Vampire Diaries Caroline Pregnancy

Vampire Diaries: Is Caroline's [Spoiler] the Show's Craziest Twist of All Time?

It’s often said that necessity is the mother of invention, which might as well be the mantra for The Vampire Diaries‘ latest — and potentially craziest-ever — plot twist.

When Candice Accola King announced her pregnancy at the top of Season 7, the Powers That Be had two choices before them: write it into the show, or find a way to write around it. Since Thursday’s episode revealed that Caroline is now carrying Jo and Alaric’s unborn twins in her undead uterus, it’s safe to say they’ve decided to go with the former.

“I think the decision that we made about how to address and/or not address the pregnancy is very interesting,” executive producer Julie Plec told TVLine shortly after news of King’s pregnancy went public.

While we can all agree that the choice was indeed “interesting,” there seems to be a divide among fans as to whether or not impregnating Stefan’s girlfriend with the children of her former teacher — not to mention pairing the two up romantically in the flash-forward — pushed things a little too far.

Personally, and I’m sure I’ll get flack from some of you for saying this, I’m all for the pregnancy twist. Does it make sense? Almost none. Is it completely insane? Duh! But so is everything about this show, which — in case you’ve forgotten — is about undead witches, centuries-old vampires and the foolish-yet-smoldering humans who fall in love with them. The writers/producers were presented with a challenge and I believe they found a compelling way of using it to their advantage. Frankly, we all just need to shut up and embrace the weirdness.

But more to the point, do you think this was The Vampire Diaries‘ craziest twist of all time? Browse our gallery of the biggest twists from Season 1–7 below, then drop a comment with your thoughts on Caroline’s pregnancy.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jess says:

    This show is not all that great about dealing with consent issues, but this surrogacy thing is squicky on a whole new level. It wasn’t a great twist (mostly because it was spoiled WEEKS ago, but also because it’s STUPID) and it generally just leaves a really, really bad taste in my mouth because…implanting Caroline’s former teacher’s dead babies inside her without her consent was the best they could do to work around Candice’s pregnancy? No, that’s freaking gross. Super unhappy with this storyline.

    • Marta says:

      It’s the consent issue that bother people. Sure it would still be crazy but would’ve been a little better received if Caroline volunteered to be a surrogate. But she had no choice in this case and just goes to show how they keep writing horribly for Caroline and females in general. Remember the consent issues with her and Damon? Oh you don’t that’s because she didn’t give her consent to him. I do think this is the craziest twist on tvd, next is Katherine pretending to be Elena 1×22 and then Stefan revealed to be Silas’ doppleganger.

    • ejdax37 says:

      If you want to talk about a consent issue Damon spent months raping (having sex while under compulsion counts) Caroline in the first season and now they may not be best friends but her two best friends are his girlfriend and best friend. I think having to carry two babies that she would have agreed to in in the first place pails in comparison.

      • Lacey says:

        Damon didn’t rape Caroline, she was more than willing. He only compelled her to keep quiet about what he was and that he was drinking from her.

        • Malachi says:

          She found he was a monster. The next morning he threw her on the bed and well..Yeah. he did rape her. Now he’s date her best friend despite what he did

          • Lacey says:

            Since when does throwing someone on a bed equal rape. All she was compelled to do was to keep quiet about him being a vampire and drinking from her. There’s no evidence she was unwilling to have sex with him, quite the opposite actually.

          • Malachi says:

            The actor himself said his character Damon raped her. Why do people offend people like Damon but then hate charters like Matt for “being underdeveloped”.

          • Lacey says:

            When it never actually happened then he can come to the same conclusion other people have but it is technically never clarified. Honestly it doesn’t matter. Whether he did or not, Damon’s character is far more important and more entertaining. If you can get past how annoyingly sensitive he is Damon a very like able character. Matt is irrelevant.

        • AC says:

          YES HE DID RAPE HER! OMG I can’t believe how naive ppl are about that STILL!!!

          • Lacey says:

            No, he didn’t. That was never a part of the show nor was it ever mentioned.

          • NDFan says:

            The show has always glossed over these things. I don’t know how you can deny how creepy and disturbing Damon’s treatment of Caroline was. Yes, she was a willing participant…at first. When she found out he was a vampire, she was very obviously afraid of him and wanted to get away from him. He continued to compel her to forget so she would quite literally do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted it. Under compulsion you have no free will. Thats disturbing no matter how you look at it. But the show has decided to pretty much never mention what happened there.

          • Malachi says:

            Ikr. They never bring up anything Damon does it all the other characters are hunted by that they done. Wish Jeremy would put a steak though his heart

          • Erin says:

            Obviously Lacey needs some education about abuse.

        • Anna says:

          When a girl is trying to escape a room without waking her victimizer & wants nothing but to get away from him, and he instead throws her onto a bed and has his way with her is indeed RAPE.

  2. spindae2 says:

    I think it is a good twist till this point, I’m still vague about it cause they need to reveal how she’ll carry them out cause they didn’t grow for 6months now and how she’ll keep be a Vampire.
    I personally just hope Alaric and Caro aren’t together in those Flashforwards and is more about keeping the kids safe.

  3. hello says:

    As long as it tuins it for the shippers i am happy

    • Claire says:

      Me too. The shippers are what is ruining this show. I enjoyed the twist and am along for the ride!

      • autumnd23 says:

        I’m not a shipper and I didn’t like the twist…

        • Erin says:

          Me too. I’m anti-shipper. I liked Stefan and Caroline way better as friends, I’m not opposed to them but I certainly don’t ship them either. But this twist, yuck. I think it’s because ultimately this show has become such a bed-hopping ridiculous love quadrangle of ships. It’s a joke saying it will ruin it for the shippers, um hello you have a new ship and love triangle of doom heading your way. I swear it’s reverting back in age, even the dialogue and how the show-runners have explained it lately. Damon and Stefan go on a ride and Damon finds it hilarious cause “vcard-valerie” took his vcard… wtf. It’s more and more geered towards tween fans or am I just getting too old (it has been running for a long time now). I can’t even comprehend how the lot of them are friends and co-habitat together. I find that far less believable than the vampire nonsense. A far less enjoyable too. The ensemble of characters are a total mess.

  4. autumnd23 says:

    I don’t mind twists if there is a logical build up to that twist like Bad Wolf in Doctor Who. This one feels like they pulled it out of nowhere to deal with the pregnancy. Why not just keep Caroline covered up like so many shows have before? Why such a grotesque choice of carrying a dead woman’s twin girls? And did it just happen suddenly in that moment or was Caroline already pregnant for the past six months? Shouldn’t the transfer have happened during the original spell? Also, you’d think the witches would choose a witch to be the surrogate mother and not a vampire. The whole thing is terrible. But the worst is to then use this story to bring Alaric and Caroline together (only for shock value) who have never even had much of a connection. Now I know that won’t last, but still it’s horrible and I’m sick of Caroline being a love interest for every man that breathes on the show. Ugh.

    • Carla Krae says:

      The Gemini coven chose the nearest walking female to Jo, which was Caroline. The coven all died, and they obviously had to work with who was on the premises for the wedding. So you have Caroline and Elena and Bonnie.

      • autumnd23 says:

        So shouldn’t Caroline have realized she was pregnant after all this time?

        • wgsecretary says:

          I thought so too. But, since it’s been months and she obviously isn’t showing yet and none of the vampires heard her having 2 heartbeats, I’m assuming the babies are in some sort of stasis. They aren’t currently growing. So, I don’t think there is any reason why anyone would have figured out she was pregnant, herself included. She’s a vampire and they can’t generally get pregnant. There have been no symptoms, so no, she wouldn’t have noticed. There probably needs to be some more magic involved to bring the babies to term. Also, I’m not convinced Caroline and Alaric are actually romantically involved entirely. Maybe they do fall for each other through raising the girls together. But, Caroline has been known to be little miss proper. I can’t see her living with a man and raising a family without being at least engaged or married, if for no other reason than to keep up appearances. I also can’t see her leaving the kids. She’s a vampire. She has lifetimes she can live after outliving Alaric and the twins. I can totally see her marrying Alaric for the sake of raising the twins.

          • AC says:

            Was thinking the same things. I do hope they fall for each other while raising the girls because they both deserve happiness. Like you said she’ll outlive all of them so it’s not forever.

      • Gb says:

        At last someone is talking some sense :)

  5. Carla Krae says:

    I’m embracing the weirdness. There’s still so much to learn, it’s too early to get worked up over anything.

  6. Lou says:

    It’s not the first time the show makes the apology of abusive comportment and mysoginist stuff but this is clearly the worst, because it’s so irrespectful for Candice’s pregnancy and for Caroline’s character, who has already to deal with the regression of her character since her mother’s death because of the writers not knowing how to write a storyline for her without making it about a guy who don’t deserve her. Alaric killed her dad, tortured her, was her best friend’s tutor and was her teacher, and no woman in the world should be forced to have children, like this is just disgusting !

  7. Yesr says:

    The show is getting worse after elina is dead

  8. Julian says:

    Shippers always going to hate whatever is not what they want, and writers have to stop to let shippers to control the way a show is done because that’s why shows are ruined take the example of Arrow, the writers let Olicity to grow until this point that make Felicity “to loose herself on Oliver”. I personally enjoy the pregnancy twist on TVD so let’s see what happen.

    • Mel says:

      Agree. We got fan service for the last three seasons so yes I’m up to a crazy twist! All shows need to stop catering to crazy fan girls it turns a great show into a bad written one. I like the engagement and pregnancy twist and can’t wait to see where the writers take us. I say if you don’t like the way the show is going stop watching.

      • Lynyrd says:

        People that don’t like the way the show is going have stopped watching. That’s why they’re barely pulling a .6 in the ratings. The success of earlier seasons will probably get them at least a shortened final season, but JP and co have beat this horse to death.

        It will be interesting to see what happens from here, but I’d predict that by spring they’ve fallen to .4

      • Gb says:

        I wished they wouldn’t put candice’s pregnancy on the show cos I thought however they did it would seem forced or totally against mythology but I really thought this was a brilliant twist. Well done to all the writers. U really know how to work with the situations you’re given without seeming forced.

        • ejdax37 says:

          I was wondering how they would deal with the pregnancy myself, but after the great way they handles Nina leaving I wasn’t worried they know how to handle a curve ball.

    • Malachi says:

      Arrow wasn’t that bad. I mean at least the plot goes on and just don’t stop for the fan service. Serisoly like what’s the story now on TVD

      • Julian says:

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of Arrow but Olicity shippers must understand that this relationship will not last forever. The same way they knew that Laurel would become Black Canary, eventually but when the time came, everyone hated her because they loved Sara being The Canary. The same goes with this plot twist on TVD, Steroline shippers hate it already and they don’t even know what’s behind all this.

        • Malachi says:

          TBH this show and this “plot twist” just prove that’s probably time for them to end it at least with a final season. Everyone saying this show is better without Elena but she really left. There new hunter character looks exactly like her and the flash forwards is kinda excuse. The reason I’m still watching is to see how this shipwreck is going to end

          • wgsecretary says:

            What do you mean the new hunter character looks exactly like Elena? We have not seen who the mysterious hunter is. In, I believe, the season opener, Damon is desiccating in a coffin beside Elena’s coffin.

          • Malachi says:

            This a new character coming in the second half of the season who is a female hunter. The actress who plays her look exactly like nina . I think we meet her in 7X12 I think

          • --- says:

            The show should have ended a couple of seasons ago when it was hot. Now it’s just embarrassing and uncomfortable to watch. At least if it ended before it was respected and loved. Now, laughable. Ratings are down, fans remaining are either disappointed, or only read recaps or other countries watching online the day after.

  9. Kate says:

    I just think that putting Caroline and Alaric together is just so stupid. Like the pregnancy thing is yes a big twist that no one saw coming but they are literally going completely off topic for what the show is supposed to be about. It just keeps getting worse every episode this season they should have just ended it with 6 seasons.

  10. Alison says:

    Great comments from Julie! I didn’t know about Candice’s pregnancy, so this came as a complete and utter shock to me. TVD has definitely had some crazy storylines in past seasons, I don’t doubt they’ll handle this perfectly. My favorite line from Julie:

    “Does it make sense? Almost none. Is it completely insane? Duh! But so is everything about this show, which — in case you’ve forgotten — is about undead witches, centuries-old vampires and the foolish-yet-smoldering humans who fall in love with them.”

    Very well said!

  11. Robin says:

    I’m embracing the weirdness! lol Loved the big reveal of the fiance and Caroline being pregnant with the twins. The show needs this because up until last night TVD was boring and now it just jump started it’s season. Is this insane? yes. When they tell us how Caroline became pregnant will it be crazy, unrealistic and re write the mythology of the show? yes. I’m still going to watch because finally an exciting plot line that I can look forward to along with the flash forwards and finding out about Rayna.

  12. Shaun says:

    Vampires can’t carry babies!!

  13. pamela says:

    i can deal with the pregnancy but i think it’s silly to have alaric and caroline engaged.

  14. Malachi says:

    This a thing that this show doesn’t have….LOGIC. How the heck is Caroline suppose to have twins if she dead. They can’t grow and undead witches, the first vampires, and humans that fall in love with monsters. All this is just an excuse to not make a story. The writer need to just hid it.

  15. Sara says:

    I think it will be hilarious to see OCD and perfectionist Caroline go through a pregnancy…. I mean can you imagine the episode where she plans her own baby shower becaue no one else can do it right?

  16. Lynette says:

    It just gets better and better👍

  17. Lyndz says:

    Love, love, love this story line. The crazy twist is making me enjoy TVD again. I hope Alaric and Caroline really are together with the twins in the future.

    • may says:

      so you love women being forced to carry babies against their will!

    • Comet says:

      I loved it too and can’t wait to see how she can carry them and how her and Alaric got engaged. Love the twist since it’s a crazy TV SHOW with vampires and witches who by the way abuse, feed, and kill people (including women) all the time. So I KNOW what I’m watching.

  18. Cassar says:

    I,personally don’t mind the pregnancy (actually I like the fact that Alaric gets to keep his children not so sure about Caroline carrying the kids) but I do hate the engagement of Alaric and Caroline. I really thought they would putt her back with Tyler. I mean she is engaged with the man who killed her father, she could have been with Tyler at this point or just cross her to the Originals and make her engaged to Klaus. I do love the plot with The Heretics. Oh and Caroline and Stefan is really non sense. They could let her the friend.

  19. R says:

    Blah, Blah, Blah.

    Get over the whole “no female should be forced to be pregnant” the show does a lot of crazy things! I don’t hear people complaining about how no one should be tortured or no one should be killed or attacked like an animal.

    Regardless of everyone’s focus I find this interesting. The less it makes sense now- the more it makes me want to watch. I mean Bonnie’s future relationship, Damon in a coffin, every glimpse of the future just makes me more interested in how they got from point a to point b.

    plus the fact that Stephen is on a whole I regret not having kids and Caroline is pregnant is also very interesting to me.

  20. MarissaA says:

    Well done writers of VPD! The twist and turn of this Ep was as exciting as a football game! Love the Pregnacy Calaric twist. I’m not felling Steroline! I absolutely live for the flash forwards. Luv Benzo chemistry(which is off the page). Must say I’m a Binnie fan (the girl is so beautiful) Liked Stefen & Damon fight with Lilli’s Bo. Lots of heart throbbing scenes to take away the yawn. Can’t wait for next week, literally! I’m hooked👀😳💁🏾

    • MarissaA says:

      Correction. I am a Bonnie fan. I just don’t like Steroline. I enjoyed Caroline and Stefen as friends as they are just better apart. I am personally rooting for the best storyline and out come for my favorite characters Alaric, Bonnie, Stefen, Damon, etc.

  21. zed says:

    Once again- this show now is Days of Vampire Lives!

  22. tsevca says:

    I´m so glad I stopped watching it long time ago.

  23. AC says:

    This was an exciting and surprising episode and loved every moment. It kept me interested the whole episode while the previous ones were a snooze fest. This is how TVD should be and I’m actually excited to see the next episode! TVD is getting back on track. I’m sure Calaric are only together in the ff because of the girls but I really hope they find love so they can be a real family.

  24. Sahil Agarwal says:

    Exactly I mean what connection does Caroline have with Alaric and Jo’s children.This is totally absurd.The plot of vampire diaries is becoming lame.There was a time when TVD would be the best shows but now its not.

  25. Luce says:

    An absolutely disgusting story line where a forced pregnancy is a convenience to hide the actress’ pregnancy. So no. I am not up for it at all. The fact that Caroline wasn’t consent to carry the children in the first place is awful and so is the “romance” between her and Alaric, he tortured her and killed her father but yeah sure.
    And she didn’t notice her body change after the wedding? It has been months and she didn’t feel different? Yeah sure.
    We don’t forget that we’re in a vampire show, and that’s why I am against this pregnancy, she is dead. So there is nothing logical with this SL
    But really they’re getting closer to a dangerous line with the lack of consent and disrespect toward Caroline’s control over her own body.

  26. Erin Baliya says:

    It’s stupid. It ruins Caroline’s character even more than already is.

  27. SL says:

    Well I love the episode and I loved the twist. I think everybody needs to calm down. It was the most exciting thing that has happened on this show since I can’t remember. It’s pretty obvious that Caroline and Alaric are only engaged because of the twins or something to do with the hunter. I’m sure once we get caught up on the same time line, an episode after that Caroline will no longer be engaged.

  28. Kristen says:

    This is the absolute worst idea ever… okay, that’s a stretch, TVD has a lot of bad ideas, but this one is up there. So many questions… how was Caroline chosen as the surrogate? Is there a reason that she was chosen, or was it solely because she was just there at the time that Florence/Jo passed? Not only that, but she’s a vampire, so why would her body have been chosen? If these fetus can magically teleport their womb to a different body, then why not Bonnie? Why a vampire body, when it’s been expressed repeatedly that vampires can’t get pregnant. I just feel like this is all a stretch. I see why Alaric and Caroline are now engaged in the future… I mean, a woman carrying your unborn children from your now twice deceased ex-fiance is definitely something that will make the heart grow fonder, but I’m just not sold on this. Not one bit. might also be because I adore Stefan and Caroline together, but I’ll try to keep an open mind.

    • Stephy says:

      Stefan and Caroline are the dullest couple ever on tvd. I’m glad they’re not together in the future. Just hope it stays that way!

  29. Gen says:

    Such a pity that its not boy/girl twins then one could be named Lizzie after Carolines Mom, and one could be Bill after her Dad………..oh my bad that might be crass because ALARIC KILLED HIM.

  30. casey says:

    I actually like this show more now that Elena is gone. Hated her character and the stupid love triangle. I also preferred Stefan and Caroline as friends. So I’m interested to see how they break-up Alaric deserves to have his kids and this was an interesting way to get it done. I embrace the weirdness and look forward to seeing how it all plays out!

  31. munchkins says:

    Vampires are getting preggo, I should too! I wish my free pregnancytips pregnancy test comes back positive before Christmas.

  32. Maddy says:

    I think that it was a good idea to impregnent Caroline with Alaric’s babies.I know people don’t agree with it and I’m kind of sad they’re not Stefan’s babies.I thought it was interesting and that Alaric and Caroline got together.It makes me sad Stefan and Caroline don’t end up together.i also don’t like that he ends up with the heretic.It’s tvd so it’s gonna have a twist but it’s interesting and I like it.

  33. Sam says:

    I hated dis show since damon and elena got together am not a fan of there relationship… I wnted stefan to end up with elena,, now to me its all boring ha

  34. breona pack says:

    Why can’t stefan and elean have a baby together I would love that and bonie and Damon get together I what elean to come back

  35. Steven R. White says:

    I saw Vampire Diarys for the first time, this fall. Over Christmas Holiday, I watched seasons 1-4. This is the most addicting show I have ever had the pleasure to watch. Incredible cast. Fell in Love with Caroline instantly. Her smile lights up a room, like no other. Love those dimples. Please keep up the fantastic story lines. I expect to see another 6 seasons, at least. Thank you for bringing back Great Television!

  36. kelly says:

    no matter how crazy the show gets i still love it and i hope they continue
    and am a BONNIE fan i Hate enzo so i hope they dont end up together i prefer Damon and bonnie being together than lorenzo

  37. Maye says:

    I am amazed at how the arguments are brewing over this “no consent” issue. I think Caroline is stunning in this plot! I don’t know why people are upset about it. Personally with one of the most important characters (Elena) off the show, the show lacked a certain thrill to it. When I saw how they added Jo and Alaric’s babies to the twist I was very accepting of it. I was so happy for Alaric and the plot just added on, makes the loss of Nina ‘ character better to deal with.