Craig Thomas Carter Bays

How I Met Your Mother Creators, CBS Team for New York Mythological

How I Met Your Mother creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays are returning to their Big Apple roots.

Thomas and Bays will write and executive-produce the half-hour comedy New York Mythological, which has landed at CBS, our sister site Deadline reports.

The potential series revolves around a Midwestern girl who moves to Manhattan and experiences firsthand the magic of the city. It marks the duo’s first writing effort since HIMYM went off the air in March 2014.

Additionally, Thomas and Bays will exec-produce the comedy project My Time/Your Time, from writer Hilary Winston (Community, Happy Endings) for CBS. The laugher — based on the web series 7P/10E — follows a young couple as they begin a long distance relationship.

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  1. Boiler says:

    After how they finished HIMYM sort of difficult to watch a show of theirs

    • lariet50 says:


    • Ann says:

      It was a good, well thought-out ending… Anyone who was surprised by the sad ending probably wasn’t a fan of the show or didn’t watch it carefully over the years. I predicted that exact ending since season 3, mainly because the writers were smart and left clues throughout the series. Anyone could have connected all those dots and foreseen it. Now, if you’re saying the last season itself was bad, I’d agree with you. The series ran 2 or 3 years too long, but that’s not their fault…that’ CBS’s fault for trying to milk all the money they could get from it.

      • John NYC says:

        “wasn’t a fan of the show”?

        Who died and made you the arbiter of all fandom? People who simply have a different opinion, and I’m one of them, aren’t that simplistically dismissed.

      • Joel Maurice says:

        The ending they wrote worked well if it happened after season 3 or four. But they were writers that got lost in their own hubris. Sticking with an ending that they wrote years before to say that this was their plan all along. They didn’t write to that ending by season 9. The Robin/Ted love was played out and did not make sense in the end the viewers that stayed didn’t care about Ted and Robin. Basically if you jumped ship around season 4 you were rewarded with a fitting ending. If you stuck it through the awful last seasons, hoping for the perfect ending, you were duped.

        • John NYC says:

          More or less this. To my they weren’t flexible enough to let go of what they’d planned years and years ago under different circumstances, choosing instead to ignore all the evolution of their creation in the intervening years just to bend back to that set in stone conclusion.

      • NJMark says:

        It’s the “anyone could have connected all those dots and foreseen it” that makes it a bad ending. You DON’T go for the “hell, I saw that coming a mile away!” ending.

        Plus, people DID figure it out, and Bays, Thomas, and everyone involved with the show dismissed those them all as “crazy.”

      • Leo says:

        It was a good ending – if the show ended in the 3rd season. But it didn’t.

        The show changed and the ending didn’t suit the show at all because the characters and storylines had evolved so much.

    • HIMYM started sucking long before the finale.

  2. Lisa says:

    Never again. They shouldnt be allowed to write for tv anymore

  3. S-k-s says:

    I’m assuming the heroine will be run over and killed by a bus in the final episode? While on her way to the wedding with the love of her life that they spent the entire series leading up to…

  4. Dean says:

    Didn’t netflix already give a go with this concept difference was the midwestern girl was held hostage by a cult leader for years.

  5. Mark says:

    So is there actual magic involved in the sitcom? That’d be the only way I’d watch something like this.

  6. Asia says:

    Yeah I have no interest in watching any more shows made by these guys.

    • pinky says:

      This. And I’m not even mad about the HIMYM finale anymore (ok that’s a lie…but I’m not as mad as I was)…I just have no faith in their ability to create a show that spending hours and hours of my life watching would pay off

  7. TaMara says:

    Nope. Never again.

  8. Kel says:

    Nopeitty nope nope nope. I will boycott them forever.

  9. Of course they have to get viewers to trust them again first… (An apology for that ending would be a good place to start)

  10. HenryP says:

    All of the comments here are from people who didn’t like the end of HIMYM and now will never watch anything from these two guys again. Assuming that the reason you are so upset is that you enjoyed a number of earlier seasons of that show, why would you not want to see the first few seasons of another of their shows. The logic of this is beyond me. (To be fair I thought the end was ok, but then maybe I recognise that none of these characters are real people…)

    • Dmac says:

      Really the characters are not real??? You’re kidding??? Thanks for letting me know, I feel so dumb. Okay now that we have gotten past your smug and condescending comment let me explain to you why people are still upset with the way the show ended. I will use small words to help you along.

      We spent almost a decade watching a show about how the title character met his wife and come to find out that wasn’t really what the show was about. It was about how the title character got back with his ex and resumed their toxic relationship after his wife died. So, yes people are upset and they have every right to be.

      • HenryP says:

        Ok I accept I was condescending – I apologise. But I genuinely do not understand why the fact that you didn’t enjoy the end means that the 100+ episodes (or whatever number it was until you stopped enjoying it) were wasted. If you enjoyed what was done for let’s say 7 years why not hope for the same enjoyment of their next series.(And by the way you’re pretty condescending yourself, Dmac)

        • Joe says:

          The reason why the finale retroactively destroyed the entire series for me is because it made the premise a lie, it was supposed to be “How I met your mother” not “Why I love aunt Robin”. I read arguments that the finale shows that you can love more than one person and that it’s okay to move on and in real life I would agree but HIMYM was never realistic, for me it was a fairy tale, it was about meeting the one and to live happily ever after.
          The show’s quality dropped in the last few years and with the way Ted talked about the mother I had my doubts that she could ever live up to the expectations but when Cristin Milioti was revealed she was perfect, they had managed to do the impossible, they found an actress who was better than I had ever hoped for and then she and Ted finally meet in a scene that was perfectly written and acted only to have the reveal that the story was about Robin all along right after that …

          It’s not even so much about the mother being dead, that could have been a sad but fitting reveal but going back to Robin? It makes Tracy look like not much more than a baby oven who gave Ted the kids he wanted and Robin did not, then Tracy was removed from the picture so that they can finally be together and to make that happen the Barney/Robin relationship became a casualty as well.
          I feel betrayed and I cannot watch the early episodes anymore without the knowledge how it ends.

          I will not watch any future show by Thomas and Bays because I no longer trust in their ability to tell a story and bring it to a satisfying conclusion.

          • murley says:

            All of this is true. For me the biggest failure was the execution. I don’t mind a tragic twist for the sake of good storytelling. But here is served no purpose but to be a twist which is gimmicky. Furthermore they broke one of the number one rules. Show don’t tell. They showed us Robin and Ted coming to terms with the fact that they didn’t belong together. They showed us Robin and Barney falling in love and getting married. They showed us Ted finding his way to his perfect mate and their life together. They even showed us Robin pulling away from her friends and being selfish. And then they tell us oh yeah dad we love aunt Robin when she comes over for dinner all the time, go get her! It was just so poorly executed for the sake of shoehorning in this ending they wanted. That is how they failed.

          • Troy says:

            Amen to you both.

          • Liz says:

            Hallelujah!! We need to make a cut & paste form so that when ever we get in these arguments we say everything you just stated. When EW was doing a talking to writers & producers about ending their shows there was a couple of them that said that they changed their minds about the ending right before because they felt it wasn’t true to the characters that they had become. Plus come on Cristin Milioti was just perfect as the mom! Why wouldn’t you just let her live.

    • T.M. says:

      I know they are not real but as story tellers they failed fantastically. One of the rules is to trust your characters. They didn’t trust that Barney, Robin, and Ted had become better people than they were and stuck them back where they started. What they did to Robin and Tracey was embarassing. I won’t watch them for the same reason I won’t watch anything by Stephanie Savage, or read anything by Stephanie Meyer they are mediocre with no concept of characters or story structure. If their characters are the same as where they began? Unless its Seinfeld, they did something wrong. Everyone was a pale version of themselves in the last episode to force the “dolls” into the plot they had predetermined years ago that at the time it ended… no longer worked for the story itself. HIMYM could have been a beautiful ode to hope and destiny and love and instead is about a creep with a crush on his female friend who he dated a few times and was told point blank SHE DIDNT LOVE HIM. But to each their own :)

    • John NYC says:

      The product is judged as a whole, which for HIMYM includes that ending. So as a whole they’re product is dissatisfying for some. “Brilliant surgery doctor. Oh sure the patient messily died, but hey, those moves in the middle were artistry!”

      • HenryP says:

        Not a great analogy. It’s not surgery. If you thought the first 4 series were good and later series were not so good and you hated the final series especially the finale – which seems to be a common view – then what you have is about 100 episodes of a funny show that you enjoyed. that’s pretty good in my view.

  11. Dmac says:

    Nope, not going to fall into their trap again. The HIMYM season finale was an epic fail and their refusal to acknowledge or understand why the majority of people were upset just goes to show that they don’t get it.

  12. Kevin says:

    No thanks

  13. Larry says:

    I hated the himym finale but enjoyed the previous 203 episodes so ill give it a chance.

  14. Wendy says:

    So who’ll be the sacrificial lamb so the lead character can reunite with the ex that was no good for them? After that awful finale of HIMYM, no way will I trust these guys to put their egos aside to tell a natural story.

  15. Paolo says:

    I’d bet this should be fun, but Jesus Christ, ANOTHER sitcom for CBS? When they’re practically struggling to fit in their current shows left and right?

  16. Jake says:

    Sitcoms on CBS are pretty much universally terrible, so pass.

  17. T says:

    I will give it a chance- anyone who gave me Marshall Erikson and his Lily Pad are ok by me. Do I go around thinking it ended it with the alternative ending … sure I do. I think they had no idea that people would accept the Mother as much as they did and were in a bind with what they were building to all these years. I however hope I like this show 1/4 as much as I like HIMYM and then it will a really good show.

  18. Bark Star says:

    Even after several years, the best thing about the really good HIMYM finale is still the cries of those silly people that hated it because they didnt get what they wanted.

  19. nhogan47 says:

    Man, there are some bitter people in this comment section. I choose to remember that HIMYM was one of the best sitcoms on TV for a long time. Not every idea goes over well with fans. Boo hoo.

    • Kisame says:

      It wasn’t a good sitcom. Honestly,it was pretty mediocre. And then,the writers betrayed the only people who were loyal to them,so honestly they don’t get it at all,they are very,very,bad writers. If this show will ever see the daylight,i bet it will break a new record for the lowest ratings ever,no one will watch it,cause no one trust them after what they did.

      • nhogan47 says:

        “pretty mediocre”? Ok….what shows do you like? I’m just trying to gain a frame of reference here. I noticed a dip in quality in the later seasons, but I would still watch HIMYM re-runs over half of what’s on today. If you tell me it’s “mediocre” but you were a fan of say…Forever…or Constantine…then maybe I shouldn’t take your label so seriously.

        Personally, I don’t see executing their original plan (even though it took a long time because CBS paid them a lot of money) is betrayal, either. I didn’t love the ending, but it didn’t diminish the show’s legacy for me.

      • HenryP says:

        So you’re mad with them because after 9 years of what you consider a mediocre so show you didn’t like the ending. If you thought it was mediocre and stuck with it for 9 years, that’s really not the writers fault!

  20. cosmoman11 says:

    I will give it a try. I don’t have the hate for Thomas and Bays that others seem to have. I re-watch the final 4 episodes of HIMYM nearly every week.

  21. Alice says:

    Didn’t they try to launch this a few years ago? It was gonna be called “How I Met Your Dad”, and it failed. There are enough sitcoms about women in New York, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is already doing pretty much this same premise. Try something new.

  22. robandco says:

    People need to MOVE ON. HIMYM was a great sitcom, very smart and very funny. Yes it had its up and downs but try maintaining something like that for 9 years. Just grow up.

    The plot is very generic. I am waiting for the trailer next year to forge my opinion.

  23. Kate says:

    First, I think the main reason so many people are angry about the HIMYM ending is that the show really started slipping in quality the last 3-4 seasons and a lot of us only stuck around to see Ted finally meet the Mother. So the fact that they chose to kill her off and place Robin and Ted together (who make no sense for each other) was just insulting.

    To then spend an entire season on the wedding of a couple we had really started to believe in only to break them up in the final episode is absurd. It’s absurd because we watched Robin and Ted realize they weren’t right for each other and watched as Barney and Robin realized they were right for each other. To have Ted and Robin end up together just because that was the original plan gives no credit to the development of the characters. It was sloppy story telling.

  24. Tomas says:

    They were overrated and HIMYM always be remembered by that terrible ending…

  25. Teddy Westside says:

    From reading the various comments here, I have to assume this pilot will not get the green light by CBS/Nina T and co. come Upfront in May. Still quite a bit a memories (both good and bad) surrounding HIMYM, so perhaps CB and CT will have to sit this one out.

    Interesting how this series had such an impact – again, good and bad. I have a clip up on YouTube of the NPH interview on the David Letterman Late Show that NPH did soon after HIMYM had it’s finale (and NPH was just starting the Broadway run of ‘Hedwig’. ) In the interview, Neil gives some good insights into the making of the series, and that ending. That one clip has gotten nearly a 1/4 million views [dwarfing all the other clips I have on my channel]and the passion and continued interest of those who write notes along with that clip is astounding.

    No question about it, HIMYM did leave a lasting impression with viewers. It will be hard for CB and CT to follow-up with their next project – just too soon, I guess. Perhaps time will heal? Perhaps not? But either way, in no way does that diminish the talent that went on during those nine years in front of and behind the camera. For that, I will be forever grateful – I really love that show.