Cancelled Shows 2016

Cancellation Jitters: 8 Shows in Danger

Looking for a juicy Thanksgiving dinner conversation-starter? Tell everyone their favorite show is about to get cancelled.

Or, rather, might be cancelled.

Now that the fall TV season has come to a close, it’s time to take stock of the casualties and determine which broadcast shows are entering 2016 with targets on their backs. And in the spirit of inclusiveness — it is the holiday season after all — we welcomed a few cable series into our Death Watch roundup.

Scroll through the gallery below — or click here for direct access — to view the eight programs we fear are within the Grim Reaper’s reach. Then hit the comments with an answer to this question: Which of the featured shows are you most worried about?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. tazzy says:

    Castle can’t be canceled!!

    • Annie says:

      Oh, I assure you it can, and it probably will be, barring a serious and immediate creative turnabout and a heartfelt apology from the show runners to the fans for being so bloody stupid and dismissive of some very real and reasonable complaints. (Maybe not even then, actually.) It’s quite likely it’s just run its course, and should be put out of our collective misery. It’s too bad, too – it would have been nice to go out on a high note for a series that was always a sentimental favorite with so many. (Me included.)

    • Mary says:

      Of course it can! And even being a big fan since day 1, I think it´s time to give it a proper ending:)

    • David4 says:

      Yes we can! I mean yes it can!

      This season should have been billed as the last. They shouldn’t have broken up, Beckett should be expecting a child. The actors on the show clearly don’t care to be there, and that’s how we got a Becklettless episode, so just finish it up on top.

      • Joey says:

        Yes they can still fix this show if they want to. They are still split up, but it is just a joke on everyone, no one is thinks it funny but the two show runners. And the comment by Hawley about the baby Castle( NO) reason being Beckett is so “boots on the ground” kicking ass and taking names ,its hard to imagine what a pregnant Beckett solving cases looks like. I guess what he trying to tell us is once woman gets pregnant she can no longer be strong. We have two female candidates running for the president of this country, can you just imagine what would happen if one of the male candidates that are also running for president made the statement that that female candidate is pregnant she can not run for president she would not strong enough. I just could not imagine the trouble he would be in. These two show runners need to go. Mr. Winter still thinks the first episode when they start back is Feb 11, the must have left him out of the loop, or he just does not care. And that folks is why the rating in that 18-49 group is a low of 1.1 and only 6.65 total viewers

    • NDFan says:

      I think they know it CAN be canceled, just that they don’t want it to be. Geez. I’d be fine with it either way. Castle is one of those shows I enjoy but never took super serious. It probably has run its course.

    • maddy says:

      Castle SHOULD be cancelled. The new show-runners have run it into the ground — and last year wasn’t very good, either.

      Whatever spark the show had has definitely gone — Javi and Ryan are just annoying, now, the writing is painful, Alexis has become unbearable, Beckett has just de-evolved to a ridiculous point, and I actually feel really, really bad for Nathan Fillion who is just sitting there trying to carry the show and he just can’t.

      No, sorry, the show NEEDS to go. It should have gone last year — or even the year before. But this? This is a proper shark jump with no turn backs.

  2. aha says:

    I can’t see Sleepy Hollow being renewed with its bad ratings. Fox has stopped counting live ratings but still they are low.

  3. iakovos says:

    CASTLE AND VAMPIRE DIARIES just may have finished their runs creatively. And that is OK. They are successful series with potential afterlife in cable rerun heaven. not sure why CBS held back its PERSON OF INTEREST series. Perhaps to have something proven and strong come midseason instead of something untried and untrue. I never cared for this show but know people who are diehard loyal fans. FOX shot itself in the foot with SLEEPY HOLLOW. A move back to Monday to fill the MINORITY REPORT misfire is advised. A creative sophomore season is the true reason for its downfall but FOX should realize it could be saved. Creatively it is better in Season 3. THE CW holds onto show too long. It is time a sweep. REIGN did not catch fire. I think the vampire craze is ending. Not sure the weblet can make a go as the superhero network but it seems to be trying!

    Can someone get me a PARENTHOOD-type family drama on the air?

    • herman1959 says:

      Why? The original Parenthood couldn’t stay on the air.

    • MFL says:

      Has TVD really taken a dive in the ratings since Nina D left..I stopped watching a season ago but thought with Elena gone all the DE haters would be watching now.
      Hope TO survives..I’m pretty sure it will!

      • Luli says:

        Not a DE hater, or a Elena one. But the show is better without her. I would never have said this before, but I think her leaving made the writers step it up a bit this season. For me the show has been on a d ownfall since season 4, but this season has been great. I’m loving the herectics, Lily, the salvatores, Caroline, and Bamon.

      • Phoenix5634 says:

        The Originals better keep going, I’ll be so disappointed if it doesn’t. TO this season is better than ever, it just can’t/ really shouldn’t end yet. And The Vampire Diairies is going great as well, I’m glad Nina Dobrev left, lily and the heretics are awesome, and with Nina gone we get to see the good old Salvador brothers without Elena manipulating their every move. I really can’t believe both these show are on this list. I REALLY hope they keep The Originals going, but both shows would be better.

  4. chlocoro says:

    I wouldn’t mind Castle getting cancelled if they gave it a shortened final season. Much like what CBS did with The Mentalist. A season where they can tie up loose ends and give us a satisfying ending.

    • Jess says:

      I don’t trust these new show runners to come up with anything satisfying, whatsoever.

    • Maria says:

      We may be witnessing a shortened final season as we speak.

      • Nero tTVFiddler says:

        Ahh, you took the words right out of my mouth!! I was going to say the exact same thing, and I chuckled when it popped into my mind, and laughed aloud when i read your comment. Like minds….

        They ran Castle as far as they could (perhaps right into the ground, no?) – the show has reached the end state, the actors look exhausted (if not bored), and I’m sure everyone involved is just hoping they can tie things up in a nice bow for a late April finale and try to end on a high note.

        RIP Castle. I do hope we see more of the cast in other projects – that cast has been golden – dynamite. Susan Sullivan – you rock!!! There, someone finally said it. ;-)

  5. Trucker says:

    I agree with you I hope it doesn’t get cancelled I still like the show.

  6. maria says:

    I doubt that Ian Somerhalder will give them another Year out of loyalty, like he did last Year. so TVD will be cancelled more likly. Hopefully Castle wont be cancelled.

    • Z says:

      He’s not a very in demand actor, and this role is very lucrative for him.

      • Temperance says:

        He’s in a much demand as any other actor out there. And I’m sure he’s bored with playing Damon at this point (Damon bores me, too).

    • I don’t think Ian Somerhalder gave them a year out of loyalty. Feel that he enjoys playing Damon especially sand Elena might have invigorated him. Furthermore he’s pretty much typecast now, going to be difficult to find other decent roles. Look at the actors on Smallville (10 years). Tom Welling has barely done anything,only Kristin (her show will end soon ) and Erica Durance have made a go of it. Hard to bounce back even from a successful series, lots of competition,easy to sink back into oblivion or just plain crappy films, straight to cable or DVD which nobody wanted to see in the first place. The one true difficulty is age, how much longer can one play a very youthful vampire when one is in mid-thirties even late twenties (not sure how old the rest of the cast is) sure there’s make up and artful cinematography but even then can’t disguise those age lines forever.

  7. Out of the two, The Originals is much more likely to be renewed than The Vampire Diaries – it only needs only more season for syndication.

  8. Kcg says:

    The Leftovers is the best thing on TV right now! Hope it gets another season

  9. ScrubsGuy says:

    Given how serialized it has become, I think the Netflix model would work much better for Person of Interest. Right now, it’s basically become Fringe – started high, fell low but made it to season 5 with a shorted season. So, Friday or Sunday is a safe bet for when (if) PoI returns. I expect no season 6. =(

    • Chloe says:

      I would love for Netflix to take over PoI. They did a great job with Longmire. In fact, I think the show improved when it moved to Netflix. I think PoI would benefit greatly.

      • Sil says:

        I love Longmire and I am thankful everyday that Netflix took it over. But, Leftovers and all the shows mentioned I don’t watch. Castle was once a favorite but got tired of it. Leftovers was too weird. The rest I just don’t watch. Lobby to Netflix to take over your favorite show. They just might do it. Like I have just said I’m so grateful that Netflix created a new type of Longmire. Loving it more each day.

  10. Question: How does HBO count ratings? Do they count people watching on HBOGO and HBO Now? Also, I can see The Vampire Diaries surviving one more season so they can wrap things up. Sad about Sleepy Hollow, but they lost too many viewers with how horrible last season was.

  11. Katie T says:

    I think the Originals is guaranteed a season 4 for syndication. Even if they have to move it to a Summer show, they’ll get the numbers up. I mean if they did it for Hart of Dixie and Beauty and the Beast, I can’t see why they wouldn’t do it for TO. TVD may depend on whether they get forewarned that this season is the last and so are able to tie it up. Personally can see it getting some sort of announced final season next year though

    • Lilian says:

      HoD and BatB had a decent performance outside the network. TO got cancelled almost everywhere it went internationally and it was received poorly and cancelled even in local networks. TVD is also not syndicated. Syndication won’t be an issue if they decide to cancel TO especially if TVD gets cancelled. As it was not for Nikita.

  12. Susan says:

    We love Castle!! It better not be cancelled!!

  13. aph1976 says:

    I think shows like Castle and The Vampire Diaries will be back next season even if it is just for a shortened final season.As for Person Of Interest, CBS might be waiting to see how they do when those 13 episodes air.However POI might have a sense this might be their final season and will wrap up everything up in the 13 episodes but still leave the door open for another season just in case CBS renews it.

  14. I wonder if Samaritan will start making “corrections” at CBS to keep Person of Interest on the air to save itself…

    • Kansas Blutbad says:

      That would be perfect. Considering cancelling this show is a travesty! PoI is co-owned with Warner Bros.(like The Mentalist). Thus, it is not as profitable for CBS as shows it owns outright. Even though PoI has critical acclaim and good ratings it gets second class treatment from the Overlords at CBS. Great show, great writing, great acting(Bear). So much plot that you dare not miss a second. I have to pause it to let the dog out. $$ are the reason for our concern not product or productivity. Bummer. Corrections may be in order.

      • Irrelevant says:

        Define “good ratings”. The Season 4 finale got a 1.1 in the demo — and ratings steadily declined all season long. Now the EPs are doubling down on the AI storyline and the Shoot romance — the very things that viewers turned away from. I don’t see the ratings making any kind of recovery.

        • Erik says:

          Oh please. Rating started to decline after CBS moved it from Thursdays 9pm to the death slot that is Tuesday 10pm. That was after season 2. CBS never promoted the show on their network. The people who left are those who were casual viewers and who realized they couldn’t skip an episode without losing much of the overall plot. There are also a lot of people who watch CBS because it is mindless entertainment like CSI where you don’t have to think at all and each episode brings a different case. Person of Interest is too good for CBS. I hope Netflix picks it up.

          • sam says:

            add the fact CBS throws in three week long breaks hear and there just for fun , what show would hold high ratings?

          • J says:

            Actually, ratings pretty much maintained until they killed Carter in mid-season 3 so it could become the Root show, when they cratered.

  15. Dany says:

    I would be very glad to hear if TVD got cancelled. Season 7 was already stretching it, and the writers are clearly running out of ideas because they’re resorting to ridiculous plots for shock value, and recycling old stories (from much better seasons) and packaging them as “new” and “fresh”. I’ve stuck around this long for the characters, but it’s time to it go.

  16. Lynn says:

    The Leftovers is fantastic this year! One of the best dramas on tv period. Every episode has been so perfectly written & acted , it would be awful to see it cancelled now as it just found its rhythm.

  17. MFL says:

    I’m really worried for Reign… hope it’s moved to summer permanently.
    I doubt TO or TVD will be cancelled. I think TVD will be give a shortened final season and TO will continue.

  18. Diz says:


  19. Mr. Tran K says:

    Moving Sleepy Hollow to Fridays as well as TVD and Originals may hurt their chances respectively.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      If TO or TVD suffer from the network sidelining them for these superhero shows, I’m going to sideline the network by only streaming the other shows I like from them. The Originals, and The Vampire Diairies are my favourite shows on the CW, there’s still so much going for them, they should Not end, it’d be a crime against these two great shows to end them now.

      • Malachi says:

        DC shows have a better chance in rating then TVD and TO does. The hype for that is already to real. Networks are looking to beat out the other networks. TGIT is queen of Thursdays. If LoT can pull in the rating like the flash can then they may at least br ahead in rating to Fox.

  20. karenh43 says:

    Oh, I hope POI makes it through the hatchet factory intact. I love that program.

  21. ToyCannon says:

    I was afraid I was going to find “Nashville” on that list. Whew!

    • rinaex says:

      Because it’s not a bubble show, it WILL be canceled.

      • Ally Oop says:

        Nashville is my second favourite show (after Downton Abbey) but the writing on the wall for it isn’t good. I was just thankful to get this season and I’m afraid one more is too much to hope for.

      • Nero tTVFiddler says:

        …and Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! Please pass the gravy…

        Nashville may be one of those shows with nine lives. Remember, ABC has got it’s hands full with other issues to consider this spring. Castle and the 10pm Monday slot are ‘done’, so one new series for that slot. Greys? Do they want to come back for another season? If so, at what cost? If not, does the new Shonda show ;The Catch’ make the grade for that 8pm slot? If not, another slot on Thursdays for ABC brass to fill.

        Tuesday, 10pm? Almost a guarantee ABC will need to fill that slot. Sunday at 9pm? Probably, or they may move ‘Quantico’ to 9pm, with a new series at 10pm.

        So, ABC will have at least three hour drama slots (Mon/10, Tues/10 and Sunday/9 to fill for fall ’16 …. maybe four. I don’t think they want to mess with Nashville at this point in May Upfront’16…. even with HP question mark on her return to the series. Maybe in spring 2017, Nashville finally wraps up. But for this spring, I think the series will make it – at least one more time, for one more (shortened?) season.

  22. Lysh says:

    Sleepy Hollow pro: “Season 3 >>> Season 2”
    So true. I’m enjoying this season. I think being on Thursday hurts it, but the Friday move makes me think FOX is trying to kill it.
    I love Castle, but I think they need to give it a proper ending.

  23. Waleed says:

    Apparently for the castle Showrunners rating and viewers are still the same and doesn’t matter. They still believe that they went the right direction and “it’s a good story”. And “it was worth it”. I remember them saying #Caskett will have that old missing spark in the earlier eps.. but I didn’t see any, hell I didn’t even saw them sharing scenes more them 3 min together. But the writers are happy with what they have done.

  24. lilys says:

    I watch several of these shows, but the leftovers is the only one cancellation I would really be upset about.
    This show has to get a third season, it has so much to tell and tells it so beautifully.

  25. Conchy says:

    only support castle and better times

  26. Leanne says:

    castle and POI got off the track of the story lines everyone loved that made them hits. this year castle went from a top rated show to “on the bubble”. if they have new writers, fire them, if the same WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE. POI was great when it started then they flipped to take over the world. Again get back to the stories that we love. I still watch and will continue but not on my favorite as before

  27. nancy says:

    I love Reign, hope it doesn’t go. As for Castle, have loved the show, love Nate but the show has almost been ruined for me :(

    • Cheyenne says:

      Reign is extremely expensive to produce, and now that Francis is dead the show has to shift from France to Scotland. I think the studio is going to pull it on the grounds that it simply costs too much t keep it going.

      • VD will either get a short final season next season or like 90210 announced midseason this season it’s ending so thers time for a proper ending.TO is safe for syndication & Netflix requiring four seasons/proper endings,
        reign will likley be renewed to syndication,Netflix requiring four seasons plus BAtB got put on hiatuses in s2& was still renewed for two more seasons so will Reign,especially as Reign/BatB are CBS produced,cheap international co productions.

      • Reign is not extremely expensive to make it cost $3 million per episodes same as Batzb,about the same as Fashwpboth which cost $3 million per episodes.Reign hs cut way down on cast ,on hooting in Ieland ect and is a international co production ,which are cheaper than regular scripted dramas and Reign gets money from Canada & Ireland.

  28. Curly Girly says:

    I cannot believe that The Leftovers is in danger of being canceled! This is one of the best shows on TV today and soooo underrated!! Please HBO subscribers, start watching this show!!

  29. Brad says:

    Also with castle contracts are a issue again this year

  30. A fan of TV says:

    TVD should end, its running on fumes and they seem to be setting up the end game with this season’s plot/flash-forwards. Plus many of the actors are moving into next phase territory (Candice w/ a baby, no more Nina, Ian will get another job within weeks of the end…)

    I can see the end of Castle for pretty much the same reasons, but their ratings are still stronger than similar fare like Bones or Sleepy Hollow. I’d guess their fate is dependent on what pilots their network picks up for fall.

    The Leftovers I see getting renewed, unless s2 ends with a tidy enough bow.

    Reign will only be saved if the powers that be want to tell more of Mary’s story, considering they could mine at least another season out her her marrying Darnley, having a son, and getting thrown in fancy prison by Elizabeth. Then again, they could try to cram all that into the remaining eps if they haven’t been filmed yet.
    Re: the rest I have no opinion.

    I really wish same-day Neilsen ratings weren’t as important to renewals as they are, considering viewing habits are shifting to the point they hold relevance to ad buyers only. All networks and advertisers need to do is adjust their marketing plans accordingly.

    • LIly says:

      Their ratings might be “stronger” (but this season only tiny bit) but Castle is on ABC which generally gets much better ratings, while Fox’ ratings suck (except for Empire) so it’s relative.

      • Gern Blanston says:

        I agree with your ratings statement, however another thing that will probably be taken into consideration is that ABC owns Castle so, they have a long-term financial incentive to make as many episodes as possible to add to their sale of syndication rights. If they lose money next year by making another season they will theoretically make it up in the long run once these seasons are sold. I wonder what the breaking point is for ABC where the syndication money no longer makes up for the cost of more episodes?

        • A fan of TV says:

          Perhaps that would be contract negotiations by stars who apparently dislike working together, it was what sort of held back the announcement of this season. If they ask too high or simply feel their characters’ stories are getting stale, it might ght actually be Filion and Katic who are the breaking point…

        • jahoney1 says:

          TNT has paid about 1.55 million per episode for the season’s 1-6. I believe season seven is also in syndication if I remember correctly, but only for around 1 million per episode. Season 8’s numbers for Castle are so bad right now I am not sure that syndication is even possible for Castle season 8. TNT is trying to capitalize on the discontent with the new direction of Castle and the trashing of the characters and there development over seven years by advertising “Classic Castle on TNT.” It costed 150,000 on average to advertise on ABC during Castle’s time slot during season seven for a thirty second commercial. During season 8 it costs 118,000 on average per thirty second commercial. That is a huge decrease is advertising revenue for the Castle time slot. For ABC the breaking point is right now.

          • John Z says:

            Question, as you seem to have a knowledge of the industry. Could the switch from Feb to Jan back to Feb for the return of Castle, be ABC or whomever needed extra time to retool the episodes to be more Caskett friendly ? The end of 808 seems to be rushed and slapped into the show in a hurry. My theory is the original ending of 808 was to have the relationship “shift” to have Beckett trying to win back Castle after he rejected her, but with the exodus of fans, TPTB had it changed to try and stem the tide. Also , how bad does it have to get before someone ie Hawley gets fired ? If I were an executive at ABC and Castle sent from a consistent performer to plummeting ratings, enraged fans, and reruns doing as well as first run episodes, I would want to fire someone and fix the problem.
            Just curious as to your thoughts, I enjoy reading your comments as they are insightful from the business aspect of the show. thanks

      • Ginger Snap says:

        In the era of multiplatform viewing, the majority of scripted shows suck. You have to use other metrics to determine the value of a show. Both ABC and FOX have shows in the 1.0 to 1.6 range. It’s arrogance to think otherwise.

      • anon says:

        I don’t think Castle ratings are stronger than Bones, in fact I don’t remember Castle hitting a 1.4 or 1.3 which Bones did this season, in its 11th season to boot. Correct me if I am wrong.

        ABC is not Fox, as noted, you can’t compare the ratings standard that ABC has to FOX when looking at ratings

        • kmw says:

          Bones did hit a 1.3 or 1.4 on season premiere and stayed close until TBBT came and now they are hanging at a 1.0 to a 1.1. Demo wise Castle and Bones are very close, HH not so much, Castle is definitely higher there but you are right do not compare ABC and FOX. Out of the two clearly FOX is weaker and that has really been the reason Bones has stayed the last couple of seasons. However both shows have their actors contracts up and that fact is what will be deciding issue( although Bones has another issue as well) Really not surprised to see Castle on this list but am a bit that Bones is not and that it is still considered a safe bet

          • anon says:

            Statistically Bones has a higher demo average than Castle this season, to say is is weaker is incorrect, that is all I was saying ☺

            Averages – Bones 1.1875 > Castle 1.125

            In general, not directed to you☺, I don’t get why Bones is dragged into this anyway, it isn’t on ABC, it has nothing to do with Castle’s future.

    • Ginger Snap says:

      Aging series suffer from viewer fatigue . Castle and TVD have a bad case of it.

  31. Kristine says:

    I hope we get a shortened final season for both TVD and TO next year. It is sad to see how much TVD has fallen, but it was really great in its heydey and surpassed a lot of expectations back then. I think 7 or 8 seasons is still quite an accomplishment. As for TO, I always felt like it never realized its full potential and that aspect is disappointing. It was never able to reach the ratings or popularity of the mother ship despite having amazing lead actors. I still think a crossover here and there with some intersecting of story lines would have really helped both shows, but now anything would be a longshot at saving them.

    • B says:

      The Originals does drag sometimes (it probably would have been awesome with 13 or 15 episodes/season), but the leads are terrific and I’ve enjoyed many of the story lines. If it is on its way out, a shortened season would be great. I haven’t really enjoyed TVD since mid season 4 (with a brief exception or two), and I finally dropped it, but I hope there is some closure.

      • Kristen says:

        Yes, I agree. I thought TO was at its best during the 1st 15 episodes of season 1. Marcel, the harvest, and Papa Tunde were amazing. After that, I think it struggled to find its footing and last year’s story lines definitely dragged on. I think the body switching was a turnoff and ultimately the Dahlia storyline was rather anticlimactic in the season finale. I think that is why the ratings for season 3 have plummeted. Hopefully we get one more shortened season with some crossovers to wrap up both shows.

        • Phoenix5634 says:

          The Originals should have another full season and more after that, there’s still so much more that they could do with that show, and this season is actually really good. The Originals is my favourite CW show, and it’s upsetting to see the network sidelining both vampire shows this year for the new superhero ones. KEEP THE ORIGINALS AND TVD ALIVE! if one must go why not keep the Originals going for years and sign some characters from TVD to the Originals. Stefan/ Klaus and Damon/ Elijah, Caroline/ Klaus, and most of the TVD cast already have very interesting histories together with TO. That could be a way to raise ratings for the Originals and save TVD in a way. It’d be great to watch.

    • zed says:

      I agree Kristine. TO ‘s ratings are not really good, altgozgh they make up with the DVR ratings- but – having such sizzling actors like Morgan and Gillies, they still don’t have the pull as they should have- the plot is not really captivating that much- and the pairungs are all wrong- they should have Klaus and Hayley as the hot anti-hero pairing- go for their emotuonal tug of war love – zthat’s one thing- the stuborn writers don’t see would pull people- also lack of Hiolt and Buzolic is also an issue in my opinion. Anyway, I am thankful for TVD 1,2,3,4 and that the Originals graced us with their vampiric charm- and if it is their last season -thanks for the entertainment!!

    • Becca says:

      Agree Kristine. While TO is higher quality they don’t have the ratings that TVD has. I think it would be to their advantage to merge both shows because I’m not sure they can survive a Friday night time slot. If not then they need to do crossovers and stop being stubborn about doing them.

  32. MadamDeb says:

    The only one I care about is Castle. I got into it a little late but caught up and haven’t missed a show yet. Please don’t cancel.

  33. MadamDeb says:

    The only one I care about is Castle. Count my vote for keeping the show.

  34. Bwhit says:

    I hope The Originals makes it. That is not usually my type of show but Daniel Gillies and Joseph Morgan made me a fan with their portrayals of Klaus and Elijah. I started watching it on Netflix this summer and have not missed an episode since the new season started! I’ve become such a fan of Daniel Gillies that I even downloaded the first season of Saving Hope from Amazon ;)

  35. LadyAilith says:

    I’d really like to see Castle get the rest of its season. But they need to fire the showrunners and the writers.They truly butchered a wonderful program.

    I hope The Powers That Be are able to give the show a proper ending…maybe with a Castle baby on the way? It’s been on the air long enough to deserve a good ending to the series. And I fully expect that this will be Castle’s final season.

    • jahoney1 says:

      What is sad is even if it is Castle’s last season it did not have to be. Season 7 had it’s up’s and downs, but ended very well. Season 8 was set up wonderfully for a solid run into the new events with Kate as Captain of the 12th. Hawley and to some extent Winters have destroyed any chance of the show ending on a high.

  36. tracyg36 says:

    Sleepy Hollow was getting trounced by going against Scandal (seriously, who thought that slot would be successful?) It may fare better on Fridays, who knows?

  37. Kermit says:

    It’s killing me to see The Leftovers on here.

  38. SANDY says:

    I do not want Reign to be cancelled, it is a great show.

    • ChrisGa says:

      I’m with you; it’s my favorite show on this list. Regarding the other two CW shows, I hope the Originals can eke out at least another season, shortened or otherwise; this season’s been a little on the plodding side but I’m still enjoying it. As for TVD, I guess I must be deaf and blind; I’m just not hearing or seeing this “creative resurgence” that TV Line is talking about—I can barely make it through an episode these days(which is a shame because I thought last season was the best one they’ve produced in years).

      • Kristen says:

        I agree. I thought TVD season 6 was actually really good, especially considering how awful the latter part of season 5 was with the travelers. This season I just haven’t found the heretics to be that interesting. Kai was more compelling than all the heretics put together. He was a much better villain and the Gemini coven didn’t feel like recycled originals.

      • Miles says:

        I don’t see how anyone thought s6 was a better season. The only good things that came out of s6 was Damon/Bonnie/Kai. They retconned the earlier seasons for sterobore and dullena just to try and make people get on board with the forced pairings then all it was for over half the season was dullena and sterobore. So again how was s6 better written? VD hasn’t been good for three going on four seasons. The Originals shouldn’t be cancelled and I think it’s only on the line because of the poor placement. They put TO right after VD when VD’s ratings have been slipping. I’m sure whoever made this decision is kicking themselves.

  39. Jess says:

    Time for Castle to go. These new show runners are terrible. I don’t see Stana Katic signing for another season after how long it took her to get on board for this one. Last year’s finale would’ve made a great finale, with the exception of a lack of pregnancy announcement. Sometimes there’s just no more story to tell.

  40. Luiza says:

    Never thought I’d say this: I hope Castle gets cancelled. It really needs to come to an end while there’s something to save.

  41. spindae2 says:

    Surprised no Nashville and Bones mention? O.o
    Castle I think is a done deal it has passed its peak and after U put a ring on it no one really cares.
    CW Vampires are still hanging I believe if they can keep their current numbers on Friday another season will follow.
    Reign will depend on their summer numbers maybe people will care a bit there.
    SH shouldn’t even be on air.

  42. Katie says:

    The ratings might be better for TO if they put it back on Monday nights at 7 P.M.! (Central time) There isn’t a bloody thing I watch on Mondays at that time anyway. Putting it into the time slot it is right now was the height of stupidity! You’ve got it against Blacklist, Scandal (how the heck do you put it up against a Shonda Rimes show?!) and Sleepy Hollow. Now they’re moving it to Fridays? Are they purposely trying to get it cancelled? I will be ticked off if they cancel it at the end of this season. I love the show and I get great joy out of watching it. It helps me escape the realities of my life. I. hate. network. politics.

    • trista says:

      Exactly! Whoever thought to put The Originals on Thursday was a fool.

      • Kristen says:

        TO was actually falling significantly in the ratings on Mon nights and was reaching series lows by the end of last season. The CW moved it to Thursday nights to pair up with TVD to try and save the show and bolster ratings. The problem was that TO producers had already alienated a lot of TVD fans in their stubbornness to keep the shows separate and pretend like TO characters never existed in TVD universe. Pairing the shows together schedule wise didn’t lure those fans back because everyone knew the storylines would still have no connection to each other. So the whole strategy backfired and now both shows are unfortunately heading to the Friday night graveyard.

        • zed says:

          Yep-agree about how the producers sort of alienated TO from TVD- if they had crossovers every season it would have boosted both shows- and yet they could still go on with their separate sub plots-
          Also, the EP thought that Hayley would have the same heroine pull as Elena had on TVD, but it is not so in my opinion

        • Malachi says:

          TBH if they crossover it would only to give fanservice to those “Klausoline” shippers. Move on guys, MN doesn’t want one cause he knows that it will ruin the characters. Better to keep them separate

          • Becca says:

            I understand about fan service but how would this be any different then the blatant fan service (honoring fans as Plec calls it) that happened with dullena on TVD? If it’s a choice between being cancelled or staying on the air I wouldn’t foo foo about doing a cross over here and there. NO ones asking for an endgame right now but for Klaroline to be in a couple of episodes here or there, why would that be asking too much? I’m not a Klaroline fan but it only makes sense to bolster the ratings. Being rigid about crossovers is certainly not helping their situation right now. This is part of both shows problems, being too rigid in not changing course when things aren’t working. When story lines, plots or pairing aren’t working they don’t stop and try a new direction they just dig in their heals and continue to do what doesn’t work. They have no one to blame but themselves.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      Same I love The Originals! I can’t believe it’s even on this watch list, same for the Vampire Diaries. The CW is doing this on purpose which is making me not like the network. Your right the time slot changes were absolute stupidity, and not only that, but they only play the episodes twice a week now, and only on the original airing night. All the previous seasons used to play it multiple times after air date. And this started at the beginning of these seasons this year. So disappointed in the network. KEEP THE ORIGINALS and THE VAMPIRE DIAIRES GOING! They’re both awesome shows!

  43. Karen O'Leary says:

    Castle misfired when they broke up the couple in the first show of the new season. It was coasting along fine and the show runners decided to mess with the formula. I was a devoted watcher, but no longer.

  44. Elaine Davis says:

    Love POI, especially the first three seasons, but even season four was good. Interesting the both POI and Castle are on the list of potential cancellations, yet made it to the finalists for People’s Choice Awards.

  45. Ally Oop says:

    With shows like Downton Abbey, Remedy and Rookie Blue ended or ending, and Reign, The Originals and Nashville in trouble, only 4 of my Top 10 shows could be left Standing after this season including Orphan Black, Vikings, Call the Midwife and Quantico, and let’s face it, even those 4 might not last long. Quantico started off strong but I’m worried about its ratings after its winter break. And Vampire Diaries has been a lot better without Elena but I think it’s still on its last legs.

  46. ndixit says:

    I think cancelling Castle would be a mercy killing. I have not seen a show drop in quality as quickly as it did in 8 eps under AH and TPW’s reign. I would rather the show end over them having an extended run and ruining the show even further. I just hope ABC gives the enough notice so it doesn’t get cancelled on a cliffhanger.

    • once says:

      When it comes to Castle, what I’ve seen is declining story telling and direction BUT the actors themselves have shown great performances.That might be the only thing holding the show on the screen right now. The last 3 episodes have been the best since season 6 so there is hope for after the break.

      My hope is that it gets renewed or my wife and I will have nothing to talk about. And she’ll get me fixing everything around the house. And she’ll cancel cable because there is nothing else on TV. Let’s face it, every other show out there just plain sucks!

  47. Castle be fine it want be canceled

  48. Julie says:

    I hope they don’t cancel either Vampire Diaries not Originals… I am not surprised ratings dipped on VD sans Nina Dobriev, but I just can’t imagine not giving us die hard, since episode 1,fans a very good last season and finale,cmon! And The Originals, no way should they cancel it, it’s not a long running show that’s dried up,it’s actually full of different “what may happen nexts”…just my humble opinion! And lastly, The Leftovers, is another show I now really like! Season 1 was kind of a snooze and a question mark at times, but since they have clearly moved past all of that and have given us a MUCH better everything in season 2, we have to at least see this thing through! Lol!

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      KEEP THE ORIGINALS and THE VAMPIRE DIARIES GOING. They’re awesome shows with still a lot of people who care about them. It’s the time slot change that’s hurting the ratings most, and the fact they don’t show them again after the airing date, which isn’t normal. And now they’re changing it up again to another day, this is on purpose and I’m very upset about it. The Originals has so much more it could go into, and in my opinion this season is the best yet! And TVD is still doing great, love the show without Elena manipulating the brothers, and the heretics. I think maybe worst case they should merge the shows again, under the Originals tho this time. Or cancel reign and use some of that budget on these shows. It’d be nice they got put back on a better day, since the time slot change this season for these shows was a terrible decision, which most likely hit the ratings harder than anything else.

  49. Well, the only one of those series I watch is Castle, and I love it!! I saw one episode of Sleepy Hollow because it crossed over with Bones. Big snooze-fest. As for True Detective, the second season really disappointingly sucked. The only reason the ratings held up was because we kept anticipating that somewhere along the line it would rise to the dramatic pitch of the first season, but we were let down.

  50. David says:

    Castle- Will have an announcement in January or February that this is the final season- I think the news they’re not doing a winter break was a tell; they’ll do the last few eps in a row in the spring.

    Vampire Diaries- With ANTM gone, I suspect they’ll give VD a final 13 for Fridays.

    Originals- I lean towards them staying, but they might be a midseason replacement (say they show VD’s final season without repeats, then put Originals in the timeslot)

    POI- Done. Lucky to get the final 13.

    Reign- might become the new Beauty and the Beast- doing shows in the summer for a couple of seasons.

    Sleepy Hollow- Likely comes back.

    TD- I’m leaning towards no, unless HBO thinks they can get a blockbuster actor or actors

    Leftovers- Probably done.

    • 1234 says:

      They are doing a winter break. Coming back Feb 1. This is news SINCe the announcement that they were coming back Jan. 4

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      If they are forced to end one of the vampire shows, which I honestly think both should continue, I’m glad Nina left, and both shows have better story lines than last year, but all the schedule changing has hurt the ratings most. If they are forced to end one, they should wrap up TVD the same way TO got their start in TVD. Sign over the main cast of TVD to TO next season. Have Stefan, Damon, Caroline, maybe Alaric, Bonnie, go to the Originals for help from the Heretics. Thatd be really awesome actually. Soo much could still happen. These shows cannot be canceled, theres still millions of people who care about these shows. KEEP THE ORIGINALS AND TVD GOING! These shows are my favourite on the CW network and the ones I look forward to most each week right now. Please don’t cancel them, I can’t even believe their on this list right now.

      • Lynyrd says:

        The ratings say that there AREN’T millions of people that still care. That’s really the problem. TVD just manages to pull in a million live, and TO can’t even get that.

        I’m not surprised this is happening though, considering that JP once said she told the network to let her sink or swim on her own when they tried to give her creative direction. Now she’s sinking.

        • CZ says:

          Thank you Lynyrd, a voice of reason. I get that this person likes her tv shows but what they are spouting off is not facts.

          • Phoenix5634 says:

            They do pull in millions together, TVD is over a million and TO is just under a million. They should do crossovers, or merge TVD storylines into the Originals, like how they introduced the originals in season 3/4 of TVD, but the TVD cast going to TO. And the thing that’s hurting the ratings most is the network changing the time slot at the beginning of this season. Plus they don’t show the episode again after the airing night, and only twice even that night. A lot less than normal. The storylines this year are great, and there’s tons of possibilities for crossovers right now, and it’s not dry or dull at all. If the network would just give the show a chance without Nina this year, and stop sidelining it, I honestly think they’d be doing great right now rather than on this list.

        • Abby says:

          True Lynyrd. VD has been going down for seasons and that’s because people aren’t interested in the boring story lines and boring couples. Some of it is because it’s on s7 Plec and Dries have run out of ideas and they need someone who can bring creative direction back to VD, maybe they should bring KW back. The networks need to realize that ending a show early when it’s on top is better than sucking the life out of it for longer. I don’t know a show that hasn’t lost integrity after so many seasons. TO is victim to scheduling changes and to pair it with VD was just stupid.

          • Phoenix5634 says:

            This season of TVD is actually doing better than the last season with the storylines, and in my opinion I like the direction it’s going now better too. Instead of Elena just manipulating the brothers and getting her way all the time, we’re now back to a real brother/ family dynamic. Ending it now would be to early, I can’t think of a worst way for a show end than by the network sidelining and rushing an ending because Nina left. Which is basically what it is. A lot of people actually like the show better now, and if you Nina fans would give it a chance without her I think you guys would actually like it better too. These shows could easily be saved. And should be saved!

          • LauraS. says:

            Nope not a lot of people want to watch TVD anymore because of the mediocre plot lines and the brother/sister pairing of sterobore. I quit watching it after giving it a chance with Elena in the coffin but they have proved their story telling days are over. I don’t watch the Originals but the ratings probably dropped because of it being scheduled after TVD. I’ll be happy to see TVD end.