Scream Queens Hester Dies

Scream Queens Recap: Boonestruck

Tuesday’s Scream Queens gave new meaning to the phrase “Once you go black, you never go back.”

No, really, Boone — who was able to walk the streets because strangers just assumed he’s Joaquin Phoenix — assigned a new meaning to it, telling Chad — who, for reasons beyond my comprehension, believed Boone was a ghost — that the only way he could return to the land of the living was by sleeping with Zayday.

Unfortunately for Boone, Zayday wasn’t exactly picking up what he was putting down, though even she must have appreciated his response to her compliment of his shirt. (“You know what it’s made of? … Boyfriend Material.” Zing!) And because Plan A was a total bust, Boone resorted to Plan B: killing Earl Grey, the one guy Zayday actually did want to take to Pound Town.

Boone planned for Gigi to be his second victim this week, telling the other Red Devil, “This has always been about you and me.” And he might have been successful in his plotting, had it not been for his fellow R.D. changing her mind, stabbing Boone in the throat. Like, for real this time. (Also, can we talk about how Boone was pretending to be gay all along? That might be the show’s biggest twist yet!)

Elsewhere this week…

CHANEL NO. 7 | Chad Radwell may not have a brain, but is it possible he has… a heart? “That’s how the Radwells roll; we make our beds and we lie in them,” Chad told Chanel after learning that he got Hester pregnant. Granted, he followed that up with “We lie in them with our creepy, neck-braced scoliosis wives,” but I’m choosing to focus on the fact that he’s willing to accept responsibility for all his risky porking. Sadly, Chad and Hester’s child will never see the light of the day — partially because she faked her pregnancy, but also because Chanel pushed her down the Kappa Kappa Tau stairs in the episode’s final moments!

STORY TIME | This week’s WTF subplot came courtesy of Denise Hemphill, who alleged that the best way to stop being scared of the Red Devils is to become scared of something else. There was talk of a hairy-armed old lady, a deadly selection of toilet paper and a Japanese monster that drags girls into sewers by their vaginas — I don’t think the three are connected…

Queens, any idea which (alleged) girl could be lurking ‘neath the other Red Devil mask? Do you think Hester is really a goner? And did you also have to Google Earl Grey’s name during the episode? Drop a comment with your thoughts on this week’s episode below.

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  1. DownwithHats says:

    Watching Hester go down the stairs really shocked me! It’s interesting seeing Chanel almost have a heart in some cases and then commit cold blooded murder over a boy. That said, Chad and Hester’s whole conversation about the future cracked me up the hardest of anything this episode. His increasingly frustrated explanations every time Hester said some variation of “we’ll see.”

  2. dan says:

    The Chanel with the headphones, using them to communicate with Gigi and Boone. I’m betting she’s the other Red Devil.

  3. A says:

    Finally they killed off 2 major players from the show now I wonder who will die next.

  4. Simon says:

    Niecy Nash is just hilarious. She’s just steals every scene.

  5. EJ says:

    Maybe the ominously missing Chanel #4 is the killer…I don’t think it’s any of the girls shown. She’d have to have brown hair because Boone her twin is brunette and so was the dead mother in the tub. So if it was a girl the only fitting would be Hester but she’s “potentially” dead and was at Kappa for most of the whole story. So I’d guess it’s Chanel #4 since we’ve never seen her and she “died” leaving Kappa or betraying Chanel (I honestly forgot because this show is seriously dragging).

  6. Ron says:

    Phew, I was soooo worried for my girl Denise for a minute. So glad Niecy is still around! She’s the best thing about this show.

  7. Tom says:

    PLEASE tell me Hester is Lea Michele’s character

  8. Cory says:

    Haven’t seen the ep yet but this recap was so hysterical I’m still laughing over just the first two paragraphs. The writer of this should write a book or something lol

  9. Ashley says:

    I hope Chad, Dean Munsch and Denise live to the end they are the best characters. At the beginning of the episode when Boone was talking to his twin on the phone he said something like “Have you talked to Zayday lately” so I’m guessing it has to be someone in the house not someone who we taught was murdered or anything. God I’m so curious who it’ll turn out to be!

    • Joseph says:

      Yeah this totally gave away who the killer is. Zayday only talks to ONE girl in the entire house. Zayday only has scenes with ONE other actress. The killer is obviously GRACE.

      • Lola says:

        I think it’s Pete. What if Pete had a sex change? He’s the only one other than Grace that interacts with her. I can see them doing a “Sleep Away Camp” especially with everything in the media today. Who else really speaks with Zayday? Or..Hester isn’t dead “Death Becomes Her” kinda deal.

        • Memik says:

          Yeah ı Agree Within you, other red devil is PETE. Pete was Born as a girl and she had a trans Gender. But there is Something, When sam was killed by red devil she saw the red devil’s face and she Said ı almaya know İt was you. Sam and Pete didnt have any Connection during the episodes.

  10. D says:

    I don’t want Boone to be dead… He and Earl Grey were soooo hot!!! And the whole being in love with Zeyday thing was cute I wanted to see more of that!!! Also I miss deaf Taylor swift and predatory lez… Idk if care to watch anymore episodes :/

  11. Jeffrey says:

    I Love this show!

  12. Vic says:

    Guys, do you think Hester really died?

  13. robandco says:

    I am not buying Hester being dead. I have a feeling the neck crack sound at the end of her falling was just her spine and neck being put back in place by the fall. I hope she wakes up in the meat locker and that she’s the one who’ll kill Chanel #1.

    That was on funny episode. I am glad more headliners are getting killed, because the show opened strong with many deaths and then it was like they forgot it was a slasher…

  14. If Boone wasn’t gay, why did he get an erection when slept with Chad? I think it was a big mistake on Murphy’s script. Then… I really believe the other Red Evil is not a girl: it’s Pete, who raised with Boone ’cause he’s Gigi’s son. Boone’s sister is Chanel!

  15. N says:

    I think Hester is alive, she was wearing a neck brace, and the writers are doing this to throw us off from the now obvious fact that Hester is the other red devil. First, she looks the most like she could be Boone’s twin sister. Shes been weird all season, and she messed with chanel by messing with Chad, much like GiGi is doing to Grace by dating Wes. Finally, i just dont know who else the Red Devil could be, its not Grace (the GiGi with Wes ) or Zayday ( Boone kidnapped her), its not Chanel 5 ( she fought with the 2nd Devil) . I dont think its Chanel 1 because I Think they want her around for next season. I dont think its Chanel 3 because she though Boone was a ghost. Thus by process of elimination it must be a non dead Hester. Ijust dont see how it could be anyone else.