The Flash Grodd Returns

The Flash Recap: Learning to Walk Before You Can Run

This week on The CW’s The Flash, a surprise visitor helped Barry put his best foot forward, as Grodd came swinging by town again.

Unlike Bruce Wayne, Barry Allen recovered significantly quicker, if not entirely, from his broken back, as the action picked up again this week. (Meanwhile, poor Patty is told that her beau is nursing a nasty cold, to which she advises him to “stay off his feet,” #TooSoon.)

With The Flash temporarily sidelined, Wells chooses a lousy time to announce that he’s heading back to Earth-Two, to take care of Zoom once and for all. Luckily, Caitlin intervenes and convinces him that to attempt such, by his lonesome, is surely a suicide mission that will do Jesse no good. Whereas if he sticks around, Team Flash can help take down Zoom and thus save Jesse, on our turf.

And it’s a good thing Wells agrees, the-flash-season-2-photos (8)because he will be needed now that Grodd is back in town, compelling people to steal serums and such. He even targets Caitlin, for the purpose of bringing her to his bell tower hideout and asking for a refresher on how he became the way he is. She explains the particle accelerator explosion, then suggests that the chemicals he stole maybe could recreate the effect. Though she is taken aback upon realizing that what he wants to do is making more Grodds.

Barry meanwhile is stumbling, literally, in his physical rehab. As he explains to Joe, he is feeling tremendously unworthy of the key to the city, having been exposed by Zoom to everyone as an unworthy hero. After Barry shuffles away, defeated, Iris tells Joe she knows just the person to get through to him.

Later, Henry shows up at S.T.A.R Labs, a sight for sore eyes, based on the way Barry warmly smiles at Iris, for the thought. After eyeballing his son’s promising charts, Henry says that he just got back from camping — where he learned that “sometimes you have to slow down to get back to where you want to be.” Hint-hint. Picking up on Barry’s sense of shame, Henry then relates his own tale, of a man charged with killing his own wife, in front of their son. The key, he says, is t learn to believe in yourself again,

Back on the Grodd front, the great ape is tracked to the bell tower, and the plan is to have “Harry” don the Reverse-Flash suit and pose as Grodd’s “father.” And after a quick coaching session on “creepy” from Cisco, Wells just about pulls it off — until he “asks” that Caitlin be allowed to leave. “Father never ask, father take!” bellows the beast. After getting swatted across the room, Wells comes to and jabs Grodd with a bunch of drugs, facilitating his own escape.

The team then decides that rather than kill Grodd, they can lure him into a breach, sending him to the closest thing to “home” on Earth-Two. To pull that off, Barry is coaxed back into his supersuit. And despite letting flashbacks of his Zoom beat-down distract him long enough to get thumped some, he bounces back and punches Grodd into the portal, where on the other side the beast lands in… Gorilla City?!

Elsewhere in the episode:
* Cisco is tasked with fitting the speed suit into a ring a la Reverse-Flash. Luckily, Wells knows a thing or two about microtechnology.
* Cisco bails on his first date with Kendra Saunders upon “vibing” a vision of a “birdman.” Later, after he apologizes, they kiss — at which point he “sees” that his vision is her, as Hawkgirl.
* Barry confesses to Patty that he was not sick, but spending time with his ex-con father.

What did you think of “Gorilla Warfare”? Grodd’s little trip there is totally going to bite Team Flash in the butt one day, right?

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  1. Dj says:

    Really good episode. So much feels when Barry and Henry had their talk. I like E2 Wells and I hope when this season ends him and his daughter get stuck on E1 with team Flash. Oh and we all know that sending Grodd to a jungle city full of talking gorilias is going to come back to haunt them.

    • Definitely not my favorite Henry/Barry interaction, it felt like they were just hitting all the bullet points (ie dead mother/wife)!

      • Phoenix5634 says:

        That’s another reason I don’t think that was E1 Henry. He only talked about the obvious things in Henry’s life, things that would have been easy for someone to find out, for someone to impersonate. And then there’s all the word play he was using.

  2. Drew says:

    Good episode. Grodd is always fun and there was some nice character work in this episode. They always find a way of balancing the personal stories with the villain of the week, which is nice.
    I do think that they should be putting a little bit more work into getting Jay’s powers back though.

  3. Q says:

    Few questions:
    1. If Earth 2 has the exact same people as Earth 1, was Hitler good on Earth 2? Ok, that was a cheapo question :).
    2. Regarding Dr. Wells, if he’s in this same time, in the Earth 2 universe he traveled back in time from the far future as Eobard and still took over that dude’s body after killing said dude’s wife and created the particle accelerator but for good purposes? The Dr Wells in Earth 2 had a family, and didn’t want to kill Flash and steal his powers to go back to his own time zone? Or is this guy we see now the real actual Dr. Wells and Eobard from the future never went back in time in that world?
    3, Truth be told, I don’t still fully understand why Eobard from the future came back to kill Barry on Earth 1. As far as I understand, he time traveled, realized he was stuck, so he killed Barry’s mom and then created the particle accelerator to turn Barry into the Flash only to want to steal his speed to get back to his time? I’ve read the wiki, I’ve tried to figure it out but it only gets more confusing.
    4. Is there an Eddie alive in Earth 2?

    I never read the comics so all this mythology is unknown to me. I find the tv show interesting and fun but honestly, its getting a bit out there with all this time travel stuff and parallel universes. Even if there is a parallel universe out there with an Earth 2, the same people would not exist in both places over thousands of years. The way the show is depicting it, I imagine there is another Grodd out there too? Is that where Earth 1 Grodd will find his mate? And why doesn’t Earth 1 have a gorilla city if everything is the same except good/evil personalities are switched? Is that the beginnings of Planet of the Apes and will Grodd eventually lead a simian army to take over both Earth’s? I never read the comics, is this how it will turn out in the end?

    • Drew says:

      The Earth 2 counterparts are not necessarily the exact opposite of the Earth 1 people. They could have any personality, or they could not exist at all. Earth 2’s Linda Park wasn’t necessarily evil. She didn’t want to kill people. She was just bad.
      This Dr. Wells is the counterpart to the Earth 1 Dr. Wells who was killed by Eobard. In that universe, Barry’s Flash didn’t exist and Eobard would never have gone back in time… if he existed at all.
      I’m not sure how they are explaining their multiverse, but traditionally, different universes could branch off at an point, creating a potentially infinite number of parallel worlds. In the DC comics, there are usually 52 parallel worlds. That number goes up and down depending on whichever crisis is happening.

      • Q says:

        Thanks for the explanation. Understood a bit more than before :).
        In E2, some other random dude got hit with the PE and became Flash (Jay). Barry is probably still just a forensic guy in that world. Also on E2, Zoom also was affected but that part never happened on E1.

        I guess the hardest thing to wrap my head around is whether there is 1 parallel universe or 52 of them, after thousands of years, the characters would not be the same on any of the worlds. (Unless all 52 worlds were created at the end of last season when that tornado like thing happened and Barry had to shut it?)
        Like the show Sliders if anyone remembers that, it had all those parallel Earths but they were all so different. Here, these 2 worlds at least are practically the same and has the exact same players too.

        Like I said in another comment, its taking on a deus ex machina vibe for me and the show is just asking the viewers to accept it as is.

        • Drew says:

          Think of it this way… it’s possible that the link formed between these two specific worlds because they are so similar. There could be a hugely different world (or thousands) out there which we haven’t seen yet.
          Sliders is a show that needs a reboot. Great concept.

        • Tani J says:

          I remember Sliders. Some of the worlds were very much the same. Others were drastically different, I remember the first Cro Mag episode – and it was seriously scary! Later on, they made the Cro Mags more human-like.

    • Skittles&Bits says:

      I think you’ve got your Eobard Thawne/Dr. Harrison Wells back story crossed a bit.
      Earth 1 Eobard killed Earth 1 Wells so he could wear Wells’ face and assume his identity. Earth 1 Eobard is the Reverse Flash. RF hates Flash because he’s jealous; even in the comics, RF was just an envious little prick who wanted to be the “fastest man alive”. His jealousy was so great he traveled back in time in the Earth 1 timeline to off Flash’s man so Flash would suffer. However, once Eobard got to the past, he realized he didn’t have enough speed force to return to his time in the future (the 31st century I think) so he decided to kill Wells, build the particle accelarator (which would not be built for many more years in the original time line), create the Flash, train the Flash and then use the Flash to return to his future. (Woo, mouth full).

      We don’t know if Eobard exists in Earth 2 (let’s call him E2E). He probably does in the future of Earth 2 and if he does, then Eddie Thawne, his great ancestor would also have to exist in Earth 2. (Remember, Eobard no longer exists in Earth 1 because Earth 1 Eddie shot himself and erased Earth 1 Eobard from existence). Earth 2 Wells (E2W) is the Wells we are seeing now. He’s the one with the daughter, Jesse Quick. He came from Earth 2 to stop Zoom who kidnapped his daughter.

      (I hope this makes sense and isn’t a load of rot lol).

      • Q says:

        Lol, thanks for the attempt. As I was reading it went from making sense to not making sense at least twice :).
        So I never understood why Eobard went back in time and now that I understand it was jealousy, that really bums me out.

        But something else you said brought about more questions.
        Eobard/RF went back in time – how? by using “speed force”? So if it worked once, why wouldn’t it work again to get him back to his time?
        Was there another partical accelerator disaster in the 31st century that gave him RF his speed or how exactly did he get the speed? They mentioned something about a ring tonight that they gave E2 Wells to wear with the suit to confront Grodd – was that it?
        And what was with that headline we kept seeing last season about the Flash mysteriously vanishing and Wells/RF kept checking it to see if it changed. There was no closure to that if I recall, why did it matter to Wells or to us about Flash disappearing one day years later?

        The way you mention Jesse Quick makes me think in the comics she’s also a speedster who is important? At least her last name makes me think so since her name is not Jesse Wells. Why are there so many random speedsters and not so many different Captain Colds or Light Lady (can’t recall her supervillain name atm)

        Uptil tonight I was really enjoying this season even with my lack of Flash knowledge/understanding but tonight’s episode just lost me completely. I know many of you posting here liked it but to me it was a hot mess. I always have to look up this phrase cuz I can’t remember it – “deus ex machina” – this season is starting to take on that feel for me starting with today’s ep.

        • Blah says:

          1. Think of the speed force petrol in a car. RF used too much fuel going back in time. So he didn’t have enough petrol to return. That’s why he needed Barry. To give him a ride.
          2. The flash disappearing in the future was an Easter egg. Just like there was a batman one I. The same paper. Not sure how RF got his speed but I always assumed that meta humans were common in the future
          3. RF managed to use future technology to get his suit inside a ring so he could conveniently carry it with him. Barry wanted Cisco to make a similar ring for his suit.
          4. Wells checking the paper was a nod to back to the future. It was meant to show that he hadn’t changed the timeline so the future he would be returning to was the one he remembered

          Hope that answers your questions

          • Q says:

            It surely does. Thank you Blah. Makes a lot of sense actually.
            Honestly, I’m surprised that I haven’t been flamed already by diehard fans so I truly appreciate the 3 of you who took the time above to clear up some of these things for me.

          • Phoenix5634 says:

            One of the RF’s I found from the comics got his speedforce from the suit he stole I think from the Flash. After using it for so long in the future the speedforce became part of the suit as well. So by wearing it he gained the Flash’s powers. And he reversed its colours to represent the opposite of the Flash. I think Eobard might have been the shows version of that RF, it would explain his limited speed force. He used future technology to keep himself and his suit charged, his wheelchair and that thing he’d put on his suit when he wasn’t using it. If he was a natural speedster he probably would have recovered like Barry likely would, but because his powers were artificial he burnt off too much going back in time that far and couldn’t recover fully.

      • You did an amazing effective job at streamlining a lot of the history involving Eobard Thawne and the 31st century!

  4. Phoenix5634 says:

    Another great episode! So glad they showed Grodd there at the end and didn’t leave it on a cliffhanger. Sending him there is definitely going to come back to haunt them. Also it might not have been wise for Caitlin to have started to teach Grodd about dark matter and the accelerator. We definitely havn’t seen the last of Grodd, but he’ll be busy dealing someone his own size for abit. Enter Solovar.

  5. Phoenix5634 says:

    When Wells was bluffing to Grodd this episode and told him, they had plans and he promised him the city. Where did that come from? Was that a hint at why the earth-2 gorillas were created? Or was that just something Eobard said last season?

  6. Lily says:

    I need to know if Barry/Iris have been dropped altogether, because they’re acting like last season never happened, and if you just watched this year you’d never know that they could be more than friends. There’s zero hints of anything at all and I’m worried now. Is it Oliver/Laurel all over again? I’d rather just know upfront. At this point, I don’t see how they could ever bring it back and I don’t want to be disappointed.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      Just be patient, it’ll happen eventually. Her fiancée just shot himself to save everyone within the year, and when she was with Eddie she basically was telling Barry to back off an just be friends, and that gave Patty the opportunity to move in on him, plus Barry has been a little busy dealing with the metas Zoom has been bringing to the city, plus Zoom himself. It’s just not the right time at the moment, but give it some time an I could see them being perfect for each other.

      • Lily says:

        No, that’s not it. Other shows keep the hints coming even with stalling romances going on. This right now makes it seem like they want to throw the whole thing out and pretend it never happened. If that’s what they’re doing, I just need to know now so I will be prepared. I don’t like being jerked around.

        • Phoenix5634 says:

          Well she was by his side this whole episode, and knew exactly the boost/support he needed to recover mentally. Bringing Henry in an all. I think that shows something. It’s just complicated because Iris knows Barry has feelings for her now, but she also knows he’s with Patty. Plus she might not be ready to move on quite yet. Who really knows but her. And Barry has already told Iris how he feels and got rejected, so unless he knows for sure she feels otherwise now, he’s not going to risk bringing it up again. So it’s up to Iris. I can see them together, they’d make a perfect couple. I think it start showing more by the end of the season.

        • Blah says:

          Laurel and Oliver was never going to work on arrow after Oliver slept with Sarah in the pilot. It just took the writers a while to work that out. So they dropped it in favour of other more functional relationships. ( Oliver shadow, Oliver and Sarah, and Oliver and felicity)

          Barry and iris have a functional relationship, and are still the most likely pairing for both those characters. The flash is just going for a will they/Wong they type dynamic for now.

          • Lily says:

            Um, if they’re going for “will they/won’t they” or a “slow burn” there has to be something to burn. There’s NOTHING happening, she doesn’t even care that he wants to be with someone else. If they were ever planning to put them together there has to be some hint of feelings there and instead they’re acting like acquaintances. There’s no way to just turn that around. The show seems to have tossed the ship completely, and I just want to know if this is the Arrow situation all over again.

    • Cyndi says:

      Unlike Barry/Iris, Barry/Patty don’t take me out of the story and make me want to throw up so I’m glad that they’ve given us a break from that chemistry-free relationship. They are much better as friends for now and it should stay that way.

  7. Csb says:

    Was I the only one that got a chemistry filled vibe coming from Wells and Caitlin?

    I know that sounds crazy, but the actors seemed to be playing on something that they had never played on as the other Wells and Caitlin.

  8. Emily says:

    Iris was such a sweetheart this episode and so good to Barry. When will he return the favor? This season has put her and her storyline, as well as the Westallen romance, so much on the backburner that it’s troubling. Hope she gets more prominence in the back half of the season.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      Barry already put his feelings out there last season to Iris, she turned him down, and which gave Patty her chance. Why would he do it again so soon, and wouldn’t it be kind of insensitive for him to try after her fiancée just shot himself to save him? I agree the Barry/Iris romance is difinitely going to happen, or should, but I think Iris is going to have to be the one to get things rolling again.

      • Lily says:

        Well, she seems like she couldn’t care less that he’s dating someone else, so I don’t even where they’re going with that at this point. Is it just going to come back in out of nowhere? If Iris doesn’t care then what would make her feelings change? I think they’re writing themselves into a corner they’ll be unable to get out of if they ever intend to bring back Barry/Iris. It’s not smart of them to be doing this. The two of them have basically zero meaningful interaction this season.

        • Phoenix5634 says:

          The way I see it is that Iris is likely still hesitant to get in another relationship after what happened with Eddie, and she’s not overstepping by interfering with what Barry and Patty have going on, since she basically set him down that path. I feel like Barry and Patty won’t last long all that long, and then that’s when Barry and Iris will start to really bond again, and start their relationship.

          • Lily says:

            Well, that’s an awful lot of inferring on your part, since none of that has even been said on the screen. It’d be nice if it was, so we’d actually know what’s going on. It seems like Iris doesn’t care and she and Barry barely ever interact. And you know what, even if it is all about Eddie, Iris should still have SOME ambiguous feelings about Barry dating someone else, since we were told she had feelings for him last season that have supposedly always been there. That wouldn’t disappear altogether just because Eddie died. They’re either writing this very lazily or they’ve abandoned the entire relationship. And it looks to me like the latter.

          • Amy says:

            I agree with you Phoenix! First off, I’m glad Iris isn’t interfering with the Barry/Patty relationship because we know the majority of the fandom would flip their lids. It be a constant “Iris is such a b*tch! How dare she get in the way of Barry’s relationships. I f**cking hate her”. This isn’t an exaggeration because this is exactly how people reacted when Iris “supposedly” came in-between Barry and Linda. I’m glad the writers learned their lesson about not making the reason Barry breaks up with a girl is because of Iris. I much prefer Barry and Patty implode on their own without them forcing a love triangle. To that note I’m happy they are avoiding making Iris the third wheel in a love triangle with Barry and Patty.

            Overall I thought the Barry and Iris interactions in this episode were great. Loved that Iris stuck by his side. She was the one who knew what he needed. The look Barry gave Iris while hugging his dad was beautiful. And of course I always love Barry and Iris teaming up to tease Cisco.

            In the end its not the right time for Barry and Iris. Doesn’t mean they won’t end up together. Iris needs to deal with her own feelings, her mom came back in her life, and finding out she has a brother. Not really the best time for her to be consumed with angst and jealousy over Barry dating.

            Finally this is NOTHING like lauriver. I mean did people watch Arrow? Its not even remotely close.

        • pep says:

          I don’t get why you are pushing this so negatively it comes off as whiny. Look I’m a huge West-Allen fan and as much as I want to see them get together I prefer this route. Barry put himself out there multiple times last season and Iris said no I’ve got a man, respect that. She even said you are now crossing the line of our friendship with this, back down. I respected her so much at that moment and I think he finally got it. This season she’s lost her fiancee violently, she’s met a woman that she thought was dead but was dealing with addiction, she’s discovered she has a half sibling, and she discovered that her father straight up lied to her about her mom. I think it’s good that they are not diving back into the pairing. I was super put off by how quickly Caitlin transitioned to Jay after losing Ronnie.
          I lost mad respect for the writing team for not showing Iris’s pain or how she’s coping with ALL THE CRAP this season has brought her way Iris and Barry are supposed to be best friends but the only time we get dialogue is when it’s time for Iris to pump him up. It’s seldom a two way convo and that’s some seriously lazy character construction. I get that she’s a strong woman but they gave Caitlin two solid episodes of woe is me for Ronnie.
          If you want to complain do it about her screen time in general. If you have a character who’s only use is as a romantic prop they are not long for the show. She is an investigative reporter ask yourself why couldn’t Iris been used to bring the new show together? She could have been researching something and over multiple episodes have something develop. They don’t use her in a manner that brings purpose to her character and that sucks. Also it’s good that she’s chill with Patty, the last thing the character needs to bring to the table is jealousy or pettiness. She wants him to be happy and that’s amazing, and that’s why Barry loves her. We will eventually get “In love” from both sides. Give it a season…maybe less.

        • phiyah says:

          I like Barry and Iris too but I’m also glad they don’t have her interfering with Barry and Patty. I would like to see Iris be a little uncomfortable with their relationship, but they don’t show that so I kinda get where you’re coming from.

  9. Am I the only one who thought the theory floating around that Barry’s dad is actually Earth 2 Henry who is actually Zoom seemed even more plausible during this episode? He went camping, huh? And when he and Wells were talking, I got the feeling Wells sensed something about him…am I reading too much into this?

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      No your not the only one, I was very suspicious of Henry this episode, but he did seem pretty genuine. A few things he said tho I’m still very suspicious of. Wells tho definitely is hiding a lot still tho. When they talked about Grodd and meta gorillas he seemed to know a lot already. And whatever experiment he was doing in his STAR labs 6 hours before their particle accelerator explosion was responsible for Zoom. Why is he so advanced with all this technology? I’m wondering if we’re not going to see a huge twist from him still.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      Haha omg just got something that could possibly be huge with the Henry Allen/ Zoom theory, or could be nothing. Henry told Barry he’s been fishing this whole time. Last episode Zoom said he likes to use bait too. Could be nothing, but could be clever word use by Zoom.

      • Phoenix5634 says:

        Yeah I don’t think it’s a coincidence both them using fishing references, it’s too ironic lol. And when he says “sometimes you need to slow things down to get where to want to be”, that is another very big hint too. Remember when he caught Barry’s lightening, plus the irony of him just being there, being normal. Also Henry Allen has a very similar bodily build to Zoom.

    • phiyah says:

      I caught that too and got excited because I always thought/wanted Zoom to be Henry. Also, why did Henry have to leave again?

  10. Pat says:

    I loved that Henry came back to give love and support for Barry. I just wish that he would stick around. Grodd, what can I say about him, other then the fact he can talk and seems to be very highly intelligent and oh yes, one big scary beast and now he has been relocated to earth 2. Something, tells me this is going to become another Planet of The Apes. So now crazy thoughts are popping into my head, that earth 2 is going to be taken over by the gorillas and this is how Dr. Wells and his daughter end up on earth one for good. Wow, this show is making me nuts.

  11. Phoenix5634 says:

    I completely agree with everything you said above Amy!

  12. robandco says:

    Cisco is so damn cute. Too bad Hawkgirl is going away. He deserves it to be happy.

    Am I the only one wondering how Caitlin managed to arrive basically at the same time as the Flash and Grodd when she was left behind during the previous scene?

  13. Cyndi says:

    I liked the episode but not as much as Ep 5 & Ep 6. A fun time was had regardless and I enjoyed seeing Henry! Barry’s scenes with his dads are always the most heartfelt on this show.

  14. Joe says:

    Gorilla city!!! Henry allen as zoom seems slightly more likely though not probable…oh and on the barry relationship front, barry/patty is nit some throwaway in the comics, so it could end up being like olicity on arrow…

  15. Azerty says:

    That episode felt very weird…first Henry’s behavior. Like some people said in the comments there were a lot of hints of him being Zoom, for example it seemed very odd that he was not in shock by what Zoom did to Barry. Then he was not shocked to see his wife’s murder (supposed to be dead) back in the lab. Everything hints at him being Zoom.

    Then the FX when Barry punchs Grodd were really bad. The Flash used to be better, am I the only one who noticed?

    Finally a lot of people said that Harry hides something. What if he stays with the team to save her daughter from Zoom, and in the end they all failed, Jesse dies and he starts to hate Barry for not being fast enough. Hates him so much that next season he starts to try getting the speed force, which slowly turn him into the new Reverse Flash? Earth 1 RF liked to say he created the Flash, what if that time it is Barry / team Flash who will create the new RF? What do you think, would it be too much ?

  16. Johnny says:

    Does Central City have a curfew? There wasn’t a soul walking in the streets when Grodd jumped out of the tower and chased after the Flash.

  17. N says:

    I really believe Henry in this episode was earth 2 Henry/ Zoom. A lot of people made some good observations of Henry in the previous comments. I must admit I was looking for the smoking gun clue that he was Zoom. Other than the weird camping story, I thought it was odd he went out of his way to shake Wells hand. to me it felt odd, like Henry/Zoom toying with Wells a bit. It would kill wells to know he had Zoom in the room with him. Also, Henry made sure to not touch cisco, thus could not vibe him and see he was Zoom. The only thing is that I cant figure out why Henry 2 wants our Barry dead, maybe Barry 2 is sick or even still in a coma and killing this barry will bring him out of it, or Henry 2/ Zoom wants increased speed to go back and save his wife.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      Just seen the episode again, and yeah that handshake between Henry and Wells is abit odd. Considering how long it’s taking Barry to get used to E2 Wells, he’s still not really, but Henry seems pretty forgiving, he had no problem with him other than a mild surprise that he was alive ( which could be part of his impersonation ). He made it a point to shake Wells hand and almost looked happy doing it.

      • Phoenix5634 says:

        By saying he looked almost happy doing it, I mean he was grinning from ear to ear from the moment he offered the handshake out. Lol something’s up.

      • Phoenix5634 says:

        And even Wells looked around at everyone, like why is he shaking my hand right now, and looking so happy.
        Everyone else still kind of have mixed feeling about him because he looks exactly like the man who caused them so much trouble, but yet Henry, the man Wells dopplerganger Eobard put in jail for so many years is that calm and happy towards him. And makes a point of it to do it right when he’s leaving , before that Henry was keeping his space from Wells and Cisco.

        I think we’re going to see a modified Hunter Zoloman storyline. If Henry is Zoom, then he watched what Barry and his team do this episode compared to what he’s used to seeing. Might give him some new perspective.

  18. This show does not have a good track record with their Grodd episodes, unlike their Captain Cold episodes except for the one with Colonel Cold!

  19. Phoenix5634 says:

    I kind of feel like maybe not the next time, but the time after that we see King Shark will be on the Supergirl show. Also side note for tvline. Please write more content on the Originals show, it’s an awesome show too.

  20. alemanoles says:

    Henry Allen is ZOOM!!!

  21. Phoenix5634 says:

    Haha I found the comic base for the storyline of this upcoming crossover episode! probably shoudnt have shown us the gauntlets, or the explosion. Sounds like a awesome episode coming!