American Horror Story Renewed

American Horror Story Renewed for Season 6 at FX — Where Will It Be Set?

Let the annual American Horror Story premise guessing game begin!

FX has renewed Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s spine-tingling anthology series for Season 6, the cabler announced Tuesday. The as-of-yet untitled sixth edition will premiere in Fall 2016.

“With the sixth installment coming next year, American Horror Story has unquestionably joined the ranks of television’s landmark series,” boasted FX CEO John Landgraf said. “From Murder House to Hotel, AHS has pioneered a new television form as well becoming FX’s highest rated show — while also pushing every conceivable boundary of creative excellence and audacity.”

Details on casting are TBD, although Murphy has already publicly invited Hotel leading lady Lady Gaga to return.

Per FX, the current Hotel-themed season is pacing ahead of the average ratings of all prior installments on a Live+3 basis. Additionally, Hotel‘s premiere stands as the second most-watched telecast in FX history, second only the debut episode of AHS: Freak Show.

Where would you like to see the AHS franchise venture next? Mars, perhaps (see below)? Vote in the comments!

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  1. Walkie says:


  2. Lambsilencer says:

    And now for the ultimate horror theme:

    American Horror Story: Reality

    Just think of all the real-world horrors the show could offer. I shudder…

  3. Anne says:

    How about setting it on Wall Street or at some big corporation? There’s plenty of horror to be had there.

  4. robandco says:

    My wish for Christmas is for season 6 to have what season 4 and 5 lacked: a plot.

    • Jane says:

      Thank you. That would be my wish also. the last few seasons have been such a mess I have to struggle to make it through to the end. I don’t care where they set it as long as it has some sort of coherent storyline.

      • robandco says:

        Well I agree season 3 was the beginning of all the problems but at least by the end of episode 1 we had the main plot: who’s the supreme? But that was it.
        Asylum was great because it was very serialized.

    • David says:

      You don’t see the plot this season? Do you need someone to write you a manual on how to watch a show?

    • lechatnoir says:

      There have been no plot since season 3 . the cinematography is superb tho . for season six . Please no gaga. she is dreadful. no posh kids no stunt casting port favor.

      • David says:

        I’ll give you season 4- it had no plot after Twisty left. But this season absolutely has a plot

        • robandco says:

          Of course it has a plot. But not a clear nor good one. The plot should appear very clearly by the end of episode 1, and I am sorry but it wasn’t the case this year. Episode 1 was just random stuff put together for shock value. Who/what is Lady Gaga? Is she the villain? Is she the hero? Are they all dead? If the weird murders Wes Bentley is investigating are the main plot then why aren’t they more forward with the story?

          This season is WAY better than season 4 but it is still bad for now.

          • Danny says:

            you arent supposed to know the entire plot and have all the answers after the first episode?? that would just be boring and predictable, nobody would watch it. maybe you do need that manual/guide on how to watch a show

          • robandco says:

            I am not saying that I need to know the entire story by episode 1. Just where it is going. Because it is an anthology story, so episode 1 is like the pilot of a brand new show, and it is selling the entire season. I was cool with the murderous clown last season but he got killed off and I was like “but what is the season really about?”.
            You can do excellent TV with a very clear plot.

      • robandco says:

        The acting (not Gaga’s) and superb imagery is what saves the show and makes it worth watching.

      • Jade says:

        Come on, I’m no Gaga fan but even I think think she killed it this season, pun intended. (sorry couldn’t help myself)
        Seriously though, she was genuinely good in my opinion at least

        • Kacy Dearing says:

          I don’t care for Gaga myself. But I did like the character.. And I read that she has already sign up for AHS Summer Camp.. So it’ll be another season of her expressionless acting..

  5. American Horror Story: San Diego Comic-Con.

  6. Gio says:

    Yeeees !
    I hope both Lady Gaga and Jessica Lange will return !

  7. Mr. Tran K says:

    American Horror Story: The Price is Right or The Price is Dead Wrong

  8. Amy says:

    I stopped watching. I had been a faithful viewer since the beginning. It just got too weird and none of it made any sense or was shocking any more.

    It’s like he’s living out all of his gas fantasies just for the heck of it and it just became boring.

  9. Bill says:

    New York City but only if filmed there, so I doubt it since Murphy doesn’t seem to be enamored with NYC.

  10. cerkiller says:

    just no gaga please

    • Wordsmith says:

      sorry, but pretty sure Ryan Murphy is already working on bringing her back.

    • Kristen says:

      Surprisingly, seeing her on this show is what actually made me like her. I couldn’t stand her prior to this season, and was actually dreading her being on a show I like so much, but after these first episodes, I am loving her.

      • Tammy Mills says:

        I felt exactly the same way! I couldn’t stand her & thought she was an annoying “freakshow” until seeing her as The Countess & now I can’t get enough of her! I’ve become a “Countess” fan as well as a Lady Gaga fan! I started watching & enjoying her music videos immensely after AS Hotel & I really hope she returns for season 6!

  11. Wordsmith says:

    A summer camp slasher a la Friday the 13th seems like the most iconically American horror setting that they haven’t used yet.

    • Win says:

      Great thought!

    • Murl says:

      That would be so much fun!! I love the idea of a 70s or 80s themed summer slasher camp.
      They should revisit the aliens plot that they threw into season 2 and left to flounder uncerimoniously. You have to think of some theme though…… Summer Camp….thats a good one….haunted house has been done, scary hospital done, witches done, carnival freak show done, the hotel is very in line with season 1, but with vampires added……i really like the camp idea. They would need a way to work in a cast that is mostly above camp age……i wonder if jessica will come back, I’ve heard she may…..i dont see lange and gaga working together, so its probably one or the other.

    • Matt C. says:

      It’s rumored that they’re going to use that as the setting for Scream Queens season 2. Which is a shame, because I’d much rather see AHS’s more horror-themed take on that setting. But nothing is official yet!

      • CK2 says:

        I’d actually like to see the setting done in a horror comedy -esque format. Whether or not, I’d like to see Scream Queens do it (or anything else tbh) depends on how the later half of the season turns out. As a horror fan, I want to get on board the Scream Queens train so much. but I just can’t with the way it is currently.

      • David4 says:

        It’s cute you think it will get a season 2. ;)

  12. Win says:

    AHS: CNBC Debate

  13. Dave says:

    American Horror Story: Chicago

  14. Lisa says:

    Im thinkin its gotta be Prison

  15. Matt C. says:

    I’d love to see a “Ghost Town”/Silent Hill-esque season. Or it could be an abandoned nuclear testing town, ala The Hills Have Eyes. There’s lots of potential horror for that setting.

    I’m also hoping they do a Cult season!

  16. Heathers says:

    I’m not sure I’ll watch. This season was so bad, I quit watching after episode 2. Lady Gaga ruined it. She is ugly and a terrible actress.

  17. Ed says:

    I hope they focus more on story over location next year. The first few seasons, the story was paramount and location served story. The last two years it’s a been about location first, and squeezing in a convoluted story to fit the setting (and the story falls apart/falls flat). As a result, the last two years have been a lot more style over substance. It’s a shame, because the first three seasons were strong.

  18. CK2 says:

    Can we please get a lead with some more emotional range? I’m a huge GaGa fan and she does a passable/great job when the role doesn’t require her to emote much, but everyone else acts circles around her. Pass the leading lady role on to Paulson, Bassett, Bates or Rabe and make Gaga a side character.

  19. Cass says:


  20. Cc says:

    Fabulous (though obvious) news. I don’t agree at all with all the complaints about this season. People are missing it. The show is really strong right now. Last week’s episode was stellar, especially the scenes with Iris (Kathy) and Liz (Denis). And Lady Gaga is just fine here- the role doesn’t require much and that was smart of the writers. I think the “in” thing now seems to be to bash the show regardless so people will do that consistently but count me in as one of the few really loving this season.

  21. Ashley says:

    I loved AHS Murder House – I was hoping to see some sort of continuation of that!

  22. BlackBird47 says:

    I would love a small town cult setting for next season…that or a haunted theater…just happy to have more AHS on the way!

  23. Clandestine Green says:

    I wish they put as much effort into the writing as they do the marketing and the show might actually be watchable again.Gaga is stunt casting and the more outrageous they make things around her….they hope viewers won’t notice how bad she is. The show is now just basic cable shock porn.

  24. Chelsea says:

    How about elaborating on those aliens they introduced in the 3rd season and never mentioned again?

  25. Milla Von Teese says:

    American Horror Story: Fallout

  26. Leon says:

    American Horror Story: The Village
    American Horror Story: Camp

  27. MikeyB says:

    AHS Cruise Ship: the germs, the claustrophobia; the nasty rotoviruses. Think of all the icky stuff they could play with.., and they could pull into ports like New Orleans (tying back to Coven).

  28. Mille says:

    This season SUCKS and doesn’t have any discernible storyline?!

  29. N says:

    I would love to see a summer camp theme for next season, the only issue would be finding ways to use all the AHS stable of actors in ways that would work given a summer camp theme would require some younger actors. But I imagine Ryan Murphy would find a way to have a blast with a summer camp theme.

  30. Max says:

    AHS: Movie Studio – where a Sunset Blvd type movie is being filmed. Crazy Gloria Swanson type inhabits the body of present day actress.

    AHS: Haunted Cruise Ship – everyone is trapped aboard ship as killings occur, along with piracy and stowaways.

  31. Linda says:

    I loved the first episode this year – sort of like ‘7’ with all the biblical references, but am tired of some of the characters already and the detective living in the hotel makes no sense. I think GaGa is doing a great job. I just want to be edge-of-my-seat, afraid-to-watch scared.

    I think taking ideas from real life is the best way to go and I’ve heard many interviews/stories about this hotel and the secret rooms and torture that went on, when the owner lured young women to stay there. That’s scary because it’s real. So, taking this idea further, what about:
    -Jack The Ripper type serial killer, where we don’t know who it is
    -A composite of serial killers like the hotel dinner party where all the serial killers gathered
    -Something based on movies like ‘House of Wax,’ ‘Them,’ and ‘Invasion From Mars’

    Just scare me from the beginning to the end, please!!

  32. DavidSask says:

    I like Gaga and all but this season is a snoozefest and by no way appointment TV! Stunt casting and same old cast needs to fn’ end permanently with clear set plot, fast character developement established from get go!

  33. Eran says:

    AHS: Writers’ Room

  34. Nelson says:

    Area 51 or mabe the White House….Denis OHara has president?

  35. cameronwest says:

    I think they should do a period piece year, set in colonial times.

    It could be about the mysterious Roanoake colony and its disappearance. Call the season AHS: Croatoan.

  36. cameronwest says:

    The next season should be a period piece, set in colonial times.

    It could follow the rise and eventual, mysterious, disappearance of the Roanoke colony.

    Call it: American Horror Story: Croatoan

  37. How about using the Rock (Alcatraz)that place has a freaky past for sure :)

  38. linda says:

    why is everuone so down on lady gaga? she fits her part perfectly i say a well added actress. i too would love to see jessica lange come back. she was great and i think her and gaga would be great together. theyve already asked gaga back so obviously shes doing a great job. what about a story line at chernobyl? definitely alot of room for freaks and alot of scary stories have come from there. nuclear testing now thats where its at!! you dont want AHS comedy though. good horror isnt funny. people like to be scared thats what keeps bringing them back every week…the suspense!!!

    • robandco says:

      I agree. She fits the role perfectly. It’s not like she’s the main character or something, she has limited scenes and her role is more statuesque and she has great presence. She also had limited dialog until now, so she can’t really show anything.

  39. Tom says:

    AHS:Walmart. What could be scarier?

  40. JO says:

    How about SHS: Orient Express. Set it in the grandeur years of train travel and have stuff happening aboard different trips every week. It would be in proper time frame they seem to be liking. It would be easy to introduce new characters that way too.

  41. deluxe says:

    Maybe it will take place in a prison

  42. Disney or a theme park. Room 33 plays a prominent part in the show and Club 33 is the private club at Disney. Also, the final show is titled “Be Our Guest.” And in the first episode the 2 Swedish girls want to visit Universal and their studio and theme park is used in a lot of DIsney movies.

    • Valerie L. Winger says:

      This is a great idea! Lots of Horror Flicks took place in theme parks. Kind of sides with Freak Show.
      I like the ideas for settings!

  43. angela stewart says:


  44. Ca'Sonya Tomas says:

    It doesn’t matter as long as Evan Peters remains in cast. The intriguing range shown in his
    extraordinary performances of catalystic characters keeps me fixated and utterly enamored of the series.

  45. Taylor says:

    Another season of Murder House! With the same characters and people playing the characters****

  46. IsThisTheKrustyKrab says:

    When James March said something about him being the captain and everyone else being his “mateys” it makes me think maybe next season will be on a ship I’m thinking AHS:Shipwrecked or something involving the Bermuda triangle

  47. Alisa says:

    Why is no one picking up on it might be some sort of music theme again. Sally is having Liz sing her song and Billie Dean said it sounds like a rock concert and John Lowe said let me introduce you to the rock stars of the dead. I’m praying it’s not a musical theme again but I am hoping I’m right about the serial killers theme. I thought they all were amazing and I was disappointed we didn’t see more of them. Lily Rabe was an excellent Aileen. I think they should also do serial killers that have not been caught like the zodiac and the Texas killing fields. An American crime movie would be awesome as well as the strangers movie would be a great unsolved mystery as well.

  48. Valerie L. Winger says:

    I would like to see a FACTORY LINE SETTING with offices, viewing hall, secondary packaging area. What do you think about a meat plant?