Ratings: Democratic Debate No. 2 Drops by Almost Half on a Saturday

CBS’ Saturday-night broadcast of this presidential election cycle’s second Democratic Debate drew 8.6 million total viewers, down 44 percent from when Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders et al first faced off, on a Tuesday for CNN.

The debate led all of Saturday primetime in total audience, but fell shy of ABC’s college football broadcast in the 18-49 demo.

Last month’s first Democratic Debate drew 15.3 million total viewers, while the first two Republican debates drew 24 and 23 million viewers, respectively.



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  1. Drew says:

    Is it me or does Hillary seem a little off her game these days? I’m not just saying that to offend her. She used to at least be a good politician (not a complement) but now she gives answers at debates that don’t fit the question, she laughs maniacally at incredibly inappropriate moments… She doesn’t seem to have a sense of context. At times, it reminds me of what I’ve seen in stroke victims.

    • Independent says:

      Stroke victim? LOL, sock puppet critiques are getting more desperate.

      • Dr says:

        If you’d stop defending your candidate and step back to actually look at her behavior lately, you would notice that something isn’t normal there. She was asked about Wall Street and she responded with 9/11. She openly laughed about the deaths in Benghazi in front of their family members. When someone said that they wanted to strangle Carly Fiorina, she laughed again.
        I’m not saying that she is Dr. Evil here, I’m saying that her mind doesn’t seem to be processing information normally and she is laughing when the context is not appropriate. I have seen this up close with people.
        Hillary Clinton used to be good at being a politician, which requires a certain amount of restraint. This is not normal for her.

    • Sally McLinn says:

      She looks very presidential. Right now she’s the only qualified female running. But could be that because of age (68) she’s a little unbalanced. It happens when you pass 60 yo.

      • Drew says:

        I’d like to know just how unbalanced she is. Maybe she, and the other candidates, should release their medical records and let us know that they actually check out.
        I think this looks like a real medical issue, not just a Donald Trump, Ron Paul, Bernie Sanders kind of crazy.

        • Lillian says:

          Bernie’s not crazy, and as much as I hate to say it, Donald’s crazy like a fox. Reagan had Alzheimer’s while in office, at least early stages. Look at the mess he got us into. We’re in a full-blown oligarchy now. /end politics… sorry

          • Drew says:

            It is a myth that Reagan was sick while in office. Even his doctors said otherwise.
            Sanders and Trump are crazy the way that most politicians are.

  2. Simon Jester says:

    No surprise viewership is down on a Saturday night… plus, the Dem field is solidifying a lot faster than the GOP field, which still resembles a free-for-all.

  3. Sally McLinn says:

    I think these debates are awful. Useless. “What would you do if”….well nobody knows until they get into that situation.
    I’ll wait for the primaries. This part of the election process is stupid. And it gets old real fast.

    How about putting the candidates in a war room setting, simulate a 9/11 and see how they react as “president” for a day?

    • Sam says:

      Agreed. A. it aired on a Saturday so a lot of people aren’t at home watching and and B. It’s still so early that it’s very tiring hearing the same crap over and over again. Come on July.

  4. JosiahBartlet4President says:

    I’m surprised there were even that many viewers. Who holds a debate on a Saturday?!

  5. peterwdawson says:

    No shock, since Sanders and Clinton are pretty much defined now and O’Malley just wants to remind people he’s not an ‘unidentified man’, plus it was foreign policy focused and, well, only one of them has actually really dealt with international affairs (I’ll leave the ‘how well’ part open). In the other field there’s still over ten people going at it, so there’s increased scrutiny to pounce on every word and pick someone off early. Hillary and Sanders won’t bow out until voting actually begins (no idea on O’Malley), while several Republicans may still not make it to Iowa voting.

    • Drew says:

      The recaps are really just about making jokes about the candidates. The people who write for the site lean toward the liberals, so they don’t want to make fun of their own people. It’s probably best when they don’t do politics at all, since this is an entertainment-centric site.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      No one was available, being a Saturday night and all. (Sorry, “Drew.”)

      • Drew says:

        So if I were to go back and look at the recap of the first democratic debate, I could find the same type of commentary that I’d find in the republican debate recaps, and not just a gallery filled with unapologetic worshiping of Anderson Cooper? Someone watched that debate and there still wasn’t the same type of commentary or snark that there is for the republicans.
        Look, I don’t exactly come here as a source of hardline news and impartial reporting. I’m just calling things the way they are.

  6. Marita Rumph says:

    There was a debate?? Never even heard it being advertised……oh well.