Scream Queens Recap: Mommy Issues

At this time last week, I was pleading with Scream Queens to give us answers or give us deaths. I’m happy to report that Tuesday’s episode gave us plenty of both.

Let’s start with the death: Ladies and gentlemen, Jennifer (aka “that really unusual girl with the very odd candle fetish”) has left the building. The non-Boone Red Devil took her out after failing to off Dean Munsch — in a spectacular homage to 1960’s Psycho, which starred Jamie Lee Curtis’ mother Janet Leigh — but we can all take solace in knowing that Jennifer died doing what she loved: vlogging about candles.

But enough about that dead freak, let’s talk answers. Not only did Munsch give Grace the name of the girl in the bathtub (“Sophia Doyle”), but an asylum inmate also gave her a 20-year-old painting of Gigi… with two babies! Gigi played it cool when confronted with this admittedly spotty evidence, all the while mapping out her master plan: Convince Wes to put a ring on her finger — and put that Veronica Mars wannabe Grace in a padded room.

And just when it seemed like the plot couldn’t possibly get any thicker/more ridiculous, we learned a million and one crazy things about Grace’s backstory: Her mom, originally named Bethany Stevens, was the president of Kappa Kappa Tau in 1995 (“‘Waterfalls’ is my jam!”) and met Wes at that very same party. Nine months later, along came baby Grace, who was only alive for a short while before her criminal mother — with a rap sheet that included shoplifting, larceny, meth possession, etc. — drove drunk into a tree.

In the episode’s final moments, a peculiarly bearded Nick Jonas made his triumphant return to the role of Boone, and during an angry phone call with [Mystery Killer No. 2], the Joaquin Phoenix look-alike decided that Gigi has exhausted her usefulness, implying that this whole murder plot is really the Devils’ idea, not merely Gigi’s.

Like I said, we got a ton of answers this week, and I’m even OK with the new questions thrown our way, including: Who were the two babies born in the bathtub? Did Wes also know Gigi in college? And did he just deliver the most casual confession of arson in human history? Drop a comment with your thoughts on this week’s episode, plus any new theories, below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. A says:

    My favorite scene was seeing Dean Munsch kick butt on all 3 Devil Killers and the 2 big shockers was the real identity of Grace’s mother who turned out to be the evil Queen of the Soroity of 1995 plus what killed me was that the killers are Fraternal Twins.

  2. Josh says:

    It was awesome seeing Dean Munsch kick butt! My god Chanel is a deplorable unlikable B####. Who is she to judge anyone? And Wes is a Bad father if he committed Grace when she isn’t displaying crazy behavior.

  3. Shannon says:

    Chanel’s fur (or feather? Idk) jacket looked just like the rainbow sherbet I was eating while I watched. And that pink dress looked like a coral snake wrapped around her body.

  4. JJ says:

    “Those who pill together kill together.” My favorite zinger of the episode!! I loved this episode. Things are finally moving forward, and I loved everyone’s performances. Now that we know Grace isn’t the baby in the bathtub, who the hell is it?? And who is the main Red Devil? My money is on a character we still haven’t met but Wes and Denise were suspicious tonight!!

  5. I still don’t really understand who this show is for? I thought teens and young adults but the humour is sometimes aimed at an older crowd (we got a Brenda Walsh reference last week, nobody under 30 knows who that is.) People who like Mean Girls might find this too violent but people who like violence might find it too bitchy. The ratings aren’t great and I think it’s because Murphy has made a show only he will enjoy. It brings the term “nichey” to a whole new level. A niche of one. A weird curiosity will make some people follow it to the end of the season but I can’t imagine it being renewed.

    • J.B. says:

      I’m slapping a big co-sign on this comment. This is THE WORST show I’ve ever watched and I’ve watched a lot over the years. It feels like RM got FOX to pay to make a show he and his writer friends could relate to 100% of the time. This is such a hodgepodge of genres that it affects everything from the acting to the tone to writing and so on and so on and….
      There are funny bits and certainly enjoyable moments but you have to wade through loads of crap just to get to them.
      Boo hoo that RM couldn’t do an AHS: Coven spinoff but that is no excuse for unleashing this mess unto primetime.

    • Win says:

      Sammy Moynihan (and later, J.B.), your comment sums up why Scream Queens still holds my interest, but doesn’t knock it out of the park for me.

    • Sam says:

      I know you’re exaggerating but I’m 26 and I know who Brenda Walsh is…

    • Murl says:

      Omg i love this show, and I’m 40! I love the one liners!! Emma R isn’t everyones cup of tea, but i love her playing Chanel Oberlin!!

  6. Win says:

    Denise Hemphill as Undercover House Mother, plus her retort about Chanel No. 5 “wearing the same size as a 40 year-old woman” was a highlight for me.

  7. torry mcintyre says:

    I do not know what show some of you people are watching,but this is great entertainment.It s actually funny and kind of campy.It was designed to be just that.Emma Roberts is an absolute hoot!My only problem with last nights episode was watching the Dean beat the hell out of three people!Really?If u r really “killers” why r u getting your butt whipped by just one person when there are three of you?Although entertaining it was just unheard of!Just saying!

    • Julia says:

      While I do find the show very entertaining, Emma Roberts is so GRATING for me on the show. Not sure if others feel the same way, but good lord, I can’t handle Emma Roberts in this role.

    • Win says:

      I love camp, and actually did expect such; however, the hodgepodge factor mentioned above is an issue for many. I’m glad you feel it is great entertainment/it’s living up to your expectations. This morning, there were only 6 comments discussing subjective takes on the events/humor of the episode this morning, which is down quite a bit – so it seems there is hemorrhaging interest (not uncommon on tv and especially not this season, but surprising in the amount for this show based on its premise and promise). Just because something is campy doesn’t mean it should (or does) lack good execution and/or a solid foundation. For me, I can find fun/enjoyable/watercooler moments, but there are fewer than I expected. This is from someone who not only wanted to love Scream Queens, but expected to love it.

      As for your second part, I love that scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis was able to reference her mom’s work in psycho while kicking butt. It’s not really unheard of, as 1) even in real life, if you’re well trained, you can fend off multiple people, including some opponents with weapons. There are many fictional examples (even recently), too. Most recently I’ve seen that it’s amazing what one can do with a bo staff. 2) The Red Devils have had some surprise attacks where s/he/they successfully killed someone, but between Red Devil infighting and noting the other times they’ve gotten fought off (Coney was doing pretty good for a few seconds) and/or been disorganized, that really doesn’t seem unheard of. But, I would agree that I didn’t know the Dean “had it like that. Either way, we can both just blame it on the camp factor. ;)

  8. garantinsley says:

    I might be looking way into things BUT did anyone notice when Wes was showing Grace the photo of her mom, he was like “Yep. There’s your mom right there in the middle.” And directly in the center of the photo is half of a woman’s face that looked very similar to Gigi? Or maybe like the girl that found the girl in the tub in the pilot? Maybe it’s just me but I feel like the inclusion of the line about her mom being in the middle was too awkward and stilted to not mean anything.

  9. MyFairLady says:

    I wasn’t sure this show was for me but I’ve come to love and enjoy it very much. It’s just so ridiculous , it’s insane. I know Emma RObert’s character’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I find her really funny and fun to watch. Same with Denise Hemphil, Dean Munch & Chad. I love all the over-the-top characters, they are just a hoot. Grace and her family drama bores me to no end.

  10. Bunny says:

    Let’s not forget that Zayday did stab red devil 2. So maybe we should be on the look out for scars or people’s hands? And red devil 2 likes Zayday. And when Sam is about to die, she says “I knew it was you”.
    And where is Earl Grey? The last time we really saw him, he was encouraging Zayday to have the party at the haunted house so she could run for Kapp president. Is it a coincidence that she was kidnapped at that party? Was it a coincidence that there we’re several dead bodies found in the house? He’s staying in the background… But why? Also, right after The candle vlogger talks bad about Zayday…. She gets killed! There’s so many people who could be the killer! 😩