Girl Meets World Season 3

Girl Meets World Renewed for Season 3

Ready or not, high school, here come Riley and Maya!

Disney Channel has ordered a third season of Girl Meets World, TVLine has confirmed, which will see the show’s stars — Rowan Blanchard, Sabrina Carpenter, Peyton Meyer and Corey Fogelmanis — heading into the next phase of their education/world-meeting.

Of course, this won’t be the first major shake-up for the sophomore series. The comedy recently introduced a love triangle between original trio Riley, Lucas and Maya, which will come to a head in the Dec. 4 episode “Girl Meets the New Year.”

The Wrap was the first to report this renewal.

Your hopes for Girl Meets World‘s future, now that we know it has one? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Jessica says:

    Not really a surprise, it have such high ratings for Disney and the cast talking about Season 3 like it was a sure thing for awhile now. Happy for its renewal though! Im guessing Cory Matthews will be transferred to teaching at the High School.

  2. Mr. Tran K says:

    So happy about the news. Girl Meets World continues to be a huge hit on Disney Channel and I enjoy the dynamic duo of Rowan and Sabrina.

  3. But will Cory become their high school principal?

  4. Danny T says:


  5. Rob says:

    All I wanted was to see Cory and Topanga again, maybe meet their kids. Now I’m fighting on twitter with tweens about Rucas vs Lucaya. Disney Channel, what hast thou done to me?

  6. alistaircrane says:


  7. A. D. says:

    Awesome news! This is one of the best Shows on TV. Hope it goes on for years!

  8. alistaircrane says:

    I want Cory and Topanga to have a story that’s not dependent on the children. I also want bigger roles/stories for Shawn and Eric. I’m a huge Boy Meets World fan and I’m watching Girl Meets World for the original cast.

    • Jared Munson says:

      Then you will be disappointed. This show isnt about Cory and Topanga. Michael Jacobs has stated numerous times that this show is about the future generation

      • alistaircrane says:

        Not at all. They have to realize there are fans in their 20s and 30s who are watching only for the original cast. It’s statements like yours that underscore their mistake in Girl Meets World. They should have done Man Meets World with Cory as the focus.

        • 'A' Is Alive says:

          That makes absolutely no sense. Cory already met the world. He’s in his 30’s now. His exploration into how the world works is over. This show is about his DAUGHTER and her journey. You’re never going to get your wish of the “more focus on the old cast”. They had their time, now its time for the younger one’s to get there’s.

        • Jared says:

          I interviewed Michael Jacobs in Austin, I can show a video where he says the same thing. Enjoy what you get with Cory and Topanga and when the originals pop up, but don’t expect it to be the focus

          • Daniel says:

            We need to take what we get with the originals. Shawn popping in for visits… Angela stuff. When it makes sense. They know we like it but it has to serve the story. (Or be able to be weaved into the story easily ;D)

          • Jennifer says:

            I agree I love watching the pop up of originals but I love watching their kids grow up. I watch this show with my kids every Fri . if I want to c Cory and Topanga stories I will watch their show. It’s time for their kids to tell their stories

        • Andrew says:

          Jared sums it up well. Us 20 and 30 year olds all tune in because we loved Boy Meets World, but that show ended 15 years ago. It’s a spin-off, but a stand-alone show more than anything else with some familiar faces. Michael Jacobs knows what he’s doing. Anyone that doesn’t believe in what Jacobs vision is never cared about this Girl Meets World project to begin with.

  9. vince says:


  10. rucas forever says:

    i love girl meet world I am excite for season 3 I honestly think that in the end riley and lucas will end up together at least I hope so I know a lot of people who would say the same

  11. Chris Ponsen says:

    I’m not really a fan of the triangle. It seems a little forced since we couldn’t see any connection or crush from Maya towards Lucas, then we suddenly have Riley telling Lucas that she loves him like a brother but secretly likes him more.

    I understand it’s there as part of the drama/element of the story to give it more, but it just feels a little awkward to me.

    Everything else with the GMW story is great though, I just think the love triangle needs some honing to make it work out well. I don’t mind there being one, but the way it was written to me feels sloppy.

    We’ll just have to see where the show goes at the end of season 2 and then into season 3.

  12. chadcronin says:

    First show I’ve watched on Disney since the 90’s so I hope it lasts for many years to come. Great cast

  13. Sandra says:

    I hope that Maya and Lucas end up together!!!♡♡♡

  14. Juanita says:

    Maya and Lucas seems more like brother /sister the teasing that sibling does to each… The relationship between them is forced its better to leave Riley/Lucas learning about each other feeling it’s better because you see them gradually growing into their relationship. Lucas/Maya is not working they are better off friends….Maya should grow into a relationship with Josh because she seems more mature.

    • Angela says:

      Actually you described Riley and Lucas. I get a brother/sister vibe from them. That’s the kind of chemistry they have. Maya and Lucas have the love/hate thing and that’s always hot lol

      I always hated that from day one they TOLD us Riley and Lucas would be paired up. They need to let any pairing be organic and let fans respond whatever pairing catches on like they did with Cory/Topanga and Shawn/Angela.

      Riley and Lucas to me are as blah as Rachel and Jack were

  15. Juanita says:

    Maya and Lucas seems more like brother /sister the teasing that sibling does to each… The relationship between them is forced its better to leave Riley/Lucas learning about each other feeling it’s better because you see them gradually growing into their relationship. Maya should grow into a relationship with Josh because she seems more mature.

  16. Nic says:

    I’ll just be sitting here hoping that eventually Riley and Maya realize that they’re in love with each other.

  17. AtlLady says:

    I sitting here, bouncing up and down on my chair, I can’t hold it in, “YYYYaaaaaaaYYYY!”

  18. That Lucas and one of either May or Riley will have some romance.

  19. Rena says:

    Like every saw this coming this is the best show in the world #team riley

  20. Larry says:

    First of all, It:s about time,why not at least two more years? As far as the triangle goes, I have an advantage over a lot of you, as I no longer work, I enjoy this show with my Grand kids. So I have time to not only revisit every show,but also videos posted about Riley, and Lucas and Maya and Lucas. Chemistry between two people is not based on one scene in life, like the campfire scene between Maya and Lucas. it is normally based on a series of events, as these three have known each other for a while it is not love at first site. Does Maya have feelings for Lucas, of course she does. Is she in love with him, no at least not yet, and he is not in love with her. At this point in there young lives is Riley in love with Lucas, yes, and he loves her too. For good bad or worse this needs to be played out. I wrote earlier that Josh would OK for a couple of weeks, but because it is Disney it is not met to be. With all young love relationships there is always a kicker, in this case his name is Farkel. We can talk about Charley, or Smackle, or Mrs Browns Daughter, I don:t care. In all my years of TV watching no one has cared about a person more the Farkel cares and yes Loves Riley. This needs to be played out in the future. I once wrote the reason that Maya and Lucas should not be together was answered in the episode called Girl meets mother, where Maya the Artist put Farkel in a birds nest, because in her eyes he needs protecting. Lucas does not, Maya needs to be Maya which includes protecting the ones she love. Maya Farkel, could be fun to watch. The worse thing the writers could do in my mind is give Riley to Charley. My Grand Children agree. I now re ask a question I asked earlier, why not another form of a Cory and Tapanga? It use to be a developing love story was fun to watch, In a very tough world a love story is not the worse thing. For you people that disagree take a look at how many episodes are based on Boy meets world. Now if I was writing the New Years story, here is what I think should happen, Riley confesses her love to Lucas, Maya tells her to go to him, Farkel is there for Maya, leaving Smackle and Charley in the cold. That is the part of this I do not like, but for the story to be played out this has to happen. As far as the future if the show can last for 3 or 4 more years , I predict Riley will end up with Farkel, and Maya with Lucas. boy do I need a life. We the fans are at the mercy of the writers, who by the way have done a great job in making us talk about a kids show. So I once said before, thank you writers, and wonderful actors for giving us a half hour away from reality. A final note to Roland and Sabrina, stay best friends in real life, I said before and I maintain no two young ladies could be better roll models for my Grand Children, and a million other kids. Ok the old man has talked, feel free to chop me up.

    • peggy says:

      My feelings exactly. I love this show. All the actors work wonderful together and make you feel like they really care about each other. Roland and Sabrina are a perfect match. They make you believe that they have been best friends their whole lives. I also love Corey Fogelmanis. He has really grown up to be a fine young man. He has really changed over the past two seasons. He is actually starting to give Peyton Meyer a run for his money in the looks department also. I just hope that Disney renews Girl Meets World so that it runs as long as Boy Meets World did. It was one of my favorite shows also. Would like to see more of Shawn and Eric though!

  21. mike says:

    Very good series.

  22. Joey Padron says:

    So happy the show got renewed for season 3! Season 2 been good so far. Can’t wait to see next new episode next week!

  23. animegirl31 says:

    I’m really happy, I love the show and never miss it.
    Also, Team Lucaya FTW!!!!!!!

  24. ? says:

    Oh thank god. This renewal was by no means a sure thing with ABC Family rebranding itself and GMW being much less risque than the new image they’re chasing (which is really dumb, but that’s neither here nor there). It would have been such a shame to lose this show.

  25. Mj says:

    As a father whose daughter loves the show, I am very happy with the renewal. As a father who got sucked into watching it and turned into just as big of a fan, I too am happy. For me, the love triangle is fun to watch unfold, but I love the stories that involve Maya and her feeling of not being good enough to love because of her father leaving her to be the highlight of the show. I find myself sucked in and emotionally invested in her feelings and think it is a really important topic to tackle.

  26. Raïssa says:

    Je vous aime trop, le monde de Riley

  27. Devyn says:

    I feel bad for Riley because she is just stepping back for maya to have Lucas even though she still likes him

  28. clarisa saenz says:

    i really hope that this is as successful as boy meets world and i know that this is a long tome to come but if there could be a spin off to this show, fifteen years after it ends that would be amazing, but that’s just because boy meets girl was great and i am really excited that this show includes Cory and Topanga.

  29. morgan says:

    thank you so much for making a third season

  30. morgan says:

    I ship rucas

  31. Robert Mcallister says:

    No word on Zay …or was the fact that he was not included with the others, confirmation that they are going to Eli his character? That would be a pity. He was annoying at first, but after his redemptive speech in Girl Meets the Arts, he became somewhat likable. Them dropping characters they invested in is the only thing that annoyed me about the original series …I hope they do not do that here with a character that shows some promise.

  32. Joy says:

    Maya and Lucas are not right for each other. He loves Riley. Rucas all the way

  33. Emily Largos says:

    My mother watches this show with me. She is a fan of boy meets world. She can’t wait til Katy & Shawn air their first date. But as for the ❤️ Triangle, I see Lucas & Riley together as it should.

  34. Pati says:

    I ship Rucas I don’t like Lucaya there just plain awkward and it ruined there friendship and Rucas they liked each other from the beginning he even took her on a date but I do ship Maya with Josh

  35. Gaby Pérez says:

    Yay! Can’t wait

  36. mckenzy says:

    On girl meets world I was voting for Riley and lucas but now I think Riley and farkle because look he was the first one to know she was being bullied not even lucas or Maya!!! Farkle knew Maya and lucas were hurting her and as much as she true to hide it like the brother and sister move and saw right threw her. What bugs me is that lucas and mya are her other best friends and they didn’t relies anything. Like REALLY?… another thing is that Riley put her feelings aside and they can’t even make a effort to actually try to keep a conversation going on their date or not poor a smoothe on the one who was trying to make a conversation. I saw this youtube video that mAbe Riley is going to be depressed and if she does I think they should make a eposide that she locks her in her rooms and doesn’t let anyone in not even Maya or lucas until farkle comes and she let’s him in and they talk and she crying and she finally relise that he’s the one that knew everything like what’s she was going when no one else did and she stops crying and he tells her to get ready to go where ever she wants just him and her no one else and she goes and she thanks him for everything and during that trip he likes her she started to develop feelings for him and then they kissed. Once they got back her parents were just glad she was safe but was still grounded but she has to find our what that kissed meant and couldn’t tell Maya and lucas because she was mad at them and especially maya one minute it’s Josh then ohh I like lucas ever since they met like really ok well then it leads to a next episode.

  37. AJ says:

    Lucas looks 3or4 years older than Riley&Maya. It just looks creepy seeing a 17or18 year old woth a 14 year old.

    I dont get the casting

    Or is it just me???

  38. Mackenzie says:

    I think Riley and Lucas should give it another go. They have grown up more as friends but they would make an even better couple. They understand each other , listen to each other. And the y have liked each other since season one episode one. And with Lucas and Maya Maya doesn’t listen to Lucas she just poor’s milkshakes on his head. So that is why I feel that Riley and Lucas should give it another shot at being a couple.

  39. Thatgirlisme says:

    Will they be a 5 season because I think Boy meets world had a 5season!so ya know what I mean right. I think they should have as many episodes until they reach college or graduate high school something LIKE Corey and tapanga.

  40. Lena says:

    I hope Girl Meets World continue as long as Corey and Topanga did at least season 5 all the way to the end of high school RILEY AND MAYA have such a strong friendship I wish this could stay on Disney channel or tv all together

  41. Christe says:

    I love this show! I watched boy meets world and as an adult to watch this show and share it today’s youth is pretty amazing! Keep it going for as long as you can!

  42. tori gillette says:

    girl meets world is amazing and I really loved all the love floating in the air between riley and lucas and maya and I am team lucaya which means really hope that riley and lucas get together as boyfriend and girlfriend , please make it come true!!!!!!!!

  43. Pixie Doll says:

    they’re is gonna be a finale, I WANT SEASON 6 :'(

  44. Layah says:

    I am a total rucas fan!! THEY BELONG TOGETHER👫👫

    • tasha says:

      Yes all the way, I mean in one episode Lucas said 2 Charlie Garner that Riley and him had a unofficial thing going , they are perfect together and trust me that means something because I don’t believe in perfect so you are right about Rucus.

  45. tasha says:

    Riley and Lucas should be together, I mean come on Riley had her first date and her first kiss and her first boyfriend with Lucas. I hope you take my comment into consideration. Thank you. Ps. please .

  46. abby says:

    Rucas forever.

  47. valerie says:

    I want to see shawn and katys date

  48. Bella says:

    Yes I think Riley and maya has a future . I’m guessing.

  49. jordan lee says:

    I wish i coyld have seen more of maya and Josh they look so cute together