Game of Thrones Season 6 Septon Meribald

Game of Thrones Season 6: Which Dead Character Will Ian McShane Resurrect?

In the sparse realm of Game of Thrones spoilers, it seems we’ve had an unexpected windfall.Ian McShane, who will have a small but important role in the HBO drama’s upcoming sixth season, recently told Pop Goes the News that he’ll be involved in the resurrection of a (most likely) dead character.

“I am responsible for bringing somebody back that you think you’re never going to see again. I’ll leave it at that,” he told the site.

The obvious choice, of course, is Kit Harington’s Jon Snow, who was stabbed repeatedly at the end of the fifth season — fatally so, if the show’s Powers That Be are to be believed.

But other contenders include Lady Stonehart, aka a vengeance-filled, raised-from-the-dead Catelyn Stark who appears in the books, and the Hound, who was suffering from life-threatening injuries when Arya left him for dead. Either of these possibilities, Vulture points out, could mean that McShane will play a combination of the books’ Septon Meribald and the Elder Brother.

What do you think of McShane’s comments? And what’s your guess for who’s coming back? Hit the comments!

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  1. Ron says:

    I’m all in for Lady Stonehart to show up!

  2. Kate says:

    From what I remember people guessing, he’s likely bringing back Sean Bean in the form of a younger Ned Stark because aren’t people guessing he is part of the expected flashback scene from the Tower of Joy. If you want to be technical, Jon Snow would be part of that scene too if the theory is true but he’d just be a baby.

  3. Shea says:

    He never said that he was responsible for bringing back a *dead* character. I’m going to take a shot in the dark and say he’s one of the Umbers, or Wyman Manderly, and he’s bringing back Rickon Stark.

    • Martina says:

      Manderly is described as beeing very “fat”, so I doubt that’s who he is going to play. I also think, would be play a northern lord, he would be in more than one episode, since we know about that other huge spoiler that takes place at the north (battle). At least the Umbers are going to be present there.

  4. arial2 says:

    According to IMDB, Essie Davis (star of the wonderful Australian series Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries) will appear in (at least) season six, episode one as “Lady Stark.”

  5. Bick says:

    He’s playing Rh’llor

  6. CK2 says:

    All of these years of waiting for Lady Stoneheart have killed my anticipation for that moment.

  7. Ben says:

    It’s the Hound. Rory McCann was spotted in the area around the same time as Ian’s filming. He’s will have helped him with his wounds.

  8. Mr. Tran K says:

    I’m all in for Jon Snow to be resurrected. Need I say more?

  9. Warren says:

    Oh, *please* let it be Al Swearingen. That guy knew how to handle trouble.

  10. pamaja says:

    Gendry? Gendry is that you? No? Well, you were kind of a red herring anyhow.

  11. tvjunkie says:

    John Snow is probably the LEAST obvious choice considering most people think 1) he isn’t really dead or 2) already expected him to be brought back to life. Therefore for most people he doesn’t fit the description “somebody … that you think you’re never going to see again”

  12. Jodie says:

    Better be Jon Snow. I don’t care about the rest.

  13. AngelWasHere says:

    I want Jon Snow back! I need those beautiful curls back in my life. 😍

  14. Drewski055 says:

    Syrio Forel

  15. Guest says:

    If he brings someone back from the awesome would it be if it was Drogo gosh I still miss his and Dany’s love story. Possibly Eddard which would just be epic to the umpteenth degree! Or Catlyn as lady Stoneheart.
    If he just bring someone from point a to a final destination..maybe uncle Ben Stark? I’ve always hated not knowing what happened to that guy! Gendry would also be really cool! I always wanted Arya and him to get together when they got older!

  16. T.M. says:

    Hopefully it is Lady Stoneheart.

    And she kills them all. #TeamWhiteWalkers

  17. Bill Rookard says:

    Hmmm… ‘Bringing someone back’ – that doesn’t mean ‘resurrect’. It could just as easily mean someone who left that is coming back into the story. It could be a flashback. There’s no way it’s Jon Snow (although i do believe he’s going to turn up…) – the age isn’t even close although he can warg into someone else.

    And there’s no way that he’s going to play a young Ned Stark, he’s to old to play that – consider the age range. Jon Snow is in his 20s, a young Ned Stark would have to be in HIS 20’s (or late 20s) to go back into the ‘Tower of Joy’ flashback storyline. Also, Sean Bean is in his 50’s, Ian McShane is in his late 70’s. That makes absolutely no sense. It would be like having Harrison Ford right now, to come back and play Han Solo, in a prequel story that pre-dates Star Wars. Nope.

    Regardless, I like Ian McShane, he’s a good actor and should be able to put together an interesting character regardless of who he plays.

    • HQ says:

      I don’t think the flashback theory is for him to BE Ned Stark. It is possible that Ian McShane would be Ser Arthur Dayne, the only living person who still knows what happened at the Tower of Joy. He could just be telling the story and they would flashback to young Ned etc. so we would see a character that we never expected to see again in this way. I hope it is Sean Bean that comes back as young Ned. They can do a lot with computer aging and makeup to make him appear younger.

      It would also be nice to see Lady Stoneheart. Can’t wait for season 6!!

      • Ian says:

        Arthur Dayne did not survive the tower of joy. Ned and the crannogman Howland Reed were the two survivors.

        Anyway judging by his comments it sounds like he’s with the brotherhood without banners and going to be bringing back Lady Stoneheart.

  18. The moment they start resurecting characters, the writing goes down – too many times this has happenned…

  19. j Sturm says:

    Sandor Clegane. One brother died and was brought back even more a monster than before and the other died and will be brought back a better man than before, to defeat the monster.

  20. Weezy says:

    It’s not going to be either of these suggestions in my opinion. Part of that is because Ian’s character is barely going to be on the show at all. I think the most likely scenario is that he is going to “bring back” a character we assumed died off screen. Since we already know Stannis is dead (according to the showrunners), my vote is for the Hound. That would setup a nice little brotherly death match at Cersei’s trial.

  21. John says:

    Are you guys for real? How can you drop MAJOR spoilers like this (I’m talking about mentioning Catelyn Stark rising again as Lady Stoneheart) without even warning about it first?

  22. Christopher Keith Malgas says:

    I would like 2 see a ball maybe even a mask ball whith all the major players present and a dance with the players sceming while the dance and music continue. Tirion would say something like like : the faith of the seven kingdoms could be decided right here tonight. Little Finger would sceem to blow up the hall because he is Joker Dark knight style or a Guy Fokes