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Arrow Recap: Finding Normal

Ray wants to be 6-foot-2 again. Sara wants to take names, not lives. Thea wants to grab drinks with the cute campaign guru. And Felicity and Oliver want to know that they haven’t lost themselves in their love.

Indeed, the oft-uttered theme on Arrow this week was rediscovering or redefining normal, on a storytelling canvas that in the past dozen episodes has resurrected at least three people and introduced magic. No easy feat.

It’s funny, just the other day I was commenting that, with regards to someone’s gripe about the #Flarrow crossover “team photo,” I’m very OK with an episode that has 10 masked people doing stunt fights for 42 minutes. But then an episode like this week’s Arrow proves that, every now and then, a superhero show — even a moodier one — can’t be faulted for taking a moment to ask: “How is everyone holding up?”

We knew that “neurotic” Felicity was on the menu this week, as Ray’s ex-love scrambled to deduce where (and how small) he was. But what perhaps no one saw coming was the damage that her single-mindedness — born of her own sense of guilt — almost did to her relationship. For as Felicity confessed, she fears that she “lost” herself in Oliver, in their romance, in their getaway to the suburbs — which, she fretted, left Ray’s original distress calls unanswered. “I was never that girl,” the onetime “IT girl” lamented to Oliver. “That is not who I am.”

Each of them then engaged in a heart-to-heart with third parties: Diggle, and the delicious dynamo that is “Mama” Donna Smoak. Over good ol’ Tennessee whiskey, Diggle marveled that he was laying witness to a jealous Oliver, as his partner in crimefighting puzzled over Felicity’s choice of Ray over a guy who takes five minutes to log onto a computer. But Felicity did choose Oliver, John reminds.

Donna meanwhile shared with Felicity the truth about why she was cheated out of space camp as a kid — because they couldn’t afford it, no thanks to her deadbeat mystery dad. “No one ever looked at me the way Oliver looks at you,” Donna notes, before assuring her daughter that she’s “supposed to feel” like she gets lost in the man she loves — because ultimately they’ll find themselves in each other. (Besides, Donna notes, where will Felicity ever find another guy “that hot, who cooks”?)

In the end — after an all-hands-on-deck, Felicity-in-the-field caper — Felicity tells Oliver she is confident, “We’re going to be fine,” for all the reasons her mother told her. (Donna may find her own bit of “fine,” too, having finally met Quentin Lance, at a bar — precisely as I predicted they would meet.)

As for the nuts-and-bolts of the episode: Ray’s intermittent video chats with Felicity revealed that he got tiny, and mathematics for a gizmo to resize him were in his office. Ergo the need to bust into Kord Industries to pinch a quantum manifold. Later, upon realizing that Damien Darhk was holding Little Ray captive, everyone — Oliver, Thea, Diggle, regular Canary and bloodlusty flavor, Felicity and Curtis (arriving his parachute!) — infiltrated his lair. Ray was found and “grown,” Sara (oops!) snapped a goon’s neck, and Oliver barely escaped another mystical showdown with Darhk.

Afterward, Sara gave a much kinder version of Henry Allen’s own KTHXBAI!, telling Laurel and Thea that she needed to “start over,” maybe visit “a couple somewheres” (or a spinoff?), as a way of managing her own post-Pit issues. (Ergo, Quentin’s need to belly up to a club soda and bond with Donna over complicated daughters.) Meanwhile, Darhk tasked one of his scientists with using some of Ray’s “dwarf star” power source somethingoranother to… I’m not quite sure, but it involved a fancy map or schematic of some kind.

Over in Flashbackland: Reiter uncovered some mystical markings using the orb Constantine had left for Oliver, then tasked Oliver with leading an excavation to find a “gift.” Conklin kept dogging his colleague, though, inviting one of the workers to kill Oliver — though the Starling City native came out on top of that skirmish, snapping his attacker’s neck in front of the other workers, making him look awfully bad. You know, for a drug lord’s henchman and all.

What did you think of this week’s Arrow?

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  1. Drew says:

    I would have liked more Sara and Ray focus and less “Oh fudge, we burned the chicken.” Most of the episode wound up being boring because I always felt like something cooler was happening off camera. And the happy coincidence of Lance meeting Donna was just lame.
    Next week, Diggle’s brother is alive (it’s not a spoiler if it has aired on TV). So all of those Deadshot stories were a waste of time. That sucks.

    • That Quentin (why does everyone, even the characters, refer to him as Lance like there aren’t two other regular characters with the same last name?) and Domna scene was overkill!

      • Drew says:

        For me it’s because I started with Detective Lance and then moved to Captain Lance, and then it just became easier to stick with Lance. Technically, there are other Diggles too.
        But I agree about the bar scene. There were easier ways of making that happen.

        • That’s very true and I can buy that reason, even though Lyla hasn’t had as much development as Quentin, but I still think people should start calling him by his first name (even if I know he’s gonna be the one that kills whoever is in the grave)!

        • herman1959 says:

          I have to agree with you about the bar scene – he’s a recovering alcoholic who just had a bad day – the very last place he should be is a bar.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          It’s one of those silly TV shorthands. Like how General Hospital once had a character named Jax, because his last name was Jacks, but even his PARENTS, John and Jane Jacks, called him Jax? That’d be like addressing my son, “Mitovich, are you coming to dinner?” Or how after HOW MANY YEARS Beckett regularly addresses Rick as “Castle”? Oy.

          • Drew says:

            Two words: Mulder. Scully.

            And it works better that way.

          • herman1959 says:

            I think it’s supposed to be a PD (quasi-military) thing; people are addressed by their last names and it just sticks. Anyway, the show was GOOD!

          • Has Booth ever called Bones by her name, Temperance? And she has never called him by his first name. It’s only Cam who calls him that name that I can’t spell

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            OK, but “Bones” is a legit nickname. If a girlfriend wants to call me “Mitch” (or “Senor Biceps”), I’m all for it. At some point, I reckon a woman stops calling her husband by HIS LAST NAME.

          • I would feel better if his last name didn’t also work as a first name as well, if that makes sense, but I’ve been thinking about his character a lot and him being isolated from the rest. I honestly think he’s gonna kill whoever is in the grave.

          • Oua says:

            That GH Jax thing prefect example and reason why I love this site.

          • Sg. Grant says:

            If I had your last name, I’d have called my son Mit until Romney ruined it for you, but you could go with Mito, pronounced like the ‘mi’ in the word might, or however the guy from Heroes pronounces it. That would be badass. The calling people by their last name is a military and police thing. Nicknames often spawn from those.

          • ss says:

            I actually got into the habit of calling my husband by our last name because his name is a VERY common name. Seriously, I could call his name out in a public place and 4-5 men would respond. Now, it is a term of endearment of sorts. But in TV they should choose ONE name! Otherwise, it is too confusing.

          • cindy says:

            Or how after HOW MANY YEARS Beckett regularly addresses Rick as “Castle”? Oy.

            You just referred to Kate as Beckett instead of Kate. Sometimes it just sounds right.

          • Andrea Coates says:

            Matt, I know a woman to this day who still calls her husband by his last name (which is also her last name), and they’ve been married for well over 20 years.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Okie dokes!

          • Hmm says:

            Well because his real name was Jasper and who the hell wants to be called Jasper?

          • AJ says:

            Yes! That Castle thing bugs me. And he calls her Beckett. It’s your wife, FCOL.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Drew, I will respectfully disagree with the idea that promo spoilers should not, at least as a courtesy, be somehow labeled in a comment as such. I for one avoid promos like the plague, in a desperate bid to allow myself the few surprises I am able. Others probably do, as well.

      • Drew says:

        If the CW airs it, I consider it fair game. Everyone has their spoiler avoidance quirks, but it was broadcast on national TV. While the details of the episode may not be in play, we have to at least be allowed to comment on what they show us.
        The “next week looks so good/bad” thing is a staple of tv watching. People are already discussing their impression of the next Flash episode pretty openly.

      • Dave says:

        Am I the only one who feels that so far this season the flash is faring better since every episode of arrow feels bland and only as a set up to legends of tomorrow?

        • Drew says:

          It does feel like a big overature, but a little show this season. (Points to anyone who gets that reference).

        • Rob Watkins says:

          You aren’t the only one, but I don’t agree. So many people lost their crap over an episode of The Flash that was just EXPLAINING the multiverse. I think some are too easily psyched about comic booky stuff. Both shows are doing great this year.

    • Liz says:

      I hated the Donna/Quentin scene. I am not on board with that at all. No thank you!

      • amb1973 says:

        Because he led a manhunt for Oliver a mere six months ago and crowed about Roy’s “death” to Oliver and Thea? I think we’re supposed to have forgotten that…Oliver and Thea have.

    • K says:

      I thought they shuffled Sara off way too quickly. I guess they want to any kind of resolution for her issues to Legends of Tomorrow, but the lack of follow up bothered me. I guess we’ll see if Ray shows up at all next week to see if there’s fallout there.

    • tvjunkie says:

      So basically you’re in it for the fights and don’t care about character development at all and find it boring. Good to know (well not really), but a lot of people do like character development, so you’ll just have to live with the “boring” now and then.

      • Drew says:

        No. Exactly the opposite, actually. I just don’t like it when people try to pass off bad writing as “character development”. It wasn’t.

        • Stark says:

          …according to you. That is not fact, but an opinion

          • Drew says:

            Learn how conversations work. Yes, according to my opinion. That was implied, the same way everyone else’s comments imply opinion. It generally isn’t something that people need to post a disclaimer about.

    • Thea says:

      Too much attention on Felicity and her family. Wouldn’t be a surprise if Damien Dahrk is revealed to be her dad. They should rename to show to Days of Felicity’s life. Bored to deatj already, I am this close to taking this show off my DVR list.

      • Liz says:

        This was one episode that featured Felicity and her family. Why shouldn’t she get some background and focus? Everyone else has family on this show. Felicity is the only one who doesn’t.

    • I think Andy is not really alive … D. Darhk used a half of his DNA to create ‘his’ ghost (Felicity did blood tests and the results was aberrant…don’t remember in which episode) Ghosts are not really humans anymore, no more than zombies are humans anyway…

  2. I miss John Constantine already :( but beyond that this episode was seriously boring! However, it was actually everyone besides Felicity that were boring me! That scene between her mother and herself was actually perfect!

  3. Such a great episode. I enjoyed watching Oliver and Felicity’s first spat first, because it was funny; second, because Mama Smoak came back; and third, because I felt both sides so well. I’ve been where Felicity was, wondering if I’ve got too caught in something or someone and doubting myself and lashing out as a result. And I’ve been where Oliver is, asking myself why someone picked me (my experience leaning more towards panic towards new jobs, but still). It was relatable and well told and I enjoyed it. I also really enjoyed Curtis getting in on the action and Oliver and Diggle confiding in each other again, and did I mention Mama Smoak? Also, improved marks for Oliver vs. Darhk in the second go around. Still not what you want, but he got away all on his own this time, and even got a kick in. We’re slowly getting there.

    And as while I’m happier to have Sara back than Ray (sorry Ray – I’ll like your better on your spinoff, probably), the transition for Ray was smoother than Sara’s because it focused on building the Curtis/Felicity relationship, ended up being about a milestone for Oliver and Felicity, and most importantly, was the jumping off point for Felicity’s season arc, making it feel like it served Arrow as a show rather than took from it. Minus some minor frustration about how long it took two smart people to figure out a simple message, anyway.

    Sara’s arc was all about Sara without having the person herself around to weigh in, did not do Laurel as a character many favors, and sort of driveled off with Sara just leaving. And now I’m not sure where Laurel goes from here, and while I can’t say that’s a big priority for me, it’s still not good for the show for her to have nothing to do. And we all know how The Flash has been handling their end. Ray’s arc is so far the best LoT spin-off work either show has done.

    • Damien Darhk is still the most boring part of the show, I mean does anyone even remember what he is doing exactly?

      • herman1959 says:

        He said he wanted to “save” the city, but gave us not clues as to how. They need to hit us with some clues SOON.

        • Seriously, I’m starting to think that they wanted Vandal Savage but realized he’d be better for Legends of Tomorrow and the Arrow writers had to cobble together a generic villain. However, I do that thing at the end of the episode was a Mother Box and all this might lead to a Darkseid reveal which has me super excited!

          • peterwdawson says:

            At this point Darhk is essentially just trying to be relevant. Guy basically had one good run in comics where he was one of the bosses of the Hive as they faced off with the Titans, Vandal Savage and his group Tartarus also present, nevermind Deathstroke and his wife also popping in. It was a pretty rich storyline really and what was kind of fun was that Darhk was a new kind of genre-savvy villain who also spent a lot of time acting like a business man on his cell phone, plus he exploited superstition and the fact that he had loyal men to make himself seem magical when he was just a technology specialist. In the end Darhk got some of Deathstroke’s super blood and then was later killed off anyhow after people stopped carrying. Aside from that I believe the most interesting thing with him was that when Stan Lee did his ‘Just Imagine Stan Lee Created DC Heroes’ run they tried to set up Darhk as the big bad to link the comics together. So Darhk’s comic significance is basically, “Guy who fought the Titans while a lot more interesting villains were around, but he was kind of quirky.”

      • Rob Watkins says:

        It’s called intrigue. You aren’t supposed to know his endgame yet. Exercise patience. And McDonough is brilliant and a joy to watch.

    • Liz says:

      I love Sara and I dislike Ray but I totally agree that the Ray set-up provided a lot of growth for Olicity and Felicity as well as gave us Curtis/Felicity. Whereas saving Sara gave Sara a thirst to kill and Laurel had zero consequences.

  4. GirlvsTV says:

    I loved this episode. Such great character stuff for Oliver, Felicity, Diggle and Donna. Always more interested in the inter-relationships between these characters than in twisty plot hijinks. Is there an Emmy for most realistic couple-bickering? There should be. And one for best reactions to that bickering for Mr. David Ramsey.

    • Liz says:

      Diggle looking between Olicity fighting was so perfect and a lot of fun. DR looked like he was having fun too.

      I also loved all the character moments. I feel like we learned so much about Felicity tonight and it was brilliant.

    • Alison says:

      YES! 100% yes!

    • Sil says:

      Yes! I’m loving Diggle being Oliver’s Yoda. He compared Felicity to Lyla. Wow, that was praise. Now, we and the show’s characters know that Felicity will be in Damian’s sights. I loved the character development of the Smoak ladies, Oliver and Felicity, Ray’s story, little but started Sara story, Lance is on board with Oliver and Diggle.

  5. Mick says:

    I liked this episode because it grounded the characters a little bit. It made the Oliver and Felicity relationship seem less Fairytales ish and set up the idea that maybe for a television show they are too happy. Also props to the stunt coordinator because that group fight scene was beautiful.

  6. lily says:

    After 5 weeks of Oliver repairing his relationships with everyone else, it only makes sense that they address the issues with Oliver and Felicity. I like that we got to see what Felicity feels and thinks. Her guilt, I think, was misplaced but I can understand where she was coming from.
    I think the thing that impressed me the most is the way Oliver handled everything. Oliver of old would have pissed off and found something new, but he loves Felicity and he handled a fight with a significant other like an adult.
    People may find it boring because it wasn’t non stop action, but these moments are important for the characters.

    • Drew says:

      I actually prefer character stuff too, but I found it really boring in this episode. The whole domestic thing just feels really forced to me. If it isn’t honest, it is boring. Judging by the number of times they had to use the phrase “losing myself” (or some variation thereof) in order to try to sell the idea of that plotline, it wasn’t an honest character story.

      • lily says:

        But they addressed Felicity’s abandonment issues, which we’ve known of prior and also Felicity not wanting to be like her mother.
        I take criticisms towards this episode with a grain of salt because it will always be colored by the idea that the romantic relationship on this show is the worst part.

        • Drew says:

          You’re assuming that I have something against romance in general. I don’t, when it is done properly. This relationship hasn’t been handled properly. I actually agreed that they both lost themselves, and that is a big problem on this series. Diggle didn’t become a boring mess when he got married. They didn’t twist him into a role that he didn’t fit into. It was natural for him and it works.
          We have known about Felicity’s issues. And Oliver’s. They keep telling us, and then they knocked us over the head with those issues repeatedly this week. And despite having every emotion spelled out in large block letters, I just didn’t feel it. I kept thinking that I would much rather be watching what Sara was going through, or even catching up on Ray’s story… and I’m not even a huge Ray fan!

          • lily says:

            Diggle is also not the focus of the show. He gets the glorified, glossed over version that people find easy to deal with. Also I’m pretty sure marrying and then divorcing and then remarrying the same woman = becoming a mess.
            I find Felicity to be in a no win situation sometimes. People demand to be shown something from her other than being a “Mary Sue” and then when they get it, it’s not good enough. I’m over it.

          • Drew says:

            So enjoy it if you enjoy it. Nobody is stopping you. But that doesn’t make everyone else wrong for not enjoying it.
            I personally don’t like Oliver and Felicity together. They don’t make each other better characters, they highlight the most annoying elements of each other. I like Felicity when she interacts with most of the other people on the show, and I liked how she interacted with Oliver during the first two seasons. But I don’t like what this relationship brings out of her or Oliver and I am bored whenever the relationship is the focus of a scene.
            Maybe it is better to have love interests outside of the group. I never find Lyla boring or the relationship annoying. I like those glimpses of the world outside the lair.
            When Oliver and Felicity scenes are playing out, I find myself wondering what happened to that cop he used to date and what she has been up to.
            You may disagree, but it is how I see it.

          • amb1973 says:

            To be fair, Lyla’s barely ever on the show, so it’d be pretty difficult to be bored or annoyed by a relationship that barely ever appears on the show.

            And I was not a huge fan of this episode, primarily bc I thought Felicity was a real jerk.

      • Amanda says:

        i totally agree with Drew. I really dislike the Oliver Felicity pairing. They always felt more like siblings to me. It’s cringe worthy seeing them kiss for me. I think them chemistry is forced and really wish the whole thing would just blow over. But the shippers are so loud and always seem to get their way don’t they?

      • Hodan says:

        You know Drew, you don’t have to reply back to everyone who enjoyed the episode with it was a boring episode. Others can have different opinion than you.

        • Drew says:

          I replied to someone who was responding to people int heir post! You’re seriously going to give me crap for responding to someone who was responding to people like me?

          • Stark says:

            And there you go again, replying to someone who enjoyed it. So I have come to the conclusion that you are one of those people who absolutely has to have the last word on anything.

          • Drew says:

            Are you 12? Someone made a comment directed TO ME! Which begs the question, why did you respond?

    • diz16 says:

      Great analysis…..I agree completely.

    • Liz says:

      There was some amazing growth from Oliver in this episode. The way he handled Felicity and was so desperate to be there for her is just so different to how we were first introduced to him – this guy who slept with loads of women and couldn’t be faithful to his girlfriend. I loved everything about it! I love Oliver even more every episode.

  7. Robert@77 says:

    How many weeks have we now gone without a villain of the week and I have to say I don’t miss it!! It’s nice to get some character development and let Darhk grow as a baddie especially when he gets to deliver good one liners ‘I understand science it doesn’t mean that I am nt bored by it”.

    I am curious how many more weeks we have to go before the body in the grave is revealed??

    • Drew says:

      I was actually just about to say the opposite. In season 1, Oliver had the list. He could actually take people down and the plot could move forward. Now, they’re just spinning their wheels. The fights go nowhere. Oliver looks weak and pathetic. And nothing happens, because they still need this one plot to last the entire season.
      With villains of the week, at least the plots go somewhere. Oliver can actually take people down and look at least a little competent doing it. Then when a major arc episode happens, it has more weight to it.

      • herman1959 says:

        I had completely forgotten about the list, but I’m thinking that it was abandoned to take Oliver out of himself and make him appear more connected and above ground. I believe that’s what the EPs were after for this season – Arrow becomes Green Arrow.

        • Drew says:

          True, but the result is that he isn’t actually doing much of anything.

          • herman1959 says:

            Yes, Drew, being connected means one doesn’t do everything alone, one works with others…less controlling and more communicating.

          • Drew says:

            But the show is called “Arrow”. He is supposed to be the star of the show, going out and stopping bad guys. Cleaning up the city. Except, he doesn’t do that anymore. He is a supporting team member at best, and one who regularly gets beaten by the bad guys in fights. Green Arrow shouldn’t be useless on his own show!

    • K says:

      I love Darhk, but I do miss the monster of the week a bit – they’ve replaced the monster with “resurrecting/setting up Legends of Tomorrrow characters” and I rather miss the immediate threat/team interaction that a MOTW engenders. That being said, I thought they did a great job this week with the team dynamics and relationship dynamics between this convoluted found family. (The smirks on Laurel’s and Thea’s faces while Oliver and Felicity were arguing about Donna were really priceless)

  8. Nic says:

    It would have been nice if they’d spent any real time dealing with Sara’s return. Did they tell about her ANYTHING that happened while she was dead? That Nyssa was forced to marry Oliver and has now been locked up? Why, if the Lazarus Pit existed, wasn’t she brought back earlier? More time was spent on that damn burnt bird than dealing with the return of the original Black Canary. A different type of burnt bird based on how this storytelling is going.

    • Liz says:

      LOL. I would have liked to see a moment between Sara and Oliver and maybe Sara and Thea but I’m glad we saw some of her struggle with the bloodlust and wanting to kill. I wish someone told her that Nyssa is imprisoned though.

  9. Fosho says:

    Whoa! One of my favourite episodes ever! The direction and writing was fantastic. Emily killed it in this episode. Her ability to make Felicity feel real, relatable and human boggles the mind. She managed to balance the vulnerability, fear, and humour perfectly in this episode. I love when characters are portrayed as flawed and when they make mistakes. Felicity isn’t just the quirky IT girl but a woman with insecurities, baggage and loads of brains. Give me a woman who is the smartest person in the room most of the time and doesn’t need to apologize for it. The Arrow writers get a standing ovation from me this week. Loved Mama Smoak! The Diggle and Oliver scene made me so nostalgic. I’ve missed those so much. Love Oliver and Felicity as a mature and believable couple. The writers aren’t manufacturing drama for this couple like a lot of shows because they realize that honest human emotions create their own drama as it is. The pacing and action was great tonight! It was so fun to see the whole team in the field. Curtis fit in perfectly! Lance and Donna was cute. Arrow season 4 has been awesome so far. Hope this continue!!

  10. Dj says:

    Just when I started to like Felicity it turned into a Olicity thing and made me hate her again. I could have did with out the ship drama. But the stuff with Ray, Sara, Felicity/Terrific was really great tonight.

    • lily says:

      How is this any different than Oliver/Thea fixing their relationship or Oliver/Diggle, Oliver/Lance, Oliver/Laurel. There’s a theme. Oliver fixing and/or strengthening his relationships. But I guess it’s only a problem when it’s a romantic relationship.

      • Dj says:

        Did their relationship need fixing before tonight? For the first part of this episode Felicity was strong, driven and on a mission. Then it turned into her crying and questioning her and Oliver relationship. If this was an ongoing thing then ok, but all of a sudden there is drama out of nowhere just to have that they made up moment.

        • lily says:

          It was more of addressing their issues, rather than fixing. I’m sure Oliver didn’t forget about Felicity working with the team behind his back and not telling him. Felicity being driven and determined to find Ray is where that argument stemmed from. Questioning whether or not she did the right thing because then she would be around to find him earlier.

          • Dj says:

            Where has those issues been? This needed more of a set up not to feel forced to me. In the other relationship there are multi-episode that hint about their issues until Oliver has that talk to work out the problem. Tonight a problem/issues just came up out the blue just to have that talk.

        • Liz says:

          I don’t think Felicity realised that she had any issues until she was kind of swallowed up by her guilt about not being around to hear Ray’s messages for help. So finding Ray bought out those issues and they worked through them. I was really impressed with how they’re handling them trying to figure things out. Relationships are hard and have ups and downs. This totally worked for me.

          • kath says:

            I agree. Felicity thought everything was okay and then she realized that Ray had been reaching out to her and she wasn’t around to help. then she blamed herself and got snappy and ill-tempered when they tried to take her away from it.
            The show has been doing a great, no, incredible job of addressing relationship issues with everyone while still being an action show. Other shows should pay attention.

      • Drew says:

        Or maybe just a boring one?
        You can’t just say that anyone who doesn’t love the Olicity romance hates it because they hate all romance.
        I hate what they turned Lance into last year. I hated what they did with Ra’s. I hate everything past season 1 with Malcolm. The common thread is weak stories and bad characterization, not romance.

  11. herman1959 says:

    I have never enjoyed an episode of Arrow more than this one – it had everything, and I even enjoyed Ray. Great action and great “feels”…who knew.

  12. Trish says:

    This episode was a much needed return to Arrow characters and Arrow stories that I enjoy. Seeing long awaited scenes with Donna Smoak and John Diggle, this is what I’ve missed in the last two weeks of Arrow that often felt unfamiliar and very unArrow in nature. I was a bit concerned with the writing for Felicity initially, but the way the writing progressed, both Oliver and Felicity’s struggles felt very indicative of the feelings and struggles of real life couples. By the end of the episode, I fell more in love with Oliver and Felicity. These two seem to bring out a vulnerability and connection that makes Oliver more of a hero in my eyes. The layers exhibited by Felicity tonight reminded me of just how far she’s grown in her own right. Tonight was the Arrow I’ve always loved and dearly missed. And I’m over the moon that next week looks as though we’re finally digging back into Arrow stories. I’m ready. John and Andy Diggle have my full and undivided attention.

  13. James D says:

    Meh. I didn’t love it and I didn’t hate it, I was somewhere in between. A place I find myself a lot these days when it comes to this show. Maybe because I just don’t see the appeal of Olicity (not meant as an insult to anyone who does. I personally don’t get it) I’m totally alright with a more character driven episode and I did particularly enjoy Digs heart to heart with Ollie and Momma Smoaks with Felicity. With that said the episode felt a little flat to me. Now that Ray is back I’d love for this show to get back to being about Arrow and maybe get a little more Damian Darhk because his little villainous asides are getting a wee bit dull IMO.

    • Tobias says:

      Yea, I really don’t get this shipping stuff. I don’t care about relationships. I want villains, and action sequences.

  14. Liz says:

    This episode was awesome! I feel like we got so much good character moments. I thought Sara and Laurel’s goodbye was so sweet and I don’t even like Laurel!! All the Olicity stuff was wonderful. Even though Felicity was kinda mean and unfair to Oliver, I understood why in a way and she can make mistakes as much as the next person. I love that they’re working through their issues like a real couple. SO GOOD. I loved everyone out in the field and teaming up to save Ray. The only thing I hated was that Mama Smoak and Quentin scene which felt unnecessary but everything else was great. Solid episode.

    • Tobias says:

      I thought the whole bickering and relationship stuff was unnecessary. IF I wanted to watch a soap opera, I would tune into the young and the restless ( I probably would vomit watching that show). They also said goodbye to the wrong Black Canary.

      • Liz says:

        I like the relationship moments (and I’m including friendship moments in this) because they give me reason to root for the characters when they’re out in the field and their lives are in danger. If I don’t care about the character, I don’t care about them when they’re wearing a leather costume and mask.

        I agree about Sara though. I ADORE Sara. :(

      • Rob Watkins says:

        Comics are soapy, and as for the relationship spat, it was mature and understandable. They didn’t overplay it. Sara’s not leaving this universe, she’s just going to a different show. Lotz is a better martial artist, but not a better actress.

  15. fanta says:

    First episode in a long time that I want to rewatch. Awesome character development–addressing Felicity’s abandonment issues, realistic relationship issues between Oliver and Felicity, and the return of Sara (oh how I’ve missed her–wish she were staying), plus a great Oliver/Diggle scene with a callback to the whiskey! It’s everything that got me invested in the show in the first place.

    • Liz says:

      Same. I’m excited to rewatch this one. I need quiet character moments if I’m to care about them when they’re fighting out in the field. This episode did that for me.

      That Diggle/Oliver talk was perfection. I’m so glad they’re back to being friends!

  16. Polly says:

    That was the most boring episode of Arrow, ever. When has this show turned into Gossip Girl (not that that’s a bad show but last time I checked this was an action show about Superheroes). Sorry, but if the action takes up 5 minutes of the whole episode and the rest is just poorly-written talking, it just doesn’t do it for me.

  17. Tobias says:

    This episode was a snoooooozzzzeeefest. I feel like I just watched an episode of The Young and the restless. This is a show about the Green Arrow… a superhero. They have characters such as Speedy, Black Canary, etc and decide to invest an episode based on relationships? I feel like the writers are catering to the Olicity fans. The first couple episodes have been all over the place, it’s hard to follow.

    • Liz says:

      But Green Arrow has relationships. We’re learning more about Oliver through his relationship with Felicity. It can’t be stunts and action for the whole episode. There has to be more. And I think it’s unfair to say they’re catering to Olicity fans when this is the first episode where their relationship has been explored in any kind of depth this season.

      • Tobias says:

        I’m a dude. I need to see things blow up or action sequences. I don’t want to watch corny scenes.

        • Liz says:

          LOL. OK. But we do get plenty of that and this episode did have action. It’s not like there wasn’t any. I don’t see any scenes as corny aside from the one with Quentin and Donna though. I hated that. The rest showed a lot of character/relationship growth. That’s what shows are about.

        • Christina says:

          “I’m a dude. I need to see things blown up”

          Dude. Go watch a climate change documentary, a lot of destruction happens there. But I’m gonna keep watching good TV, and good TV writing does not consist of things exploding 24/7.

          • Tobias says:

            Good writing does consist of things blowing up 24/7.

            Burn Notice for example.

            Also, I do watch those type of documentary.. All the time. I even watch a show about catching Bigfoot.

          • kath says:

            I used to watch a show called Burn Notice with some very good relationship stuff between Michael and his mother, Michael and his brother, and of course with Fiona.
            If you’re looking for action without character development, try Hawaii 50 or one of the NCIS’. Gibbs hasn’t matured a day since the show started and the last relationship he had was with Susannah Thompson (Moira) and that lasted only 5 episodes.

          • Rob Watkins says:

            Tobias, Burn Notice also had a lot of character stuff like between Michael and his mother.

          • Tobias says:

            I actually like Michael’s mother. Unlike this show where they make me LOATH the Olicity relationship. I actually liked Felicity before the shipping.

        • Josh says:

          So am I but I like Charcter building as well. Don’t generalize all men. I’m a guy who loves the Action and the Characters

          • Dj says:

            I’m also a guy and I like character development when it’s done right.
            I just don’t view the Olicity scenes in this episodes as character development. The fight and making up after didnt change or add anything to the characters or their relationship. You could take those scenes out and get the same results. There was more character development in that brief scene between Quentin and Felicity’s mom then the Olicity scenes.

          • Liz says:

            DJ, I saw the Olicity scenes as character development when you see how far Oliver has come as a person. Could you have pictured season 1 Oliver being so dedicated and committed to one woman? I know I couldn’t. His relationship with Felicity is a chance to show that. The scenes in this episode gave us a chance to explore Felicity’s character this time and we unearthed some of her insecurities about losing herself in her relationship. They made up at the end because that’s what people in love do. They fight and they fix things. It might not seem like anything changed but Oliver and Felicity now know that they’re both committed to this but they’re still learning. It was probably the most adult relationship I’ve ever seen on the CW.

      • Hmm says:

        The genre here isn’t romance. It’s action/adventure. And an action/adventure show that revolves more around romance instead of the actual action plot won’t work. The main theme of this show was always Oliver’s journey as the Arrow/Green Arrow – his superhero identity and what he must do as that persona. His love life was second fiddle – important but never to overshadow the plot. The second they shifted the focus to be more on his romantic escapades was the beginning of the end of the effectiveness of this show. It was created for comic book lovers and now caters to fan girls (no offense meant; just pointing out groups). It’s sad because season one was so great at balancing Oliver’s love life with his character’s journey. I miss that.

        • Liz says:

          No offense? You just basically said comic book lovers can’t be fan girls. What if you’re both? And why is fan girl used in such a derogatory way. Gross!

          And I’m sorry but this show is about Oliver Queen and his journey to Green Arrow. It’s about both sides of himself. And his Oliver Queen side is in a committed relationship. It’s gonna get focus sometimes. I think they’ve done the balance really well this season. This is the first episode since 4×01 that featured any prominent Olicity scenes. I think that’s totally fair. And they handled their relationship really well and I learned about both Oliver and Felicity as a result. Bonus.

          Also sorry but season 1 had no balance of Oliver’s love life. It was filled with Laurel and Tommy love triangle drama.

        • ‘It was created for comic book lovers’ LOL! Don’t give yourself too much importance, please.
          Arrow was created to please the most of people as possible, and not only in the US. Sell a show aboard it’s what makes money in tv industry. So, let me tell you a painful truth but Arrow was created for viewers who never heard of GA comics and who will never read them ever. That’s why what happened in the comics is irrelevant; most Arrow viewers don’t care at all.

          ‘…balancing Oliver’s love life’ ??? you mean ‘sex life’, right ? Because it’s all it was about in S1. Obviously you prefer meaningless affairs for Oliver? Okay… Let’s agree to desagree on that !

  18. blah says:

    That has to be one of The best episodes Arrow has ever done. It was built around the original Trio (Ollie, Felicity and Digg) and It used every character effectively, even to the point where Ray and Laurel were positive additions to the episode. Something that is never a given.

    This is the rare occasion where i wish this episode had taken place over multiple episodes. if only so team Arrow could plan a fun criminal caper in the vein of an oceans 11.

    • Liz says:

      Agreed. Everyone was kind of firing on all cylinders. Everyone had something to do and they all had a moment. Nothing felt forced or anything. Really impressed!

  19. niloofar says:

    Emily Bett Rickards is the best.

  20. amb1973 says:

    Wasn’t a big fan of Felicity tonight, and she’s usually my favorite.

  21. DarkDefender says:

    Is it just me, or did it seem like that Damien Darhk’s schematic box could lead to the same (terragen mist) ancient city from S.H.I.E.L.D.? I kind of expected more from ARROW.
    Be still my Olicity shipping heart. The scenes between EBR and SA are getting more natural and organic.. Props to them.
    In one embrace it was clear that Lotz acts circles around Cassidy.
    I’m glad Ray is back and he can now move on.. TLOT are starting to shape up nicely.
    Team Arrow is firing on all cylinders, glad they got the band back together.
    I am really digging this season.

    • Liz says:

      Sara’s hug with Laurel made me emotional! Caity Lotz is just so awesome. I wish she could stay on the show but at least she’ll be female lead over on Legends.

      Olicity are killing it this season. Love them!

      This season is a million times better than season 3!

  22. kath says:

    I just loved this episode. This is what I watch Arrow for.

    Felicity is no Mary Sue. Like Oliver, she takes responsibility for things she’s not necessarily caused and like Oliver she pushes people away until she can fix them. I love how maturely Oliver handled their disagreement, and how she admitted in the end that she had gone too far.

    David Ramsey was hilarious as Diggle reacted to Oliver and Felicity’s fight.

    I wish Sara had stayed around longer. She and Thea need to have a conversation about bloodlust. And about Thea killing her.

    Charlotte Ross is doing a fabulous job of Donna. Although with her meeting Quentin, his death knell rings louder.

    The flashbacks are doing nothing for me. They could have used the time on the present day stuff.

    • Rob Watkins says:

      The flashbacks are getting interesting, and the Donna stuff is interminable. She’s boring and didn’t add anything to this episode that couldn’t have been done by the main cast. Diggle or even Laurel would’ve been a better idea to help with getting Oliver and Felicity over their minor spat.

      • kath says:

        Diggle was the one who helped Oliver learn to deal with the spat.
        But Felicity needed her own person to advise her. Thea is too young and Laurel far too self-centered and immature besides not being a real friend of Felicity’s.
        Felicity spent this episode making herself responsible for Ray’s shrinking and being the person to find him and get him back. Last episode Laurel again took zero responsibility and blamed everyone else for what was going wrong. There’s no way I could have accepted Laurel giving Felicity good advice on how to handle her relationship.

  23. kath says:

    Best line was Damien Darhk’s “Just because I understand science doesn’t mean I’m not bored by it.”
    Neal McD is killing it in this role.

  24. Tobias says:

    So I’m sitting here in bed and a thought lit up in my brain. Could the guy that is aiding Oliver with his campaign for major be a hired goon for Darkh?

    I’m now convinced Thea is in that grave. The dude murders her and now Ollie is gonna go berserk.

    • blah says:

      I think the best case for Thea to be in the grave is that Killing the person who killed you is what ends the crazy need to murder people. Thea knows this, and every person Sarah kills will be on her conscience

  25. I thought the episode was really good overall.
    I really enjoyed the dinamics between Oliver and Felicity, that’s how real relationships are. Oliver went a step too far by inviting Donna without talking to Felicity first, but he did it because she’s been overworking herself and he wanted to make her happy, because he loves her. On the other hand I completely understand where Felicity’s fears come from: personally I grew up with parents who love each other deeply and support each other and I STILL get scared to get too deep into a relationship, to lose myself in someone, let alone Felicity who has grown up without a father.
    In the end Oliver and Felicity worked out their issues, like adults.

    I absolutely LOVE that Dig and Oliver are on a good track. I had missed them.

    Taking Sara on the mission…TWICE…just days after she got her soul back…yeah #EpicFail

    This Alex guy feels too good to be true, he’s either affiliated to Darhk or worse, a HIVE member.

    Donna and Quentin…well, they’ve both been through a lot. They deserve some happiness.

    • forouzan says:

      Good points. if Alex is a HIVE member so i have to say Thea has this ability to attracts dangerous people (maybe because it’s in her blood) ;)

      • Dj says:

        I really hope Alex isn’t working for Darhk that would be such a repeat of what they did last season with the LoA guy who Thea hooked up with. I rather he be a regular guy who ends up getting killed.

  26. rumba says:

    My main problem with the Olicity fight was the fact that they have set up problems in the relationship, the lying and going behind each others back and than introduced a whole new issue, that Felicity was verbally abusive to her boyfriend in this episode and he just takes it. Oliver didn’t handle this maturely he didn’t handle it at all. He was liked a kicked puppy who is so in love he doesn’t that there are some serious issues in the relations. It’s freaking Lauriver with Oliver in Laurels spot.

    • brenna says:

      I didn’t see it that way. He showed strength in his restraint because he could see that Felicity felt really guilty. She was pretty mean to him, but unfortunately in real life, we sometimes take out our problems on the people closest to us. He knew it was not like her at all and was more concerned with helping her through it. Made me love Oliver even more!

      • rumba says:

        You’re right the way he handled it while she was angry and guilty was the way he should have. The way it was resolved like they were sweeping it under the rug after she had calmed down and could admit what her issues were they talk about why she acted that way but didn’t discuss about how she was reacted was wrong. and i recognize that doesn’t happen in real life a lot of the time but i would rather have those discussions than watching them make out. i just hope they explore the issues this couple has that’s beyond the surface issue of i felt like i lost myself (that’s a personal issue not a relationship issue) because that’s one of the things i like about arrow is how it addresses serious topics in relationships and what people deal with on their own, even that they handle it poorly.

    • kath says:

      I thought Oliver handled it very maturely. He talked to Diggle (so happy the BrOTP is back!) who told him to give Felicity space. He did that, Felicity talked to her mother and calmed down after Ray was found, and they talked TALKED! and cleared things up. They’re a model for TV relationships.

  27. kpflat says:

    I just want to thank the producers and story writers this week for minimal Laurel time and extra Curtis time. Please continue this trend and even though it won’t happen, I hold out hope for Laurel to end up in the grave. That is all.

  28. Tom Dennis says:

    I really use to like this show, but it has slipped. A lot. The scripts are terrible, the character’s behavior makes no sense and even the fights are sloppy. Just how many times do we have to see someone swing a bow 4 feet above someone’s head. The opponents don’t even have to duck anymore. We actually are considering dropping it.

    Felicity’s story was so out of character, and Oliver planning a dinner party when they just found out Ray is alive and being held captive? If this is the new Ollie, I have no interest in the show.

    Taking Sarah out on a mission, Lance in a bar, everyone completely ignoring that Ollie and Sarah were an item when she died, ignoring that Felicity and Ray were an item when he died. The list goes on.

    Is all their energy being put into the new Legends of Tomorrow show? If they don’t care, why should we?

    • Rob Watkins says:

      Lance was drinking club soda, Ollie and Sara broke up before she died, they aren’t ignoring Felicity and Ray, they hit it head on in this episode.

    • amb1973 says:

      I agree with you that the actions scenes mostly stink now, and I wasn’t a big fan of Felicity’s behavior, but to clarify, Oliver and Sara broke up at least six months before she died, and Felicity and Ray broke up around a month before he “died.”

  29. brenna says:

    I really loved this episode. To me, it had everything. Action, humor, all the characters working together, Oliver and Diggle time. And the last scene with Oliver and Felicity was so natural and sweet, plus it was beautifully filmed. That scene was as beautiful as any I’ve seen in movies or television. Great job everyone! Season 4 has been so much fun to me. I think the set up for LOT is slowing down the Arrow stories, but with 23 episodes, they can’t show all their cards in the first few episodes. I think the pacing has been great.

  30. Hodan says:

    Emily Bett Rickards is simply amazing. MVP of the episode for sure.

  31. You know the scene with Lance and Mama Smoak means one of them is in the ground by season end…..I’m voting Mama Smoak, because that would explain Barry being at the grave but not heartbroken because it was Felicity.

    • kath says:

      I think they’re trying to get everyone to be worried that it’s Felicity who died. But I doubt it because she’s too popular.
      The odds are it’s Quentin now that he’s made up with Oliver, working as a mole with DD and maybe having a fling with Donna.
      In terms of storytelling though, it could be Laurel because they still haven’t found a way to use her on the show. She’s the one character who doesn’t fit organically into any of the A plots unless they’re written for her.

  32. Gerald says:

    Okay Curtis is just pretending that he doesn’t know Oliver is the Green Arrow right…. He is a smart guy. He knows. And Damien also knows… his suspicions are probably correct, even if he didn’t unmask Oliver.
    Glad Sara is gone from the show (she proved again last night she is a terrible actress, sorry). But it doesn’t make sense at all her leaving. Not having people around her that knows what she is going through and can help stop her if she goes blood lusty is just dumb.

  33. Smoak Arrow says:

    I loved last night’s show. It was just fun from start to finish. So glad they’re exploring Felicity Smoak more, bringing her mom back, and getting Oliver and Felicity moving again. It was interesting to peek into Oliver’s head and find out he has insecurities about why Felicity would want to be with him. These two are way more alike than people think but Donna is right. They’re perfect together and I love the “home” they’re building with each other. Such a great romance. Very curious what Damien Darhk is up to! Him knowing Felicity’s name is a big exclamation point! Danger ahead! I love it! Is Spartan officially Diggle’s name now? Cool! And is Donna Smoak going to stay on Arrow full time now? With her running into Quentin, I definitely see potential. Plus, I’d love for Felicity to have some family of her own on the show, for Oliver to regain that “mom” figure he lost when they killed Moira, and for Quentin to FINALLY get some story that lets him interact more with people I like like Donna, Felicity, Oliver, Diggle, and Thea.

  34. Drew says:

    I was just thinking about this. The way the Olicity stuff is being played doesn’t sit right with me… unless they’re setting Oliver up for a major fall later on. If all of this is leading up to taking something away, it might make sense in the long run (even if it is boring as s**t now).
    Logic dictates that Felicity is about to be fridged.
    The question is, are the writers working with any amount of logic at this point, or are they simply writing fanfic for Olicity fans? Time will tell.

    • Joe says:

      So one of the following three people are in the ground: lance (75%) and the him Ollie is gonna kill, darhk, thea (10%) and the him is merlyn, Donna smoak (15%) and the him is Felicity’s evil hive member dad…

      • Tobias says:

        90% Thea 10% Felicity (I don’t think the people behind the scenes have the cojones to kill of Felicity)

        I would invite a nice twist.

        • Drew says:

          Lance or Donna are the most obvious choices for me right now. But they are really laying on the Olicity stuff thick. So it could be Felicity (or bad writing). Do they have the nerve to do that? It would be very impressive if they did, and it would open up a ton of stories in that whole universe. But I’m not sure that they have the guts. They’re really not at the top of their game these days.

          • kath says:

            They’re trying real hard to make it look like Felicity is the one in the grave so people will tune in.
            Killing Felicity wouldn’t open up any stories they haven’t already done (Oliver devastated at losing someone he loved; Oliver looking for revenge; Oliver falling in love again).
            Killing Thea would mean that every single person in Oliver’s family had been killed and this time he would blame himself for letting Thea join the Team. He said at the grave site that he knows it wasn’t his responsibility this person died.
            I could be Diggle but I think that like Felicity, he’s too important to the show as this episode proved with the talk with Oliver.
            That leaves Quentin Lance (80%), Laurel (15%) and Donna (5%). It could be Malcolm but I doubt Oliver would cry over that.

          • Drew says:

            I think that it has to be someone important enough to justify the flash foward.
            The problem with Quentin is that most people expect it. After last year, a lot of people actually want him to die.
            I don’t know that Donna is important enough, unless her death causes Felicity to leave… and really leave. Not just leave for a little while.
            Felicity dying would ripple out through all of the characters, not just Oliver. But it is one of the only deaths that would get him back on mission. Right now, he is a sidekick on his own team.
            Her death would also impact the STAR Labs team. It would change the way Laurel relates to Oliver. It would cause Diggle to rethink where he is raising his kid.
            Yeah, we have seen Oliver lose people before, but if that is a reason for it to not be Felicity, it would apply to pretty much all of the characters. Losing Diggle would be like losing Tommy. Losing Thea would be like losing his mom and dad. Losing Laurel would be like losing Sara. Losing Lance, I don’t think would really have that big of an impact on Oliver. Laurel maybe, but not Oliver. In which case, why was Oliver the focus of the grief when the death would be more about Laurel?
            I know who I want to die the most. And I know who would be the best choice from a writing standpoint (not necessarily the same people). I just don’t know how the writers are approaching this. Is it a turning point for the series, or an easy way to get rid of someone that we all expect to leave at some point?

          • kath says:

            I agree that Oliver is only a sidekick on his own team but that’s a function of getting Sara and Ray back to set up the new spin-off. Once that’s happened, they can get back to it being Oliver’s story again.
            Although since Diggle’s now the one with the bottle (bourbon rather than vodka), they may be co-leading the team.
            I think everyone would be sad if Felicity died but it wouldn’t affect them because other than Oliver, they’re all on their own life paths. It would be like Ronnie dying, which didn’t really change anything other than freeing up Caitlin. Felicity dying would also open up the path for a return to an Oliver/Laurel relationship which may be the best reason for having Felicity live. They are like oil and water even after three + seasons.
            Oliver blamed himself for Tommy’s death and it put him on the path to not killing. This death will make him reverse that. But I don’t think it’s Diggle, he’s too important as Oliver’s friend and mentor. I can’t find a story benefit in killing Thea.
            Oliver was the focus of the scene because the show is called Arrow, not Green Arrow/Black Canary. They wanted to have the only two safe people, Oliver and Barry, in the shot so that we would be guessing who the dead person could be.

  35. Kira says:

    You know if this were actually a comic book then I would definitely think that it was Felicity or Diggle in that grave. As it is though this IS NOT a comic book. It’s a TV show which means it’s success or failure is dictated by viewership and ratings which also means that it will definitely not be Felicity or Diggle in that grave. After seeing last night’s episode I am forced to go with my initial thought of who lies in that grave. I think it’s Cap. Lance. Maybe it was just me but in the scene with Darhk and Lance did Darhk not seem just a little suspicious.

  36. Charles says:

    I thought this episode 6 was awesome and I enjoyed the Olicity . Also seeing Captain Lance with Donna Smoak was great. In addition, it was great to see Oliver and Diggle getting along over a shot of whiskey.

  37. AJ says:

    Arrow tends to do those throw-together scenes at the end often. It does bug me because they seem like afterthoughts or let’s get this in here real quick so we can explore 5 weeks later. However, I do love the show and I enjoyed tonight’s ep.

  38. Ashley says:

    I loved the episode, the best of the season so far. It was character driven, not plot driven, which makes for better TV. Arrow has tons of episodes that focus on the action stuff, focus needs to be on the characters once in a while. Oliver/Felicity were the highlight along with the Digg/Oliver bromance and Felicity’s scenes with her mom. I hope to see a good balance of character driven episodes like this one and more action type episodes on Arrow in the future. Both are needed. And I loved how much of Felicity’s POV we got in this episode. Keep this up Arrow writers.

  39. michelle says:

    I absolutely LOVED this episode and how everything is going… also it was funny when the mom burnt the chicken, cant wait how they get Mr. Darhk.

  40. sil says:

    I enjoyed the episode. Thanks for the recap. Love Charlotte Ross.

  41. Clara says:

    The chemistry displayed this week once again between Felicity Smoak/Emily Bett rickards & Oliver Queen/Stephen Amell is what makes a non-comic-fan watch Arrow like an obessed teen! :) Olicity sets this show apart from others, makes it unique!! Really special gift!!! So thankful to witness their journey!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Fannie says:

    I come here late to post my review but I want to say that I hated Felicity on this episode. Why the heck she blamed Oliver for what happened to Ray? I mean she blamed him that because they both left for vacations to start a life togehter when Ray was in serious trouble and she could not do anything to prevent it. How could Felicity had known what was going on with Ray?
    So for her it seems that Ray is more important thatn Oliver.. SHe did not have any right to blame Oliver for what happened to Ray. Shame on Felicity. If i was Oliver I give her space and stay away for her for a while, she is not worth of his love.

    • kath says:

      She didn’t blame Oliver. She blamed herself for being so much in love with Oliver that she lost who she really is in it.