Post-Super Bowl Timeslot

Post-Super Bowl Timeslot: 7 Ideas for CBS, Including Live Big Bang, Everybody Loves Raymond Revival and More

Super Bowl 50 is three months away and one of the biggest mysteries surrounding the gridiron spectacular — perhaps the biggest mystery — remains unsolved.

Which CBS series will inherit the coveted post-game perch on February 7, 2016?

The trend in recent years has been to hand the Holy Grail of timeslots to a burgeoning hit a la NBC’s The Blacklist, Fox’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine and CBS’ Elementary. So, by that measure, encouraging rookie dramas Supergirl and Limitless would be obvious candidates.

But what if the Tiffany Network — which is expected to make a final decision in the coming weeks — broke with recent tradition and went with something a little more… out of the box? Glad you asked!

Scroll through the gallery below — or click here for direct access — to view the 7 ideas, ranging from crazy-bold to somewhat-safe, we think Les Moonves & Co. should consider.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kisame says:

    They need to do “How I Met Your Dad” that franchise is too important to let it go.

    • Ari says:

      No, that’s one franchise that should go quietly into the night.

      • David4 says:

        What amazes me is that I used to see it in syndication all the time and as soon as the outrage of the finale showed up, it died a silent death.

        • Patrick says:

          It airs on virtual repeat on FX, and Lifetime, and local affiliates. The ending, which got the couples right, didn’t stop the money train. And the franchise died because the cast of Dad, as well as the premise, sounded awful. There were no sympathetic characters, and the Mumblecore lead they hired is not exactly beloved.

    • NJMark says:

      They really don’t

  2. Julio says:

    I’m saying it now it’s going to be Limitless

    • I would like that because I’m really enjoying the show but I think it will end up going to Supergirl.

      • TJ says:

        Both wouldn’t bother me. I do like Limitless more than Supergirl but I have been surprised by Supergirl so far. I am just always drawn to a character like the lead in Limitless.

    • Patrick says:

      If its not TBBT, it will be this. Provided that Bradley Cooper shows up, AND plays a big part. No 1 minute cameo. He’s a big part of the case. If he received a “threat” of some sort, and the FBI were brought in to investigate, it would great to see two geniuses work, especially with both trying to hide that the Senator is also on NZT. (if they wanted to do a mini reboot and get rid of the female lead, this would be the time to do it. She’s great, but there is no chemistry between the leads, and her character/her portrayal of same seems lazy and disinterested.

    • Drewer says:

      They’d be stupid not to go with Limitless.

  3. Anna says:

    And now I REALLY want Matt Bomer to be Superman. Thanks.

    • Kate M says:

      My head canon has Tom Welling as Superman in the DC TV universe. He’s keeping an eye on Kara, Oliver, and Barry from a distance. Liv Moore is not quite on his radar, yet.

      • Tatharnio says:

        Supergirl isn’t in the same universe as Flash and Arrow. Don’t you think that the world would have been a lot more accepting of the idea of metahumans if they already had Superman flying aroud? Plus he’s never been mentioned, though in Supergirl he’s been operating for quite awhile now. To the point where even before Supergirl showed her face people were talking about him. And yet not a single mention on Flash and Arrow in 3 years?

        Don’t get me wrong, the crossover will happen between the two series, but it’ll be a Multiverse crossover, because clearly Kal and Kara do NOT live on the same Earth as Barry and Oliver.

        • tvjunkie says:

          1) Superman isn’t a metahuman, so that thought of yours is flawed. Other than having powers, there’s nothing else in common. 2) Constantine was obviously around for quite a while (established by flashbacks), but never mentioned on Arrow or Flash until this season. Therefore a lack of mention of Superman before a need to mention is not unique. 3) The same guy created all the shows.

  4. Flemdog36 says:

    Person of interest should get the spot most underated show on tv

  5. thisismenow says:

    Michael is breaking my heart again! I was all stoked and my heart skipped a beat over an Everybody Loves Raymond reunion and a live Big Bang Theory. Then I realized it was ideas. CBS needs to make both of these happen though. It would be heaven!!

    • Patrick says:

      ABC is already laughing hysterically at the idea they’ll let one of their current stars help another network get huge numbers. Uh, no. Plus, getting that cast together would cost more money than it could possibly recoup.

  6. ToyCannon says:

    I think a ‘Raymond’ reunion would be extremely difficult on everyone involved considering the recent death of Sawyer Sweeten (Jeffrey). All of the actors playing the Barone children are siblings in real life. It would probably to hard to go on with saying “Jeffrey” was away at college or something.

    • herman1959 says:

      Exactly; I couldn’t watch it for the same reason. Also, I like Supergirl, but a post-Superbowl timeslot would be too late for the kids.

    • Laura E. says:

      I’m surprised the writer didn’t think of that. No way there could be a “Raymond” reunion.

    • David4 says:

      Yes I thought the same thing. I could never watch a reunion. They only bring it up for click bait. If the Super Bore was on NBC they would go “Friends reunion!”.

    • That was my first thought, especially if the episode was to revolve around Frank’s death. You can’t just explain away Geoffrey’s absence with “at college” or “away with friends.”

    • Stacy says:

      Yep. Also, wouldn’t it be pretty callous to focus on the death of one cast member, while ignoring the death of another? Especially since the death of old age is less traumatizing than a young man taking his own life? It’s in poor taste to keep the “Everybody Loves Raymond” still as the main photo for this page.

  7. Kenny says:

    It’s going to be Supergirl, likely a 2 part episode that would air the next day(Monday) also.

  8. I’d be all for a ELR reunion, but yeah it’ll probably never happen haha

  9. It’s going to be Supergirl to give it another ratings boost.

  10. TvPeong says:

    All great ideas. I like the NCIS-palooza – get three shows in one big event.

  11. Mr. Tran K says:

    Rush Hour getting the post Super Bowl timeslot is a “bad idea”. It’s going to be a toss-up between Scorpion and Supergirl in my opinion.

  12. Live Big Bang Theory is one of the worst ideas this website has ever had. Undateable works because all of the actors are stand-ups/improv comedians and can work that style as well as anyone. As great as some of the cast on BBT is, they’re all sitcom actors which is a completely different animal.

  13. Tatharnio says:

    My favourite Superbowl followup of all time still belongs to 3rd Rock from the Sun. Beginning with Dick live on the Superbowl aftershow and going directly into the episode via flashbacks was perfect.

  14. Everybody Loves Raymond revival is a fantastic idea but one that’s just too awesome to actually come to pass.

  15. MFL says:

    I think it will go to Supergirl…and as much as I would want a revival on Everybody loves would they get around the issue of one of the twin boys who committed suicide last year. They can’t just pretend he’s off somewhere. It will be too depressing to not have Frank and one of Ray’s sons as well.

  16. Eric says:

    It’ll likely be a toss-up between Scorpion, Supergirl, and Limitless. All their other dramas are past the point where they’d be candidates for the post-SB spot.

  17. Patrick says:

    I think BBT and Mom, or an extra large BBT episode. This will get them huge ratings, but, more importantly, it would let CBS charge huge rates for the commercials for its biggest comedy. CBS doesn’t think outside the box too often. They may see a lake of money, and just decide to jump in.

  18. Jenna says:

    None of the above.
    Personally, if they’re going with a revival of McGyver, I’d go with that. Or…their Star Trek series.

    • tvjunkie says:

      The Star Trek show hasn’t even been cast yet. We’re talking about the January 2016 Superbowl, not the 2017 Superbowl.

  19. Emor says:

    This is the third time I have written this here(at Tv Line)…it WILL be Rush Hour! Bet on it!

  20. Katy says:

    Hasn’t Bradley Cooper been on Limitless twice now though?

  21. G'ma Bobbi says:

    EBL Raymond would be pretty hard to do as one of the twin boy actors that played Ray &
    Deborah’s twins committed suicide a few months ago. It was a terrible thing.
    My favorite new CBS show is Limited so I’d
    choose that or th best comedy TBBT.

  22. I’d love to see the cast of BBT try to do it live.

  23. Liz says:

    A live episode of Big Bang where Sheldon proposes to Amy or Penny and Leonard have the wedding we deserved to see.

  24. awnb95 says:

    Love to see Scorpion get the time slot, but it already aired an episode after a playoff game last season.

  25. If they use Limitless they should get Robert De Niro to reprise his role from the movie.

  26. rlj3 says:

    My top 3 choice would be:

    1 Raymond
    2 Supergirl
    3 NCIS 90min

  27. Jennifer says:

    I like the live BBT and Mom. Or NCIS crossover. Not too keen on Rush Hour. Other than that I can go with anything but the aforementioned Rush Hour.

  28. nhogan47 says:

    You know, Tom Welling could play the cousin :)

  29. KayCeeCee says:

    Hawaii 50/Blue Bloods cross-over with Tom Selleck in Hawaii

  30. Matt says:

    Well if we get to vote BRING RAYMOND BACK!! The Brits have been doing one-offs of popular old series for years, about time the states saw the profit in doing that.

  31. Will says:

    yesss Limitless! So much yes! Such a fun show and Jake McDorman is great in the role. Supergirl… meh. It already got a “super” lead-in with TBBT, let another series shine.

  32. Shunda1177 says:

    I’m with everybody else — it will probably be Supergirl. Although, now I have an NCIS mega crossover on my mind!! But we need more than 90 min. How about it starts on Monday with LA, continues Tuesday through NCIS into New Orleans, with the whole story wrapping up on Friday with Hawaii 5-0…I am just dying to see Gibbs interact with 5-0!! I can so see him and Grover getting along, him and McGarret butting heads and him treating Danny like Tony :-)

    • Jennifer says:

      My Dear TV Gods … PLEASE make this happen. NCIS Mega / H50 crossover?? I’m in.I know they already crossed NCIS:LA so it’s not out of the question!!!

    • Jennifer says:

      Maybe throw in Blue Bloods – Tom back in Hawaii – It could be some kind of law enforcement conference with presentations by NYPD and branches of Fed Agencies. Wouldn’t be unheard of …