Glenn Dies

The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus Squashes Wishful Walkie-Talkie Theory: 'That Voice Is Not Glenn'

Sorry, Walking Dead fans, but your ears deceived you.

At the end of Sunday’s episode, Daryl received an SOS call on his walkie-talkie from someone who sounded a lot like presumed-dead Glenn. Turns out it was just wishful thinking.

“That voice is not Glenn,” Norman Reedus tells “It’s probably somebody at Alexandria with all we know that’s happening there.”

Reedus could be playing us, of course.

One thing is certain: We won’t be wondering about Glenn’s fate much longer. Exec producer Scott M. Gimple previously told TVLine that viewers will get a definitive answer about Steven Yeun’s zombie warrior during the first half of the season, which ends on Nov. 29.

In the meantime, Yeun’s name remains missing from the show’s opening title sequence.

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  1. Morgan says:

    He doesn’t know.

  2. There’s no way they’d allow Reedus to just announce a crucial fact of an upcoming yet-to-be-aired episode of Walking Dead. He’s either deliberately misdirecting us, or his quote was taken out of context.

    • Ryan says:

      Or it’s not a crucial fact at all and we were NEVER supposed to think it might be Glenn on the walkie.

    • Britt says:

      They don’t have to “allow” him. I still don’t know if he was joking when he said that Glenn is the deceased character he would like to see come back or he was just being stupid.

    • Matt says:

      Exactly. We are suppose to think it’s Glenn. Norman Reedus would be fired for saying it’s not and here by ruining the purpose of it all.

  3. Stephan says:

    The most annoying thing about this season is that the conversation for the show has turned into “is Glenn dead?” And nothing else about the previous episodes. I love a good mystery/cliff hanger but this feels like a gimmick. Gimmicks are cheap.

  4. Phoenix5634 says:

    It better be Glenn. If he is actually dead, then wow nice job writers… killing one of the shows best characters in like the lamest possible way. I still think he’s alive, the director or whatever said he spent a lot of time on the editing of that scene.. And because of that editing you never actually see if the guts our coming from Glenn… All we can see is guts being lifted up from below out of screen. For all we know Nicholas is laying on top of Glenn just out of screen and that’s where the guts are coming from.

    • I’m tired of having this discussion. You DO see that the guts are NOT from Glenn. Intestines don’t come from your collarbone, and you can CLEARLY see that there is a body laying across Glenn sideways, which is the one being torn apart. It’s not even a debatable point.

    • Yes, it was all about the camera angel. Nicotero was a walker himself in that on dumpster scène, so he could lead the other walkers what to do and how.
      BUT, yesterday I rewatched all 5 eps and in the Glenn and Nicolas scène in ep 3, you can hear a empty gun trying to shoot twice. Click, click and Glenn was reaching for his knife at that moment. So, it was the empty click click sound of Nicholas his gun. He could not shoot himself. Out of bullets. I believe he wanted to, so Glenn may have a change. He said “thank you” for giving me another change and not killing me in the woods. There is a deleted scene where Glenn said to Nicholas always to count his bullets. Why deleted this scène? So, maybe it is Nicholas who is calling for help and they are both alive. That Nicholas “saw” what could happen but it never happend.
      If not, it is the gun guy. (Dwight?) They ended up with the Saviors again, did kneel again like Daryl asked him, when they took his bike and gun. That guy told the Saviors (?) the things Daryl told them. Another people, a save place to live and join him after they find his two friends. The gun guy has to call Daryl on the walkie and yell for help.
      How do we know, that the walkie wich Daryl picked up in the fuel truck (Patrick = Patty) was his and not Sashas? We did’nt see Daryl’s walkie again after he called Sasha the 2nd time, when he took the bag from the 3 others.(where the walkie was clipped on) Then he layed it on the ground to kill a walker. We did’nt watch him picking it up. Btw, the Saviors (?) had also walkies. I don’t think it’s Glenns voice. For me, it is Nicholas or the gun guy who did kneel again for the Saviors (?) Thoughts?

  5. I can’t stand it when actors and producers do this kind of thing. Part of what makes these kind of shows so good is the cliffhangers. For me, the best part of Game of Thrones is the week between episodes when I don’t know what will happen next. I chat about it with my friends, we come up with theories and it’s really exciting. Walking Dead is the same, even though my friends don’t watch it. Why do actors and producers feel the need to debunk fan theories rather than just allow us to get excited and watch it all unfold? I hope he’s just playing us but if not, it all feels rather unnecessary.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      They do it because if they just outright told us then our theorizing that we enjoy so much would be short lived, by saying this stuff it’s like the twist beyond the show, if you know what I mean. And haha yeah love theorizing about shows like this, Walking Dead, the originals, the flash and yeah! can’t wait for Game of Thrones, very excited for next season to start!

  6. Phoenix5634 says:

    By the way, Michael Rooker is awesome, Talking Dead should have him on more often.

  7. Gaara says:

    Sure, Norman, sure… That voice must be Hershel’s then lol

  8. Paul says:

    Who cares? The show has steadily gone downhill since a couple seasons back. This season has got to be the most boring, least inventive season yet.

  9. Jeri says:

    I’ve been watching TWD since the beginning but this season is pretty slow. I read a comment from a former watcher about the cast being in the same exact situation now as at the start and it made me think. It’s true. I don’t know what the goal is. Day to day survival I guess with some favorites being killed every year and leaving us less and less favorites to root for. I’m not that impressed by the newcomers and now I am really re-thinking this show and what we have to hope for. Unless it is simply the battles. Just something that has made me think.

  10. Britt says:

    I have a feeling that this is going to be a double bluff.

    We think that they wants us to think that Glenn is dead. But the effort they make to make us believe is laughable. Dropping his name from the credits, producers avoiding us (not appearing on Talking Dead), shutting down theories like this one way too fast.

    It’s like by wanting to make us believe he’s dead, they are basically confirming he’s alive and then bam… if he turns up dead, that’s gonna be a way bigger shock that if we ever see him alive.

  11. Mark D. Moss says:

    I rewound my DVR like 10 times trying to make out ANYTHING from that final crackling walkie reply. The idea that *ANYONE* could claim it “sounded a lot like Glenn” is pure idiocy or wishful hallucination. (It was one, unintelligible word: “help” … and about the only thing *maybe* determinable was that it seemed to be a male voice. The only reason I think it was even “help” – again, after like 10 attempts to hear it – was from the closed caption.)

    Look, a LOT of us wish “Glenn” wasn’t dead. But that would be such a shark jump moment as to, imo, severely damage the show’s credibility that it seems remarkably unlikely to be the case. And articles like this are kinda embarrassing.

    • Matt says:

      O so ur deaf so y are talking about this at all. I heard it the first time i saw it. U needed closed captioning yet u think people are nuts for thinking it’s Glenns voice. How are u the authority of who’s voice that might be.

  12. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    Love Daryl/Norman but I call BS on this. Of course the producers and writers are not going to let him or anyone else spoil it. But that is DEF. Glenn saying ”help” on that radio!!!!

  13. Relaxxx says:

    Glenn’s still alive but that might of been someone else on the walkie talkie. Maybe it was someone from Alexandria or the guy that stole Daryl’s bike and crossbow!? We’ll find out soon but it’s a cheap trick to me regardless!

  14. Azerty says:

    “John Snow is dead” – Kit Harington (June 2015)
    “I have signed for 2 more seasons” – Patrick Dempsey (2014)
    “I am A” – every actor on Pretty Little Liars (the past 6 years)
    Lesson of the story: don’t trust tv people, suspens, cliffhanger and unexpected twists are their business :)

  15. AngelWasHere says:

    It sounds like Rick voice to me, but I’m holding out hope it’s Glenn.

  16. The voice on the walkie-talkie sounded like Rick’s. I know Glenn will be back by the end of the season. Even if it is with one less body part. Glenn cannot die! He better not die!

  17. AnnieM says:

    Omitting Steven’s name from the credits but leaving the shot of the pocket watch was cute at first – it made me laugh, just picturing Gimple and everyone else having a laugh at all the internet chatter about Glenn immediately after. Now, 3 weeks in, it’s just kind of annoying. Hubby & I didn’t speculate much beyond that first night on Glenn’s fate – we figure it would be dang near impossible to escape that situation without even ONE bite from that crowd. We think perhaps he got bit, did/will escape, and somehow make it back to Alexandria in time to see Maggie and find out about the pregnancy before he gets sick & dies. ANY Glenn death is going to suck, but at least that one would be more noble than Death By Lucille. :-p

    AFA the walkie-talkie – I thought it sounded like the guy who stole Darryl’s bike. Makes sense, in that Darryl did tell them they *would* be sorry. I just assumed they either crashed the bike, or it crapped out on them.

    Paget Brewster make a good point last night on Talking Dead – just who DID take Patty the Truck and hide it in the woods? Or was it a different truck, as the plate said Patty 2 (22?)? Anyway, our people wound up with it, and that’s what’s important, I guess. :-)

  18. Heathers says:

    Who tf cares? Move on people!

  19. J.J.P says:

    If Glen IS ALIVE…he won’t be for much longer. Lucille will see to that Lol Negan is coming

  20. Ann Williams says:

    I believe Glenn somehow were able to get under the dumpster and he radio for help. Sasha, Darryl and Abraham use the busooka to distract the walkers and they rescued Glenn. That was the purpose of Abraham finding those Bosookas. Anytime they put the camera on something or an object, it means something.

  21. Kristen says:

    Mayyyybe Glenn did get attacked, but in a twist of fate, he is actually immune to the virus and returns to Alexandria, intestines intact, with a bout of amnesia, unable to recall previous events. Meh… only kidding. He’s not dead. They need to just spill the beans already.

  22. Rachel says:

    Sorry, this storyline sucks. Why does it suck exactly? They seem to pull some variation of this every season (season 1 with Merle, season 2 with Sophia, season 3,4 with carol, season 5 with Beth) and now Glenn. There really isn’t a different route for them to go, either the character will return alive (Merle, carol, Beth) or dead (Sophia) I feel like they did it to keep viewers coming back every week, but it’s kind of having the opposite effect.
    I’ll watch because I’m a fan but I hate this storyline. I think Angela Kang shouldn’t write these episodes because as is the case with Beth and Glenn, they just come across as unclear and divisive. Who exactly liked the Glenn storyline?

  23. mia says:

    I’m mad that is not glenn. But I’m thinking glenn is alive. If not I don’t know what I’ll do with my life. I love him!!!

  24. The voice sounded like Glenns to me.

  25. Jules says:

    It sounded like Eugene on the radio. They even made fun of the weak questioning way the person said help on Talking Dead. Eugene could be holed up somewhere, hiding and in danger. Some say Negan kills Eugene and they were trying to hide McDermot with an umbrella during filming ( hair cut off, or head bashed in by Lucille?). Personally, I think either Daryl or Maggie dies.

  26. I guess it’s been coming, but i am so sad. He was their at the beginning, saving Rick’s ass. (But, sadly, not the horse.) I will be sorry to see him go.

  27. Mel says:

    OK. I haven’t seen anyone comment that Glen had blood on him, but Nicholas didn’t. Also, he shot himself in the r8ghtside if his head, when they fell … No head wound.. No blood. He still was holding the gun and knife as they fell as well. Nicholas shot Glen, then through himself into the walkers, allowing Glen to die without being eaten alive.

    • Britt De V says:

      Nicholas shot himself with an empty gun in his right sleep. He twisted around while falling, so we saw his left side of his head. The first time I watched this ep, I was shocked what Nicholas did and I thought Glenn hides under the dumpster, waits and comes home. The second time I watched all 5 eps again, I was home alone and I heard two clicks in this scene, 100% sure, it is the sound of an empty gun while Nicholas was still trying to shoot at walkers before grabbing his knife. Glenn was grabbing his knife on the clicking moment I heard the two clicks, so it was’nt Glenns gun. Nicholas could’nt shoot himself in the head. No bullet in the gun. So he is alive also or he is dead but in a different way that they showed us. For me a big and confusing mistake. The writers said somewhere (I did read that on my comment about this on YT, that it was not a mistake and Nicholas had a bullet left, but I did’nt read/hear that myself) When he had a bullet left, why NOT remove/delete the clicking sound from this scène? If Nicholas realy diedereen this way, it is very confusing for me and it was an editting mistake. It is not the first mistake I saw in this show. But: in ep 5 we saw Maggie removing Glenns name from the ‘in memorie wall’. Aaron did the same with Nicholas’s name. For me: Forshaddowing: both alive.
      The first time I heard the “help” on the walkie, I thougt this is Nicholas his voice, he is alive.
      Second time, D Dwight(?) because he is captured by that group (Saviors?) again. To save himself and his woman, he tells about Daryl, his place with walls, electricity and good people and Daryl asked them to go with him to his place.
      Later, when I heard the help calling without the walkie noice, I thought it is Glenn. But my first thought still is Nicholas, not dead, twice the click sound from an empty gun. (Or just a editting mistake)
      Enid will find Glenn and she goes home with him. Enid is still outside and the actress said that when she comes back in Alexandria, everybody will be very happy.

  28. Matt says:

    If we were suppose to think it was Glenn then how is Norman Reedus not getting fired for saying it’s not. Or is that what he is suppose to say. Cuz it is Glenn.

  29. Debbie says:

    That was Glenn on walkie, he is still alive, please save him.

  30. Rod says:

    Glenn better be dead. He needs to be dead. There is no thrill or suspense if all the lead characters can’t be killed off. Too much of a free pass. He needs to turn into a walker and then Maggie has to take him out. That works.
    In the slim chance he has survived the show loses credibility and the edge that has kept it going.

  31. J.J.P says:

    Lol Glen’s alive! But not for long. he’s gonna get his head smashed in by Lucille and Negan