Truth Be Told cancelled

Truth Be Told: NBC Cuts Freshman Sitcom's Season 1 Episode Order

Episode-order reductions are the new (soft) cancellations.

NBC has trimmed struggling rookie comedy Truth Be Told‘s Season 1 episode order from 13 to 10, TVLine has confirmed. The move comes after the sitcom’s second episode drew a meager 0.6 demo rating. (TVLine readers gave the show’s Oct. 16 premiere an average grade of “C-.”)

Other freshman series seeing their episode counts cut include Minority Report and Blood & Oil and NBC’s The Player.

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  1. NBC must really be hurting financially this season.

  2. KayCeeCee says:

    I think it’s great that they are cutting orders instead of just cancelling shows and yanking them from the line-up.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      It’s interesting that they’ve started to go this route this season. I’d like to think by doing it this way those who watch these shows can get a proper ending because not all the eps have already been filmed. Time will tell.

      • Patrick says:

        They money is already spent. Plus, NBC has nothing to put in place of any canceled shows. CBS has 2 sitcoms waiting in the wings, and two dramas. If a new show fails, they can quickly begin advertising the return of well known show. NBC has nothing. No sitcoms or dramas waiting for a slot to open up. NBC is in real trouble going forward. They have relatively few hits, and they are already running The Voice far too often. NBC needs to find some hits or they may not be around in 5-10 years.

        • grass says:

          Well, I guess that’s good news for Undateable fans, depending on how The Carmichael Show does this season.

          • Mike M says:

            Maybe they can get the seven Undateable cast members to do six live shows, five times a week instead of just the two on Friday. Change the name for the other days to Unbeatable, Undefeatable, Undefinable and Uneatable… and they’re all set.

      • SayNay says:

        They also probably don’t have anything too promising to backfill these shows with. During the upfront presentations earlier this year, there was a lot of cancellation fodder. Some of the midseason shows probably aren’t coming together like they need to.

        • grass says:

          My thoughts too. I also notice that they have way more shows on tape for mid season and summer than any other network. It’s like they’re shooting mud through a fire hose at a wall to see if anything sticks.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          I thought of that also. For me personally this Fall has been a huge disappointment overall. None of the new shows on any network (not including cable) have really impressed me. If I had to pick one it would be Blindside. Quantico, The Player, Limitless are boring me to death, LOL!!!

      • Mike M says:

        They aren’t letting the shows run out completed episodes out of love. It’s purely because nobody is watching re-runs any more. It’s a change that has been very rapid right along with the decrease in Live viewers and the big uptick in Live +3 to Live +7. The ever increasing number of new shows plays a big part; people watching more shows and less and less are being watched live. Once you start getting into watching from DVR/Streaming instead of live, you actually find it easy to watch fewer shows live at all. Anyway, was a time they would have happily yanked the remaining episodes for reruns of XYZ hit and gotten higher ratings to keep the advertisers happy – this is no longer an option. Without alternate NEW shows to air, it becomes a seamless burn off that you don’t have to wait until summer for.

    • Ellinas1978 says:

      They are just sugar coating it. They don’t have anything to replace them with and instead of cancelling them they are letting them run their episodes out.

  3. Sarah says:

    Ouch!! This cancellations so early seems like a new fashion by networks..if they keep this up there will be no new shows.
    I guess rattings know days are making things harder to survive..

  4. DavidSask says:

    All worthy cancellations, let the shows end though rather than repeats!

  5. Julia says:

    I hope MPG can get on a show deserving of him! Zach Morris deserved better. :)

  6. Ellinas1978 says:

    So what’s the deal with sugar coating cancellations by cutting orders? We all know what it means and people that were on the fence will not watch anymore.

    • ScottJ says:

      I’m way more likely to watch a show when I know there’s only 6 or 7 episodes left. I don’t have the time to put into watching a lot of shows that go on and on and on without actually getting anywhere. I give up on most 22 episode shows before the end of their season, so I won’t be watching much more of Blindspot or Limitless but I will watch the few episodes left of Minority Report and the Player.

  7. Smileygirl says:

    It’s not the worlds BEST show, but I like MPG and I think its funny. Too bad. Find MPG another show STAT!!

  8. MFL says:

    Yeah it’s a terrible comedy..not surprised

  9. Stacy says:

    From the promos alone I feel confident saying, “It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving show.”

  10. Erika says:

    NBC is in trouble again on comedies.
    NBC is FOX 2.0.

  11. Wendy says:

    This show is terrible.

  12. Kelly says:

    This was a train wreck from the get go. I am so surprised this was even made into a Pilot – it was one of the all time WORST scripts I have ever seen!

  13. Will says:

    The show isn’t that bad at all. I liked it. Dang…another strike for Tone Bell.

  14. Josh Bedford says:

    I think one of the main reasons that not many people have been tuning in is because its on a friday.

  15. Betty says:

    This sucks I love this show

  16. Marta says:

    Why? Truth be Told was cute and enjoyable…
    Why do A_ _es decide what we like. I am 61 years old and throughout my life “YOU corporate jerks like the political jerks” decide what “WE” the American public get to watch… Knock It Off. This was a good, cute and fun show.

  17. Pamela Rosensteel says:

    I’m very disappointed that Truth Be Told has been canceled. I enjoyed the show and I’m not even “young”. I don’t know how it is determined what is popular in TV. I’ve NEVER been polled regarding MY TV preferences!

  18. I’m pissed . I found this show on hulu. I got hook. I never laughed so hard . I found the show to be refreshing. Now if u put freshman show on a Friday night the networks are setting them up to fail.

  19. Trav says:

    Networks cut shows too fast these days. Luckily they’ll shove 15 years of some reality tv contest that no one cares about down our throats. And yes I’m still mad they cancelled The Event and Perfect Couples!!!

  20. Kathee says:

    They need yo renew this show it is very interesting and entertaining. Give it a chance.

  21. Kathee says:

    They need to renew this show it is very interesting and entertaining. Give it a chance.

  22. Dana Dickey says:

    How on Earth can Truth Be Told OR The Player be cancelled? The Player is incredibly exhilarating from start to finish on EVERY episode and Truth be Told is excessively charming. I’m sooooooooo disappointed!!!

  23. Kim says:

    This was a bery good show. Many people missed out on seeing it

  24. John says:

    Keep the show! It’s a keeper!

  25. Sigh says:

    Truth be told actually had me LOL! The reason why there’s a lot of low ratings on live TV it’s cause people dvr it or watch it on demand. That’s how I watch all my shows. They are so quick to cancel this should be back on

  26. Darlene Richardson says:

    Such a crock. That was an excellent show. I hate that people don’t like quality programming.

  27. Preah says:

    This Tv Show Be T’dd And Its Funny Asl😭😘 When Is The Next Season