:

        Did you watch the other sneak peeks? Dark Hook is not being written as a villain, and Colin O’Donoghue is just playing the role for laughs.

      • Mark says:

        He’s shown remorse for his actions multiple times. Baelfire Ariel and Eric, the fairies, Ursula….heck, the whole scene with his rings was him admitting his regret over his past sins.

        He’s been nice to Charming, Henry, Elsa, and even Belle, all while Emma wasn’t even around.

        He’s considered a hero because he is consistently risking his life and sacrificing all he has for Emma and her loved ones, which started before they got together (and they did because Emma fell in love with him and chose him on her own accord, not because he “stalked and pestered her”.)

        Go rewatch the show, you haven’t been paying attention. If you do, you’ll be less disappointed when the inevitable happens in the next two episodes and Emma’s love for him is reaffirmed stronger than ever.

        • rworomeo says:

          Yeah, he tried to kill Belle. Twice, already. Never actually stopped trying to kill Rumple, betrayed everyone by fleeing (or quite) with the last magic bean, and saved David’s life in Neverland only to demand a kiss from Emma. True Love. GEEZ. THAT’S WHEN THE SH*T STARTED.

          • Lisa says:

            He didn’t even want to tell them about saving David’s life!!!Go and rewatch the scene!David decided to tell them!
            Killian saved David’s life for Emma,so she could have her father,because Hook lost his own brother the same way,he knows what it feels like

        • Ash says:

          I don’t need to re-watch the show thank you very much. I watch with my husband every week and both of us think he is a creepy, pathetic stalker. He has never shown any genuine kind of remorse that will not immediately benefit him or make him look good in Emma’s eyes.

          …and when on earth has Hook risked his life for Emma or her family?

          The only people Hook cares about are Emma and himself and I hope they have Emma see it someday.

    • Lisa says:

      You got it wrong – REGINA IS THE RAPIST!!!!!Remember Graham?!

      • Shawn says:

        No one said she isn’t.

        Hook however defines misogyny, and Regina doesn’t define misandry. Hook is a serial perpetrator. Regina is not, nor is Rumple.

        Hook is romanticized Ted Bundy whereas Rumple and Regina are not.

        • Mark says:

          You’re right. Regina is a romanticized Adolf Hitler or Josef Stalin, whereas Rumple is a romanticized (insert mafia don of your preference.)

          The two of them have killed FAR more people, and far more women (Hook has killed exactly ZERO women, btw), yet we’re supposed to buy that they’re redeemable. Give me a break.

          • Shawn says:

            Keep spinning, Hooker.

          • Lin says:

            Mark if you are a dude, I feel bad for any girl who dares to date you, and if you are a girl I’m afraid of your future with relationships. Hook because of his overall behavior since his first appereance in the show can be perceived as a sexual predator or sexualy aggresive by many people, specially to rape victims as myself. “The jab you with my sword” comment, the “that’s my tactic”, “The wroth and useless” and many more are problematic messages. You may argue that that was long ago, but there are plenty resent ones and he never went over a redemption ark (I know you’ll bring Regina here, even though she has nothing to do with the conversation, but that’s apparently your logic). Whether he is a rapist or not, that doesn’t really matter, because rape culture which he represents doesn’t traslate to rape, but to mysoginistic behavior and the romantization of it. I hope you stop trying to justify the character just because of your ship. Accepting the flaws from the story telling and the characters is just as important as loving the character.

      • Rebecca says:

        Hook has admitted to Emma that his ‘tactic’ is getting women drunk to sleep with him. Which is a form of rape. Lowering a person’s inhibitions to where they don’t know what they’re doing…. IS A FORM OF RAPE. Indicating that indeed….. Hook is quite possibly a rapist.

        • Ash says:

          This. I completely agree Rebecca. It is shocking how his character is romanticised when everything he has done up until this point is problematic. Young children watch this show and by not addressing just this one example you’ve added, they will grow up thinking this is normal and an acceptable thing to do.

    • Adam& Eddy have said SwanQueen will never happen.Secobdly,Regina & Emma are straight & have been written,portrayed as straight the entire series.Regina lived Daniel,she had a relationship with Grahm,now she’s with& lives Robin.Emma was involved with Neal, had sparks fly with Grahm, had a relationship with Walsh& now is with & in love with Hook.Not to mention Robin was revealed to be Regibas SoulMate or True Love.SQ isnot cannon or end game.Mulan is the lesbian on the show not Regina or Emma.

      • Ash says:

        Adam and Eddie have never said anything of the sort. Unless of course I have missed it and if that is the case, please provide a link here, as I would like to see it.

        Also, just because a character has yet to be seen in other relationships to those previously shown in the show, doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen in future. It happens in real life all the time and this is meant to be a show about modern fairy-tales.

        • Cal says:

          AE have confirmed numerous times that they don’t write SQ as romantic. It will never happen. I’m not trying to be a jerk, but it’s frustrating when some fans remain willfully blind and refuse to acknowledge the story playing out and then unfairly accuse the creators and cast of queerbaiting. Whenever AE discuss Emma and Regina, they clearly and consistently refer to the FRIENDSHIP that has grown and their shared love for Henry. When AE talk about the characters’ romantic relationships/true loves, it’s Hook and Robin. I think that they want to be respectful of the LGBT fanbase and whenever they are more blunt, they are attacked and accused of homophobia (this happens on Adam’s twitter page ALL the time). They can’t win.

          • charkie says:

            I agree with your comment ….I love SwanQueen as a friendship and no t as a couple. If I feel that way that doesn’t make me homophobic….. I respect all ships but sometimes with the SQ shippers if your not for it then you are considered homophobic which is untrue. I feel that Regina and Emma are going to make the best of friends and sometimes a friendship can be more intimate then a relationship. Besides it a show with people playing a role. They’re doing a job to entertain us and they are doing a really good job. I don’t understand why oncers can’t just respect everyone’s opinion and enjoy the show. I love the fan base and the dedication oncers have with the show. AE are doing a good job. They have brought us a show of hope and purpose. The message is that even though we are different and have come from different backgrounds there is one common thing that brings all together and that LOVE…

          • They said that in s1. But they have wrote SQ, most of the scenes don’t make sense without the shipping aspect. They’ve inserted SQ Easter Eggs for fans to find, and an endless LGBT comments, subtext, and symbols for their scenes.

            The producers have never referred to Hook or Hood as anyones true loves.

          • Cal says:

            Eddy just said in a Variety interview they will see if true love really can conquer all in reference to Hook and Emma. That constitutes referring to them as true love. There is probably something similar for Robin and Regina.

          • Ash says:

            I am not sure why my believing it might happen is frustrating? It doesn’t affect you in anyway. I appreciate you not being insulting (which happens a lot! lol) but honestly, when I watch OUAT I can see how Emma and Regina’s relationship has developed from the very first episode from enemies, to reluctant allies, to friends and have ‘hope’ that it might progress a little further.

            Honestly, the best all round ending for this story (to me :) ) would have been Emma & Baelfire. He was the reason the curse was cast in the first place and she broke it but if it isn’t going to be that, from a story perspective, SwanQueen makes the most sense to me. I think it is the best ending the show could have.

            I know you do not agree with me but hopefully we can agree to disagree? :)

            P.s. you mention in the above about A&E wanting to be respectful to the LGBT fanbase but… well, I am not gay. I am 32 and married to a man. My husband watches the show too and thinks as I do.

        • Adam & Eddy even said as late as s3/4 they’re not doing SQ.It would be out of character for either or both Regina & Emma to suddenly become gay after years of dating/being in love with men.Thers no”SQ Easter eggs,gay subtext ext”.The theme of 5A is “love is a weapon”-the love Emma& Hook share(I’m not a captain Swan shipper so don’t think that)-how Emma turned Hook into a Dark One to bring him back from the dead cause she loves him or Regina asking Emma to use dark magic to save Robin cause she loves him.

          • Ash says:

            Could you send me a link to where they say that? You mentioned that they said it in s3/4 and I am really interested to see / hear it for myself :)

    • Mark says:

      So you want a ship with a skeevy sociopath to end in favor of….a ship with a skeevy sociopath?

      Also, Regina and Rumple have actually murdered women. I’m pretty sure that’s more violent than what Hook did (heck, Regina’s been more violent against women than Hook solely based on all those times she tried to murder Snow White.)

    • Chris says:

      Yeah, Emma should totally be with her her step-grandmother, even though they have been displayed on this show as perfectly straight women. Excuse me while I roll my eyes and then barf.

      And as far as evil acts done on this show, I don’t think anyone tops Regina. She killed her dad, she killed Graham after using him as her SEX SLAVE (if you wanna really talk about rape), she cursed everyone, tried to help her mother become the new Dark One, had Belle trapped in a tower and so on. Get real.

      • Ash says:

        Why is it when Hook is criticized, Hookers always say “yeah but Regina did this!”. No one is questioning what we have seen Regina do. The issue here is that the straight white boy has so many apologists.

        He has committed murder. He wears the trophies of those murders everyday on his fingers. If you want to compare notes too, to name just a few: He has:
        – Admitted to getting women drunk in order to sleep with them. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to get me drunk, which is usually my tactic.”
        – Threatens to rape Emma when he pins her own and says he’d use his manhood as a weapon against her. “When I jab you with my sword, you’ll feel it.”
        – Insinuated that Milah would be a sex slave to his crew.
        – Ripped Aurora’s heart out, literally controlled her and never apologized for it.
        – He tries to kill Belle by shooting her with a gun and erasing her memory. He never apologizes to her.
        – The latest and most sick doozy: attempted suicide to force Emma to appear.

        His character is problematic and I have never heard a ‘Hooker’ say that what he did or how he has never been held to account for his actions, was wrong.

        • Jess says:

          I will start my reply by saying that you can’t take a lot of what Season 2 Hook said to Emma with a lot of authority. He was trying to get a rise out of her because that is who is, he was a womanizer and a bit of a bastard (Which he has admitted to countless times since season 2). Now I will answer your various points directly.
          – Getting women drunk to sleep with them…do you remember the scene where he said that at all? Did you see the table Emma walked up to? He was literally surrounded by women (who weren’t drunk) who had their chests pressed up to him in hopes they would be the one he chose. When he was telling Emma that it was a man half drunk trying to be funny and it fell flat, but I don’t believe for a second that the infamous Captain Hook ever had to get a woman drunk to sleep with him. Every scene they show with past Hook he is surrounded by people and seems quite popular.
          -The threatening her with his manhood ^see above^. This is a man who is trying to distract her to get the compass. The writers were trying to give a fight scene with a newer character some edge and something viewers would remember because they had plans to keep him around. It was a joke, a questionable, but a joke and that is the way Colin, Jen, the rest of the cast, and the writers view it. Watch this clip youtube com/watch?v=uX3qpRGMfRz and you can see that everyone views that quote as comical…not an admission of guilt.
          – I don’t remember this scene quite clearly as others and am not going to take the time to pull it back up. But again what ended up happening to Milah? She became his first love and a woman he was willing to die for and vice versa. She was never in any danger of becoming a sex slave, it is a pirate Captain who has a name and image to uphold.
          – Ripped Aurora’s heart out for Cora because to turn against the woman results in either his death or his abandonment in the EF, when all he wants is to get to SB and to Rumple to finish is revenge. Is it his finest hour? No. Could he have done a hell of a lot worse? Yes. Did he in the end save her heart from falling through the portal? Yes. And when questioned on it he makes another sarcastic comment (which is totally in character for him).
          – Do you remember this scene? How angry and out of reason he was at this point? Its a man who literally has crossed realms and has come so close to his main goal only to fall short. Is he wrong? Yes. He’s apologized for it, and other misdeeds more than once. Belle has also forgiven him and they’re friends now. If she, the woman shot, can forgive him I think its time the fans do to. Also side note on this, Colin broke his leg around this time and the writers had to quickly change some of his story to work around the injury. I would be interested to see what was the original plan before his injury.
          – This attempted suicide claim kills me. First he wasn’t attempting suicide, he was doing what Gold told him to, he was getting Emma’s attention. Was it overly dramatic and cliche? Yes. Did it get her attention? Yes. He wasn’t doing it just because she was ignoring him, he was doing it because she’s in trouble and he wants to help her. He needs to be with her to do that. He never had any intention of dying. ALSO Regina did the same thing in the episode where she meets Tinkerbelle as she’s attempting to commit suicide, lets not forget that.
          I’m not going to get into all the things Regina or Gold has done, it’s pointless and they too are redeeming themselves in my eyes. You have to look at all these characters as 3D people even if they are just characters on TV. They have negative qualities and if you don’t like them or their pairing that is all you’re going to see. But then you miss out on the better qualities and how each persons history ties them to another and how the show progresses. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. All these characters AND actors AND writers AND everyone involved with this show deserves more respect than they get.

          • Ash says:

            I appreciate you replying but I still do not believe any of the above has been addressed and if we are to believe it, I want to see it on screen, not have it explained later.
            – The implications of this line is problematic. It isn’t funny. People are always saying this is a ‘family show’ and certain things shouldn’t be shown, well i do not think that joking about getting a woman drunk to be with them is acceptable. There is a larger cultural issue that relates to this and when you make light of it, you make light of the issue. When I was in America for work, both of the girls I was living with had been raped whilst drunk. They said the same had happened to girls in their classes & never did anything about it. THAT is problematic and it comes from a cultural acceptance. A belief that says ‘it was her own fault if she was that drunk’. Now, you are going to say “this is just a light hearted show and we cant attribute or pin all of lives problems to it”. I agree. I do believe however that the only way we are going to change things is by addressing the fact that sentences like this have no place in a family show. Joke or otherwise.
            – Again, can you not see how this might be viewed as problematic? He has her pinned. She is struggling. When he says that line Jen (Emma’s) eyes look panicked. You say it was taken by the cast as amusing and everyone made light of it but can you not see how that scene maybe interpreted by some?
            – This scene was sick. He was saying it to upset and rile Rumple, who at the time had no way to protect Milah. She wanted to be with Hook and Hook made that comment to Rumple was just a means of kicking a man when he was down. Other than it being a sick thing to say to anyone, it was the intention of the line. Again, sick.
            – We can agree then that this ‘wasnt his finest hour’.
            – Just because the writers have shown a victim to be forgiving doesn’t mean that I as a consumer should have to accept anything. His ‘apology’ was weak and honestly, if I was Belle, what would I do? I would like Emma and not want to distance myself from the Charming family, so I would try and accept him. He is however bristly and rather brattish. When she tried to be nice to him and say how difficult it is loving a dark one, he throws her dirty looks and acts like a spoiled child. It is infuriating.
            – My sister tried to commit suicide, so nothing about this scene is acceptable to me in any way. It was triggering and the fact that they portrayed someone willing to throw themselves off of a building as acceptable and without consequence, is a disgrace.

            I honestly do see all these characters as ‘3D’ as you say it but it has never quite sat right with me that all Hook has never been held accountable for his actions. Regina spent the 2nd, 3rd & 4th seasons trying to redeem herself. Helping, saving the town, her family alongside Emma. We have not seen that of Hook. He did one or two things for Emma, that is it and all is forgiven?

            I am not trying to get you to say that you hate your favourite character, or change your mind about him because you like his journey. I am just explaining why others are not enamored by him and if he is to be Emma’s true love, let’s hold him to a higher standard. That may sound unfair but let’s see a worthy redemption. Not out of character but GENUINE. I liked how when he was cut by Excalibur that he honestly said to Emma that he would be happy knowing that she had a future. He begged her not to make him the thing he hated most. It was the first thing I’d seen him do that I thought ‘fair play’. It was romantic to me.

            Anyway, we are obviously not going to agree on this, so thank you for the interaction and for not being abusive. It genuinely makes a nice change.

      • Christoffer says:

        That’s right! Emma should be with Baelfire’s stepdad! She should keep it in that side of the family instead!

  3. Shawn says:

    Emma is the lamest lead on television.

    • Lily says:

      No…. just the worst OUaT villain ever, due to JMo’s poor acting choices. The Dark Swan became nothing more than her vanity project.

      • Shawn says:

        Its not her. All she did was choose Emma’s hair.

        A&E obsession with Hook ruined Emma long ago. This just proved beyond all doubt it’s the Hook show. Everyone else is just a guest, including Emma.

        • Lily says:

          Not true…. she created the character long before seeing the scripts.

        • Mark says:

          Replace “Hook” with “Regina” and THEN you’ve got a true statement about the show.

          • Shawn says:

            Regina was in the pilot, an original lead, and the story is called The Savior and the Queen.

            Sorry, Hooker, Reginas screen time and focus has been the same since the pilot.

            Only you people don’t realize Hook is who was never supposed to be a lead, was never supposed to be Emma’s happily ever after (that was Neal), and they derailed the show for.

            Hell, even Emma can’t have her own story line anymore because they gave it to Hook.

          • Lily says:

            Neal was never going to be Emma’s happy ending, because he hurt her too much. People can have different relationships, at different points in their lives. Emma was 17 when she was with Neal, and changed dramatically since then. Besides, a child’s parents to not have to be together, for it to be a happy family. Many times divorce helps everyone be happier eventually.

        • Rebecca says:

          I really hate the Dark Swan arc….. Why is it that Nimue and Rumple had the scaly skin but Emma looks like a reject from a Vogue fashion shoot and a fake, broody personality to boot?

          Also, apparently…. Hook’s ‘Dark One’ look, is just that his hair looks messier? Is this just the show trying to make them look ‘hot’ or the hair and makeup department getting lazier?

    • Glen says:

      She used to be a good, interesting character in the first season. It’s been going downhill ever since, but this story with her this season is incredibly lame and stupid. They overhyped her as a villain and now would like to act like she was just a hero in disguise all along. It’s plain bad writing, considering we’re talking about the Dark One who used to be one of the greatest, most terrifying villains and figures in OUAT’s own mythology. Somehow the writers managed to turn that into a complete joke by making Emma and Hook Dark Ones this season. Very disappointing.

      • Lily says:

        At least, Colin seems to be well aware that it is a joke. JMo made a mockery of herself, by taking the role far too seriously.

    • Patty says:

      And one of the most annoying. Too bad the whole series is just about her and her and her ohh.. and CaptainSwan. This is exactly the reason I’m not gonna watch 5B (which I bet will be about saving that asshole Hook).

    • Huvad says:

      Blame the show creators. They write, the actors play it out. It’s all fiction and obviously they’re writing for hook. Leave Emma/JMo out of it.

    • nats says:

      Must say Regina/Evil Queen did a good act…. voice. Facial expressions…. sorry Emma

  4. Lily says:

    Wow, Emma…. still justifying your stupid, and illogical plan? Can you explain to everyone, how premeditated murder would destroy the Darkness? It would have destroyed the Light, and doomed everyone to eternal Darkness. It is pretty obvious what Hook’s ultimate plan is…. fulfill Merlin’s prophecy. The problem is that right now he is angry and hurt, and there for not thinking clearly.

  5. Adi says:

    I don’t even know what’s happening on the show, it’s too messy to watch but this sneak peek was awesome. It’s a pity that we barely see Regina, Snow & Charming, they have the best dynamic and interactions. I miss them and the old Emma.

  6. .... says:

    Wait so the only reason Emma did all of this dark one stuff was to cover up for Hook?!?

    Oh… how disappointing. Here I was thinking emma would have an actual storyline that explored her darkness and charming and snow would play a role in helping her. But all of it was to cover for hook….. wow what poor writing.

    Im signing off this show I think.

    • Lily says:

      No…. Hook is just a victim, because Emma forced this on him. She spiked his drink, and then put him behind the wheel. All Hook probably did was try to fulfill Merlin’s prophecy, but Emma refuses to let him go. For the Darkness to be destroyed, Hook has to become the sole vessel and die.

    • Shawn says:

      They made Hook the victim the way they did Hood, so they can blame these mens horrid behavior on women.

      Its just part of the overall sexism of the show.

      • Lily says:

        As a woman, I find it disgusting when women are allowed to be abusive towards men. Zelena raped Robin, while Emma drugged Hook. There is no other way of looking at it. Emma created this problem, when she refused to honor Hook’s dying wish. The end result will be the same, because Fate decreed that he would die.

      • Glen says:

        What sort of absurd logic is this? One of those two men was raped. So yes. He is a victim and yes his rapist, who happens to be a woman, is to blame for that.
        It’s bad writing and it’s even worse that the writers learned absolutely nothing from past mistakes and once again keep treating men being raped as some sort of laughing matter and ignore the problematic sides of it altogether. But I don’t get your point about supposed “horrid behavior” that is unfairly blamed on the women in this case at all. It makes zero sense to me, sorry.

        • Shawn says:

          It’s an extremely manipulative writing tactic of misogynists who romanticize Kilgrave getting Jessica Jones aka Hook and Emma.

          They have female characters do this specifically so people like you will defend what they are doing with Captain Swan.

          • Glen says:

            Except I wasn’t talking about CS in my post at all. If you go back and read it again, you may realize I was talking about the other story the original poster dragged into the discussion.

  7. Lisa says:

    Regina why don’t you just shut the f&%ck up!!!And Snow being a judgmental bitch is too much!!!
    I am Team Dark Hook FTW!!!!

  8. Denny says:

    Double standards everywhere as usual.
    Regina can be the Evil Queen after Daniel’s death and blame a child for it.
    Snow can share her heart with Charming but Emma Swan can’t save her man. No. She can just save Robin. Or her father if the table was turned.

    Emma didn’t kill anyone, give her a break. Yes, what she did to Hook was messed up but that’s their problem as a couple.
    These people really need to chill and for once in their life help the Savior, paying their debt!

    • Shawn says:

      The fact is, no matter how hard Hookers try to spin canon, Hook is the unapologetic psychoath. You just ignoring Rumple and Regina’s storylines and outright making things up about Hook doenst change the actual show.

      • Denny says:

        Please. Let’s not talk about whitewashing. Regina is the queen in the field. But that’s not even the point.
        Question is, why everyone can do what they want but god forbid Emma does the same? She’s a grow up woman who love a guy, just like Regina and Snow. You can not like Hook but that doesn’t change the fact that Emma should be able to get exactly the same thing as her mother, as Regina.

        And Hook was a psycho, I agree, but let’s be honest, with him I see regrets when he talks about past.
        Now human!Rumple too.

      • Mark says:

        Regina ISN’T an unapologetic psychopath? And you’re accusing HOOK fans of spinning canon?

    • Glen says:

      Another, out of control Dark One running around in Storybrooke is absolutely not “their problem as a couple”. Everyone in that town is in danger and might be affected by this, people who have absolutely nothing to do with what happened in Camelot. And what debt, please?

      • Denny says:

        With their problem as couple I intended Hook’s dying wish. Obviously his new status his a problem for the town.
        And Emma saved everyone happy ending. More than once.
        She deserves their help. She’s literally entitled to it.
        That’s my opinion.

        • Shawn says:

          So as long as Hook gets his happy ending with Emma is all the matters, even if everyone else dies is what you mean.


          • Denny says:

            Are you reading what I’m writing? It’s not about Hook.
            It’s about what Emma deserve from these people, because she saved them so many times, even precious Regina. But at the time was ok becoming the Dark One to save your Majesty? Oh yes. Please, save Regina but not your man.

      • Lily says:

        Hook’s life is the debt, Emma’s owes. The fury showed up in Storybrooke, because of what she did.

  9. Lucy says:

    So tired of Regina’s self righteousness attitude. She asks Emma to heal Robin but he minute Emma wants to do something for herself she’s accused of doing something stupid. Just stop it already!

    • Shawn says:

      Yeah because saving Robin meant turning him into the Devil with magic.

      Those two things compare.

      Sure, Jan.

      • Lucy says:

        Regina knew the price of Emma doing magic when she asked Emma to save Robin and she asked anyway even though Emma wouldn’t gain nothing. Emma knew the price and willingly paid it because it was HER true love. She’s allowed to do stupid things for Regina but not for herself? right.

        • Shawn says:

          Yeah, again, Emma turned Hook into the Devil with Magic.

          You’re comparing popping a fire work to detonating a nuclear bomb.

    • Lily says:

      The difference is that Robin was not actually dead, and was healed just fine. Hook died, and Emma resurrected him as a Dark One, against his will. Emma was the who did not pay the price of magic in Camelot, and that is why the fury came. Emma tried to manipulate Regina, into paying the price for her. So, Regina has ever right to be upset.

    • Glen says:

      You’re comparing apples and oranges. Robin Hood wasn’t turned into another Dark One. I don’t get how it’s so hard for some of you to understand the severness of what Emma did and how creating a source of evil like that has massive consequences for lots of innocent people. It’s creating a threat to everyone’s lives. It’s absolutely nowhere even close to similar to the situation with Robin in Camelot.

      • Lily says:

        The worst thing, is that Emma keeps justifying it. She was going to commit premeditated murder, just so that she could continue to lie to Hook. He begged not to be turned into a Dark One, and she did it anyway.

    • Eve says:

      FIrst, Regina was right about everything. Unleashing another Dark One is far worse than being the Evil Queen, as anyone is well aware of. Second, Emma accused herself of being stupid and yeah, she was absolutely right.

  10. Kat says:

    I may not agree at all with the interpretations some fans have of Hook or his redemption arc, but I can respect that people see things differently than I do. But question specifically for this who use “Captain Rapist” as a reason we should support Swan Queen instead – what kind of mental gymnastics do you have to go through to argue with a straight face that Emma shouldn’t be with Hook because you think he’s a rapist and instead should be with Regina who is absolutely a rapist. Like, how does that logic compute, exactly. If you hate Hook for perpetuating rape culture you should also hate Regina the rapist too, so why don’t you…

    • Shawn says:

      Regina isn’t walking romanticized misogyny. Her evil has always been framed as evil and her for it.

      A&E have Hook admit to being a rapist by bragging about Bill Cosbying them, have him perpetually beat women, and all the while frame him as dashing, romantic, charming and a total woobie.

      There’s also a radical real world difference, and you’re ignoring how long people have been fighting systematic misogyny that dictates rape is foreplay, not a crime, and women should love rapists and have their babies.

      Keep spinning, though. Y’all been spinning the same plates for years.

      • Mark says:

        He didn’t brag about Bill Cosbying them, he said “getting someone drunk is his tactic”, which in the context could mean multiple things, and even if it meant women it was about getting them drunk enough to lower inhibition and agree to sleep with him, not drunk enough to drag back to his ship barely-conscious.

        And PERPETUALLY beat women? He hit Belle ONCE, that’s it. Name any other time he beat a woman. Go on, I’m waiting.

        Also, during that time, Hook WAS framed as evil. It was after he legitimately changed his ways that he was portrayed as romantic, charming, and a woobie.

        • Lily says:

          Interestingly enough, Belle seems to consider Hook her best friend, these days.

        • Rebecca says:

          “He hit Belle ONCE, that’s it. Name any other time he beat a woman. Go on, I’m waiting.” He hit her in Regina’s cell, shot her, stalked her/came to the library while she was alone to try and kill her again….. And all she got out of it was a mocking ‘sorry’ all because Emma was there. And even Emma didn’t seem to buy his apology…. That work for ya, you prick?

          • Shawn says:

            He alsp assaulted Emma repeatedly and got off on Regina being tortured.

          • Rebecca says:

            Also…. With the “Name any other time he beat a woman. Go on, I’m waiting.” Well… He stole Aurora’s heart (granted, he gave it back but still), kidnapped Regina to leave her to be tortured, stole Ursula’s voice against her will when she was a young and naive girl, and…. While this last one isn’t canon, just an inkling I have…. I would venture to guess that Hook knew that Wendy was in that cage during all his time/years in Neverland…. But didn’t do a damn thing about it. But Hook is TOTALLY good for women…. Right? He belongs in the trash with this show as a whole.

  11. Nad says:

    omg swan queen is nott realllllll , not a thing … *face palm* , maybe they could be friends in the end , but romantic ship? omg ….. why?? wheree? !! what the actuall hell ?? what did I missed , writers say it . actors have said it , there hasnpt been any romantic hint or interaction … what the hell … so annoying … I wish I could see what they so I could understand .. and this is NOT that I´m homophobic … ppl in my fam are gay and I fully support them , and if since the beggining of the show they´ve intended for emma and regina to be gay and actually show hints and scenes with them being interested in each other in that way , I would be fine with it , but that never happend !! and it never will ….. and if you ship it …ok do it , but don´t expect it to happen or demand it … cause it is not realll

  12. liza says:

    I’m gonna laugh at all the haters when Hook comes out of this heroic. Because he will.

    • Lily says:

      Yup…. Hook was the one Merlin actually foresaw, using Excalibur to destroy the Darkness. He must have mistaken the figure for Arthur, because they look very similar.

  13. Lin says:

    Why the comments are always about CS complaining about SQ and vice versa? *sigh*

  14. E says:

    This arc have made Snowing and Regina ridiculously unsympathetic. They each have gone to great lengths to save their true loves (risking their own and sometimes other people’s lives) but when Emma does it they have the audacity to judge her? I really hope this is very intentionally done by the writers and will come to head at some point, but given this show’s history I highly doubt it.

    • Shawn says:

      Yeah because unleashing hell on earth to keep your boyfriend isn’t pathetic and breathtakingly stupid.

      • Denny says:

        Yes. It’s pretty pathetic. Sorry…we’re you talking about Regina? Zombie!Daniel? Making Snow’s life a living hell? Killing people? Mass murder? Raping Graham?

        • Clara says:

          This is why I can’t stand Regina and Snow. They’re the most hypocritical idiots when they have done questionable things especially Regina but somehow Emma trying to save Hook is worse!!!

        • Glen says:

          You know what I find pretty damn pathetic? This obsession some of you Hook fans have with Regina. Someone dares to criticize him, you respond not by defending him, but by attacking other characters. Especially women who are not Emma. It’s tiring and makes trying to talk to you guys about as interesting as talking to a brick wall.

        • Rebecca says:

          Regina didn’t bring Daniel back to life though…. Whale did because he hoped that if he did, Regina would send him back to his world. Regina realized how dangerous Zombie!Daniel was and destroyed him.

    • Michelle says:

      So much this! It’s disgusting the way they’ve been treating Emma throughout all of season five (AND season four).

      Snow is an entirely different character than she used to be. She used to stand up to Regina instead of helping her and excusing and whitewashing her evil crimes while blaming her own alleged brattiness (i.e. being a child) for the years of torment and dead loved ones wrought by Regina. It’s just horrible!

  15. Michelle says:

    Oh my lord, I have never seen such a vile, oblivious, idiotic hypocrite as Regina! She is so disgusting! This isn’t the first time she’s lectured someone ELSE about consequences after all she’s done AND ISN’T EVEN AT ALL SORRY FOR?!

    She’s ruining the show. The only reason this season has been mostly watchable is because she’s largely been in the background lately! It makes no sense at all; why the HELL would these people ever tolerate her BS after she’s literally ruined all of their lives, murdered their loved ones, and violated so many of them, mind and body?!

    SURELY the writers mean for this to be some sort of horrible irony, right?

  16. Huvad says:

    Lol. They’ll make hook the savior next after all the orgasm Colin gives them. The story lines are for solely hook yet hookers are defending his actions. It’s purely once upon a hook now. Everything is all about him. It’s the writing. It’s fictional so the writers can choose another dimension. #Fiction

  17. Carrie says:

    This is the first time Hook is getting story that is really focused on him, and while I don’t know how I feel about Dark Hook yet, I’m looking forward to it. I hope there’s more to come in 5B. I tend to think OUAT has some major balance issues and I’m all for some of the lesser-explored characters to get more material. How about Belle next?

  18. Huvad says:

    JMo got tired of A&E/OUAT making the #DarkSwan all about hook after all her research & work; she decided to dump the whole Dark thing on their beloved hook. Lol. Well done OUAT. You’ve trashed the show with your hook obsession

  19. I’m just gonna copy a post I saw on tumblr because it’s exactly how I feel withe better words

    “Season 5A of OUAT is bizarre.

    OUAT has had plenty of arcs that didn’t work, that were disappointing, a lot of offensive and dumb plot twists and plenty of other issues. But despite the fact that the end product is mostly underwhelming, you usually more or less got what you expected. Not this time. This season makes Frozen arc look like a masterpiece.

    Seriously. What is going on? Isn’t this arc supposed to be about Emma? Promos and interviews before the season started certainly made it sound so. Emma was going to be the biggest villain this show ever had. Snow’s voice-over during the promo at CC made it look like there will be a big emphasis on mother/daughter relationship. We’d see Emma without any reservations. They’d deal with her issues, her status as the Savior and what that means for her. What she’s like without that responsibility on her shoulders. Her abandonment issues. It was supposed to be Emma’s arc, Emma’s opportunity to deal with things and be angry when she normally wouldn’t show it because of who she is, but the curse gave her freedom to do so. Time for her family to help her like she helped them.

    Even the premiere and the next 2 or 3 episodes suggested the same. What did Emma’s family do? Why is she so angry with them? How did they fail her?
    Turns out it was all about Hook. And if you rewatch the first few episodes, it doesn’t even make sense.

    I think this is the single worst thing OUAT has ever done, and there’s some heavy competition. They stripped Emma of everything that’s interesting about her and made her arc solely about Hook and CS. They didn’t even touch her issues with her parents (she had ONE scene with Snow and NONE with David), they didn’t explore how Emma feels that everyone expects her to be the Savior and how freeing it must be for her that she’s no longer that, she never confronted Regina or Rumple for what they did to her, majority of her scenes with Henry were about Hook… I don’t think we got 5 scenes about Emma’s psyche in this entire arc. What we got was brooding emo Emma walking around for a few episodes, hurting innocent people, trying to put Excalibur together and alienating her family, making them feel like they failed her even though we now know that’s not even true. And her reason? She was covering up for Hook.

    This show has failed Emma Swan’s character on every level. They reduced her to one half of CS. Her only motivation is Hook.

    Why was she afraid to let go of the darkness? Because she was afraid of moving in with Hook.
    Why did she eventually go dark? To save Hook.
    What was the reason for everything she did in SB? She was covering up that she turned Hook into the Dark One (against his wishes) and what Hook has done.

    I have no words. They sacrificed every one of Emma’s relationships for CS.

    That’s not even including things like that scene when Snow was almost choked to death, but Emma didn’t care because she had to run to Hook, or that they just dropped Savior Regina arc and that never went anywhere.

    And as if reducing Emma’s character to just Hook’s girlfriend wasn’t enough, she’s not even the main villain this season, like we were promised. The story, as it turns out, is not about her. It’s about Hook. He’s the new Dark One, he’s the one who’s dangerous, he’s the one who cast the curse. Instead of the last two episodes leading up to the climax of Dark Swan arc showing Emma’s struggles as the Dark One and her family’s desperation trying to save her, we’ll probably see how the curse affects Hook, we’ll see how Emma saves Hook or not even that, maybe he’s the one who saves everyone. Will Emma at least get a chance to destroy the curse and save herself? I hope so, but I’m not holding my breath. They took what was supposed to be Emma’s story and gave it to Hook.

    It was bait and switch. None of the things set up in the premiere paid off. We were promised a #SaveEmma arc with a lot of exploration of who Emma is and how her family struggles to pull her back from the darkness. We got Twilight romance and plot twist – it’s really about Hook the Dark One. Once Upon a CS indeed.


    I can’t believe they sideline Emma/JMO for Dark Hook when it was supposed to be her arc…. I can’t believe it…..

    • Denny says:

      I’m not trying to rise a fight. I’ve just an honest question for everyone who thinks that Dark Swan is a waste. Why can’t Emma Swan, the Savior, be a different DO because SHE IS the Savior? I’m a CS but for what I see she may be changed but she’s still in control, she’s fighting, she’s fixing things and she isoleted herself for not hurting more people.
      She is strong. She’s the only one who despite the change is still herself.
      You wanted to see her gone bad? A true villain, mass murder?
      Because I see her then I see Hook. And it’s like he’s gone or high. It’s not the same man, like human!Rumple so different from his DO persona.
      She’s already saved herself. Back in Camelot. She already win.
      Now she’s trying to save her man. It’s what she do, she save people.

      But if you think Dark Swan should be evil evil, like Evil Queen, Rumple or Hook pre season three, then I understand your frustration.

      • Lily says:

        It was Emma’s weakness that turned Hook into a Dark One, and is keeping the Darkness within her. For her to truly be free of it, she needs to let Hook go. Which is going to take a lot of strength, on her part.

      • yeah I get your point It would have made sense for DO!Emma to be different because she’s the savior and she became the DO for a good reason (sacrifice for someone else) not for power or from hate/vengeance (like Nimue) and I would have been fine with that…. BUT
        first, that was absolutely not what they advertised for the whole summer and that was not what the 2 first episodes were about. They got us excited for a Emma storyline that was never there….remember the promotional teaser with Emma in Rumple’s cell?? where Emma was really Dark…., or the promo with Snow making us think Snow would hold an important place trying to save Emma when they literally share one scene since the beginning of the season… Or when Emma said her whole family failed her in 5×01…. Or JMO being excited to play someone “evil” for once etc.
        And second, wanting Emma to be a different kind DO is fine but it doesn’t change the fact that they made this whole arc about Hook ONLY… JMO prepared the whole summer for her arc to be about her boyfriend and that’s it. They didn’t even touch any of her other relationships (a little in 5×05 only)….
        Hook becoming a Dark One is not a bad twist but on paper but they didn’t have to sacrifice every other characters’s storyline for him. I’m watching and loving Once Upon A Time not Once Upon A Hook/CS but this arc is the worst because before S5A, even if some arcs were more about one character or the other they manage to fit everyone else in it. Now it’s about Hook/CS only and seeing the spoilers for the two last ep, it won’t change…. so yeah this half season is a waste and ONLY CSers are loving it, almost everyone else is angry/disappointed… particularly because it had the potential to be the best arc!! Emma is the character in the center of everything and everyone could have an amazing story with her but no, they just made it about Hook

        • Denny says:

          Thank you so much for your nice (and kind) answer. It’s difficult to have a proper chat with people in this fandom.
          On the other hand, I need to say that this storyline it’s not even about Hook because we know this DO thing two episodes before the season finale and the man didn’t even ask for it. There’s no regression, no actual fall in the darkness for him. There’s just a mess of writing with flashback and to much guest stars. It’s all so sudden, so fast. Other villain became well, villan, for love but with Emma as Dark One I would have had a story less… lazy? Same for Hook. People may not like him for stealing the light from Dark Swan but the plot twist is rush.

          • ha haa yeaaah for nice chat! :D
            and yeah that’s why I liked that post on tumblr because well “Season 5A of OUAT is bizarre” …. the Hook beeing a DarkOne twist is a good one when you think about his history with Rumple but I don’t know….. it’s just taking all the place and it was not well written, they could have done this without throwing everyone else’s stories under the bus… and yes this arc just seems lazy for me… a bunch of good ideas (Emma becoming the DO, Excalibur and the Dagger, Merlin, even Hook as a DO) that were so poorly written…… “On the other hand, I need to say that this storyline it’s not even about Hook…” I would argue that (outside of Merlin) Emma didn’t have any signifiant interactions with anyone else other than Hook in this arc (except a little bit in 5×05) and even if it was revealed in the last eps of S5A, that doesn’t change the fact that all Emma’s actions this season were only about Hook so for me that’s making everything about him even ifwe learned it only in 5×09 (sorry for my english no time to correct myself with google trad’s help :p)

  20. Lindsae says:

    The main thing I get from the comments is that swan queen shippers worry about real world implications, and the captain swan people worry about hook.

  21. Clara says:

    Emma why don’t you just use your magic and zap Regina and Snow….you won’t get any complaints from me!. I literally can’t stand those two and Snow wonders why Emma doesn’t ever confide in her.

    • Lily says:

      Zelena or Hook probably put the cuff in Emma’s wrist, to keep her from using magic.

    • huvad says:

      Lol. You’re already watching your hook show. Yes, no other character is seen bare your hook. How can you be upset about snow & Regina when they’re like 2mins per episode? What kinda of show do u really enjoy? One person (hook) show? Pretty boring I might say

  22. Emma Swan says:

    So now we have to hear the phrase “throw shade” in every online article.

  23. debra says:

    Regina is a evil villain and had already took herny from Emma snow daughter because a innocent 6 year old girl could not keep a secret from her selfish women know as Cora. Regina mean bad lying murder her own father. Who was kind caring and loved her Despite How she treated him . when is finally got rid of her mom with the help of rumble. Now she wants zelena baby no way. She has no right. Yeah zelena killed his wife. But he cheated on her with all people Regina. Are you nuts!?!. and when we believe she was a live they still cheat on her. Last person did that she got called every name in the book. Remember snow season one. Her and charming. now no one cares. Regina must be made accountable for her crime. Zelena was abandoned as a baby. Who would leave a baby in the woods to be eaten or die slowly and Starvation. She the one that deserves a second chance.

  24. Aisha says:

    If i live to be 1000 I’ll never forget the stupidity of half these comments.

  25. Jackie says:

    Regina continues to be the biggest hypocrite in existence and utterly rude. She’s not “sassy,” she’s just flat-out mean and rude. She has no empathy. And Snow isn’t much better, given that she couldn’t be bothered to have anything to do with her daughter in Storybrooke.

    • Huvad says:

      Rewatch S1 before you make that comment. Regina is a product of OUAT writings. She has one of the best sass on TV. So stop hating & appreciate great talent. Do you get sick pleasure in being so cruel just for your hook? Spread love dearie. There’s already so much hate in this world

      • Eve says:

        Bravo! Out of 120+ comments, this and a few more make sense. Anything else is just sorry excuses to defend a fav character or couple or bash Regina, the only unwhitewashed character (challenge me on this-if I have a reply to any pointless accusation) who has actually earned her redemption every step of the way and is almost there. Not to mention that Lana excells, and equals Robert in her acting skills.

  26. Shannon says:

    Do any of you SwanQueen shippers realize how insulting it is to the LGBT community to ship two same-sex straight characters? Makes no sense. That said, I will reserve judgment for Hook, because I haven’t been watching OUAT long. Maybe he has changed, maybe he hasn’t. Being DO cursed will show his true colors. Although, I must say, if anything, what I have so far seen is both Emma and Hook abusing each other’s love. Which is not ok.

    • Huvad says:

      Do you realise that love is love? It’s also a fictional writing so it can’t be established that a character is just straight. Jeez, don’t you watch other shows?

    • Huvad says:

      What’s insulting is your first statement. I bet you’d think is awesome that a gay person becomes straight. That will make sense to you. Be real & stop being a hypocrite

    • Shannon says:

      Ugh that’s not my point. I wouldn’t cheer for a gay person “becoming straight.” I just think it’s hypocritical to want two straight people to become gay. These characters are written as straight. Although, according to some, Once likes to rewrite history, so I won’t completely write off the possibility.

      • Rebecca says:

        There’s NOTHING in canon to suggest that Emma and Regina are ‘definitely’ straight. And it’s insulting to suggest that. A lot of LGBT people have dated the opposite sex because they hadn’t come out yet, etc. And neither Emma nor Regina have outright stated. “I’m straight as an arrow.” Or anything like that. I’m not saying they’re straight, I’m not saying they’re gay…. But you acting like they’re ‘definitely’ straight. Is a insult as well.

  27. Megan says:

    Well, I’m excited by this promo. Finally Dark Emma is interacting more with Snow and Regina and letting them in. These 3 characters work well off one another and I always enjoy scenes between them . Also, I’m really glad I’m more of a casual viewer because I think people try to put more real life social issues into a fantasy show than is necessary in some of these comments. Just my opinion.

  28. Rebecca says:

    Here’s an ingenious concept for all you CSers out there…… Just because we hate Hook….. Doesn’t mean we automatically ship SQ. Some of us just think Hook is trash. Plain and simple. This entire show belongs in the trash and the actors (namely Colin) deserve better writing than what the idiots over at OUAT are giving us.