Nashville Season 4 Recap

Nashville Recap: On the Rocks

A drycleaning shop. A barre-workout studio. A fro-yo franchise.

If Nashville‘s Deacon wanted to become a small business owner, any/all of these would’ve been a far smarter investment than his current obsession: being an active proprietor in a bar.

As the saying goes, if you don’t wanna slip, don’t walk where it’s slippery. And for a recovering alcoholic, it’s hard to think of a more treacherous icy patch than a building full of booze you already own.

Yes, I’m aware that the entire endeavor is a tribute to his late sister. But the point Rayna makes in this week’s episode is a good one: Nowhere in the “One day at a time” mantra is there an asterisk that says *unless you really think you’ve kinda sorta got things under control.

In other Music City news: Juliette finally has a come-to-Jesus moment and Will and Avery are my new favorite couple. Read on for the highlights of “Can’t Get Used to Losing You.”

FAREWELL, FORDHAM | The morning after Jeff’s death, Juliette has no recollection of being on the roof the night before, a fact she angrily reminds anyone (the cops, Luke, Gabriella) who asks. And the fact that Colt swears he saw everything that went down between the petite blonde and her smirky turtle of a manager is tempered by the fact that the teen was very, very drunk at the time.

Meanwhile, Layla gets treated terribly by Jeff’s bitchy sister, Kate, who’s the human incarnation of Scrubbing Bubbles: efficient at cleaning up messes, but also incredibly caustic. “My brother never mentioned your name,” Kate swiftly informs Layla before adding that she’s not welcome at the funeral.

A LONG WAY DOWN | Back in Nashville, Wheelin’ Dealin’ Records prepares the most perfunctory of tributes to Jeff for the beginning of that night’s show. But even then, Juliette is under the impression that she spend the night in her hotel room — and even nastily turns down Layla’s request that Ju use her star power to reach out to Jeff’s family on her behalf. “The best way for you to get over him is jus to pretend that they two of you never happened,” Juliette advises, and I don’t really like Layla much but damn, Jujubee. That was cold.

It’s not until Colt barges into Juliette’s dressing room, demanding that she admit what really happened, that Ju remembers everything. She gets so upset that she mumbles her way through the tribute and then locks herself in her dressing room right before her set; Layla seizes the opportunity to go out and do an acoustic set in honor of Jeff, singing a lovely, teary ballad while bookended by giant photos of the Turtle on the Jumbotron. And a crying Juliette finds Luke and confesses what she now remembers: “I tried to kill myself. Jeff died trying to save me.”

Next thing you know, Gabriella is checking Juliette into a posh rehab center in the middle of the night. “Are you ready?” the rep asks Ju. “No,” she replies, walking into the facility.

BAR FOR THE COURSE | Deacon brings Rayna to Frank’s watering hole and treats it like it’s a huge surprise. “It’s my bar,” he announces, and Rayna’s face says, “Well that’s convenient, because I’d like to order a double shot of NOPE.”

“You’re going into business with your sponsor? Is that a thing?” she later asks, still conveying “This is a terrible idea” with every ginger molecule of her being. Deke says no, he’ll get a new Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor, and isn’t this all just great? He’s got plans to make The Beverly another Bluebird-type of venue, especially given that Frank is a singer, as well.

Eventually, Ray flat-out tells Deacon that she thinks it’s a bad idea for him to enter into a business partnership that puts him within arms’ reach of liquor at all times. He counters that he would never waste Beverly’s ultimate gift by using it to strain cocktails outta his blood stream. He’s close to tears as he leaves to play The Beverly, but he shakes it off to perform a rollicking tune called “Like New.”

Later, bucked up by Bucky, Rayna comes to the bar and apologizes, saying that she believes in Deacon. “Nothing’s ever gonna keep me away from you. If this is what you want, I’m going to do everything I can to support you,” she adds. Still, when they hug, she looks dubious as to whether she can keep that promise.

SHORN FREE | Looking for a new start, Scarlett cuts off all her hair and decides last-minute that she’s going to tour with Gunnar. When Noel snarks that her new ‘do doesn’t jibe with the band photos printed on the merch, she shoots back, “Feel free to call Locks of Love and tell them you need my hair more than a sick child does.” Apparently, what Scar was hiding under all of that hair was a boatload of sass! (And if you want to know the story behind why Clare Bowen made the big cut, click here.)

Caleb seems resigned to Scarlett’s busy life (though I’d argue that if your DOCTOR boyfriend can put his phone away for an hour or two, Scar honey, you can, too.) And when Gunnar gets Erin — with whom he’s still sleeping — a gig as the tour’s sound tech, all the final details are in place.

BABY & BLUES | Will’s entire episode, summed up in a sentence: “Kevin broke up with me and I am sad. GRR.” Avery’s entire episode, summed up in a sentence: “My marriage is ending and I am sad. SOB.” And when the two commiserate late one night, Will’s gentle friendship completely breaks Avery, who starts sobbing at the table. Like, high-pitched, collapsing-face sobs. And later, when the guys go up to sing to little Cadence, I’m the one who’s in the fetal position. Though, side note: What adult in his or her right mind would have a full-on conversation mere inches from a baby that just fell asleep?!

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Claire says:

    Interesting episode. I hope Layla eventually finds out the truth about what happened, though she’d probably want to tell everyone.

    Deacon working in a bar is the worst idea, but if it gets him singing more, I’ll take it.

    I understand that Scarlett/Gunnar are endgame and we’re supposed to hate Caleb for being a jerk, but he never comes off as bad as intended for me. Clearly, he doesn’t understand the music business – but he makes time for her and she seems like she tolerates him. Scarlett isn’t an easy person to be with, and she doesn’t have any consideration for him.

    Avery was basically Lucky Spencer tonight. I remember those tears!

  2. Jake L. says:

    Deacon buying a bar is so stupid that it actually dumbs down the character. Otherwise, good episode. I agree Layla needs to find out how Jeff actually died and will, because on this show, nothing like that is going to stay buried for long.

  3. Amy says:

    I can’t believe that Frankie called Rayna Jaymes, Queen of Country extroardinaire, Deacon’s “old lady.” Somehow that just cracked me up more than anything.

  4. Shira says:

    Great episode! Very intimate and emotional but not in a depressing way. Loved that Rayna and Deacon’s argument wasn’t resolved completely because it can’t, not really since it’s not the best idea Deacon has even come up with. Then again it is the same guy who decided to sell all his guitars on a whim, redecorated with his fist on a monthly basis buy a house to apologize for being drunk and proposed in a hospital so, no high hopes. Sure hope it will have better results then the time he told her she can tell him everything or nothing at all and then when she did, got drunk.

    My favorite moments though were the ones between Will and Avery. They can drink all of Gunnar’s beer and eat all the ice-cream in the world as far as I am concerned.

    Last ” I’m sick of all this depressing black”. Can Juliette be any more META than that? :)

    • S says:

      When Deacon told Rayna , she could tell him everything or nothing, I’m sure, he never, in a million years, dreamed that, the woman, he had loved and trusted, more than anyone in the world, for most of his life, had been lying about his Daughter, for 13 years, while she kept him close, and he was “Uncle Deacon” .

      He had Rayna on a Pedastal. I don’t think it ever crossed his mind, that she was capable of that. He would probably have been thinking more along the lines of, maybe she’d slept with Liam.

      • Shira says:

        I’m sure he didn’t but that’s the whole point. He thought he was stronger than his disease but once something hit him really hard, he immediately fell apart. That tendency didn’t stop or disappear since, but he has come a long way and so far been able to fight his urge to drink. He still have rage outbursts though and I’m waiting for when Maddie will reveal what she saw when she came after him and saw him “redecorating”….

      • MA says:

        Don’t say it if you don’t mean it. If he meant that he didn’t care what she was hiding only if it was something minor like she’d slept with Liam, he should have said that. I don’t think that’s what he meant, though. I think Deacon knew she was hiding something huge…sleeping with Liam was nothing, especially since Deacon was sleeping with Stacy at the time. He just had no idea what it was, and when it came out, he couldn’t cope. But in the end, if you tell the person you want to build a life with that she can let go of the stress of her secret and you trust her to tell you when she’s ready, then you need to actually mean that.

    • Ashley87 says:

      In Deacon’s defence. I think it was a good idea for Deacon to buy into a bar as this was a way for him to deal with the guilt of Beverly’s death. Much better to have Deacon being motivated and positive with a new business/music venture rather than being depressed and mopey which I don’t think the fans would have enjoyed. After all, they couldn’t of had him be okay and back to normal after Beverly’s funeral as he would have appeared inhuman, so the Bar (and unfortunately the Saint Bev scenario) was a good alternative, and you never know he may be able to discover some new artists for Rayna. With regard to your other barbs about Deacon – he sold his guitars because he believed his hand was so damaged he wouldn’t be able to play them again. I think you exaggerate when you say he re-decorated with his fist on a monthly basis; he bought the cabin as a loving gesture for Rayna which is still relevant now and I should imagine a great investment, and as for proposing in a hospital – there is nothing wrong with that if you think you are about to die.

      • Shira says:

        I don’t deny any of this and agree with you on most. I just mentioned Deacon isn’t a saint. His heart is in the right place and his motives are usually honorable and for the most part justified but his actions, hurt the people around him again and again so it’s natural those people with be hesitant.
        With all his good intentions, he could have talked to her before buying that bar. Acting like alcoholism is not even an issue for him and not stopping to think how his actions may affect the one person who was hurt the most by him is a problem and eventually that’s what they both dealt with in the episode-Rayna with fears and scars from the past and Deacon with bad relationship habits.

        • Amy says:

          I’m okay with the bar actually, but puhllleeeeease could they have named it something better than the Beverley? Cmon writers, have a little creativity, that is so cheesy. I’m still voting for the Last Call, after the song Scarlett sang in Natchez!

          • ellieca says:

            I agree that the bar is a bad idea for deacon. I really liked the episode- thought it might be best of season so far, but it was a little depressing. What’s disturbing to me for deyna is Deacon should be the one telling Rayna he won’t let anything get in their way, not the other way around. I want deacon to be a man worthy of Rayna’s love, and at times they’ve portrayed him as having that ability,but this season he just seems more foolish almost every epi and it’s getting hard to root for him and Rayna and that’s depressing to a Deyna fan! Of course, the SL has backed the character into a bit of a corner– Beverlys death was extremely tragic and Deacon has to grieve somehow and this one would cut deep for anyone, but particularly for this character. I fear the bridge scene in a few epis will be Rayna drawing the line and the cliff hanger will be weather or not Deacon realizes the hole he’s digging himself into and that he can’t take advantage of Rayna’s love or his current sobriety.

  5. Saluzzo says:

    Get recap, thanks!

    Re Scar’s hair, you may mean jibe (to be in accord) rather than jive (to do a funky dance).

  6. sg says:

    Finally a teenager who has a justified reason to be upset and pitch a fit. Colt broke my heart in that first scene with Luke. I really hope they will continue to show how an event like this can effect someone so young. For I would much rather watch that type of teenage story line than suffer through Bratty Maddie crying about how her mommy won’t let her sing or have a music career for the millionth time. or heaven help us the dreaded teenager pregnancy story line.

  7. Trent says:

    Aubrey and Hayden were both amazing this episode. Aubrey had me in tears with her song “Too Far From You” and I need to get my hands on this song ASAP

  8. Linda says:

    I’m just waiting for the moment when Layla finds out that Jeff died trying to save jules….gonna get real nasty I’m sure. Not liking Charlotte’s hair at all…way too drastic.

    • Tiffany says:

      She cut her hair because in real life she’s a cancer survivor and she wanted to show little girls they could be princesses regardless of how they looked.

      The entire post is on Facebook but here is a piece of it:
      “I was really inspired when I heard a story about a little girl who said she couldn’t be a princess because she didn’t have long hair, and I wanted her, and others like her to know that’s not what makes a princess, or a warrior, or a superhero. It’s not what makes you beautiful either. It’s your insides that count… even if you happen to be missing half of them. “

  9. Lucie says:

    Juliette wasn’t being mean to Layla as much as she was talking about herself.

    • sarah says:

      That’s what I thought, her advice about “pretend the relationship never happened and you’ll get over him faster” was what she had decided to do about Avery.

  10. Sissy says:

    When Scarlett was at the hair salon, I threw my arms up and yelled “YES! Thank you!” which totally scared my dog and cat who were sitting with me. That said, after reading Claire’s FB post, I understand her a little better and I can appreciate what she has gone through. Her willingness to tell her story to help any child who is in “the White Castle” is truly inspiring. As for her character Scarlett, it’s about time to see that sass come out. And I loved the shout out for “Locks of Love”. There’s a new girl in town and her name is Scarlett. Watch out Nashville!

  11. Fan says:

    Are you sure Clare Bowen actually cut her hair off? I always assumed that huge mane was a wig. It was pretty amazing hair. Maybe this short cut has been her natural hair all along. I read that LINK you put in the recap. She never actually says her own hair was cut (other than first sentence). The character cuts her hair, but did the actress?

    • T says:

      Yes the actress Clare Bowen cut her actually hair off.

    • Jeri says:

      I think it was her hair and a bunch of hair pieces/weaves. It was looking pretty ragged before she cut it. She looks a lot better and I’m glad she was able to help others at the same time. Kudos to her.

  12. Sissy says:

    A record shop. That is what Deacon should invest in. It’s old school and he could make space inside the place where artists can preform and sell their music. And Maddie and Colt could work there after school and on the weekends and actually see how life works in a world where private jets and private schools aren’t the norm. Just sayin’…

    • MA says:

      Sadly, record stores almost never make money anymore. You’ve got to sell alcohol if you want to make it as a music venue. I don’t mind the bar so much as how he tried to sell it to Rayna and how he lacked any awareness of the fact that she’d be really scared of it. I don’t believe he’s that dumb.

  13. J Lamb says:

    I want Will and Avery to write songs and grow their friendship. Caleb wanted time with Scar she was out of town for a while dealing with her mom. He also is about trying to make it work. Now Scar better be willing to work with him.
    Luke needs to be a parent and do the right thing for Colt and come clean with Layla. She is the one who got the worst of this. Meanwhile… Rayna better support Deacon because his intent suits his personality. Making music, helping others do the same. He isn’t about the touring and the big money anymore. I am rooting for Deacon and The Beverly.

  14. Love Me Some Deacon! says:

    So glad for this great episode after the train wreck that was last week!

  15. Jake L. says:

    Can someone seriously explain to me what this “lifestyle brand” is that Luke is trying so hard to launch? Also, how come we don’t see him making as many decisions about his label as Rayna does hers? The last bit of business in relation to his label was dropping Will, and that was at the beginning of the season.

    • Love Me Some Deacon! says:

      Think Martha Stewart, marketing your name for many varieties of product lines. In Luke’s case, the consumers are supposed ot think that if they buy his branded items, they will be living a cool life like his must be.

  16. michaelene says:

    Will is really such a truly nice character…and played well by Chris Carmack….he deserves some happiness. LOVE him. Maybe the EXES can make a go of it.
    In real life, many guys can be bi-sexual….perhaps Will can be a fab friend to Layla…who really needs one. Perhaps it can go from that. They are good together.
    Scarlett…bringing her inner “Audrey Hepburn” via new hair?
    Gunnar is beyond stupid with that roadie skank.

    Love this show…a LOT. Praying it will not be cancelled.

  17. Love this show, I want it to continue even if Juiette is gone. She is such a demanding brat and I am tired of her bosses people around and telling them constantly GET OUT”

  18. leo21 says:

    It seems Layla is going to get all the best songs this season. I wanted to cry hearing that one and it didn’t help that Jonathan Jackson poured it on too.

  19. Elle Em says:

    I really hope this show isn’t cancelled. I really look forward to Nashville each week. The storyline has so much passion.