TV Couples I Love You

15 TV Couples Who Reeally Need to Say 'I Love You' From Once Upon a Time, Pretty Little Liars, GoT and More

The “banks” may not officially recognize National “I Love You” Day, but it’s a biggie here at TVLine, and we’re using the opportunity to give a much-needed nudge to more than a dozen small-screen pairs.

From Sleepy Hollow‘s Ichabod and Abbie (come on, guys, it’s been two seasons!) to Once Upon a Time‘s Emma and Regina (because, hey, why not?), we’ve compiled a list of TV duos we’d love to see drop the L-bomb.

As you’ll see, our gallery includes fan-favorite couples, our own pairs of choice and even a few platonic duos — do not misinterpret our slide about The Originals‘ Klaus and Elijah! — that need to patch things up.

Browse our gallery of lovable couples below, then drop a comment with the pair you’re most anxious to exchange words, including any we missed.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Wordsmith says:

    Amazing list, though most of these will almost certainly NEVER happen (at least not in a romantic way). It’s fun to dream, though, isn’t it?

  2. Reba42 says:

    Haley and Andy needs to hurry up and happen! All little girls want to marry their fathers, and Andy is totally Phil Jr.

  3. Hmm says:

    A HUGE no to Annalise and Wes, unless it comes out that he’s her child. The idea of a romantic ILY between these two makes my skin crawl.

    • MFL says:

      Yes…, at this point I feel we cannot put anything past Annalise but I’m hoping it’s not romantic btwn those two

    • Anna says:

      I swear I ask after every other episode if they are going to have sex or if she is his biological mother. I just can’t figure it out!!!

  4. Mr. Tran K says:

    Bruce Wayne & Selina Kyle from Gotham and Emily & Allison from PLL needs no love respectively. How come we didn’t mention characters from daytime soap operas (Y&R, B&B, GH and DAYS)?

  5. Lauren says:

    So a bunch of crack ships that will never happen. Who compiled this trash of a list seriously?

    • Angela says:

      …it’s called having a bit of fun? Lighten up.
      Also, weirder things have happened when it comes to “ships that (supposedly) will never happen”. Just ask any “How I Met Your Mother” fans.

  6. Amanda says:

    Mhhm no to about half of these. Stiles loves Lydia, Emma loves Hook, Regina loves Robin, I mean shall I go on? Regina and Robin are the ones that need to say I love you.

    • LOL why are the CS’ers out in full force if this doesn’t concern them? Why stalk a perfectly innocent piece that has NOTHING to do with CS? You people are obsessed. This is a fun article, it’s got all kinds of same-sex ships.

    • Jennifer says:

      You know it’s possible to love more than one person, right?

    • Christina says:

      Insecure much? Enjoy your ship if you can. Which, judging by your comments, you can’t. Why is that? Is your ship so unsatisfactory that you need to find the satisfaction you so desperately need in other ships like SQ? Perhaps, since CS does’t satisfy you anymore, ship something else? Like SQ? Cause SQ, canon or not, gives great satisfaction to Swen.

    • Sophie says:

      Absolute truth. I was.. surprised to say the least to see Emma and Regina in that list. And yes, the only “soulmate” couple that hasn’t really said a proper ILY are Regina and Robin. Thanks for pointing that out.

  7. Heather says:

    Emma and Regina aren’t a couple and they don’t love each other. Also Regina is Emma’s step-grandmother.

  8. MFL says:

    Ok Andy… with Annalise & Wes…it will be an L bomb in what context because I’m hoping it’s the maternal/son kind not the ‘jump your bones’ kind.

  9. Luis says:

    I know this was mostly tongue in cheek, but Cookie and Boo Boo Kitty? PLEASE!

  10. Dani says:

    Exactly Emma loves Hook and Regina loves Robin and that’s never gonna change. Whoever made this list needs to be fired, a bunch of crack ships throughout the entire thing.

  11. Cilla says:

    Westallen, I can’t wait for them to be couple.

  12. trish says:

    Barry and Iris need to stop thinking and start doing pronto.thanks for including Westallen I couldn’t agree more.

  13. Why bait SQ fans?That ship will never happen

  14. Emily says:

    I think I will die from joy when I finally hear Iris tell Barry she’s in love with him. Westallen needs to happen already!

  15. Reggie says:

    Swan Queen and Sterek are on here? Umm no.

  16. Benny says:

    lol so many crackships fun list

  17. MFL says:

    Hayley & Elijah cannot drop the L bomb because she’s married…and I’m hoping the show does not break up that marriage just for the sake of fan service..I didn’t like Jackson at first but he’s really grown on me and anyway I’d much rather have Hayley & Klaus but I also love Klaus & Cami…

  18. buttercupscarlett95 says:

    Um, you do realize Regina is Emma’s grandma? I hope this is one of your “platonic duos.” Lol! It would make zero sense in a romantic way in the context of the show, especially since Emma currently appears to be completely in love with Hook and he with her. Now, Regina and Robin, on the other hand, need to move their relationship along a bit. Have they said “I love you” yet?

    • Lisa says:

      Do you realize that Hook is Henry’s step granfather and Ginnifer made fun of the relationship saying it will never happen for this reason, and yet…………
      Emma and Regina are NOT related. Regina was forced to marry a man who was related to Emma. The man died. The relationship ended. No blood relationship. Find a better argument (one that doesn’t apply to HookyPooh too ;) )

      • No, Ginnifer didn’t say that. Given this entire list is crackships that’ll never happen, Emma and Regina were a good addition on TVLine’s part.

      • Heather says:

        Hook is not Henry’s step-grandfather at all. Both Adam & Eddy and Colin have said Hook and Milah we never married. Get your facts straight.

        Also in a deleted scene from the S4 dvd Charming called himself Regina’s step-son in law so they all still see Regina as Snow’s step-mother.

        • Heather says:

          *were never

        • Aeryn says:

          yeah but Hook was still bangin’ his grandmother Milah. Married or not.. still makes it weird. And that wouldn’t even be touching his relationship with Neal which makes it SUPER weird. But I try not to think about it too hard because clearly the writers don’t.

        • Ash says:

          So Regina being forced into a marriage counts but Hook never marrying Milah (despite being with her loving her & wanting to marry her) doesn’t? My god you are a massive hypocrite! Haha

          I do think though, that of all the OUAT ‘ships’, they chose to include SQ :) glorious. And I agree, they definitely need to say I love you soon 😉

    • NDFan says:

      Boh Emma and Hook and Emma and Regina are kind of icky when you really think about it.

  19. Kylie says:

    Rick/Jessie, Cookie/Anike, Emma/Regina, Stiles/Derek do not belong on here. Stop putting crack ships in between real couples!

  20. Mo says:

    Baby Batcat and my beloved Westallen are the I Love Yous I deserve this television season. Well, Bruce and Selina can wait cuz they’re children. But Barry and Iris belong together, and I’d like to see them declare themselves by the season finale.

  21. Cyn says:

    I’m gonna need Barry and Iris to quit playing. Happy they made the list!

  22. Jadis says:

    Emma sacrificed HER SOUL to save Regina. I mean… If this is not a declaration of love, then I don’t know what is.

  23. M. says:

    Big YES to Karmy!!!

  24. No thanks says:

    You do realize that Emma from Once Upon a Time already said I LOVE YOU to her boyfriend Killian Jones right? And that Regina is in love with Robin!?

  25. Diana says:

    Barry and Iris! It’d be great if Iris was the one to tell Barry ‘I love you’ this season (and hear it back of course!)

  26. Kate says:

    Yes, yes, a thousand times yes to Ichabod and Abbie.

  27. Elle says:

    I am intrigued by Wes and Annalise, more than actually being in love I’m thinking a hook up could be in their future, lol. (I’m not kidding :P)

    And awww at Barry and Iris being on this list! The two of them are going through so much right now that they need each other! I’m fully prepared to savor the slow burn of their relationship but I’m happy to know that other people see what I see when it comes to their chemistry.

  28. Lisa says:

    I agree on SwanQueen! Great list!

  29. Was this article meant as a joke? Emma and Regina? HAH!

  30. Angela says:

    Whether in a friendship context or as something more, I can see Ichabod and Abbie exchanging an “I love you” in the not too distant future. Most likely when one of them is in life-threatening danger, mind, but still. And I’m cool with them saying it in either context :).
    As for Annalise and Wes, add me to the list of people who would hope an “I love you” between them would be familial instead of romantic (especially if they do wind up being related, as a lot of people are theorizing). But if they aren’t related, it won’t surprise me one bit if Annalise drops that term on Wes just to mess with the guy.

  31. Annie says:

    MULDER AND SCULLY. After all these years and everything that’s happened we still never got an official mutual ILY

  32. Ingrid says:

    HERE for Barry & iris !!

  33. Iz says:

    All these CSers offended because Emma and Regina made it on the list. Lol guys, if this is how you’re going to react, you’re in for a ROUGH mid season finale

  34. Symce says:

    This is perfect, thank you for including Emma and Regina and a few other same sex pairings. Shame there’s a bunch of people who have to ruin things for the rest and immediately bring up the silly ‘crackship’ argument again to belittle people who like non-canon couples.

    You have your canon couples, please leave people alone and stop being homophobic, it’s 2015.

  35. Thaina says:

    regina love ROBIN and Emma said I love you for Killian your article is so bad

  36. italymystery-sq says:

    thanks to include SwanQueen, Regina and Emma chemistry yessssssssss

  37. Nikki says:

    Yes I agree with Emma and Regina! They really care for each other. :) #SwanQueen

  38. Morgan says:

    Most of these are crack pairings or siblings or maternal… I guess Emma and Regina would fit this bil

  39. Aly says:

    Yay Emma and Regina!
    I really enjoyed the last episode, with them working together and then the showdown on the porch.

  40. Jackie says:

    Meh fret not, let the crack pairings have their time in the son won’t mean anything in the long run. SQ, Sterek, Rick/Jessie, Anika/Cookie. Never gonna happen, a bunch of crack ships.

    • Symce says:

      These are not crackships. But then I wouldn’t expect someone who already has their precious canon pairing to even understand basic terminology. Using crackship to diminish people shipping non canon pairings is extremely belittling and offensive, also reeks a bit of bitterness for some reason.

      • Olivia says:

        If there something I have learned from another fandom and a show that is now finished, it’s that people who scream “crackship” or opposing a pairing so vocally are actually afraid that it might happen. They validate the possibility that a pairing can be a threat to their canon ship. I’ve “crackshipped” a pairing that turned out to really happen. Guess what… the amount of opposition and “crackship” thrown our way was similar, even on blogs articles that had NOTHING to do with their canon ships. The more someone tries to invalidate a ship, the more they convince me of its possibility down the road.
        As I have stopped watching OUAT I personally have no dog in this fight, but if SQ happened, you can be sure that I’d be catching up stat haha ;)

        • Angela says:

          I’ve never seen “Once Upon a Time” at all, so I too have no comment on the particular shipping wars there, but I agree with your comment in general regardless. I get that it might be annoying for fans of canon pairings to hear fans of non-canon ones vocalizing the wish for them to become canon in and of itself, ’cause some fans can be rather nasty in their demands and whatnot, and the obnoxious side of fandom is never fun.
          But if the canon fans ARE so certain that those pairings won’t ever become canon, then they shouldn’t even bother giving the non-canon fans any attention at all or try and knock them down or mock them for what they like. They should just shrug them off and keep on focusing on the canon pairings they like instead.

  41. Jamie says:

    bless you for putting Emma & Regina up <3 <3 <3

  42. Maleah says:

    Did you seriously put rick and Jessie on here ? They just net and have no chemistry AT ALL michonne is way better for rick Jessie is useless and she’s gonna doe soon anyway

  43. Dasafin says:

    So glad WestAllen, however Rick doesn’t need to be dropping the L bomb on nobody but Michonne

  44. jetboo13 says:

    Crackship….it does not mean what you think it means, lol.

    Meredith Grey/Godzilla? – crackship

    Same sex couple that isn’t currently canon? – not a crackship

  45. Frankie says:

    Thank you TV Line! Emma and Regina are true love. :D

  46. Erin says:

    Rick and the new chick? Hell no! That should be Rick and Michonne in that slide!

  47. Thanks for the #SwanQueen shout out! We love it, and we agree they need to drop the L bomb asap. Also, sorry for all the hate in the comments. Its CS/OQ fans posting it. Their very bitter that a non canon ship is more popular then their canon ships combined.

    Your article isn’t the only thing they jump into bash, if you decide to do some research you’ll find that just this past month their was a F/F poll voting for most in need of canon ship, where they jumped in and starting insulting the creators of the poll. Needless to say, SQ won.

    Just yesterday Tvmania had a poll for most popular ship in tv, again they came out and attacked the creators and insulted everyone, only for SQ to win again.

    Their hatred and bile being spewed at you is just a taste of what SQ fans have to put up with on the daily.

    But thanks again for the shout out!

    ): )

  48. Amelia says:

    Hey Captain Swaners, we see you! LOLOL Y’all are like rabid dogs with a filet anytime you see the Emma/Regina characters share air.

    Thanks for the SwanQueen shoutout Tvline!

  49. EMISON says:


  50. Carolynn says:

    Man, TV Line is usually my go to for TV Stuff but this list is making me shake my head. Some, I can understand…sure… but really though…Emma & Regina?? They’re not even a couple… I mean, what about the man Emma ACTUALLY said “I love you” to not 5 episodes ago that hasn’t had the opportunity to say it back yet? If you were keeping it as more platonic…sure, I could get it — maybe. Regina DID make her an orphan after all, what sort of message do you want OUAT to send? That we should love the people who wreck our lives and cause us years of misery and loneliness? Personally…I think you knew how much commotion it would cause and just wanted page hits and you’re sitting back cracking up…LOL. If Matt had a hand in this, he needs to get rid of his “Swanovich” shirt, ASAP. :P

    • Maro says:

      So… what you’re saying is that you can only ever say ILY to your romantic partner, then? I’m sorry, but the fact that CS fans are all over this silly little article, throwing a tantrum because it dared to mentioned Regina and Emma and not Princef Killy is kind of pathetic. I’m sorry that my response is directed at you when it was sparked by other comments too, but I find this obsession that CS stans seem to have with SQ and Regina more than silly at this point. They’re two of the show’s three female leads. Their relationship has been a central one since the Pilot. It’s not going away. You’ll just have to live with it that not everything in Emma’s life is about Hook.