Video: John Oliver Bashes Muppets, Cosby Show During Rant on Pennies

John Oliver is no stranger to the question “How is this still a thing?”

From Columbus Day to daylight saving time, HBO’s Last Week Tonight has weighed the pros and cons of countless completely useless things, but never more so than in a new segment on U.S. currency.

You see, Oliver is not a fan of pennies. He’s also not a fan of ABC’s The Muppets, or the decision to have Kermit shack up with other pigs.

The Season 2 finale spent 10 minutes discussing the nearly worthless coin on Sunday, and while the idea of conversing about the minutiae of pennies would typically be enough to put anyone to sleep, Oliver spruced up the segment with digs at Kirstie Alley, the negative value of a Cosby Show DVD and… Mary Todd Lincoln?

Watch the full takedown above.

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  1. Find a penny pick it up; all day long you’ll have good luck.

  2. Mr. Tran K says:

    Hope no one is going to put a penny on a person’s behind.

  3. Heathers says:

    Go back to where you came from John Oliver, if you hate the United States so much.

    • Angela says:

      ??? Where exactly did you get the idea he hates the U.S.? Also, you do know that part of what makes the U.S. a great country is the fact that people can mock or say negative things about it without being kicked out for doing so, right? Yeah.
      Anywho, entertaining way to end the season. I loved his segment on the Syrian refugees, too. Shame we have to wait until February for the show’s return, but I look forward to it.

    • David4 says:

      And here we have a Trump supporter. Supports Trump, hates everyone else.

  4. Whatevah says:

    Other than the Muppet comment, this was funny. I’m loving The Muppets.

  5. Annie says:

    The only noticeable difference up here in Canada since we got rid of the penny was how much change you got back from Tim Hortons. God were such a stereotype.

  6. Stacy says:

    Be gone, worthless penny!

  7. Heathers says:

    Why are you supporting someone who bashes our country? Is this jerk hole a U.S. citizen, or is he here on a work visa? Either way, I think he should shut his hole. I don’t care that “you can bash the U.S. And not get kicked out, blah blah blah”. It’s not very flattering. We gave him a job here yet he’s going to bash the place where he is making millions $$$.

    • Angela says:

      You still haven’t explained how it is you think he’s “bashed our country”. He makes some lighthearted jokes about the U.S. sometimes, but hell, so do people born and raised here. Jokes do not necessarily equate to “bashing”. And lord knows we in the U.S. like to make jokes about other countries all the freaking time, after all, so I think we’re perfectly capable of taking a little ribbing here and there in turn. He’s a comedian That’s kind of what comedians do.
      Either way, I think he should shut his hole. I don’t care that “you can bash the U.S. And not get kicked out, blah blah blah”. It’s not very flattering.
      Well, tough. He’s not the first person who’s made jokes about the U.S., and certainly won’t be the last. You don’t have to watch his show if it bothers you that much. There. Problem solved.

  8. Heathers says:

    Please, do tell me when I have “made fun of other countries”?!! Oh yeah, lemme see, there’s the starving people of Bangladesh, the British with their “teeth”, etc. etc. oh wait that wasn’t me- it was some fuqtard or two on tv.