Project Runway Finale

Project Runway Finale: Did the Right Designer Win Season 14?

Following another rough-and-tumble season of Project Runway, the Lifetime reality show on Thursday announced its latest champion.

Four contestants remained at the top of Thursday’s nail-biting finale — Kelly Dempsey, Candice Cuoco, Ashley Tipton and Edmond Newton — but only one could be crowned this year’s winner. And that person is… Tipton!

Tipton, who wowed the crowd (and the internet) with her plus-sized line during New York Fashion Week, was overwhelmed when she was announced this year’s winner.

“These definitely are happy tears,” she said. “Thank you so much.”

Are you thrilled for Tipton? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Michael King says:

    Super happy for her. I honestly thought it was going to be Kelly, just because she got progressively better where Ashley floundered a bit, but I was happy. She designed something truly elegant.

    • James says:

      Don’t take this the wrong way. I would like you to explain why you liked it. I hated it. Honestly, I am not being coy. I would like it explained. I am so confused. It didn’t make sense to me at all. All 3 other designers, even Candace whose critiques I agreed with, were more ascetically appealing to me. And I thought they showed more creativity. It confounds me.

      • Lou says:

        It was hideous. Sorry. Mexico in the fifties? I think they wanted to have a plus size collection. Just not good. Also I felt abused by nonstop commercials and promotions

        • JM1 says:

          I really wanted her to win since the beginning, and liked a lot of what she made – especially early on. I also thought it’d be great for a plus-size collection to win PR.

          That said . . .I was pretty underwhelmed by Ashley’s collection (all 4 collections, tbh). I just don’t get the point of that theme, and where it fits in in any way, shape or form into fashion today.

          Oh well, I still think Ashley’s capable of making great plus-size stuff. Look forward to seeing it.

          • LDaniels says:

            I agree with you. I like Ashley but when I saw her line, I was disappointed. Tbh, I thought they were all underwhelming. Kelly is cheap. I’m sorry but I can’t believe no one told her that was awful. Can’t believe she thought all that cheap mess was good enough for the runway. That said, I do think Ashley is a good designer. I think she will do well and try to design for real women not size 0s.

          • Devin says:

            LDaniels, don’t be ignorant. Size 0 women are still REAL women too. Don’t discriminate on size, it’s disrespectful & rude.

          • Basia says:

            I agree, I was rooting for Ashley from day one but she began to slip badly here and there and unfortunately I really disliked her final show. I had put Kelly No.1, Candace 2., Edmond 3. and Ashley 4. This felt completely rigged and you do a disservice to your viewers, the show, plus size women and the designers (Ashley included) by such a ridiculously contrived vote. Love you Ashley but you have to know you failed in your final presentation. Kelly was robbed of a deserved win.

        • Carina says:

          I have to agree, hideous. Sorry but I thought she got the sympathy vote because she was overweight. I am plus size and would never wear that crap she made.

          • Mad Barber says:

            I agree here. Every week I thought Ashley would go home. Those colors were Easter inspired, with colored eggs in a basket and flowers. When have pastels ever been in style? The lines were too simple and boring, like a ten year old in 1950. It seems she did get the sympathy vote because of her size. Totally underwhelming. No way was she more talented than the other three, forget about it. I’m done with this show.

          • Linda Zupan says:

            I completely agree, I thought the judges were very patronizing towards Ashley, mentioning her great eye for color. When I think of Mexico, I don’t think of Easter egg colors, I think of vibrant color. The most original part of her collection was the hair styles and flowers.

          • Connie Crout says:

            Carina, totally agree! Her lace lace lace and sheer pastel material was a flop. The shorts were riding up on the contestants and the hem on her first look was coming out! Epic fail! I was shocked that she won…definitely ‘pity’ votes. That’s the last we’ll hear of her. I think Edmond and Candice will be very successful. I loved their collections.

          • Alexis says:

            Thank you for saying that! Keep your eyes peeled for Rachel Richardson… she’s an up and coming plus designer who knows how to make plus women look amazing!!! And a very close friend of mine!!! Ashley’s stuff was disappointing at best.

          • LDaniels says:

            I can see how you would think that, I was surprised. I do think, she will design pretty clothes. I think the judges were against the wall. I thought all the designers underwhelmed. Edmond is good but can only make skin tight dresses. Candace is good as well but it’s to much leather and costume and I’m sorry but Kelly had no business being there. That was the cheapest looking line of clothes I’ve ever seen. She got lucky to go that far. Guess it was a year of surprises!

          • Darlene O'Hara says:

            Totally agree! Well said.

          • Salada says:

            I am all for beautiful and fitting clothes for the plus size woman. However, I don’t think Ashley did that. I said I don’t think a plus size woman should wear those clothes and now I see from you, they want. It is wonderful to have a designer to design beautiful clothes for plus size women, but clearly Ashley designs just didn’t show case style and beauty. She had beautiful plus size models and those clothes wasn’t.

          • Lauren says:

            It felt like a pandering producer decision. This collection would have been laughed off the stage in earlier seasons. I’m sure all women, plus size included, don’t want to wear those ugly clothes.

          • Pennagirl says:

            WOW, petty and judgmental comments over someone’s size. She didn’t get the pitty vote….they all had a sad sack story. Candice showed no originality…leather, tight, Gothic…Asian influenced?? NOT. She takes bustiers and makes a woman’s bust look smaller. How many times do you have to see a corset back and call that innovative? Kelly’s was fun but who in their right minds are going to wear her stuff in public except going to the club. Loved Edmond’s stuff…but it was more of the same. I liked Ashley’s clothing…it was more cohesive that the others and she dared to put curvier women in tighter, midriff baring tops and see through skirts. HER models were happy. Kelly didn’t get better…she just didn’t get worse like Candice and Edmond did.

          • Sue K says:

            Take a good look at the models wearing Ashleys collection. Their faces are very strained and you could tell they were not happy and were uncomfortable. The collection was downright ugly and won so PR could be politically correct. The whole thing was steered to the end result. She is not a winner and now they have made her a huge loser because they set her up to lose in the future.

          • Wanda says:

            Yep. It was all about sympathy. She cried on every episode. Give me a break. I’m a size 12-14 and would not be caught DEAD in pink or purple poorly designed, poorly constructed lacy fashion (?). And those hideous head dresses. Ugh, what a disappointment, and I felt barraged by all the fricking promotional announcements about Project Runway Junior and various and sundry other products. Gag. Won’t be watching next season – they ruined it for me.

          • A Project Runway Fan says:

            I agree with the fact that Ashley’s collection was really underwhelming. There were fit issues left and right and although I am all for a plus size collection I feel like they picked hers because of that and not because of her skill or taste. Kelly and Candices were much more daring than

          • A Project Runway Fan says:

            I agree with the fact that Ashley’s collection was really underwhelming. There were fit issues left and right and although I am all for a plus size collection I feel like they picked hers because of that and not because of her skill or taste. Kelly and Candices were much more daring than hers style wise…. Pastels an dflowers crowns seem anything but pushing the envelope.

          • danielle says:

            I agree every week her designs suck and she is not good as designing or sewing. She only got it for pity. I’m pissed I wanted her to lose no matter who wonď

          • I definetly agree. She started off strong and confident, but her clothes features the same silhouette. I do not see any design creativity in her clothes. She just won because she designs plus size clothes. I thought Kelly was gonna win because the judges liked her so much.

          • theSuperE says:

            Agree thought it was hideous and ill fitting most of the final pieces!

        • Temperance says:

          I like Ashley and a lot of the clothing that she did on the show, but the finale runway was just not good. She’d have scored dead last for me, and I pretty much hated what Kelly put down the runway. Candace was the clear winner.

          • LDaniels says:

            Glad to hear someone else say something about Kelly. That girl…. she is cheap looking all the way around. I kind of felt sorry for her, someone should’ve told her that was all cheap and had no business on a run way. I’m embarrassed for her.

          • Melissa says:

            Ditto. Candace was my favorite collection. Too costumes? Everyone liked Christian Siriano’s a few years ago.. And his was nothing if not pure show and spectacle.

          • LC says:

            I have to disagree about Candace. I loved Candace all season and thought she had the potential to be the next coming of Seth Aaron, but her final collection really underwhelmed me. If she had stayed with her original vision, I think it would have been better, but basically, she let the judges talk her into taking all the drama out of her collection. Clearly, Candace is all about the drama and without it, her collection became very basic, very repetitive, and just not that original. There were three pieces that wowed – the first cherry blossom dress, the red sequin and sheer skirt, and the black lace jacket. The rest was leather skirts, bustier-corsetted tops, and tight pants. The red leather dress was beautifully made, but just not that unique. And her finale dress lost every bit of drama once she took that crinoline and extra tier out. It became a very boring dress.

          • frumpie says:

            Totally agree. Candace rocks

          • Tamara Van Utens says:

            Yes, it is true that Ashley’s collection was cohesive but for the wrong reason— her clothes were all ugly. They also are not suitable for real plus size women. Plus Size women like me don’t want clothing that emphasizes our avoirdupois, i.e. we will not wear midriff baring clothing. I mean did you see Ashley wearing clothing that exhibited her midriff? Of course not! Further, do you recall the peplum skirt and garish tasteless dress Ashley designed for the production staff model? Have you seen Ashley wear ugly patterns and peplum skirts herself? Of course not! No one seems to see that Ashley works to make plus size women look ugly; that is the real irony of her winning PJ this year on the basis of supposed plus size model designs. Ashley’s best hope is to crash and burn when she attempts to design sellable plus size clothing. That might convince her that her talents lie in the direction of designing for slender women.

          • LizetteMonet says:

            Plus size women can wear crop tops. It depends on the shape of the woman and how it’s done. I’ve seen a plus size woman, who was very over 200 lbs, wear a crop top, with a pencil skirt and a tailored blazer. The skirt hit her above her tummy, so that the crop top gave her a sliver of skin.
            It all depends on how you’re shaped. If you have a large tummy, then no, a crop top is not going to work for you.

        • Susie says:

          I stopped watching it because of the commercials. Recorded it so I’ll watch it later. There was an agenda to break ground and give it to the plus size. I’m fine with that but in this contest, I don’t think she was the best designer. Oh well…..on to the next season.

          • Temperance says:

            Yes, they made the show 2 hours instead of 1.5, and the entirety of the extra time was commercials. That was the last one of those I’ll watch live.

        • Totally agree with you Lou!

        • Melissa says:

          The ads and the promotions were an awful nuisance.. I missed Ashley’s collection on account of this.. Switched to a hockey game in progress. The show is a longtime favorite and I will rewatch the finale on iPad.

        • Jerry Young says:

          Not Mexico in the 50’s: Mexico City. Mexico City is one of the great cities of the world. The first university, printing press and theater in the Western Hemisphere were founded there, 100 years b

        • Jerry Young says:

          I, too, have a problem with Ashley winning. However, everyone seems to be horrified that she chose Mexico City in the 1950’s as her inspiration. Mexico City is one of the great cities of the world. Its inhabitants, from the very first days of its founding as the colonial capital of Spain in the New World, have always been known for keeping up with the latest fashions. There was a particular glamor in the 1950’s. There were (and still are) wonderful restaurants, night clubs, museums, and theaters. Middle and upper class Mexicans dressed to the teeth before stepping out on the streets. They were horrified by American slovenliness in public. So please learn something about our neighbors before embarrassing yourself with ignorant statements.

          • Dee says:

            Hey Jerry!
            Speaking of ignorant, it’s ‘dressing to a tea’ or ‘dressing to a T’, not ‘teeth!

          • Jane says:

            You’re misunderstanding everyone’s shock and horror. We don’t have a problem with 1950s Mexico City. We have a problem with Ashley’s vision that ugly, poorly constructed, pastel colored lace dresses are somehow representative of 1950s Mexico City. Comprende?

        • I totally agree -especially about the promos & commercials. In fact, they annoyed me so much that I didn’t wait for the winner — I cut the tv off after the runway show.

        • BD says:

          Yes, I believe it was staged from the very beginning. So obvious that they were going to make her the winner regardless. The other designers should be furious that they were used by this show and Ashley should be furious because she did not “deserve” to win amongst the other designers present. If they wanted a plus size show, that’s fine with me and I say go for it! But they should have been less deceitful about it and just had an entire season with only designers who design plus size clothing. Then the best designer of plus size clothing could have won. There is not one of those judges who would be caught dead in any one of the outfits! So ridiculous and I’m offended that they think we aren’t smart enough to see it. I feel sorry for all the designers involved in this season. There were some very talented ones!

          • Will says:

            Sooo Agreed!!! It is wrong to drag along the other contestants and claim that they have a chance when the show really wanted to just choose the plus size contestant. It was for publicity, it was the feel good choice, and the politically correct thing to do for them. What a shame to the other very talented designers. Not right.

          • Angie gutowski says:

            Ashley I have 2 plus sized sisters and neither one of them would wear anything you put on that runway or wear those awful head pieces! Really!!! No plus sized woman would ever expose herself you had models. You are disgusting.o have plus size sisters and they wouldn’t be caught dead in those clothes much less those hats!

          • Tamara Van Utens says:

            I agree that it was obvious Tipton would be the winner from the very first show when the pattern developed of giving Tipton a disproportionate amount of coverage. When it’s that obvious it takes all the mystery out of wondering who will win. I hope someone on the show’s production staff realizes the excessive air time given to Tipton from the very first episode spoiled the show for a lot of us.

        • Peggy says:

          Im a plus size and that is not what anyone with a full figure are looking for in design. Flowers, glued on, middle showing, lace, so disappointed in judges. They need to sit back and reflect the market. Sad for the others with superior ideals and performace let go.

          • Will says:

            I hear you Peggy! Have a plus sized mom and sister….they would NEVER wear those outfits. They were campy, poorly fitted, showed the worst parts of a woman, and were soo matronly. And as a gay man, I support the transgender community and have to say that many of her models looked a bit manly. It was NOT a fair representation of the BEAUTY of plus sized women!

          • Aryam says:

            Totally agree…Ashley did not made any piece on the entire show that represented a designer work. The head pieces…who would wear that today? Totally disappointed with the results. For me the winner was Edmond!!

          • The clothes were not intended to be worn by the typical woman on the street. Have you ever seen a fashion designers true runway show? Usually, the average woman would not be caught dead in most runway clothing.

          • Sue K says:

            And then we should not have been able to see ourselves wearing any of the designs that we saw thruout the season. Yes there are many designs on runway shows that we would all say we would not wear but there are always some that we would. Go look at her designs on facebook. They are from the 50s or they look like bathrobes. Those also represent that she is a lousy designer. Obviously she likes the 50s.

        • gessiewtf says:

          It looked like an Easter dress sale in Dress Barn. Awful, awful, just awful. And glued on flowers? Biatch won’t even sew? She one because it was plus sized. That is of course, dishonest and now the show has jumped the shark.

        • Edlie says:

          I am in complete agreement with you. In all the seasons of Project Runway, I have never seen a collection so UGLY. It was truly the worst EVER. I understand the need to show to world that they are unbiased and that they are embracing the plus size community but come on let’s be fair and respectful to the viewers. Which plus size woman would in their right mind wear the ATROCITY showed as the finale piece? This design is not flattering for any size woman. I love Project Runway so much and was so looking forward to the finale to be spectacular. Instead, it was a litany of commercials and promotions that were being presented and to top it off an insulting decision by the judges that hit me like a slap in the face. Please tell me that this is what the future of the show holds. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!

      • jh8787 says:

        Yes and it was so sad because Candace could actually sow and fit her models. Ashley had a few pieces in the beginning but got sloppy especially towards the end. Too much lace I hated it and everything was see through.

      • Geri says:

        Kelly should have won. Most innovative and creative. Some mid-priced young label should snap her up. Candace was poorly served by the panel to tone it down. Drama and fantasy are part of the runway experience and she should have stuck to her vision.

        • BSmith1199 says:

          I agree. It really looked like the judges sabotaged Edmond and Candace in order to help insure Ashley would win. All season long Candace’s commentary was spot on about all the work around her. She could do Nina’s job. She has the critical eye for design.
          Ashley should have been the first to go in the finale. Matter of fact, she should not have been in the finale. It was not about the size of the clothing, it was about the poor taste and fit of her designs.
          This season of PR was the worst.

          • Leah says:

            You nailed it! I was also thinking that Edmond & Candace were sabotaged. I would have loved to see what the original collections of both looked like. I still think both were miles above Ashley’s, even after the forced edit by the judges.

      • Lauren says:

        This was the ugliest, most basic, least creative parade of final four collections in the history of the show. Man it’s sad how far PR has fallen since the move to Lifetime. Sad sad sad. For the first time I had no investment in the outcome because nobody deserved the win.

      • tammy says:

        I can’t believe that Ashley won. I believe that she won because of the plus size thing. I am not impressed at all. I didn’t see mexico in the fifties at all. I’m so glad she did a plus size dont get me wrong but not a winner. Just my thought.

      • ann wolsky says:

        I agree. Ashley was a lovey girl but her clothes were awful. The last outfit looked liked something a circus clown would have worn. :(

      • Linda Jones says:

        I agree with your statement ENTIRELY!

      • Two of the other collections were boring and the other was too cheap looking.

        • Sue K says:

          Boring because the judges in the pre-show basically told them that they had to dull down their looks. They should not have done what they did to the contestants. Total bull. PR is probably on its last leg now and getting that one batted at to collapse it.

    • jh8787 says:

      yeah tablecloth dresses and flower center pieces. The worst runway collection I have ever seen.

    • Noah Hope says:

      Big Fat Fail. So Disappointed. Pastels? Plastic Flowers? All of ANT’s looks were the same, over-sized doilies.
      I DARE Heidi Klum to sport any of those ridiculous outfits! Never gonna happen.
      All three other designers, I am so sorry, y’all were robbed.

    • Will says:

      What is your definition of ‘Elegant’? Seriously. Her clothes were ill-fitted, poorly constructed, and very matronly. No woman, plus sized or not, would like to wear something that makes them look bigger. If elegant means too much lace, well then you may have some style issues.

      Bottom line is that the show scripted her win to play into the interests of those steering popular culture where its more important to be politically correct then it is to be fair. This is a fashion show and should be nothing more. Lastly, as a gay man, I found it very offensive that her models seemed to be so butchy and unattractive. They looked like drag queens. If this is the true celebration of plus sized woman, they could have picked beautiful woman who would at least somewhat compliment those lace gowns. It was an insult to women, plus sized models, and plus sized beauty!

      • Saundra Bailey says:

        Very well said, Sir! I do think Ashley’s models were pretty, but in those ill-fitting, rummage sale rags they looked “pretty miserable”!

    • Ace Ace says:

      Sorry Michael, but as one gay guy to another, whatever Ashley presented in that final runway show, the last thing it could be referred to is “elegant”- truly or otherwise. You might like her as a person and relate to her(I dunno-just wondering) but her end product was truly awful.

      • Michael King says:

        Well, I think this is what we run into when we treat our opinions as facts. I did find it elegant, and I certainly didn’t find it awful, but I think fashion is arguably an exercise in perspective.

        • SUE says:


          • Michael King says:

            Oh, wow. You are still so upset, I can see, but I’m not sure it warrants all that caps lock on and random punctuation in my direction. Did you want someone else to win? In the end, they all got to show at Fashion Week.

          • SUE says:

            I think it was stupid and politically correct that she won the finale. You have argued that her clothes are ELEGANT. There is absolutely nothing elegant about them. Well YOU buy them,YOU wear them and YOU be ridiculed. Anyone wearing that garbage will be ridiculed. You should be ashamed of yourself for arguing that her garbage is ELEGANT. I had no pick between the others as to who should win as all of them had things that I liked and disliked during the season and fashion week. My only vote was that hers did not win as they were too terrible as many others have stated.

          • Lizette says:

            Lady, why are you so passionate about this? It was a year ago. Lol. Breaaaaathe. Its over and done.

          • SUE says:

            Obviously you are ok with everyone taking the stance that being politically correct is the right thing to be. That is a lot of why the country is in its present state. Stand up and make a stand. You are showing that you are part of the problem not part of the cure.

          • Lizette says:

            …. Its a tv show, ma’am. Not the election. Maybe they wanted a different kind of winner. I just don’t understand the fiery fervor that you have over a season thats long ago in the past. They picked who they picked. Its done, you nor I can’t change it. How about you focus that passion on something more conducive? Like issues concerning your community, volunteer work. Its just a bit too much.

          • SUE says:

            You do not know me or what I do with my fiery fervor and passions. So quit talking down to me. You are about snake belly high. And by the way, I guess you have no concept of time since it was less than 6 months ago.

          • Lizette says:

            There has been two seasons since. Two. I’m not talking down to you, I’m trying to talk to you in a way that could possibly help you. But you don’t want it, so I’ll shush.

          • SUE says:

            This is about the Finale for Project Runway 14 which was November of 2015. There is no Project Runway 15 yet but is projected to air starting in July. You have no clue what you are talking about. Yes there has been a new Junior running and a new All Star started in January but your ignorance is showing. You are not talking to anyone in a way that “could help you” You are full of yourself and ignorant to the max.

          • Michael King says:

            Caps lock does not make your opinion any more factual. I think you’d be well served by breathing deeply and releasing this anger.

          • Sue says:

            Ahhh so YOU do not and will not buy thm either LMAO

          • Sue says:

            Ahhhh so you do not want to wear them or buy them either but women should. LMAO. Not ELEGANT enough for you?

  2. Laura says:

    Total joke. I’m done with Project Runway. Will never watch again.

    • Aida Gurwicz says:

      I agree. I will never watch again!

    • Mel says:

      I completely agree ! It was a “token” win. They wanted her to win just because she is plus sized. I have watched since the beginning but this season felt planned. I’m done!

      • Jennifer Conley says:

        Absolutely disappointed! Love Ashley but her collection was not the best at all. I.think it was more that they wanted to give it size. That purple with the glue on flowers was hideous. The purple and aqua look was nice but nothing havent seen before. Edmound or candance should have won . I love kelly too, but her ccollection was to disco and 70 looking. Very ddisappointed in this season chosen winner.

    • Dee says:

      Unbelievable. What’s wrong with the judges.? It’s happened again. They got it all wrong!! Who in the world wear Easter frocks? Plus sized especially. Ashley won on SYMPATHY VOTES. This is the very last season for me. Good bye Project Runway. It’s been unreal. :(

    • Vicky says:

      I agree, I will never watch again, good designers were let go and the other three in the finale did much better job. Ashley won to be Politically correct. I cannot imagine any plus size person actually wearing any of those outfits hideous

      • sfd says:

        I was stunned too. I doubt if any plus-sized woman would wear those clothes. I’ve been skinny and then heavier. At my heaviest, I would never wear a full skirt. A-line, stitched pleats, straight skirts w/ two side pleats would look better. And what heavier woman would wear a bare midriff or something sheer? The other three designers were far superior.

        • Pennagirl says:

          Women that are comfortable and OWN themselves WOULD!

          • Sharon Sunday says:

            I would never wear even 1 item of those clothes because they are ugly. No one could make them look good at any size.

          • storied past, bright future says:

            i think most of the hate here is just fat phobia and personal prejudice. of course she couldn’t win because her collection was the best of the four- it has to be because she’s fat and they’re trying to make a statement or it was a token win blah blah blah.

          • Phoebe 50 says:

            Ashley won because it was the PC thing to do. Most likely it was planned all along. She started out strong then kept choking at the end winding up on the bottom repeatedly but never kicked off somehow. The judges kept congratulating her for being “brave.” Why? Was it because she did a so called plus size collection that broke all the rules of what is flattering to the full figured? Tight , short and see through. Seemed like her intent was not to create a high fashion line with nice flattering clothes in larger sizes. It appeared that her goal was to give them revealing clothing in their size that average size woman might wear. Although Kelly proved herself to be a creative natural talent I agree her collection was cheap looking. Cuoco should have kept to the drama of her original vision although personally I found her stuff rather goth cliche. Edmond should have won.

        • storied past, bright future says:

          i’m fat and i would rock the hell out of most of ashley’s collection- especially the purple lace number -and including the headpieces. though you wouldn’t be comfortable in these clothes does not mean other plus sized women wouldn’t be. you don’t speak for every fat person.

    • Noah Hope says:

      HEIDI K!
      How bout next red-carpet you wear one of ANT’s over-sized doilies. with a flower hat of course.

      NEVER going to happen.

  3. Help. says:

    I’m sorry, but Ashley’s collection was horrifying. Who the Hell is going to wear any of those outfits anywhere? And that final dress?? It looked like the model tripped while walking through her garden and fertilized herself. Or she crashed into the local florist on the way to Fashion Week and didn’t have time to remove the flowers that latched themselves onto her body. It’s a flower pinata that everyone will want to rip open just to save the model underneath. I’m horrified and offended.

    Kelly was robbed.

    • M pares says:

      I am a plus size and I would NOT WEAR one thing in tipons finale!! The clothes were sooo matronly!!! I’ve seen very chic plus clothes Tiptons belong in the fifties!!! She was in the bottom in most if the categories! This finale was very poorly judged!! Almost seemed like a fix!

      • LC says:

        Totally agree. Although I respect Ashley’s courage and desire to increase the market for a plus sized girl, I don’t think her collection should have won….there was absolutely no creativity. She did nothing but crop tops, full skirts and uninteresting rompers. Once I started to notice all of the references to “first plus size line for project run way” I knew then they were pushing that notion to the forefront and wanted to capitalize on being the “first”. Truly disappointed with the judging of season 14…the final decision was a joke.

      • KJ says:

        Completely agree. Ashley’s final collection was horrible. She made some nice clothes during the season, but she also struggled some, and this final collection looked like a bunch of mother’s of brides trying too hard to be sexy. Just a terrible collection. I’m happy for Edmond that he got a chance to show. He clearly has the most potential for high-end work among the group. Assumed it would be between Edmond and Kelly in the finale, but the judges went for the plus-size travesty. I’m about 90% sure Edmond could put together a more attractive collection for plus-sized women than that joke of a collection Ashley trotted down the runway.

        • Cj says:

          I agree 1000%
          I think that Ashley one for one reason only sympathy.

          • Cj says:

            Definitely Edmund should have won Candice had some very nice pieces in her collection as well
            By the way I am A plus size and I would not wear a solitary thing that she put on the runway that is my opinion especially that last dress where she glued the flowers on
            It is a shame that for Fashion Week in NYC a Designer wood glue on flowers and then actually win crazy right

          • Ra Ra says:

            I agree with the majority of what you say, but your posts would be a lot easier to read if you used occasional punctuation!

    • Gloria says:

      Could not believe Ashley got the win. So what if she designed for plus size! Who would actually wear any of the clothes she made?! I was really hoping I wouldn’t have to see Ashley cry again. Had enough of it all season long. Thought Kelly was the clear winner. Very disappointed.

    • Aida Gurwicz says:

      I hated each and every look of Ashley’s and I agree that the final dress looked like a piñata!

    • Temperance says:

      I’d put both Ashley and Kelly in the bottom two for this particular show, though I think they are both very, very talented.

    • MLH says:

      Hysterical commentary and spot ON! You made me laugh after being so disappointed with PR 14 and the judges’ inexplicable decision to give it to ANT. I think if people follow the season, they’ll realize Candace was very smart, articulate, and a lot less bitchy than she seems to be given credit for, while Ashley was a crybaby who seemed to enjoy when other people were having a tough time and got rather full of herself in the finale. Liked Kelly’s work ethic and sense of fun–come on, she’s self-taught which is pretty amazing. Loved Edmond’s attitude and clothes. I think Edmund and Candace got shafted by the judges’ final critique. And then there’s the mystery of Swapnil’s demise. I’m plus-size and all for more fashionable clothing than the sacks we generally get now, but like Help.says, Ashley’s collection was a fashion crash, a hideous flower pinata. Good luck to everyone. It’s got to be tough putting yourself out there like that.

  4. Julia says:

    I feel her clothes fit poorly, were boring and ugly….frankly the fix was in! Should have been in fourth place!

  5. Janet says:

    Not watching any more. All pc. Edmond was clear winner.

  6. Talulah Ruger says:

    This was just a shame. Ashley’s designs were ugly and I do not know many plus sized people who would wear it. I am done with project runway. I agree with Tim, it was an awful season.

  7. docsroc says:

    I am a plus sized person and am thrilled that designs for a plus sized woman would get recognition. However, I did not like her design concept (puleeze get rid of the headpieces) and don’t feel that she deserved the win over Edmund. I’m happy that she made it to the finals, but her work doesn’t compare to the finesse of Edmund’s designs.

    • Molly Shea says:

      So disappointed with the decision. Thought she had the worse collection and it has absolutely nothing to do with the whole plus size push. I think that is about time and a wonderful concept, but it was gift wrapped for her because of it. Shame that it seems that felt obligated to give it to Ashley and truly not any of the other three. I thought her use of the foolish floral hats was tacky. Very unsatisfied. I have been a fan from the beginning and this is truly the most cynical about the decision I have ever been.

  8. Jason says:

    Edmond’s show was bland and not cohesive.
    Kelly’s show was a little trashy and unwearable street wear.
    Candice’s show was too harsh.
    Ashley’s show told a story, took a chance, and was wearable.

    So, yes, the right designer won.

    • Geoyce1411 says:

      Thank you.

    • KittyMack says:

      I thought Ashley’s were bland, and rather insulting to the full-figured, plus-sized woman — almost too childlike. And the flower crowns were overdone, adding injury to insult. What a shameful failure on PR’s apart — the entire season. Tim Gunn was right; a terrible season in many ways. It reminded me of the time when Mondo lost…so unfair.

    • peggy says:

      You are right!

    • Ken says:

      Your out of your mind freak! Get some glasses and taste! Bottom line is they wanted a plus size designer to win! Problem is they should have waited until a deserving one came along! She should have left in one of the many times she was in the bottom cause multiple times she was clearly the worse including this finale that she should not have been in!

      • alex says:

        Ken- you made me laugh! I agree.

      • Debbie says:

        Ashley’s construction still had issues, ill fitting, slopping sewing and she hot glued the flowers on the last dress. She was so focused on using those head pieces and she couldn’t get past it. Her design, workmanship, construction and color were not NYFS material. Edmond or Kelly were the clear winners. They thought outside of the box and actually created wearable fashion. Ashley was in the bottom the whole season, she should have gone home weeks ago.

      • Arlene says:

        You are so right….it is so easy to see the whole thing was staged….did they really think the viewers were so brain dead that they wouldn’t catch on to their weekly pass on Ashley? sorry but she should have gone home long before the finale!
        Project runway I’m done…..

    • jakis says:

      People complaining about how mature plus-sized women don’t want to wear Ashley’s designs are missing the fact that all four of them (with the possible exception of Candice — not sure who would wear her stuff except her) designed for younger women. Like, 18-25. Would anybody over 25 wear anything of Kelly’s? Absolutely not. Edmund’s? Maybe, but I doubt it. And Ashley was clearly designing for plus-size younger women who have been dying for someone to make something they can wear and feel pretty. She wasn’t designing for Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy — she was designing for Rebel Wilson and Amber Riley and Adele. Kelly Osbourne has been that girl, and she was loving Ashley’s runway show.

      • Devin says:

        I’m 30 & would not only wear, but would also look smoking hot in any one of Kelly’s outfits. It’d go perfectly with my blue hair, monroe piercing, & tattoos. Older women look older in old frumpy clothes like Ashley’s. She had stunning full figured models & made them look frumpy, bigger, & downright gimmicky in that mess of pastel lace & the terrible flowers on their heads. Just awful, I don’t see anyone wanting to wear that, it was dated, old fashioned, & matronly. While Kelly’s was unique, flirty, & women who wear it would come off as so fun, bold, & confident. It was a no brainer, I thought.

      • alex says:

        OMG! Seriously? Adele would be insulted to hear you disgrace her name! She would probably rather have a real designer work with her…. TipTon’s clothes look like pastel bed sheets and old lace curtains pulled askew around the body. An insult to normal sized women.

      • Mimi says:

        Excellent point. Just what I was thinking. While there are people here who wouldn’t wear Ashley’s designs, I believe that the styles are up and coming. I actually thought some were very pretty and very flattering for a larger body. I liked that teal outfit and the first pink outfit the most. And unlike so many here, I thought the quilted fabric was gorgeous and a beautiful play on vintage 50’s style. Women in the 50’s did wear pastels – a lot of pastels – and that flower crown thing was a hit in Mexico and her inclusion of the crowns was an homage to her heritage. I’m sure Ashley didn’t expect her customers to run out and plop flower crowns on their heads, any more than Kelly expects her customers to glitter up all their accessories. It is done for visual impact.

      • Pennagirl says:

        Well said Jakis! Walk a mile in a plus-sized woman’s shoes. Candice had nothing but sticks and made their curves go away. Bustiers are to enhance what you don’t have naturally…Candice’s bustiers made the bust disappear. Innovative..not….nice for a BSMD club. I was disappointed in Edmond…only knows how to make a simple LBD. Kelly…I can’t figure out how she got to the finale….bad 1980s Barbie Disco fashion.

    • LDaniels says:

      I agree. I wasn’t crazy about what Ashley made but it was cohesive etc and compared to the others, especially Kelly, she was the right choice. I’ve liked Edmond and Candace but he can only make skin tight dresses and she’s to much leather for me. Kelly is a cheap mess. I’m embarrassed for her. Someone should’ve told her how cheap all that looked. I still can’t believe that was on a runway. Everyone is all over Ashley for her lace etc but does anyone not see that cheap mess that Kelly came with?!

    • Trisha says:

      Who would wear these clothes?

    • mooshki says:

      I agree. I thought all the final collections were bad, but Edmund and Candice were not inspiring at all, and Kelly’s look was cheap. Ashley’s collection was the best of a bad group.

    • Sue K says:

      Please go out and buy and wear all of those clothes including the head pieces for yourself or your girlfriend/wife and enjoy yourself. They were terrible.

      • storied past, bright future says:

        i’m fat and pushing 40 and i would wear 90% of ashley’s collection (including the headpieces, those were absolutely stunning). i wouldn’t be caught dead in something candace or kelly made in their finale shows- though i enjoyed kelly’s work towards the end of the season and think she’ll be a huge success. edmond is pretty great but not always consistent.

    • Nate says:

      Jason, I hope that Kelly’s collection is not the future. If you notice, who is going to wear :-) of her see through dresses that you can see under garments. I guess I a man not ready for women to be showing what is underneath. I can only see people l wearing Ashley’s clothes.

    • Nate says:

      Jason, some of Ashley’s dresses were see through. They are made for singers like Adele or other performers. I just can not picture women showing their undergarments as the future. Women are already showing too much. I like see through fabric, but she should have made a mini skirt under her see through dresses instead of panties.

  9. Linda says:

    Disappointing. Wouldn’t wear anything she showed. The hats were a joke.

  10. nanananasnickers says:

    yuk yuk yuk…dresses didn’t fit…hems coming out. give me a break. last time i watch this ridiculous liberal thinking dum dum of a show.

  11. Bob says:

    It was definitely between Ashley and Kelly. I’m so proud and happy for Ashley.

  12. Pat says:

    That was a travesty! Why can’t they get judges with taste? The winner’s clothes were ugly and poorly made. Either Edmund or Kelly should have won.

  13. Anna Karsh says:

    Im extremely disappointed in the judges of project runway, it was evident that Kelly, Candace, and Edmond were so much more sophisticated than Ashley, its a shame that they only picked her because of her designing for plus sized models. Her collection looked like a fruit bowl fiesta gone horribly wrong. I dont see anyone buying her clothes, and i honestly believe you denied Kelly of her victory. Sincerely, a plus sized girl.

    • Cassandra says:

      Yes! I was shocked that Kelly didn’t win. She made so many of her own textiles, and was so persistent with the quality of her work. She also won the most challenges (4).

  14. Tammi Cooper says:

    THRILLED that Ashley won!!! She has talent!! Love that she did a plus-sized collection.

  15. debora says:

    Kelly got robbed! Ashley’s win was a PC move.

    • Kittyface says:

      Yeah, sure, because the T.V. and fashion industry are so kind and thoughtful of overweight people’s feelings. Pah-leeze.

    • M pares says:


    • Gary says:

      It sure seems that way. Kelly won, what four times. Her clothes were pieces of art and showed terrific refinement. Ashley made good use of color and her collection was cohesive but really was it better than Kelly’s?

      • Mimi says:

        Gary, yes it was better than Kelly’s, although they were both very innovative and showed incredible passion, Ashley’s collection was geared toward a market that is emerging. There may not be a lot of people dying for a flower crown or a gilded shoe, but there are many, many young women seeking fashionable clothing for a larger body. Either lady could have won last night and the real pity is that both could not.

        • I agree with your comments.. Like most of the viewers, I really didn’t expect Ashley to win(before I’ve seen the finals). I actually liked the works of the other three much better based on their performances throughout the competition. I expected anyone of the three (not Ashley) to win.
          After I’ve seen the final runway though, I have to agree that Ashley’s collection was the best. All three underwhelmed me – while each of the 3 have a few( two or three) really good pieces – they were not enough to win. Most of the designs including Ashley’s) I’ve seen before- in terms of originality, they failed in my book. Ashley’s were not exactly spectacular but she has more pieces that scores better for originality and for cohesiveness. Yes, I agree with the comment that her collection was the best of the (no not bad- but not impressive either) group. I am happy for her. Congratulations Ashley!

      • Kelly’s collection was very cheap looking.

  16. Gail Hayes says:

    Yes, I am thrilled that Ashley won. She had the most coherent and well executed show.

    • eleanore says:

      i watched project runway since the beginning..and i am through with it….those clothes AShley made were awful..i remember them when i was little, they werent even made well…i think they decided from the beginning that Ashley was going to win no matter what, their comments on some of her designs even in the beginning were unbelievable. i think their sponsors should dump them. i had so much respect for Nina but that is gone..she sold out..those clothes were ugly. i have seen large size clothing elsewhere, some of which, is stunning. i dont think think there is one oversized woman who would wear these clothes……they werent even well made ..the large purple zipper showing on the dress…and the other designers whose clothes were impecible…this is a disgrace. I am sure the judges are sitting around laughing and saying, the fans will get over it…wrong, I don’t think so…we are not stupid fans…as you judges might think…we are intelligent & observant…..i am not against Ashley, I think what you judges have done will actually hurt her in the end because she is a very sensitive young lady…

      • Tamara Van Utens says:

        Eleanore you and at least one other person posting here have made an important point. Tipton was clearly a sensitive person–her reaction to not being chosen until last in a group assignment show demonstrated this. What is going to happen to her now?. Not all the PR winners go out and conquer the fashion world. After a season or two where she has been able to parlay name recognition into some sales, what is going to happen to her? How will she fare if, as I suspect, she cannot make a living designing plus size fashion? One of the cruel legacies of PR is how they inflate expectations. God bless her when it sinks in PR was just a big joke and her designs don’t sell. I will buy her clothes in future and just have them tailored/altered down to fit.

        • Sue K says:

          Of course she will be a failure because she is already one. And that you are willing to buy her crap to have it completely redone is completely crazy too. You are supporting what PR did.

  17. Sam says:

    Of course not, the right person did not win. she won because she designed for plus size women. Her work and skills are not great. How to win? Do quality work until it gets down to about 5 designers and than you start producing outstanding work. It really is a joke that she won. Her clothes were not well executed. The other contestants know that she is a joke but they will be gracious. Please speak the truth at the Reunion show and say who has produced the best work.

    • I totally agree with you.

    • Iona says:

      I couldn’t have said it better myself. I am plus sized and wouldn’t be caught in anything Ashley made. Zack even said she shouldn’t have cut corners and glued the flowers onto that monstrosity of a skirt. Add to that the hem coming out and the purple jump suit with the longest crotch on the planet…really? I had the pleasure of attending Full Figure Fashion week in NY this year (2015) and what I saw would put Ashley to shame!! She will get some sales because of the win but it was definitely a PC throwaway. You could see on Heidi’s face that she wanted it to be Edmund. Maybe his collection wasn’t “cohesive” but no one could deny that everything was well made and fit perfectly.

  18. Danielle says:

    Garbage. Total garbage. They handed the win to Ashley due to it being a plus-size collection. That’s it. If it were skinny model size, she wouldn’t have even made it to the top 4. She’s a nice girl, but not the best designer by far. Kelly was robbed. She had a fun, creative collection that made me smile. She was the winner. Told my husband right before the winner was announced, “If they give this to Ashley, it’s solely because she is plus-sized. And I’ll be done with PR if she wins.” Well, looks like I’m done.

    • Laura says:

      I said the same thing and I’m sticking to it. No more Project Runway for me.

    • Longporteve says:

      I knew they were going to choose her no matter what her collection looked like. It was the “politically correct” thing to do. I wanted to throw something at the TV! Project runway used to be my favorite show. now I am not sure if I will ever watch it again.

  19. Sydney says:

    Home Ec 101 is the winner this season.

  20. S deme says:

    Heidi Klum has become a fraud. This whole group was the least talented during the last 4 years, maybe ever. The winning designs were a joke! Looking at the preview of the coming young group there seems to be more talent there than in the just finished mob.

  21. Patrice says:

    No the judges didn’t get it right! I’m a plus size gal & would NOT wear any of Ashley’s designs.

  22. Gilded Lady says:

    After seeing the collections last week I took this off the DVR and figured I’d look up the result. Good decision. As nice as it is to see plus-size, her collections were twee and not well done. This whole season was just so blah.

  23. brigitte says:

    As a plus sized woman I am offended that all of the designs looked like a bridesmaid dress. I get that they wanted to back a new type of designer, but do it right

  24. Sandra says:

    No they did not get it right in my opinion Edmund won that hands down. Some of the judges even mention they would wear his designs never mention that they would wear any of the other designers fashion. Edmond knows how a woman should look and he took it to another level. I think you need to change your two every season judges

  25. Lily hoffenhoofer says:

    Political correctness once again rears it’s ugly head. Let’s put a positive spin on plus size ugliness.

  26. Darcel says:

    No the right designer did not win. I’m plus size and the only outfit of hers that I would wear is the last long duster and pants outfit. The hats looked “stupid”. I believe they picked Ashley because this was the first time any designer on the show had done a plus size collection. I personally think her collection was the worst of all of them. Ashley should have worn her own collection and then the judges could see how unflattering her clothes were. Gosh too bad for the other designers who made real nice outfits. Watch they will have the other three designers come back on “All Stars”.

  27. peggy says:

    I really enjoyed watching your work this season. I am sooooo sooooo Happy for Ashley. Congratulations! You did an Amazing job. Keep up the good work! 😊

  28. Sam says:

    So disappointed, did not like Ashley’s clothes at all. Those glued on cheap flowers were ridiculous.

  29. Andrea Georges says:

    No I do not think they got it right, what I think is the show is a joke have watched since the beginning but will not watch again, what were they afraid of offending some people?

  30. KittyMack says:

    Move over Desperate Housewives and Bridezillas; Project Runway has sunk to the lowest of lows in junk reality television. I agree with Tim Gunn; terrible season, from soup to nuts. I didn’t watch the judging at all because I knew weeks ago they would give it to Ashley; they have been coddling her like she’s this special needs person almost from day one. She didn’t deserve to win; her clothing was nice, but not FW quality. And the endless, cheap plugging of PR Junior mixed with endless commercials; nauseating.

  31. matt says:

    I have loved Project Runway since the beginning, and I was rooting for Ashley all season. But I must admit that her finale collection was incredibly tacky. I may have zero fashion sense, but that final look truly came off as a joke to me. I must be missing something, but I don’t get it.

  32. Jane Nelson says:

    Tonight’s winner only won for political correctness. Clearly the producers and judges wanted a plus-size person to win, and they got it. Ashley should have lost in several weekly competitions, but they kept her in on purpose. Clearly Kelly, Edmond, and Candace are all more talented designers. Ashley’s clothing was ill-fitting, not flattering, and covered with lace from two years ago. The headdresses were way over the top. I don’t understand why we can always criticize smokers and drinkers, but we can never criticize those who are overweight. Just as people can quit smoking or drinking, people can quit overeating. Very, very disappointed in Project Runway.

    • M pares says:


  33. Sally says:

    They all worked hard but it should’ve been Kelly to win. Ashley’s collection didn’t fit right & the theme was 1950’s Mexico..who wears that?

  34. Dianne says:

    I think Kelly should have won. She was the most improved and had a great collection. I think Ashley won so she could be labeled the first plus size designer who won. The winner should be picked based in talent not titles

    • R says:

      I definitely agree, seemed fixed just to prove a point that they are the first to have a plus size runway show. Nothing against Ashley but her designs are not fashion forward. It’s just sad, was it for ratings? If so, 👎 project runway.

  35. Donna says:

    Ashley? Sooo disappointed. Looked like nightgowns. Poor fir & poor sewing. Sad

  36. Happy says:

    Yes!!!! It’s about time there was some representation of the plus sized women in high fashion!! Don’t let the haters kill your wonderful creativity Ashley! You deserve this so go girl!

  37. Kelly Cruise says:

    When Ashley started talking about the plus-size community instead of herself, there was no way that Project Runway was going to criticize the plus-size community on national TV. We knew 15 minutes before the show ended that Ashley would be the winner. She’s a good designer, but others were better………………….

  38. Dottie A says:

    I cannot believe Ashley won. She was the least talented of the final four but the judges coddled her all season. She should have gone home weeks ago. Shame on the judges. I will not watch this show ever again. Very, very disappointed this season with the judges. Need new JUDGES.

  39. Shirley Crothers says:

    I’ve watched this show from the first episode. Although they were interested in creativity I thought there was a high level of sophistication especially since Zac designs for Brooks Brothers. To me Edmond displayed more elegance and sophistication than any designer. Even Tim saw that in him. I’m so disappointed that both black male designers who made it to finale did not win like they deserved too. I will never watch this show again and will discourage my friends and family from watching as well. I so disappointed

  40. Trisha McMillan says:

    Wow, a plus sized clothing designer made plus sized clothing how innovative and brave. Well it is official, I am giving up on Project Runway. How is making unflattering, ill fitting clothes that no plus sized woman in the real world would wear brave or worthy of a win? I wouldn’t wear Kelly’s clothes either but at least they were fun and exciting, well fitting and flattering.

  41. Abigail says:

    Should a designer who cannot dress herself win? No. As a plus size woman, her collection was almost offensive. Should outfits you cannot wear in public win? No. I will not be looking for her collection and I will no longer watch a show that doesn’t know what real people are like.

  42. Corliss Turner says:

    Wrong Designer won; Edmond and Kelly had runaway fashionable designs, not everyday clothes for plus size women. Show drawn and felt contrived from becoming to end. To many commercials and plugs for Project Runaway Jr. I am very disappointed

  43. L. E. says:

    The wrong person won! Been a big fan of PR since inception – no more! This is a “fashion design” competition not the PC police. The judges were completely off base with this one. So sad! We will not be watching in the future.

  44. Theda says:

    Very disappointed in out come . she was not the clear winner in my book. Felt Kelly was the clear choice.

  45. Helen White says:

    This was the worst project runway I have watched and I am seriously considering not watching again. Kelly was so deserving and my whole family feels this decision was totally based on the fact that the judges didn’t want to look bad when they didn’t vote for the plus size designer. How can you as judges justify your decision. I am so disappointed in you all. You have cheated the best designer out of the win and you know it. You want a plus size designer do a plus size designer show. Angry and totally disappointed.

  46. kayte says:

    Ashley GLUED on the flowers of her muse model–how could she win with that? But let’s talk about the clothes. –the clothes were matronly, clunky–either underwhelming or way over dressed,–who would wears a fuschia see-through over a cotton fully covered up jumpsuit–makes no sense–and the flower headresses were clear rip-offs of Frida Kahlo –she was so smug. and her “collection” -the antithesis of fashion. It was okay–nothing remarkable. Edmond’s gowns were STUNNING. It’s unbelievable he did not win. Did you see how Heidi held on to him and said they wanted to wear his dresses? This win was political–had NOTHING to do with fashion. Nothing. It was about –DIVERSITY and sponsoring a plus collection which no fashion forward–plus size woman would wear. And did you notice -usually they bring out the model. They did not .THAT dress was a horror show

    • Kellie says:

      I agree. That last dress of Ashley’s made the model look twice as big as she was, just what a larger woman wants!

    • Iona says:

      Exactly Kayte! The good news is that someone will snap the other three right up. I’m sure Heidi and a few of the other guest judges will be contacting Edmund for one of his many winning designs. Add to that his positive attitude and graciousness–even when he thought it was out for good. The entire thing was a hot mess. That muse dress was laughable. Someone said they coddled Ashley all season and I agreed. She had a few hits but mostly misses…Sometimes she seemed totally lost and her taste level (like when she did the awful color-change fabric) was questionable. Most plus size women I know would never wear anything she made–not because they have anything against Ashley. They just have something against poor, matronly designs. Ugh.

    • Carolyn Keller says:

      Ashley had nothing new and innovative. It was all been there, done that! I was so shocked, disappointed and disillusioned when she was named the winner. The judges of Project Runway did themselves and the public a disservice.

    • vincy gal says:

      And noticed Nina says..
      Will think about possibly Marie Claire in the future. This was noncommittal after they announced all season thst the winner will have a fashion spread in marie claire magazine. All of a sudden, nina is using the words, posdibly and in the future. What a racket!

  47. Susan says:

    Yuck. What a joke, Ashley only won because the show was pushing the “plus sized” “first ever” like none other. She should have been eliminated long ago. Always ill fitting and tasteless. Any of the other three showed talent and design style. How weak

  48. Ashely was perfect… her colors and her beautiful outfits she made for the plus size beautiful women was just amazing. I really loved her last outfit on the runway and all the rest as well The judges really knew what they were doing when they picked ashely as the winner. #TeamAshely#2015ProjectRunwayWinner 😁😁😁

  49. Ashley’s collection was the worst of all. Always all her designs very badly finished, sloppy I say. I have no problem with plus size but who would wear a dress that will show everything up to your panties if your heavy?

    • CC says:

      Wow. I find it curious — the judges and Tim Gunn consistently criticized anything that looked or leaned toward a ‘matronly’ design, and yet, the winning design was all of that in spades. Confusing.

      I feel that Kelly or Edmund should’ve won, based on pure creative design aesthetic, attention to detail, skill and design passion.

      After that last few weeks, I was leaning more heavily toward Kelly’s win, but would’ve also been happy had Edmund won. Throughout the season, I rooted for Candice, Edmund and Kelly. I think they’re wonderful designers. And I think Ashley has some good skills, but not nearly as skilled as the others. I wish them all the best of luck.

      • R says:

        I definitely agree, judges kept talking about refining, editing, not matronly, fit, fit, fit. It was truly not fairly judged and an injustice to Kelly, Edmond and Candice

        • Debra Glosenger says:

          You guys are all whiners. I thought Ashley did a fabulous job and her clothes were much more entertaining and interesting than the others. I’m not plus-sized, not boring and I would wear some of her clothes. Also, there were plenty of jewel tones contrasted with pastels,so get over it!
          Not everyone wants to wear black or look like a cheap slut.

          • Patricia says:

            Good for you Debra! An opinion – a silly one-but it’s a start! When you wear your new clothes, you’ll be easy to spot by the flowerpot on you dome, and the sight of everyone laughing at you,

          • shortylow says:

            we keep forgetting these are designers clothes not walmart

      • Tracey says:

        I completely agree!! They had her win so the show could be politically correct with plus size!! BS!!!