The Voice: Who Will Win Season 9? Get Odds for the 11 Remaining Singers!

Here’s a mathematical head-scratcher for ya! Eleven contestants remain on The Voice. If one contestant is slated for elimination this Tuesday, and one more will go home on Dec. 1, how the heck are we only three weeks (and one day) away from the Season 9 finale?

Yep, in case you missed the news last week, a five-contestant bloodbath is in the works for the Dec. 8 results show — and whoever winds up inheriting Sawyer Fredericks’ crown has only four more performance episodes left to make their case to voters.

That’s why we decided now was the perfect time to place odds on everyone from the teenager whose voice keeps disappearing mid-performance (“which one?” you ask, snarkily) to the pair of booming blue-eyed soulsters who represent the old guard (Team Adam) and the new (Team Gwen).

Check out the gallery below for our predictions — or click here for direct access — then share your own prognostications in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Amy says:

    With only three weeks left, it’s going to take a pretty severe fall from grace for Jordan to lose this now.

  2. Adam says:

    What’s changed since last time besides . . . nothing? The format this season is a joke. If one goes home per week, extend the live shows. Otherwise, stick to sending a few home per week rather than having this massive cut.

  3. Debbie freeman says:

    Why is feral a singer
    He can’t carry a tune. Not impressed last week or this week.

  4. Yvonne C says:

    The voice is amazing Every year from the beginning there always seems to be ONE. who stand out But this year is not the case amazing simply amazing That’s all I can say Anyone can win and any Judge would be Proud There all bringing their A game

  5. brendalaw says:

    The ultimate goal is a recording contract, which means selling records, and compelling me to spend dough on live concerts. It is not a singing contest only. People in local churches sing just as well as Jordan, but you wouldn’t pay mega bucks to hear them sing. If entertainment were Jordan’s thing, he should have prepared himself a long time ago. The winner last year has hit the ground running, he has CD, and if paired with right act, he can draw a crowd. My two guys on Team Blake have star power so does Jeffrey Austin and Evan McKeel.

    • Katie c says:

      It’s all about tone in my opinion. Evan and Jeffrey have a beautiful tone. They are all do good this year.

    • Scamp says:

      Is that who Michael thinks will win? Jordan? I can’t get the article or pictures to go beyond #11. I think Jordan might win. I want to hear more from that redhead, too. I can’t think of his name and I can’t check above because above isn’t working any longer. Oh well.

      • Scamp says:

        If you’re referring to Jordan’s appearance and that he should have taken care of his body image long ago, you said it diplomatically and I appreciate that. I agree with you. I guess I’m a little shallow, but I won’t buy a ticket to see Jordan. The performers make the big money at concerts these days, not by selling their music, so Jordan might have a problem. This is a strange group this year. I liked the year when Matt McAndrew and Craig Wayne Boyd were performing like winners all season, but every week I couldn’t wait to hear Chris Jamison sing. I like when there are a lot of good men on the show.

      • brendalaw says:

        Michael is wavering between the woman on Blake’s team and Jordan but tonight he backed away from Jordan giving him a “B” and the red head [Austen] an “A”. He gave my guys a “D” Zach and Barrett. I want a guest woman reviewer just to keep Michael honest.

  6. Ginger Snap says:

    Midway through watching the top eleven. There’s no way a girl wins. There’s 5 guys with an equal shot at the crown. Zach or the reincarnation of Craig Wayne Boyd will be the one ..

    • brendalaw says:

      I agree there is no way a girl can win no girl has put it on the line. I also agree that all guys have equal shot but my boyfriend stormed out of room when Zach did his hip thing, if I was a betting girl, I’d put my money on Zach. He has star power.

  7. Kathy Perez says:

    Tonite’s show was my most favorite EVER!! Loved all the songs that were performed to pure PERFECTION!!!!

  8. Taylor says:

    I can’t believe that Jeffery Austin is the most likely to win! He is my least favorite artist. How is this possible?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  9. Deanna says:

    Am I hearing things or does Emily Ann have a little Emmylou Harris in her. That performance took me right back to the Long Beach Bluegrass Festival in the early 70’s, Listening to Emmylou and Linda Ronstadt

  10. Tamara Desarro says:

    Very dissapointed after watching Oct 27,2015 interview on The Today Show when a slip of the tongue from Matt Lauer revealed Pharrell was this year’s winner..Going back to show family what I saw and heard, it had been edited.So why do you make the public feel as if the person they vote for even matters? I will tell as many people as I can might not make a difference but it may to some. Congrats on your is what it is..just another nasty reality show to make views look stupid.

  11. gg says:

    Too many teenagers, not enough diversity.Always great fun, however. My favorite performance: Zach’s “Brand New Girlfriend.” My favorite performer:Jordan Smith (and Victor Kirby).

    • brendalaw says:

      I tweeted Adam and Blake to compliment them on running a diverse show with the exception of this season but its still entertaining on the boys’ side. Zach improved did more than a “D” performance but my favorite performance was the Sam Smith clone Jeffrey Austine. Has the winner already been decided and its Pharrel.

  12. ROBIN KURTZ Green says:

    I know in my heart that Jordan Smith is the best singer that The Voice, American Idle,and Americas Got Talent has ever presented to the public.
    He gives me all the Hallelujah I will ever need.
    My son passed away over 3 and a half years ago..and Jordan has finally taken my broken heart to a place of healing.

  13. Glenn says:

    I don’t know how Barret made it in over Amy Vachal. She outsold him on i tunes. She is someone I’d go see. She got wiped out by Adams song choices. She was different which the show says they love but then he gives a jazz singer nsync, a rap song and Taylor Swift …cause we don’t get enough of that on the radio. The show is there for the show not to turn out marketable singers. Jordan will win and be just as quickly forgotten. He does have a great voice but he is not marketable. The one I have seen have the most success since the show, came in 6th (Melanie Martinez).

    • brendalaw says:

      Who won? Has there ever been a big winner on the voice like Carie Underwood or Kelly Clarkston? Have stars ever been born? American Idol next month with Simon and company, looking forward to that….

  14. Randy Spires says:

    About tonight to the remaining four contestants each of you are very incretable artist.And tonight they will be no loser,they will be one of you who receives the most votes that’s all.You all four are stars now ,And has made America proud,RJS,Springfield Arkansas