Big Bang Theory Sheldon Sex Amy

Big Bang Theory Bombshell: Sheldon and Amy Are Going to [Spoiler]

A pair of Big Bang Theory characters will find their universe in a rather hot, dense state as the CBS hitcom heads into winter.

In an episode that taped this week and will air Thursday, Dec. 17, the currently estranged coupling of Sheldon and Amy (played by Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik) will do the deed — and we don’t mean solve for Pi. (They’re going to have sex.)

“After over five years of dating, we felt the time was right for Sheldon and Amy to finally consummate their relationship,” showrunner Steve Molaro said in a statement, “and we’re so excited for the audience to see the journey over the next several episodes.”

Does this mean Sheldon and Amy will have resolved their significant differences by mid-December? Or will they merely be “pulling a Castle” and taking a “time out from their time out”? No further storyline details were available.

What do you think of this torrid twist? Are we, let alone Sheldon and Amy, possibly ready?

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  1. Daya says:

    OH MY GOD! FINALLY! (loses her mind off in a corner somewhere)

  2. Yes! So does this mean that Sheldon Cooper is going to lose his virginity before Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds does? :) :) :)

  3. no further story details were available even though the taping report has been publicly available for almost two weeks, Also, they just heavily french kiss for awhile they still haven’t consummated their relationship,,

    • Michael Ausiello says:

      You’re confused. The episode is being taped tonight.

      • Amanda says:

        I wonder if Amy will get pregnant first.

        • according to the big bany theory wiki the episode that airs on december 17th is the professor proton/StarWars episode. Is this article about the one before it with the Beach boys song and the kiss, or the one after it we know nothing about?

          • RC says:

            Recheck the Wiki. It is indeed about The Opening Night Excitation, the episode with Protein and Star Wars, which is also the episode where they have sex. The scene descriptions were there early this morning.

  4. Alisha says:

    WOW.. i know this had to happen eventually.. but i really REALLY want to know how theyre gonna go about it.. I still cant picture Sheldon wanting to have sex but then again I couldnt picture him wanting to marry anyone either.. Im nervous/excited

    • Yep! says:

      Me too! I can only imagine there will be a “COITUS AGREEMENT” that Sheldon will get Amy to try to sign before any action occurs, then probably a lot of technical execution talk during, and a detailed post-mortem discussion afterward, in true Sheldon fashion. The writers could go another way, though, and have Sheldon with a ridiculous wide-eyed grin of wonder like Arnold Schwarzennegger’s character in the movie “Twins” after he did it for the first time. Can’t wait to find out!

  5. Babybop says:

    Ergh. I liked the episodes with them apart. I just don’t see how Sheldon’s character will actually want to have sex without them changing his entire personality…

    • Lauren says:

      Yeah. I’m actually not looking forward to this.

    • Mare says:

      I agree. I’m not looking forward to this. It feels like they’re changing Sheldon for no needed reason.

    • Cassie says:

      Sheldon is evolving as a character. The same way people evolve and grow as individuals. Sheldon realized he doesn’t want to be without Amy– hence the engagement ring. Amy decided what she was getting from Sheldon wasn’t what she wanted which includes her desire to have physical affection. Sheldon knows that he will need to do this to win Amy back.

      • Maranda says:

        THIS. Also, I think it will keep to the integrity of their characters. Sheldon and Amy are kind of like misfit teenagers, so I think their first sexual encounter will be sweetly awkward and timid.

  6. DarkDefender says:

    Castle “time out from the time out” <– nice burn. lol

    • Dina says:

      I know, DarkDefender! I can’t believe “pulling a Castle” is already a thing!

      And I’m so excited about this episode! I’m sure it will be fun and sweet, but I’m also really excited to see Sheldon get to a point where he can actually have a physically intimate relationship with someone.

    • Meg says:

      That’s a direct quote from Monday’s episode so I’m not sure it would qualify as a burn.

      • DarkDefender says:

        The burn is that the Castle “time out from the time out” as used in this article was a burn to the TV show Castle (not the character).. And is used as a barb to Castle in the context of Shamy. Because the “timeout” is a contrived plot device that has long time Castle fans reeling. So I think it was a clear burn and not a simple quote from that show.

    • Cody says:

      If only it didn’t burn ME so much.

    • mike says:

      That is what they actually said to each other on the show. i hate having them apart. It has made no sense and done zero for the shows.

  7. A says:

    I thought I was ready incorrectly at first!! Can’t wait for the episode to air!

  8. Amber says:

    I can’t even, wow. I’m surprised they just said this flat out! I feel like it has to be a trick… but at the same time, I don’t know. This seems like such a huge jump, at least for Sheldon. I can understand getting back together but I still don’t feel like he’s ready for sex. I could be wrong though.

    • John NYC says:

      Marriage was the bigger jump from my viewpoint as that’s solely psychological, and Sheldon has a LOT of psychology, while sex has a lot of biology going for it.

  9. ninamags says:

    Ugh, gross.

    That has got to be the least sexy pairing ever, in the history of ever, and tv.

    Hopefully we don’t have to see any of it. 😲

    • toranut97 says:

      Oh, that is easy – just don’t watch it — or, if you accidentally are there, quick, change the channel!

    • Bartleby says:

      Because only people that you find sexy are allowed to have sex?

    • Vanessa Rutherford says:

      “Hopefully we don’t have to see any of it.”
      Do you know how ridiculous that sounds? It’s CBS, not HBO, ya big goober.
      Of course you won’t “see any of it”. (-_-)

    • At last! says:

      The least sexy pairing in the history of TV were Phil & Carol from The Last Man on Earth, and they have made for one of the most poignant love stories since Mulder and Scully. “Sexiness” is not everything.

    • Leon says:

      right down there with Ozzie and Harriet Nelson, and Ward and June Cleaver, and Barnie and Betty Rubble, and Fred and Wilma Flintstone …..well, at least Barnie and Fred

  10. hbeachman says:

    I’m thinking more like TRY to have sex. Can you just imagine Sheldon’s stipulations? Hearing about those would be hysterical.

    • CactusRose says:

      Oh the stipulations! I totally agree – that would be hilarious. I just can’t fathom Sheldon even wanting to do it, let alone actually doing it. But I definitely think stipulations would make it the best sex scene in the history of TV!

  11. I kinda wished that Sheldon never did it to be quite honest. I am not a prude, but it was refreshing to have a relationship that didn’t revolve around sex. I also liked him apart from her. But they were never going to keep them apart forever. Just wasn’t going to happen.

    • NJMark says:

      Having sex doesn’t mean that a relationship revolves only around sex.

    • John NYC says:

      He’d already decided on marriage so sex is being lead by the emotional commitment.

    • firstroyal says:

      well since the relationship already revolved around sex (see almost every remark Amy makes to Sheldon when they are together) all this will do is finally put an end to the endless sex remarks Amy makes. It will actually tone down the sexual remarks

      • TJCooper says:

        Actually the constant sex remarks from Amy, other than an odd one here and there, stopped in season 7. But I get what you mean, the elephant in the room was always that they didn’t have sex and in my opinion it was overshadowing a lot of what’s funny about these two together. Hopefully now that the deed is done the shadow will move away and it’s going to be less about sex and more about them being weird together.

  12. Luli says:

    “pulling a castle” hahaha nice one.

    So shocked and excited about this!!!

  13. Mikk says:

    I’m snickering here – I see a whopping display of Schadenfreude!
    I think Sheldon, with all his complexes about bodily ickiness, will perform woefully and leave Amy sorely disappointed – and glad she made the right decision to dump him! Then both of them will shudder at the mention of it! Amy will move on to someone slightly closer to the centre (I said slightly!) on the virility scale, and Sheldon will implode into his quirkiness.

  14. Brett richards says:

    I know Jim parsons is gay, but I expected sheldon to come out as gay as well

  15. Brett says:

    FINALLY! Hopefully now they can stop with the relationship drama nonsense and move on to other stories. I love these two, but the dragging it out had become tiresome. More nerdy stuff now, please.

  16. yeah I still can’t picture Sheldon wanting to have sex but then again I couldnt picture him wanting to marry anyone either! that’s awesome

  17. Jellymoff says:

    I kind of wish they made this a surprise rather than spoiling it outright. I’m sure they released the info to ensure big ratings but it’s nice to not know everything. Yes, I could have not read the spoiler, but I’m sure it will be well publicized

  18. Terry says:

    Don’t do it

  19. SoFla says:

    Jumping the shark? I totally dont agree they should have sex. Beginning of the end IMO, kill the show off before the stars get greedier. Hardly watch anymore as it is, but will definitely not watch this one.

    • Joe says:

      Greedy stars? Yes, how dare they want to be paid fairly for their time. They should let cbs make millions off their image and talents while they work for minimum wage.

      • SoFla says:

        All of them are greedy. There are far better uses in this world for the money wasted on entertainment i.e. tv, movies, concerts.

        • Marguerite Petrizzi says:

          Oh, please. If you really feel that way, why the heck are you watching TV at all? I know I appreciate the half hour of laughs I get from this show. Or the other hours of entertainment I get from other shows, concerts, movies, etc.

          We need entertainment as well as we need other things. Yeah, entertainers get paid a lot of money, but that’s how it’s always been. It’s not like CBS would all of a sudden donate the money to a charity if they weren’t paying the stars of the show.

          • joker says:

            “Yeah, entertainers get paid a lot of money, but that’s how it’s always been.”

            Clearly you know nothing about entertainers prior to the invention of the American “Toilet”.

  20. Jane says:

    Sorry, this just doesn’t feel right to me.

  21. Britt says:

    I liked that he is asexual. They should have gone with that.
    Although Amy should have dumped him sooner to find herself someone else. It was funny, funny, funny, then just plain sad.
    I think Sheldon is perfect as he is, he doesn’t need fixing or be like “us”.
    I wish TV shows would stop giving us unique, quirky, weird, loner characters just for the sole purpose of turning them “normal”.

    • shannon says:

      All people evolve (especially after their first loves but even if they never date). Years have gone by since Big Bang began and the characters initial ages. Therefore, all characters are going to develop aND change over time . Sheldon is not the only character …….

      Raj can now talk to girls without being drunk

      Howard is slightly less needy.

      Penny is less ditzy

      Lenard is more outspoken and confident with girls

      They have all gradually changed over time just like people do in real life. It gives the characters a more human feel.

      Sheldon of course has changed with time too. He has developed close relationships and friendships which has slowly made him more human and capable of feelings. He’s been with Amy for 5 years and upon losing her her realized he loved her and needed her. Of course that’s going to be a game changer feelings wise. These changes were a long time coming. For those that wanted him to continued to be the same character….it’s unrealistic….all people change over time. I bet you are not he same person now that you were 5 to 10 years ago. Sheldon and Amy are not just jumping into bed together…it’s been 5 years. To make the characters believe able they need to change and grow over the years

  22. Nicole says:

    While I think some people will disagree with this I think it is a realistic storyline. 5 years is a long time and most people grow and change in that amount of time….think of where you were and who you were 5 years ago! The show has handled their relationship very slowly so it could be believable from the first kids to I love you. I am sure they will handle this progression as well.

    • Nicole says:

      Meant first kiss! Also, were people thinking that they would get married but not do it?! So obviously he considered it before.

  23. Mary says:

    Love the show but the LAUGH BUTTON makes me turn it off. Every single word spoken is NOT that funny!

    • JA says:

      No laugh button, Mary.
      What you hear is actual, real people laughing while it is being filmed.
      I know, because I have been there and heard the really loud laughter.

  24. CSG says:

    I always thought the show would end with Sheldon and Amy getting married and the last scene was them trying to have sex. They would both be in bed trying to figure it out. The screen fades to black then you hear Sheldon say ” OH! That does feel good. Can we try that again?”

  25. SherryB says:

    I can see it now…Sheldon and the “coitus agreement’ PAGE 21, paragraph 9, line 12….plainly states….etc…

  26. Anne says:

    Does Sheldon know how it’s done. I’m to excited for them

  27. robandco says:

    While I don’t see Sheldon as a sexual person, we know he masturbates (as indicated in the pilot). So it’s not far fetched that he would do it with Amy. It’s going to be super awkward for the two of them, but I have a feeling the rest of the gang will be hilarious about it.

  28. Rehydrate do they have to do IT? Why can’t they remain virgins? Please don’t respond to this! I like Sheldon the way he is!

  29. Marisela says:

    Characters change, lives changes. Sheldon has admitted that his relationships with his friends have changed him and made him a more emotional person which is just normal. I don’t think that him and Amy having sex and getting married, etc will change the dynamic for the worse. Sheldon will still be himself for all intents and purposes. I can only imagine the great storylines that could come of this. Potentially Amy could move in with him which makes sense with Leonard and Penny being married. Them living together or even having this more adult/traditional relationship just opens up a whole new can of worms for storylines…endless funny! I can totally picture Sheldon having sex and going on a binge because he can’t get enough. LMAO I love how they have developed their relationship. I think the break-up was a great way to facilitate a change in him when he realizes that he is capable of loving someone in that way and how much she actually means to him. I’m all for it..bring it on! I don’t think it’s jumping the shark in any way. It’s character development.

    • Mari says:

      Well said! I absolutely 1000% agree with you! Everyone of them has grown in some way or another, as is life! I can’t wait flee what’s coming, no pun intended! Lol

    • Marguerite Petrizzi says:

      Exactly! I think people have put labels on Sheldon that the show didn’t – that he’s on the spectrum, that he’s asexual, etc. Sheldon is just an incredibly intelligent young man lacking social graces, but he’s slowly changing. There’s nothing wrong with that.

  30. Lyn says:

    That is when I’ll stop watching after being a faithful viewer since episode one. Amy is disgusting.

  31. Linda says:

    I just don’t think Sheldon is ready! I just can’t see either of them in bed together!

  32. KC says:

    People really care about this? Wow….

  33. NJMark says:

    When it comes to sexual activity on TV, there’s only 2 options – either nothing, or intercourse, without anything in between. Sheldon and Amy kiss a little, she showed herself off post-waxing (where he fainted IIRC), and she tricked him into spanking her, but aside from that, we don’t know if they even played with each others body parts – either clothed or naked. (Does he know how to handle breasts?) And there’s certainly been nothing oral. But they’re going right to sex?

  34. AtlLady says:

    Give Sheldon a copy of the Kama Sutra and add in his eidetic memory, Amy might be in for the night of her life. LOL! Seriously, if Sheldon was planning to propose to Amy, he has considered the physical side of marriage. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if Amy slips off to the bathroom to call Penny for advice while Sheldon calls Leonard for pointers as Penny and Leonard are in bed together in Penny’s apartment. There would be a part of Penny and Leonard that would want to mess with the novices but then I think they would decide to be very serious with any advice because they really do care for Amy and Sheldon.

  35. Tom says:

    It’s depressing to see people define Sheldon as a character (and, for some, define the entire show) by his virginity. There’s so much more to him and to the show than that. They never said he was asexual, and there are actually people who don’t really care for sex unless they’re really into another person, so I don’t see how this is unrealistic of far fetched. They’ve been together a long time, there’s been hints along the way that Sheldon was developing an attraction to her and working on his touch phobia, and they took their time to get there to make it believable for his character. I’m honestly glad that they stopped dragging this out and let them do it so they can hopefully now move on to newer, fresher stories. Just because they did it doesn’t mean they will turn into any other couple. And who’s to say he won’t apply his eccentricities to his sex life now? There can be some fun stuff there too.

    • WWP says:

      Thank you. The comic possibilities here are kinda endless.
      I mean, humans evolve. It may be true that people don’t often have extreme personality changes, they do change. I would guess that few folks can claim that they have experienced no changes, expansion or contractions, to their personality over seven years. (Well, unless they are monumentally BORING people). Fictional people should be the same.

  36. They Were Blue says:

    Castle has lost me forever. This forced break up is ridiculous.

  37. browncoat says:


  38. Gaile Dominici says:

    I think having sex before Marriage goes against everything Sheldon & Amy’s personalities represent. Let Amy observe Sheldons interview with Nemoy and propose to Sheldon.

  39. Yep! says:

    One theme I keep seeing in the comments is that Sheldon is labeled as “asexual”. The character skews intellectual, and based upon his intellect far outpacing his maturity and physical development, thus he is very awkward. Sheldon has made several statements that indicate he was rather friendless and bullied, which greatly traumatized him throughout his life and cause him to also be somewhat anti-social and avoidant of intimacy. Sheldon also loves control and hates change, and he is a germaphobe. However, the writers made it clear when Sheldon first really kissed Amy on the train a couple seasons ago that he was caught by surprise by how much HE actually enjoyed it. It is also clear that Sheldon has really missed Amy, said “I love you” first, and was planning to propose. With all that character history and complexity, it doesn’t seem like his character is changing so much as GROWING UP. Fear can keep a wanna-be sexual person isolated for a very long time, and I believe this is where Sheldon’s character was.

    • PSU says:

      I think Sheldon does fit the definition of ‘asexual’, it’s just that a lot of the time that term is misused or misunderstood. While it’s true that some asexuals never ever show any interest and will never partake in any sexual activity, people with a low interest in sex but that do get intimate with their partners or that only feel sexual attraction once a very strong bond has formed with another person (demisexuals) also broadly fit the asexual definition. So, Sheldon consummating his relationship with Amy and even enjoying it doesn’t necessarily makes him hetero-normative. His character arc is very consistent with that of a demisexual, and yes, like you said, he never ‘came out’ as asexual on the show and there’s a lot more to his reluctance to sex than just disinterest. I think it’s simplistic to see Sheldon simply as 100% asexual, especially without appreciating the nuances of the spectrum. I found his growth in his relationship with Amy very realistic for his character, and it doesn’t make him any less unique in television.

  40. Daniel says:

    Funny lead, Matt! 😂

  41. Paula White says:

    Sheldon does need to get “into” life! LOL I can’t wait! Thank you for seeing those two together!!!

  42. demographically insignificant says:

    Given the fact that this is The Big Bang Theory we are talking about, do the writers mean human mating, Vulcan mating or Klingon mating?!?

  43. RBA says:

    “Pulling a Castle”….. great line Matt

  44. Roberta says:

    Get them together already. The show is getting boring.

  45. Mike says:

    I think after years of being disgusted by the act of coitis Sheldon will become an addict and Amy who has been desperately trying to get it; will not be able to keep up. I however thought that they were going to get married first; but I’m surprised and excited at the storyline possibilities of Sheldon continued progress as a person. The worst thing that could happen to Amy is that he tries it and doesn’t like it and then that would be her worst nightmare.

  46. Aillen says:

    As long as they get back together I think it’s ok if its just sex no

  47. Barbara says:

    We are more than ready!!!! We need another wedding and then children to keep the show going. I love it!!!!

  48. Brenden says:

    And this surprises who? The characters may be scientists, but anyone who things the ‘Big Bang’ in the title is referring to astrophysics hasn’t been paying attention. It has been all about sex since the beginning–those who were doing it, and those who weren’t. The only question anyone seemed to care about (the real big bang theory) was when Sheldon and Amy were finally going to.

  49. James says:

    I am an AVID FAN of TBBT….. I have watched this show repeatedly (even repeats on DVR)
    I have seen how Sheldon has evolved, He “grew” to love Amy Farrah. He changed in his way, and only Amy understood him. He has gone from a mere, She’s just my friend not my girlfriend, to sorry Stuart she IS my girlfriend, to I love you too (I have feelings I can’t explain), to Well Gollum Lord of the Rings, what do I do with this one……
    He told her how he felt honestly each time, this last episode as heartbreaking as it was, was a build up to this coming episode. He knows he can’t live without her but just like ANY human being doesn’t want to be hurt again.
    I believe the “Shamy” having sex is a more forward with the characters and like many have stated a possible First Big Bang Baby. Oh how I’m not crazy my mom had me tested is this child going to be.
    One thing is for sure…. It will be the wedding of the century with them as I would think Sheldon’s mom would want an all out big church wedding with all the trimmings