Once Upon a Time Hook Dead

Once Upon a Time Reveals Emma's Dark, Dark Plan: Were You Surprised?

The following contains spoilers from this Sunday’s opening hour of Once Upon a Time.

At long last, ABC’s Once Upon a Time has shed light on Dark Emma’s plan — including why she had to return everyone to Storybrooke with a mind-wipe.

In recent weeks, there have been hints and indications — no more so than when Emma fended off the eeeeevil counsel of former DO Nimue — that the onetime Savior hoped to use her Darkness for good, to protect her loved ones.

Well, in this Sunday’s first episode, “Birth,” Emma was finally moved to tell (mostly) all to Hook: that she plans to transfer the Darkness from herself into a new vessel, Zelena, whose pregnancy she accelerated. (In short: It’s a girl!) Once that is done, she will use Excalibur to strike down Zelena and vanquish the Darkness once and for all — a drastic, dark plan that all of her loved ones opposed.

Aye, but Emma left out a few small details — namely, as Hook eventually learned via dreamcatcher, that the wound he suffered during battle in Camelot against Arthur was a mortal one, seeing as it came from Excalibur. But rather than let Hook die, a desperate Emma tethered him to the sword, effectively turning them both into Dark Ones.

In Storybrooke, Hook was incensed to learn of the fate Emma thrust upon him. “So much for our future, Swan,” he growled, alluding to the house they stood in, which he had planned to one day share with his love. And at episode’s end, he plotted with Zelena to “take care of” Emma….

But wait, there’s much more! Namely, a whole second episode. Click here for a rundown of all the double dip’s biggest twists and turns.

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  1. JK says:

    I’m watching the 2nd hour & I’m confused. So far it has nothing to do with the 1st hour. It seems like they are going into a spin-off. I think I dislike the Merida story more than Elsa’s.

    • Larc says:

      Maybe they should have switched the first and second hour episodes.

    • Diane Terry says:

      I agree! It was difficult to keep up with the “2 years earlier” / back & forth. Plus, who cares about Merida and Mulan when there is so much more going on with Swan, Hook, and all our favorites in Storybrooke. Let’s get back to the MAIN story!

    • karakk says:

      I don’t mind Merida’s story – at least it’s not eating up the entire first half of the season like Frozen’s did. Granted, I skipped the Merida adventure with Belle….

    • ninergrl6 says:

      Yep. Awful for continuity. Why is Merida even part of this season? She has nothing to do with anything!

    • hopemullinax says:

      When the original episode schedule came out, they didn’t know there was an award show. So they went ahead and put two different episodes together. This wasn’t written to be a two hour episode like in the past

      • Allison says:

        The American Music Awards airs at the same time every year. The episodes were two separate episodes that they decide to air on the same night, I guess because they felt episode, the second hour, would not stand well on its own. It also allows the story to continue to escalate to the midseason finale.

    • BB says:

      The AMA’s are coming on next Sunday so no new episode

  2. Lysh says:

    I wonder why Killian hasn’t gotten the same side effects (voices, seeing people, turning shiny gold-green), unless Emma somehow managed to take away all that. It was a cool twist though. And it was great to see Dr Whale again.
    And I’m excited to see Mulan and Ruby in this second hour, though it seems like they won’t be interacting much of the main cast. Kind of a filler.

    • Vari says:

      I assume the memories spell and something else that kept his name vanished from the sword and him it seems.

    • hbeachman says:

      Emma’s never gone gold-green either. Maybe because she’s still has some light magic left.

    • CK2 says:

      My guess would be that Emma’s side effects are a direct result of being tethered to the dagger alongside the previous dark ones where as Hook was the first dark one to be tethered to the sword.

    • Trent says:

      He was tethered to the sword, not the dagger. He’s the first dark one from the sword

      • ChellemaBelle says:

        I thought Merlin was tethered to the (shattered) sword.

        • Terry says:

          What happened to Merlin? I saw the black things engulfing him but I missed what that meant. Is he gonzo? I’d be so disappointed, Merlin is one new character this season that I actually like.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      Emma’s physical transformation (white hair, dark clothes, severe make up) didn’t happen until she went full on dark — which I guess was when she turned Hook dark? Since he didn’t know about his DO status and hasn’t really done anything dark that I can recall, maybe his transformation is still pending. Now that I think about it, though, how could they make Hook look different? No guyliner? Regular clothes? Please no white/blonde hair!

  3. Skittles&Bits says:

    And we were doing so well up until this point…what a flimsy half-baked justification and a lame use of the dark one magic. Dark Swan hasn’t been as much fun as I was expecting; she’s certainly not as entertaining as Rumple. Oh Once…

    • Mary says:

      I was hoping that she became dark because he died and she gave him her heart (which as we know isn’t completely darkened right away) and that doing something with the full Excalibur would fix all that. And why is hook “darker” than Emma seems now? She seemed almost like she was acting dark this episode. In the Storybrooke part she seemed to be genuinely smiling??

    • prish says:

      I’m waiting for Gold to step in and become The Dark One, again, to save them. THEN, we can Rumble and Roll! No one does it better!!

  4. Ginger Snap says:

    It’s the Emma and Hook show and I’m bored . Where’s the surprise here ? Emma told us she became Dark to save Hook . This ain’t Sophie’s Choice and JMo ain’t Meryl Streep. She’s Mumble -Mouth Swan .

    • danyelle says:

      the mumble mouth joke must be darn high-larious in your head since you trot it out every OUAT article. any new material?

    • Lysh says:

      Not everyone can be a giggly Dark One like Rumple.

    • Vari says:

      gingersnaps – and her non surprise stupid twist, if you are bored then dont watch. Understand storytelling. dont like it – then dont watch and dont bash.

      • Boiler says:

        Great comment Varl

      • Ginger Snap says:

        LOL. I never watch OUAT on Sunday and this recap tells me I can skip The Emma and Hook show this week . A&E pretty much spoiled the whole thing in their interviews this week .
        But there’s gonna be some ripe satire to read this week .

      • lauren says:

        she writes just like that vile merisger person on the EW boards. coincidence lol?

        • Ginger Snap says:

          Never visit EW. Which should tell you that there are more of us than you want to admit .

          You shouldn’t be so sensitive. Not everyone is going to be enamored with The Emma and Hook Show . And the smart thing to do is to stop hitting the reply button . You don’t have to defend your precious Emma and Hook .

          • Carole says:

            I agree. Not everyone is a Hook or Capt Swan fan. If this show goes on for many more seasons I can see the ratings collapse. Hook was much better as a villain seeking revenge than a man whose only role is to ‘Swan’ around Emma like a lovesick schoolboy/

          • Mandie says:

            Ginger Snap and Carole [I can’t reply to your post] – you both are awesome. I don’t watch either, I’ve been reading the recaps on here ever since I stopped watching back in S3. I must admit, I’ve been insanely curious about Dark Swan [I have the two episodes from last night on my DVR] but I just can’t stand Captain Swan. They remind me too much of another tv couple that I truly despise.
            And before the CS defenders come, yes, you are absolutely right: Emma is the main lead and Hook is…whatever he is to her. You are right; after all, it’s not like she has PARENTS on the show or even a SON [and it must piss you off royally knowing Neal got there first, hmm?].
            I actually LIKE Hook, or at least, I did until the writers turned him into a pansy. I quite enjoyed his partnership with Cora back in S2. Man, why do writers turn the greatest villains into pansies all the time?

      • Silva says:

        So if you like a show you have to love everything just because its in the show? The Zelena Baby Story is stupid, Dark Swan is boring and how Hook became the DO is just meh. The twist that Hook became what he hates the most is a good Idea, to see Mulan and Ruby again is wonderful and i still hope it will get better. But i cant watch it anymore because i critizise some parts? Well..

  5. Ds says:

    What is going on I’m so confused! Every week is more confusing then the next. The first couple of seasons were great that’s it. Too many flashbacks every two minutes I can’t keep up if it’s present time, two weeks ago, long time ago, last month etc etc. And Mulan?? Omg I hated her character, who’s next Peter pan???

    • Jerry says:

      Actually, Peter Pan is back for the 100th episode…

    • ninamags says:

      I have NO idea what’s going on either. It’s too confusing. They go back and forth between places so quickly, I don’t know where they are half the time. The first hour was lame.

      Love, love Merida!! She is so fantastic! It’s great that Mulan and Ruby helped her. I liked the three ladies kicking butt.

  6. laurelnev says:

    I’m so sorry…but this hour just didn’t make sense, especially in light of established mythology. Rumple already tried to save Neal by tethering them together, and it didn’t make Neal a Dark One Junior. Basically it boils down to Emma is dark because Arthur is a dick, and that even light magic, ala Merlin, can be corrupted and controlled into evil. So much for a show about hope and happy endings! Ans so much for Merlin being the greatest sorcerer at all. Apparently, Zelena, as the opposite of a product of true love, wears that crown! Can we just bring back Blue and the Dwarves already! I miss the light hearted fun this show used to be!

    • Dave says:

      I’d imagine it’s because since Rumple was tethered to the dagger, no one else could be. Now that we have the Excalibur portion of it, that’s how Emma could use it to tether Hook to it

    • CK2 says:

      Well, Rumple tried to tether Neal to himself whereas Emma tethered Hook to Excalibur, which is the reforged Holy Grail. It’s not exactly the same situation so it gives the creates a bit more leeway when it comes to establishing rules.

      • laurelnev says:

        You both make a good point…but still. Excalibur was supposed to the the “light” part, so together w/ the dagger, it was yin-yang. But then they tethered Merlin to it, which kind of negated the whole light thing. There is NO WAY “pure light” would EVER let himself be controlled by a wad like that, nor be a part of hostage taking and blackmail, even for a little while.The last 6 seasons have been about how love and light are the only weapons more powerful than darkness, and they kind of negated all of that tonight. The Sorcerer turned out to be just another man behind a curtain, easily defeated by the Wicked Witch!

        • laurelnev says:

          *5 seasons

        • Chris says:

          Excalibur was created from the Holy Grail, which is the source of Merlin’s and the Dark One’s magic. Why does it matter who is holding the dagger or sword? That’s never been a requirement. Besides, Arthur might be a sniveling loser, but he is still Merlin’s chosen.

          And I thought it was lame that Zelena used that spell to bind him to the sword, BUT she did use Merlin’s spell to do it.

          And I never got the impression that Excalibur is good or evil. After all, it can destroy either light or dark magic. Nimue made her choice to use her power for revenge that created the darkness. Merlin is probably capable of becoming dark, but he wouldn’t make that choice. Anyone can be capable of both, like Regina. Same rules should apply to the sword.

        • CK2 says:

          Excalibur was never stated as being the light part. The sword itself was said to have the power to cut away both the darkness or the light. In anyone’s hands, it can either be used for good or evil. It wasn’t yin-yang at all. The only reason that the dagger is “dark” is because Merlin chose that portion of the two shards to tether Nimue to.

    • Yank says:

      Surprise! You didn’t like the show. I mean, you’ve only been talking about negative things since episode 1 of this season.

    • Carole says:

      There is a reason TWD and GOT are short seasons. The network is going to spin this dhow as long as possible and the writers have to fill 22 episodes with something. Season 1 was fresh and the moving between world’s wasn’t jarring as you knew where you were. I am still waiting to find out what the 8.15 references are all bout. Surely they are more than a joke. Seasons 1 to 3 were about family and connected. Then they decided to jump on the Frozen bandwagon and continuity was lost.

      I can just about understand the dark one logic. Rumple only had the dagger bit. They are saying Hook is tethered to the Excalibur bit so there are two dark ones.

      • Allison says:

        8:15 is a reference to Lost which Adam and Eddy had previously written.

      • laurelnev says:

        815 is another LOST reference, like Apollo Bars, etc. They like throwing in LOST Easter Eggs every chance they get. I’m really surprised Ruby didn’t say “WE HAVE TO GO BAAAAAACK” to Snow before showing her the Bean. (And with beans being such scarcities these days, would Snow REALLY have let Ruby just waste it like that?)

  7. Vickie hall says:

    What once was a show I couldn’t wait to watch is as of tonight the stupidest show on TV….can’t keep up…dont understand..don’t want new characters or new series.want back regular show..no jumping back and forth…can’t understand plot or story anymore…I’m done…… changing channels…where is Emma.? Price Charming, Snow White, ? Old characters? No more confusion WHAT creepy writers dreamed up this mess

    • rowdyred says:

      ABC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Disney. Is there ANY human-like character from the Disney cartoon catalog that they haven’t shoehorned into OUAT? I mean, even Cruella de Vil showed up!

      Although sci-fi & legendry are my kind of programming, I gave up on OUAT early in season One. Every time I check in on it, hoping it’s maturing, I am disappointed. The myriad subplots and the general arc of each season have all been cartoonish, apparently written by monkeys with typewriters, and the actors (except Robert Carlisle) look foolish trying to sell this tossed salad of a melodrama.

      I recommend “Grimm” to any of you who like this sort of thing but think that OUAT is inane, silly and tedious.

  8. Kris says:

    The second episode is a waste of time. It’s great they’re going further into the story of Merida’s father and his death, but it’s just a filler episode. They’re pulling away from the main plot. This 2-hour long special has just pissed me off with the cliff hanger they left. And the fact that Killian looks like he’s about to kill Emma has made me even more pissed off! Yes, he has just become what he hated most, buuuuttttttt, Emma did save his life. Although she went against his “final” wishes. Hopefully their love pulls them through. Guess we’ll have to wait and see…

    • Nicole says:

      That’s what I don’t understand why is so angry she saved his life because, she could not bare to lose him and now he wants to kill her like wtf?

  9. Dor says:

    Ok. So the first hour of TV was hard to follow and didn’t seem to add up and the entire first half of the season was so slow for that? I mean it’s a good twist but this Merida is painfully boring. It makes no sense and after the big reveal why have us watch this boring part of Merida? I mean I like Red and Mulan but there’s no need for 1 entire hour of this. I actually fast forwarded the first 20 minutes of it.

  10. Jerry says:

    The second hour has made me realize that Once needs a POI-style year bar at the bottom of the screen

    • Cornelius says:

      HA! Great comment. I kept thinking to my self the entire Merida episode “Okay so are they in Camelot time or before then???”

      P.S: POI better return soon I can’t wait – and it better get renewed!!!

  11. Vari says:

    What a epic moment and twist and couple.
    Wow – Emma and Hook. They have shared light and now darkness. Dark Ones!

  12. I am increasingly confused by the moral positions of the writers of this show. Honestly they make very little sense. First they had that stupid thing last season where they said that killing someone in defense of someone else was murder, and now this? Hook’s actions make no logical sense given the facts. Yes, what Emma did was wrong. But she did it to save the life of the man she loved. He did far worse for the sake of revenge against Rumpel.
    (Also, can someone explain to me why exactly Emma’s plan to end the darkness is wrong? Zelena is EVIL. She has done untold harm to the heroes. Killing her will undoubtedly save countless lives down the road. And don’t give me “Heroes don’t kill, that’s what separates them from the bad guys” on that issue I agree with what Buffy said in the comic book “No, not being bad is what separates us from the bad guys.”

    • Vari says:

      We dont know what is going to happen next. And i do think Hook is going to choose Emma.

      • You’re right. We don’t know what happens next. And yes he probably will choose Emma. But that doesn’t make his actions now any less illogical. (About the only thing that would, would be for them to reveal that he’s actually working with Emma in her plan to transfer the darkness to Zelena. Which given how much of an idiot ball the writers seem to be currently holding, I could honestly see them doing.)

        • Lily says:

          Emma was going to keep it a secret from Hook forever. He would have never let her kill Zelena, or anyone else. Emma is being selfish, and Hook is calling her bluff. Like he said…. “so much for our future, Swan”.

          • ninergrl6 says:

            I don’t know if she was planning to keep the secret forever. Her goal was to destroy the darkness without him knowing. Then maybe she was planning to clue him in after the fact.

    • Gaby says:

      Yea but what Emma did was selfish. She was not even planning on telling Hook he was the dark one. Yes she cares about him, by he deserved to know.

  13. Thoroughly Pissed says:

    Thanks for posting the damn spoiler IN THE ARTICLE TITLE. Googled OUAT to see verify there were two episodes, and the VERY TOP RESULT was this article, title and all giving away something I didn’t know yet because I haven’t had a chance to watch. Your little warning at the top of the article doesn’t help when it’s IN THE TITLE. Thanks.

  14. Tallulah says:

    Can someone explain to me wtf just happened? How did using Excaliber turn Hook to the dark one? I thought only the dagger could do that. Just want an answer. Someone please.

    • Dean says:

      Arthur used his half of Excalibur to bind Merlin after Hook was injured when Arthur slashed his neck. Emma using dark magic transferred the binding to Hook the result was another dark one.

      • Ginger Snap says:

        You’re explanation makes me laugh . Not because of anything you wrote but because the writers are ridiculous .

      • Jenna says:

        Also how does tethering hook to the dagger turn Emma fully dark?

        • Lily says:

          Emma gave into hopelessness, and used the darkest of magic…. she created another Dark One.

        • grazelled says:

          Hook is tethered to the sword half, not the dagger. Emma’s tethered to the dagger part of what makes up the whole of Excaliber.

        • ninergrl6 says:

          The way I interpreted it was that she was selfish in refusing to let Hook die. He begged her not to save him, not to turn him into what he hates, but she did it anyway because she couldn’t live without him. In essence she destroyed him to save herself, which was severe enough to turn her fully dark.

  15. Jake says:

    I thought the first hour of this 2 hour event was pretty close to awesome.

    However I found the second hour “The Bear King” to be an almost total momentum killer. It was nice to see a few returning characters, but I really didn’t care about the overall plot. In fact I found it rather boring. Maybe it’s just because I really don’t care about Merida. At least not when her story completely halts the “A” Story (Dark Swan) for two weeks.

    • Gail says:

      Think how disappointed you would have been if they had just run the 1st hour and after a week off the the awards show the Bear King episode aired. You would have had to wait an extra week to get back to the main story.

      Question: Did the Bear King story take place in the present or is Merida still in Storybrooke without her heart?

  16. Lex Roberts says:

    I am SO disappointed in the DarkSwan arc. I will never forgive them for making Emma’s big “evil” arc all about her boyfriend. I made the mistake of being excited for the big bad DarkSwan. Instead of a tale about Emma, I got junk. Not a happy viewer. Soon to be ex-viewer.

    • Chris says:

      But everything about this show is about love, either love of family or true love. Regina went dark because the grief of her true love’s death. Rumple wanted to save his son. After all the chasing Hook has done to have this girl, it’s time she fought for him.

  17. Chris says:

    This episode was so freaking amazing. I didn’t care about the second half. I would have rather rewound the first portion and watched it again. It was so good. I hope Hook is a good Dark One, because the ONLY thing he is good at is loving Emma. That was a good twist. I thought she went dark to save his life, but I wouldn’t have guessed that.

    I wonder what her family might have done, because she was still ticked off when she got back to Storybrooke.

    I’m excited.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I did rewatch the first hour instead of watching the second :)

    • Lily says:

      Emma’s family did not fail her…. she failed them. She was just trying to justify what she did to Hook, by blaming everyone else.

      • Allison says:

        Emma didn’t fail her family. How is Emma saving Killian any different from Snow and Charming sharing a heart or Regina threatening to use the dagger to force Emma to heal Robin? None of them had the right to tell her to let Killian die considering what they have done to save their loved ones.

      • Eve says:

        I’ve been thinking about that too, and I agree. But I also see why she thinks they failed her. Because they didn’t stop her from doing what she’s done.

  18. Devin says:

    Is anyone else a bit bothered by the fact that in Camelot, when Hook was dying the group (besides Emma) didn’t seem to care that much?

    • ninergrl6 says:

      Yeah they were pretty much like, “Oh well, sucks for you.” I understand that Hook isn’t their priority, but a little more empathy would have been nice.

    • Zelda says:

      What goes around, comes around. Hook has left all of them to die in the past, some of them repeatedly. He has mocked a dying David in Neverland and just very recently was willing to stand by and leave Robin Hood to death repeatedly. There’s no need for anyone on this show to act like this dude deserves any better.

      • Pearl says:

        Um, he saved David in Neverland. Facts are stubborn things.

        • Ken53 says:

          And context obviously doesn’t matter to Prince Killy stans. What else is new.

          • Rebecca says:

            Lol. Remember this dialogue guys: “Charming: You’re never going to be with Emma. Hook: Good thing you’ll be too dead to see it.” (Or something along those lines) Yup, Hook is TOTES a class act ya’ll!

            Add on to the fact that in this episode… He jumped off a building just so that she would be forced to save him? Emotional manipulation at it’s most disgusting/finest.

          • Cindy says:

            Rebecca are you serious right now? Forced to SAVE HIM? Did you miss the fact that he is immortal. There was no need to save him, he was never in danger, the only thing that he forced is a conversation. Just like Regina did with the dagger. They needed answers. And the only time that Emma DID save him it was AGAINST his will. He wanted to die, he wanted her to be free of the darkness and have a future even if it meant without him. Yeah what a selfish man. *RME*

  19. Colleen says:

    Ii think it’s demoralizing that I show that used to be about strong independent women, is now about a woman who can’t even get her own storyline without “dreamy-eyed” male taking it. It’s getting really old, really fast. I miss season 1 ouat.

    • Chris says:

      But that strong independent woman had to let down her walls. She couldn’t even see obvious magic in front of her face until Henry made a sacrifice. Emma has had to grow her heart and open up to people. It’s not demoralizing to want or need a man. It takes courage to trust people.

      • A says:

        Thank you! I totally agree! There is nothing wrong with a strong independent woman wanting a man. One never knows when they might find the one and if not for that then just the healthy sex life alone is good for the soul lol

      • browneyegurl says:

        Funny thing is that Regina encourages Emma to break her own walls down. Hook since season 2 has always looked at Emma as an object to “win” or “break her walls” or “rescue her from a jail cell in the past”. Sorry, but Emma hasn’t been a strong independent character since season 1.

        • Lily says:

          Emma was never a strong character, because she refuses to be vulnerable. Emotional walls are a sign of weakness, not strength.

    • Cal says:

      I have seen commenters write that a strong, independent woman shouldn’t want or need romantic love and that Emma’s arc shouldn’t implicate romantic love…and I think that is a nasty, harmful stereotype to promote. The show focuses on ALL types of love. We’ve seen Snow, Belle, and Regina fight for their partners. Now it’s Emma’s turn, and people are up in arms that it sends a demoralizing message? That it somehow doesn’t qualify as her own storyline because it implicates a man? OUAT has problems, but I can’t help but feel that a lot of this anger stems from peoples’ bias in terms of “shipping”. If you don’t like Hook, this is a terrible storyline – if you do like him, it’s moving. I suppose I fall in the latter camp because it’s clear to me that the show still promotes women as strong, as saviors, as warriors. They just happened to fall in love. I saw a comment that Emma should only have Henry as her happy ending and I can’t wrap my brain around how that is a healthy message to send – you can ONLY be strong without a romantic partner! No. You can be strong with OR without one.

  20. S.uddenly says:

    Really liked the first episode -Colin just gets more handsome! But for the love of G-how many more times does Zelena get to escape and out of nowhere Regina wants to save here-please! Second hour was 100% boring filler and felt like watching a rerun.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I can’t tell you how many times during hour 1 they zoomed in on Colin and I thought (or may have said out loud), “GAH I love that face!”

  21. Karissa says:

    It’s upsetting that Jmo’s big dark one storyline has become all about Hook. And I don’t know how this season is supposed to have a “season one” feel. The regulars are hardly getting any screen time unfortunately.

  22. I'm going to let you finish but says:

    Is no one bothered that they romanticized suicide? Just me, ok. I’ll be over here reading all the tweets of viewers triggered tonight.

    • browneyegurl says:

      I’m bothered by this as well as I mentioned in the other episode. The writers ideas about romance are very troubling. I mean, now you have teenage girls on twitter twitting that Hook jumping off the roof is True Love. Yikes.

    • Cindy says:

      It’s funny I didn’t hear anyone say anything about suicide when David gave up his life (that was a real suicide) so Snow could cast a curse or how Snow could have killed herself but cutting her own heart in half to bring her husband back from the dead. Yet when Killian jump off a roof KNOWING that Emma is gonna save him we hear about your issues with romanticized suicide? How convenient don’t you think? Anti CS are unbelievable.

    • Shannon says:

      Someone did that to me before to make me prove my love, and I still am not over it. However, I thought it was explained that Emma made him do that without his knowledge? So it was never Hook doing the manipulating, it was Emma.

  23. Dave says:

    The first half was awesome the second not so much.
    Now I think Hook will be a villain in 2 weeks and Emma will try everything to stop what he’s doing and probably accidently kills him and hence all the hints of going to the Underworld revealed.
    And it reminds me of an episode when Emma asked Merlin “Can there be a good Dark One”.

  24. This episode was awful. Suicide to get someones attention, or manipulate them into talking to you? Yeah, thats not another notch on the abusive relationship check list for CS.

    Boring, offensive, and downright stupid at times. I expect, with jut how many people are disgusted with this season, and the Capt Rapist Show, that tomorrows ratings will show a new series low.

    Lowest premiere in the series, already lost 1+ million live viewers and projected to lost another 3/4 million before the season is over. And people are writing silly little articles like this?

    It would take a miracle for this show to get a 6th season now. CS has absolutely destroyed what was once a great show.

    Side note: no one cares about the rape baby or Hood. From start to finish, has any part of this season not sucked? Oh thats right, the SwanQueen episode brought in 200k+ viewers. The largest bump in viewers in the entire season.

    Hour two: Filler, with the knowledge that their setting up secondary characters we haven’t seen in years, and who until now have never shared a scene, as the token LGBT pairing. Its almost like their purposely trying to be offensive.

    ): )

    • I'm going to let you finish but says:


    • Cindy says:

      A SwanQueen episode? LMAO I probably missed that one since SwanQueen is not a thing but whatever… Which one is that supposed to be? I find you guys so offensive. How is it right to ship two straight women together? It’s as offensive as people saying that a gay guy should be in a relationship with a woman and a lesbian should be with a man. People can be with whoever they want. If they’re straight good for them, if they’re gay good for them. But stop seeing things because that’s what you want. People are even going as far as saying that Jmo and Lana are in love. I mean come on?

      • Megan says:

        I like the Regina and Emma friendship as it is, myself. I value friendships over romantic relationships on tv shows and in life. I get people ship them romantically but the show hasn’t indicated that they’re supposed to be romantic and neither have shown any inclination towards the same sex. I don’t “ship” so I don’t even have a preference who either are with. I don think they have a great friendship.

    • Eve says:

      Swan Queen and Rumbelle episodes are the ones with the lowest ratings. Stop spurting venom and make sure you use appropriate language in your reviews. Rude.

  25. Carlos says:

    Help. Merlin already had magic before he was tethered to the sword, so why hook has magic now? Being tethered to the sword means the same as drinking from the holy grail(so you get magic)? And why some kind of dark thing came out of merlin, if he is a “light sorcerer”? It is the spell?

    • Chris says:

      The Grail gave Merlin magic. The sword was made from the grail and that is what’s giving Hook magic. I don’t necessarily see why Hook is automatically “dark” other than the fact that Emma’s corrupted magic was responsible for creating him.

      • LMNJ says:

        I don’t think it is automatuc. It was a risk…. And one Hook was not willing to take being very clear that he had already given in to the darkness in himself before when magic and power were not part of the equation.

  26. ninergrl6 says:

    Didn’t see that coming AT ALL. I guessed Hook would die (or some fairy tale equivalent) and that Emma’s master plan was an effort to save his life, but turning him into a Dark One?! WHOA. Great twist! My only complaint (if you could even call it that) is the lack of hints that Hook has been “dark” all season long. I guess I need to rewatch those eps, but he hasn’t done anything suspicious that I can recall. The lack of foreshadowing certainly made the reveal tonight more exciting, but it could also be viewed as a convenient retcon, like Zelena impersonating Marian for the majority of last season. All in all I LOVE the DarkHook twist & I loved the whole 1st hour tonight. The 2nd hour that had nothing to do with anything? SUPER LAME, especially after such a revealing and exciting 1st ep.

    • Trish Tavor says:

      I think the hints were in the “un-Hook” like behaviour, as in him telling Emma he didn’t love her and their kiss not working. They’re small, but they are there at the same time.

      • lizzie says:

        See i’m finding this way less confusing that 4B and all that author nonsense. I loved it. Exciting, romantic and heart-breaking everythong you could ask for. And we still don’t know everything yet!

  27. Bjo222 says:

    This “twist” doesn’t make sense to me. Shouldn’t Hook have been showing signs of being the Dark One even though he didn’t know the truth? Why did he just become dark when he found out? Did I miss something?

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I thought the same thing at first, but now I’m starting to think of it like Bruce Willis’ character in the Sixth Sense. He didn’t KNOW the truth about himself so therefore he went about business as usual not realizing that things were off. Of course, at the end of that movie they reveal all of the clues that were there all along. I don’t see such obvious clues where Hook’s darkness is concerned.

  28. Eli says:

    I’m still so completely blown away by hour 1 of Once Upon a Time tonight that I can’t focus at all on hour 2. Wow. I did not at all expect Killian to be revealed as the Dark One Nr 2. I was always a huge fan of Emma and Killian’s love story, since they climbed that beanstalk together. In time I’ve become an even bigger fan. Their story is so incredibly powerful, I lack the proper words to describe what an impact they have on me. Amazing job by Adam and Eddy and Jennifer and Colin. One of the best hours of TV I’ve ever enjoyed.

  29. DRush76 says:

    First you claimed that Emma had transfered the entity from herself to Hook. Then you wrote that she tethered Hook to Excalibur making them both “Dark Ones”. Are you contradicting yourself?

  30. justme says:

    with all the underworld hints, i’m starting to feel like we are going to see the OUAT version of buffy sending angel to hell by stabbing him with the sword of the virtuous knight.

  31. niloofar says:

    Regina forces Emma to save that bland Robin but she shouldn’t save Her love. There’s Your great Regina.

  32. Ana says:

    Wow. The first hour of Once was simply amazing! I have no words. I was completely surprised by the reveal and more than ever tethered to Emma and Killian’s story. It’s truly epic. I found myself thinking about hour 1 all throughout hour 2 to be honest. That first hour was just brilliant in every way. Killian and Emma being each other’s light and now sharing darkness makes them even more powerful than they already were. I’ll be forever grateful to Adam and Eddy for creating those two characters and their story.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I’m with you! When both of their names appeared side by side on the sword it was so bittersweet. Tethered together forever but in darkness. Gut-wrenching! And in next ep’s preview when Hook tells Emma, “I want to hurt you like you hurt me” — I can’t even. These two just rip my heart out but I can’t wait to see more.

  33. justme says:

    hmmm…..with tonight’s references, now i’m also wondering if they are going to bring hook’s brother back for the underworld arc.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      Well we know we’re gonna see Hook’s dad/childhood at some point, so seeing Liam again wouldn’t surprise me at all.

  34. rk535 says:

    I personally loved the two episodes! Fantastic story telling with a great twist. Broke my heart to see Killian so devastated. I could see Emma doing it for love and him seeing it as a betrayal. I know their love will conquer all, but this twist was very well planned!

  35. Kay says:

    This may have been the last episode of OUAT I watched. The writing this season is plain terrible and the writers confusing their own timelines doesn’t help. The reason for Emma being the Dark One in Storybrooke was flimsy, half-baked and completely overhyped in the season premiere. Their attempts to keep Zelena relevant turn out to be gross “twists” 99,9% of the time and this week was not any different. And all of this happens while character who have shaped this show since the PIlot are pushed aside in favor of half a dozen guest stars (or more), the guy who plays Emma’s love interest and the Wicked Witch who sexually abused another character to become pregnant to begin with. But it’s a season about the core characters, y’all. It’s a show about hope! Unless you’re oen of those characters they don’t care about much anymore. Not feeling it, not tuning in next time.

  36. lizzie says:

    See i’m finding this way less confusing that 4B and all that author nonsense. I loved it. Exciting, romantic and heart-breaking everythong you could ask for. And we still don’t know everything yet!

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I agree. Less confusing, more emotional. To have the characters we care about literally turn into villains before our eyes is both gut-wrenching and fascinating.

  37. Carrie says:

    I’m certainly intrigued by this turn of events – I think OUAT needed a shakeup. I thought that was going to happen last year when it looked like Rumple was becoming the true villain of 4B rather than the Queen of Darkness, but alas. I dislike that Hook is potentially reverting to his old ways when he has done so much to be a better guy. I’m looking forward to having some of the unanswered questions about this whole arc come to light in the next few weeks! Hope it’s not even more painful…

  38. NN says:

    Why was the darkess coming out from Merlin and into Hook, though?

  39. IMO, the entire Dark Swan and Dark Hook story would have made more sense with Neal instead of Hook. There would have been more opportunities to use the other characters because they were all connected. They were all family. I feel like Rumple would have been used more, you know the guy who was actually the Dark One before, and I feel Henry and the Charmings would have been used more.

    This season and last season it’s been way too much Captain Swan for me at the expense of everyone else. I’ve been expecting a Dark One arc like this coming since S3, but with Neal involved, because it made more sense. I figured the Neal thing wouldn’t happen, because of getting constant Hook instead. Now he’s possibly another Dark One (I say possible just in case this is some sort of long con) and I’m rolling my eyes. I’ve had enough of this character, and Captain Swan. If this involved Neal I would not feel this way because of his history with Rumple and the Dark One. There is more depth there, and it was built into the show from the beginning. And it would have kept the show more about family than what it is in its current state.

    If this turns out to be a big Hans moment for Hook then it would actually work for me, because I’ve never thought he was the hero that the show kept telling (not really showing) us he was. I’d feel bad for some of the fans though, because the promotion has really pushed Hook and Captain Swan. I’d feel a bit betrayed if it was me…

    The only thing I have to look forward to is that there might be more of Rumple coming up, and there has got to be more of the other characters, right? They’ve felt more like side characters for the majority of the season.

    For all my complaining, this season seems better than last season.

  40. robandco says:

    That first hour was excellent. It completely justified the bad use of the time jump + memory loss. I am not mad anymore.
    I don’t understand the backlash regarding the episode. I think it is a nice twist. No one ever believed “Dark” Swan was ever dark (because it’s OUAT and because JMo can’t play the bad guy) but I was still surprised by the twist. Zelena will forever be my favorite OUAT villain, I love the actress.

    • CbinJ says:

      What kind of annoyed me was not that Hook became a DO, but that they killed him (again) to get there. Even though I knew it wouldn’t stick, Hook’s death was so distressing (everyone standing around with an “oh well” attitude, while Emma is absolutely heartbroken) that I had trouble enjoying the Dark One Killian Jones reveal. I have never been emotionally affected by a death on this show, until now. Also, this means that Hook is probably going to “die” again at the end of the season. Obviously, if the permanently kill him off, I wouldn’t watch the show anymore, but how many times can you “kill” a character before death becomes a joke.

      • CbinJ says:

        Sorry, I hit reply to the wrong post. Maybe it’s still applicable though :) I honestly wasn’t sure if Dark Swan was really Dark or playing a game. My thinking was more toward your view, but I wasn’t 100% sure she hadn’t gone completely DO. I actually hated the wicked witch arc, but Zelena has become my favorite villain (and I usually don’t like the villains). Zelena’s role in the first hour really surprised me. Usually, I get bored when Hook isn’t on screen, but Zelena really is fun to watch. If the second hour would have just been Arthur and Zelena being insane together, I might have considered watching it.

        • robandco says:

          I completely agree regarding Zelena. They may have sort of soften her character, but she’s really fun. Arthur and her make a really weird and fun pairing. If there weren’t Gwenevere and the baby, I would have loved for them to be an item.

          • CbinJ says:

            Everybody else is always making up crazy pairings, I figured I take a try at it. ;) Arthur and Zelena are really the only villains I have ever enjoyed watching and actively liked. (Hook is now my fav character, but I didn’t even like him when he was a villain in S2; I just thought he was a jerk. And I like both Regina and Rumple, but I had problems with the way they have treated others (more so with regards to Regina).)

            But the amount of desperation and crazy between the two–it’s intriguing. They just work together; their brand of villainy is very similar. They are both loose canons driven by anger, desperation, entitlement, and jealousy. Also, I have a feeling once Gwen finds out what Arthur did to her, she will probably leave him. Unfortunately, I don’t think Arthur is going to get redemption and won’t stick around past 5A. Zelena might get redemption, but I have no guesses as to where her story goes from here. I’m very interested to see if Zelena and Hook team up or if Hook is just manipulating her.

          • robandco says:

            Do you really think they can redeem Zelena? I know Regina has done far worse, but I don’t see that happening. Although it would be fun to have a giant family dinner on that show. It would be soooo awkward.
            And I agree that Zelena and Arthur are very similar. Arthur’s story make me sad. He’s gone crazy because of Merlin’s prophecy. He’s not exactly a bad guy, he just really wanted that stupid excalibur. I don’t want him to stick around but I am intrigued with his character. I hope they tie his story neatly.

  41. Zachary Flye says:

    So I’m confused with how Hook’s a “Dark One” by being tethered to the sword. I mean sure it’d give him magic, immortality, etc but Merlin was tethered to it and he wasn’t a Dark One. Also, I get where Hook’s coming from with his anger, but you know if the roles were reversed he’d have done the same thing so I’m upset with HOW mad it looks like he’s getting. The second hour was good and I really enjoyed it. I like that they paired the two up because if I had to wait a week or two for a new episode after how hour one ended just for it to turn out to be filler I’d be pissed. I thought I heard that Mulan and Ruby would be back for multiple episodes so I’ll be interested to see how their story unfolds. As for how things will go in the future, well this season’s lousy with foreshadowing, even if actors to play Hercules and Meg hadn’t already been cast or the writers’ not so vague teasers weren’t out there to find I’d be pretty sure I knew where season 5B was going. For the rest of season 5A well I’m sure Emma will find a way to make the Darkness it’s own entity for her to cut down, thus not killing anyone and Hook will die along the way to have the gang save him in the second half.

    • Nicky Aiuto says:

      There might not be any saving for Hook in the second half. It wouldn’t make any sense anyway. This arc sounds more like that Emma has to fix her mistakes as the dark one. And right now, they don’t seem to be in the underworld in the BTS photos, cause Hercules is in Storybrooke clothes.

  42. KenL says:

    First hour was very good. Second hour made me fall asleep.

  43. Jenna says:

    I’m just really confused on one thing…. How does tethering hook to the dagger turn Emma fully dark? She was just trying to save his life

    • ninergrl6 says:

      But she did it against his will. He was on his deathbed begging her not to do it. He didn’t want to become the thing he’s hated for hundreds of years. From his perspective, Emma was being selfish. She couldn’t live without him so she saved him to benefit herself, not him.

  44. Amy says:

    I really enjoyed both hours (the first especially) and while I admit to loving ill gotten spoilers I was still surprised at the end. I loved the Camelot scenes and I thought him picking the house out for them was a really nice touch.
    I’d love to see more Snow and Charming interacting with Emma but it is what it is, all and all I’m really enjoying this arc and the acting is top notch.

  45. browneyegurl says:

    As much as some comments mention how 508 was the better episode, hard numbers don’t lie. 330,000 people left during the second half of the Once Upon Hook show. However, the Merida/Mulan/Ruby episode gain 164, 000 people during the second half which was more competitive going against TWD. An episode FOCUSED on FEMALE storylines, WITHOUT MALE LOVE INTERESTS. Who would have thunk it?

    So no matter how much people yell, Hook is really not THAT popular of a character, Colin could not sell out his cons separately from CS, Hook has not increased viewership and most fans could care less about men’s manpain. The only reason why the reason is getting catered to is because that fandom hardly cares about criticizes A&E for offensive rape culture themes, confusing timelines, character assassinations, and obnoxious focus on tweeny relationships.

    • Danyelle says:

      my head hurtz from allllllll that spinnnnnnnnnn lmao

    • CbinJ says:

      Well, at least for me, Hook is the only reason I keep tabs on this show anymore. (I also love the Charming family, but apparently they are not going to get anymore development.) I left before the second hour. I’m just one person, but your stats don’t hold for me. Would I like the show to get back to it’s fairy tale origins–absolutely. Merida, Mulan, and Ruby aren’t going to get me in the seat, though.

      • CbinJ says:

        And actually looking at the ratings you are wrong. This second hour lost viewers according to the sources I have read. And I noticed that many of the people whom I assumed would have loved the second hour just by comparison of them hating the first because of the focus on Hook and Emma…actually found the second hour to be an irrelevant mess not even worthy to be counted as an episode. Most people are focusing on Birth even if they don’t like Hook and Emma because at least that ep had our mains and was important to the plot. But for me, I much prefer fillers that I can skip, rather than irrelevant flashbacks filled with characters I dislike threaded throughout important episodes.

        • ninergrl6 says:

          Good point about filler episodes vs. filler flashbacks. At least with a whole meaningless episode you can skip it all rather that being bored through 50% of what could’ve been a great episode of not for filler tangents.

    • Megan says:

      Well, the demo was up a tenth from the previous episode and it was the highest rated scripted show in its demo for the major networks on Sunday. It’s also is usually graded up to a 2.6 or 2.7 weeks later. It’s been steady in the demo and that’s kinda all networks seem to care about so I don’t think it’s in any danger of being canceled.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      What numbers are you looking at? The ratings I saw indicated that hour two lost viewers.
      Speaking purely for myself, I didn’t know hour 2 was going to be “filler” that was 99% disconnected from hour 1. When I realized that, I rewound hour 1 and watched that again instead of the rest of hour 2. I’m all for female empowerment, but not at the expense of continuity. If anything, hour 2 was pandering to those “fans” clamorimg for the return of now-purposeless characters like Ruby and Mulan. Giving us a throw away girl power hour doesn’t accomplish anything. How about making Mulan and/or Merida part of the Round Table? THAT would’ve given us “girl power” AND made them part of the central arc of 5B. Instead they’re superfluous characters who fill time.

      • Megan says:

        The number of viewers aren’t their concern, it’s strictly the demo. You can check ratings sites or Twitter for those numbers. It’s up a tenth from last week. Also, it makes sense the show would lose some viewers at the half way mark every week because that’s when Sunday Night Football starts in the East coast and Central time.

    • Denny says:

      JESUS, always complaining about men!
      What’s wrong with you all? We have tons of female characters in OUAT but few males really well written like Rumple.
      There are men in the world that don’t care about girl power because they are supportive of their companions! Because they love their women and being strong is what make them equal for us, for Emma, Regina and Snow.
      A strong woman needs a strong man. An equal partner. So yes. Let’s focus for strong abd well written male characters!

  46. CbinJ says:

    As much as I love Hook and Emma, I didn’t really like the way the plot unfolded. So now Hook is another Dark One….And I thought the DO mythology was going to receive clarity, instead it seems that the DO concept has become so convoluted to be extremely confusing. I mean maybe Emma is able to use the Dark for good intentions because she has Savior Magic and she also splitting the Dark with Killian?

    As for the concept of Darkness as a force on the show–I am also confused by the messages they are trying to send. Merlin and Emma keep talking about the Darkness like it does have the potential to be used for good. By definition Darkness represents Evil–or least it should in good narrative. Evil by definition cannot be Good. The morally gray nonsense of this show sometimes…sigh. I guess it’s possible I could be casting judgement too soon. Idk, maybe it’s a case of the characters intentionally misunderstanding Darkness due to some idealism. Or maybe I’m just misinterpreting some things.

    I’m really not liking this season at all which is a shame because it is a season focused on my favorite characters, Hook and Emma. I also really like Merlin, Arthur, and Nimue, but some of the story developments surrounding them are kinda lame. I was sad to miss Arthur and Zelena interaction in the second half, but I could not watch that episode. I can’t stand Mulan (since she has always been my fav Disney Heroine, the live action reincarnation could never live up to my expectations) and Brave happens to be my least favorite animated movie of all time.

  47. Curly says:

    I like how both Emma and hook are the dark ones they could be the power couple if only hook forgives Emma

    • ninergrl6 says:

      After mulling this over for 24 hours, the idea of Emma & Hook as the Dark Ones teaming up TOGETHER could be really hot. lol But I don’t think it’s in the Dark One DNA to collaborate and share, and I don’t think Dark Hook will forgive Dark Emma any time soon.

  48. buttercupscarlett95 says:

    I thought the episode was very good. The actors playing Emma, Hook, and Zelena knocked it out of the park. I have a few questions, hopefully which will be answered in future episodes:
    (1) If Emma’s plan required reforming Excalibur, putting the darkness into Zelena, and killing her, what was Merlin’s plan? They were about to reform Excalibur. The darkness was already in Emma. Was Merlin going to kill Emma? Transfer the darkness to himself and have them kill him?
    (2) Hook has good reason to be upset at Emma after he begged her not to turn him into a dark one, but he seems to be going a bit far, especially in the promo. Is he putting on an act and then he’s going to turn on Zelena and take her out somehow? Or is he putting on an act for Emma b/c he’s planning to take all the darkness on himself and then sacrifice himself for her?
    (3) If Hook has been the dark one all this time, didn’t he notice he wasn’t sleeping? Why wasn’t he hearing voices in his head like Emma did? And why was he the one who wanted to spare Zelena’s life when Emma was ready to kill her?

  49. Luis says:

    I have to admit it was a bizarre pairing. The first hour played like a midseason finale, slowly crescendoing to this dramatic swell, as Emma revealed what happened in Camelot, Hook’s mortal injury and her desperate decision, followed by the sadness of Hook’s reaction. The second hour was an almost complete non sequitur, necessitated, I suppose by the AMAs next week.

    Nice seeing Ruby and Mulan again – I hope it wasn’t a drive by appearance and that they will be weaved back into the story at some point. I have to admit, I’m questioning Merida’s decision to pursue Arthur, given that she has just managed to earn the loyalty of the clans. Is a revenge-fueled pursuit the proper course at that moment.

    I still can”t stop laughing at David Anders showing up with his iZombie hair, and Regina’s wisecrack. What did Storybrooke’s hairdresser do in the fairy tale realm?

  50. Carlos says:

    Help. When emma gets out of her house and puts the sword into the ground, some kind of wave came out. Initially i thought that was the curse being broken and everyone would get their memories back but it wasnt. What was that?