DWTS: Tamar Braxton Drops Out, for Treatment of Blood Clots in Lungs

After a medical dilemma nearly forced Tamar Braxton to miss Monday’s Dancing With the Stars performance, the Real host has officially withdrawn from the competition, she announced Wednesday.

While initially believed to be suffering from symptoms of pneumonia, Braxton is currently being treated for multiple blood clots in her lungs, as detailed by the R&B singer in an Instagram post:

With a Heavy heart I regret to inform you that my season of #dwts has to come to an end along with the rest of my tour dates with @musicbykem. After yesterday's final #dwts performance I went back to the hospital (after the doctors didn't want me to leave in the first place) only to find out that I don't have pneumonia but something way more serious and that is having several P.E.'s (blood clots in both sides of my lungs) As you all know I will be the first to always encourage anyone to push through any obstacle that comes along one's way. But in this case, my health is my current obstacle. .. And in TRUE #tamartian form I must go about this the exact same way as I would anything else. I woke up to a mirror and saw myself this morning and that makes me the winner because that almost wasn't the case. 🏆Take care of yourselves… I love you and thank you ALL for your support❤️ p.s. Big hugs and kisses to my boo @iamvalc for being beyond a friend, brother and the BEST partner EVER😘🙌🏽🙌🏾

A post shared by Tamar Braxton ❤️ (@tamarbraxton) on

With Braxton out of the competition, only four partnerships remain: Alek Skarlatos and pro Lindsay Arnold, Carlos PenaVega and pro Witney Carson, Nick Carter and pro Sharna Burgess, and Bindi Irwin and pro Derek Hough.

Will you miss Braxton? Could she have won the Mirror Ball trophy had she and Val Chmerkovskiy remained in the competition? And should an eliminated pair return to fill the void?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. jr. says:

    Seems like Carlos’s wife should be given Tamar’s spot on the show.

    • Ash says:

      Damn straight. Alexa was robbed. Scenario – Monday night last few minutes of the show Tamar stays in hospital as doctor orders and she is eliminated and continues to recover. Alexa then continues in the competition. WIN WIN.

      • Babs says:

        I totally agree. Alexa should be brought back. It’s not fair that Tamar was saved knowing she wasn’t feeling well. Bring Alexa back to dancing.

        • Terry says:

          Why bother bringing her back, she’ll just get eliminated the following week, she’s simply not connecting with the viewers. I say everyone gets to be safe next week and add the votes from this week to next week for the following week.

        • vanessa says:

          one thing had nothing to do with the other. Alexa was voted off because of last weeks results and lack of votes from you and other fans?
          Tamar went back because of Nick. She did not want to let the team down. Only after she went back to the hospital, she found out things were more serious than pneumonia. Hence withdrawl.

        • Faith Kelly says:

          Bring her back for what? She was not a good dancer anyway her and her husband both can’t win the trophy, That’s going to Derek and Bindi!!!

      • Faith Kelly says:

        Alexa was not robbed she just didn’t get enough votes. Had nothing to do with Tamar.

    • Will says:

      LOL – wow, you’re just cold. All you’re worried about is getting a team reinstated. Wow

    • MattySi says:

      I agree, now their planned time line is off. I hope they bring back Alexa. She deserves it. But we probably won’t know until Mondays show

  2. shar says:

    Sorry she had to leave, but they need to bring back Alexa to replace her. I can’t believe she was voted off. She got better and better each week.

  3. Tracey says:

    She tried to return but her health is more important, yet , didn’t another contestant get forced out for missing because of illness? I feel strongly that Alexa should return. Who gets eliminated with a perfect score from Judges anyways? Alexa deserves a return !

    • jazzyt2u says:

      If we assume there isn’t any producer influence one is voted off with perfect scores when not enough people vote for them to make a difference…

    • Lauren says:

      But the elimination is based off the previous week’s votes and scores. So her perfect night had nothing to do with it. It would have gone towards next Monday’s elimination.

    • sm says:

      Kim wasn’t even in LA and there was no dress rehearsal footage for the judges to score. In the past contestants have been allowed to miss the show but have the dress rehearsal used for judging.

  4. Lauren says:

    I get the argument that Alexander should come back. The problem is that no one submitted votes for her Monday night performance. Next week is supposed to bring the contestants down to the semifinals. The show would basically bring her back to eliminate her. Or give her a free pass to the top 3? No, that wouldn’t be fair either. If they still had a performance night then an elimination night, you could solve this. But as it currently works, I don’t think they can bring Alexa back.
    And let’s not forget that she did get voted off. That’s fair and square if you take Tamar’s illness out of the equation.

    • Lauren says:

      Obviously I meant Alexa. Autocorrect probs.

    • Simon says:

      Agreed. It’s nothing bad against Alexa, but once you are voted off by the public, there’s no reason to bring someone back just because another contestant had to drop out. The only way to bring an eliminated contestant back is if there were voting issues.

      • Kim R says:

        That’s right. If Tamar hadn’t come back for that last dance on Monday night, they would have automatically been disqualified and Alexa would have been saved but that didn’t happen. And it isn’t Tamar’s fault, who was just trying to push through her issues so she could continue. It is just how it played out so on we go. :)

  5. ChellemaBelle says:

    Absolutely shocked she was even able to get on the dance floor. I’ve had a SINGLE small PE and I struggled to breathe or walk, much less try to dance a choreographed routine. What a fierce competitor… wish her all the best and a full recovery.

    • conner1957 says:

      Amen to that. I had 2 small blood clots (one in each lung) and was not allowed out of a bed much less a hospital for 4 days…. she is a very lucky woman

  6. Elaine Macko says:

    Yes, Alexa should be brought back

  7. Heather says:

    I will miss her and think she could have won but there should have never been an elimination Monday. Everyone knew she was not in good health could drop out….and if she had made a full recovery they could have opted for a double elimination the following week. Alexa should be allowed to return….

  8. jjk says:

    They will just go as it is. Eliminate one next week and go into the finals with three. They can just fill in any open time by getting some group or person to perform during the show. If they brought someone back the remaining people would complain.

    • Angela says:

      I like this idea. I don’t think any of the remaining couples would have a problem with someone returning, necessarily, but I do think it’s fair to just keep moving instead of bring someone back with only a couple weeks left.
      Scary situation Tamar’s dealing with here. I’m sorry to see her go, but it’s a wise decision given the circumstances. I wish her well and hope she makes a full recovery.

  9. Phyllis says:

    May God bless you. I pray every blood clot desolve in Jesus Name. By his stripes you are healed. Be blessed, give God the Glory. Looking to hear your Testimony. Tell the world Jesus saves and how he healed you❤️

  10. I am REALLY upset with Braxton. She KNEW she shouldn’t have danced. But she did it anyway. She should have GRACEFULLY bowed out on Monday evening and been the eliminated star. But, no, she just had to come and get the sympathy vote.
    Alexa should still be in this competition. The only way that they could bring her back would be to throw out ALL of the fan/public votes from the Monday night show. Since she was eliminated she didn’t get any fan votes, but Braxton did.
    For all of the good will Braxton had generated for herself — her absolute disregard for ANYONE other then her own celebrity status wiped it all away in my mind.

    • Asia says:

      Wow so much ugliness in one post. It’s really sad. Anyway, Alexa didn’t get fan votes that’s has absolutely nothing to do with Tamar. It really doesn’t. I pray that Tamar has a fast and speedy recovery.

    • Leon says:

      Girl bye! You sound bitter and stupid.

    • Gail says:

      Totally agree this post was out of line. What you fail to recognize is that had Tamar not come back it would’ve not been fair to Nick because the way the producers put this crazy show together his second number heavily dependent on her being there.

      What this shows is despite her being Scored low and bed edits she had enough votes to keep her from elimination.

      Alexa had a good night but she was voted off by the public and should not return. What many fail to realize is that this show is rigged and the judges are in on it. Alexa was highly scored as is others to keep them in the competition.

      • KerryG says:

        Do you honestly believe she came back for Nick? Seriously? Reports are her sister has been trying for years to get on the show and that is the reason she didn’t tell anyone in her family about her being picked until it was announced on GMA. If she doesn’t care for her own sister’s feelings what makes you think she would care about a competiror’s feelings. Evidence supports her reasons per purely selfish (to boost her enormous ego). Maybe now she has learned what it really means to put yourself first. That her health was more important then the competition. One of the other pros could have EASILY stepped in for Nick’s performance

    • abby says:

      Alexa should NOT still be in this competition Tamar should. Alexa was eliminated fair and square because she had the lowest number of votes from the week before. Tamar has been forced to leave because of illness. She is the one it is unfair on not Alexa.

    • jakis says:

      And if she hadn’t tried to make it in for the team dance, what would have happened to Nick Carter? Would he have had to drop out, too? It wouldn’t have been fair (or possible, really) to stick a pro in that spot, since there was no rehearsal time. Tamar took her lumps from having to be scored at dress rehearsal (which has happened in the past) but made it in so Nick wasn’t left in the lurch.

  11. Kayla lugo says:

    I watched you on your last performance and being diagnosed with this in March and I just had surgery at UCSD and San Diego I knew you had more the pneumonia. This disease not many people know about there isn’t a huge awareness about it and there is no cure. I pray that you will get the right treatment you need. I just had the surgery September 3 in San Diego it’s a 10 hour surgery but I’m cracking open your chest and I am home now still healing from it. I also have an IVC filter in to prevent the blood clot to go into my heart and I am on blood thinners. They found clot in my left lung and thought my right lung had it also but my right lung ended up being a huge tumor, and now I am being tested for our other autoimmune diseases. You have to rest and take care of yourself you will get shortness of breath very easily I cannot walk to my mailbox and I cannot work which is made it very difficult for me and my son being a single mom I can’t pay my bills right now, I barely have food on the table. I will be praying for you

  12. lauri5567 says:

    Alexa was eliminated fairly as she would have been if Tamar hadn’t made it. No problem there.
    However, I knew this was all for the drama on Tamar’s part. Now she comes down with an illness after everyone was fed up with her antics.
    (Note: I don’t doubt this is a serious health problem that many struggle with, but does she have it to the extent claimed is the question.)

  13. Thardy says:

    Why does everyone keep comparing Tamar to Alexa. Tarmar was never in the bottom two Alexa was. she was going to be eliminated anyway. I don’t find her that great but she is better than the hero train guy who def she be gone by now. I feel like Hero Train guy (sorry, His name won’t come to me right now) not Tamar has Alexa’s spot. All the Tamar hate because of one confident comment is over kill.

  14. Tam says:

    So this woman has a serious illness and some of you are still saying she is faking it for sympathy??? man some of you are so cruel. I pray that you don’t ever have to experience any kind of illness and then have people question YOU, or not believe you. Just say what you really mean, you don’t like Tamar and even if she passed out on the stage you would still say she was faking it. Horrible and the main reason I try to stay off these comment boards.

  15. Gail says:

    Bring back Alexa!

  16. KC says:

    I hope they bring Alexa back.
    Sorry, but Tamar shouldn’t have made it this far anyway

    • Gail says:

      It’s Alexa that shouldn’t have made it that far. She wasn’t that good. I’m glad she’s gone. I’m sick of her and her husband crying like big babies and acting this competition is the end of the world. He so insecure she can’t even go to New York without him going with her to do GMA. I hope he’s next to go.

  17. Janene Juarez says:

    Alexa most definitely should come back. She should have never been voted off once Val’s partner was too ill to dance. I love Alexa!

  18. Allison Davies says:

    If Alexa was able to come back which I highly doubt will happen Mark is injured so he can’t dance .

  19. Marion Stewart says:

    I think Tamar would have won the competition. The ladies on the panel want Bindi to win. The gentleman saw Tamar’s talent And voted accordingly. She’s a fierce lady. Having been to her hometown and loving big sis Toni, I’m Happy she put her health first! Being a chri stain lady an Angel told her that competition will continue. Val, much luv to you. You are the BEST!!!!

  20. Bob Backus says:

    Won’t miss her at all!!! And yes, there is a difference between “I’m the best dancer” (egotistic) and “I’m one of the best.” (an ego boost to yourself). She isn’t the best. The show will be just fine without her giant ego and very annoying personality. When will people realize that being a strong woman does not mean being an egotistical witch-with-a-b? It’s about time that pathetic stereotype dies.

  21. I hope and pray that everything is all right with you

  22. cathy knight says:

    yes, the wrong person was eliminated!!!!! bring back the last couple that was eliminated. they were far better dancers. tamar commented earlier in the season that she was the best dancer and should win. she set her own self up to fall.

  23. DG says:

    Alexis and Mark should be brought back.

  24. Billie says:

    After hearing her say she was the best dancer there, I wanted her gone.

  25. DW says:

    Since Alexa and Mark don’t have any votes, it would be hard to bring them back in to compete unless they set up a special circumstance. Don’t get me wrong, -I’d like to see them compete, but it would be hard to set up. If they follow last season’s plan, they would have four going into the Finale and one couple would be eliminated before they performed their Free-Style. So they’ll probably just drop the fourth couple a week early, and we’ll have our Final Three going into The Finale.

  26. abby says:

    Tamar only had blood clots in her lungs why is the article focusing on her and not poor poor Alexa who suffered the indignity of having to leave a reality show when she got the least number of votes??? No one suffers like Alexa. (And yes this is sarcasm- Get well soon Tamar and I sincerely hope you never read this comments section).

  27. JBC says:

    Blood clots are serious. Praying for a speedy recovery for Tamar. It is amazing she was able to dance on Monday at all. God bless & heal her.

  28. flutiefan says:

    can someone finally explain to me Mark’s latest Australian accent?
    is that some sort of medical condition?

  29. KP says:

    Miss Tamar Braxton? Not in the least. The manufactured drama of Monday night and her leaving the hospital AMA and arriving in her makeup almost made me stop watching. She outlasted her welcome weeks ago.

  30. David says:

    Bring back Alexa. She was wrongly sent home to begin with. Tamar should have been eliminated automatically because of illness. I am sure because Val was her partner, that was the reason she was allowed to be there 1/2 time monday night.

  31. Tina Kravitz says:

    Tamar and Val could have won. They should bring back mark and Alexa.

  32. Denise says:

    Bring Alexa back

  33. Terra Vogel says:

    I am going to say Tamar get all the well needed rest and medical attention you need. I wish you the best. You kicked major butty everytime you dance. I respect you as a female to have dealt with so much from all areas. Keep the confidence going. Reading all of this bluster of banter is disgusting. You showed up for your number to remain your position in the race of the mirrorball. It was after you were announced safe and that Mrs Alexa was eliminated, you took yourself out of the equation. Now with that there should not be a return of amyone. Just move forward on to the finish and fill the time gap missed with something to make the time. All best to Tamar, her family and to Val who shows his live and support. With all the love from me. Good night and rest beautifully.

  34. Val says:

    Yes I def feels Tamar had a chance to win the Mirror Ball I’am so bombed out she got sick, and had to drop out! No I don’t think they should let any back in the compatition. Damn!

    • Terra Vogel says:

      True boo! As easily said and done in my opinion. Keep it trucking with the show. But for real Tamar and Val had the show in the bag. Always be you and know you are alive and still have each other.

  35. Paulie says:

    Don’t bring Alexa back, all she does is cry; foolish drama! Put it in perspective it is dancing competition…. have fun – someone must go home!

  36. Cheryl says:

    I was sad Alexa was eliminated and feel she should be brought back now!

  37. Karen says:

    Alexa was my favorite and got my votes, but obviously she did not have enough voting fans to keep her in the competition. At least she can leave knowing that her final performance was a “10”. As much as I would like to see her back on the show, though, I think the show’s only choice is to count Tamar as the elimination next week, and move on. I hope Tamar has a full and speedy recovery.

  38. Amber says:

    Alexa should come back to sure she has been doing great … I didn’t think she should have been the one to have gone in the first place… Besides both of her dances were amazing this last week!

  39. Nicole Proudlock says:

    Yes I think alexa penavega should be able to return if Tamar had to leave for health reasons

  40. With all my heart…I send healing prayers and great admiration for this very beautiful and courageous woman.

  41. Angela miller says:

    bring Alexa back!!!

  42. Christina says:

    I will most deffinatly miss Tamar I refuse to watch the rest of the show because she was the only one I watched for I love you Tamar stay strong love wishes n prayers from my family and I here in Baltimore

  43. While I think she made the right decision. I believe that the competition would have been exciting. However I knew from night 1 that Bendi and Derek were going to win. That girl is a born champion. Tamar would have won second place.

  44. PMT says:



  45. Roxanne Arnold says:

    I picked he to winfrom day 1

  46. Bernice D. Smith says:

    Tamar could definitely have won; however she started going down hill when she made the statement that she was the best dancer on the show. In true Tamar style she wasn’t mature enough to keep that comment to herself and just work to win. Yes, she is a great dancer but there were other great dancers on the show. Knowing when to speak and what to say isn’t one of Tamar’s skills. She needs to grow up! In spite of all of that I voted for her every week and felt, because I truly believed she had the talent to win. With talent must come professionalism, humility, and respect for all.

  47. Bernice D. Smith says:

    Since no one has replied to my comment, I will post another comment. I wanted Tamar to win, but I felt like she would not win when she made her “arrogant” comment about being the best dancer on the show. I watched each week when Val had to work hard to get her to listen and comply. She acted like she was in charge. I watched when Val’s brother gave Tamar her first low score, and I believe there was a reason for that, because, too me, she wasn’t that bad that particular night. I watched when Alfonso Roberio, who served as a judge one night, specifically told Tamar to listen to Val and follow his lead. No one should have had to tell her that. It didn’t make any difference anyway. In true style, she acted like she knew everything and wanted to change his suggestion. I suspected than Tamar was not going to win, not because she did not have the talent, but because she acts like she knows everything and has all the answers. Tamar is pretty, a great dancer, a hard worker, and a sharp dresser. She just needs to grow up and understand that there are many other people just like her. She is not the only one. I hope she grows up and become the great person she is capable of being.

  48. RHONDA CLIFF says:


    • EXACTLY She has the heart of a superstar she got sick because she commits to her commitments she is not selfish she is an inspiration and shining she only needs to worry about herself not other contestants why go on the show put in all that work to quit so easy thats tamar! We know she has to slow down but deep down tamar wants to please and needs to prove to herself constantly cuz she was always put in competition due to haterz i love Tamar she is a sweetheart …people should watch tamar and vince and maybe they will see what really happened..

  49. When Tamar makes a comitment she commits thats why she got so run down and sick! because she tries to fufill everything and hates turning anything down and dissapointing i admire her drive and determination she is NOT selfish she is driven and wants to excel thats what makes a winner