Celine Dion AMAs 2015

Celine Dion Honors Paris Attack Victims at American Music Awards

Dressed in black, Celine Dion took the American Music Awards stage on Sunday for a moving tribute to the victims of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris.

Performing a beautiful song made famous by French singer Édith Piaf, Dion stood before a Parisian backdrop, complete with the Eiffel tower and the country’s official flag.

It was a considerable change of pace for the high-energy show. Instead of people throwing shade, or dancing along to their favorite jam, the camera cut to audience members sobbing and reflecting on the recent tragedy.

Dion was introduced by 30 Seconds to Mars’ Jared Leto, who also paid tribute to a friend and co-worker lost in the senseless attacks. “France matters, Russia matters, Syria matters … the entire world matters,” he said. “And peace is possible.” He then went off on a brief tangent about immigration, highlighting President Barack Obama and the late Steve Jobs as two notable individuals whose parents were immigrants.

Your thoughts on Dion’s touching tribute? Drop a comment with your take below.

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  1. Ron says:

    Tears. That is all…

  2. Candy Hardie says:

    Please tell us what Edith Piaf song was sung by Celine Dion at the American Music Awards tonight. It was so moving and beautiful. Thank you!

  3. yes it was beautiful and moving.! Sleazy did you notice and for the first the was the first time ever Celine Dion sounded off key for the first 45 seconds, she actually has faults. I was stunned. Even if she started off key Her dress and performance were stunning.

    • Freddie says:

      I don’t know if she was off-key, but something was definitely off. I don’t have much of an ear, so I put it off as Celine “over-singing” the first half, because she can and she usually does, whereas the song usually works as an emotional crescendo, so you have to start off quite restrained.

      Either way, all I know is that it was a beautiful homage, but I winced several times during the first half.

      • Danielle Valeri says:

        She was definitely off key. They should have had some else sing for the French – after what they have been through. It sounded very cheap – more like an insult to the French people and tragedies – better not give them such an homage than what Celine Dion did.
        I could have sung the song better – though this is when I realized how hard this song really is to sing. Celine – shame on you!

    • Malerina says:

      Yes. I have never heard her sing off key. She was under the note for the first half of the song. Wow.

    • Bb says:

      Flat..flat…flat…Omg..who is getting fired..monitor mix?

    • Patty Hoch says:

      What happened to Celine that day? She was off-key! The pianist continued to try and give her the pitch to no avail. What a shame.

  4. Maria a. says:

    I thought it was beautiful, great voice ,great song, very moving

  5. Grace DeShaw-Wilner says:

    Best awards show in a very long time; Dion’s performance was a moving tribute that will resonate for a very long time.

    • Danielle Valeri says:

      YOu cannot be serious. Go on youtube and watch the original sung by Edith Piaf. Celine Dion’s performance was flat and lousy – she should be fined for bastardizing the French icon! Booooooooo!!!!!

  6. Gary says:

    I don’t know, she was off key alot. Still better than the rest of the crap that was on.

  7. Karl thompson says:

    Something was off… Maybe bad communication with the band as to what key there were supposed to be on, but on a couple of occasions, she seemed to be singing at a different key. Maybe that threw her off a bit because on other parts, her voice just wasn’t hitting the notes like she’s always been able to do in the past. Tough night for her but she’s still a bad ass singer thou and one night of disaster won’t change my mind about her.

  8. Jane says:

    Celine was incredible. My French is rusty but you didn’t have to know the words to feel the emotion. I didn’t get the “off key” remarks. Know Edith Piaf’s music Celine captured her quirky voice sound wonderfully.

  9. Bobby says:

    Celine was amazing. Yes, she was a little flat a couple of times but I’d rather hear a sour note here and there than auto-tune.

    Many people were off last night.

  10. Liz Wilson says:

    I know she was under pitch a few times – I wonder if it was the emotional connection she had with the subject matter that affected her?

  11. Danielle Valeri says:

    Celine Dion: you should have heard yourself singing flat!!! Several times.
    This performance was an insult to the gravity of the events in Paris – that really shows how phony you are – Celine Dion. Next time please have someone else sing a tribute to such significant event – not parodize them and make them look cheap!!! Celine Dion – your career should be over – you can no longer sing!!!!!

  12. Carl says:

    I am afraid it was off-key and she seemed to struggle for the high notes. Suspect the orchestra was not tuned to her ear-phones playback. I know the song is difficult to pull off but it needed to be perfect. It is a pity. Desole Paris.

  13. Bob says:

    Beautiful Celine it brought tears to my eyes. Thank You

  14. lindae5o says:

    Danielle Valeri: You’ve commented six times. Shut the eff up !! I don’t care if she was off-key. I liked it, and I’m not even a Celine Dion fan.

  15. B jean says:

    Celine Dion’s tribute was a great idea but was marred and difficult to listen to because she was intermittently singing flat.

    • ginette says:

      I agree with you.. celine Dion’s song was really off key for most of the time.. It’s not an insult to her.. it’s just the fact. I personnally think that Paris deserves much better than this contre-performance.

  16. Jeri says:

    This deserves the awesome grade A. Very moving.

  17. Jeri says:

    This deserves the awesome grade A. Very moving.
    I keep getting “duplicate comment message” but it is not posted.

  18. Lane says:

    While i love Celine’s voice in general, I was surprised she was flat in places throughout the whole song. The vocal stylizing of Edith Piaf was spot on with the climbing notes, but overall she was flat and I’m hoping this was due to a bad in ear monitor mix.

  19. Ashcat says:

    I loved the intention of honoring the victims of the Paris attacks. Celine Dion’s voice going flat consistently throughout the performance, however, took me out of what was intended to be a contemplative moment. I was surprised not to see any reviews on the topic.