The Walking Dead Glenn Dies

The Walking Dead Recap: They Did Not Just Kill [Spoiler]… Did They?!?

In what had to be the season’s most harrowing hour of television thus far, this week’s intense episode of The Walking Dead revealed what Rick, Daryl, Glenn, Michonne, Abraham, Sasha, Nicholas and Heath were up against while Carol was fighting off the Wolves in Alexandria. It also revealed — sob! — which of them didn’t make it home. If you think you can read through your tears, here’s the devastating blow-by-blow…

WORST CASE SCENARIO | As the hour began, Rick laid out a new plan for Glenn, Michonne, Nicholas, Heath and a few random, anxious Alexandrians: They would head home while he ran back to the RV and led away the half of the herd that was being drawn to the horn. Pulling aside Glenn and Michonne, he added that the Alexandrians probably weren’t all gonna make it… which Heath overheard. (And right on cue, one of the redshirts got bitten!) Once Rick had taken off, he spent most of the rest of the episode running, and running, and running, taking out the occasional walker along the way and checking in with his crew via walky-talky. We’ll get back to him later…

GOOD HELP IS SO HARD TO FIND | Twenty minutes ahead of the herd, Glenn, Michonne and Co. were forced to go mano a mano with a bunch of walkers. Some of the Alexandrians handled themselves well. Others, like Sturgess, not so much. How useless was he? He was so useless that he accidentally shot one his neighbors in the leg before retreating into the woods. Even when the fight was over, it wasn’t really — a newlywed Alexandrian was bitten out of nowhere! In spite of what he knew the wound meant, he wanted to try to make it back so that he could say goodbye to his bride. Upon reaching the site where Aiden and Nicholas’ ineptitude and cowardice had cost their crew their lives, Heath questioned the surviving member of the run. Clearly haunted by his past actions — especially there, of all places — Nicholas made it clear that the victims hadn’t been afraid, he and Aiden had been. Nicholas became even more disoriented after the group found Sturgess’ hat… and then what was left of him. (If ever a guy had to be looking forward to wine o’clock, it was Nicholas.)

PET SHOP NOISE | While the group hid out in a pet store to patch up the gunshot victim’s leg, Glenn hatched a plan to keep the approaching herd from continuing on to Alexandria by torching a building to distract them. Since starting a fire that big would take some time, Michonne offered to do it instead of Glenn. He had Maggie to get home to, after all. “That’s why I’m doing this,” he replied. Nicholas suggested that a nearby feed store should go up in flames pretty easily and offered to draw a map to it if Glenn would prefer he not go along. But Glenn — fully committed to Nicholas’ redemption — invited him to lead the way. Once they were gone, Heath turned up the volume on the shade that he’d been throwing at Michonne when a couple of the injured Alexandrians volunteered to be left behind, so as not to slow the group down. “We don’t leave people behind,” he said pointedly. “Not us.” Finally, Michonne got him alone long enough to get him to tell her why he was being such a tool. Abandoning people is “not how we do it,” he said, forcing her to remind him that that was only “because you’ve never had to do it any other way.” She didn’t want to hear about how he’d been doing runs for ages. She and Rick, they’d been out there. They’d survived out there. So “we know” what it takes, she said, shutting his ass down. “You don’t.” Later, Michonne assured the newlywed that she wouldn’t have to give his bride his goodbye note, because he was going to make it back. But was he? It didn’t look good for any of them after the ruckus that they made dispatching a couple of walkers hidden in the pet store’s back room got the attention of the walkers outside… and the herd was approaching! As Michonne, Heath and Co. made a run for it, B players dropped like flies. Michonne did her damnedest to get the newlywed home to his wife, but in the end, he was set upon by walkers before he could make it all the way over a fence to (relative) safety. At least it was a teachable moment for Heath: He was the first to say that they had to leave him behind and keep moving.

NO… JUST NO | On Glenn and Nicholas’ way to the feed store, they happened upon a zombified teenager who’d been among the latter and Aiden’s ill-fated crew. Though Nicholas took responsibility and knifed the walker’s brain, Glenn tried not to let him buckle under the weight of his guilt. “You’re not that guy anymore,” he insisted. And if karma played any part in The Walking Dead, he would have then set fire to the feed store and run home to Maggie. Instead, he and Nicholas discovered that the feed store had already burned. And, before they could say, “What do we do now?” they were trapped atop a dumpster by not just a few walkers but by what looked like a freaking army of them. Staring at the monsters’ hideous faces and snapping jaws, Nicholas slipped into a daze, emerging only long enough to tell Glenn thank you (the episode’s title) before shooting himself in the head. This would have been extreme enough a scene, but the show wasn’t done with us yet… not by a long shot: When Nicholas fell, Glenn fell with him… into a veritable sea of walkers! And, although I’d love to hold out hope that the entrails we saw the walkers chowing down on were Nicholas’, that he’d somehow fallen on top of Glenn, I don’t think that’s the case. (Sniffle.)

NO WAY OUT | As the hour came to a close, Rick had made it to the RV and was awaiting the arrival of his half of the herd. By then, Daryl had already disobeyed Rick’s orders and broken away from Abraham and Sasha’s convoy to respond to the gunfire they’d all heard coming from Alexandria. But after Rick’s walky-talky speech about how they couldn’t go back, because as hard as it is to stay the course, “This is for them,” Daryl rejoined Abraham and Sasha. Ironically, just then, Rick really could have used Daryl’s help. First, he was jumped by two Wolves — one of whom had a jar of Judith’s baby food on him! — then he had to machine-gun several more as they snuck up on the RV. (Can the man never catch his breath?!?) Finally, Rick was ready to lead the herd away… and the bleeping RV wouldn’t start! So, as the episode ended, he was being surrounded by walkers!

So, are you okay? Does anyone think Glenn might have survived, or is that just wishful thinking? Hit the comments!

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  1. shaw says:

    This episode hurt WOW I’m traumatized!!!

  2. LK says:

    Glenn isnt dead… he’d get a better sendoff if that was the case… and it wouldnt be left so ambiguous.

    • Cindy says:

      I like your way of thinking! I watched that particular scene twice, and Nicolas did fall on top of glenn. He’s not dead and writer Scott so much as told us that’s might come back as flash backs or maybe parts of him or some sort of him will be in the 90 minute episode will answer, hopefully, that “we didnt mean it,” type for glenn. I refuse believe he’s gone… Yet!!!!!

      • Ken says:

        I think that 90 minute episode next week is Morgan-centric and will be flashbacks to how it made it from the Clear episode all the way thru to Alexandria. I don’t think anyone else will be featured.

        • Libby says:

          I hope it’s not totally Morgan, I think he is a waste of time.

          • Jacqueline D. Michael says:

            That’s just so… WRONG!!!

          • Deathz541 says:

            I feel like Glenn died because as he was laying there it showed them tearing into his clothes on his chest and him starting to bleed out and the zombies to go into a frenzy

          • MCat says:

            Agreed. Morgan let the Wolves go. The very same Wolves who attacked Rick at the RV and caused all of the commotion that attracted the army of walkers to Rick. So far I don’t see Morgan as an asset to the people of Alexandria. I know Morgan has been through a lot and lost himself after the death of his wife and son. Maybe he has killed a lot of people since then and doesn’t want to be that person anymore. Seriously though, the Wolves are mindless killers who are even more dangerous than the walkers and if Morgan can’t see that then he needs to go.

          • John alexander says:

            Me too,i wanna see rick make it out!

      • Sandya Thomas says:

        No, it was clearly Glenns shirt that was poked into and the blood that comes gushing out and Glenn was screaming in pain.

        • Sarah says:

          They were wearing the same colored shirts and over shirts. Watch again. Also, if his intestines are being eaten… There should be blood in his mouth…. Like everyone else eaten in that episode.

          • scarmom says:

            Your so right, cancel, they both had the same shirt on and the only reason Glenn was screaming is because when they’re done with Nick, he believes he will be the second course. Probably thinking how to roll under the garbage can without being detected, or something else. Btw, who do you think that won’t get killed off the show? My guess is Carl and Judith cuz this is his story. He would make sure/prepare judith for whats to come and make it safer for her!!!!!!

          • Lawrence says:

            No they were not wearing the same coloured jackets nor the same colour shirts, they were similar but not the same, and we do not see nick land on Glenn as is seen from the camera angle under the dumpster, those saying otherwise are in denial (not saying they’re wrong that he may still be alive though because I hope so too) HOWEVER some things everyone seems to have forgotten
            1. Kirkman and others have repeatedly mentioned “no one is safe not even high rated fan favourites”
            2. They also mention a number of times that yes they’ll be using more material from the comics however not all of it so that the series can still give a fresh feeling from the comics
            Ps. It’s my personal opinion that dying like this and becoming a walker would explain why Glenn isn’t “dead” yet, and as hard as it would be, can still push the series in a similar direction as the comics, just with less brutal eye popping twitching skull crushed gore if you get the drift

        • says:

          For those who believe Glenn died, remember intestines are not that high up. What I believe we saw was Nicks’s guts being eaten and Glenn’s reaction. I hope he is alive :)

      • hazrin says:

        that 101% agree

      • Patsy says:

        yeah, i agree with u.. glenn is just too perfect to die in this season…

    • Shelley says:

      Although i would like this to be true….Eventually the herd will eat thru Nicholas and hit Glenn so….it’s not like he can crawl away under the walkers’ legs without them noticing…

      • I don’t know. If Glen is able to cover himself with enough rotted walker parts before the finish up with Nicholas, he might just be able to stand up and walk out of there covered in gore. That’s if that wasn’t his guts being pulled out. Remember, walkers don’t munch on each other. If I was him, I’d be grabbing whatever flesh I could and smearing every inch of myself.

    • Raymond says:

      I hope is was just like a fake scene where somehow glenn and nicholas wait the walkers out

      • Nicholas shot himself in the head. He isn’t waiting anything out anymore. He’s dead. A head shot is final in the real world and in TWD. Not only did we hear the gunshot and see the blood go all over Glenn, it’s also possible to see Nicholas’ head wound in the scene as he falling into the mob of walkers.

        What’s up in the air is who was being eaten in that scene. Was it Nicholas, who fell on top of Glenn, or was it actually Glenn?

    • that probably the case

  3. AngelWasHere says:

    He should have killed Nicholas when he had the chance. RIP Glenn. :(

  4. Katya says:

    Nooo, im still in total disbelief. You could just see glenn’s pain in his face :( he will be missed.

    • Ricardo says:

      Maybe when he fell he hit the floor maybe that’s what made the facial expression I think the other guy is on top of him and that glen is k.o and I think that maybe a new character will come out with a crew and help glen out :)

    • Ken Lee says:

      Glenn’s expression was that of a person WATCHING another person get eaten ……..go back and watch his reaction to Noah getting killed……same reaction. If he was being eaten himself…..he would have been screaming in pain with blood coming out of his mouth…….Glenn lives

      • Ashley says:

        Yes! Every other person on the show who gets ripped apart like that while they’re still alive bleeds from the mouth and eyes. Glen was not bleeding at all. It wasn’t his intestines. He very well may still die but he’s definitely not dead yet.

      • Merlin Dass says:

        After watching the episode, I thought Glenn was dead then my son told me that Nick fell on top of him. I was kinda relieved and praying for him to survive.

  5. Chris says:

    I’m kinda bummed, but I saw this coming. When they showed him with the watch it felt like foreshadowing. And there was this commercial (for chips? Can’t remember) where the guy was saying he was watching a zombie show and said “Did they just kill off that guy? Spoiler Alert!”. So I can’t say I was completely shocked. So, Maggie is going to need how much therapy after this one (has anybody else suffered as many losses as she has at this point)?

    • cej says:

      That’s what I thought! And his “dumba$$” comment to Rick echoing back to his season one meeting of Rick. Poor Maggie! How can they do that to her? And I’ll bet she’s pregnant – that’s the “part of Glen” that was in the note read on Talking Dead.

    • Doug says:

      Initially I figured he fell under Nicholas and would survive. I expected Rick to show up in the RV and mow down the zombies (which didn’t happen) and save him. **Spoiler atert** But then I saw an action figure of Glen while I was at the store this week and it had a second interchangeable Glen zombie head. Do you think the toy company knows whats coming?.

  6. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    WTF……..It’s like Opie 4rm SOA all over again!!!!!!!!! I SERIOUSLY thought Glenn will make it to at least the 1st half of the season or the finale. Ep.3?…….OMG my heart was just beating like oh sh*t this is it for him. Noooooooooooo Glenn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIP.

  7. rita says:

    This show is giving me anxiety.

  8. knd24 says:

    Please excuse me while I curl up in a ball and cry myself to sleep.

    • kathy b says:

      I know what u mean. I am numb thinking Glenn could be dead. Please please don’t let him be dead. Maggie will lose it for sur.

  9. Matt C. says:

    We haven’t seen the last of Glenn. There’s no way they would give him such an ambiguous death scene. Also, Steven Yeun would definitely be on Talking Dead! And haven’t there been BTS pictures of him on set recently? I’m calling B.S. on this one…until we see his body. Maybe I’m just in denial, but I just can’t believe he’s really dead!

    • Relaxxx says:

      Glenn’s still alive! He’s not dead!

    • I think Glenn’s probably alive still. I’d like to think he was dead, purely because it hammers home the ‘anyone can die’ theme which I think has been lacking in recent episodes. I mean did anyone actually think Michonne was going to be the one on the fence who didn’t make it? Ditto the attack on Alexandria, no way were Carl, Carol, Morgan etc. getting killed. Regarding the Talking Dead and lack of Steven Yeun, I’m not sure that’s compelling evidence that Glenn is alive. Surely he’d appear on the Talking Dead that airs after he is found dead/zombified or at least after the group finds out, rather than ruin the ambiguous ending to this one? One thing I am certain about is that this has been the strongest start to a season in the show’s history, each episode is better than the last.

  10. I wish they would create characters that are as good as Glenn. He’s been great since the pilot. I’m pretty sure Michonne was the last time they created a great character I’m pretty much done with the show if Michonne or Rick dies. They are the reason why I tune in.

  11. Ed says:

    I don’t know what to think. I thought it was weird that Glenn called Rick a dumbass. But wasn’t that his first line to Rick in the very first episode about being stuck in the tank?

  12. Dr. Opossum says:

    Looking at the show, I certainly thought Glenn was definitely dead. I even cried out No! at the TV – a first for me. But now I am wondering whether he might make it. I read on another site that Steven Yeun was still filming, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Fingers crossed!

  13. Polarvortex says:

    Noooooooo……..not Glen, he was one of the truly nice characters on the show!!!!!

  14. Tony says:

    Why do all the bad things happen to the good characters.*tear*

  15. Barb says:


    • Sheri Edwards says:

      I won’t either this show needs good moral characters or it isn’t worth watching.

    • Walkie says:

      It’s as if you’ve never watched the show before. No character is safe. And Glenn was always going to die. They kept him around longer than the comics did.

      • Sarah says:

        They did not keep him around longer than the comics if he dies now. He dies by Negan in the comics and we have yet to meet him yet. Negan comes around after the zombie horde at Alexandria in the comics. So no, if they kill him now… He does prematurely in comparison to the comics.

    • Colleen says:

      I agree!!! I wont watch it either if Glenn is dead! Devastated!!!

    • nirvana says:

      I will never watch the walking dead again if Glenn is really dead I hope that he isn’t but it does look like he’s dead ssssooooooooooo upset he was my favourite.

  16. Justin says:

    I hope nicholas fell on top of glen.

  17. sarah says:

    Glenn did not die! Look at imdb it says he is in 83 episodes! We are around episode 70, maybe 75.

  18. sarah says:

    I really hope for my 14year old daughters sake that Glenn didn’t die somehow bcuz the poor girl is crying herself to sleep as we speak:(

  19. Tonia Thompson says:

    I don’t want to believe it! Glen was smarter than this. Why didn’t he/they climb the fence on the tree side!?

  20. sarah says:

    OK so we r both sad cuz I’m teary eyed too. It really does suck getting attached to the characters on a show u watch w ur kids for years an seeing them die. Aghhh!!!

  21. Mike S. says:

    He is not dead. The other guy fell on him and doused him in blood. The other guy became a zombie when he is killed. If you are covered with zombie blood they will not eat you. That is how Glenn survives.

    • Ronnie says:

      You don’t become a zombie if you’re shot in the head (I still hope he survived though)…

    • Joseph says:

      Glenn’s intestines were being torn out, I don’t think he could survive that :(

      • L says:

        His chest was really high. I’m pretty sure those were nicks organs. He fell on top of Glenn as the episodes name is “thank you”

    • sillyhaha71 says:

      You obviously don’t understand walkers or TWD.

      TWD isn’t about to jump the shark with such a lame save.

      Glenn’s my favorite character. RIP Glenn.

    • Amy says:

      Honestly, it looked like they landed side by side. Also, Glenn’s shirt was the one being torn open, you saw his chest and stomach being ripped apart. There were walkers on all sides of them, I really don’t think he would’ve been able to avoid them and get under the dumpster. Even if he did, they could easily get him once he’s under. You can clearly see him screaming in shock and in pain when the walkers are on him. Also, even if it was Nick being ripped apart, he would be covered in Nick’s blood – human blood – not walker blood. So that wouldn’t help him disguise himself, if anything it would put him in more danger. And Nick shot himself in the head so he can’t become a walker.

      • wolvesnotfar says:

        It does look like Nicholas falls on top of Glenn. And if it was Nicholas being torn apart, the walkers could have been distracted by his easily accessible and oh-so delectable organs. Perhaps they would be distracted long enough for Glenn to grab enough rotting flesh off nearby walkers and smear it on himself for camouflage?

        Also Glenn wasn’t definitively screaming in pain. In most other death’s on the show that involve intestines being ripped out, the victim’s mouth fills with blood and they go into shock. Glenn looked pained, but watching your friend who just killed himself being eaten can’t be pleasant… He had the same reaction to Noah’s death in S5.

        Also, a lot of people are saying that Glenn referencing to S1 E2: “Guts” when he calls Rick a dumbass was foreshadowing his death, but it could be foreshadowing something else. The “Guts” episode had a scene where Glenn and Rick covered themselves in guts to escape a crowd of walkers. Maybe the “dumbass” reference is hinting that they will both have to cover themselves in guts to survive again.. (This one was not my theory. I read that on a website)

  22. jp says:

    I Want to believe soooo much those are Nicholas’s entrails and Glen somehow, someway survives. But watching the talking dead, all the foreshadowing with the Dumbass comment, David’s story about finding love in this world is a direct mirror to Glen’s. I just cannot fathom how hard this will be going forward. He was the soul to the show. My heart feels like it just got stomped on by a heard of walkers and cannot get pieced back together

  23. Amber McDonald says:

    He’s not dead, he can’t be!!!! I think Nicholas fell on top of him and they’re eating him not Glenn and he’s just like wtf just happened???????

    • Grace M. says:

      I really want to believe that, but we all know walkers don’t eat dead people. They might kill them and then continue eating, but I don’t think we’ve ever seen them eat a person who had already been shot/killed.

      • Carrie says:

        Nicholas had just shot himself in the head. He’d only been dead for seconds. Of course the walkers would eat him, especially if he’d fallen right on top of Glenn. They were anticipating the meal.

      • Andrea Gibson says:

        Yes we have when they threw the hobo guy in the cabin to the walkers because he wouldnt shut up michone stabbed hi. And then they threw him out the door thats how they escaped and then went to Woodbury, however i don’t see how Glenn could have made it out even going under a dumpster the walkers would have seen movement and got him before he was fully under would have at least bitten him I love Glenn cried screamed and didn’t sleep still feel like a panic attack is going to happen… heres to hoping but very doubtful Love You Steven Y!!!!!!

        • Sarah says:

          He does have a knife and a flare gun. What if he stabs a few of the zombies that are eating nick while they are busy with nick? Then he can be covered in their gunk and become undetectable. He still has a flare gun so he can shoot that off once he’s covered enough… Then scramble to the roof. There is a scene in the comic where Andrea is stuck outside and they have to get to her… So maybe that will become Glenn. Or maybe he’s dead… But with the photos of him on set, looking like he’s still part of the crew out scavenging… I’m hopeful that this was a cheap fake out. I guess they get one…

    • nirvana says:

      Glenn is really dead there was no way he could of got out of that Nicholas and Glenn fell apart as soon as they fell to the floor and there is no way Nicholas was on he is really dead guys and.

  24. Anna says:

    Glenn is my fave. I love Maggie too, but without Glenn, I think I’m done. One more episode to show that he isn’t dead before I call it quits. Please let him be alive!

  25. Kisha from Houston says:

    My heart sheds tears for Glenn. I still remember in season one when he first met Rick and saved his life. That was our Glenn. The best of us. He was an amazing character and I can’t believe he is gone. Farewell.

  26. Joseph says:

    I feel like that scene didn’t even happen and he is still alive in the series right now. That was such a shame and a big loss to their family. That just goes to say the smallest mistake can lead to devastation.

  27. F says:

    If he’s dead, that’s the beginning of the end. There’s only so many fan favorites you can throw on a pire before the flames get out of control and burn the whole show down.

    • Sheri Edwards says:

      I agree I’m done with this show now.

    • wade says:

      I agree. Unpredictability is good but caring for the characters is critical for good story telling. If virtually all the characters you care about are gone, there is little point in watching.

  28. Carol says:

    I swear that Nick fell on top of Glenn. And some of you guys are going to say “He was screaming”, but his best friend was just being eaten in top of him!

  29. Martin khodabakhshian says:

    This show needed a jolt like this. Every main character from the original group can’t survive EVERY episode. It’s a zombie apocalypse. Random hat dude and random Alexandria dude can’t be the only people that die. I thought the move was brilliant. For those who also read the comics ******SPOILER ALERT****** GLENN dies by the hands of a “Governor” esque type character by getting his brains bashed in with a barbed wire bat. I completely understand folks being upset over the death of Glenn. Probably more so of what it’s going to do to Maggie which I’m very interested in the development of her character without him. But it was time. Game of Thrones, The Wire, even the Sopranos to a lesser extent… some of the best shows always have the tension and drama that anyone can go at anytime. Otherwise things get stale. The show has to end some time right? Dale, Shane, Lori, Herschel… Are people forgetting all the main characters that have already died???

  30. Sheri Edwards says:

    Sorry, don’t think I want to watch anymore. Something about killing a character who survived since season 1 just doesn’t seem right. Just not interested anymore. We need heros on this show not just hopeless nonsense. Sorry there always needs to be hope to make this show work for me.

  31. Douglas McConnell says:

    Yea despite not mentioning it at the end of Talking Dead I’m thinking a RIP for his chactor , hoping wrong rest of family may bail if he’s gone idk I may too !!!

  32. Megan says:

    I don’t think Glenn’s death is real or maybe I can’t come to terms with it but I honestly don’t think he would go out like that…. He basically just disappears in a sense no one is going to know where he is or where to find him? They can’t do that… If it is real Maggie Rick and Daryl are really going to lose it with this one once they figure it out

  33. Judith says:

    I’m never watching the walking dead again!!!!! I loved Glenn. Damn writers

    • Ashley says:

      I agree I am still crying and upset over the death of glen!! I dont think I can ever watch the walking dead again if he truly is dead! He deserved a much better end than that so the rest of them wouldnt be left to wonder what happened to him!! This is just to difficult to swallow I am in disbelief and heartbroken!

    • Colleen says:

      I agree!!! I wont watch it anymore!!! Loved Glenn!!!

  34. Cathy Moore says:

    I hope there is going to be a miracle and Glen survives! Even if he is missing some parts!

  35. Caleb says:

    I know there’s a lot that can be argued about Glenn dying, but if it ends up being true, I’m done with the show. You can’t kill off a character like him.

  36. Sahall says:

    Poor Maggie and she is probably pregnant. We will all miss Glen.

  37. Carolyne says:

    My kids and I want to believe that Nick fell on top of Glenn, but when we rewound the scene, it looked like Glenn. Both Nick and Glenn were wearing gray, so it didn’t help to identify by clothing. I will miss Glenn. He was so noble. I am shocked plus sad.

  38. Laura says:

    I think my theory that Maggie is pregnant may actually be right now. I think she has a little baby Glenn in the oven and that will be what gives her the will to go on after this tragedy.

  39. shanellelowe2@gmail says:

    I hope that Glenn isn’t dead but from what we saw O don’t think that’s the case. 😢

  40. BOO says:

    Yep, if Glenn goes out this way, I’m done with the show. Terrible ending for a fantastic character. I really think he is alive, maybe he crawls under the dumpster.

  41. sunsetparkbk says:

    really tired of all this bs nonsense of killing fan favorites to move a storyline. there’s nothing “brave” about killing off major characters, to me it seems lazy and unoriginal. they did that with chicago fire last season and it’s no different. nowadays everyone expects someone to die which makes it hard to invest in a show.

  42. Robert says:

    Why was Rick looking at his hand so much? He grabbed that knife out of the walkers head and cut himself, is it possible he got infected?

    • Sarah says:

      In the comic book, Rick hasn’t had a hand for a long while now. The governor took it. So I’m thinking they may be working him losing his hand into the show finally. I know they let him keep his hand because it would have been hard to fake him not having one in every single scene. But maybe they are ready to finally take on that challenge.

    • Amy says:

      It looked like he may have gotten walker blood in the cut and that’s why he kept looking at it, since we’re not sure if you have to be bit for the illness to kill you and take effect. He also loses his hand in the comics, so this may be where the writers cross the show and comics over.

  43. Kate says:

    Glenn deserved a better ending than that helpless, terrifying, thankless death….I guess there isn’t such a thing as a hero’s death in a zombie apocalypse! Getting dragged down by a character who cowardly shot himself is a disgraceful way to kill off one of the most beloved characters this show will ever have!

  44. MLM says:

    If this is really his end, it’s at least more heroic and honorable than the comics.

  45. Steven says:

    It was time for a major character to go. RIP Glen. A hero from the very start.

  46. Ashley says:

    I am still crying and in disbelief!! I have googled everything to see if it was just a hallucination or if glen is still alive I cant sleep its just not right if he is dead to have killed him off that way he deserved better!!Please please let him still be alive if thats not the case I am pretty sure I am done with the show!!

  47. Angelica says:

    Idk if you guys kill Glenn I’m going to be done and not support Amc any longer this is bull crap!!!!!

  48. Korben says:

    I am so mad. Maggie better be having his baby.

  49. Will says:

    I watched it again. If you see Glenn falling on his back, it looks like he’s also getting struck in the stomach…by Nick. The walkers are tearing Nick apart. Now, not sure how Glenn gets out of this one.

    • Marie says:

      my fantacy dream is that glen uses his knife and opens the belly of one of the walkers over him spilling it’s guts all over him, and then he slowly makes his way out of that herd walking like a zombie, like in the earlier episode titled “gutts” Othe then it being TOTALLY discusting, I don’t see why they don’t do that more often in these situations. LIke the 2 Alexandrian’s who were injured and limping, cover them in the pet store walkers guts, before they walked out the door, they already have the zombie walk down, with their limps…..Just wishin and praying, living in my own fantacy world where Glen lives!

      • Kutaba says:

        It’s the stupidity of not learning from previous experiences that makes the show more and more implausible. They used the walker guts trick in the second episode. And did anyone notice the fire escape Glen and Nicolas ran by on the way to the dumpster. An easily defended access to a roof. Besides the fact the dumpster is over a foot off the ground. They are built to sit flush on the ground to distribute the weight of the dumpster – a great spot to crawl under. On top of the fact that Glenn was almost pulling Nicolas body on top of him when they fell, and no clear shot of him being disembowelled. Next episode appears to focus on Morgan’s story before reaching Alexandria – A way to draw out the story even further. Do the math. Too many things add up to Glenn surviving.

      • Sard22 says:

        That’s such a great tactic to bring up. Like with Michonne in the woods and Rick and Glen in roof top episode to get the truck when they left Merl handcuffed. Why wouldn’t they just do that? Carol would’ve thought to do it.

  50. Emily Mora says:

    I hope he’s just hiding under Nicholas blood pretending to be a Walker,he can’t die,,,,,,

    • LG says:

      Glen gets out of this, but we wont see that for a number of episodes, but alas, he be captured and beaten to death at the end of this season by the newest, deadliest enemy. Herding zombies, how stupid, like herding cats. Bulldozers go with a gravel pit, walkers vs. heavy equipment, no contest. Then start a Springfield like tire fire. Still dangerous work, but herding??? Come on man, that’s some silly writing. The story line needs recovery and hopefully Morgan brings that…maybe Morgan becomes that deadly enemy. That would be a twist, bashing out Glens brains with his kendo stick. hahahaha

      • Kevin says:

        Just because Glenn gets beaten to death by a baseball bat in the comics, doesn’t mean it will be the same in the show. Herschel got decapitated, in the comics that was Tyreese. Bob’s leg got eaten, in the comics that was Dale. So the deaths stay the same but the people are different. So if Glenn is really dead which I think he is, I’m really afraid it might be Daryl who gets beaten to death by new villain Negan.