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Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on POI, Castle, Arrow, The Originals, HTGAWM, Supernatural, Jane, P.D. and More

What is Person of Interest’s Team Machine squabbling over now? What makes Arrow’s Damien Darhk do horrible things? Does Castle‘s Kate have a plan? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Is Person of Interest’s Mr. Finch going to make any ethical changes to The Machine when rebuilding it? –Kaan
That issue is very ripe for debate when(ever) the CBS series returns, with Finch and Root taking very opposite sides. “Root is still [The Machine’s] No. 1 champion,” Amy Acker told me at POI’s 100th episode party, “so she is trying to convince Harold that we should maybe make some ‘modifications’ while we’re rebuilding Her.” Finch, though, is at least at first included to pursue the status quo. “What’s great fun about the early episodes is watching the two of them argue about, if they can adjust The Machine’s secret formula, should they?” says EP Jonah Nolan. “Given that the stakes are higher and time is running out for them, what are the ethics in changing your strategy?”

Could you give us some scoop on Shaw’s return to Person of Interest? –Alejandra
Sarah Shahi assured me, “We will learn what happened to Shaw over the last nine, 10 months, however long it is she’s been missing.” And put most simply, Team Samaritan “definitely did a number on her.” As such, count on meeting a Shaw you perhaps have never quite seen, when she resurfaces a few episodes in. “Everything that’s going on in that episode, these are the reasons why I said yes to this show,” the actress raved. “It’s everything that I wanted to play in this character, all the places I wanted to go to as an actress but never had the opportunity, and they wrote it for me.”

I was wondering if you have any scoop on Castiel’s storyline on Supernatural? –Zarah
Tonight’s episode finds the angel seeking out Metatron for help and discovering they have more in common than they thought, despite their mutual dislike. “Metatron is more or less human, which is a burden that Cas has had to bear in the past,” Misha Collins previews. “While Cas is not a huge fan of Metatron, he, ultimately, ends up feeling a little bit of empathy for him, because he’s experiencing the human experience for the first time and all of its difficulties.”

With Arrow‘s Oliver Queen running for mayor — and knowing the unfortunate history of mayoral demise in Star City — how will Damien Darhk react to a new player on the field? –Tabitha
Showrunner Wendy Mericle says that Oliver’s candidacy “is not going to sit well with [Darhk],” at all. “He has a history of not wanting anybody taking over that position.” even if it’s “someone he quite frankly doesn’t take as a serious threat.” In fact, it’s Oliver’s unassuming public facade that Damien Darhk “loves it at first,” Neal McDonough says, “because he thinks he can use him as his pawn. We then find out rather quickly that that pawn is not for sale, which certainly sets [Damien] off and makes [him] do some really horribly, dark things.”

Do you have any scoop on Chicago P.D.’s Burzek? Any more engagement planning? –Danielle
“It’s a rocky road” for Ruzek and Burgess, exec producer Matt Olmstead warns. “Those two are going to have issues ahead.” And if you were surprised that the engaged couple still isn’t living together — remember, she came over for dinner at his place last week! — that is indeed a symptom of Ruzek’s commitment issues. “We want to play a little bit of a Peter Pan mentality where he loves the engagement [period],” the EP explains. “When it comes to the reality of actually getting married, he’s got cold feet, which she picks up on.” Ruzek does, though, have a houseguest in Olinsky, and the two unexpected roomies provide for “a lot of fun” scenes, EP Danielle Gelber adds.

Any chance we’ll get some more clues about LokSat by the Castle fall finale? –Rachael
That Nov. 23 episode, “Mr. & Mrs. Castle,” promises to be the most LokSat-heavy of the November sweeps hours, as we gain better insight into Kate’s plan. Per co-showrunner Alexi Hawley, “Ultimately what she’s trying to do is find a way to get to LokSat through the drugs,” having secured the “fingerprint” of the heroin Vulcan Simmons once peddled on Bracken’s behalf. “That drug pipeline is still open, so if she can match the unique fingerprint of that heroin to a different dealer or a different distribution hub, then she knows she’s close to LokSat.”

Are there any good Haylijah scenes coming up on The Originals? –Sel
It sounds like you’re in luck, Sel, because Phoebe Tonkin says there are a “bunch” of fun Hayley/Elijah scenes on the horizon. “Daniel [Gillies] and I work so much together,” she reports. “The show right now is quite dark and heavy, so there aren’t any light, fun moments, but I’m hoping there will be some between Hayley and Elijah.”

I’ve recently become obsessed with Jane the Virgin. Any scoop? –Jennifer
With the Jane/Michael/Rafael love triangle taking a breather, that means potential new love interests. “There’s going to be a point this season where Jane is exploring dating, and it’s not Rafael or Michael,” executive producer Jennie Urman previews. “There will be other choices.” And to be fair, there could be some new gals for Michael and Rafael, too, the EP teases.

Something about SVU? –Felicia
The episode which series star Mariska Hargitay directed last week revolves around a date rape at a high school.

I’ll take whatever you have on the Sleepy Hollow/Abbie front, please, whether it be Quantico flashbacks or a deep look into her romance with Danny. –Lauren
We went straight to the source — Nicole Beharie herself — for some scoop on Abbie/Daniel. Turns out, that intel is locked away deep in Jefferson’s bunker… even from her. “I hope that we learn more. But I don’t know at this moment,” Beharie tells TVLine, adding that she’s game for more moments like last Thursday’s Outer Banks love shack reveal. “Hopefully people like it and we can have a little bit more fun with it, because I love Lance [Gross]. He’s awesome.”

I will take anything you’ve got on How to Get Away With Murder, please! – Denise
For those who missed seeing twisted siblings Caleb and Catherine Hapstall during last week’s installment, showrunner Pete Nowalk has good news. “We will see them [on Nov. 12] and find out more about them in a very big way,” he teases. “There is no Client of the Week. The clients are Catherine and Caleb, and the two of them will have a very big decision to make.” Nowalk points out that much of the action will focus on their late aunt’s previously undiscovered biological son, and “the question is: Are they going to find out about Philip — and what will they think about the fact that Annalise hasn’t told them about him?”

We are overdue for some love for The Middle, such an underrated gem. Hit me up! –Leah
You’ll gobble this up: In “Thanksgiving VII” (airing Nov. 17), Axl is “affected by how fast life is going,” says exec producer Eileen Heisler. Reuniting with some buds at a bar during the break, he realizes, “Things aren’t going exactly as he had hoped, and he finds himself little more emotional about it than one might think with him.” Mom Frankie meanwhile will return to her Season 2 gig at Heritage Village, “which will be really fun,” the EP promises.

Real questions, real answers. If you need the Inside Line on a favorite show, email!  (With reporting by Vlada Gelman, Kim Roots, Andy Swift, Michael Slezak and Ryan Schwartz)


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  1. Snore says:

    Another week, another spoiler thread jam packed with castle and arrow. Lame.

    • Liz says:

      I totally get where you’re coming from, and I’d certainly appreciate some diversity and some movement away from Castle and Arrow scoop, personally. But I’m like 95% sure that the Castle scoop, at the very least, is all from the same interview from like a month ago that’s being distributed in verrrrrryyyyyy small increments. Here’s hoping it runs out of juice soon.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      What show(s) would you like to see covered here , Snore? I greatly endeavor to cover a variety , but then again I can only work with the questions I am emailed.

      Name a show, Snore, and I will make it my mission next column (or the one after) to find and answer a question about it.

      • Trucker says:

        Let’s see 1 scoop on Castle 1 scoop on arrow, boy Matt you sure know how to jam it up. Lol I think some people just like to complain. Just my opinion.

        • Angela says:

          Not to mention, depending on what some shows are cooking up, maybe there’s some stuff they CAN’T share right now, despite being asked for scoop. If that’s the case, then that’s not exactly TV Line’s fault.
          And the fact remains that some shows are just really popular and are going to get a lot of questions as a result. *Shrugs*

          • Bla says:

            Arrow and Castle are NOT that popular compared to other shows. Maybe their fans are just more vocal to ask questions but arrow has like 1.9 mill viewers a week. Vs some 6 mill for other shows.

            The writer of this column is clearly a fan of both shows. So that’s why.

        • MyFairLady says:

          There are 101+ good shows out there but as far back as I can remember InsideLine & AskAus always seem to have questions & answers on Arrow & Castle without fail. Yes we get that they are more popular but it will be nice to mix it up. It was a wonderful surprise to see a question about The Middle this week.
          But I guess like Matt said..if people don’t email then he’s limited to answering only questions he’s been asked.

      • EL says:

        How about something on the Bones undercover cowboy episode. That looks like fun.

      • Shaun says:

        I sent in a Q about Banshee,the final season is coming up and not much word about it.

      • flutiefan says:

        Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Undateable, Blue Bloods…

      • Liz says:

        I would love to see more on Brooklyn Nine Nine, and my new favorite show Crazy Ex Girlfriend.

      • MyFairLady says:

        You’re the worst, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Black-ish, AHS, Scream Queens, Reign

      • I’d love to see some The 100 scoop! I know we don’t have a premier date yet, but they’ve been filming, so maybe there’s something the show runners would be willing to share? Also, SHIELD! :-) Thanks! I think your column is great. Love the JtV scoop!

      • I think you do a great job. BTW, can I get new scoop on (whine) CSI:Miami, the Mentalist and if you (gripe) can, The Andy Griffith Show? HA!

      • Matthew says:


        I’d like to hear about Scorpion, Limitless, and Gotham. Whenever I search for spoilers on these shows, I usually find very little.



      • fiberlicious says:

        Not Snore, but how about Rosewood, or Limitless, or Chicago PD, or CSI Cyber? Arrow and Castle are yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwn.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          I will keep an eye out for questions emailed in about those shows. To date I have received none for ROSEWOOD or CSI CYBER, one for LIMITLESS, and… there’s a CHICAGO PD Q&A a few inches above.

      • Sue says:

        Anything on NCIS: LA, Quantico, or Grimm? Any idea on when Game of Silence will premiere or spoilers? Thanks!

      • 678 says:

        How about ONE inside scoop with NO arrow or castle questions at all. How’s that for variety? And it will keep the readers guessing which shows you might answer instead of the usual boring few. Mix it up. Live dangerously for once.

    • David4 says:

      I’m waiting for the no so spoilery spoiler that this is Castle’s finale season.

    • MLPR says:

      I get where Matt is coming from when he says that he can only write what he is emailed about. However, I feel like the #1 and #2 new shows of the fall have to be getting some emails. I don’t see much Blindspot covered.

  2. YaY says:


  3. Coco says:

    *sigh* They’re doing the exact same mistake they did last season with the Castle’s disappearance thing. I don’t care about Beckett working the Locksat case on her own just like I couldn’t care less about Castle trying to find out on his own what happened to him. These storylines are ridiculous enough, so if they aren’t even working on it together …
    The storyline of Beckett’s mother was my favorite because it was about the two of them dealing with it, not just one of them. But apparently, having Castle and Beckett doing something together is just too much to ask now. Too bad, I thought it was the premise of the show, and the reason of its success …

    • lame says:

      What a unique idea, Caskett working together as a married couple, nahw…it’ll never be a fan favorite.

    • Anonymous says:

      Coco, I am in total agreement with you ,Even though I am not a watcher anymore I lost interest after episode 3 too far fetched and debasing to the characters for me . Beckett is Bitch now and Castle is a clown I thought the writers were trying to be true to the Characters good job.

    • I'm going to let you finish but says:


    • Kelly says:

      Yes, just had a conversation with someone who asked, “What’s going on with Castle this season? Why are Castle and Beckett never together? It’s just not the same.” It’s as if the writers have no clue that the magic of this show is when the two leads are together, both romantically and professionally. I miss watching a writer and his muse. A P.I. and a Police Captain has been no fun at all.

    • Liz says:

      As much as I’d love more Castle and Beckett working together, I think it’s also important to note that there’s no way we got a S8 without some serious time off for leads. Which makes it a bit tricky to have them working together for 80-90% of every episode, the same way they did in S1-6. Here’s hoping that we get at least a little more in the coming episodes, though!

      • There were some guys with a lot a free times who counted their joint screen time per episode in S8. Outside the first two episode (if I remember correctly) in Ep.3 it was 8 minutes, in Ep.4 it was 7 and in Ep.5 it was slightly more than 4. Ep.6 we know, there weren’t any. Considering the 40 minutes average lenght of an episode it hardly hits the 20%, not the 80-90% you mentioned.

        And excuse me: if they feel working in a show (or together in a show) too demading, then do not sign the contract. That simple. If they do, I don’t give a damn about how much off time they want – as a viewer it’s not my business. That’s their job. Period.

        • Liz says:

          Well, I mean, the 80-90% was in reference to S1-6, not to this season, for the record. And otherwise, it sucks, but that’s the reality of TV — Ellen Pompeo rarely holds up an episode of Grey’s on her own anymore. Booth and Brennan are lucky to get fifteen minutes of screentime together per episode. Aging shows tend to shift to more of an ensemble feel, by the very nature of the leads not wanting to work sixteen-hour days, five days a week. And as all of us do with every work-related contract we sign, they ask for little amendments, and often those amendments are salary increases and shorter work weeks. Better to have a character for part of an episode, than to just not have the episode at all.
          I mean, I’m in agreement with you; I’d love to see Castle and Beckett working together again. But to suggest that they just not sign the contract if they want time off — these are real people, and they have actual lives, and filming a forty-minute show consumes far more time than a lot of us have to deal with for work. I don’t think asking for a little bit of reduced screentime is unreasonable, especially if they’ve been doing this for eight years.

          • Aging shows tend to shifts towards more ensemble because the writers are out of ideas for the lead characaters. And you misunderstood – I don’t care if they are together on screen or not, if the end product is good and entertaining. The season premiere was above excellent even though they have only a few moments together.

            I just feel completely false the arguments about how much should I feel sorry for those poor guys. Yes, their daily workload is huge. How about the compensation? I mean both leads’ salary must be above or very close to the 100k USD. Per episode. A full time university professor in the USA gets between 80 and 120k. Per year. Specialist MDs, who are considered very highly paid, earns around 200-250k – per year again. And often a doctor also needs to work ungodly long shifts, doing operations for hours where every seconds needs full concentration – not chilling in the full comfort caravan waiting for the next scene setup.

            That stars are paid much higher than other, more important members of the society, it’s not their fault. If they can negotiate this amount, I don’t blame them for not being Mother Theresa. But I feel very false complaining about how much work they need to do. They chose to do this, nobody forced them.

          • Liz says:

            Well, the ensemble thing is something that I’ve seen discussed by writers and actors before. But fair enough, we can agree to disagree on that one. And of course, I wholeheartedly agree with the idea that actors are massively overpaid, and I don’t tend to feel bad about their working hours because of it. But they’re welcome to negotiate for things differently, and those negotiations, whatever compensation they may get out of it, often lead to reduced screentime. Nobody may have forced them to do it, but you did suggest that you don’t care about how much time off they want, and that if they don’t like the workload then they shouldn’t sign the contract. Whether or not I feel bad about how they’re being compensated, they are still people with lives, and it’s not unreasonable that they would want more time off. The network that draws up and negotiates the contract is clearly unfazed by that, so why should we care and accuse them of not doing their jobs? Their jobs are to do whatever the contract they signed up for. Which is showing up on set and acting on the days they’re signed up for, whatever those days look like.

          • Anonymous says:

            Liz, I agree but don’t forget in Bone’s and other shows they are pretty much together as a couple and not playing the will they won’t they game from the first 6 seasons can you so jump the shark pitiful.

        • Liz says:

          But, I mean, yes, it’s been significantly reduced so far this season, and I’m pulling for an uptick in these upcoming episodes. Obviously not 80%, but preferably a little more balanced.

    • Act_On_Love says:

      Coco, I’ll bet you a shiny new penny that Castle’s disappearance is directly related to Loksat. He chose not to remember something that would put his family in danger. It makes sense to me that the two story lines will dovetail. I’ll be happy if I’m right, but if I’m wrong and they come up with a better idea, I’m good with that too. From what he was told in Montreal, it’s safer not to know. Now Kate has put him in an identical position – “safer not to know”… but is it? When he finally decides to find out the rest of the story – whether on his own or with Kate – what will he blunder into?

      I do agree they’ve dragged out the separation longer than necessary for my comfort, but it may all make complete sense in retrospect. My questions:
      is Rita really Castle’s stepmom? Does Castle have siblings he doesn’t know about?
      Is Vikram really an innocent cog or a mastermind?

      • Kim says:

        I agree with all your theories about the disappearance and Lokstat connection. I have had this feeling since the beginning of the season that tying it all together, we will see how castle forgot on purpose to protect Kate and Kate is now doing this to protect Castle! I remember Stana saying in an interview before the season that this season will show how CASKETT was meant to be! I think this could end up being an awesome pay off if they end the separation very soon!

        • Anonymous says:

          Kim,I have read some of these theories also ,maybe if they would give the fans some hope it might work ,1st of all these fill-in follies of episodes are a joke .What we need is some action with Castle being anything other than a clown and have him start having dreams again send him on his path of finding why he went missing without Beckett see how she likes it.

    • That One Mean Girl says:

      Having Castle and Beckett work on something together does not involve enough “fun” or “clever.” Just ask Hawley and Winter. They’re convinced that a married couple, working together and facing normal struggles, is just not good television; and viewers are just going to see how great their destruction of the series was after we’ve seen it all.

      …because enjoying a television series WHILE IT AIRS is just not how it works anymore, apparently.

      Why would Castle and Beckett, whose relationship they’re supposedly “committed” to and is something they recognize as central to the show, work together under normal circumstances? That’s just not enough FUN.

      • CaskettCrazy (or once was) says:

        Here’s the thing about Castle: The rating have never been lower and they continue to drop every week. The reason I neither watch nor record the show anymore is not just these lame story lines and the forced angst, it’s because I feel like the show runners are just disrespectful of the viewers. For me, it goes back to the season 6 ender and that ridiculous “revelation” of Castle saving the world. Yes, we all knew that we weren’t going to get the wedding that this couple deserved, but to give us that cheap green screen monstrosity that was supposed to pass for a beach wedding is just a slap in the face. Don’t even get me started on the vows. For the time of our lives??? Really??? A sixth grader could have written better vows than that. Now this year, the show runners are all like “trust us, it’ll be great”. Yeah, no. Not happening here. I don’t even understand why Stana signed back on. She was always such a shipper that I trusted her to not agree to come back if they weren’t going to do a service to these characters. I guess the money won out this time. I knew when the said that they were attempting to get back to the show we all fell in love with it was over. I know there are some viewers that will stick with the show “until the wheels fall off,” but they are the minority. If you don’t believe it, check the ratings. I personally wouldn’t care if they went on winter break and didn’t bring the show back. I get much more satisfaction reading fanfics, at least those writers love the characters and do right by them. After experiencing the disrespect that all started with Andrew Marlowe himself, I have no intentions of ever watching, much less get emotionally invested in any show he takes part in. Just let it die already.

        • Anonymous says:

          Caskett crazy, I certainly agree with your total statements .I am doing the same and just reading these comments and reviews and according to some reviews it may make it back after the hiatus. If it does I think the complete diehard fans will only watch and as you stede they are dwindling as I myself was one . Writers did for me.

        • Kekoa says:

          Caskett Crazy ~ Amen to that. It never made sense for them to make it such a dramatic seperation during what should’ve been a Honeymoon phase. No couple in their right mind would embark on such a lame operation…and what of the knucklehead she is partnered with? What are his personal intentions…really?

  4. Steven says:

    I didn’t miss the siblings on HTGAWM one bit. Their case is so boring it drags the show down.

  5. Luis says:

    I was just thinking of hitting you up with a couple of questions, and BAM! There’s Inside Line! Pretty scary, mister! Thanks for the “Arrow” scoop – I’m looking forward to the interaction between Oliver and Damien, giving the “advantage” Oliver has in understanding the different contours of the relationship, and what Damien might do to turn that advantage on its head. I’m more convinced than ever, BTW, that we are counting down Quentin Lance’s days among us. I would love to be wrong, loving Paul Blackthorne as I do, but its the answer that makes the most sense to me.

  6. Alicia Gray says:

    So in other words … no Person of Interest until I die.

  7. turtleinthesuit says:

    That thing Amy said which I wholeheartedly agree with “Root is still [The Machine’s] No. 1 champion,” reminded me the good old quote from Angel:
    “Nothing in the world is the way it ought to be. It’s harsh, and cruel. But that’s why there’s us – champions. Doesn’t matter where we come from, what we’ve done or suffered, or even if we make a difference. We live as though the world is as it should be, to show it what it can be. ”

    • Lorne says:

      Speaking of Angel it seems like Root is scheduled to die this season. They’re using with her the same formula that was used for Fred before she got killed off. I hope I’m wrong because I love Root to death(lol sorry) and I’m going to mourn her forever
      Root believes Shaw can be saved – Fred believed Spike deserved a second chance and there was a lot of arguing with Angel who didn’t believe in this, and Root’s going to have a lot of arguments with Harold this season, too. Basically, making Spike corporeal again was almost Fred’s only purpose just like saving Shaw/giving The Machine its freedom is Root’s only purpose now. They’re not going to make her her own person that’s obvious. Fred and Wesley started dating right before that episode and we will see the glimpses into Root and Shaw love live I think.

      Besides, if I were making a series that is crazy enough to do anything I’d show what will happen once Analog Interface dies. She’s going to be replaced with someone else and I swear to Illyria it better be someone with Acker’s face and not another person.

      • turtleinthesuit says:

        You are my sunshine, my only sunshine :(

      • Ghanima says:

        Please be wrong Lorne please be wrong. But Lorne who reads people’s future can’t be wrong.

        Something tells me Root wasn’t even supposed to live this long. Her character development happened too fast she’s ready to die any day and she’ll never forgive herself for all the evil things she has done. Hey Xena, what’s up.

        • turtleinthesuit says:


          • Kitty Winter says:

            NO IT OKAY DON’T BE CRY.

            Root’s story hasn’t been told yet they can’t just kill her off like that. Not in the upcoming season.

            Keep hope alive.

  8. ndixit says:

    Well, given that they have made no headway at all in the Castle LockSat storyline, saying that this is the most LockSat heavy ep doesn’t really mean anything. They are doing the same thing like they did last year. Last year they took ages to do anything with the disappearance storyline and viewers started jumping ship and they are doing the same with LockSat. Give the demo ratings in six eps have gone from 1.2->1.1->1.0, with lower total viewership numbers with every ep, it seems pretty obvious that the same thing is happening right now.

  9. Mary says:

    Crossing my fingers that Person of Interest comes back.
    Really like the actor that plays Root

    She was great on “Suits”. Will she do any appearances on that show.
    Can’t believe she and Louis are related.
    He really is a nice guy but his issues are monumental

  10. Bwhit says:

    I was a little annoyed that they had to go over the top on PD with Ruzek having a broken engagement that we didn’t know about besides Wendy in season 1. It also seems to me that if they are going to break them up, then who will end up being there for Kim….. I’m betting Roman, who also has a pattern of his own called hooking up with his partner.

  11. N says:

    I love The Middle

  12. Angela says:

    I’d definitely be interested to learn a little more about Abbie and Reynolds’ past. That little story from last week had me very curious.
    As for the info on “How to Get Away with Murder”-I’m excited. Can’t wait to see how the siblings’ storyline ropes into all the craziness that eventually will lead to what goes down in those flash forwards.

  13. Person of Interest – that will be interesting. Morally challenging choices? Shaw as a (possibly) brainwashed enemy? Dear CBS, couldn’t you just give us a date? Please?

  14. kath says:

    The Castle spoiler I really want to know is when will this idiotic separation be over so that I can enjoy the show again.

  15. Matt Stone says:

    I will be glad to move the LokSat arc along. However, I hope the fall finale will have them at least working together on it. I don’t believe they will get back together until spring. I hope they do a better job explaining this than Castle’s kidnapping. I don’t know what to think about this show anymore. Stop the madness.

  16. Carla Krae says:

    The ads on this site now have really been slowing down my browser. Please go back to the way it was a few months ago!

  17. dioxinblues says:

    The more I hear about Shaw’s return on Person of Interest the more I want to punch CBS in the face for making us have to wait this long. And it doesn’t help seeing so many of the new Fall TV shows turn out to be insipid rip offs of POI. (Really, Blindspot? Really?!) But, I’ll wait because this show is THAT good.

  18. Drew says:

    The past couple of Supernatural episodes have been really good, but the thought of another angel-centric episode makes me consider skipping it. The show should be told from a human POV only.

  19. Northen Lights says:

    Can’t wait to see what Person of Interest has in store for Shaw and the rest of Team Machine!

  20. Maria says:

    Sounds like the Castle writers are putting an awful lot of thought into a storyline that very few people actually care about. Majoring in minors, as they say.

  21. Kevin says:

    The POI scoop is 150% worth reading this week’s issue for.

  22. Alejandra says:

    Thanks for the scoop Matt!
    The more I hear about Shaw’s return, the more it feels like they’re going with some sort of brainwashing…. which sounds so predictable.
    That being said, if there’s any writing team that I feel can pull that off without making it so cliché, it’s the POI team. I just wish CBS would announce when the show is coming back. I need Team Machine back on my TV.

  23. Hal2000 says:

    Please get strain and last ship scoops Matt. Thanks. Also thank you for not mentioning once upon a time this week that shows is way past its prime.

  24. lame says:

    I love POI, but CBS isn’t renewing it . Rumors are Netflix may pick it up. Fox isn’t renewing Bones. That show seems to be dead . Castle must be in shock to have hit a series low during Nov.sweeps. All the buzz seems to be with Blindspot.

  25. BoboTheRaven says:

    So Beckett is running a source test on the drugs that the DEA/NYPD would have run TWO YEARS AGO? The writers must think everyone in law enforcement are idiots, note just the few remaining viewers of the show.

    • David says:

      Lets not ruin fantasy with a bit of fact lol
      Good effort Matt now if you can get Katic down for a interview and address her obvious silence over the recent train-wreck separation arc then I may start watching the show again.. It does have producer next to her name after all :)

  26. Smoak Arrow says:

    Wow lots of great show teasers here. I think my favorite is the Damien/Oliver one for Arrow. I can’t wait to see these two start going at each other in their “real life” personalities.

  27. bsod says:

    Thanks for the Person of Interest scoop!

  28. Wow. The Castle info is supposed to be a spoiler? All of that was already known. And it’s still a dumb plan because the drug pipeline should be several steps removed from LokSat. Besides, we all know that it still won’t mean anything for reuniting Rick and Kate.

    • lame says:

      Loksat is a case the FBI should be in charge of. Beckett doing this on her own can be obstructing other investigations. It demonstrates a lack of team work, a lack of trust and a lack of leadership. Not something you would want in a captain .

      • David says:

        yep after having multiple agents killed,, real world FBI would swoop in classify it up the wazoo, say nicely but firmly thank you very much for your help but your not needed anymore and if she pursued it further lock her up for obstruction and whatever else they can think of and she’ll likely lose her Captains rank.
        It’s the same deal with someone accepting 500 bucks a week to keep Castle up on what happens in the precinct its called corruption but we don’t mention it..

  29. Howard says:

    Why has the return of person of interest been delayed?

  30. Kekoa says:

    Let’s talk candidly about Redwood. Why the focus on a white co-star being pushed into flirtatious relations with a black co-star? Her character is already grieving from the loss of her white husband. Then, as if to add more fuel to an inter-racial bonfire, the writers pass her off to another black character who suddenly ends up in a torrid shower scene with her! Is this why they took a relative unknown actress and cast her in the lead? If the experiment failed, a ‘headline’ actress would not suffer the epic fail, right?

  31. Please advide when season 5 might be due on CBS or possibly WGN??

  32. I have have been watching the re-runs of POI – even tho they are completely out of or order- (that’s how hooked I am on this fascinatingly intelligent show)on Weds, Fri and Sun evenings.
    This past week on Monday night I was looking for something and accidently came across POI.
    What is going on here? Has the re-run schedule been changed? If so, how do I find it.? Can’t bear Friday nights without it. I even gave up Blue Bloods to watch it. Of course I can get BB on demand so it works out. Please advise ASAP
    Hopefully before tomorrow night???