TV's 27 Most Polarizing Characters: Do You Love 'Em... or Loathe 'Em?

A funny thing happened to the TV characters who made our original “Most Polarizing” list: many are no longer with us! (Was it something we said?)

Actually, chalk it up to cancellations and such. Regardless, that mass exodus of those you love, love, love or haaaaate has created a void, which we are here to fill.

TVLine pays attention, taking notice of the characters that, like clockwork, spark debate — be it either Arrow blonde, a traitorous S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, the ruler of an Empire, Once Upon a Time‘s “reformed” pirate or any number of TV teens.

In the slideshow below (or click here for direct access), we take stock of TV’s most divisive characters, the ones you either find awesome or loathsome. See if your (least?) favorites made the list and vote for the way you see these pop culture pot-stirrers.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. BrightLight says:

    Forever laughing at the second choice for Noah on “The Affair”. I’m not saying it’s a bad choice, it’s just a hilarious way to put it.

    • A says:

      noah is kind of garbage person.
      from his pov he sees himself as this great man & all the other people around him are just garbage whom he tolerates & nothing is his fault.
      the only thing consistent in everyone’s (including noah) pov is that noah is a straight up garbage person.

  2. There’s a difference between an intentionally divisive character like Ward, and the unintentionally divisive Characters like Hook, Felicity, and Laurel. Ward is argument bait,because the writers did their jobs. The latter are argument bait, because the writers did’t do their jobs, imo.

    • Stephen says:

      Yes sure, the writers did their job with Ward hahaha, do you remember the first 13 episodes of the first season? Yes, their where garbage really, really bad, so the writers did’t do a good job from the beginning and their change completely the thematic from a childish history to a more mature history, and if you see right you’re gonna see that in the last episodes of the first season and especially the 1 episodes of season 2 you’re gonna see that their didn’t have idea on how to make more relevant to Ward fits in the main history arc, their eventually did right but they didn’t do it right from the beginning.

  3. EVERY female in the Arrow/Flash universe is tied for worst character on television. That’s why Patty Spivot is such a shock. That actually wrote a likeable woman! Bravo! It only took 4 years!

    • jtrattray says:

      You mean you only like women who exist solely for the gratification of men. There’s nothing else to Patty.

    • datdudemurphy says:

      Sarah and Nyssa are both good characters, too….

      Iris and Felicity are by far the worst.

      • Marcie says:

        No way. I love Felicity!

      • Sarah says:

        Most people seem to disagree with you there on felicity in this poll at the very least. I’m surprised iris wasn’t in this gallery though I agree that she is not written as well as she could be.

      • AdM says:

        Thea is awesome..I have to agree about Felicity and Iris..esp Iris the writers just do not know what to do with her. Not too crazy about patty either

      • Sil says:

        I adore Sara, Nyssa, Thea, Felicity, Iris. I think Iris could be a very strong and likable character. But, after Eddie died she is a singular character. I just love Felicity, one of my favorite TV characters. I’m so glad Sara is back and on her own show. Nyssa is a great strong character, hope to see more of her. Thea is finally getting her own story.
        We all have our favorites. Oliver is mine. Diggle a close second. I don’t believe that a strong women character ruined Oliver’s strength in character or conviction in his fighting prowess. The show has taken a tone of character building which made me happy for Oliver. The show is fun now, humor and drama. I still love Flash, Iris too.

      • Liz says:

        I love Felicity, Nyssa, and Sara. Thea is growing on me with every episode. Iris is awesome but badly used. She has so much potential.

      • Candice says:

        I like Felicity in season one and part of season 2. I would go as far as to say she was my favorite character. Now, I don’t care for her.

    • Dj says:

      The only female characters in the arrow/flash world who I don’t like are Laurel, Iris but she is getting better and Felicity who the writers and shippers turned me against.

    • Katie says:

      I agree, I adore Patty.

  4. RedReddington says:

    I’m surprised neither Raymond Reddington nor Tom Keen from The Blacklist are on this list. Ward from AOS reminds me a lot of Tom (despicable human being) and Reddington is one of the best characters on TV while still being a mystery. (Is he good or bad?)
    Also..Jane Doe from Blindspot is another polarizing character who is a huge question mark. (Why did she do that to herself? Is she a good person?)

  5. jtrattray says:

    Notice how many women in their are hard working career women who’ve done nothing wrong.

    Misogynists who hate Laurel are the reason I ditched the Arrow fandom, and the misogynist who plays Oliver Queen is the reason I ditched the entire show.

    • Boston2AZ says:

      Disliking the character of Laurel Lance and the actress who plays her doesn’t make you a misogynist. Both are just awful.

    • Sara says:

      Women are allowed to dislike female characters. Believe it or not, there are legitimate reasons for why people like or dislike a character, no matter their gender, but you’re generalizing “fandom” into people who make noise. You don’t argue with people who make noise, don’t try to apply logic to someone you know nothing of because chances are they’re 17 and they have way too much time on their hands. You find someone who doesn’t share your opinion and you consider their arguments and then you decide whether or not you agree, and then you move on and be less angry. Not everyone who hates laurel is a misogynist but your post make it seem like they are and it’s truly offending. It’s even more offending now that felicity is getting backlash from the other portion of the fandom, the 17 year old comics fanboys, just for her existence. But you didn’t mention her when your criticism IS about misogyny in the arrow fandom. As for your issue with stephen amell as a person, here’s another someone you and I know nothing of. Seems rather unfair that you made your judgements based on what I assume is twitter chatter.

    • You got mad because someone dislikes fictional character? And why are you generalizing everyone who dislikes Laurel?….How old are you exactly?

    • Spence says:

      Being a woman doesn’t mean you can’t be a terrible actress- which Laurel is.

    • Liz says:

      Yeah, sorry. You don’t have to like Laurel just because she’s female. She sucks. The end.

      • AdM says:

        …only because she’s a threat to your precious Olicity.

        • JC1 says:

          Not an Olicity shipper. Can’t stand Laurel. I doubt I’m the only one.

        • Liz says:

          What? Do you even watch the show? How is Laurel a threat? Oliver and Laurel were over a very long time ago, before the show even started LMAO. There’s no threat here.

          • AdM says:

            So I’m right..Laurel is hated because of Olicity…pathetic shippers. I don’t really care for any of the female characters on Arrow except for Thea…but hating Laurel because of a ship is just childish!

          • Liz says:

            AdM, huh? I just said Laurel was no threat so how does that prove you right? You clearly don’t know how to read properly. Try again. Many people disliked Laurel long before Olicity was even a thing. I didn’t really like her since the pilot episode. How does that fit in with your argument? NOWHERE. Bye now.

        • Chel says:

          She’s not even remotely a threat to Olicity but nice try. Also not everything is about ships anyway.

          And Laurel has done plenty wrong. What kind of statement is that? They have all done wrong things at some point or other because they are humans.

          • AdM says:

            “She’s not even remotely a threat to Olicity but nice try.”…It’s statements like these that make it apparent that you obviously despise Laurel because u love Olicity.

          • Chel says:

            Didn’t know I had to make this clearer but I dislike Laurel because she’s a terrible character. KC’s acting leaves a lot to be desired and she lacks any chemistry with almost everyone they put onscreen with her. It’s cringe worthy. Her training arc was crap so it’s not believable that she fights like she does. She’s selfish, reckless, never takes advice from people who know way better than her, she’s shrew and annoying and childish, she constantly throws Oliver’s mistakes in his face but never takes responsibility for hers. She makes terrible decisions (Tommy died because she felt the need to save paperwork). Need i go on? Believe me my reasons for disliking her have nothing to do with Olicity. She was never a threat to them anyway, O/L was doomed from the start for multiple reasons. I’d dislike her regardless of Olicity because she’s awful!

          • AdM says:

            “She was never a threat to them anyway, O/L was doomed from the start for multiple reasons”….and again this statement negates everything else you’ve stated and comes down to it being an Olicity issue.

        • lordofluck says:

          I’m not a big Olicity fan but I also think Laurel is horrible not the actress but the character.

        • Ashbash says:

          I happen to be a fan who has disliked Laurel long before there was an Olicity. The character just irates so much. She’s hard headed, hypocritical, constantly blaming others for her own poor decisions, and never wants to let go of the past. I don’t know how many times Laurel has been strongly advised and warned not to do something and she does it anyway and then wants to be excused of the consequences. She does this over and over and never seems to learn. And then she’s always trying to bring up Oliver’s past to try to justify herself. I’m honestly disappointed in how the character of Laurel turned out I had high hopes for her when the show premiered and then she turned out to be this same old stereotypical female character who consistently makes poor decisions and never wants to take responsibility for them all under the excuse of the character being “flawed”. It’s lazy writing on the writer’s part and I feel like they could do a better job in trying to portray Laurel as the strong female character they claim her to be but none the less I don’t think it would really hurt the show of Laurel turns out to be the one in the grave this season.

          • Adam says:

            Oliver has consistently done worse than Laurel, caused bigger problems than her and has never been held responsible or changed. Laurel has never wanted to be excused of the consequences or blamed others for her poor decisions. She’s even blamed herself for things that weren’t her fault. Laurel has also shown herself willing to let go of the past several times.

            God bless you! God bless everyone!

        • Maria says:

          This tired ass argument. I didn’t like Laurel from her first scene in episode 1 season 1. No Felicity Smoak in sight then. Never liked Laurel and it has nothing to do with Felicity and has all to do with Laurel yawn Lance.

          • AdM says:

            Well seeing as this is a CW show after all…I wouldn’t put it past the 15 yr old Olicity fans to bash Laurel all day, erryday cause of their love for Olicity.

          • Sophia Blair says:

            Your comment is totally inconsistent. How do you say you did not like the Laurel from the first episode of the first season? there you knew nothing of the character and says he does not have even liked it? You seems to me the kind of person who judges the cover for the book, and then use these words to criticize the Laurel Lance, it is annoying fan of Felicity.

        • kath says:

          It was because the Oliver/Laurel relationship was so bad that the character of Felicity was even made a regular rather than a one shot that she was hired to be.
          Laurel is disliked because for three seasons, she was self-centered and unpleasant.

    • wonderwall says:

      Just wondering… Do you think the people who hate Felicity/Thea/Nyssa/Sara are misogynists too? Or is it just Laurel?

      • Annie says:

        Yes. If you hate that many female characters, then you’re a misogynist.

        • wonderwall says:

          The slash implied “or”. So if you dislike any female character, does that make you a misogynist? Or does it have to be disliking Laurel that makes one a misogynist? Sorry for not being more clear about that.

        • Ashbash says:

          I completely and wholly disagree with you on this statement. You can hate however many female characters and still not be a misogynist. Misogyny is an extreme dislike, contempt, or ingrained prejudice against women in general not just a select group of women. It’s not a word you can just throw around. People have every right to dislike the female characters on Arrow maybe they dislike the characters because they think they think they are a poor representation of women, maybe they just find the characters annoying, or maybe they dislike each female character for different reasons unrelated to each other. Either of these ways they have a right to dislike female characters without having to be misogynistic. I can find at least one reason to hate each of those characters but I’m not misogynistic. I don’t in any way think women are lesser than men or anything like that. I just think that there is no such thing as a perfect character.

        • njk says:

          I feel like it would be mysoginistic to like many of those characters because of the way they depict women …

      • jtrattray says:

        Honestly I don’t know. The fandom where I used to discuss Arrow all four were universally popular, criticising Felicity was like writing your own death warrant.

        I don’t think they’ve all, even Sara who I don’t like, suffered from misogynist writing. I mean Felicity went from tech girl supreme to someone who does nothing unless it’s about a man, that was even before Olicity. Thea only get a storyline if it’s about her father or brother. Nyssa, had to be forced to marry a man, a horrific thing for a straight woman never mind a lesbian.

    • Dude says:

      Just because she’s done nothing wrong and is a woman doesn’t mean she’s likable. I liked her a little last season, but hated her guts this season, when she went ahead and saved Sara despite EVERYONE’s warnings, made Nysa break the Pit, and would’ve doomed Sara to an eternity of soullessness had it not been for Constantine.

      • Sil says:

        To me, Laurel had great potential as a strong character. However, season 2 just ruined for me. Season 4 she isn’t much better. I won’t judge the character by what the actress does. Laurel is my least favorite of TV. That’s all. Not because of her gender or mine. Not because of anything but how she has been portrayed.

      • Adam says:

        Sara wouldn’t have been doomed to soullessness because it wasn’t her. Her body would’ve been doomed, which doesn’t effect her soul. Nyssa broke the pit on her own, which is better for everyone, so I guess we should thank her that. Oliver did the exact same thing as Laurel did when he ignored Malcolm’s warning and then abandoned Thea for months knowing there could be side effects and then did nothing to help her even though he knew someone with magic who could possibly help when he discovered the side effects.

        God bless you! God bless everyone!

    • jj says:

      What exactly is your issue with Stephen Amel?

    • Maria says:

      You’re doing what you’re forbidding other people to do. You’re disliking people just like how some others are disliking fictional characters. Also people can dislike KC. I mean she gives plenty of reasons to. By the way she fake talks about liking certain female co-workers. She surely says one thing in press and does a 180 when the person is with them say on holidays. I just hope Emily wakes up soon and sees how fake KC is.

    • Lysh says:

      Besides his comments about Texans (I don’t even remember the ordeal anymore but I cringed), Stephen Amell is a genuine great guy. And he’s surrounded by women. So I don’t know how you think he’s a misogynist. I don’t get that vibe.
      I agree about Laurel though. And with the lack of female superheroes in TV/movies, I support her.

      • John NYC says:

        His remark was about Texas and how denigrating an entire state of people is wrong.

        I happen to agree: the less comfortable we all are to stereotyping entire collections of people in sweeping generalization the better off we’ll be. IMHO. “Texans” included.

        That he may have been being protective of his wife(she’s from Texas) doesn’t lessen the truth. Lumping millions of people all together as the same isn’t right.

        • John NYC says:

          “”Stereotyping Texas isn’t any better than stereotyping Ahmed. Just so we’re clear,””

          Apparently in responding to a series of Tweets where people lumped the entire state together on that incident.

          • Gen says:

            Did you read his amazing heartfelt apology? He wrote something meant to be positive, but somewhat naïve and blinded by white privilege, he got called out for it, and went out, educated himself on why people were upset about it, he personally apologised and interacted with fans that took the time to discuss with him why they were hurt by his tweet. THIS is how you be a great person, everybody stuffs up, its how you deal with the ramifications that is telling.

            Lets look at KC, and culturally appropriating as a latino ‘gangsta thug’ (literally posting photos of herself calling herself a ‘thug’) for Halloween. Called out, and gives a dismissive ‘sorry you were offended’, not sorry for doing it, just sorry people didn’t like it. The same person who politely explained to SA what was up with his tweet, approaches her to explain why what she did was pretty racist, and KC just blocks her. SA shows grace, while KC show derision and a total lack of care.

          • John NYC says:

            Texas isn’t a monolith, no more than “blacks”, “muslims” or even, shocker, “whites”.

            So that Tweet is right.

  6. Steven says:

    Annalise is definitely a cold-hearted master manipulator, but in the best possible way.

    • Joey says:

      Exactly! That’s the entire point of her character, and why she’s so great.

    • Angela says:

      These are my thoughts as well :D. I did wish I could put down a vote for “both” for the poll regarding her, because she does have that protective den mother side to her, too…but she is scary good at the manipulation, for sure, and it’s one of the things about her that I find especially fascinating.

    • Anna says:

      Right? That was a hard one bc she is 100% both of those choices. She protects her babies like a lioness, but girl is straight up teaching the class on manipulation.

  7. Eric7740 says:

    I don’t understand all the Laurel hate on Arrow??? I have never have…

    • Marco says:

      She is the worst-written character in the show and cannot hold a candle to even her WORST version in the comics.

    • Liz says:

      It’s mainly because she’s written so badly and doesn’t hold a candle to the Dinah Laurel Lance/Black Canary of the comics. She’s an insult to that comic book character. She’s whiny and never apologises for anything she’s done wrong. She blames everyone else for her choices and mistakes (episode 5 of this current season was a prime example of that). And her rise to Black Canary was so rushed and at the sacrifice of Sara who will always been a million times better than Laurel will ever be in the Canary role. There’s no comparison.

      • Kim (@AD76) says:

        Agree, agree, agree. I can’t stand Laurel!

      • Stephen says:

        Maybe because that she still is not fully Black Canary, she still have little time of training, she is gonna make errors and etc, just like Oliver when he was in the island, he make a lot of errors, but you see how he progress with the pass of time.

        • lily says:

          Nope, they’ve said time and time again she’s a fully fledged vigilante who doesn’t need more training. If the show runners tell us that she’s Oliver and Sara’s equal and then the show gives us someone who’s incompetent, that leads to people being resentful of her quick and easy rise to BC.

          • Stephen says:

            I don’t think that she became quick and easy in BC, I admit that I like more Sara, but I don’t think it was easy, in season 3 she start training and she really sucks fighting, (but I think that was the idea), she advanced when Nysa training her, I think that still need more experience to become full flagged BC that will all hope to see, I see this like Roy Harper, in season 1 Roy Harper sucks, in season 2 he still sucks from time to time, but in season 3 I think that he progress more and kickass.

        • Liz says:

          I’d maybe agree with you if they hadn’t said she’s fully trained now and the way they have her do stunts as if she’s been doing it for years. It’s unbelievable. I don’t buy it and I never will.

      • Anon1 says:

        Yes to all of this. So very true! She’s an insult to her comic book counterpart. She’s far too selfish and never accepting of responsibility for someone who is supposed to be a hero. Not to mention she’s a reckless terrible decision maker. And she’s played by a terrible actress who has chemistry with nobody. She’s the worst character on this show and on te version right now in general.

        • Adam says:

          Oliver has made more reckless and terrible decisions than Laurel and has never accepted responsibility and has been more selfish. Laurel has always ended up accepting responsibility even for things she didn’t do and has been less selfish than Oliver.

          God bless you! God bless everyone!

  8. How is Bud even on this list? He’s totally awesome! Not even a question!

  9. A says:

    Shocked that Felicity is on the list. Most of the comments on the ‘who’s in the grave’ and other assorted articles that TVLine have put up lately are made up of people positively talking about her.

    • A says:

      It’s clickbait, that’s why they have popular characters like Hook and Felicity on the list.

      • A says:

        I thought clickbait, but wouldn’t they have her pic on the tweet if it was really clickbait?

      • AJ says:

        You might think that but I feel that those 2 characters are hurting their shows.

        • Anon1 says:

          Multiple people involved with the Arrow (actors, producers, writers) credit Felicity/Emily with basically saving the show. And the ratings are great and it’s the second highest rated show on its network. Pretty sure she’s not hurting the show but nice try.

          • AJ says:

            I didn’t mean ratings wise, both shows are doing pretty well, I mean creatively. I feel they both bring the quality of their shows down.

          • Ms Thang says:

            The writers ruined Arrow by focusing on the romance angle. The best part of Arrow was oliver’s conflict with family, ie, Moira or foes, such as Slade. No wonder Season 2 is by far the best season. Felicity should have remained an occasional support and kot front and center.

          • wonderwall says:

            Your mileage may vary, but I think that S3 focused more on Oliver saving Thea’s soul more than romance. Mind you, I wasn’t a fan of how the show executed Oliver/Felicity’s relationship in S3, but it’s clear romance is on the backburner now and the show is focusing more on family dynamics with Oliver trying to help Thea, Diggle/Andy, Laurel/Sara, Felicity/Donna, Oliver/Diggle.

            That being said, I really miss Moira and Walter. Shame the writers felt they had to go.

      • Joey says:

        I know a lot of people who cannot stand Hook, actually, but it seems from the comments on OUaT articles that its mainly Hook lovers that are on this site…

      • Lin says:

        Ohhh poor hooker (believe it or not people that like Hook actually call themselves that)… you really think Hook is there because he is “popular”? There is plenty of people that hate him for being a mysoginistic asshole. And before you jump and call me a sq shipper I’m not. There are plenty reasons to hate Hook besides shipping. So please stop looking for excuses for Hook being in this poll. He deserves his spot as every other character here.

  10. Sandra says:

    Hook is only polarizing because people who ship Emma and Regina hate him because he is in the way of their crack ship. It´s just like the people in the glee fandom that ship Faberry and hate Finn or ship Kurtoskfy and hate Blaine, or the people in the flash fandom that ship Barry/Caitlin and hate Iris and so on.
    Has Hook done horrible things? Yes. So has Regina and Rumple and no one seems to care.

    • Shawn says:

      People hate him because he’s a piece of garbage who ruined the show.

      • Melanie says:

        This. And the fact that some people get so offended that he dare be on this list, while others are happy, is proof that TVLine was 100% correct in including him.

        • Rebecca says:

          People hate Hook because he’s rape culture in a nutshell and the writers romanticize him. Not because he ‘gets in the way’ of our ship. I don’t ship Swan Queen and even if I did, I wouldn’t hate him purely because of that. Because unlike the majority of CSers….. I’m not eleven years old.

          • Alice says:

            Thank you. I was never a Swan-Queen fan. But Captain “You’ll feel my sword when I ram it inside you” Hook has been rape culture personified since he showed up on the show. The choice to make him the hero says all I needed to hear about the creator’s attitudes towards women. Dropped it and never missed it.

          • oh give me a break. I have watched since the beginning and am a loud and proud feminist, yet I fail to see what you are alluding to. He is a pirate. He is Captain Hook. Do you not know what pirates did? Do you not know history? Forget fairytales, try history. On this show, in Storybrook, Hook as been a gentleman. He has been an agent of good. And too many people took the Neil storyline too far. Give up this “rape culture” line in this show… I can point you to many worthy shows to call out for that crap, but OUAT, no! Sorry. I call bull and sour grapes.

    • A says:

      idk about other fandoms but people hated blaine because he was/is awful, irritating, whiny, selfish, creepy, hypocrite character/person. & the actor who played him did him no favors of liking him either.

    • Mary says:

      I don’t ship Emma and Regina. I don’t ship Emma with anyone that’s currently on the show. Can’t stand Hook. He’s the character that they keep trying to force to fit but still doesn’t work.

      Regina and Rumple they’ve actually tried to put some effort into redeeming. All they’ve done with Hook is say that he’s changed, but he hasn’t.

    • JenE says:

      I love Hook! I think he’s a great and interesting character that is awesome with Emma. The vast majority that dislike him are the annoying and obnoxious Swan Queeners!

      • Maddie says:

        Theres plenty of other reasons to hate Hook besides him getting in the way of a ship. He has done lots of messed up things that have been swept under the rug.

    • Marco says:

      Oh, there were PLENTY of reasons to hate Blaine.

      – Attempted Rape (3×05)
      – Self-Centered Douche Who Cheats As Soon As His Beloved Isn’t All About Him 24/7
      Just to start…

    • Candice says:

      I never took him serious as a character. I was shocked that he was picked as a serious regular.

    • Lin says:

      I love that CS can only defend Hook by saying “Regina is meaner” “Rumple is a baddie” *histerical crying* “You don’t love killy because you ship SQ.” Their arguments are as week as their ship. Hook is a rat. The only reason you are in this site is to try to proof he doesn’t belongs in the poll, give up. There’s plenty of people that hate the guy. Deal with it!

    • Ginger Snap says:

      You’re generalizing. Some people aren’t into ships (I’m one ), don’t care about SwanQueen, SwanFire, or CS, but simply hate all the screen time that Hook and Emma suck up – leaving no scenes for other characters.

      • Michelle says:

        I’m not actually a huge Hook fan–I guess I’m one of the few that can take him or leave him–but Emma IS the main character. She SHOULD be getting the most screentime! It’s a big improvement over 4B when Regina got the most screentime by far (and coincidentally that’s when the ratings really settled toward the series lows…) Of course, I do wish more of Emma’s screentime were with Henry and/or her parents (or Elsa–I miss that lovely friendship!) instead of all with Hook, but Emma getting more of the focus is why this season has at least been an improvement on the last one so far.

  11. Jovana says:

    Meredith Grey should be here, too.
    – A loyal friend
    – A selfish bitch.

  12. Sandra says:

    Hook is only polarizing because people who ship Emma and Regina hate him because he is in the way of their crack ship. It´s just like it was in the glee fandom where people that used to ship Faberry/Kurtoskfy hated Finn/Blaine.
    Has Hook done horrible things? Yes. So has Regina and Rumple and no one seems to care.

    • MBach52 says:

      This isn’t a matter of who’s done horrible things or not. Some of the most popular characters in television history were horrible human beings who did terrible things. But they were popular because they were well-written. A lot of characters on this list aren’t.
      I think OuaT isn’t an overly well-written show to begin with, but even on OuaT some are better developed than others. Captain Hook is high on my list of the worst written characters on that show too. And I don’t ship anything on it.
      I know it’s often hard to accept for hardcore fans of “pretty” male characters, but you can dislike a character for reasons that have nothing to do with ‘shipping’. You can just think they’re boring, annoying, or poorly developed in general. Try to respect your fellow tv watchers by not making assumptions about why they like or dislike something.

    • Jacob says:

      All this Hook screentime has given me a headache tbh.The ouat plot doesn’t make ANY sense.Jennifer as the darkone was captivating but they rly didn’t take that dark one Swan arc anywhere.Her parents/son are all shoved to the side.It’s been an irritating season for anyone with basic intelligence.

      Oh and most imp part I DON’T BLOODY ‘SHIP’ ANYTHING ON OUAT infact I wish all of you ‘shippers’ would stop hogging every damn online site.

  13. Chris says:

    I love Hook. I just don’t think they’ve written him to be very useful in most cases. He always got into trouble during season 4. The only thing he does great is love Emma. That’s why I’m excited to see Dark Hook. I wanna see how formidable he can truly be.

    And everyone needs to get off of Laurel now. She’s doing just fine!

    • Jacob says:

      Dark hook oh man o donoghue has acceptable acting skills at the he was worst as a lead in Rite, he just cant carry a prominent role.I already see things ruined for ouat.

  14. JC1 says:

    Well of the shows I watch:
    – Ward: I think he’s pretty entertaining as a villain. I was worried for a while that they might try to redeem him, but I’m happy to keep him around as long as there’s no redemption arc on the books (or SkyeWard).
    – Laurel: I have honestly never run into a TV character I despised more. Ever. A deadly combo of terrible writing and awful acting IMO. Sadly the TV Gods do not love me so we’ll never ever be rid of her. (And, no, before the accusations come rolling in, I am not an Olicity shipper.)
    – Felicity: I like Felicity. Last season was a little rough on her, especially toward the end, but I think she’s back to great this season (and thankfully no more cry voice).
    – Bud: I didn’t realize Bud was polarizing. I don’t watch Grimm anymore – I quit after the Juliette character assassination of last season. But when I did I always enjoyed Bud.
    – Hook: Another show I’m no longer watching. But I always liked Hook.
    – Cami: I’m about a season behind on this show, but I really like Cami.
    – Enzo: Also about a season behind on this show. Based on what I have seen, I guess I’m kind of neutral on him so far.
    Other characters not on the list:
    – Eleanor Bishop (NCIS) – personally I’m a fan, but I know a lot of people aren’t.
    – Adalind Schade (Grimm) – Claire Coffee is a great comedic actress, but I am so not here for Nick/Adalind (the other reason I’m not watching the show this season).

  15. I voted pro-Hook, and I can’t choose for Annalise because I’m pretty sure she’s both. Ward is an evil demon, and that’s what’s fun about him. And I love Felicity Smoak, no question.

    Um … is there an option for Laurel Lance that says “Don’t mind her exactly, just not sure what she’s doing on the show these days? Like, what does she contribute that someone else doesn’t? They never use her lawyer status (does she even go into the office anymore?), there’s three other fighters on the team, she doesn’t have a major story line happening now. She’s become Black Canary, she has no major season arcs (like Felicity as CEO or Diggle finding out about Andy or Thea’s bloodlust or Lance being undercover) or friends (Curtis, Flash characters) or love interests (Lyla, Alex, Oliver/Felicity for each other, Donna/Lance) or connections (Lance to Darhk/HIVE, Diggle to Darhk/Andy and ARGUS, Thea to Malcolm/Nanda Parbat, Felicity to Flash/Legends characters), other than Sara, who is already connected to several other characters on the show. They’ve even given her father more connections to other people in the show this season, like bonding with Oliver, scamming Darhk, and possibly dating Donna. So I’m not wishing her away, exactly, but I do occasionally wonder what she’s doing there.”

    I realize that would be an exceptionally long write-up for a quick poll, but it’s accurate to how I feel right now. Especially with that grave hanging over everybody this season, it’s hard not to notice Laurel isn’t really contributing all that much compared to the other characters these days. I liked her fine in the back half of last season, but she did not come off well in her Sara story and now she doesn’t seem to be doing much of anything. If the second half of the season comes up with a reason for her to be there, cool, but right now, she seems sort of pointless.

    • Ashbash says:

      I feel like Laurel could have been a better character of they swapped her backstory and storyline with her sister Sara’s. If the writers plan was to always make Laurel the Black Canary and to make her a full fledged member of team arrow then she should have been the sister that was on the boat with Oliver and the one presumed dead that trained on the island with him. Laurel Lance was a badass in the comics and the direction they went with the character on the show is just disappointing because after the introduction of Sara there was really no point to the character of Laurel.

      • Maisy says:

        I agree, and that’s why Sara has such a huge fanbase- I like her, and think she fits into team arrow way better then Laurel ever has, but don’t love her. But even if they had swapped story lines, there is no getting away from the fact that KC really doesn’t do well chemistry wise with her co stars, and with SA particularly its really uncomfortable to watch.
        I mean the writers have previously stated that they regret not doing screen tests, because they got stuck with such poor chemistry, and KC has actually stated that it was on SA, because he ‘gave her nothing to work with’, but that rings false when her lack of chemistry is evident with most other characters too. The writers have also admitted in the past that their writing of LL was not well done.
        I don’t know why people act like its illogical that lots of people don’t like her, or try to blame it on shipping; the writers, actors, fans even the media have all been vocal about it not working, so its hardly surprising.

  16. steven says:

    I’m glad that Maddie is on the list. Somebody needs to slap her.

  17. Laura says:

    Ward is such a complex character, I almost felt BAD, choosing the ‘Ruthless killer option’, not because of his backstory, because all the things he’s done are unforgivable, and he truly is a revenge-seeking ruthless killer, but AoS did the impossible and made me actually like him. I’m not rooting for his side, I don’t really empathize, and I’m not Stand With Ward, but I truly enjoy the character and his storyline, and thats hard to do for me when someone is as cold as Ward.

    • Lisa says:

      Ward is the guy leaves you torn. You know he’s an obvious sociopath, and you hate him, but you don’t want to hate him. I’ve had the same problem with Junior on Murder in the First. Despite how much you know you should hate him, you find yourself hoping he’s not really all that bad.

      • Laura says:

        Exactly! He’s just so amazingly written and portrayed that it feels like the entire point of his character is to confuse you in the best possible way. Brett Dalton takes the ‘Lovable villain’ character to a such a demented level where Ward is definitely not lovable, but that doesn’t stop you from loving him.

    • Isobel says:

      Yeah, I’d put Ward with Lucious and Cersei in characters that really are evil, but that doesn’t mean I dislike their portrayals as characters. Ward became much more interesting as a villain.

  18. Betsy says:

    I’m glad Hook is on here, but seriously? The fact that he’s a womanizer is the most negative thing you could find to say about him? How about the fact that he tried to kill Belle times, among other things? He’s ripped Aurora’s heart out, blackmailed Rumple – and that’s not counting his piracy.

  19. Liz says:

    LMAO. Laurel has always been terrible, ever since the Pilot. Thank god for Felicity is all I can say.

  20. Shannon says:

    PLL: I really don’t know about Charlotte. For years watching this show, I always felt bad for A because I thought he or she would have legitimate reasons for hating the girls. But Charlotte’s reasons for stalking the girls make no sense to me. (Except when I think of how dumb the girls are and how fun it must have been to mess with them). She didn’t deserve to go to Radley when she did, but she still has all the attributes of a psychopathic stalker.
    OUAT: I wasn’t watching the show before Hook became a good guy, but he does seem changed to me. I guess we’ll find out soon.
    Suits: Only watched a few episodes out of order, but Louis has always disgusted me.

  21. Spence says:

    I don’t know how to feel about Morgan… I appreciate his dedication to peace, but at the same time I don’t want him to get someone else killed because of it. I’m sure he’ll die soon, either way.

  22. wonderwall says:

    Since when was Felicity a polarizing character? I know there are some people who don’t like her/hate her, but not enough for her to be a polarizing character… And really? She is a distraction to Oliver? That makes no sense to me considering she’s the reason Oliver stayed in Star City and she’s the reason why he is back to vigilante-ing. I don’t know how that’s considered a ‘distraction’ when she inspired him to put the suit back on.

    • Liz says:

      I kinda get why she’s on the list because you have comic canon diehards who don’t want her on the show and then she is also loved by a lot of people. I don’t know if I’d call her polarising exactly though. And I don’t know how she could be a distraction when she works on the same team as him and helps him every step of the way.

      • wonderwall says:

        Meh. Comic canon diehards account for about less than 2% of the entire viewership considering only about 50k people purchase GA/BC comics combined (monthly sales). That’s me being generous.

        • Rae says:

          Yeah she is definitely not polarizing. She is clearly a fan favorite. A few comic diehards hating her because comics does not make her polarizing. You can’t be almost universally loved aside from a few internet haters who couldn’t handle her having emotions in season 3 and taking the female lead role away from LL without even trying and be considered polarizing. Get it together tvline. Learn what polarizing means before making lists about polarizing characters. Every character in existence will have people who like and dislike them for whatever reason, but they aren’t all polarizing.

        • Maisy says:

          I just hope the fact that they are perhaps doing a movie with BC will appease the comic fanboys, and once LL is in that coffin, they all depart, happier in the knowledge that they might actually get a real BC on the big screen. Its not like it will be hard to top the Arrow one.

    • Journey54 says:

      S3 ruined her. She sucks ass now.

      I love S1-S2 Felicity though

      • wonderwall says:

        Great criticism! A+

      • anon says:

        Can’t handle a woman who has normal human emotions but was still a badass who got crap done and saved the day? Seems like a you problem not a problem with Felicity.

        • AdM says:

          Even the actress Emily had a problem with S3 Felicity…the writers admitted that depressing Felicity will not be back in S4 meaning they knew they messed up her character in s3….so yeah the problem was with Felicity and her constant weeping

          • wonderwall says:

            Why dwell in the past when you can focus on the present where Felicity isn’t ‘constantly weeping’ (Btw I sure hope you had a problem with Barry crying last season because he cried as much as Felicity did. Otherwise I’d see a huge double standard there)?

          • anon says:

            Emily prefers her character to be happy she never said she had a problem with how Felicity was written in season 3. The writers also prefer a character they love and have said they are protective of to be happy. Making her happier this season does not mean they thought they did anything wrong with her in season 3, it means they are having her grow and develop and her life is in a different place now. Also she was not weeping constantly, she rarely actually full on cried ever. Everyone cried at some point in season 3. And she had legitimate reasons to be emotional so it’s actually pretty awful to hate a character for having normal human emotions to traumatic events. Would you like to be crapped on next time you are suffering and exhibit normal human emotions? Why are you so determined to hate Felicity? You’re constant harping on her normal human emotions but probably not having a problem with anyone else’s emotions definitely proves it’s a you problem.

  23. Shannon says:

    I’m shocked Agent Bishop of NCIS isn’t on this list, considering how many comment-fights about her NCIS viewers have had on this site and countless others. I, for one, was veryyyy skeptical of her character at first (for the same reason Tony was–she looks so young!). I’ve since grown to like the character, because she’s so much tougher than she looks. Also, the story arc of her husband having an affair has made her seem more mature and realistic to me.

    • JC1 says:

      I agree. I’ve grown to really like Bishop despite my initial skepticism when the character was first announced. I really enjoy how the three of them (Tim/Tony/Bishop) work together and look out for each other.
      But also yes, I too was surprised she wasn’t on this list.

    • Seleya says:

      I would imagine she wasn’t included because the TV Line folks can discern the difference between the vindictive complaints of a few of her predecessor’s fans (and their socks) vs actual dislike of the character. Away from particular sites targeted by the lunatic fringe, she has plenty of fans. :)

      While she’ll never be my favorite, I liked her from the onset and have grown quite fond of her. That said, I wish we had more dead petty officers and less marriage angst, and I would love to see the return of some of her more endearing quirks in moderation.

    • John NYC says:

      Possibly because her portrayal isn’t that divisive, not like, say, Ward or Hook. Written and portrayed with complexity built in.

  24. John036 says:

    Really have never gotten the Laurel hate, I mean all the women on Arrow are horribly written, and Laurel is definitely not the whiniest character on the show – have you guys forgotten about Thea? Who whined throughout the whole season 3? And again Cassidy is not the worst actress on the show because, again Willa Holland aka Thea takes the cake.

    i feel like majority of the people who hate Laurel are not the people who hate the character herself, but hate the fact that there’s a chance (albeit slim) that the writers may grow tired of fan pandering and go back to the originally planned Laurel-Oliver pairing.

    In season 3, Laurel became my favorite female character after they reduced Felicity to a crying damsel in constant distress.

    The same goes for Iris in The Flash, the Cailtin-Barry shippers constantly belittle Iris because she gets in the way of their ship.

    • Demi says:

      Just because people don’t like Laurel does not mean it has anything to do with the relationship btw Oliver and Felicity. Most people I knw dislike her from the pilot, was Felicity involved in the pilot. The character has not been written well from day one combine with bad choices and acting.
      Also when the fan pandering become a bad thing, TV show are there to make money, if they don’t satisfy the fans, how will they make money or get people talking? You can’t continue writing something that people don’t like, it will get your show off the air immediately.

      • John036 says:

        What I was saying, Demi, was that I find more people dislike Laurel because of the Felicity-Oliver pairing. I do see people disliking Laurel because of Katie Cassidy’s acting, but I just find majority of the dislike for Laurel stemming from the “Olicity” fandom.

        • Demi says:

          Can I get an evidence of this survey you conducted that conclude that most people don’t like Laurel because of Oliver and Felicity relationship. She’s not even in any way a threat to the relationship. Even if majority of the dislike comes from olicity fandom, you do realise most of them watch Arrow not just for olicity, they are interested in other things and if the characters are not delivering, people tend to dislike them. I remember early season of greys anatomy, no matter how much people rooted for Derek and Meredith, Addison was still a loveable character. Laurel is an annoying, selfish whiny character who does not own up to her mistakes or accept that she’s wrong. Episode 4 and 5 of this season continues to prove that. And don’t get me started on the acting with the folding of hands that has turn into a drinking game for most people.

          • John036 says:

            I really give evidence to something I’ve seen in passing.
            Do people really make a drinking game about Laurel folding her hands? (Can I see the evidence? Lol I’m kidding). I always thought people hated Felicity more because of the character and less because of Katie Cassidy’s acting (which I think is good, especially for a CW show, I loved her acting in her addiction storyline back in season 2, I really felt KC went all in especially when it came to losing the weight).

    • JC1 says:

      Willa Holland has been acting circles around Cassidy this season, IMO. Look at the episode where they raised Sara from the dead. Willa Holland did an amazing job in that episode in my opinion, and did Katrina Law. Katie Cassidy, on the other hand, walked through nearly the entire episode with no expression on her face whatsoever, and if ever there was an episode where she should have busted out her alleged acting skills, it was that one.

      • John036 says:

        I must admit, I haven’t watched season 4 much, mainly because season 3 killed my love for the show, and also because of my freshman year of college, but one episode, at least in my opinion and I’m taking your word for it, doesn’t make the nearly insufferable acting Willa gave us for the first three seasons.

        • JC1 says:

          I’ll agree to disagree then, because I’ve always thought Willa Holland’s acting was just fine. Cassidy has been my vote for worst actress on the show since literally day one (with the temporary exception of Jessica De Gouw).

    • Chel says:

      Felicity Smoak is more of a hero than Laurel could ever hope to be. The only person who has been a crying damsel in distress on this show is Laurel. And people dislike Laurel because she’s awful not because she’s a threat to Olicity. Because she’s not a threat to Olicity. Not at all. There is no chance the writers will go back to O/L. So trust me Laurel is disliked because she’s a terrible character written terribly played by a terrible actress (definitely the worst on the show) who has terrible chemistry with the rest of the cast. And the dislike of her extends far beyond the Olicity fandom. Not everything is about ships.

    • Britt says:

      I just don’t like Katie Cassidy. I don’t ship anyone ever.
      I’ll go there: I think the actors on Arrow are very pretty/handsome and their acting abilities don’t matter that much.

      But Katie Cassidy just makes me cringe when she does that “I don’t know how to cry so I’m just gonna not blink for a while so my eyes will water and then squint so maybe a tear’s gonna fall.”

    • maria says:

      Felicity was never a damsel in distress in season 3. all the times she has offered herself up as bait somehow or was in on a plan to appear as a damsel. The only damsel on the show was freakin Laurel in season 1-2. i dont even count 3-4 with her because shes such a useless character. all she did in season 3 was sideline diggle and pretended to be Sara.

    • Maisy says:

      I actually kinda find it offensive when people insist on dismissing critique of LL as just shippers, its like saying that because I enjoy a particular romantic pairing, that my opinion means less, that I must be vapid enough that I cant see the writing, acting choices etc, that my opinion is somehow less informed? I am on my second uni degree, critical thinking is my default setting.
      People almost write metas in comment sections explaining the problematic nature of LL, they give canon citing reasons for their dislike- they don’t even touch on Olicity/Felicity, but both are routinely used as reasons to dismiss said critique.
      One more time; people don’t dislike Laurel because they are jealous or threatened by her comic canon history, they dislike her because she is poorly written (acknowledged by the writers), has poor chemistry with co stars (acknowledged by writers and KC herself in relation to SA!), and have you not seen how often her acting is cited?

  25. Gady says:

    Felicity smoak is a fan favorite since S1 you put her in this list you lost my respect #EpicFail

    • Journey54 says:

      Somebody wasn’t much on the internet when S3 aired I guess…

      Most people hated her during that season and rightfully. They ruined her character and turned her into a crybaby

      • anon says:

        Just because you hated her during season 3 doesn’t mean most people hated her. Not how it work. She still won multiple favorite character polls, gets the most questions at cons even though Emily doesn’t got to a lot of cons, and is part of a hugely popular ship. If she was that hated like you claim, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be giving her even more to do this season. Also having normal human emotions to traumatic events doesn’t make you a crybaby. But way to give really intelligent criticism.

  26. IMHO says:

    Morgan really has to make some changes or hit the road.
    Right now he is as dangerous as any threat out there. His actions have caused at least 3 attacks already.
    He met the wolves at a campfire beat them up put them in a car which ends up at a cannery where they set a trap , Daryl & Aaron are caught in it and the wolves kill a potential Alexandrian.
    Wolves find there way to Alexandria because a backpack was left at the cannery attack numerous people killed
    Morgan allows 5 wolves to leave Alexandria, they attack Rick who cannot finish leading the heard away from Alexandria.
    Morgan’s philosophy is fine for him deadly for those around him.

  27. Demi says:

    I don’t get how Felicity is on this list, she’s not in anyway polarizing especially in season 4. Let’s just for a second assume that there are vast majority of people that don’t like her(which is not true)enough for to be on the list, the two options given are pretty sexist. She’s more than a girlfriend or a distraction. You could have done better in the options given.

    • John036 says:

      I think season 3 polarized Felicity. A lot of people didn’t like how she was reduced to a love interest and thrown into the unnecessary love triangle between Oliver, Felicity, and Roy.

      • anon says:

        It was Ray not Roy. And that was never a real triangle. Ray was always doomed to lose out there. It sucked that she was used to prop Ray but she was not reduced to a love interest. She was one of the biggest heroes of the season and she accomplished so much. Being a love interest doesn’t make you only a love interest. And there were a lot less people who “hated” her in season 3 than some of you commenters keep implying. Again she wins all the good polls, gets the most questions at cons, a million other reasons she’s not polarizing. A few haters does not make her polarizing.

      • Demi says:

        What love triangle? She made a choice to date Ray and Oliver started moping and wanting to go join the league. Why not hate on him? In what way was she reduced to only a love interest? We got to knw about her backstory and her family in season 3. And tbh season 3 was a crappy season, why not hate on everyone of them, why single out just one just because she had emotions about all the dark things going on around her like a normal person would do. Barry cried all season 1 of flash just because his mother died, no one complained.

        • Quinten25 says:

          Yeah, season 3 was pretty bad. But what it did to Felicity’s character can’t be overlooked. She was pretty awful and used to be one of my favorites. But I couldn’t stand her that season; but Oliver as well. The amount of bad desicions he made and has yet to pay for or acknowledge really bothers me. The other characters were at least tolerable. They developed Laurel and Thea quite a bit, and quite well in my opinion. But when all Felicity seemed to care about was Oliver all season was just dumb. And when she thinks she’s about to die and all she cares about is Oliver getting forced to marry someone she knows isn’t even into him (and likes women), was beyond insane. They’ve definitely started to retcon a lot of that this season but there’s still work to be done. She was pretty much reduced to a love interest, or someone who’s story was only to be romantically involved with people. Laurel and Felicity definitely both deserve to be on this list though. I do agree they’re handling her a lot better this season.

  28. Lex Roberts says:

    I despise Noah, Ward & Hook. I actually stopped watching The Affair. I’m trying to not give up on Shield and Once. Once spends WAY too much time on Hook. Since their feeble attempt at “redemption”, he’s been boring. And I’m angry that they made the entire DarkSwan arc about Emma’s stupid boyfriend. I’ll likely not forgive them for that as I was hopeful for something interesting not something from a 70s soap opera. Apparently, I have strong feelings about that. HA!

    I feel bad for Laurel. I’m still not sure how she fits. I miss Sara. I totally love Felicity. :)

  29. Smoak Arrow says:

    No divisive here. Love Arrow’s Felicity Smoak! Emily Bett Rickards has done brilliant work with her on Arrow going on 4 years now.

    • Chel says:

      Amen! She’s the best! Almost universally loved by fans! And the cast, producers,and writers love her too! Not even close to polarizing.

  30. OUAT :Hook:I don’t live him or hate him,he’s ok I guess
    PLL:ChRlotte:I feel bad she was sent way for being transgender & it would suck to overhear to your siblings friends say they were glad she was gone but still does Charlotte have no idea the terrible things Ali did-blackmail,secrets,lies,being the other woman in the Meilssa/Ian relationship,flirting with Ezra& maybe Wikden-who are way too old for -she ket her family & friends think she died,grieve & morn. She was a bully.Ali was no saint or angel,she was horrible oerson& friend.Not that she deserved Mona being A but still…It’s not like the Liars wre th first A or we’re responsible for Ali’s disappearance ect & the Liars didn’t deserve what Chatlotte did to them.

    • Shannon says:

      Add to that the fact that Charlotte accidentally hitting Ali caused the whole mess. Sure she didn’t do it on purpose, but who was she to try to punish the Liars for being glad Ali was gone? Or maybe that was her way of burying her guilt.

  31. Lily M. says:

    But the 2 options for Camille’s poll aren´t bad? I mean just being a “love interest” isn’t great either.

  32. lily says:

    I would say where’s Barry Allen on this list tbh. An emotional cry baby (using words and phrases I’ve seen flying around in the comment section for characters who have any emotional output) who can’t do anything without a motivational speech, who tends to think the world owes him everything.

    • Maisy says:

      He has a devise that insulates him from critique about his emotions, its called a penis. Manpain is so much more valuable to a show then a woman shown emoting.

  33. Guess22 says:

    I feel bad for Katie Cassidy, she dosn´t desvere all the hate she´s getting, people calling her terrible, they don´t even know her in real life, so they should just stop cause it´s almost bullying, what would they feel if they got intense hate all the time. And Laurel`s my favorit have been from day one, but i blame the writers for not giving her anything, they could use her lawyer skills, or have her get more training or give her a new love interest, it´s been almost 3 years since Tommy died, why Thea is getting a new love interest before her is beoynd me.

    • A says:

      Well 1) this is about Laurel. If you don’t want it to be about Katie dont mention her in a comment. Just a tip. And 2) if she is your fave, you’ll know that Katie has said repeatedly that she doesn’t want a love interest.

    • JC1 says:

      No one here, including me, has said anything about Katie Cassidy as a person. There is a world of difference between saying she is terrible (nobody said that) and saying her acting is terrible. Like it or not, her acting is her job, and is a large part of what goes into creating the characters she portrays. People have just as much right to comment on that as they do any entertainer’s performance, or writer’s writing, etc. It’s not bullying to express an opinion on those things, as long as you’re not screaming it into their face via Twitter and Facebook etc.

    • Liz says:

      Literally no one has said anything about Cassidy. It’s all about Laurel. Maybe try reading comments before you make an inaccurate one yourself.

  34. Dj says:

    I don’t see how you can watch AoS and vote Ward as a fallen hero. I hope Laurel is in that grave. Because if Legends is going to have a new cast each year then I want Sara back on Arrow as a Canary next season

    • JC1 says:

      I don’t think I believe that whole new cast every season on Legends rumor (you’re talking about the Bleeding Cool rumor, right?) But if it’s true, yeah, absolutely, kill off Laurel and bring Sara back to Arrow. This season of Arrow has been so much of an improvement over last season in so many ways, but Laurel’s still the worst. :(

      • amb1973 says:

        I’m just happy that Oliver seems to have recovered from the brain transplant using an undergrown cabbage that he underwent in S3. I think he could maybe successfully add 2 and 2 so far this season!

  35. Arrowfan says:

    Felicity is not a polarizing character, she’s a fan favorite. She basically wins every favorite character on Arrow poll ever not to mention the other polls and awards she wins along with consistent rave reviews. A handful of whiny fanboys not being able to handle her having emotions in season 3 doesn’t make her polarizing. You completely ruin the validity of your list when you include someone who is a clear fan favorite. Maybe do a little research before making lists because wow is that a huge fail. Also the options for her make no sense. Team Arrow and Oliver would be lost without her. She’s never been a distraction. And she’s a hell of a lot more than a girlfriend and a hacker. Maybe know what you are talking about before including a character on any list.

  36. kath says:

    You think that Felicity is ” A superhero’s super distraction “? She’s the reason Oliver returned to Star City to help fight the bad guys, and the reason he’s staying. If you’d said “annoying Mary Sue”, I could see that.
    For Grey’s Anatomy, you should have included Meredith this season who has turned for person to root for to cold-hearted self-centered manipulator.

  37. ooshu says:

    I LOVE Laurel Lance (and Katie Cassidy!), Grant Ward, Felicity Smoak (but not Olicity), Annalise Keating, and I don’t mind Hook.

    CeCe Drake is okay, I sure hated the Sara Harvey reveal though.

    Not a fan of Lucious Lyon, Phil Miller or Fitzgerald Grant.

  38. Tom says:

    The only characters I hate more than Grant Ward are Rachel Berry, Andrew Wells, and Jenny Schecter.

  39. Annie says:

    Laurel is amazing. I love her.

  40. Annie says:

    Who the heck hates Annalese Keating?!!! She’s one of the most complex and richly layered characters we’ve ever had on tv. And for her to be a woman of colour just adds to the brilliance & importance of the character.

  41. Candice says:

    None of my answers are winning the poll.

  42. ninamags says:

    You forgot to add that useless waste of space and air time: Castiel.

    HE needs to go.

  43. Whovian says:

    How about Clara Oswald of Doctor Who: Over-ambitious hero or reckless victim of her own delusions?

  44. Lyn says:

    Not surprisingly, i don’t watch a single one of those shows. SMH

  45. Candace says:

    I honestly think that a lot of people who hate Amelia do so because they didn’t watch Private Practice. I did, so I love her but I feel like if I hadn’t I would hate her too

    • Rachel says:

      I don’t understand all of the Amelia hate. I think she does have some growing up to do but she is not nearly as awful as Meredith has been this season.

      • Candace says:

        Yeah when Meredith told Amelia that she wasn’t her sister she was Derek’s and Derek was dead I wanted to smack her silly. No wonder she fell off the wagon.

    • Anna says:

      Lolz, I hated her on Private Practice, and now I hate her on Grey’s. But I do think Grey’s viewers who didn’t watch PP are missing a lot in terms of her back story/what she’s been through. When Meredith was yelling at her in the fall finale, all I could think was that Meredith is acting like she’s the only one whose been through hard times, but Amelia held her baby as he died only months after waking up in bed to her dead fiance. I just can’t stand her despite the crap she’s had to deal with.

    • Cassie says:

      I watched PP just to warm up to her when she joined GA. I hate her more than ever. Whiny.Self-absorbed. Its all abt her. She is such a child like Meredith said (she is a bitch too btw). I tried SO hard to like her bc i LOVE Hunt but i am trying OVER a year now. Everytime she acts nice and i start thinking….give her more time….she starts whining, blaming, accusing again in that voice I just cant bear. And THATS what fans cant separate in social media. You get stoned and verbally attacked when you dare to not like a fictional character other may like. Amelia is a very very rare kind of character. you either love her or – like in my case- you loathe her. there is no gray zone. Amy is not a bad person. not saying that. She is just very tiresome. IMO. And she and Hunt have ZERO chemistry. We all know that if C wd still be on the show NO ONE wd talk abt. Omelia. Maybe thats what makes it so hard for me to buy it. Everything a man cd possibly say to a woman Owen said to Cristina. Whats left for Amy? If he repeats the same crap for her too he will look like a jerk and it will be a slap in Amys face. And even if i dont like her: No one deserves to be a consolation prize. And thats what she will always be. Shonda Rhimes wont EVER make Owen Hunt put someone higher than her precious Cristina. Still wondering what exactly makes her so precious. That she threw Owen away? Aborted his child without giving a crap abt his feelings? Sleeping with her boss just to be even with Owens cheating? Sleeping with that creepy student Ross? Leaving him over and over again for surgery? Putting whiny Meredith Grey over him? If thats what makes her special…..ok then. scorsone though is very nice. always polite. i like that. but Amelia? No thanks. I feel like she will ruin Hunt more than Yang did. Yang broke his heart. Amy will cause a burnout for him. Bc as an addict she desires attention round the clock. You saw how she reacted when Mer brought up Cristina? If Shonda Rhimes gets the chance she will bring Oh back for an arc. C is mentioned in almost every epis since she left and trust me: THATS a storyline they wd definately pick up again. Sandra Oh has hinted she wd guest star in any case. PROBABLY there wont be a reunion. But IF……be assured that Shonda wdnt give a crap abt Amy……She wd give it all to Yang……bc she is so awesome. #Sarcasm.

  46. jerrired says:

    1. I knew a bunch of people would be like NOT HOOK AND FELICITY I love them, everyone loves them. False. Just because you have an opinion on something doesn’t make it universal. I personally NEVER got the Hook craze. I preferred him as a bad guy. Now he just seems pretty irrelevant. Without Emma he has no storyline, same with Robin, unfortunately. But at this point, that’s kind of a general problem with the series. 2. Funny a lot of these characters fall on my “characters that need to go away list.” lol I stopped watching The Affair because I just couldn’t deal with Noah being the main guy. 3. I loved the Enzo one. He’s probably #1 on my just go away list!

  47. Ms Thang says:

    Laurel as Canary is fine. Fantards are so threatened by the comics canon that they gravitate towards hating her.

    • Maisy says:

      Yes because I am so shallow and vapid that I am somehow ‘threated’ by the horribly written, poorly acted character that has anti-chemistry with her co stars……I am confused though, how I started disliking her way before I even knew what the comic canon was, and way before Felicity was even on the show, isn’t that odd. But hey thanks for the classy slur about my mental health, perhaps next you can insult my skin tone, nationality, religion or sex?

  48. My two favorite characters on Tv are on this list! Grant Ward and Hook.

  49. Grace M says:

    Glad to see most people have the same opinion of Laurel, Felicity, Bud and Hook as I do. I always knew Laurel was supposed to be Black Canary, because in the pilot, Tommy called her Laurel Dinah Lance. The problem is, she’s not 100% there yet. Unlike Thea, who seems to have had enough training to handle herself better in some situations.

  50. My business says:

    Mellie from Scandal. This show has the first Black female lead in over 30yrs but, for some reason the media wants this show to be about the white wife of the President. The Good Wife is on CBS. I guess 2 seasons was enough for Scandal starring Kerry Washington. It’s been The Mellie Show since S3.