Girl Meets World

Rowan Blanchard on Girl Meets World's Love Triangle: 'We All Saw It Coming'

Riley Matthews’ World has become a lot more complicated since we first met her in June 2014 — thanks in part to the recent introduction of a long-bubbling love triangle — but star Rowan Blanchard promises it’s all part of the plan.

“I think we all saw it coming,” the Girl Meets World actress tells TVLine. “We just knew it was natural for the characters. If you go back in Season 1, there are certain lines that Lucas says to Maya or Maya says to Lucas … and it’s so obvious they have feelings for each other. I don’t know what’s going to happen in Season 3, but for me, this all feels so natural.”

Below, Blanchard offers more of her thoughts on the series’ complicated relationships, including the most important one of all: the friendship between Riley and Maya.

TVLINE | I feel like Riley’s decision to put her Lucas feelings aside for Maya’s sake was a surprisingly progressive approach to this triangle.
[Laughs] I mean, it’s obviously a lie. She’s clearly putting that on, but I do think it was an interesting way to resolve it. You can only do the love triangle thing so many times on TV, and I feel like we had an interesting take on it, where Riley’s basically trying to shut down her feelings for him. I liked how it was really about human nature, what we will and won’t do for people.

TVLINE | Guys will come and go, but it really does feel like Riley and Maya’s relationship is the show’s core focus.
At the end of the day, I truly believe our show is a friendship show, whereas Boy Meets World was probably more of a relationship show. What we’re trying to do with Girl Meets World is show that relationships aren’t limited to romantic relationships. Friendships can be just as powerful, if not more so.

TVLINE | That said, the fans are getting pretty heated about this love triangle. What’s something you want them to remember in the midst of their ‘shipping wars?
In a way, it’s flattering that fans are getting possessive over these characters, since it clearly means we’ve created characters worth getting possessive over. But at the same time, everybody needs to chill and not fight with each other. Everything is temporary in every single section of life. Who knows, maybe we’ll be in exact opposite positions in our fourth season. So just don’t fight with each other.

TVLINE | Good call. And what of our boy Charlie Gardner? Does Riley have feelings for him?
Honestly, I think everybody is just in this hormonal feelings-fest, where nobody knows what the heck they’re feeling. When we first met Charlie, I thought he was charming in this really weird way. He just genuinely wants to please Riley and it’s really adorable. We just filmed our finale [“Girl Meets Legacy”], and he’s a part of that.

TVLINE | What can you tell us about the finale, since it’s the last episode before high school?
The finale is very interesting. It’s about the legacy we all want to leave behind in middle school — not only about what you’re physically going to leave behind, but also what thoughts you’re going to associate with middle school. Riley and Maya both know that going to high school will take their relationships to a new level, as dating is going to become a real thing, which puts everybody in an awkward position.

Your thoughts on Girl‘s ever-complicating love triangle? Hopes for high school? Drop ’em all in a comment below.

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  1. Remy says:

    What about Josh? Are we just suppose to forget about Maya’s feelings for him?

    • Until Maya turns 18, yes, yes we are.

    • abby says:

      Maya is a teenage girl her feeling for Josh just being dropped would hardly be a plot hole teenagers do just get over their feelings and move on to someone new.

    • AnaMM says:

      Rowan did say things change all the time, she never confirmed neither lucaya nor its lasting. Josh is still in the game, except it’s a slow burn. Just like Riarkle if they ever go there. The article didn’t cover them, though. We also know rucas is still a thing (and may forever be one), so… Yes, Josh is still in the game, but the long game, not the short one ;)

    • kathy says:

      So true what about Josh I’ve been thinking of what’s going to happen with Josh

    • Maya doesn’t have feelings for Josh…She has a crush on Josh.

    • Wendy says:

      Maya’s feelings for Josh is just some silly crush. I really hope drop that whole plot in the New Years episode.

    • Megan says:

      According to one spoiler I found it says Maya and Josh’s relationship takes a new turn in season 3 and another spoiler I found is Maya apparently might let go of Lucas for Riley because of whatever happens between josh&maya. I think the writers only put in the Maya&Lucas&Riley love triangle so Maya would have a different love interest other than Josh while Josh is figuring out how he feels about Maya after girl meets the tale tell tot. The only reason why this is put in season 3 is because Josh’s actor Uriah was in a motorcycle accident that left him in the hospital for a few months so they had to change girl meets new year and girl meets legacy at the last minute but now Uriah is out of the hospital and back to work so now they can finally resolve the love triangle.

      • Larry says:

        Megan, nice to hear from you again, you are in my opinion 3/4 right on the triangle, the spoilers also go on to say that Lucas was seen kissing another girl in the ski lodge, and that Farkel is not sure of his relationship with Riley. A possible new triangle, Maya, Lucas, and Josh. I have said many times before the final end game in my opinion is Riley and Farkel, the sooner the better. No one will ever love Riley like he does, and it also bothers me that lucas feels different about the two girls. In Legacy he said he had different feelings for both girls. That’s not a guy who wants a girlfriend, that is a guy who wants it both ways.As far as Maya and Josh goes, could be interesting to watch, especially if Lucas becomes the jelous one. I also do not believe that the writers will do anything to spoil the friendship between Riley and Maya, Bay window proved that. Most important get rid of the triangle, do not throw any more guys in. Let them grow up.

  2. Stacy says:

    Blanchard is dead wrong about Boy Meets World being primarily a romantic relationship show, but she’s young and I’ll give her a pass. It’s unlikely she actually watched all those episodes!

    That said, I like that they aren’t trying to recreate the first love forever of Cory & Topanga. I’m not a fan of soapy love triangles, but watching Riley and Maya as young girls trying to figure out their friendship and crushes actually seems very honest and innocent.

    • Mick says:

      Rowan has watched all the Boy Meets World episodes. I have seen interviews where she recalled moments of the show that even Ben Savage didn’t remember.
      That said Boys Meets World became much better about incorporating the complexities of a friend group in the college years, but the core was always the three friends/ two romantic partners.

    • sarah jones says:

      Rowan did watch all of the episodes. She is very mature and you shouldn’t “let it slide” and use her age as an excuse. I think she was right about the relationships being.mostly romantic though, I mean what happened at the end of the Disney episode Cory and Topanga ended up together. What happened at the end of the Texas trilogy Maya and riley were together

      • emily says:

        but the whole point of the Disney episode was for Cory and Topanga to get back together. Texas and Disney episodes were completely different. I disagree. Boy Meets World was equally about friendships and relationships. Theirs the most epic bromance, Cory and Shawn. Then theirs Jack and Eric. Eric and Feeny. Cory and Feeny. Shawn and Mr. Turner. Topanga and Angela. All the family relationships, etc. Then they have their romance with Cory/Topanga, Shawn/Angela, Jack/Rachel.

  3. Sara says:

    I disagree with her about Boy Meets World being more of a romance show than a friendship show. I watched that show almost predominantly for Cory and Shawn’s friendship. Yes, I love Cory and Topanga, but Cory and Shawn were the core of that show from the very beginning while Topanga took awhile to become a main character rather than quirky side story.
    The fact that there is a long-lasting love triangle involving these two girls (Cory and Shawn never had that) and that in the very first episode we got introduced to Riley’s potential “Topanga” makes me believe that Girl Meets World is more romance-heavy.

    • A fan of TV says:

      I think that the differences you highlight have more to do with the nature of boy and girl friendships, though. I mean we met Topanga in the pilot or at least very early in the OS, as well. Girls have plenty of drama surrounding boys they both like, more so than most boys. Especially at that age boys take almost no sense of ‘ownership’ of their crushes the way girls can…but I do agree that the show is probably equal on romance to the OS…might just seem more because of the dynamic of preteen girl friends.

      • thetvwife says:

        Excellent point. I have continued to watch, for this reason. Females talk about their feelings, romantic and otherwise more openly, in general, and yes it can breed drama, but the show tends to focus on the friendships and how they respect each other, instead of the expected. Maya refused to acknowledge her feelings until Riley made her, and now Riley is doing what she thinks is right, by stepping aside. The expected would be for them to fight over Lucas, and instead they’re actively trying to avoid that.

  4. Daphne says:

    Bless Rowan Blanchard’s heart for being so mature in her views about about this “love triangle”! And, I’m so happy she also saw it coming from Day 1 (I’m not completely crazy, yay)! Lucas and Maya were so obviously going to be a thing at some point, it was clear as the eyes can see. The attraction was there since the pilot!

    • Margaret says:

      The series is about family and friendship. Riley and Maya value both family and friends, and all of the plot lines show the significance of being close to family and friends. The girls maintain a friendship through all types of challenges, and Rowan is very insightful to see how friendship is the core narrative. Oh, but the love stories and love triangle…
      Maya is going to get closer to Josh as the series goes on. Her feelings for Josh are more than a crush. It’s a very long game, but Maya has already let Josh know her feelings weren’t just a crush on him. She told the college girls, while Josh was present, things she admired about Josh and the ways he showed (without directly saying) how important family was to him. For Maya, one of the most important characteristics that people have is how they treat family, and because of what she sees in the Matthews family, she wants to be part of that family.
      Riley’s interest in Lucas develops from a crush initially to something more substantial. Unlike Maya, Riley doesn’t want to prevail over Lucas in the election once she sees that he misses his friends in Texas. She apparently is the initiator of the election video endorsement of Lucas which shows his Texas friends and how much they like him. Riley makes it plain to Lucas in the car wash episode that it’s a really big deal that he was the first boy she ever liked, asked him if he’s worth it, and he says yes. Zay comments to Farkle that Riley and Lucas would both do anything for their friends, and corrects Farkle when Farkle thinks that means Lucas and Riley are too much alike to be together. Riley tries to make everyone happy, and Farkle tells her that she needs to be honest not only with others but particularly with herself. When she struggles with being honest about her feelings for Lucas, Farkle lets all their friends know on New Year’s Eve that Riley still loves Lucas.
      Lucas has been close to Riley since they met, tells her about helping a horse give birth, something he’s never shared with anyone. He answers her question about “what am I to you” by telling her she’s a princess, and helps her on to the horse to ride with him after he wins the election as class president. Part of his answer to Riley’s “are you worth it” question in the car wash is that he asked her father for permission to date her, something he implies that’s hardly ever done. He is furious when he learns someone is bullying her at school, and Zay lets Farkle know that Farkle could never have restrained Lucas from going to Riley’s defense. Lucas rankles at Riley’s announcement in Texas that they are “brother and sister”, responding “what if that’s not what I think we are?” He comments rather sarcastically at the dance in Texas “oh, so that’s ok” when she says they should dance together, seeming to be annoyed that Riley thinks they should dance together when they aren’t boyfriend and girlfriend, just brother and sister per Riley’s announcement. He is also critical of Charlie Gardner and Charlie’s description of even a minor aspect of Charlie and Maya’s movie date, the snacks that Charlie says he’s going to get at the movie. The impression is that Lucas really doesn’t like Charlie going on a date with Riley. Lucas does like Maya and is flattered to find out in Texas that she likes him. They clearly have a crush on each other right now. He says symbolically to her while talking to the bull in Texas “I never thought I had a chance with you.” He admires Maya’s artistic ability and he wants her to have opportunities for her to develop as an artist. But there isn’t too much content about liking her except the “no chance” Texas comment. And, there’s not much more content about why she likes him other than he’s fun to tease and she makes a “you’re a good guy” remark to him by the campfire in Texas. That’s fairly minimal compared the reasons Maya had said she liked Josh. Oh, and there’s her remark that Lucas needs someone like her to take him down when she talks to Riley about how each of them has a role in their friendship with Lucas. Maya’s comment about Lucas has more of a “I’ll be honest with you at all costs” friend type of relationship to it than a romantic partner relationship of “he needs someone like you to build him up”.

      Long game: Maya is in a relationship with Josh, Riley is in a relationship with Lucas, and Farkle may continue to date Schmackle. (Farkle and Schmackle seem taken with each other at debates, when we learn she has Aspergers, and again at New Year’s Eve). And, Shawn and Katie get together.

      • Larry says:

        Margaret, I had to read your comments 4 or 5 times to digest all of it. First of all, well written.I loved the way you analyzed the position of each person. This is where I have minor disagreements, (1) Maya and Josh, I want it to last, but what happens the first time he takes her to a collage function such as a dance, she could get embarrassed as could Josh, all that being said I hope it works for them. Smakel and Farkel, for now, but for long. Katy and Shawn, God I hope so, Riley and Lucas, for now yes but the back of my mind says beware of the person who loves her more then any thing, or as I have said beware the Farkel. I still believe that they are the end game. Hopefully the series will go at least 5 more years to see if I am right, great thoughts and great writing on your part.

      • Daphne says:

        The more I watch this show, the more I believe that Riley and Farkle end up together. I think Lucas and Maya will likely date each other for a while, don’t know yet if it’ll last or not (could go either way at this point), but there’s something there for sure. But the long game/endgame is Riley and Farkle. Lucas may have been Riley’s first crush (and a very worthy one at that), but the person who’s her real prince and is *always* there for her is Farkle. Riley and Farkle are the new Cory & Topanga. Mark my words.

        • Larry Larson says:

          I have been saying this for a long time, but for this this to happen we need the show to last at least 5 more years. 

      • Kay says:

        This comment L I T E R A L L Y took the words out of my mouth. Every. Last. Word. Finally someone agrees with me!

        • Larry says:

          Kay, me earlier comment about Farkel was based on your comments about Maya stealing her best friends boy friend. Of course the most important aspect of the show is the girls friendship,and the love they have for each other. Based upon Bay Window they will be friends for ever, but in girl meets first date, Maya said she would never hurt Riley, and would never date Lucas, yet here we are. So I ask in the eyes of the writers how important is the friendship? At this point in time by mid year season 3 this mess has to be settled, and the friendship must stay close, or no season 4

  5. MegTrayK says:

    I’m so glad you brought up Charlie! Even though Riley doesn’t seem to care about him, I think he’s adorable and she should try to give him a shot!

  6. tim says:

    the one thing i dod not understand in texas is maya , up untill now i did not beleave maya and lucas had eney thing for each ether but when maya got bent out of shape when she saw the bull it seems that she may think more than she says for lucas i wonder if this was thrown in to throw us off am in right?

  7. Jaime says:

    Riley/Maya is the true OTP. if only Disney could take the risk.

    • AnaMM says:

      Why? Can’t the otp be a true and unbeatable friendship? Why does the otp have to be about sex(kissing, since it’s disney)? Can’t the truest relationship be one of friendship?

  8. Larry says:

    The article did not mention Farkle. I am not a Charly fan, I think Farkel should end up with Riley. I know a lot of people disagree, but those two belong with each other. They would be great together, as both learn about love.

    • 4theloveoffilm says:

      Haha! I actually agree with you. I like Farkle, especially the newer, maturing version. I think he would be good for Riley and visa versa. Although I think I’d be happy with either Riley or Maya ending up with Lucas, I think Maya and Lucas are better suited for one another and have better chemistry. If not Farkle for Riley, I’d think it entertaining to watch her find someone we have not yet met.

    • Raul says:

      I agree with you.. farkel and riley should end up together. And Maya and lucas should stay together. Hope the writers would do something unpredictable and do this. If they put riley and lucas together this show is going to be boring. So change it up a little and make farkel and riley and lucas and Maya a pair

  9. tim says:

    ignor the last post it did not come out right

  10. Tara says:

    I honestly never saw any Disney channel scene that had that much intensity as that Lucas and Maya scene.

  11. AnaMM says:

    The one thing I don’t agree with is about Maya liking Lucas from S1. Row probably got a few episodes mistaken because of their order, ’cause even in s1 finale she felt nothing. The one episode that showed an actual lucaya moment was 61, and it wasn’t even them, it was their grandparents. For all there is, Maya’s shown a possible interest in Lucas since season 2. That being said, I like how she says everything changes, all the time, aand how mature she is about her answers. The show is abou friendship and this we shall never forget.

  12. Asia says:

    I am so glad I wasn’t subjected to a Cory/Topanga/Shawn love triangle when Boy Meets World was on. It would have ruined the show.Love triangles are so tired and I have no interested in sitting through another one especially on a kids’ show. It’s too bad. I was expecting to enjoy Girl Meets World because it had the same creators and writers. I don’t know what it is, probably a lot different things show. But the show doesn’t feel organic.

  13. Kathryn says:

    The love angles are creepy to me because she looks about 10 years old.

  14. animegirl31 says:

    I just need confirmation of a season 3, it’s pretty much my favorite show on TV right now, other than The Librarians

  15. Me says:

    Who is Riley friends with Maya? Maya is so mean to her most of the time. It makes it hard to watch. But the writers need to make Riley grow up; the constant goofy act is old.

  16. Pat Tinnell says:

    don’t like the Maya, she suppose to be riley friend friends don,t do friends that way I will stop watching it because f this

  17. I loved Boy Meets World and I like this one too, but It’s just a TV show people…get a life, get a hobby, something and take a chill pill. It’s not real

  18. Danielle says:

    Oh please. We all know Lucas will choose Riley. Even though he has more chemistry with Maya. This triangle is a bad idea, imo. Mainly because we all saw it coming and we all know how it’s going to end.

  19. The triangle was never even a question not until season 2 imo. In the whole of season one Maya made it clear she did not care for Lucas that way at all. I don”t exactly remember when the slight shift in Maya’s feelings was introduced but it was season 2 and I hated that idea so much I almost stopped watching GMW. Then when Texas came around I was disgusted with how quick Maya went to sort of interested to absolutely feral with her feelings in part 1. And Riley went from this sweet girl to being almost on the verge of mean to Lucas.

    As for Charlie I actually love his character but I hated how Riley treated him so horribly in Texas 3. I would be happy with that ship if it was a definitive Lucas will never choose Riley. I also like the idea of Riley and Farkle. Even as far back as the pilot you could tell that Farkle liked Riley best and just the thought of Maya and Farkle is yuck. At the moment I ship no one at all. I like Riley for Lucas, Charlie or Farkle. Most likely I would be okay with any of those pairings. However I do not like Maya and Lucas at all. Yes, there’s chemistry and yes they will explore that more but those two will never last. I like Maya and Josh honestly despite the age thing. I think Maya and Zay would be good too. But NOT Lucaya or Maya/Farkle.

    • twilightbjk says:

      I feel the same way! I’m fine with Riley not being with Lucas, but Lucaya is just wrong. It doesn’t feel right. Maya went from ‘I kinda like him because everybody else does’ to ‘he’s the love of my life’ real quick. People always think that they should be together because there was an almost-kiss moment but Lucas said ‘please don’t tell my sister’ (referring to Riley) right after that… I think it says something. He was also willing to fight for Riley because he wasn’t happy being just her brother. I’m looking forward to Girl Meets New Year and Girl Meets Legacy because both are supposed to be big episodes for Rucas and Joshaya. :)

    • AnaMM says:

      SAME! Omg, PREACH!

      • Ashley says:

        Yes! Rucas for life!!

        • Snips says:

          it adds flavor to the show and I think Riley and Lucas are too alike, it doesn’t look right with them especially since in reality there is a 3 YEAR AGE GAP…when they are older it wouldn’t be a problem but right now at this age it just isn’t right

    • Katy says:

      I agree . Lucas may have more chemistry with Maya, but I have always felt that there chemistry is more a deep friendship where each pick on each other. I think Lucas and Riley are the better couple, but I like Farkle and Riley too if Smackle goes away. Josh’s eyes were opening towards Maya and I think as she gets older and into high school he is going to realize the age difference really doesn’t matter.

  20. angel says:

    Well here goes.They made the show as real as real gets this is a real subject for kids & even adults.We all want Riley with the perfect guy but why not Maya?The girl with a bad ass personality & laid back attitude.Itll never work but why not?Oh and the 15 year old sneaking with an older boy thats real too

  21. cuius says:

    As long as it doesn’t result in another “Miley Cyrus”, not too bothered which final pairing happens.

  22. twilightbjk says:

    Maya thought that when playing Riley in Girl Meets Yearbook, she learnt a secret (her thinking of Lucas as a brother). But as Katy told Topanga, when you’re too close to the person you’re playing, you can’t see straight. In Girl Meets Texas, Riley stepped back because she found out about Maya’s feelings about Lucas. But even though Maya thought Lucas and Riley shared siblinghood, but clearly both Lucas and Riley didn’t feel that way and wanted more. Lucas fought for Riley and insisted that wasn’t what he felt. Personally, I support Riley/Lucas and am okay with Riley/Charlie or Riley/Farkle. However, I stand by my point that Maya and Lucas share nothing more that the relationship of siblings.

  23. Wendy says:

    I’ve been rooting for Maya and Lucas since Girl Meets Father. Their chemistry is on fire!

  24. ? says:

    Put me down for Riley/Farkle. Yeah he’s got some growing up to do yet but I think they compliment and play off each other nice, and also I want to see Cory & Topanga’s daughter dating Minkus’s son. Hilarity ensues!

  25. Sazza says:

    Funny how Peyton said he didn’t see it coming, but Rowan did. I think Rowan’s opinions have been effected by seeing all the over the top analyses the fandom does. She and Sabrina follow the fandom closely on social media so they know all about how people think sloppy joe means something.
    I don’t watch this show for its ships and the only actual hints I saw that Lucas and Maya happening came in season two.

  26. Sietska says:

    I would really love it if maya and Lucas became a couple and Riley/Lucas has no feelings for each other in that way but Riley and maya are still best friends that’s my hopes for this show

  27. Abbs says:

    I hope Lucas and Maya start dating and Riley starts dating Charlie and Farkle and Smackle get together

  28. Abby says:

    I was a huge fan of boy meets world, and it’s interesting for me to see this next generation, I clearly enjoy the show it’s so family friendly compared to tv shows nowadays. As for the love triangle. Maya is confused about her feelings. I believe she’s the one that sees lucas as a brother she treats him like any sibling treats each other and Maya also knows that Riley backed off for their friendship sake. Riley realized she is in love with lucas (Farkle) figured it out in Texas 3 episode while giving the flashbacks. Lucas is attracted to Maya, but his heart belongs to Riley. They just both need to have the courage to express it. Which likely they will in season 3. Charlie is adorable and I would love him for Riley, but clearly her heart isn’t in it.

  29. Raul says:

    I think that Maya and lucus should stay together. Riley and lucus dosent look right. Riley should be with farkel and lucus should stay with maya.

  30. sage says:

    I have a feeling Riley and Farkle will be together…

  31. Larry says:

    As a person who watches this show with his kids, and after reading hundreds of comments, I would like to add some different perspectives and questions (1) Why not Cory and Tapanga, Have we become so Jaded in this world we do like a good love story. Even in today’s world of drugs, sex, and relationships that last as long as a politician telling the truth, love can be a great thing. Many of today’s shows teach us not to believe, and always take the easy way out.There is nothing wrong with comparing the current show to it:s beginnings, which in many cases the writers have already done. (2), Should Riley and Lucas be together, yes for now, not only do they need to be for now, but also for there own future. Should they stay together, only time will tell. (3) Maya and Farkel, May be not the end game, but a good pairing for now,as In a previous episode, Maya the artist put Farkel in a birds nest, saying he needs protecting. This is who Maya is, she protects, and loves. She could not be her self with Lucas, Lucas does not need protecting. (3) Charlie, writers throw in characters to try to throw the viewer off guard, Riley may like Charlie, but she will never love him.I do see a major change in the coming years, where the two couples may switch, as they mature, but that:s for another season. (4) Josh, Part of me says let them go fourth and conquer, the other part of me says might be fun for an episode or 2, but it should not happen. Corey and Tapanga proved relationships are not easy, and like all fine things have to be nurtured. Should the show stick around for a while, the couples will find out all good things are worth fighting for. Hopefully we the public will get to continue to watch these 4 amazing people grow. Now a couple of personal notes, Shame on you Disney for making the public wait for a renewal of this show, whether it be on Disney or ABC Family, What you the executives are doing is wrong to all the viewing public. either renew or cancel, but one way or the other get it over with. One other thought,in today’s world best friends are hard to find, as I cannot keep up with all the teenage gossip I have to go with what I hear. The two lead females of the show I have heard are best friends in real l;life, I hope it stays that way. These two young ladies are beyond there years in what a roll model should be, the advice I give to both of you, stay best friends as long as you can, in your world that one person that you can trust and lean on may make make or break you. to every one else, remember it:s a TV show, which helps us escape are lives for at least 1/2 hour a week. For that I Thank Disney, the great actors, and the great writers. These are the thoughts of an older person. Feel free to chop me up.

  32. Megan says:

    Super excited and can’t wait to see what happens! Love the show and the heart warming friendships it has. Good luck to them all!

  33. Ashley says:

    Lucas belongs with Riley. I thought that was made obvious.

  34. Patricia says:

    So do you guys think maya and lucid are going to end up together

    • Wendy says:

      I think Maya and Lucas are endgame. There have been subtle tiny hints in several episodes.

      • Larry Larson says:

        Wendy, Are Maya and Lucas the end game because she is entitled to him or because they do I dare say love each other. After watching reruns a dozen times, I feel that Riley and Lucas at this time are the endgame. For how long well who knows: At this point in time especially with the potential return of Josh next year it is time for Riley and Lucas to take there next step. I still believe that in the long run Farkel will   be a huge part of this whole thing. Remember Maya feels that Farkel needs to be protected, Smakel could never do that.    

  35. Jacqueline says:

    What is this teaching children. It is never ok for best friends (friends period) to date the same guy. I watch this show with my daughter and I am pissed at what this is teaching her.

    Clearly Maya should find her own guy, whyd she choose her friends

    • Larry says:

      In General I agree with your comments. I wonder if all concerned have figured out that we the viewing public want these 4 to be together, not just as friends but as couples. I still belive that Farkel and Riley are destined for each other. By the same token I agree that we the public have to let this play out, no matter how much it hurts to watch

    • Wendy says:

      Maya is free to have a crush on Lucas if she wants. He’s not Riley’s property and it’s not like they dated for years. It was one date, one awkward kiss, and then they returned to being friends and appeared to be more comfortable with each other again because Riley wasn’t mooning over him and putting him on a pedestal.

  36. Jennifer says:

    Riley should be with Lucas!!

    • Larry says:

      Only if Farkel stays with Smakel, (Please No). Also in last nights episode, Charley said we will see what the new year brings.
      I will admit I do not like Charley, and I hope the writers do not force him or Zay on us as one of the couples. I would like to say this has to end, by the same token it ends what is the new beginning? The most important thing is that the relationship betweem Maya and Riley m7s5 stay ad strong or even stronger, otherwise cancel the show.

      • Larry says:

        Sorry about the mispells on my last comments, I was trying to say Maya and Riley, and there friendship, and with out it you do not need the show

    • Wendy says:

      Riley should be with be with Farkle. She has more chemistry with him, then she ever did with Lucas.

      • Larry Larson says:

        I cannot disagree, I have always thought that, But first Smakel has to go, and what about Maya. I would love to Riley and Farkel experience love. It would be fun to watch. 

  37. larry larson says:

    Same thing I asked on another site, when did Maya step back for Riley, she in the year book episode, and the Semi Formal episode, so when did she step back?

  38. it’s ridiculous that this show is writing love triangle’s for 14 year olds. I was enjoying it mostly before now. what’s next sexual comptetition’s at the age of 15? And the new season no doubt is one where Lucas finally justifys either girls exisistence by “choosing” one of them. this is wildly inappropriate for the age group.

    • Larry says:

      Interesting comment, yet the first years were set up to allow the players and the viewers to get hurt. I agree it should of been settled a long time ago, I also think that letting Lucas sit on the side lines was a huge mistake. In Texas he should of asked Riley why are you pushing another girl at me when you are the one I like. We get a little break because it;s Disney, so hopefully sex will be out of it, at least for now. I no the writers are trying to imatate real life, with love breakups new people ect, only time will tell if this is a mistake. I some time wonder if writers actually care about what the viewing public wants, since I do not know these people I will bever get an answer to that question. It has been said the writers will string us along for 7 weeks with Maya the winner here, or will she be? We all hope in are fantasy world for happy endings, in this case the 4 main characters end up as two couples, promise us that, we can wait it out. If not the third year may be there swan song.
      Merry Christmas

  39. Sarah says:

    I read all of these comments and they definitely express different viewpoints in the show. First, I’m not sure about Riley and Farkle being together just because the show has not really hinted about that but who knows what’s going to happen in the future. Next For Josh I feel like he could change the plot although he is older for maya. But what I really what to know how everyone truly feels, everyone seems to be avoiding directly talking about this. However I do feel that sadly no one can go with Lucas because it would mess up the girls strong friendship with each other which I feel is the most important part of the show.

    • Larry says:

      Sharah, as always I love your comments. So lets start with Riley and Farkel, in the two years of the show have you ever seen any two people that love each other more then Riley and Farkel. Think how much fun it would be to watch the love develop between those two. To watch them grow up in love would be a blast. As far as no hints about thise two, surprise. Josh and Maya, I like thosr 2 for a brief time, but he is in college, and many girls his age there. I would hate to see Maya hurt that bad.
      As I have stated many times Lucas has been given a pass on this whole situation, Riley Pushes Maya to Lucas, Riley falls on her sword, Lucas gets to sit back and just wait see what happends. Man up Lucas pick one or for now none. Shara I so agree
      With you, the two girls are the show, and ax I have said before, no bay window, no best friends, no show. Obe final note, in real life Farkel and Smakel would
      not last. Looking forward to more of your comments, or any body elses. Happy Newyear

  40. Emma Call says:

    Holy crap the new year episode blew my mind :p

    • Larry says:

      The New years episode actually ticked me off. Not that Farkel spilled the beans on Riley, but that he had to at all. When Maya asked Lucas if this place is taken, and he said he did not know who he was saving it for, Riley should of gone over by Lucas and Maya and forced the issue. The next couple of shows were filmed before Texas and New years so we are stuck till I guess the graduation show, if then. This needs to end so these lives can continue to develop.But based on the thousand or so post on this subject who know I may be totally wrong.

  41. Emma Call says:

    um wow did u see the new year episode

  42. Sarah says:

    Did we forget the part in the gmw episode when Riley went to the movies with charlie farkle and zane was explaining everything that was going on and we already know how riley and lucas feel about each other Mya didn’t even really show intrest in Lucas until season two which I don’t get there is obviously chemistry between them but let’s be honest Riley and Lucas don’t like each other they love eachother they are only awkward because they are nervous around eachother which should say some thing and they did a whole episode about Riley and Lucas’s first date and Lucas obviously respects and really likes her to go as far as to ask her father for his blessing just to take her on a date a d when Riley and lucas kissed did you see this huge smile across his face and as far as the almost kiss lucas tried to fight for Riley just before lucas and mya’s almost kiss and immediately after their almost kiss Lucas immediatley regretted it and you know this because he said please don’t tell my sister meaning riley

    • Larry says:

      Sarah, I did not see Andy Swifts Comments, but it is obvious that what ever this person said up set you. So let me try to put your mind at ease, Riley and Lucas are Cory and Tapanga, whether any one likes it or not. Just like her father knew about her mother Riley knows about Lucas, it is in her heart, she knew this the day she fell on her sword for Maya, and on New years during the friends game when Lucas was so Jealous. She loves him and even at her age she is willing to play a very dangerous game by giving Maya first shot. We all have something in us that says this is the one. It is after that we have problems, like how do tell this person, and do they feel the same way. Lucas has proven that he not only cares about, but in his own teenage way loves Riley. Like all three of them he is confused, especially when Riley decided he was her brother. Now we see how long the writers play this out, Cory and Tapanga were never on solid ground till the last year, though Cory always knew. The bigger question is will the show last another 4 or so years to allow this to be played out. Time will tell Sarah,Don:t give up hope. By the way all you shippers of Josh and Maya, you do realize that if they end up together, and some day got married Riley would have to call Maya, Aunt Maya. That would be a hoot. By the way,despite the fact he is with Smakel at the moment never count Farkel out. Hope this makes you feel better Sarah.

  43. josie says:

    Also lucas can live without maya can he live without riley. Also in pilot he was sitting behind riley like Cory sat behind Topanga. Then 2 show maya was in front of him. Riley and lucas are endgame. Farkle will find his endgame in high school. Josh and maya are endgame. When she goes to college they get together.

    • Larry says:

      Josie, you have asked a very interesting question. Unlike Cory and Tapanga Riley knows she is met to be with Lucas. So in the short run, yes he can live with out Riley. But Riley just like her father will win

  44. george dogs says:

    riley and Lucas all the way!!!!!!

    • Larry says:

      Why, Why not Maya and Lucas, Why not Farkel and Riley, How bout Farkel and Maya, What if Lucas said no to both girls, Just asking

  45. Beiana says:

    What episode doese josh Go to college in and seasen

  46. claire says:

    I don’t even know man just give me my riarkle endgame it’s honestly all the matters

    • Larry says:

      I am starting to wonder how all of a sudden Farkel became a player, when you look at polls he has only 1% of the votes, yet I am starting to see a lot of people saying the same thing, explanation from any one please

      • Daphne says:

        Well, have you watched the interactions between Farkle and Riley since Girl Meets Texas part 3? Specifically in Girl Meets New Years and Girl Meets STEM? There’s sparks flying there! But something tells me this has been a long time coming. You can go back and rewatch many episodes to see they’ve been hinting at Farkle’s feelings for Riley since almost the very beginning. Question is: when will Riley realize how strong her feelings are for him now? Right now, she still seems “blinded by Lucas”, but Riarkle is rising… mark my words!

        • Larry says:

          Wow, Daphne, Truer words have never been spoken about this show, if you look at U Tube they have 90 reasons why Farkel and Riley are the end game. My self I would love it, watching these two explore love and growing up.

  47. Lucayarkle says:

    Ugh can we just get this love thing done already I’m getting really annoyed because Rucas and Lucaya shippers are getting preetty restless. Also I have been waiting for SO LONG for at least one ship to be confirmed

  48. Paris Villarreal says:

    I want maya to be with josh/rileys uncle , and riley I want her to be with farkle cause I think they make a cute couple

  49. Paris Villarreal says:

    maya and lucas should be together !!!!! lucaya