The Flash Barry/Patty/Iris

The Flash Stars Talk Barry and Patty's 'Effortless' Relationship, Iris' Feelings

Superheroes need love, too.

So while The Flash‘s Barry Allen has his hands full with Zoom, multiple Earths and now King Shark — can’t this kid ever catch a break? — this Tuesday’s episode (The CW, 8/7c), finds him somehow making time to take Patty out on their first date.

“They just get along really well, and it’s kind of effortless,” star Grant Gustin says, when asked about the couple’s dynamic during a set visit last month. “They are interested in a lot of the same stuff. And it’s an escape for Barry right now because everything else is heavy in his life, other than his relationship with Patty.”

With the couple enjoying some “fun” interaction for “consecutive episodes,” Gustin is hopeful that viewers “will enjoy seeing Barry be happy with at least one aspect of his life,” he adds with a laugh.

But what will his best friend (aka the woman to whom he professed his love) make of his new girlfriend? After all, Iris had some opinions about his romance with Linda Park last year.

“What’s important is Iris loves Barry and wants to see him happy,” actress Candice Patton replies, noting that the situation is similar to the Barry/Iris/Eddie setup last season. “As hard as it was for [Barry], he just wanted her to be happy. So when Iris sees that Barry has an interest in a woman – and a really great woman at that – she’s quite supportive and happy for the both of them.”

The Flash Barry/Iris/PattyDespite Iris wanting nothing but the best for Barry, his current squeeze and his BFF aren’t going to be gal pals – yet. “We won’t see a relationship with Iris and Patty for a while in Season 2,” Patton reveals.

However, that will change as the show approaches its fall finale and beyond. “We’re moving into Episode 10 now, and it’s less of a business relationship that Iris and Patty have,” the actress continues. “It’s more of a friendship where they ask each other for advice. It’s going to be really nice to see two women share a common love for a man, in a different way at this point, to having a bonding experience over that.”

Meanwhile, Joe will also get caught up in Barry’s love life drama, leading to “a couple awkward situations” for the detective, Jesse L. Martin shares with a laugh. Barry and Patty are debating “about when at work, how much do they show their relationship, and it flips back and forth. There’s a point where I encourage him to just be free with it and then I see them being free with it, and I don’t like it,” he finishes, laughing again.

Looking forward to some light and love for Barry? How do you think it’ll all shake out? Sound off below!

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  1. Lily says:

    This whole storyline is a waste of time. I can’t wait until Patty has served her purpose and can leave. Why did Barry need a new love interest this season anyway? There’s so much other things going on.

    • lordofluck says:

      I agree I find Patty a waste. If he hooks up with anyone it should be Caitlin I thought she and Barry had great chemistry.

    • blah says:

      Barry needed a rebound after the drama of the previous year. They will get it sorted at some point. Unfortunately Patty will probably be eddie 2.0 and die.

    • Liam says:

      I have to say, i kinda agree. They’re really rushing this relationship, you can really tell that they want to get it over with. The rush is what’s making it appear too forced. Essentially, the only reason that Patty was bought in was to create drama for Barry and Iris, she doesn’t really serve much else plot-wise. I expect her to be gone by mid-season. To me, Barry and Iris have way more chemistry.

      • Kelsey says:

        I agree. I feel like its also the way grant’s acting it. It just seems like he’s not really trying with the Patty plot. Maybe that’s the way it’s meant to come across but he looks so done, it makes the whole thing look faker than barbie

    • The flash boy says:

      I actually like the story line about barry and patty I find it is actually quite good in the show he sets a tiny bit of calm tone to the chaos but I don’t if this is gonna be like the Linda barry thing but I thought barry and Caitlyn it just doesn’t work anyway she likes Jay. #lovetheflash#

  2. N says:

    Patty is cute but I can’t wait for Westallen! They have literal sparks :) :)

    • Exactly right! Patty and Barry together on screen seems forced. She’s pushy and it’s obvious how the writers are forcing this dull, drab, and lifeless ship in our faces. Barry said it himself: “She’s not Iris.” He is not over her and never will be. If that’s not the truth, I don’t what to tell you.

  3. Jess says:

    I like Patty, and I’m glad Barry isn’t just waiting around for Iris to get over Eddie (which she has a right to, and should be given as much time as needed to fully do so). But Barry can’t assume that she’ll even want to move things forward with him when she has recovered. I get so tired of story lines where one character pines, and pines for another and let’s their life remain on pause. Happiness can be found down many different paths. But it can’t be found by standing still. I’ll admit I’m not a comic fanatic – so the deviance from cannon doesn’t bother me at all. I’m just glad they’re not going the Caitlin route. I kinda like the Jay Garrick story line for her.

    • Rachel says:

      Yes! Caitlin’s and Jay’s chemistry was very palpable.

    • AOTR says:

      100% agreed. I love WestAllen and hope they get more classic scenes together. However in the romance department, Iris needs time and Barry in the meantime should be free to explore love elsewhere. He and Patty are cute enough (not endgame thank God – cause let’s face it, they’re no WA), so let them have a bit of fun to kill time. So glad they’re not pushing Barry and Caitiln. I know some fans say that Barry & Iris are like brother and sister but that’s actually the way I feel about Barry and Caitlin. They’re good as friends but she’s definitely got that whole older sister/motherly vibe going on with Barry in my opinion. I really hope they explore her and Jay. They are very believable and cute to watch. Going back to this whole Barry/Patty/Iris thing, admittedly I am looking forward to when Barry and Patty are done and over with. And it seems like the fall finale will be a turning point in this triangle. Hopefully nothing cliche (drama/tug of war), but I do hope we at least get to see Iris’ POV as she revisits those feelings she confessed to back in season 1? If so, I hope to see Barry and Iris’ dynamic change in the face of that. But ultimately I don’t want any drama coupled with that. I hope it is clean, proper, classy, and ends with Barry simply making the choice to be with Iris. Anyhow, I’d be interested in seeing how that will all play out.

    • The flash boy says:

      So true truer words have never been spoken #lovetheflash#

  4. Rachel says:

    Well, I for one like her. Hope she’s around for a long time.

  5. datdudemurphy says:

    I enjoy Patty’s character much more than Iris….
    Iris just seems very bland

    • Sara says:

      I don’t know, Patty seems more boring than Iris does tbh. Not to mention Caitlin, she literally has no storyline other than Ronnie, though there is her KF gig but I doubt we’ll see much of anything else with her. At least Iris has a life outside of Barry…

    • courtney says:

      I agree. Also I don’t see chemistry between Barry/Iris which is unfortunate cuz I’m sure they’re going to get together eventually.

    • loki says:

      how could you not like WestAllen i really don’t like patty as a character and would LOVE her to be the eddie 2.0 after that i would like iris and barry to slowly confess there feelings in simple ways and forget about eddie or patty because they are just boaring additions that take away from the dramatic relationship between iris and barry

    • The flash boy says:

      Yeah same I just think Barry seems to like patty a lot so I’m not sure but I think in the finale they end not drama more of a Linda Barry thing

  6. Kristy says:

    WestAllen fans need to let it go. This storyline is here to stay for now and they are far more interesting to watch than your sleep-inducing couple.

    • Caleb says:

      To be honest, I haven’t seen very many westallen fans hating on Patty. Most of them seem to be neutral on the idea, its just that some are done with the ‘love-triangles’.

    • Brigid says:

      No one needs to let it go because like you said, it’s here to stay FOR NOW, not later. Barry and Iris radiate on my screen. That’s how I see it. I have to watch Felicity and Oliver every week when in fact I cringe at their romantic relationship but LOVE them as friends. I felt they rushed into it way too quickly and I never got to see the build up to where he fell in love with her and stopped loving Laurel. I like the slow burn build up to a romantic relationship and can wait for Barry and Iris.

    • loki says:


  7. Jess says:

    There is no chemistry between Barry and Iris…

  8. Mr. Tran K says:

    Shantel VanSanten as Patty Spivot is the real reason I enjoy Season 2 of The Flash so far.

    • Raeia says:

      Kristy, the only thing that needs to be let go of, is the notion that any relationship that Barry has, other than his relationship with Iris, is meant to last. The relationship with Patty will be good, like Eddie’s relationship with Iris was also, for the most part, a solid one. However, neither one of them will feel about, anyone else, the way they feel when they are with each other. Patty, like Eddie is on Barry and Iris route, but she’s not the destination.

  9. ndixit says:

    Patty has gown on me. I think she and Barry are cute. I also think WestAllen needs to take some time before it comes back. Just based on season 1, there isn’t any way that the relationship will feel equal given how hopelessly in love Barry was with Iris. I think Barry needs to move on and then maybe they can fall back in love mutually in season 3.

    • Lily says:

      Does it have to feel “equal”? What’s the big deal about that? If she loves him and he loves her, that’s good, isn’t it?

      • ndixit says:

        Well, I think the best relationships are those that are equal. Barry was a bit too desperately in love with Iris while Iris’ feelings towards Barry were definitely ambiguous. She may have some romantic affection towards him but there is nothing that the showed in season 1 which indicates that she’s in love with him. I think if they were too date right now, it would be in a very different headspace.

        • Rebecca says:

          Well, that doesn’t make sense because Patty was all into Barry, and he wasn’t even thinking of dating her until Joe suggested it. He didn’t ask for her number, nor did he even attempt to offer her his number on multiple run-ins.

          How are you so willing to overlook the “very different headspace” when it comes to Patty/Barry, when we’ve seen them NOT being on the same page (especially with how she offered/mentioned her number twice and he wasn’t interested both times)?

  10. Jo says:

    I’m pretty indifferent to Patty myself. She doesn’t annoy me per se, but I don’t care about her at all. I kinda wish they would let her go and give the other characters more screen time. But hey, I’m sure fans of Patty would disagree with me.

  11. Maryann says:

    One thing that drives me nuts is when a series decides ahead of time who is supposed to end up with who, without any regard for the actual chemistry between the characters as portrayed by the actors. I just wish they would take things one step at a time, without a predetermined end game. I think Iris loves Barry, but more like a brother/sister thing. I just can’t see them together. To me, there is just no chemistry,. That would need to change if they were to become a believable couple in the future.

    • Rebecca says:

      The TV series didn’t decide anything. It’s based on an established comic book series that’s been around for 60 years. The decision was made 60 years ago. Now, just accept it and stop clinging to the whole brother/sister thing. Siblings do not tell each other they’ve been in love with each other since before they knew what the word “love” meant. Siblings do not do that. They certainly do not kiss and declare they love each other.

      Candice was hired specifically for her natural chemistry with Grant. She wouldn’t be in the role otherwise. Iris and Barry are plenty believable as a couple for people without some inherent bias against the pairing (esp if you insist on viewing them as siblings, when it’s obvious they are not).

      • courtney says:

        Barry/Patty were also canon in the comics in the new52 which they seem to be somewhat following. Even tho they broke up, Barry/Iris aren’t together either. You never know what the writers will choose to do.

        • Rebecca says:

          Look… the fact that Patty/Barry broke up in the comics, will break up in the show, Shantal being hired as the lead female in Ryan Phillippe’s new USA series, and that Barry and Iris are STILL close (to the point characters in the comics are commenting to Barry that there’s “something there” between he and Iris) tells me enough.

          I may not know what they’ll chose ~exactly~ but forgoing Iris, for some random extra isn’t it either. Patty’s his canonical FORMER girlfriend. She’s temporary.

          Just as you can’t have Clark without Lois, you can’t have Barry without Iris. Just accept it.

          • Radha says:

            It is very clear why a lot of people won’t accept it, and instead find every reason why they “don’t see chemistry” between Barry and Iris. And then, throughout the comments section, constantly comment over and over again about the fact that they don’t see the chemistry. I get giving an opinion, but constantly reiterating it makes me think they’re trying too hard. :)

          • courtney says:

            then why are westallen fans so salty and hating patty?

          • AOTR says:

            I am a WA fan and I like Patty…and I have encountered a number of WA fan comments that iterate positive feelings toward Patty…even some that support Barry’s relationship with Patty.

  12. Josh says:

    They’re really forcing this relationship, VERY hard. It’s like in every interview and was pretty much every Barry non-superhero scene last episode.

    We get, Patty is cute and adorable and geeky and cute and adorable and can’t tell a lie, and is perk and adorable and cute and happy, and will never ave any negative emotions what so ever(I’m sure when Barry is keeping secrets from her, she’ll be supportive of him because Patty won’t be angry that’s a negative emotion! Females can;t have those!”

    • AOTR says:

      Ahaha. I know right? People need to stop being so subconsciously sexist and call women “annoying” when they react to lies and secrets. But there’s never flack when a guy goes off the handle. Such double standards. And the sad part is, it isn’t only men, but women who give other women flack for it. Wake up people…

  13. Tema says:

    It’s still early days but I’m enjoying them. I hope their first date is a lot of fun,

  14. farahfaune says:

    Really wish Patty would go away. Nothing against the actress who is obviously really talented and pretty, but why is she needed? Why do they need a new romance at all and why couldn’t it be Cisco that got a new love interest instead of yet another girl for Barry? Patty isn’t necessary, just a waste of screen time. Also, they need to stop with that Caitlin and Jay romance, too. None of it is interesting.

    • courtney says:

      Barry/Patty were canon in the comics too, and Barry deserves some happiness. He only dated Linda, which was for a couple episodes.

  15. Sade Ford says:

    I don’t like Patty. Barry and Patty’s relationship is so forced, I feel like I’m being hit over the head every time they have a scene together by how much they have in common and how geeky they are together. What is her purpose? I wouldn’t care if the showrunners hadn’t told us that Barry was going to marry Iris in the future but they did. So why introduce Patty at all? I don’t know what it is but she grates. I had no problem with Linda oddly enough, I wish that they had revisited that relationship instead.

    And the fact that she and Iris are going to bond over their love for Barry is gross.

  16. April says:

    If they follow the comics. Barry was with Patty rather than Iris in the New 52.

    I like her in the show. Seems to fit in more with Barry

    • Aaron says:

      But we all know he’ll end up with Iris. I don’t mind either but I am warming up to Iris more on the show.

    • Amy says:

      Comic book geek here to remind you Barry and Patty are no longer together in the New 52. They broke up for the second and finale time. Plus if you read the comics even if Barry was with Parry it was obvious to everyone he had feelings for Iris. So I agree that I hope they follow the comics :)

  17. RichieS says:

    Too bad they’re on different networks because to me a perfect match for Barry would be Kara on Supergirl. A lot in common there from nerdy to superhero.

    • Christina says:

      I do like Patty and Iris, but that would be amazing. I’m loving Supergirl, and that would be such an awesome pairing!

    • herman1959 says:

      First, Supergirl needs to be established as a show and Legends needs to get up and running, then maybe there could be a crossover. I’m hoping for a 2016 November sweeps event, but no romance please!

  18. ninamags says:

    I like Patty and think she’s great with Barry. Is Barry supposed to wait around while dull-as-dishwater Iris gets over her guy?

    I’m glad he’s gonna be in a new relationship. Guy deserves to be happy, especially with someone he has so much in common with.

    • Rebecca says:

      Then you’re going to be so heartbroken when they inevitably break up because, as he said last week “she’s not Iris”.

  19. MIk says:

    I’m looking forward to Westallen, but if we can’t have that until they run this Patty/Barry relationship in the ground, I hope we at least get some good Barry/Iris friendship moments.

  20. everafangirl says:

    I have read all the comics growing up, and still do, and honestly I have never really been into Barry and Iris’ relationship. I love them as best friends, and she is a good character, but I prefer the idea of them just being best friends. Even though Patty hasn’t been in the comics a lot until recently, I already find her ten times more interesting than Iris West. Plus, I don’t really like Iris in the TV series either – she’s no Lana Lang, but she isn’t that likeable for me. I like the idea that they are altering the comics a bit, because in my opinion, I quite like the idea that you never know if Barry will end up with Iris like in the comics (most of them), because really, if you know they’re always endgame, it is boring and annoying to see them always pining for each other for countless seasons. I want it to be different, and I like Patty more, so I hope that the whole Barry/Iris thing is changed – like they maybe go out, but then Barry falls for Patty more etc.

  21. Diana says:

    I love Barry and Iris! I really hope we’ll start getting more scenes between them (both friendship and romantic).

  22. Ann says:

    I really enjoy Iris. I’m neutral on Patty. I’m looking forward to the West family drama and the introduction of Wally West. I know that Westallen will probably pick up late in the season or early next season. We just have to ride out this temporary relationship to get to one that matters.

  23. Mara says:

    I love Barry and Patty’s relationship, much better than his with Iris. I am glad to see Barry with someone he has sparks and chemistry and who likes him back! Iris is rather spoiled and not at all fun to watch.

  24. Diane says:

    I like Patty and the actress seems to be settling better into her role. I hope she gets a permanent spot on the show.

    Barry and Patty are awkward yet have more chemistry than he has with his supposed true love. Watching them together makes me smile. I’d be happy if they show Barry and Iris happy and in love on Earth-2 while Barry is happy with Patty on Earth-1.

  25. I love Iris West and her story line so far. I can’t wait till her and Barry finally get together! #Westallen #IrisWestAllen

  26. Brandy says:

    The way in which Iris is mentioned in this article leaves a bit to be desired in that she displayed maybe 2 scenes where she was “jealous” of Barry’s relationship with Linda. I find this particularly annoying because Barry barely concealed his dislike of Iris’s relationship with Eddie for almost all of season 1 and wasn’t called out for it by the media or a lot of fandom. But double standards aside, I think Shantel is very cute and plucky as Patty who is much akin to Felicity which was by design according to Andrew Kreisberg. My only point of contention with Patty and Barry getting together is that I find the actors lack the natural chemistry to convincingly pull off a romantic relationship. Also, knowing that Gabrielle Stanton (The Flash EP) said that the relationship between Patty and Barry is going to be blown to smithereens has given me little motivation to invest in them. I suspect Patty’s dislike of metahumans and the Weather Wizard will play a role in the demise of her relationship with Barry, much in the way that comic Patty broke up with Barry because she of her issues with the evil Flash.

  27. Amy says:

    I’m fairly indifferent to Patty. She’s cute and nothing more than that. Also the actress Shantel got a lead role in a new series (thats she’s been filming for the past two weeks) so its hard to invest in a character/relationship you know will come to an end. I’ll just patiently wait till this is over and I can have Westallen be the main couple again.

  28. Aliah Berry says:

    The whole Barry/Patty relationship is anything but “effortless” in fact it seems incredibly forced hope this uninteresting story line ends as quickly as possible It’s obvious that Barry and Iris belong together and have great chemistry, The show needs to stop trying to get in between them with such pointless relationships.

  29. robandco says:

    I love Patty’s character. The casting is creat, because Grant Gustin’s Flash is very dorky and adorable and I think the two of them are a great match. Can’t wait to see them Netflix and chill in ugly pyjama and actually watch the movies.

  30. Emily says:

    I just want to know how Iris feels about Barry right now. I want to see Westallen being best friends (paving the way for their future romance) instead of wasting time with a temporary ship.

  31. Paule says:

    This whole Patty SL is given way more focus than needed for a temporary one. Meanwhile Iris West, a Central character, who was promoted as getting a huge arc, shown investigating, and being BFF with Barry is no where to be seen. Her investigations are alluded to and she is now a supporting character in a story in which she is a vital char. Prods need to stop lying to fans, cutting Barry & Iris scene they ask actors to promote and get back to putting the focus on WestAllen as BFFs during this forced Patty temporary interlude, Iris being a badass reporter and intro of Wally…Why can’t Barry & Iris interact anymore? Why write them like they haven’t been each other’s support for 15years. Even Joe only started believing Barry after 15years while Iris did it all that time. By freezing Barry & Iris’ bond, the writers are undermining the heart of the story. #MoreAction4Iris

  32. I don’t care about Barry and Patty’s relationship…bring on the Westallen so that the “will they, won’t they” crap can end…so Barry and Iris can get back to being their best selves. That said, since they insist on boring folks with BP, if they’re going to make Iris and Patty “friends” they’d better write it well. What they did with Iris and Linda last season was gross and I’m not tuning in to see a repeat of that. And again, if they insist on pushing BP on folks, hopefully they allow Iris to have something going on for herself, so she’s not their cheerleader. Iris is a grown woman, with a burgeoning career and her own familial issues to deal with…I’m not tuning in to see her be a prop.

  33. courtney says:

    Patty is adorable and I like Barry/Patty. I find Iris boring, I don’t care for her character at all and the chemistry between barry/iris is just not there unfortunately. :(

    • Rebecca says:

      Of course you like Patty/Barry. that’s the closest you’re ever going to get to Caitlin/Barry (blech). We know it doesn’t matter which woman he dates, just as long as it’s not Iris.

      Iris is getting her character development outside a relationship with a guy, defending Linda from attack, having actual convos that do not renolve around a man, and generally being an all-around kick ass character. She’s risking her life for a story, and jumping out of buildings.

      But she’s “boring”?

      Sure, Jan.

      • courtney says:

        I don’t ship Barry and Caitlin, but of course you will believe whatever you want. Not everyone has to ship Westallen. People have different opinions, it’s all good.

  34. farahfaune says:

    The romantic pairings on this show never work. Patty is a waste of time and space that could be used elsewhere. They’re trying too hard to make her and Barry work, but it’s just bland and uninteresting. They also need to stop using other characters to prop her–Joe and now Iris. It’s like the show is saying, “Look, guys, Iris/Candice Patton approves of her and so does Joe so you should like her, too! Come one, please?” No. All the energy and thought they’re putting into that relationship could be better served in other areas because the show is rapidly deteriorating in quality.

  35. Tina Allan says:

    I felt Barry & Patty’s relationship was a bit forced. I have nothing against the actress (Shantal). She seems nice. It’s the least interesting SL right now. I’m kind of waiting it out until their SL is over so We can get into some good Allen and West Flash SLs. That’s what interests me most. And of course I’ll be happy when the show moves forward with WestAllen. I’m a fan of Barry & Iris!

  36. Cyn says:

    Lol, this relationship is nothing but effortless, and I can’t wait for it to end so that we can go back to WestAllen.

  37. Stiles-martin says:

    I love iris and barry….i not too fond of barry and patty only beacuse a going too fast…i mean come on they just have way too much in common…not realistic…yes i realize it a tv show so,don’t go saying “it’s just a tv show” or anything along those lines to me

  38. Raeia says:

    Becky Cooper, Felicity Smoak, Linda Park, nor Patty Spivot will ever be the person that Barry Allen truly loves. They’re not Iris. In that same vain Eddie Thawne or anyone else that Iris has been with, or may be put with, will be the man she truly loves. Each of them uses the other as a standard. Barry tried to tell Iris how he felt before the incident with the particle accelerator, but got discouraged. The only reason Iris was with Eddie is because Barry, was unavailable (in a coma). The opportunity to be with someone else presented itself and she took that chance because she wasn’t sure that he would wake up. Patty Spivot has come along when Iris West is temporarily unavailable. Barry will explore his opportunity to see if he can be happy with her. However, neither Iris nor Barry will ever truly be happy until they are together, as a couple. They’re fractured now, but in time, both will be ready for each other. Iris West and Barry Allen balance and complete each other. The only thing that will ever separate them is death, and with this being a comic book show, maybe not that. Iris has always believed in and supported Barry. She is the only person, with the exception of his parents, that has shown unwavering faith and belief in him from the start. He is motivated to be a better person and hero because of her. She is his Iris. The Iris is the part of the eye that the filters light, it adds color and perspective to the images we see. As our hero has m stated, ‘Without Iris there wouldn’t be The Flash. His relationship with Patty will reaffirm that for him.

  39. Ella says:

    I actually really love Barry and Patty together. She’s the first woman since Felicity that I’ve felt he had genuine, epic chemistry with it. Iris is endgame, of course, but both her and definitely Caitlin with Barry seem a little forced at times.

  40. Diane says:

    LOL. Haters are going to hate.

  41. Akinator says:

    I strongly think that Patty is just a character the writers introduced tin order to create another stupid love triangle concerning Iris and Barry. Patty will be gone by mid season anyway. Westallen all the way!

  42. Fae says:

    I think Barry/Patty is really just a one-sided forced thing…He didnt need joe or anyone to keep advising him when he was pining over iris,it like she’s more interested in the relationship and he’s just trying to be happy bcus they both have something in common,no offence to Shantel,his chemistry with Felicity was much moore better than this… Can’t wait for WestAllen to finally happen tho

  43. patricia says:

    I really hope barry and patty end up together because the show is way more interesting.

  44. MADMIKE4000 says:

    For me when I see Barry and Iris I see more brother and sister vibe then husband and wife

  45. patty is not perfect for Barry somebody who would be perfect is Caitlin they would be such an adorable couple

    • Julian says:

      I have like lost interest in that show I mean it was okay. But Elena you went down my road u are very right caitlin and Barry would have been so cute toghether

  46. Iris is actually the worst character ever. Her very presence on screen frustrates me everytime. Barry and Patty are perfect together! I love Patty! The two characters just light up everytime they’re with each other!

  47. Mina says:

    Patty is real nice, I mean I don’t want her to break up with Barry. I know him and iris are probably gonna end up together but I don’t want this to be another Linda Park thing.