Walking Dead Season 6 Recap

Walking Dead Recap: Homeward Bound

A funny thing happened on Daryl, Abraham and Sasha’s way back to Alexandria in this week’s episode of The Walking Dead. And — imagine that! — a whole lotta horrific and unfunny things happened, too. For instance? Read on…

PLEASED TO BEAT YOU | After being shot at by a group that was pretty clearly supposed to be the infamous Negan’s Saviors, Abraham and Sasha got separated from Daryl, who, after eluding his pursuers, was taken hostage by a guy and two sisters. Mind you, the trio weren’t Saviors, they were on the run from the Saviors and, mistaking Daryl for one of the bad guys, intended to trade him for their freedom. Before that could happen, though, the newbies explained to Daryl how they’d burned up a vast swath of walker-infested woods, and tried in vain to find their friend (?), Patty, at the Pattrick Fuel Co. Disconsolate, the younger sister was suggesting that her companions go back and say that breaking away from the group had been her idea when, all of a sudden, she collapsed. Seizing the opportunity — and his captors’ duffle bag — Daryl made a run for it.

DOUBLE OCCUPANCY | Meanwhile, Abraham and Sasha bickered over Daryl, with the latter insisting that their pal wouldn’t leave them behind and the former pointing out that he’d already done so once. In the end, they decided that the best way to find a tracker was to let the tracker find them. So they holed up in an office space, scrawled “Dixon” on the door, then continued to spar, this time about which of them was more out of control. Sasha seemed to win the argument by noting that Abraham counted on the “noise” from the apocalypse to distract people from the crazy chances he was prone to taking. But, whether people noticed, she concluded — throwing in the hour’s title for good measure — they were “Always Accountable” for their choices.

YOU’RE THE WORST | Back in the woods, Daryl discovered that there was insulin in his abductors’ duffle bag (that was why the younger sister had fainted — she needed a shot) and, stand-up guy that he is, returned it. That was gonna be that as far as the four of them were concerned, but Daryl had only gone a few steps when the Saviors attacked the hapless threesome. Again, being a stand-up guy, Daryl intervened, getting one of the Saviors bitten by a walker (and amputated by mission leader Wade!) and leading his frenemies to safety. Natch, the trio were shocked that, after what they had done to Daryl, he had come back to help them. In the woods, the foursome came upon some friends of the trio’s that they’d accidentally doomed with their fire. When the younger sister moved to place flowers near the bodies, they reanimated, and she was fatally bitten. Off the tragedy, Daryl invited the remaining duo to join Alexandria. Instead, they stole his crossbow and motorcycle, the bastards!

ABRAHAM LINKIN’ | In town, Abraham discovered a zombified soldier and his cargo of missiles (valuable) and cigars (invaluable). After a stare-down with the unfortunate enlisted man, Abraham returned to the office and admitted to Sasha that he had been living as if the end was near. But, since it appeared that the end wasn’t quite so imminent, there were a few things that he wanted to do — starting with getting to know her a whole lot better. What made him think that she wanted to get to know him better? she asked. “A man can tell,” he said. And since she joked that he had “some stuff to take care of” before that could happen, it appeared that he was right. (Man, Rosita is not gonna like this one bit.) As the hour drew to a close, Daryl — having commandeered a fuel truck and rejoined Abraham and Sasha — was finally getting a response on his walkie-talkie… but it was only one word (“Help!”), and it was unclear who was saying it (Glenn, dare we hope?).

So, does an Abraham/Sasha pairing surprise you? Are you eager to meet Negan? Hit the comments!

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  1. Beth says:

    I need next Sunday now! Please be Glenn!!!

  2. Big Mike says:

    I would like it if for one episode a Red Shirt person didn’t die. Is that all too much to ask for.

  3. Cole says:

    So pumped for neagan to show up!! And I think the ‘help’ was from either Rick or Glenn

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      It’s GLENN!!!!!!!!!!! Why would it be Rick he’s busy sucking face w/ whatever her name is. As for Negan’s group hell I hope they all die and the dude hasn’t shown up yet.

      • DarkDefender says:

        At the time Glenn would call for help, Rick is probably still at the RV. He was having issues with his Walkie-talkie too. we still haven’t seen how Rick got away from the swarm on the RV, either. Or where Michonne is. The only thing I am certain of, is that Carol is making casseroles and cookies and using her general Badassery to defend Alexandria.

        • Jo says:

          Did you miss the last episode? They showed rick get back to Alexandria and when he got there michonne was already there. She had been back for awhile and had already told Maggie the news that Glenn was very likely dead.

    • Q says:

      Probably Glenn. And the fuel truck will be used to save him by distracting the walkers?

  4. Big Mike says:

    Was the term ‘Saviors’ used on the show (I didn’t hear it), or is this merely supposition?

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      I didn’t hear it either but I read a ”somewhat” spoiler that Daryl was suppose to meet a guy named Dwight in the woods and that he’s from Negan’s group.

    • Q says:

      It wasn’t used but there was a dialogue somewhere when the dude with a gun was telling how his group goes in and takes items from communities/groups in exchange for saving them.
      I don’t recall the exact verbage but I assumed it was referring to saviors.

    • sully says:

      I’ll answer your question if you can prove you’re the one true Big Mike. Kidding. The saviors are from the books. I had also assumed that’s who the group was. They didn’t have w’s on their foreheads, they were organized, spoke coherently and had guns. So I automatically figured they were a different group than the wolves, and this is the part of the story where the saviors appear

  5. Jo says:

    I have to go back and rewatch it because I swear I heard the person on the other end say “don’t” and then they got cut off. So I just assumed it was Rick saying “don’t come back” because they can’t get into Alexandria through all the walkers. And my son heard don’t as well!! But I really hope we heard wrong and it is Glenn saying help. I really don’t think he is dead. And I can’t wait for Negan!! I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan so I can’t wait for him!! But I honestly don’t think that if Glenn is alive that his story will go the way it did in the comics. They aren’t going to make us think Glenn is dead for half the season and then reveal that he is alive just to kill him off. I am hoping for Gabriel to take Glenn’s place when Lucille comes swinging!!

  6. AngelWasHere says:

    This was a fun episode. A bit of a filler, but not bad. Hopefully that call for help was Glenn.

  7. Tom says:

    Was the couple that stole the motorcycle from Daryll the same people that Morgan didn’t kill on his episode. The ones who left him the can and the bullett?

  8. A Fan of TV says:

    Were those cigars and bazookas supposed to be Negan’s? That was what I first thought when Abraham found them. I think the voice is either Glenn, Rick (sounds vaguely like him but sounds much more like Glenn), or the guy who stole from Daryl, and they’ll drive right into a confrontation with more Saviours, maybe even Negan himself…

    • A Fan of TV says:

      Nevermind, the guy who stole from Daryl didn’t take his walkie talkie, just his crossbow and his bike.

      • mo says:

        I thought the Daryl’s walkie was in the bag and went with the couple on the bike. Assumed the walkie being used at the end was Sasha’s. Did not sound like Glen so figured the “help” may be the couple who stole Darly’s stuff.

        • Britt De V says:

          We did’nt see where Daryl’s walkie is, after he took it back when he escaped when the sister fell on the ground. The 3 had the walkie clipped on their big bag, Daryl took it back, called Sasha for the 2nd time but did’nt get an answer again. He put the walkie on the ground because a walker came and he had to take his bow out of the big bag he took, to kill the walker. We did’nt see him picking up his walkie after killing the walker. We did’nt see it on his body after he killed the walker. (he carried it on his hip while he was in the woods). We only saw the insulincooler. We did’nt see the duo took it from him, just his bike and crossbow, not his bag. So it is possible the duo has his walkie and D is calling for help with Daryl’s walkie because the group (Saviors?) did catch them again and Daryl is using Sashas walkie. It is also possible that Daryl has still his own walkie and D is calling for help with a walkie from that groep, they had walkies too.
          I thought I heard Nicholas his voice calling for help. Not dead, empty gun, gun said click click in the dumpster scene and it was’nt Glenns gun, he was grabbing his knife at the clicking moment. After the two empty gun clicks, Nicholas grabs his knife too, then they jump on the dumpster. Or it is an editting mistake from the editors. Forgot to delete that empty gun sound. Confusing mistake then. For me Nicholas is also alive. Glenn succeded to get him out of his pannick atack when he “saw” what he could do and what could happen. But it did’nt happen at all.
          We will see, the empty gunclicking sound twice is an editting mistake or Nicholas is also still alive and they all fooled us. That would be something. Than he got Lucille iso Glenn.

    • mo says:

      assumed that humvee was on top of a parking garage(soldier monitoring from high vantage point) and something fell on the garage, impaled the soldier and blocked the garage ramp. Maybe it had been sitting there from early on. Was a very lucky find-probably only visible from the office building where no one had been.

  9. Spence says:

    Absolutely wow!! Can’t believe the Saviors are finally here…. A terrifying future lies ahead for our group now! Excellent episode.

  10. Phoenix5634 says:

    Michael Rooker is awesome, should have him on Talking Dead more often, Can’t wait for his next movie/ TV appearance. He’s got an awesome attitude, love his work.

    • Ron says:

      Hmm, interesting. I actually was not a fan of Rooker on Talking Dead last night. He kinda grated on my nerves a bit… Though I do like the idea of bringing back old cast members to discuss the latest episodes.

      • Lexi says:

        Feel the same… found him annoying. Chris is talking and Michael is talking over him. Very unprofessional.

        • shhhhi says:

          That’s just his personality. He’s the sweetest man but can’t control his excitement for everything in life. If only more of us in the world were this way…haha

          • Phoenix5634 says:

            I agree with “shhhhi”, he’s a great man. I love the spark he adds to any discussion or scene. And lol yeah that one over talking time I noticed that too, but get over it guys. Can’t wait for his next appearance!

  11. Relaxxx says:

    I liked the episode! Daryl, Abe and Sasha were great. I thought Abe and Sasha had a lot of chemistry. I enjoyed their banter. I guess Abe and Rosita need a sit down when the time is right. My, my all these new hook ups but Daryl, Michonne and Eugene are still single. Well I still think Glenn is alive and hopefully we’ll see him soon!

  12. R.O.B. says:

    I can see the average commenter on here talking about “saviors” and “Negan”, but since these names were not mentioned in the episode and most viewers don’t read the comic, I am surprised that Andy Patrick the reviewer here is using them. I suggest these recaps be based on what we know from what we are seeing, not from speculation based on rumors or especially the comic book. Review the story as it is told and let the story unfold as planned.