Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peek: Derek's 'Killer' Sends Meredith Running

On the occasion of its 250th episode this Thursday (8/7c on ABC), Grey’s Anatomy is throwing the dinner party from hell — and we’re all invited!

The milestone outing picks up right where last week’s episode left off, with Meredith discovering that Callie’s new mystery girlfriend is the incompetent MD who failed to save Derek’s life. And this walking painful reminder, Penny, is now inside her house snacking on her hors d’ oeuvres.

As you can see via the video sneak peek above, Mer initially resumes her hostess duties, as if to say, “No worries, universe — I got this!” But then she spies a framed photo of Derek out of the corner of her eye and promptly goes into extra dark and twisty mode.

Press PLAY above for a first look at “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?,” then hit the comments with your thoughts/predictions. Also, there have been 250 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, people. That’s nuts, right?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Leah says:

    That’s heartbreaking!!! :(

    But so good for Ellen that she’s getting this stuff to play.

  2. AL says:

    My heart stopped a little. :(
    but dang EP is killing it

  3. MerGrey says:

    My heart :(
    But wow, Ellen Pompeo is amazing!! So looking forward for next episode.

  4. Alia says:

    Shonda likes blood.

  5. Raechel Bosquez says:

    I feel bad for the lady as she tried really hard to get that other doctor to do the CT scan but he refused. She did all that she could when she wasn’t in charge. Hopefully Callie will realize not to blame her. Meredith is another story as I’m sure it is difficult for her but she should realize also what kind of position that doctor was in when she wasn’t the doctor in charge of the case.

    • bluefairy says:

      Yeah, as far as I remember, she did her best and she wasn’t an incompetent doctor. She just didn’t have enough strength and self-confidence to get past her annoying boss. I guess that’s why surgeons have to be narcissistic and with a God complex. If people can die because you’re too shy and scaredy to impose yourself, then you have no business being a surgeon. But it was implied she was just a resident and Derek’s death taught her a big lesson.

    • Sara says:

      I think part of the problem too (based off of the last episode) is that this doctor made Derek’s death all about her and her failures. Meredith was teaching the interns to allow the patient’s loved ones pain to be the mores important thing in the room. This doctor needed to be consoled by Meredith, which I’m sure just made things worse for both of them. That doctor needed a backbone in the OR and in general.

  6. abz says:

    This is the first time in quite a while where I have been mad that I have to wait to see the next episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Well done, Shonda. I can’t wait to see this episode. Poor Meredith. Heartbreaking. :(

  7. EM says:

    Delayed rage. Penny should have told Callie they had to leave and that she would explain later. But there would be no drama in that. Bring it on. Meredith can handle it.

    • Erin B says:

      Agreed. No way Penny should have stayed. Of course Mer remembers her!

    • Mary says:

      But that is if Penny knows whose house she is in. I can see Callie not telling Penny everyone’s personal stuff, to try to keep the new relationship light.

      • bluefairy says:

        Of course she didn’t know beforehand whose house she was going to. But didn’t you see the shocked looks between Meredith and Penny as the door opened? They recognized each other in that instant. And if such a thing happened in real life, the natural thing would be for Penny to leave.

  8. Robin says:

    HOLY CAN’T WAIT!!!!!! Ellen Pompeo is amazing. Penny should have just left, she could have said she was being paged. Put all this drama aside…Callie looks hot.

  9. mimmie says:

    “Derek’s killer”? She did not kill Derek.

    • Right? As far I remember he was talking on a cell phone inside a car in the middle of a road and then got hit by a truck. I don’t know how that makes Penny a killer. She was actually the only one that knew what to do then, but her boss didn’t let her.

    • hayes says:

      Hence, the quotation marks.

    • Antwon303 says:

      She blamed herself for not having the expertise to save him. They were kinda bumbling during the episode. In the clip itself…she tells Meredith it was her fault he died.

  10. Pat says:

    This episode looks exciting but don’t you think, that referring to Penny as being Derek’s Killer is a little over the top?

  11. Busta950 says:

    Ellen will give us a wonderful performance. 1st time I remember a special annivesary not being a true celebration. As usual Alex appears to be the only one noticing (he should have more scenes with Meredit) this is going to be heartbreaking however the episode ends we are in for a real tear jerker 😢 Looking at some of the other comments it was not her fault but remember last episode when Meredith said “it is the only face you they the family will remember’ I think she should take Callie on the side and tell her. In all the preview ALEX & MEREDITH. Get the wine and tissues out again 😢

  12. Rochelle says:

    All I could think when Meredith opened the door was OMG! It made what she said to the interns resonate even more. It’s going to be a heart-breaking, tear-jerking classic Grey’s episode. EP is nailing the emotions. But I’m also curious to see how the others will react.

  13. JOE says:

    It needs to be said somewhere – Ellen Pompeo is one of the most improved actresses in TV. She was always good, but I don’t believe for a second she would have been that good ten years ago! :)

  14. Jessica says:

    I know it’s all Mer Mer Mer but uhhhh I’m looking forward to seeing Amelia’s reaction to this. She’s gonna lose her shzzzzz.

  15. DarkDefender says:

    Curse you, Shonda Rimes… You get me every time.
    This is going to be an epic episode. I mean EPIC.

  16. Shru says:

    Maybe this time Ellen will get ‘performer’ of the week instead of you know that deadpan Phoebe Tonkin!

    • Leah says:

      She deserves performer of the week from the sneak alone, those emotions on her face, and last episode’s speech to the interns. Come on TVline! lol

  17. TVfan says:

    Ellen’s hair is so on point, looks amazing this season. The cut is so nice, especially compared to the longer hair in the scenes from 11×21
    Cannot wait till TGIT, might need some tissues to go with the wine and popcorn!

  18. Morgust says:

    How come Penny did not put it together before this meeting that Callie at least knew Derek and Meredith.
    1. You would think that Penny would have done some research on Derek after he died and found out that he worked at the Gray-Sloan memorial Hospital
    2. Callie would have mentioned that she worked at the Gray-Sloan memorial Hospital
    3. You would think Callie would have talked about this great friend and coworker that died

    I could keep going….

  19. EPfan says:

    Ellen is amazing that’s all. About time they give her meaty material that she can rock.
    I was so pissed last season after 11×21 when the next episode barely focused on her dealing with it but focused on Bailey/Ben snoozefest! They showed just glimpses of her away with the kids, looks like we’re going to get to see her deal with it now. I don’t think she grieved properly. She went away, found out she was pregnant, had to take care of her other 2 childrean, and had the baby.. came back to Seattle. There was no time where she dealt with her loss. Now she’s face to face with someone who was part of the worst day of her life. Looking forward for Thursday!